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(Wu Shu-jen testimony 7/10/73] Survey of China Mainland Press, No. 4085, December 21, 1967

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(Canton (?) Tzu-liao Chuan-chi (Special Reference Material Supplement 3*,

Nov. 17, 1967)

Chou En-lai talked to delegations of two rival groups.
from Canton in the early morning and again in the evening of
Nov. 14. The following is a report on bis talk in the evening.
(A report on the meeting in the early morning was translated and
reproduced in SCMP No. 4080).

In the following talk Chou stressed the importance of the Canton Military District Command and declared that the Command had the confidence of the Party center in spite of the mistakes it had made. He also stressed the ease with which "enemy agents" obtained information from Canton owing to its proximity ta Hong Kong and Macau, and urged the rival groups to unite in a "revolutionary great alliance.".-SCMP Ed.

Central leaders present at the reception: Premier Chou, Ch'en Po-ta,

K'ang Sheng, Hsieh Fu-chih, Chiang Ch'ing, Chang Ch'un-ch'lao,
Ch'i Pen-yü, Yao Wen-yuan, Yang Ch'eng-wu and Yeh Ch'un.

Also attending the reception: Wu Fa-hsien, L1 Iso-p'eng, Huang

Yung-sheng and Liu Hsing-yuan
Time: 8:40-10:20 p.m. November 14, 1957

Place: Anhwei Room of the People's Congress. Hall

(when the central leaders entered the auditorium the delegates loudl; clapped their hands, shouting "Long live. Chairman Mao and loos, lors life to. Chairman Mao!")

*Published jointly by Propaganda Dept. of Kung-ke-lien ( I ) of Canton

and Red Flag of Kuang-chou Jih-pao, Cantoli. It was merked Internal meteris?, not for external circulation.".-SCMP Ed.

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Premier Chou: Today's meeting with our great leader Chairman Mao is your happiest day. (The gathering shouted slogans while the delegates were introduced by Premier Choa. to the central leaders attending the meeting. The gathering loudly clepped their hands and shouted slogans paying tribute to the central leaders and learning from them.)

Let me first extend my greetings to you all for having rushed out early in the morning the "Message to the People of Canton." The message is very well written and carries the signatures of both sides. It has been distributed in Canton. It is a fine document based on the spirit of the 12-point agreement.

We ere gathered bere today to hear the "Decision of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, the State Council, the Central Military Commission, and the Central Cultural Revolution Group on the Kwangtung Question"* approved by our great leader Chairman Mao. (The gathering shouted slogans.) This "Decision" will be read to you before discussing several other problems.

Premier Chou said (after reading the first part of the "Decision"):

The examination by the Canton Military District Command was submitted on August 20 io Peking after some amendments made with our permission. The final draft was completed after holding more than ten meetings, big and small, including those called by the Party Connittee of the military district command. Everyone of you is aware of the very heavy tasks of the Canton Military District Command which controls the provinces of Kwangtung, Kwangsi and Hunan and is a district command with more field armies.

Facing the enemy along the southern line and charged with the task of aidiag Vietnam and resisting America, the Canton Military District Command is preoccupied with the work of combat-readiness and that of aiding otter countries. In January this year the military command of the Canton district was entrusted by our great leader Chairman Mao the new task of "Supporting the left, industry and agriculture" and "conducting military training and exercising military control. Although the Army also tackled m488 work in the past, it was different in nature in that assistance was given instead of providing leadership as is undertaken now. Because members of the military command are inexperienced, they find it decessary to grope along. But they have achieved a great deal in the work of "supporting the Left, agriculture and industry" and "conducting military training and exercising military control."

In particular, significent results have been achieved in the work of supporting agriculture end industry and this is apparent in all related fields. Although some areas have suffered calacities, a bumper agricultural barvest has been brought in. Has the late autumn (harvest?) begun? (Conrade luang Yung-gheng replied: Yes, it has begun.)

The task of supporting industry has given industrial production a very big boost. A survey of the work of supporting the left made by the military region command shows that mistakes aave been made. A report based on the survey findings says: "Recently, we have made a great meny mistakes, isvolving some errors of line and orientation."

*See SCMP No. 4080, p. 9.--SCMP Ed.

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We believe that generally speaking the achievenents of the Canton Military District Command can be affirmed. All of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is personally led by Chairman Mao and personally directed by Deputy Supreme Commander Lin. The liberation of South China by units of the Canton Military District Command was personally directed by Deputy Supreme Commander Lin. The Canton Military District Command has the confidence of the central authorities. Of course, we are not contented with this, sor are the members of the military command in Canton, We hope they will win fresh merits. This is very important because it was emphasized by Comrade Chiang Ch'ing at an army conference when conveying the spirit of Chairman Mao's instruction: "Try to , win fresh merits instead of resting on old laurels."

Therefore, we call upon the Canton Military District Command and leading military organs and field armies under its direction to win fresh merits. In Kwe tung we act only are entrusted with the task of "supporting the left, agriculture and industry" and "conducting military training and exercising military control," but are charged with the tasks of war preparations and aiding other countries, Since Kwangtung and Kwangsi are on the first line of providing aid to other countries, the enemy has frequently attacked us from the air and the seas. Take Chanchiang military sub-district for instance. The army units. there are entrusted with the tasks of "supporting the left, agriculture and industry" and "conducting military training and exercising military control" as well as making war preparations. Both the air force and navy of the PLA are entrusted with these tasks. The revolutionary masses should keep this problem in mind.


In the military district intensified efforts should be made to conduct education in combat-readiness so as to increase strength. Above all, try to win fresh merits because this is a crucial issue. This also applies to all military districts and sub-districts in Kwangtung Province as well as the people's armed forces (militia) departments and the air force and navy of the PIA.

With the masses of people ruly mobilized, the overall situation in the ccuntry is excellent. In a certain sense, the situation in Kwangtung is especially good. This is because we confront the enemy right there and know well the enemy situation. That is why we have to strengthen solidarity and to deal with the enemy. With the thought of Mao Tse-tung as the guide, we should strengthen solidarity on the basis of revolutionary principles.

Speaking about the question of the current situation, the majority of people in Canton are inclined to believe that the situation is excellent, not just good. Because they are constantly aware of the enemy, they are bound to unite themselves in a better way, forming alliances with "righting sell and repudiating revisionism" as the guide and on the basis of Chairmad Mao's teachings.

However, there are some people who view the current situation in a different light. Believing that the current situation is far from excellent, they talk about compromise, the possibility of a capitalist restoration and the advent of a second great cultural revolution.

We should carry the great proletarian cultural revolution through' to the end until a total victory is won. We should use the thought of Mao Tse-tung to analyze and assess the current situation. After a total victory is won, some new problems will of course crop up. Since certain capitalist roaders continue to remain unrepentant, they will try to recapture power and fight back.

But we have to score a total victory this time. It all depends on what angle from which you look at the problem. If you say that one of the factions is not totally victorious because another faction stül exists, you are viewing the problem from the factional aspect.

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Our great leader Chairman Mao bas told us in his latest instruction: "Within the ranks of the working class, there is no basic conflict of interest. Within the working class under the dictatorship of the projetarlat, there is no reason whatever to split into two antagonistic organizations."

The whole great proletarian cultural revolution is led by the proletarian beadquarters headed by Chairman Mao. Members of the working class in Canton are the first to respond to Chairman Mao's latest instruction on the forging of revolutionary grand alliance and have formed a preparatory committee of the revolutionary great alliance of the working class in Canton.

After a great alliance is formed, there is no need to pull down the banners of different organizations. It is a factional approach for one faction to annihilate another. This is in keeping with the petty bourgeois factional spirit rather than the proletarian Party spirit. Once one faction dominates all the others, it will turn bourgeois. We of the proletariat should not do so. As members of the proletariat, we permit divergent views and the existence of more than one organization but do not permit one faction to dominate all the others. If there is only one faction, then it embraces the proletarian revolutionaries rallying around Chairman Mao's revolutionary banner. There are both advanced and less advanced people among the proletarian revolutionaries while some may be more or less on the conservative side. This divergence of views in no way will hinder the progress of the great proletarian cultural revolution. How strange it will be ir there is no divergence!

After solving one problem, new problems may crop up only to be resolved once again. This precisely shows that the situation is fine. Pessinistic views are out. When you people go back, try to repudiate those holding pessimistic views. The capitalist roaders are not reconciled to their defeat while secret agents have been sent in by the US and Chiang Kai-shek, the British, Japan, and Soviet revisionists. Some of these agents have gone into hiding. Although there are landlords, rich. peasants, counter-revolutionaries, bad elements and rightists who had not properly remolded themselves, the overall situation should be regarded as settled.

In the course of struggle the proletarian revolutionaries have formed alliances. Under the leadership of the military district commanders who have corrected their mistakes, we should confidently do a good job of the great cultural revolution. There are capitalist roaders but they are few. Therefore, we should not permit the capitalist roaders, enemy secret agents and bad people to undermine our ties and drive a wedge between us.

We believe that the situation in Kwangtung, like that throughout other parts of the country, is excellent and not just good. You people should try to further improve this excellent situation, and it is entirely possible to do so.

The first subject of your 12-point agreement concerns the question of "supporting the army and cherishing the people." This subject was mentioned by Comrade Chiang Ch'ing at the inauguration of the Peking Municipal Revolutionary Committee on April 20. You people should study carefully Comrede Ch'iang's speech made on that day.

The "Eight Articles" and "Ten Articles" of the military Affairs Committee should be put together when understanding them. Under new conditions, the Army all the more should rely on the masses and carry out the task of "supporting the Left, agriculture and industry" and "conducting military training and exercising military control."

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On the other hand, the broad masses all the more should rely on the People's Liberation Army. In your "Message to the People of Canton" you people have pledged to trust and rely on the Liberation Army. Since you people have issued the slogan "Long live the great Chinese People's Liberation Army," I hope you people will unite in a better way with the Army.

The survey report made by the military district command should be made known to the general public but this is not to be published in the press. Try to find out the nature of mistakes that have been made and everyone should be called upon to explain the nature of these mistakes.

The Liberation Army is good and so is the military district command. We should support both and display the powerful strength of solidarity in our command stand against the enemy. Since you people are on the first line of the aid-Vietnam and resist-America front and because the Autumn Export Commodities Fair will open soon in Canton, you people should heighten your vigilance and display our will and strength. You people have mentioned this in your "Message to the People of Canton" and after returning to Canton you people should be able to do a better job there. You people must get rid of all the wrong slogans issued in the past, such as "Grab Canton's Lao T'an" and "Drag out the small handful within the Army." Can you people do so? (The gathering replied: Yes, we can.)

Tabloids have carried the wrong things. It is fine for young people to admit their mistakes and correct them. This is the first part.

(After reading the second part of the "Decision") Premier Chou said:

What I have just mentioned is also related to the second part, that is, you people should heighten your vigilance and always have the enemy in mind. Although this has been stressed time and again in the past, comrades-in-arns and young.. fighters sometimes are apt to overlook this question when paying attention to other issues.

The people of Kwangtung should have a strong sense of the enemy presence. This is because South China is the major point of entry while Canton is so close to Hong Kong and Macau. The people of Canton therefore have extensive contacts with the people of both Hong Kong and Macau, making it particularly easy for enemy secret agents to sneak into Kwangtung.

What the people of Canton say or do is promptly carried in the press of Hong Kong. Through Canton even news and other information circulated in Peking have been disseminated in Hong Kong. Don't put cut a large number of tabloids. Try to make them brief and concise. These bulletins should resolutely devote themselves to striking blows, at the activities of American, Soviet revijionist, British and Japanese secret agents, particularly preventing them from 8abotaging our ceuse, undermining our ties and making disturbances. This is because the enemy will not let us live in peace,

Your "Message to the People of Canton" is well written and may be used to teach them by positive example. After the trade fair is over, you people will. be entrusted the longterm task of supporting the compatriots of Hong Kong and Kowloon in their struggle. You people should heighter your vigi.lance for a long. period of time so as to prevent the enemy fron sabotaging our cause and driving a wedge between us. If you people are divided they will laugh at you. The Petters imposed by the old order should be smashed. In the great cultural revolution which has been going on for a year and a half, we have got hold of new laws. More important than anything else is to keep and promote the new order. This work has been centioned in your documents.

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