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EXHIBIT NO. 5-Continued

No. 4018

In 1954, te went wodar orders to visit !lbania. Withclit permission, ha .stayed for ten days in Paris on his return journey. At home, he talked with 20st scout the scenes of Paris, the bright lights of Paris by night and the width: or the ovenues of Peris. ke was hesd-ver-heels about the "prosperity" of the capitalist world. He passed through Horg Kong Last year when he poid a visit to Japan. He stayed there for ten days. Every night, he saw lewd and ridiculous filrs propagating the bourgeois ways of life. He was particularly interested in the films

murder and killings produced by Hollywood, U.S.A. In daytime, be revelled is playing mahjong. He led a befuddled life. Our mayor and cverlord was so active in finding capitalist things to stimulate himself and aduired so very much the cultural life of the bourgeoisie. His face was really that of a foreign slave.


A Beast with A Men's Face

This nayor and overlord was old but was young at heart. He would lust efter a Woman as soon as be saw one. He was really a beast wearing a man's skin. In recent years, he bed raped four woren, including a young girl, & married woman and the wife of an armymen. This human-faced beast violated wonen by threatening them with force and tempting them with money. Revelling in lust the whole day, how could this mayor and overlord spere time to handle the affairs of State? Usually he did not remember any telephone numbers but those of the women he lusted after. Whenever he tas in the mood after a banquet, he would make an engagement with one of these wonen. If anybody should arrange a conference or some work for him at that moment, he would make a heinous face and flew into a rage.

What kind of a man is Tseng Sheng? He is an out-and-out counter-revolutionary revisionist who cherished the bourgecis world outlook in the deep core of his soul.


[Wu Shu-jen testimony 7/10/73]
Survey of China Mainland Press, No. 4026, September 22, 1967

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The following article outlines the position of the
opposing factions in Canton from the point of view of the
"proletarian revolutionaries" or so-called "rebels."

The article also outlines the strategy and policy
of the "revolutionary" faction, which is to defend Canton
with arms against the armed rebellion of the "conservative"
faction, rally all proletarian revolutionaries, win the
support of the broad na 88e8, and expose and attack the small
handful of power-bolders in the Army who follow the capitalist

The "revolutionaries" will also maintain order and restore production. --SCMP Ed.

Turning Point in the Situation of Canton

The cutbreak of the July revolution in Wuhan is yet another great turning point after the January revolution in Shanghai in the course of the great cultural revolution this year. The violent storm of the July revolution rapidly apread to Canton with the result that the contradictions accumulated for a long time in the city erupted earlier than expected.

The July 23 tragedy led to a false lull in Canton; this was the curtain raiser to the attempt by the handful of capitalist roaders in the army in Canton to subdue the revolutionary rebels and restore capitalism through control os conservative organizations. Following the footsteps of Ch'en Tsai-tao, they were like cornered dogs jumping over the wall.

After the July 23 incident, conservative organizations Uke the District Headquarters and Doctrine Guards controlled by the handful of capitalist roaders in the army or Canton advanced a foot after gaining an inch and equipped themselves with new-type weapons (such as automatic rirles, light and heavy machine guns, and artillery). They trained large groups of killers. Day and night they secretly raided, surrounded and attacked, and assassinated the revolutionary rebels.

The August 20 incident was a further great exposure of their counter-revolutionary. features. Many revolutionary comrades fell into the blood pool; Dany revolutionary pathfinders were kidnapped and thrown into the cells of the District Headquarters and Doctrine Guards where they were savagely tortured..... The beautiful, prosperous city of Canton wes engulfed by white terror!

Following the drastic change in tbe situation of Wuhan, there appeared a favorable situation in the whole country in which a general offensive was launched against the handful of capitalist roaders in the Party and especially in the army.

The publication of the editorial o! Hung-ch'i magazine No. 12 sounded the clarion call for a general attack against the handful of capitalist roaders in the Party and especially in the army! Proletarian revolutionary rebels in Canton

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have risen one after another to count a violent attack against the bandful of capitalist roaders in the arty!

This attack shocked the handful of capitalist roaders in the army of Canton and threw them into panic. The sworn associates of Pleng, Lo, T'ao and Chao in hiding in the army of Canton quickly exposed their true features:

At the present moment, the focus of the Central Committee's strategic planning has shifted to the Central-South region, while Canton is the core of the problem of the Central-South region.

An Analysis of Revolutionary and Conservative Camps

Under the new situation, what is the state of the revolutionary and conservative camps in the Canton er ea? How is the situation going to develop? This is a question in which the broad revolutionary masses are deeply interested.

On the whole, the political forces in the Canton area are divided into the revolutionary and conservative camps, which are locked in a strigle between two classes, two roads, two lines, and two kinds of fate.

On the one side are the proletarian revolutionary rebels resolutely defending Chairman Mao's revolutionary line and the proletarian dictatorship and who vow to carry the great proletarian cultural revolution through to the end., Representing this force are revolutionary rebel organizations such as Kung-lien (worker's United Headquarters), Red Flag workers, Canton Railway General Headquarters, the August 1 Combat Corps, the Red Fl9g Poor and Lower-Middle Peasants, the Red Headquarters of State Organs, Red Guard Hesdquarters, the Third Headquarters, and the New First Headquarters.

On the other side are the conservatives controlled by the small handful of capitalist roaders in the Party and the army and who dream of preserving the old order of capitalism. Representing this force are officially-operated organizations such as the District Headquarters, the Red Headquarters, Ch'unlei, the Ta-lien-tsung (KK) directly under the provincial jurisdiction, the Association of Suburban Poor Peasants, the Doctrine Guards, and the revisionist First Headquarters.

Apart from the above two camps, there are a considerable oumber of the masses who choose the neutral position, and the broad masses of residents.

From the course of struggle of the great cultural revolution over the past year and more, it is clear that Kung-liep and Red Guard Headquarters and their like represent the side of justice, and the test of severe struggle has proved them to be staunch revolutionary Leftists. These organizations have always tood on the side of Chairman Mao's revolutionary line; during every battle and at every critical juncture in the great cultural revolution, they have courageously fought at the forefront of the struggle, contributing immensely to the defense of Chairman Mao's revolutionary line and the proletarian dictatorship and the struggle against the handful of capitalist roaders within the Party and arey in the Canton area. These organizations have always followed a correct general orientation.

At every battle since the start of the great cultural revolution, the revolutionary rebels Leve got the upper band politically, and their political superiority has become even more absolute when the recent situation reached a turning point.

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What about those officially-run organizations such as the District Headquarters, the Red Headquarters and the Doctrine Guards? They represent the side of conservatism and injustice. Successive struggles have declared the District Headquarters, the Red Headquarters, the Doctrine Guards and their like to be out-and-out conservative groups, whose general orientation has been wrong throughout. Every since their inception, these organizations have been controlled by the capitalist roaders in the Party and army, and are their loyal troops. They have been all along opposed to the revolutionary rebels at every battle and every crucial juncture of the great cultural revolution, and protected the handful of capitalist roaders in the Party, and the army. They are the stumbling blocks to the great cultural revolution on the road of advance in the Canton area.

During every battle since the great cultural revolution, conservative organizations such as the District Headquarters, the Red Headquarters, and the Doctrine Guards have always found themselves in a passive situation politically. Especially when the situation here developed to a turning point, the true features of the royalist and fascist bandits among the bandful were exposed even more glaringly.

Proletarian revolutionary rebels in Canton not only get the upper hand over the conservatives politically, but organizationally and numerically they are also in a superior position. In wiversities and colleges, middle schools, and State organs, revolutionary rebels all get the upper hand. Many revolutionary rebel organizations of the workers were recently restored and developed. In particular, the exoneration of the August 1 Combat Corps has produced a momentous change in the strength of the revolutionary rebels among the workers. with regard to the alliance of proletarian revolutionary rebels, recently, a "Canton Area Ped Rebel Joint Command Headquarters" (Canton Red Alliance) was recently formed by the Canton Kung-lien, Canton Railway Headquarters, the August 1 Combat Corps, the Canton Workers, the Workers' Red Headquarters, the Pearl River Red Headquarters, the Capton Red Guard Headquarters, and the Red Headquarters of State Organs, etc. This will be more conducive to the united action and combat of the revolutionary rebels!

The conservative organizations have long lost their market in universities and colleges and middle schools, nor do they have any large market in State organs and factories. Only in some relatively large factories (such as in Honan and whampao districts) which were proclaimed as old dens of the District Headquarters ard the Red Headquarters are the conservative forces still relatively rampant. Apart from this, the District Headquarters and Doctrine Guards have conducted counterrevolutionary propagande among the peasants in the countryside, thereby hoodwinking Some peasants who vere in the dark, The result was that there was & section of peasants in the suburbs who were sentimentally opposed to the revolutionary rebels.

As the conservatives have sunk into the mire politically, the majority of the boodwinked 1958e8 bave gradually awakened and not a few of them have riser to turn agaiast the conservatives. At the latest turning point, group after group of people broke away from the District Headquarters, the Red Headquarters, the Doctrice Guards, and the revisionist First headquarters. Some of them joined the rebel organizations, others set up their own organizations. They expressed their determination to unite with and fight alongside the revolutionary-rebelo - These-deux organizations include the "New District Headquarters." Today, the conservative organizations are in a state of disintegration in the organizational sense.

With regard to the aspect of armed strength, owing to the instigation and support from the handful of capitalist' roaders in the army of the Canton area, the District Headquarters, Ch'un-lei, Doctrine Giards and their Uke were the first to be equipped with arms and, xoreover, acquired new-type weapons.

It was

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only recently when they suffered from encirclements and attack and assasinations that the revolutionary rebels started arming themselves for self-defense while insisting on verbal attack only. Generally speaking, they possess fewer weapons, which are relatively inferior. For the sake of maintaining social order and peace and defending the proletarian dictatorship, and in order to crush the conspiracy of the handful of the capitalist roaders within the army to use the conservatives to suppress the revolutionary rebels and to quell the counter-revolutionary armed revolt, there is a need for the proletarian rebels to arm themselves quickly so as to overwhelm the conservative forces in the military aspect.

Under the new situation, the intermediate masses and the broad masses of residents have deepened their understanding of the counter-revolutionary faces of the small handful of the capitalist roaders in the Party and army and of the bad leaders of conservative organizations. They have raised their ideological consciousness. Most of then lean toward the revolutionary rebels. Some intermediate messes have already joined the rebel organizations, and not a few residents have also assisted the revolutionary rebels in carrying out their work. However, there are still some conservatives who are active among the intermediate ma 5808 and who have particularly intensified their activities among the residents. This must draw the attention of the revolutionary rebels.

Our Tactics and Policy

The handful of capitalist roaders in the Party and especially in the army and the wicked leaders of the conservative organizations under their control, though on the brink of death, will necessarily wage a last-ditch struggle, and will resort to whatever vicious tactics at their disposal. What about us? Our tactics and policy are mainly 88 follows:

(1) Attack by words and defend by force. We are ourselves in order to defend the city of Canton, "Political power grows out of the barrel of a grin. This is a great truth of Chairman Mao's directives. Faced with the crucial situation when arms are being used to bring about capitalist restoration, the proletarian revolutionary rebels must hold their guns tightly. They use guns to defend proletarian political power and maintain social peace and order. They use guns to counter-attack the handful of capitalist ronders within the army who incite counter-revolutionary oppression and they must also use guns to crush the armed revolt of the bandful of capitalist roaders within the army!

Let's defend Canton with arms! Let us pledge to obtain, even at the cost of our blood and lives, thorough victories of the great cultural revolution in Canton area! This is an obligation that should be fulfilled by revolutionary rebels.

(2) Proletarian revolutionary rebels must unite on the basis of Chairman Mao's revolutionary line. Proletarian revolutionary rebels must strengthen their unity in order to form a mighty great revolutionary army which is invincible anywhere and everywhere. However, this unity must be based on the revolutionary line of Chairman Mao's, and a resolute struggle must be waged against all Right opportunist ideas and .acts of capitulation and treason!

(3) Neutral masses and the broad masses of residents must be educated and won over. Neutral wasses among the workers, cadres and students should be given warm welcome when they have awakened and wanted to join the revolutionary rebel groups and are willing to fight along with us. Those idlers who are still in the neutral state and are not concerned with the important affairs of the State should be helped and educated by the revolutionary rebels on the latter's initiative, 80 that these idlers may join the ranks of the great cultural revolutionary struggle.

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