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Propaganda work should be intensified among the broad masses of residents in
forms that may be flexible and varied with the object of making the broad masses
of residents yearn to come to the side of the revolutionary rebels. Conservatives
must be prevented from inciting the residents to oppose the revolutionary rebels.

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(4) Tactics against the conservative organizations. Conservative organizations constitute the social, ideological and organizational foundations of the small handful of capitalist roaders in the Party and army. They will totally collapse with the fall of the handful of capitalist roaders within the Party and the army! There is go doubt about that.

In the Canton area the handful of bad leaders in the conservative organizations have perpetrated every evil imaginable, They have jumped out and mounted the stage to perform. This is a good thing. They shall be resolutely suppressed! The broad masses in the conservative organizations are deceived, and being deceived is no crime; they are justified in turning around and fighting back: We should mount a political offensive against the hoodwinked masses in the conservative organizations, wake them and urge them to raise their consciousness, return to Chairman Mao's revolutionary line and light alongside the revolutionary rebels.

(5) closely follow the strategic plan of Chairman Mao and drag out the handful of capitalist roaders in the army of Canton; this is the general orientation of the struggle at the present moment. In the army of Canton there are sworn associates of p'eng, Lo, T'ao and Chao. Huang Yung-sheng is their chief representative. To drag out the handful of capitalist roaders within the aray requires the concerted action of the proletarian revolutionary rebels inside and outside the army. The revolutionary rebels inside and outside the army must learn from one another and should take up for their shortcomings with each other's merits.

In the course of dragging out the handful of capitalist roaders within the army, the first thing is to thoroughly criticize and repudiate the line of Liu, Teag and T'ao as executed by the Huang Yung-sheng and the like and to expose the heinous crimes of Huang Yung-sheng and the like who, armed with guns, are carrying out the line of Liu, Teng and T'ao. In doing so we shall be able to educate and enlighten the broad masses of commanders and fighters so that they will stand on the side of Chairman Mo's revolutionary line, unite with the revolutionary rebels outside the army, lift the lid of the class struggle in the Centon military district, and apprehend the remnants of the sword associates of Pleng, Lo, T'ao and Chao in the Canton army.

Only by carrying the great cultural revolution through to the end army of Canton can sucb revolution de prosecuted to the end throughout the Canton area and can the proletarian political power be consolidated ultimately in the Capton area.

Several Important Problems

(1) Crush the conspiracy of the District Headquarters and the Doctrine. Guards in inciting the peasants to surround and attack the city. Now, basically Canton can be said to be in the hands of the revolutionary rebels, and there is not much room for maneuver by the District Headquarters and Doctrine Guards, who are thus compelled to go to the suburbs to continue their frantic activities. They carry out counter-revolutionary propaganda among the peasants and incite the peasants who are in the dark to join them in vainly attempting to use the rural areas to encircle the city and to create large-scale counter-revolutionary incidents of encircling and attacking the revolutionary rebels.

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The conspiracies of the wicked leaders of District Headquarters and the Doctrine Guards and their like must be crushed. Revolutionary rebels mist organize & propaganda force to go deep into the rural areas in the suburbs to propagate the revolutionary line of Chairmaga. Mao and the vital significance of the great cultural revolution, and use facts to eliminate sae misunderstanding of the poor and lowermiddle peasants toward the revolutionary rebels. In this way the broad masses of POOI and lower-middle pes zabts will awaken and unite around the Red Flag Poor and Lower-Middle Peasants.

(2) Revolutionary rebels must exercise leadership in maintaining social peace and order. At a time when the organ of dictatorship ia Canton is in a state of paralysis, the broad masses of residents have got themselves organized to develop joint defense with a view to maintaining social peace and order. This is indeed a good thing. However, joint defenses in some places nos have fallen into the traps of the class enemy. other places, the enemy strength has been exaggerated, resulting in artificial tension and deepening of the atmosphere of terrar. Invisibly the general orientation of struggle has been shifted. In some places joint defenses are under the control of the conservatives, creating difficulties for the activities of revolutionary rebels and contacts between verious rebel organizations. Walls were erected at the corners of all main streets, thereby causing great obstruction to communications and transportation in the city. In view of this, the revolutionary rebels should go into the midst of the residents to conduct propaganda and exchange experiences with them so as to relieve the residents of unnecessary misgivings and fears.

The power of leadership op maintenance of social peace and order must be in the hands of the revolutionary rebels, so that leadership and command are unified. This will make it possible to strike more eflectively at all landlords, rich peasants, counter-revolutionaries, wicked elements and rightists who dare to carry out sabotage. Besides, all unnecessary facilities which impedie communications should be dismantled 80 as to insure the smooth flow of traffic in the city.

(3) Resume production and Communications and stabilize market supplies. As a result of the fact that the handful of capitalist roaders in the army instigated the conservative organizations to provoke armed clashes, created white terror, and instigated the conservatives to stage strikes, production in many factories has shown potable drops. Some factories bave come to a standstill. The railways are paralyzed, the port is paralyzed, and bighway transport is gravely affected. Chaos reigns in communications in the city. There is acute sbortage of commodity supplies (particularly necessaries of livelihood).

In face of such confusion, the revolutionary rebel workers must resolutely implement the directive advanced by Chairman MBO of grasping revolution and promoting production, take an active part in the great cultural revolution, and at the same time stick to their production posts and maintain the eight-hour system of work, 80 that production, communications and canzodity supplies may be rapidly restored. The beinous crimes of the bandful of capitalist roaders in the army and the bad leaders of the conservative organizations wider the former's control in attempting to sabotage production and disrupt communications and comodity supplies must be settled in totality.


[Wu Shu-jen testimony 7/10/73]

Survey of China Mainland Press, No. 4031, September 29, 1967

- 12.



Dark Clouds Hang Over Chaoch'ing City (Canton Hung-ch'i Kung-jen (Red Flag Workers)*, July 11, 1967)

The following is an account of the "June 25"
incident in Chaoch'ing near Canton, in which 138 Red Guards
from other areas as well as some local Red Guards were severely
beaten up by men of the local power-holders who took the capi-
talist road.--SCMP Ed.

Dark clouds 'hung over Chaoch'ing in June, and the air was so stuffy.

The handful of capitalist roaders in authority in the Party and the T'an Chen-lin of Chaoch'ing suddenly raised a thunderstorm by the bank of the West River. Scarcely had the March black wind passed than the June evil fog set in. A counterrevolutionary adverse current for capitalist restoration was pounding against this city. White terror engulfed the city of Chaoch'ing.

Frenzied Counter-Offensive

The handful of Party people in authority taking the capitalist road and the T'an Chen-lin of Chaoch'ing, in order to save themselves from extinction, waged a desperate struggle. They controlled the local conservative organizations, set the machine of dictatorship in motion, and created a series of incidents of armed clashes, thereby launching a frantic counter-attack against the revolutionary rebels.

On June 8, they incited some ten thousand people who did not know the truth to encircle and attack the young revolutionary fighters, A big fight ensued.

On June 13, the handful of people of the Chaoch'ing Public Security Organ, arned with pistols and hand-and foot-cuffs, unlawfully arrested 12 members of the Capital's Red Guard Congress and four local young revolutionary fighters, and subjected them to the most inhuman persecution. They were not given enough food and were not allowed to have sufficient sleep. They were unreasonably detained for as long as 9 days. When they were released, they had been physically severely tormented. Physically wounded, they were also bitten by mosquitoes, flies and bugs. They were all middle school students, 18 or 19 years of age. What crimes had they committed after all?

On June 21, the handful of Party people in authority taking the capitalist road in Chaoch'ing again incited the masses who did not know the truth to encircle, assault, and persecute the young revolutionary fighters.

After Chaoch'ing's T'an Chen-lin failed in his plot, he became even more frightened by, and deeply hated, the local revolutionery rebels and the young-revolutionary fighters who came to Chaoch'ing from other areas to ran up the wind and kindle the fire of revolution. In order to carry out their long conceived "washing Chaoch'ing with blood" plan, Chaoch'ing's T'en, in collusion with the Big Preparatory Committee--the biggest conservative organization in the local area created on June 25

*A tabloid published by the editorial department of Hung-ch'i Kurs-jen Peo, Canton Red Flag Worker's Revolutionary Rebel General H.Q.--SCMP Ed.

EXHIBIT NO. 7-Continued

- 13

No. 4031

the most serious bloody incident up to that date.

The Shocking June 25 Bloody Incident

On June 25, from morning till night, martial law was imposed in the streets everywhere in Chaoch'ing. There was a state of panic. The Big Preparatory Committee posted in the street a statement on the need to punish severely killers from the Canton Red Guard Headquarters. The statement fabricated facts aimed at deceiving the masses. Propaganda vans of the Big Preparatory Committee blared out in the street "Catch the killers of the Red Guard Headquarters" and "blood debts must be repaid with blood!"

Aster public opinion was thus prepared, members of the Big Preparatory Committee went out to catch and assault the revolutionary rebels of the Workers' United Headquarters, the Red Guard Headquarters, and the Hua-kung Red Flag from Canton as well as local revolutionary rebels. In the streets of Chaoch'ing one was struck by scenes of savagery.

In the vincinity of Chengtung market, a dozen young revolutionary fighters of Canton Red Guard Headquarters were surrounded and pushed forward by 40-50 persons of the Big Preparatory Committee. Their hands chained together, the young fighters loudly sang the Internationale. Their clothes were torn. Many received injuries in the faces, shoulders, back, or legs. Blood stained the streets in Chaoch'ing.

At a corner of Haochu Road, nearly a hundred bad eggs of the Big Preparatory Committee were beating and pushing a girl student of the Red Guard Headquarters. Her cuter garment was torn to pieces, and she had only some black underwear. She was beaten and kicked by shameless gangsters from all directions. In the meantime, at the other end of the street, a girl fighter of the Red Guard Headquarters was pushed around by several dozen men. The girl looked very pale, her mouth bleeding profusely. Running, she shouted hoarsely: "Let's struggle by reasoning and not by force!"

were seen.

At this time, in the place near the Big Clock Tower, greater atrocities

A large crowd from the Big Preparatory Committee was gathered; it was acting with unsurpassed arrogance. At that time, four groups of young fighters of the Red Guard Headquarters, two or three in each group, were passing under escort. As each group arrived, it was encircled. Shouting hysterically, "beat the saviors to death," the crowd of the Big Preparatory Committee went forward and started beating with their fists and kicking with their feet the young fighters in the backs, heads or private parts. When one of the young fighters tried to resist, he was immediately attacked by a dozen people. They held his neck and struck at his back. Another young fighter was knocked to the ground, blood flowing from a corner of his mouth. Then the gangsters of the Big Preparatory Committee started kicking his abdomen. The young fighter groaned and suffered from severe pain. He hastily doubled up to protect his abdomen, but he was still assaulted Later, he was pushed to the office of the Chaoch ing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

At the entrance of the Public Security Bureau many boy and girl students... (some of them from the Red Guard Headquarters) were tied up. Some were tied up individually and some in groups. The foreheads of some bled profusely." Their heads were bandaged. They were seriously, wounded. The necks of some were tightly banda ged, and looking very pale, they had difficulty in breathing. Froth was discharged from their mouths. They groane, and soon fainted....

[blocks in formation]

Ine handful of the 3iPreparatory Committee also incited the peasaats who did not know the touch to ascult the students of the bed Guard Headquarters. The latter', already seversiy bez160 2. had no capacity to resist, Finally, they were pushed into the office of the Public Security Bureau, ·

A large crowd had gathered in front of the Reception Station of the military Sub-district. Coming toward the station were nearly 20 people of the Big Preparatory Committee, who were dragging along the students of the Red Guard Headquarters. Three or five of them grabbed several students by the head. Their hands tied behind their backs, the students were being dragged along. The young fighters of the Red Guard Headquarters had already suffered injuries all over and were bleeding profusely.

Inside the Reception Station of the Military Sub-District, the Red Guard Headquarters fighters and the people of Big Preperatory Committee were presently holding a debate, The latter found that truth was not on their side, so they called in nearly 20 people who charged into the room like tigers. They dragged the young fighters of the Red Guard Headquarters out to the meadow and beat them brutally. Despite the beating, the young fighters shouted loudly: "Long live Chairman Mao!" They were knocked to the ground and instantly fainted. The scene was tragic beyond description:

Were these comrades the only ones who were caught and assaulted by the Big Preparatory Committee? Local rebels were even more brutally beaten up. Seeing this, the passers-by shouted aloud: "Let's struggle by reasoning and not by violence: They too were savagely attacked. The handful of the Big Preparatory Committee even declared that they would attack all those who came from Canton, including those whom they did not know. How frantic they had become!

The above facts are merely an epitome of the June 25 bloody incident that occurred in Chaoch'ing.

In the course of this bloody incident, 138 rebels from outside areas were seriously wounded. The whereabouts of many are unknown. Several dozen local rebels were wounded, and the life of some is in danger. The blood of revolutionary rebels stained the streets of Chaoch'ing and made the West River red.

The June 25 bloody incident was created by the handful of capitalist readers in the Party organization of Chaoch'ing to publicly defy the June 6 order of the Central Committee. It was a big political persecution of revolutionary rebels--long conceived and carried out under leadership and in an organized and planned menaer.

After the June 25 tragedy, the whole of Chaoch'ing was engulfed in white terror, The handful of the Big Preparatory Committee acted arrogantly, and the revolutionary rebels continued to suffer persecution,

Brutal persecution and blood suppression, hrerez, las not made the revolutionary rebels yield. The revolutionary rebels of Coaoch'ing, in the midst of white terror and in face of the bloody facts, have become even stronger.

"True brave fighters dare to face the rural life, and dare to face blood. The broad masses of revolutionary rebels in Chaoch'ing are such brave fighters. They resolutely and confidently declare: "The future chaoch'ing surely will not be the Chaoching.... where the handful of the Big Preparatory Committee can do what they please. It *-13 be a Chaoch'ing of revolutionary rebels." "Comrades-in-arms, stand up, clean the blood stains on your bodies, and continue to fight!" "Darkness will soon be over, and dawn is ahead.'

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