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The blood of the revolutionary rebels will oot be shed in vain! The handful of Party capitalist roaders in Chaoch'ing and Chaoch'ing's T'an Chenlin will be made to settle the blood debts owed to the revolutionary rebels! Fight: The broad masses of revolutionary rebels in Chaoch'ing and Chairman Mao's revolutionary line will surely win the last victory. A new, bright red Chaoch'ing will be born in the midst of the violent flames of the revolution!

A correspondent of this paper.

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(Wu Shu-jen testimony 7/10/73]

Survey of China Mainland Press, No. 4032, October 2, 1967

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An account of the immortal deeds of those who bravely gave up

their lives on August 20

(Canton Chingkangshan and Kwangtung Wen-i Chan-pao [Chingkangshan and Kwangtung Literary

Combat Bulletind, No. 6, August 26, 1967)

The following is another account of the "August 20
incident" of Canton in which 500"revolutionary rebels" in 15
trucks were ambushed in a suburban district warmed members
of "Ti Tsung" and "Ch'un Lei." About 150 of the "rebels" were
killed and many more were wounded.--SCMP Ed.

Amid the angry roar of the city of Canton and the churning waters of the Pearl River , the bodies of another group of China's heroic sons and daughters were buried at the foot of Paiyin Mountain.

"Bitter sacrifice strengthens bold resolve

Which dares to make sun and moon shine in new skies."

Amid battle cries which echoed within and outside the city of Canton and over the skies of South China, millions upon millions of workers and peasants one and all charged at the hideouts of Liu and Teng, pledging themselves to drag out Canton's T'an and Canton's Ch'en and to realize the last wishes of fallen heroes!

A Big Plot Hatched by Canton's T'an and

Canton's Ch'en

The "August 20" incident was another bloody counter-revolutionary incident long planned by Canton's T'an and Canton's Ch'en, an utterly inhuman and massive slaughter patterned after the "southern Anhwei incident" which followed the "July 21% "July 23," "August 9,". "August 11," "August 13" and "August 19" incidents.

When fighters of rebel groups set out on August 20 to perform their tasks, they were joined early in the morning by more than 500 persons in 15 trucks. As the vehicles were speeding along the highway, an ambush was laid along the threekilometer section of the T'anghsi Hsinshih highway. Directing the operation were the ringleaders of "Ch'un Lei la un ) bandits who personally set up a trap in Hsinshih on the afternoon of August 19. At 10:30 á.m. on the following day, a premeditated mass counter-revolutionary slaughter on a scale which broke all previous precedents began.

"Chiang Kai-shek's Senior Officiels". Directing


when the convoy reached Hsinshih at 10:30 a.m. all the vehicles-slowed down noticeably as they began the uphill climb, forcing them to tra T one another so closely that there was no room for any to overtake or to turn around in selfdefense. After the last vehicle was inside the trap, the bandits at once piled up obstacles to cut off the retreat. Using the first shot on the last vehicle as a signal, a fullscale offensive against our convoy was launched. At the height of the attack, weapons such as light and heavy machineguns, handgrenades, Tommy guns, poison

shells ( ) and infantry and cavalry rifles were employed.

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As members of our convoy were lightly armed, we were powerless to strike back at the attackers. Among the casualties were two killed and five seriously injured (later they all died) in the last vehicle and many more in other trucks. The enemy first opened fire on the drivers of our vehicles, killing three of them. When others took over the controls and moved on at full speed, all but three vehicles were embushed and knocked down by the heavy firepower of the enemy force. According to peasants who saw the incident, at least 50-60 bodies of those who fell could be counted and later these bodies were hauled away in two trucks.

After firing at us for half an hour, the bandits stopped our vehicles and seized all our scant weapons for sell-defense and forced the rebels to get down from the trucks. The rebels, however, put up & determined struggle until the bandits promised to.send back the injured and the bodies of the dead. But when the vehicles reached the Warm Spring resort, they were again ambushed.

The rebels were then lined up on the highway and asked point-blanks whether they were identified with the "Flag" Group. The rebels replied firmly and proudly: "We are the real Flag Group!" Like ferocious beasts, the bandits then opened fire on us with machineguns, killing many of us....

The remaining 300-odd fighters were detained by the bandits and later taken to three places, namely Hopien, K'ochia and the main building of Sanyuanli Conne. At Sanyuanli, the bandits again opened fire on the capitive with machineguns. After that, university and secondary school students were separated while members. of "Chung-ta Hung-ch'i" (** f I ) and "T'ieh-chung Hung-ch'1" (FK I ) were shot to death in groups. Heroically giving up their lives, another large group of comrades fell beside puddles of blood.

The ferocious bandits later drove our brave fighters into a pool near the Warm Spring resort, firing on anyone who surfaced from the water. As a result, 18 were shot to death, their blood coloring the entire pool....

The rate of other comrades and the whereabouts of two truckloads of some 50-60 bodies were until recently completely unknown. Because the bandits destroyed that section of the highway where the accident occurred and closed the area to outsiders, nothing conclusive could be established. Even newspaper reporters and rebel groups sent from other localities were often attacked with firearms.

In the big slaughter lasting more than half an hour the bandits used massive firepower. Carrying new rifles, they were very well organized and their marksmanship was most accurate. Experienced as they were in counter-revolution, those directing the assault in no way looked like ordinary wo ers but closely resemble Chiang Kai-shek's senior army officers, which at once betrayed the true counterrevolutionary features of Canton's T'an and Canton's Ch'en.

The "August 20" incident was far from a simple case of struggle by violent means; it was a tragic and premeditated counter-revolutionary massacre.

The Utterly Inhuman Nature of Bandits
Contrasts with the Lofty Spirit of Heroes

Let all those who talk nothing but benevolence, righteousness and morality go to hell.

The lessons drawn from bloodshed .clearly show that class struggle is always brutal and ruthless.

The enemy will never of his own accord step down from the stage of history while homeless dogs will always bark madly at people. In order to maintain their counter-revolutionary hold, they cannot but frenziedly suppress the revolutionaries-the seizure of political power by 'armed force being the highest form of the development

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of struggle between the two roads. Since Canton's T'an and Canton's Ch'en are in control of the bandit group of "Doctrine Guards (EX), their bloody massacre of rebel groups betrays their last-ditch struggle to maintain their counterrevolutionary political power.

Lining up unarmed rebel fighters on the highway, the bandits knocked them down with machinegun fire, killing scores of them on the spot and splashing the highway and inside and outside the vehicles with the blood of our comradesin-arms. Can they call this struggle by force?

The bandits looked upon firm leftist organizations such as "Chung-ta Hungch'i" (< 542 ) and "Tien-chung Hung-ch'1" 1K P2253) as their mortal enemies, shouting and barking like mad dogs: "Shoot them to death, all of ther!" Thus, comrades-in-arms of "Chung-ta Hung-ch'i" and "T'ieh-chung Hung-ch'i' died bravely or the spot. Can this be called struggle by force?

The bandits forced members of our rebel groups to jump into the pool and shot those who surfaced to death, thus killing 18 of them and reddening the pool with the blood of these heroic martyrs... Can this be called struggle by force?

Can we call these bandits human beings? Brandishing clubs and sticks, they brutally struck those rebel fighters who had already been pushed into the Pearl River and broke into frenzied and ferocious laughter when seeing dozens of bodies floating in the river.

Are these bandits human beings at all? The bandits Diced down the rebels with machinegun fire, littering corpses all over the place. Incomplete figures put the toll at about 150 dead and countless persons either lightly or seriously injured. The foot of Paiyun Mountain was smeared with blood. Yet they tried to destroy evidence of their crimes and closed the area where the incident had occured. Up to now the whereabouts of our other comrades-in-arms could in no way be known. Can this be simple struggle by violence?

Where was their human nature? This gang of bandits slaughtered our rebel groups and went so far as to use poison shells prohibited by international law, thus killing our comrades suffering only light injuries. Can this be what is called struggle by violence?

Slaughtering on a large scale can only do harm to our bodies but in no way can shake the courage and devotion of our rebels to defend Chairman Mao. What does it matter if one's head is chopped off. So long as we uphold principle and provided China does not change its color, we are ready to die! The enduring spirit of heroes and martyrs is with us.

Facing the bandits at gun-point, heroes proudly and solemnly declared: "We are of the Flag Group, the real Flag Group. In the face of the mass slaughter carried out by the enemy, our beroes stood upright with their chests out, saying: 'We are Red Flag fighters!" When one of the fighters found his leg broken by the enemy, he tenaciously remained in an upright position before his executioner. And only when the ferocious and derisive bandit fired two shots at the fighter's chest did he fall to the ground. After one of the fighters had fallen, the rest continued to fight. The .moment the driver of the vehicle was shot dead, his comrade sitting beside him took over the controls and continued moving on at full speed. In the heavy machinegun fire unlea shed by the bandits, unarned redel comrades-in-arms shouted: "Long live Chairman Meo!" Many of them fell beside puddles of blood....

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The blood spilled by the martyrs smeared booklets containing the quotations from Chairman Mao!

To the lofty and enduring spirit of Chairman Mao's heroic young Red Guard fighters, we sing a song of sorrow in their memory. The deeds of heroes and martyrs are immortal!

Political Power Grows Out of the Barrel

of a Gun

Without tears and sorrow we carried on in the spirit of the fallen heroes, pledging ourselves to accomplish their unfinished tasks by cutting Liu and Teng to pieces with a thousand knives and smashing "Ch'en Chai-t so to bits with ten thousand clubs. Lessons drawn from bloodshed taught us to "attack by words but defend by force" and reminded us that "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. To hell with "parliamentary struggle" and what not!

In recalling the Canton movement over the past eight tumultuous months since the "January Revolution," vicious tidal waves have been stirred up while the gathering storm has threatened the city of Canton. In these months Liu, Teng and T'ao have not been completely discredited and guns are not held in our hands. The handful of persons within the Party taking the capitalist road have banded themselves in perpetrating misdeeds. It is this handful of persons taking the capitalist road who have power and influence that have leveled their guns at our revolutionary rebels, imposing bourgeois dictatorship on the leftist faction. It is this handful of persons taking the capitalist road who have branded the revolutionaries as counterrevolutionaries and supported the "diehard conservatives", "Tsung Fei" (BELE ) and "Doctrine Guards" carrying out counter-revolutionary slaughter on a massive scale against the rebels and engineering the "August 20" bloody incident. It is these people who have undermined social order and public security and plunged Canton into a white terror, thus paralyzing the whole city. It is these people who have handed weapons to the "diehard conservatives" so as to slaughter the leftist faction, concealing things from the higher levels and deceiving those at the lower levels, feigning compliance but actually disobeying orders, and bringing about a counterrevolutionary restoration in Canton.

In the big, bloody "August. 20" incident, the counter-revolutionary features of this small bunch of persons were totally brought to the light of day. Taking advantage of the guns held in their hands, they supported the "diehard conservatives" and slaughtered the rebel groups. As military power was not in the hands of the proletariat, the small bunch of persons within the Party in the military district command pretended to give support to the rebels but actually armed the conservatives, permitting a large quantity of weapons to be passed on into the hands of the "diehard conservatives. When "301" of the Chungshan Medical College twice telephoned the Canton Military District Command for help after the rebels had been tragically ambushed, the response was an indifferent "We shall see to it. How utterly outrageous for the people of the military district command to take such a stand when the heads of the rebels rolled on the ground: When another telephone: call was made by our Chingkangshan fighters of Tsinghua University to the military district command at 6:00 p.m., the answer was: 'We are not very clear about the situation. This was indeed something utterly intolerable!

What was even more vicious was that these people on the one hand encouraged large-scale massacres but on the other falsely submitted reports to the Party center claiming that in the violent struggle which occurred at 8:20 8.m. "the Flag Group opened fire first. One Doctrine Guard and four memoers of the Flag Group were killed." How vicious they were to confuse right with wrong and black with white!

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