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Arbor Day, graduation day, and other important occasions in school life, as well as for the usual routine periods. The print of both music and words is very clear and attractive.

JUVENILE. The ing Navigators ; or, The Foreign Cruise of the

"Maud.” By Oliver Optic. 12mo, pp. 356. Boston: Lee & Shepard. $1.25.

Oliver Optic's indefatigable pen is st ll moving and producing books to satiate the boys appetite for the adventurous and marvelous. In the "Young Navigators" the hero and his friends sail about storied Greece, and the author weaves in mention of many historical and mythological events. The book is the second volume of the second series of " All Over the World Library." Oscar Peterson, Ranchman and Ranger. By Henry

Willard French. 12mo, pp. 380. Boston: D. Lothrop
Co. $1.50.

Boys will appreciate a story which tells in a live way of adventures with wild animals, Indians and desperadoes in Manitoba and along a trail through the Dalrymple farm and Deadwood to the Colorado mines. The book is illustrated by a number of full page and lesser cuts. Through Thick and Thin, and The Midshipmen's Mess.

By Molly Elliot Seawell. 12mo, pp. 215. Boston :
D. Lothrop Co.

Molly Elliot Seawell writes two stories which are, in the main, recitals of two sensible heroic deeds in the United States army and in the naval service respectively. The author tells us that the incidents related are both real happenings. The cover and illustrations are such as boys like. Odd Business : High Art in Fun, Frolic and Fancy with

the Pencil and Quill. By L. J. Bridgman Quarto. Boston : D. Lothrop Co. $1.25.

Mr. Bridgman's book has fun per pencil and pen on every page and a pun upon a good many of them. He is a capital humorist and surely successful in the pleasant task of making little folks laugh. The Child's Day Book : With Helps Toward the Joy of

Living and the Beautiful Heaven Above. Arranged and compiled by Margaret Sidney. Quarto. Boston : D. Lothrop Co. 50 cents.

Margaret Sidney's compilation has morning, and evening prayers, grace before meals, a text from the Bible and a prose or poetical selection for each day of the month, all adapted for young children. There is a large number of illustrations, including five full-page colored inserts. Chatterbox for 1893. Edited by J. Erskine Clarke, M.A.

Quarto, pp. 412. $1.25.

The favorite annual Chatterbox has already, in its 1893 covers, delighted the hearts of thousands of children, but if any parents have overlooked it in the stress of the gift-giving season it will still be a welcome addition to the young folks book shelves. We do not see that the anecdotes of great men, of adventure, of heroic deeds, of animal life and the puzzles, stories, poems and, of course, the illustrations, are less interesting than they were in our own “Chatterbox" days. The Out-Door World ; or, Young Collector's Hand-Book.

By W. Furneaux, F.R.G.S. 12mo, pp. 439. New
York : Longmans, Green & Co. $2.50.

Mr. Furneaux has had the enviable purpose of cultivating a taste for natural history in the minds of young people, and has told accurately, but in popular language, about a large number of insects, birds and larger animals, sea-weeds, wild flowers. forest trees, etc., etc. He has also given practical directions about the collection and care of specimens. The text is made very attractive by sixteen colored plates and by over five hundred minor illustrations. Unfortunately for young, enthusiasts in America, the author deals mainly with British animal and vegetable life. Talk by Queer Folks : More Land and Water Friends. By

Mary E. Bamford. Quarto, pp. 179. Boston: D.
Lothrop Co. $1.25

Mary E. Bamford allows the Hyena, the Blue-Jay, the Anemone, the Earth Worm and various other interesting

people to tell some portion of their own story for the benefit of the little folks. Her book is printed in large type and is well

illustrated ; it is apparently fitted to yield both entertainment and instruction for children eight or ten years of age or even younger.

TECHNOLOGY AND MANUFACTURE. Photographic Mosaics : An Annual Record of Photo

graphic Progress. Edited by Edward L. Wilson. Thirtieth Year. Paper, 16mo, pp. 295. New York : Edward L. Wilson. 50 cents.

Mr. Edward L. Wilson has been prominent in photo graphic circles for something over a quarter of a century, and the new issue of his annual, “Photographic Mosaics," is the thirtieth. It contains a summary of progress in the various departments of photographic science for the year 1893, and a long series of short, specially contributed articles by prominent lovers of the art, devoted mainly to matters of technique and artistic judgment. To the progressive amateur the whole volume is indispensable, and the fully-illustrated article upon Brittany, by A. R. Dresser, will be of general interest. The volume is indexed and in every way seems creditable. A Field Book for Civil Engineers. By Daniel Carhart, C.

E. 16mo, pp. 293. Boston: Ginn & Co. $2.50.

Mr. Carhart, who is Professor of Civil Engineering in the Western University of Pennsylcania, has prepared a new manual treating systematically of field work in railroad sur. veying from reconnoissance to track laying. It presents a neat appearance, is well illustrated and apparently serviceable. Continuous Current Dynamos and Motors. By Frank P.

Cox. 12ino, pp. 271. New York: The W. J. Johnston Company. $2.

The student for whom this work has been prepared is supposed to possess a "general knowledge of electricity and is conversant with the names of the different parts of the machines," and, in the mathematical field, with algebra and elementary geometry. It is an eminently practical manual and illustrated with a number of helpful diagrams. Two chapters are devoted to the action of steam in an engine. A Text-Book of Mechanical Drawing. Part III. Machine

Drawing. By Gardner C. Anthony, A.M. Tufts' College, Mass.: Published by the Author.

This illustrated treatise is, according to the preface, "intended to teach the practical application of the principles of projection to the illustration of machinery; to inform the student concerning many of the exceptions to the laws of projection; and, finally, to furnish such practical examples as may serve for problems to the student and suggestions to the draftsman" The Manufacture of Liquors and Preserves. Translated

from the French of J. De Brevans. 12mo, pp. 204. New York : Munn & Co. $3.

This book is a translation of a practical and precise man. ual for the distiller and liquor manufacturer, which appeared in France a few years ago. The translator states that the value of the work®" consists in the formulas, which are so arranged that if the manufacturer has no distilling plant, he can still make many of the liquors from the essences. With sixty-five illustrations.

PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE AND BUSINESS. Congressional Manual of Parliamentary Practice. By J.

Howard Gore, Ph.D. 32mo, pp. 112. Syracuse : C.
W. Bardeen. 50 cents.

Dr. Gore has deduced the contents of his little manual from the rules and rulings of the national congress. The subjects are arranged alphabetically. Parliamentary Tactics for the Use of the Presiding Of

ficer and Public Speakers. Arranged by Harry W. Hvot. 12mo, pp. 51. New York : Scientific Publishing Company. 50 cents.

A novel feature in this flexible covered booklet is the marginal index, which serves also as a list of motions in the order of precedence. Rapid reference is the object in view. Walsh’s Perpetual Calendar and Almanac. By James A.

Walsh. Washington : Brentano's. $1.

Mr. Walsh's perpetual calendar is simple and convenient, and with its added "moon table, sun table and other matter will probably prove of service to lawyers and professional and business workers in general,



American Amateur Photographer.-New York. November.
The Photograpic Salon. George Davison.
Beginner's Column.-I. John Clarke.
Fallacy of Using Different Developers. A. L. Simpson.
The Camera and the Pulpit. A. W. Patten.
Film in Relation to Amateur Photography.
The American Journal of Politics. New York. December.
Political Reunion of the United States and Canada. F. W

The South for a Protective Tariff in 1896. G. C. Sibley:
Taxation for Support of the Common Schools. J. W. Mason.
Industrial Depressions : Their Cause and Cure. F. H. Cooke.
A Study of the Social Evil. J. W. Walton.
Experimenting on Capital Criminals. J. S. Pyle.
What the American Civil War has Not Done. H. Olerich.
Our Underpaid Officials. Charles Robinson.
Our Public Schools - The Nation's Safeguard. Mabel C. Jones.
The Graduated Income Tax. J. J. O'Neil.
The Farm and the Ship. A. C. Houston.
Cranks. E. R. Gregg, A. J. Palm.

Andover Review.-Boston. November-December.
The Christian Ministry. T. C. Pease.
Theory of the Marriage Tie. Samuel W. Dike.
Missions and Colonies.-II. C. C. Starbuck.
"Born of the Virgin Mary:"_C. J. H. Ropes.
Archæological Notes. J. P. Taylor.

Antiquary.-London. December.
The Real Sir Harry Lee, of Ditchley. Viscount Dillion.
European Coins.
Notes on Archæology in Denstone College Museum. A. Archi-

bald Armstrong: Holy Wells of Scotland : Their Legends and Superstitions. R. C. Hopo.

The Arena.-Boston. December. The Ascent of Life. Stinson Jarvis. Aims and Methods of the Higher Criticism. W. Sanday. The Bank of Venice. John Davis. The Wonders of Hindoo Magic. Heinrich Hensoldt. The Bimetallic Standard of Money. George C. Douglas. Practical Application of Hypnotism in Modern Medicine. J.

R. Cocke.
Rent: Its Essence and Place in the Distribution of Wealth.

T. L. Brown.
Realism in Literature and Art. C. S. Darrow.
A Southern View

of the Financial Situation. G. C. Kelley. Gerald Massey : Prophet and Reformer. B. O. Flower

The Art Amateur.- New York. December.
Art in Public Schools and Colleges.

Painting at the World's Fair.-II.
British Painting at the World's Fair.-II.
The Holy Family in Art. Roger Riordan.
Drawing for Beginners.-IV.

Qualities and Use of Oil Colors in Figure Painting.
Flower Painting in Oil.-II.
Landscape Painting in Water-Colors.-I. M. B. 0. Fowler.
Hints about Magazine Illustrating.

The Art Interchange.-New York. December.
Mary E. Tillinghast. Gilson Willets.
Pen and Ink Illustration.
Women in the Secondary Arts.
Taste in House Decorations. Isa C. Cabell.
Ornamental Iron Work at Elmhurst. G. H. Willets.
Bent Ironwork for Amateurs. L. Marshall.
Jean Charles Cazin.

Atalanta.-London. December.
The Stately Homes of England : Haddon Hall. Edwin Oliver.
The Golden Circlet: Rings. Benjamin Taylor.
Wonderland : Yellowstone Park. Percival T. Rivers.

The Atlantic Monthly.-Boston. December. Thoreau and his English friend Thomas Cholmondeley. F. B.

Birds at Yule-Tide. Frank Bolles.
In the Flat-Woods. Bradford Torrey.
Western Landscapes. Hamlin Garland.

Ideal Transit.
Democracy in America. Francis N. Thorpe.
“ Mere Literature." Woodrow Wilson.
Chaucer's Pardoner. George L. Kittredge.
Some New Light on Napoleon.

Bankers' Magazine.- London. December.
The Year 1893 : A Retrospect. R. H. Inglis-Palgrave.
Trust and Finance Companies : Their Losses. Arthur Ellis.
The Future of Silver. J. W. Maclellan.
Mr. Frank May and the

Bank of England. A Knotty Point in Employers' Liability.

Blackwood's Magazine.-London. December. Armed Europe : How Coming Events Cast their Shadows Bee

fore. Gen. Sir A. Alison. Ben Johnson in Edinburgh. Prof. Masson. Man's Place in the Cosmos : Professor Huxley on Nature and

Man. Prof. Andrew Seth. Successful Fish-Culture in the Highlands. John Bickerdyke. Pope Alexander VI and Cæsar Borgia : Were They Poisoned ?

W. W. Story:

Tommy Atkins is Fed.
The Rise of our East African Empire.
Stealing a Session.

Board of Trade Journal.-London. November.
Meeting of the International Statistical Institute at Chicago.
The Comparability of Trade Statistics.
The Russian Cotton Manufacturing Industry.
Weights and Measures in Use in Turkey.
Coal Production in Western Europe.

Bookman.-London. December. In Memory of Sir Andrew Clark. The Poetry of Christina Rossetti. With Portrait. Katharine

Tynan. Mr. Espinasse's Recollections. William Wallace. Californian Illustrated Magazine.-San Francisco. December. California Through a Snow Bank. Philip Grayson., The Golden Jubilee of the Pope. Fannie C. W. Barbour. Early Art in America. John Richardson. The Romance of Fort Ross. Gertrude Atherton. Hills and Corners of San Francisco. Elodie Hogan. California Forest Trees. Bertha F. Herrick. If I Were California. Joaquin Miller. Among the Man-Eaters. J. H. Campbell. In the Fayüm. Octavius G. Brooke. Adrift in the Desert. R. E. L. Robinson.

The Canadian Magazine.-Toronto. December. Our Militia. Lieut.-Col. O'Brien. The Manitoba School Question. John S. Ewart. Art at the World's Fair. J. A. Radford. Mr. W. T. Stead on Telepathy. Adam Byrne. An Hour with Oliver Wendell Holmes. J. L. Hughes. Salmon Fishing and Canning on the Fraser. H. H. Gowen. Down the Yukon. Wm. Ogilvie. Lord and Lady Aberdeen. J. C. Hopkins.

Cassell's Family Magazine.- London. December, Is Marriage a Lottery ? Rev. E. J. Hardy and George B.

Burgin. A Talk with Mr. Jerope B. Jerome. Raymond Blathwayt. With the Devonshire Lace Makers. New Serial Stories: "The Sleeve of Care," by C. E. C. Weigall; and “ Margaret's Way," by Annie E. Wickham,

Cassell's Saturday Journal.- London. December. London Costers of To-day. A Chat with Mr. W. J. Orsman. A Celebrated Pantomimist on His Profession. A Chat with

Mr. Paul Martinetti. Are Our Girls Degenerating? A Chat with Mrs. Alexander.

Cassier's Magazine.-New York. December. Fast Ocean Steamships. Francis Elgar. Some Oil Steam Engines. Albert Spies. An Engineer's View of the Money Question. A. F. Nagle. Jearum Atkins and His Inventions. R. D. O. Smith. Indifference to Boiler Firing and Management. D. Ashworth.. A Few Facts About Electrical Fire Hazards. W. H. Merrill.

Tangential Water Wheels, John Richards.

Life and Inventions of Edison.-XIV. A. and W. K. L

False Ideals of the Beautiful in Machinery. W. Fletcher.

Catholic World.-New York. December.
Most Rev. Francis Satolli, D.D., T. S. Duhigg.
Emmitsburgh-The Ves_ibule of Heaven. Helen M. Sweeney
The Soul of a Book. P. J. MacCorry.
A Skull, a Prince-s and a Black Friar. V. C. Hansen.
A Plea for the Wage-Earner. William I. Simmons.

The Century.-New York. December. Old Dutch Masters : Rembrandt. Mrs. S. Van Rensselaer. A Picture by Rembrandt. R. W. Gilder. Rembrandt and "The Night Watch "-Jan Steen. Timothy

A Christmas Sermon. Phillips Brooks.
Chats with Famous Painters. Wallace Wood.
Baader. (Artists' Adventure Series). F. Hopkinson Smith,
The Five Indispensable Authors. James Russell Lowell.
Memories and Letters of Edwin Booth. William Bispham.
By the Waters of Chesapeake. J W. Palmer.
The Gentler Side of wo Great Southerners. George W.

Hector Berlioz. Ernest Reyer.

Chambers's Journal.-London. December.
The Foreign Office.
Modern Sailing Ships.
The Ethics of Hotel Life. Mrs. Lynn Linton.
The Aborigines of Australia.

Chautauquan.-Meadville, Pa. December.
Village Life in Ireland. J. P. Mahaffy.
The Study of Crime and Criminals. Arthur MacDonald.
Italian Finances. M. Ferraris.
How to Study the Fine Arts. C. M. Fairbanks.
What is Geology! N. S. Shaler.
United Italy and Modern Rome. Alex. Oldrini.
The Eskimos of Alaska Sheldon Jackson.
What Causes Depression of Trade ?. L. Irwell.
From Vienna to Varna. John H. Vincent.
Chemistry at the World's Fair. Marcus Benjamin.
What Makes a Lutheran ? C. S. Albert.
Social Condition of Workingmen. Ralph D. St. John.
French Fables of the Middle Ages. F Brunetiere.
Gladstone's Battle for Home Rule. A. A. Black.
Social Ideals. Augusta Larned.
Christian Thought.-New York. (Bi-Monthly.) December.
Bible Doctrine of Inspiration. B. B. Warfield.
Inspiration in the Old Testament. H. G. Mitchell.
Inspiration Under Review. J. J. Lampe, W. W. McLane.
Criminals Not the Victims of Heredity. W.M. F. Round.
Lessons from the Parliament of Religions. Lyman Abbott.
A Pen Picture of the Parliament. Florence E Winslow.

Church at Home and Abroad.-Philadelphia. December.
A Revival in Missions. F. F. Ellinwood.
Successive Stages of Missionary Experience in Syria. W. W.

Unrecorded Results in Syria. F. W. March.

Church Missionary Intelligencer.-London. December. The Autobiography of a Missionary. Rev. C. F. Childe. The History

of the Church Missionary Society. Rev. C. Hole. The Model Parish, from a Missionary Point of View. Rev. T.

C. Chapman.
Recollections of a Bengal Missionary. Rev. A. P. Neele.

Classical Review.-London. November.
Folklore in the Works and Days of Hesiod. E. E. Sikes.
Remarks on the Poetics of Aristotle. C. M. Mulvany.
Notes on Juvenal. S. G. Owen.

Contemporary Review.-London. December. The Government and Labor. H. W. Massingham. Parish Councils and Parish Charities. John Darfield. MacMahon and His Forebears. Emily Crawford. Tatian and the Fourth Gospel. J. Rendel Harris. The Economy of High Wages. J. A. Hobson. Education and Instruction. Lord Coleridge. The Strasburg Commemoration. Compulsory Purchase of Land in Ireland. Anthony Traill. Territorialism in the Southeastern Counties.

Richard Heath
The Date of the “ Zend-Avesta." Professor F. Max Müller.
Man in the Light of Evolution. Emma Marie Caillard.
Superstition and Fact. Andrew Lang.
A Rejoinder to Professor Weismann. Herbert Spencer,

Cornhill Magazine.-London. December.
Memories of the Master of Balliol.
January Days in Ceylon. Concluded.
The Modest Scorpion.

The Cosmopolitan.- New York. December.
A Farewell to the White City. Paul Bourget.
Lessons of the Fair. John J. Ingalls.
A White

Umbrella at the Fair. F. Hopkinson Smith.
People Who Did Not Go to the Fair. Robert Grant.
Amateur Photography at the Fair. H. H. Markley.
A New World Fable. H. H. Boyesen.
A Nation of Discoverers H. C. Taylor.
Last Impressions. A. S. Hardy.
The Finances of the Exposition. Lyman J. Gage.
Traveling With a Reformer. Mark Twain.
American Notes.-II In the Year of the Fair. Walter Besant.

Demorest's Family Magazine. New York. December. Christmas Eve at Bethlehem. E. A. Fletcher. Children of the Stage. Elfried de B. Gudé. How to Become Successful Professional Women.-I. Marga

ret Bisland.
An Excursion to the Land of Dolls.
The Care of Growing Children. Susanna W. Dodds.

The Dial.- Chicago. November 16.
The Endowments of Culture in Chicago.
Francis Parkman.
Art and Life Once More. John Burroughs.

December 1.
The Public Libraries of the United States.
An Insular Comment on an International Enterprise.
Creative Art in Literature. J. G. Dow.

Education.-Boston. December.
Limitations of Secondary Teaching of English Composition.
The Management of the Public School. L. J. Block.
The Dominical Letter in Theory and Practice. C. R. Ballard.
The Chronological Order of Plato's Writings. W. S. Scar-

Pedagogic Orthography and Orthoepy. Henry A. Ford.
The Classics in the College Course. Florence May.
Shorthand for Schoo H. M. Dean.
On the Education of Girls. A. Witte.

Educational Review.-New York. December.
Geography in the European Universities. Hugh R. Mill.
Exceptional Children in School. E. H. Russell.
Study of Education at the Michigan University. B. A. Hins.

dale. Mental Defect and Disorder from the Teacher's Point of View. A System of Color Teaching. Brother Azarias. With Portrait. George E. Hardy. The Jansenists and Their Schools. H. C. Bowen. Teaching and Reasoning as a Fine Art. Frank C. Sharp.

Educational Review.-London. December. University Extension: A New Aspect. R D. Roberts. St. Paul's School: a Rejoinder. Colonel Clementi. Secondary Schools and Local Control. E. J. Marshall. The

Charity Commissioners and the Examination of Endowed
Schools. R. W. Hinton.

Engineering Magazine.- New York. December.
An English View of the World's Fair. J. S. Jeans.
Causes of Failure in “ Boom" Towns. H. S. Fleming.
The Iron Ore Region of Lake Superior. R. A. Parker.
History of Strikes in America A. A. Freeman.
The Growing Difficulty of Getting Gold. T. A. Rickard.
Architecture as a Profession. R. W. Gibson.
Electric Power at the World's Fair. N. W. Perry.
Relation of Chemistry to Engineering. Joseph Torrey.
American and Other Patent Systems. C. L. Redfield.

English Illustrated Magazine.-London. December.
An Impression of Venice. H. W. Massingham.
Ancient Earthworks at Dorchester. Thomas Hardy.

Expositor.-London. December.
The Galatia of the Acts: A Criticism of Prof. Ramsay's

Theory. Rev. F. H. Chase. Prof. Marshall's Aramaic Gospel. Prof S, R. Driver. St. Paul's Conception of Christianity. Continued. Prof. A. B. Bruce.

Expository Times.-London. December.
Benjamin Jowett. Rev. W. Berkley,
Christ in Islam. Prof. D. S. Margiliouth.
Keswick at Home. Rev. George Wilson.
The Kingdom of God in the Teaching of Jesus. Prof. H. H.

Fortnightly Review.-London. December.
The Ireland of To-day.-II. The Rhetoricians. X.
Some Unedited Letters of Keats. A. Forbes Sieveking.
The Unemployed. Canon Barnett.
The Ice Age and Its Work.-II. A. R. Wallace.

A South Sea Island and its people.The Maoris. Frederick

J. Moss. Self-Government. W. S. Lilly. A Hunt for Happiness. Francis Adams. Clothing as a Protection Against Cold. Dr. Robson Roose. History and Sea-Power. England's Right to the Suez Shares. Cope Whitehouse.

The Forum.--New York. December. Are Presidential Appointments for Sale? W. D. Foulke. Necessity for Immediate Tariff Reduction. A. A. Healy. A Plan for an Automatic, Business-Like Tariff. W.J. Coombs. Francis Parkman and his work. Julius H. Ward. Child-Study: The Basis of Exact Education. G. Stanley

Hall Israel Among the Nations W. E. H. Lecky. The Beginning of Man and the Age of the Race. D. G. Brin

ton. Need, Not of " More Money," but Better Exchange. T. G.

Shearman. How to Deal with a Filibustering Minority. J. B. McMaster. Uses of Rich Men in a Republic. Frederic Harrison. Goldwin Smith's “Views" on Our History. Woodrow Wil

son. A Plan to Free the Schools from Politics. J. M. Rice. The Most Popular Novels in America. Hamilton W. Mabie. Lasting Results of the World's Fair. Alice F. Palmer. The Fair's Results to the City of Chicago. Franklin H. Head. Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly.-New York. December. Customs of Christmastide. Mary Titcomb. The Balearic Islands. Charles Edwardes. In Fairest Florida. Fencers and the Art of Fencing. Richard B. Malchien. A 'Cadian Rice Flat in Louisiana Phebe S. Lovell.

Godey's.-New York. December. Love Conquers. A Complete Novel. Theodora B. Wilson. Personal Requisites of the Stage. Rose Coghlan. The Dove's Doings. Olive Thorne Miller. A Flying Trip to Florida. Margaret Lemon.

Gentleman's Magazine.-London. December. Littus Veneris. Dr. Alan Walters. The Cradle of the Lake Poets. William Connor Sydney. A Prophet and His Prophecy : Lord Brougham and Scarlett.

S. H. Boult. A Visit to Rameswaram. E. 0. Walker. "The Golden Ass " J. F. Rowbotham. The Cat-and-Man Church at Barnborough. Dr. John Stokes.

Geographical Journal.-London. November. Journeyings in the Pamirs and Central Asia. With Map.

Earl of Dunmore Routes and Districts in Southern Nyasaland. With Map,

Lieut. B. L. Sclater. The Determination of Geographical Longitudes by Pho

tography. Henry G. Schlichter.
A Voyage Toward the Antarctic Sea.
Journey Through Central Manchuria. Rev. J. A. Wylie.
Hausa Pilgrimages from the Western Soudan. Rev, C. H.

Good Words.-London. December.
The Saxon Monastery of Peterborough. Bishop Perowne.
On the Slopes of Cader Idris. Rev. Wray W. Hunt.
The Deptford Medical Mission. William C. Preston.
The Progress of Women. C. A. Channer.
A Naturalist's Notes Off Mull. Nether Lochaber.”'

Great Thoughts.-London. December.
Interviews With Mr. R. S. Smyth and Rev. Prof. Charteris.

With Portraits. Raymond Blathwayt.
Frederic James Shields. With Portrait. J. Hyslop Bell.
Sarah Grand. With Portrait. Frances E. Ashwell.

The Green Bag.-Boston. November.
Justice Samuel Blatchford. A. Oakey Hall.
The English and American Bar in Contrast.
Legal Reminiscences.-IV. L. E. Chittenden.
The First Court West of the Alleghanies. S. C. Williams.
The Hall of Four Courts, Dublin.-II. D. W. Douthwaite.
License of Speech of Counsel.-II Irving Browne.

Harper's Magazine.- New York. December.
The Old Dominion. Tho'nas Nelson Page.
Vignettes of Manhattan : A Thanksgiving Dinner. Brander

The House of Commons: Its Structure, Rules and Habits. T.

P. O'Connor.
An Outpost of Civilization. Frederic Remington.
Two Gentlemen of Verona. Edwin A. Abbey.

Harvard Graduates' Magazine.-Boston. December. Recollections of the Author of " America." S. F. Smith. Student Diet at Harvard. R. W. Greenleaf. Harvard Men in the Range Cattle Business. R. M. Allen. A Non-Sectarian Theological School. G. E. Ellis. The Extension of the Franchise. H. N. Blake, G. O Shat.

tuck. A Life of President Sparks.

The Homiletic Review.-New York. December. The Character and Works of John G. Whittier. J. O. Mur.

ray. The Pastor's Missionary Interest Among His People. A. T.

Pierson. Dutch Calvinism. Henry E. Dosker. The Ethics of Memory. Augustus S. Carman. "The Shades of the Dead : Rephaim and Teraphim." William

H. Ward. Investors' Review.-London. (Quarterly.) November. The Bantam "States " of Australasia, and a Summing Cp. Professional Directors. Railway Passenger Fares, Chiefly Southern. Evil Things and Good in the United States. The Story of the " Maple Leaf :" The Chicago, St. Paul and

Kansas City Railroad. The Latest Argentine Railway Reports. American Farm Mortgages. Transvaal Railways. Pennsylvania Railroad System as a Trust. Sir George Elliot's Cure for Coal Strikes. The Indian Cu rency Mess. Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies.

Chicago. October. Modern Street Pavements. O. B. Gunn. Engineering the Establishment of Competitive Enterprises.

T. D. West. Problems in the Treatment of the Hyde Park Sewage. F. W.

Tuttle. The Lighthouse System of the United States. E. P. Adams.

Journal of Political Economy.-Chicago. December. Italian Banking Crisis. Richard D. Volta. German Labor Colonies and the Unemployed. James Mayor. Protective Purpose of the Tariff Act of 1789. William Hill. Walker's Shares in Distribution. Frederick C. Hicks. Wages and Prices in England, 1261-1701. Katharine Coman.

Jewish Quarterly Review.-London. October, The Reading of the Law and Prophets in a Triennial Cycle.

II. Prof. A. Büchler. Jewish Religious Education. E. Harris and Rev. L. M. Sim.

mons. The Jews in the Works of the Church Fathers.-II. Dr. S.

Krauss. Mr. Smith: A Possibility : The Jews and Proselytism. C. G.

Miss Smith: An Argument. I. Abrahams.
Jewish Arabic Liturgies. Dr. H. Hirschfeld.
Notes on Hebrew Mss. in the University Library at Cam.
bridge.--VI. S. Schechter.

Knowledge.-London. December.
Antartic Seals. William S. Bruce.
Shooting Stars and Their Trails. A. C. Ranyard.
The Solar Faculæ. Mons H. Deslandres.

Leisure Hour.-London. December.
Khama, the Bechwana Christian Chief. With Portrait.

George Cousins. Flowers of the Market: Foliage Plants. W. J. Gordon. Political Refugees in London. Linda Villari. How They Live in Matabeleland. With Map. Rev. D. Carnegie.

Lend a Hand.-Boston. November.
The Mohonk Conference,
Change of Administration in the Indian Service. P. C. Gar.

Indian Depredation Claims. L. W. Colby.
The Present Crisis. H. L. Dawes.
Floating Hospitals. R. B. Tobey.
Child Saving. C. D. Randall.

Lippincott's Magazine.-Philadelphia. December. Sergeant (rosus. A Complete Story. By Captain Charles

A Newspaper Sensation. Louis N. Megaree.
The Australian Rabbitt Plague. J. N. Ingram.
How to Cultivate the Body. Wilton Tournier.
Literary Popularity. Edgar Fawcett.

Golf : Something More than a First-class Game. Horace G.

Natural Science.-London. December.
High Level Sands and Gravels. T. Mellard Reade.
The Sedgwick Museum. H. Woods.
Arachnid and Insect Development. G. H Carpenter.
Some Facts of Telegony. Frank Finn.
The Scales of Fishes. A. Smith Woodward.
Maltese and Sicilian Caverns.

Longman's Magazine.-London. December. The Forgery of Antiquities. Sir John Evans. Why Men don't Marry: an Eighteenth Century Answer. Mrs.

Alfred Pollard. Water Bacteriology and Cholera. Mrs. Percy Frankland.

Lucifer.-London. November 15. Conviction and Dogmatism. Annie Besant. Theosophy Historically Considered as Underlying all Religions

and Sacred Scriptures. Dr. J. D. Buck. Ibsen's Works in the Light of Theosophy. Hon. Otway Cuffe. Ancient Egypt. H. L. P. Intuition. G. R. S. Mead. The Battle of Salamis. Hume Nisbet.

Ludgate Monthly.-London. December.
Cheltenham College. W. C. Sargent.
A Trip to Chicago and Its World's Fair,
Pen and Pencils of the Press. Joseph Hatton.
Western Magic: a Chat with Mr. Maskelyne and Mr. Chas.
Bertram. H. Fitzgerald.

McClure's Magazine.-New York. December.
Archdeacon Farrar. Arthur Warren.
" Human Documents :"
William T. Stead.
Whitelaw Reid.

Gov. William McKinley.
Tennyson's Friendships. Edwin C. Martin.
Manliness in Boys-By a New Process. Henry Drummond.
Gov. William McKinley : What he is and what he Stands

For. E. J. Edwards.
Jerusalem. Notes of a Recent Journey C. A. Dana.

Macmillan's Magazine.-London. December.
Three Humorists : Hook, Barham, Maginn. George Saints-

bury. The New Athens. A Discourse on the Homilies.

The Menorah.-New York. December. What the Hebrew Scriptures Have Wrought for Mankind.

A. Kohut. Heinrich Heine. Rudolph Grossman. Jubilee Celebration in Roumania. Ignoramus Ignorabimus. B. Segnitz. Missionary Review of the World.-New York. December. Education and Missions.-II. A. J. Gordon. Metlakahtla, a Marvel Among Missions.-II. D. L. Leonard. Work Among the Women of Egypt. Miss A. Y. Thompson. Missions in Palestine. A. W. Payne. Evangelical Missions in ria. G. A. Ford. The Y. M. C. A. in the Universities of India. L. D. Wishard. Student Volunteers at Keswick. D. L Pierson.

Month,-London. December. Recollections of Father John Morris. Father J. Pollen and

Others. English Guilds in the Middle Ages. Rev. W. D. Strappini. The Life of a Siberian Priest : Father Gromadski. Lady Her.

bert of Lea. Dr. Pusey. C. Kegan Paul. Christ in Modern Theology.-III. Rev. John Rickaby.

Munsey's Magazine.- New York. December. The Great Living Composers. George Holme. The Pearl of Savoy. Fanny C. W. Barbour. Arthur Wing Pinero. J. A. Hamilton. The Presbyterian Church in New York. A. C. Mackenzie. Modern Artists and Their Work. C. Stuart Johnson. The Story of the Dance. Margaret Fleming.

The National Magazine.- New York. November.
Sir Danvers Osborn and Sir Charles Hardy, 1753-61. F. G.

John Brown as a Popular Hero. A. E. Allaben.
Samuel Gordon.-I.* W. P. Sheffield.
Title and Office of Schephen. J. W. DePeyster.
Davenport and its Environs.-I.
Bering Sea Arbitration. A. S. Cameron.

National Review.-London. December.
Is Our Sea Power to be Maintained ! Lord George Hamilton.
Matthew Arnold. Leslie Stephen.
The Voluntary Schools Crisis. Rev. Canon Hayman.
Our Lady of Pootoo. R. S. Gundry.
The Kirk and Presbyterian Union. Rev. Dr. H Story.
The Garden that I Love. Alfred Anstin.
The Unsolved Irish Problem. The O'Connor Don.
Silver. Moreton Frewed.

New England Magazine,-Boston. December. Yuletide in an Old English City. Cecil Logsdail. The Old Pittsford Church. Mrs. H. M. Plunkett. Witchcraft in Salem and Europe. S. W. G. Benjamin. Our Forest Interests in Relation to the American Mind. J.

B. Harrison. The Assassination of President Lincoln. Horatio King. Harvard University Library. Charles K. Bolton. The District School and Academy in Massachusetts. G. H.

Martin, Count Rumford and His Daughter. Frances M. Abbott. Carlyle and Ruskin and Their Influence on English Social

The Colliery Conflict in England. S. A. Brooke.
The Burying-Ground of Honey Locust Hill. Elizabeth C.

The Abbé Vogler. Kenyon West.
William H. Prescott. Samuel Eliot.
Experiences During Many Years. Benjamin P. Shillaber.

New Review.--London. December.
The Problem of the Unemployed. J. A. Murray Macdonald.
New Employments for Educated Women. Lady Knightley of

Fawsley. Jean Martin Charcot : His Life and Work. Malle. Blaze de

Bury. Constantinople in 1893. Prof. F. Max Müller. The Indictment of Dives. W. S. Lilly. Paul Verlaine. Arthur Symons. The Mystery of Ancient Egypt. W. Marsham Adam. Liberalism and Social Refcrm: A Warning. L. Atherley

The Decay of Beauty. Frederick Boyle.
The Armenian Agitation : A Rejoinder to Sadik Effendi. F.

S. Stevenson.
Winter Sport. Hon. Gerald Lascelles.

The New World.-Boston. December.
The Babylonian Exile. Julius Wellhausen.
The Peculiarities of John's Theology. G. B. Stevens.
Plato's Conception of the Good Life. Bernard Bosanquet.
The New Socialism and Economics. W. B. Weeden.
The Religion of the Chinese People. C. de Harlez.
The Ethics of Creeds. Alfred Momerie.
Heresy in Athens in the Times of Plato. F. B. Tarbell.
The Ethical and Religious Import of Idealism. May Sinclair.
Thoroughness in Theology. R. A. Armstrong.
The Parliament of Religions. C. H. Toy.

Nineteenth century.-London. December. Fabian Fustian. Michael Davitt. Socialism in France. Yvés Guyot. What Lond n People Die of. Hugh Percy Dunn. Football as a Moral Agent. Hely Hutchinson Almond. Recollections of Professor Jowett. Algernon Charles Swin

burne. Upper Houses in Modern States.-I. The Italian Senate. Mar

chese F. Nob li-Vitelléschi. The Anonymous Critic. H. D. Traill. Queen Elizabeth and Ivan the Terrible. W. Barnes Steveni. Confessions of a Village Tyrant. Rev. Edward Miller. The Queen and Her First Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne.

Hon. Reignald B. Brett.
The Index and My Articles on Hell. Prof. St. George Mivart.
On the Origin of the Mashonaland Ruins. J. Theodore Bent.
The London School Board : a Reply to Mr. Lyulph Stanley.

Joseph R. Diggle.
A Wedding Gift to England in 1662. Walter Frewen Lord.
Toulon and the French Navy. Wm. Laird Clowes.

North American Review.-New York. December. Politica! Causes of the Business Depression. William E. Rus

The Battle-Ship of the Future. W. T. Sampson.
The Mission of the Populist Party. W. A. Peffer.
Are our Patent Laws Iniquitous W. E. Simonds.
What Dreams are Made of. Louis Robinson.
Parliamentary Manners. Justin McCarthy.
Railroad Accidents in the United States and England. H. G.

The Servant Girl of the Future. Kate G. Wells.
Thonghts on English Universities. E. A Freeman.

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