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[blocks in formation]

Since Chairman Mao has handed us the gun, we must use it to support the Jeft and uphold proletarian dictatorship. We must not permit Huang Yung-shang and the like to hold the gun and work for the fascists: Huang, Liu and Wen must surrender to us rebels!

Rebel comrades-in-arms, the reason why they have run aruck and imposed a bourgeois dictatorship on us is that they hold power and hold the gun: Blood for blood and pitting our lives against theirs, our policy is tit for tat, seizing from them whatever power and territory in their possession. Before the fascists, we must not show the slightest trace of timidity. we must not shor any compassion for villains as vicious as vipers! we must uphold the principle of attack with words and defense with force!

Comrades-in-arms of revolutionary rebels, let us fight in defense of Chairman Mao's revolutionary line and pledge our lives to defend the land conquered and forged by the proletariat.

The targets of revolutionary rebels are so very clear that they always point their guns at Liu, Teng and T'ao, thoroughly smashing Liu's revisionist gangster inn. We shall neither stop por die in peace until we have dragged out Canton's T'an.

"Sad songs of the nations are sung for re,

the tornado descends from the skies for me." "Bitter sacrifice strengthens bold resolve

Which dares to make sun and moon shine in new skies."

Shedding tears we carry on in the spirit of the brave, we pledge ourselves to accomplish their unfinished tasks.

"Fan Lao Chi" Combat Group of Tsinghus

August 21


[Wu Shu-jen testimony 7/10/73]

Survey of China Mainland Press, No. 4045, October 23, 1967

- 8

No. 4045


Blood of Heroes Reddens the waters of Pearl River

- an account of August 13 bloodshed on Pearl River

(Canton Hua-shih Hung-ch'i (Red Banner of South China Normal College)*,

No. 7, August 29, 1967)

The following is an account of a "massacre" of 18
Red Guards in. Canton on August 13 by a group of members of
"District Headquarters." Only three of 21 Red Giards na naged
to escape with their lives.--SCMP Ed.

The blood of heroes flows with the ever-flowing Pearl River! The rolling river water surges with the new and old hatred of the revolutionary rebels!

At 10.00 a.m. on August 23, 1967, cherishing a strong wish to protect by arms the wharves and the State granary, 21 fighters of the Pearl River Red Headquarters set out from Tashat'ou in a ferry boat "Nei-chiao No. 2. They were going to contact a ship "Chan-yün 311" and to ask for aid in the form of some firearms.

Half an hour later, the small boat came near "Chan-yin 311" which was anchoring at Hsiafangts 'un. Discovering its approach, the sailors on board this ship asked: "What are you coming here for?" A representative in the boat imediately stood up and answered: "We are on business. We want to contact your captain. We are sending a representative on board your ship." But, the sailors of "Chan-yün 311" pointed their long spears at us, disallowing our man to go on board. Seeing this, our comrades in the boat explained the matter repeatedly, but their effort was fruitless. Thereupon, they could have no alternative but to decide to return.

However, when they were turning their boat on their way back, an alarm of bells and whistles suddenly sounded and some people loudly cried out: The boat carrying labor-camp convicts has come! Arrest these convicts!" Hearing this, the rebels an the boat immediately cried out in reply: "We are not labor-camp convicts! We are students! We are workers. They also told them the names of their working units and scbools. In the face of this group of bandits who wilfully murdered the revolutionary rebels, all these efforts were futile!


At 10.55 a.m. the massacra started! The handful of fascist rioters on boara "Hsien-being 401" and "Yueh-hai 104" which were manipulated by the Pearl River branch of the District Headquarters fired the first shots at the boat. The steersman of the boat fell on the spot and heroically sacrificed himself. Five to six comrades in the boat were hit by the bullets at the same time. The comrades in the boat were in a very critical situation! At this juncture, Comrade Liu Chien-ch'uan, one of the responsible functionaries of the Red Banner of Kuang Chiao encouraged all: Be resolute and fear no sacrifice! Feng Chih-chien, a fighter of the Red Banner of Chungshan University resolutely took up the job of steering the boat so that it might continue in its course! At that moment, the comrades in the boat also waved their hands, crying out: "Don't shoot. We belong to the New No. 1

*A tabloid published by Hua-shin Hung-ch'i Editorial Board of the Red H.Q. of

(Preparatory) Red Guard Congress of Canton.--SCMP Ed.

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Headquarters!" "We belong to the Red Banner of Chungshan University!" "We belong to the Pearl River Red Headquarters!" Many comrades 8lso took OTT their coats and produced their certificates in order to show their identity to the handful of bandits who insistently said they were "labor-camp convicts. But, they not only failed to stop this massacre, but attracted still more mad shooting from the District Headquarters bandits,

Let us see from this scene what the District Headquarters bandits were really doicg. Were they "shooting the labor-camp convicts?'" No! They wanted to butcher our revolutionary rebels.

Immediately after that, the criminal bullets again took away the young life of Comrade Feng Chih-chien, a lighter of the Red Banner! The boat lost control and intruded by mistake into the fire network constituted by the ships "Hsiea-bsing 401," "Yueh-hai 1044" and others.

A still more sorrowful and heroic scene took place. "Yueh-hai 204" weighed its anchor and dashed at the bost. It failed in the first attempt and made a second dash at a high speed. The boat capsized and sank. Some comrades who were seriously wounded and did not know how to swim sacrificed themselves gloriously. The other comrades left the boat and swam toward the shore... These confirmed murderers did not let them escape, but aimed their machine guns and sub-machine guns at those who floated on the water and shot them one after another. Our comrades-in-arms sank one after another and never surfaced again. Red waves surged in the river. The martyrs reddened the ever-flowing Pearl River with their blood.

Moaning waters of the Pearl River, you roar and speed on! You will tell the whole country the heroic and tragic deeds of the martyrs, the atrocious crimes of Canton's I'an and the "District Headquarters and Doctrine Guards" bandits, and the implacable hatred of the revolutionary rebels in Canton, and make a tearful accusation and fierce condemnation before the people of the motherland and the revolutionary rebels all over the country!

The wild shooting lasted 45 (sic) minutes from 10.55 e.. to 11.20 e...!

But this was not yet the end of the tragedy. Only four corrades reached the shore. One of them swam near a junk. The men of the "Joint Defense" in the junk stretched their long spears and struck him callously with them. One more of our comrades-in-arms sacrificed himself for the revolution... Another one of our comrades-in-arms, Ning X-x, wet a similar fate. Fortunately he was rescued by comrades of the Red Banner Workers, New Public Security, and the military control organ of a certain unit that supported the left, .who reached in good time to save him from being killed. Yet he was wounded all over his body.

Another two fighters were covered by members of the Red Banner and the revolutionary masses, and finally escaped the claws of Canton's T'an and the District Headquarters bandits.

Except for Ning Ch'uan-p'ing, Yu Hsiang-tzu and Chan Tao-ch'uan, the 16 other comrades were brutally slaughtered by Canton's T'an in this way.

They were: Liang Kuo-ch'eng and Ch'en Ming-yeh of 'Sturdy Pine" Corps of Pearl River Red Headquarters; Mei Chun-jung, Ch'en Jung-ch'ung, Hsű Yung-wei, Liang Ping-yen, Hsieh Yao-hui, Yang Mei-kang, Ch'en Han-ming, Yang Ping and Chou Chia of "East Wind General Headquarters" of Red Banner Liaison Post of Canton Harbor; Chu Yün-p'eng of "East Wind No. 3 Headquarters" of Red Banner Liaison Post of Canton Harbor; Lin Ping-lun of "May 1" Corps of the River Bureau; Ch'en Jung-tso of "Lu Hsün Corps." (Sic. Only 14 names listed.)

[blocks in formation]

In the past, the revolutionary forerunners shed their blood for the emancipation of the Chinese people. Today, the heroic comrades-in-arms have dedicated their precious lives for the sake of carrying the revolution through to the end.

May you rest in peace: Dear comrades-in-arms, you definitely have not shed your blood in vain. We surely shall settle this account with Canton's T'an! We shall carry on the undertaking which you have not accomplished. We shall carry the fighting banner which you have reddened with your blood:

Instead of shedding tears, we shall carry on the undertaking of the martyrs and pledge to translate their blood into a splendid achievement:

Who are the masters of future Canton? We, we, we revolutionary rebels of Canton:

"Pearl River Thunderstorm"

99-425 0 - 73 - 6

EXHIBIT NO. 9- Continued


No. 4045

Another Debt of Blood on August 19

- fighters of Red Police Headquarters bravely sacrificed

themselves in Peking Road

(Canton Hua-shih Hung-ch'i (Red Banner of South China Normal College),

No. ?, August 29, 1967)

A patrol of ll members or "Red Police H.Q." was ambushed by armed bandits of District Headquarters" in Peking Road, Canton, on August 19. Two of the police were killed and the remaining 9 seriously injured.--SCMP Ed.

August in Canton is a month of heroes reddened by the blood of revolutionary rebels. After the bloody incidents of August 9, August ll and August 13, the handful of Canton's T'ab's bandits of the District Headquarters a gaio attacked a patrol group of our Red Police Headquarters at Peising Road on August 19. The revolutionary rebels shed their blood once more in the streets of Canton.

It was past 8 p.m. on August 19 when our heroic fighters of the Red Police Headcaarters of the Red Alliance patrolled the streets, carrying out the sacred duty of strengthening the proletarian uictatorshig, defending the great proletarian cultural revolution, maintaining law and order in society and protecting the safety and property of the people.

When their car passed near Yungshan Cinema Theater in Peking Road, they were suddenly shot at wildly with sub-machine guns, auto.netic rifles and machine guns by the District Headquarters bandits who lay there in amoush beforehand. Two fighters were hit by bullets and fell on the spot. The inhuman bandits also threw a few hand-grenades at ther.

Nine of the 11 fighters of the patrol group in the car were seriously wounded. A fighter of Tungfanghung of No. 5 Midile School was so seriously wounded that his head was broken and the brain substance scattered all over his body. It was a gruesome scene. He died gloriously as soon as he was taken to vie hospital.

Another fighter of the Red Police Headquarters (who was a responsible functionary of the Red Banner Commune of New China Shipyard) fell from the car and lay motionless on the ground after he had been seriously wounded. A group of bandits immediately encircled him, searched his body and took out a certificate from a pocket, saying: "He belongs to the Red Police Headquarters!' Immediately, a few bandits fired six shots at this fighter who had been seriously wounded and lay there unconscious. They were not satisfied with this. They stepped forward and stabbed at hin with a dagger.

Our comrades-in-arms were brutally killed by these murderers with swords and guns and shed their last drop of blood in defense of Chairman Nao's revolutionary Line....

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