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This rasca). feigried honesty while actually offering resistance. His answer was a wild counter-attack upon us. How should the revolutionary rebels leave him alone? A roar broke cut instantly throughout the meeting place. "Chen Isai-taw rust hoi.estly tell the truth!" "Ova with Ch'en Isai-tao: ". Slogans were shouted 35 if they were thousands upon thousands or heavy bombshells shot at Ch'en Isai-tao. This old doa, drowning but aot yet dead, again picyed a tric's and cried out for mercy. This tactics was corstantly adopted by Chi'en Tsai-tas; Furicusly condemned by the revolutionary retals, to put on the ince of a "victis," weeping and crying "heartbrokenly. Prit, he did not shed a tear even if he cried louder! The revolutic Ery rebels asked him: "Are you ho nest?!"

Ch'en Tsai-tas answered: "How can I be dishonest? What is it that I cenact, tell at this nocent?

This old dog said this sensibly but he just refused to tell the truth. Asked how he schenec the "July 20" incident, he still denied that he had a part in the scheme. He added: "If you ask me whether this incident has been achemed by some bad element, I would say yes. Neither do I know how the 'Million Heroic Troops' and the Independent Division were set up. I was also beaten up by them."

It is really true that this counter-revolutionary Ch'en Tsai-tao is a. sly old fox. Why was Ch'en Tsai-tao beaten up? This was ridiculous. One of the representatives asked Ch'en Tsai-teo: Why did they not beat you later?"

Answer: "I do not know why. They may beat me and stop beating me as they


Question: "What did you say when you were beaten up?"

Answer: "I said: You must not do that. You have violated the law."

Ch'en Tsai-tao was lying. One of the representatives disclosed the fact immediately. When Ch'en Tsai-tao was beaten up, he cried out: "I am Ch'en Tseitao, not Hang Li." Then the "million Heroic Troops" people set hic free. Sorte people of the "Million Heroic Troops" beat Ch'en Isai-tao because he was mistaken for someone else. When learning that the men they were beating was ch'en Tsai-tao, the "Million Heroic Troops" men were at first shocked and then extended their apology!

But, the comrades were utterly annoyed because Ch'en Tsai-tso bad deceived the revolutionary rebels of the three services. They came forward and surrounded Ch'en Tsai-tao, shouting slogans and sternly questioning this rascal! Bearing the slogan "Down with Ch'en Tsai-tao, behind-the-scenes boss of the 'Million Heroic Troops, Ch'en Tsai-tao said immediately: "I am a bad leader." Thus, he seized this big hat and put it on his head, trying to cover up his crine3 and refusing to tell and admit the facts. This was the evil tactics adopted by Ch'en Tsai-tao tine and again,

At that moment, the representatives of the revolutionary rebels had Chung Hen-hua, Niu Huai-lung, Liang Ping-ch'en and Pa Feng-t'ing brought up for trial and ordered them to tell about their crimes.

Viewed from the first battle between the representatives and Ch'ea Tsai-tao together with this handful of counter-revolutionary elements, these rascals superficiclly were submissive and appeared like dead dogs, but in essence were very malicious. Thereupon, the representatives, taking Ch'en Tsai-teo as the key point and citing innumerable tere facts, struggled against the class enemies in greater depth.

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The representatives wanted Ch'en Tsai-tao to tell why he told the delegates sent by tae Party Central Committee to Wuhan that the great cultural revolution had not been carried out well in Wuhan and why he asked them to take a look in streets for themselves.

Question: "You said to the Central representatives: 'We have failed to carry out the great cultural revolution well. You may take a look for yourselves in the streets." Did you say this?"

Answer:. "I said it. I did."

Question: "What did you want to show to the Central delegates? What did you mean?! What was your object?."

Answer: "I have no particular object at that moment.".

The same questions were asked several times, but Ch'en Tsai-tao did not tell the meaning of these words. Later, he said: "My meaning at that moment was that they (referring to the Central delegates) had only seen the situation of a few rebel groups and had not visited other places. I therefore asked them to go to the streets and look at the situation.

Question:, 'Whose situation did you intend to show to the Central delegates?"

Answer: "other organizations.

I wanted them to go to the 'Hung Wu Ping': (21 * ) and the 'Million Heroic Troops' to look at the situation


Question: "What were the things that you think the Party Central Committee did not understand about the 'Million Heroic Troops'?"

of it.

I just wanted to show them the whole

Answer: "I didn't think situation."

Question: "What did you mean by this?"

Answer: "What I meant was that they did not understand the whole situation. I was against the Cultural Revolution Group under the Party Central Committee.

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One of the representatives asked him: "Do you say that the Party Central Committee's directives are not all-round?! Getting nervous, ch'en Tsai. tan replied immediately: "I was dissatisfied with the Party Central Committee's understanding of toe situation in Wuhan, not with the Party Central Committee!8 decision."

Question: What dià you want to show to the Central delegates in the
What were there in the streets?"


As if he had trodden op a knife, Ch'en Tsai-teo yelled immediately: "I did not know what was happening in the streets!

Ch'en Tsai-teo was so scared that it.could be seen clearly that he. cherished sone endl ideas. The more the enemies were frightened, the barder the revolutionary rebels should pursue them! Ora oi the representatives exposed the secret of Ch'en Toai-teo and bit at his vital part. What was in the streets that Ch'en Tsai-tao wanted to shown to the Central leaders? At that moment, a violent struggle provoked by the "Million Heroic Troops" was taking place in the streets, end posters attacking our respected and beloved Premier Chou En-lai and Comrade Chiang Ch'ins were put up. The men of the "Million Heroic Troops, holding knives and spears And Ieing fucy ecuipped, vere carried by trucks through the streets of hihen a comunsiratioa against the Perry Centrel Connittee. Maro. "325:1.," wearing 97 tanes, accompanied the "Million Hersic Troops" rihe Getosti tisti C'er leitaww2t2: e central leade:s to c to tae streets at that gomet were not mis :71 inter103 cleur enab?

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One of the representatives said: "The next day after the Central representatives came to Wuhan, they organized a violent struggle on a big scale. Ch'en Tsai-tao said nonsensically that this was not true."

Question: "How did you know that there was not such a struggle?"

Seeing that be could by no means deny this, Ch'en Toai-tao changed his words, saying: "Yes, there was such a struggle.


Questioa: "why did you say there wasn't?"

Answer: "I meant that there was not a big-scale violent struggle on July 16. That was a clash between the Workers' Headquarters ( I ) and the Tram Terminal (LB the )."

It was clear that there was a violent struggle, but Ch'en Tsai-tao insistently said there was none; it was clear that the 'Million Heroic Troops" provoked the violent struggle, but Ch'en Tsai-tao said that the workers' Head- ! quarters provoked this struggle. From this we can see Ch'en Tsai-tao obstinately clung to his counter-revolutionary standpoint! How malicious Ch'en Tsai-tao's intentions were in distorting the facts!

In view of the fact that Ch'en Tsai-tao adopted a bad attitude and continued to offer resistance, the representatives of revolutionary rebels passed this sentence on Ch'en Tsai-teo: The first object of your showing the Central delegates around the streets in Wuhan was, as you have admitted, that you were dissatisfied with the Party Central Committee's directives, that you thought the Party Central Committee heard and saw things one-sidedly and that you wanted the Party Central Committee to change its view. The second object was that you wanted to show to the Central delegates the reactionary posters in the streets and the demonstration of the "Million Heroic Troops" against the Party Central Committee, so as to apply pressure on the Party Central Committee.

Confronted with these facts, Ch'en Tsai-tao dared not offer resistance.

Immediately after that, the revolutionary rebels of the three services tried Ch'en T3ai-tao on a second problem.

Question: After the Premier had come to Wihan, you encouraged the cadres under you to air their views to him at a conference of cadres at the division level and higher. Did you do that?

Answer: "No, no."

Question: What will you do if we show you the truth?"

Answer: "I aball admit it."

Ch'en Tsai-tao was really worthy of the name of a counter-revolutionary

old hand!

Question: "What did you do in the conference of cadres at the division, level and higher?"

Answer:. "This conference started before the Premier's arrival. At that time, the Party Central Committee had given us directives, We were ideologically confused. Some said that the 'Million Heroic Troops' were good, while some others said that the 'Son Hsin' (

Eh) and the Workers' Headquarters were good. We held a conference, asking all divisions to send one or two representatives

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to it. I told them: Put forth the opinions of your party committees. Don't be restricted by the rules of the Military District Command. Put forth any opinions you may have. Say what you want. to say. Then, put it down in writing. I shall sum up the opinions of all units and take them as the basis for negotiations with Peking in the future.


Question: "What directives did the Party Central Committee give in June and July on the great cultural revolution in Wuhan area?" Answer: violent struggle. It gave the 'Million Heroic Troops' a directive, telling it to retreat."

Question: "When was this directive given?"

Answer: "Around June 10.

Question: "Did the Party Central Committee support or criticize the 'Million Heroic Troops '?"

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Question: "Did you support or oppose the 'Million Heroic Troops'?"

Answer: "I did not support the 'Million Heroic Troops.'"

Ch'en Tsai-tao's obstinate denial immediately roused indignation among the comrades. Being further questioned, he said: "I did not support it openly. What I did was helpful to the 'Million Heroic Troops.""

Question: "You already knew the Party Central Committee's attitude toward the 'Million Heroic Froops' and yet you mobilized the cadres at and above the division level and higher to put forth their opinions so that you could hold & negotiation with the Party Central Committee in Peking. What did you mean?!"

Ch'en Tsai-tao said nothing and bowed his head, reigning to be deaf.

Question: "How did you incite the cadres under you to put forth opinions to the Premier at the conference of cadres at and above the division level called by the Premier?"

Answer: "I did not do that."

Guestion: "Nonsense! Comrade hang X, Political Commissar of the XX unit of the Air Forces, have revealed your secret! You incited the cadres under you to put forth opinions at the conference, in an attempt to force the Party Central Committee to change its attitude. Did you do that?"

Answer: "I did not tell him this. I dered not say such things, My good heavens! I dared not even think of it!"

This old dog acted his part very well. The representatives pointed out immediately: "Witnesses and evidence are here. Don't you try to deny it! At that moment, some comrades resisted your instigation, so that your conspiracy could not be fulfilled. Your crime will increase in seriousness if you refuse to admit it!" The revolutionary rebels of the three services again rose wanimously to attack this abominable attitude of Ch'en Tsai-tao. Ch'en Tsai-tao had 20 thing to say and was in great distress.

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After making this entry in Ch'en Tsai-tao's account, the representatives of the revolutionary rebel groups went further to tr hic on the third problem.

Question: "Vice Premier Hsien told you that the armed forces in Wuhan must support the genuine revolutionary rebel groups. How did you answer him?"


At that monert, I said:

Formerly I also supported them."

Question: "Whom did you support?"

Answer: "The 'San Esin' and the 2nd Headquarters ( al ). Formerly we also supported the 'San Hsia' and the 2nd Headquarters. At present, our policy of supporting then remains unchanged. That is the policy of our Party Committee. Ch'en Tsai-tao was lying again!

Question: If you supported the 'San Asin' and the 2nd Headquarters, why did you say that you made mistakes of orientation and line ?"

Answer: "It was a matter of the past that we supported the 'San Asin' and the 2nd Headquarters, Later, they struggled against us. We now understand that we have made a mistake.


Question: "How did you support the 'Sen Hsin' and the 2nd Headquarters ?"

Answer: "It appears now that we actually hit at the revolutionary rebel groups.

"Formerly we did support them. It is true that we hit at them now. It also is true that we formerly supported them."

Question: "You said: The 2nd Feadquarters did the bad things which the workers. Headquarters did; the 2nd Headquarters also did the bad things which the Workers' Headquarters did not do. Did you say this?".

Answer:. "I said it."

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Questioned in this way, Ch'en Tsai-tao was driven by iron-clad facts into a blind aiiey Ed into a corner. Ch'en Isaitwo dau no alternative but to admit that he supported the "Million Heroic Troops,' One of the representatives asked Ch'en Tsai-tao: "You supported the 'Million Heroic Troops.' Do you want to vindicate yourself?" Ch'eo Tsai-tao replied: "I don't.

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The representatives brought out the question again and asked Ch'en Tsai-teo how he opposed Vice Premier Hsieh's directive. Ch'en Tsai-tao said: insistently that he did not oppose it. One of the representatives disclosed the fact, saying: "When Vice Premier Ilsien instructed the armed forces in Wuhan area to support the genuine revolutionary rebel groups, you said that there was only one faction in Wuhan, not two factions, Did you say that?"

Ch'en Tsai-tao answered: "When did I say that there was only one
There were several factions!"


The representatives warned Ch'en Tsai-tao: "You wretch of the Liberation Army! The soldiers and civlians of the Wuhan area now have risen to rebel against you. Don't you cherish illusions. You are crazy if you go on deceiving the people!" Hearing that the soldiers and civilians in brban area had risen to rebel against him, ch'en Tsai-tao said: "Good! Good!"

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