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The Invasion of Hawaii, E.T. Chamberlain.

A Plea f r Annexation. John L. Stevens.
Our Present Duty. William M. Springer.

Our Day.--Chicago. November.
The Southern Problem and its Solution. L. H Blair.
Christianity as Seen in a Tour of the World. F. E. Clark.
Annexation of the Sandwich Islands. Joseph Cook.
What is Sunday Worth to Labor. Joseph Cook.

Outing.–New York. December.
In Quest of the Caribou. S. R. Clarke.
A Day's Fishing in Jamaica. Annetta Halliday.
Still-Hunting Grouse on Snow. J. R. Benton.
Foot Racing. John Corbin.
From Sloop to Cụtter in America. A. J. Kenealy,
Big Game of Ceylon.
Canoeing on the Cuyumel. E. W. Perry.
Lenz's World Tour Awheel.
The National Guard of Pennsylvania. C. A. Booth.

Overland Monthly.-San Francisco. December.
Gardens of Christmastide. Ella M. Sexton.
The Advertising Page. W. H. McDougal.
In the Stronghold of the Piutes. J. Adams.
The Whistling Buoy. L. Bell.
Butterflies that Come to Town. Mary E. Bamford.
The Life of St. Alexis. A. B. Simonds.

Pall Mall Magazine.-London. December.
New Serial : "Lord Ormont and His Aminta." George Mer-

edith. Christmas in New Zealand. Edward John Hart. The Friend of a Queen : Marie Antoinette and M. de Fersen.

Schutz Wilson.
Unknown Paris. M. Griffith and Jean d'Oriol.
Confessions of an Interviewer. John B. Lane.
“Is the Theatre Growing Less Popular ?" W. Archer and J.
Comyns Carr.

The Photo-Beacon.- Chicago. December.
Yellow Stains on Gelatino-Chloride Prints.
Stereoscopic Projection.
Photographer's Efforts at Union. H. Snowden Ward.
Photography in a Great Hospital. O. G. Mason.
Gelatino-Chloride Development.

Poet-Lore.- Boston. December.
Lessing's “Dramaturgie." J. W. Thomas.
The Supernatural in Shakespeare.-III. Annie Rassell Wall.
An Interpretation of Browning's “Ixion." Helen A. Clarke.
Recent Books on Tennyson.

Political Science Quarterly.-Boston. December.
The Concentration of Wealth. George K. Holmes.
The Economic State. Lindley M. Keasbey.
Private Claims against the State. Ernst Freund.
Villainage in England. I. S. Leadam.
Parliamentary Government in Italy. Marquis Pareto.
The Unseen Foundations of Society. E. A. Ross.

Popular Science Monthly.--New York. December.
The Story of Bob. David Starr Jordan.
How Old is the Earth ! Warren Upham.
Modern War Vessels of the United States Navy. W. A. Dob-

son. Evolution and Ethics. T. H. Huxley. Evolutionary Ethics. Robert Mathews. The Creation : A Penobscot Indian Myth. Abby L. Alger. State Interference in Social Affairs. Joseph S. Nicholson, The Fruit Industry in California. Charles H. Shinn. Criminal Woman. Helen Zimmern. Ethics and the Struggle for Existence. Leslie Stephen. The Calumet in the Champlain Valley. G. H. Perkins. The Essays of Jean Rey. MM. L. A. Hallopeau and A Poisson. Sketch of Sir Daniel Wilson. Horatio Hale. Presbyterian and Reformed Review.-Philadelphia. (Quar

terly). January. The Future of Calvinism. Herman Bavinck. Anselm of Canterbury: Philip Schaff. Philosophy: Its Relation to Life and Education. J. Mark

The Function of the Prophet. Talbot W. Chambers.
Critical Views Respecting the Mosaic Temple. W. H. Green.
A Practical Exegesis of Isaiah xl. 31. A. H. Huizinga.
Max Müller's Gifford Lectures. W. B. Greene, Jr.
Recent Studies in Pauline Theology. G. T. Purves.

Quiver.-London. December.
Some Old Illuminations.
Some Famous Churchyards.
With a Doctor of Charity: Dr. Barnardo R. Blathwayt.

Review of the Churches.-London. November. Religious Teaching in Board Schools. With Portrait. Mr.

Åthelstan Riley.
Benjamin Jowett, D.D. Archdeacon Farrar.
Tom Mann. With Portrait. J. C. Carlile.

The Sanitarian.-New York. December.
Progress of Practical Sanitation. S. H. Durgin.
Water Filtration and Cholera. Prof. R. Koch.
The Three Climates of Jamaica, B. W. I. W. Nelson.
Garbage and Waste of the Columbian Exposition. W. F.

Proposed Bureau of Public Health.

The School Review.-Ithaca, N. Y. December.

England Conference of Colleges and Preparatory Schools. The History of Early Education. 8. S. Laurie. The New High School Building at Colorado Springs. G. B.

Scottish Geographical Magazine.-Edinburgh. November.
The Discovery of America by Columbus. With Maps. John

On the New Map of Persia. Hon. George Curzon.

of Maps of the World According to Early Geographers, in Six Plates.

Scribner's Magazine.-New York. December.
A Search for Della Robbia Monuments in Italy. Robert

Constantinople. F. Marion Crawford.
An Unpublished Work of Scott.
An Artist Among Animals. F. S. Church.

Social Economist.-New York. December.
The Meaning of the Election.
The Rebuilding of New York.
Economics of Dynamic Scciety.
The Incidence of Tariff Taxation,
The English Coal Miners' Strike.
Tobacco and Clothing Workers.
Is There a New South ?

The Stenographer.-Philadelphia. December.
Phonography During Half a century. Elias Longley.
Death of Mr. Yerrinton. With portrait.
Puter P. McLoughlin. With portrait.
Reading Shorthand.

Strand Magazine.-London. November.
The Royal Wedding : From an Oriental Point of View. M. R.

Ahmad. From Behind the Speaker's Chair.-X. H. W. Lucy. Great London Fires. Sidney Greenwood. Portraits of Sir Henry Halford, Rev. A. Stopford Brooke, Miss

Clara Jecks, Joseph Hollman and Hon. Sir William Gran

A Chapter on Ears.-II.
Sir Henry Halford. Harry How.

The Student's Journal. ---New York. December.
Death of J. W. Yerrington.
The Late William H. Boblitz.
American Standard of Living. J. R. Dodge.
Engraved Shorthand, eight pages.
The Struggle for Subsistence. Edward Atkinson.

Sunday at Home.-London. December.
At the World's Sunday School Convention in St. Louis.
Bemerton and George Herbert. Mrs. Mayo.
Trial and Acquittal of Stundists. Rev. Dr. L. B. White.
Among the Matabeles. Rev. D. Carnegie.

Sunday Magazine.-London. December.
Alexandria. Illustrated. Canon MacColl.
The Men Who Died at Lokoja. Rev. A. R. Buckland.
Types of Stundists.-III.
The True Story of Evangeline. Rev. Dr. T. Bowman Stephen-
The South Arans. L'Aigle Cole.

Temple Bar.-London. December.
Professor Jowett.
Five Weeks in Greece. J. C. Bailoy.
Count Taaffe.
Théophile Gautier.

United Service.-Philadelphia. December.
Recent Army Legislation. Maj. G. W. Baird.
The Transformation of Japan. Countess of Jersey.
Frontier Service in the Fifties. Lieut.-Col. W. B. Lane.

United Service Magazine.-London. December.
The Matabele and Their War Dance With Map. Captain

W. Sitwell.


Zoaland His Work. W H. Gleadell.
Hard Labor in the Hospitals. Gertrude Dix
The Scotsman as a Householder. George Farquhar.
The Origin and Evolution of Property in Land. Hugh H. L

The Novels of Ossip Schubin.

Yale Review.-New Haven. November.

Price Investigations in the United States. F. W. Taussig.
State Sovereignty before 1739. D. H. Chamberlain.
The Scope of Political Economy. Simon N. Patten.
The Financier of the Confederate States. J. C. Schwab.
The Genesis of Capital. J. B. Clark.

Names of British Men-of-War. Captain H. Mist.
Forg tten Volunteers. Owen E. Wheeler.
Battalion Organization.
MacMahon and Von Kameke. Captain Markham Rose.
Miss Daniell's Soldiers' Homes. Miss E. L. De Butts.
The Fire of Artillery, Major J. J. Henriquez.
Cavalry in the Berkshire Mançuvres. A Foreign Officer
Suppression of Rebellion in the Northwest Territories of

Canada, 1885. With Map. General Sir F. Middleton.
The Training of Blue Jackets.
The Royal Marine Light Infantry. Captain J. F. Daniell.

University Extension.-Philadelphia. December.
The Outlook in Wisconsin. William A. Scott.
English County Councils and University Extension. M. E.

The College Professor on Politics. Joseph F. Johnson.
The Preliminary Class. C. J. Hexamer.

University Magazine.- New York. November.
Study and Teaching of English in the College.-I. G. R. Pink-
Williams and Cornell. A. U. Faulkner.
The "Mask and Wig" of the University of Pennsylvania.
George William Curtis, LL.D.-II. E. B. Merrill.
The LL.D. F. S. Thomas.

Westminster Review.-London. December. The Holy Office and Liberal Catholicism. W. R. Sullivan. Marriage Customs. England Howlett, F.S.A.


Young Man.-London. December. Novels and Novel Writing : Interview with Silas K. HockingHow to Make a Living -As a Doctor. Oliver Wendell Holmes. Rev. H R. Haweis. John Ruskin: The Man and His Message. W. J. Dawson.

Young Woman.-London. December. The Life of a Hospital Nurse. Honnor Morten. Princess Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein. The Story or My Life.--I, Pupil and Pedagogue. Miss Wil

lard. A Popular Novelist at Home : Mrs. Alexander. With Por

trait. Frederick Dolman.


Alte und Neue Welt.-Einsiedeln.

Heft 2.
The Symbolism of Dreams. Prof. A. Nagele.
How Worlds are Made and Destroyed. George Grienz.
Opium Smokers. Max Stein.

Heft 3.
The World's Fair.
Theophrastus Paracelsus. With Portraits. Adolf Kessler.
Marshal MacMahon. With Portraits.

Chorgesang.-Leipzig. November 12. Carl Rorich. With Portrait. Two Hungarian Folk-songs. Music by F. T. Cursch-Bühren.


November 4. General von Versen. With Portrait. Hanns von Zobeltitz.

Novemher 11.
Lauscha, a Thuringian Glass Village. H. von Spielberg.
Louise von François. With Portrait. Paul von Szczepanski.

November 18.
Napoleon's Mother. With Portrait. T. H. Pantenius.
The Evangelical Social Congress. Paul Göhre.

November 25.
The Learning of Foreign Languages. Dr. E. von Sallwürk.
A Cruise with the Emperor on the "Meteor." Hans Bohrdt.

Deutscher Hausschatz.-Regensburg. Heft 2.
Private Detectives in London. Dr. A. Heine.
The Coronation of the Emperor Charles VI.

Deutsche Revue.-Breslau. December.
The Franco-Siam Treaty. M. von Brandt.
Lothar Bucher.-VII. Heinrich von Poschinger.
England, France and Russia, in Asia. Heinrich Geffcken.
The Development of Modern Gynecology. Hans Leyden.
The Human Will Not Free. Freiherr E. von Stockmar.
Experiences of an American Statesman (Gouverneur Morris)

at the German Court. H. von Wilke. The Russian Fleet.

Deutsche Rundschau.-Berlin. November. From My Life.-I. Eduard Hanslick. Inscriptions as Sources of Greek History. G. Busolt. Leopold von Plessen -II. Ludwig von Hirschfeld. Ilmenau. Bernard Suphan. The Century of Velasquez. E. Hübner. Political Correspondence -The Illness of Prince Bismarck,

the Russo-German Customs Tariff, France and Russia, Siam, Italy, etc.

Die Gartenlaube.-Leipzig. Giants and Dwarfs of the German Navy Prince Bismarck in Kissengen.

Emin Pasha. Paul Reichard.
The Oil Springs of Galicia. C. Frost.

Die Gesellschaft.-Leipzig, November.
The Improvement of the Race. Dr. F. G. Schultheiss.
Franz Stuck. With Portrait. O. J. Bierbaum.
Poems by Karl Bleibtreu and Others.
The Fall of Tristan. Wilhelm Mauke.
Truth in Art. Karl Rosner.

Konservative Monatsschrift.-Leipzig. November. Heinrich Leo's Historical Monthly Reports and Letters.-IV.

Otto Kraus.
The Trojan Question. A Reply.
The Moral and Religious Foundation of Political Economy.
Dr. Ernst Fr. Wyneken.
Magazin für Litteratur.-Berlin.

November 4.
Intellectual Life in Frankfort.-I. Moritz Goldschmidt.
Friedrich Nietzsche. Fritz Koegel.

November 11.
Springtime in Munich Art. Ernst von Wolzogen.
Anti-Semitism and the Gambling Prosecution in Hanover.

November 18.
Life in Hamburg. Otto Ernst.
Tschaikowsky. M. Seiffert.

November 25.
Vienna Art.-II. J.J. David.
Jonas Lie. Harold Hansen.

Neue Zeit. -Stuttgart.

No. 5. What Do the "Moderns " Want in Literature ! Political Parties in France and the Last Elections. Concluded. P. Lafargue.

No. 7. The Agricultural Crisis and the Customs Negotiations with

Russia. Dr. R. Meyer. The Great Coal Crisis in England. E. Bernstein. Peasants and Peasant Parties in Galicia. Concluded. Max Zetterbaum.

No. 8. The Great Coal Crisis in England. Continued. E. Bernstein. Bimetallism and the Laborer.

Nord und Süd.-E lau. November. “Die Feuertaufe." A Play in Honor of the King of Saxony's

Jubilee. F. Koppel-Ellfeld.
Jacob Frohschammer.-II. Bernhard Münz.
The Spiritual Life of Jeanne

d'Arc. Ch. Thomassin.
The Comma Bacillus in Water and Ice L. Fürst.
Woman's Share in the World's Fair. - II. Anna Simson.
Usury and How to Fight It. Ludwig Fuld.

Preussische Jahrbücher. -Berlin. November. Dorpat-Jurjew. "The Latest Silver Crisis and the German Coinage System.-II.

Dr. A. Wagner.
The Extra Fees of Attorneys.
Modern Jesuitism. Count Paul von Hoensbroech.
The Muse of Tiefurt. Gotthold Kre, enberg.
The German Empire and the Poles.
Political Correspondence : Enemies at Home and Abroad.

Sphinx.--London. November.
The Theosophical Congress at Chicago.-II. Ludwig Dein-

Psycho-Magnetic Power. Concluded. Dr. Carl du Pret.
Church Services. 0. Plümacher.
The Union of All Religions. L. Delįus.
Simon Magus. Concluded. Thomassin.

Stimmen aus Maria-Laach.-Freiburg. November.
Assyriology and the Bible. A. Baumgartner.
Private Property in Land in the Middle Ages.-III. H. Pesch.
The Pretender Bald win of Flanders.-III. L. Schmidt.
The Songs of Mirza Schaffy. W. Kreiten.

Ueber Land und Meer.-Stuttgart. Heft 5. Sketches in Siam. The Seven Hundred and Fifty Years' Jubilee at Lübeck.

Philipp Kniest. German Universities at the World's Fair. Paul Haedicke. Aquincum and Its Ruins. Karl Müller.


Heft 5. The “Rauhe Haus" at Horn near Hamburg. Ha:bert Har

berts. Hermann Gruson. With Portrait. H. Brugsch.

Heft 6.
Colombo in Ceylon. Dr. Neubaur.
Marie Dietrich. With Po trait. Ludwig Pietsch.

Heft 7.
Gothland and Wisby. L. Passarge.
Prince Alfred Windischgrätz. With Portrait.

Unsere Zeit.-Berlin. Heft 3.
Four Weeks Among the Elephants of India. Otto Ehlers.
Strikes in England.-II. Stephen Margie.
German Explorers in Africa. With Portraits. Gerhard

Rohlfs. Velhagen und Klasing's Monatshefte.-Berlin. November. Dragoons, Ancient and Modern. Richard Knötel. Budapest, Past and Present. Hugo Warmholz. Home Rule in the House of Commons. Reminiscences of Prince Tscherkasski. With Portrait. Her

mann Dalton. Whaling. Ilustrated. Friedrich Meister.

Vom Fels zum Meer.-Stuttgart. Heft 4. An Austrian Painter: J. E. Schindler. Karl von Vincent. Weathercocks. Ferdinand Luthmer, Sculpture of the Middle Ages. A. Schmarson. Clavijo, Beaumarchais, Goethe. Erich Schmidt. The Life of the People in Naples. Karl Hecker. Theophrastus von Hohenheim, called Paracelsus. Dr. L


Wiener Literatur-Zeitung.--Vienna. November.
Actors, Managers, and the Public. G. Engelsmann.
Heyse as a Novelist. Friedrich Hitschmann.
Humane America. A. Niggl.


Bibliothèque Universelle.-Lausanne. November. Louis Rouchonnet. Numa Droz. Notes of an Explorer in Patagonia.-V. Dr. F. Machon. Unpublished Letters of Bonstetten to Stapfer. Philippe

Godet. The Hygiene of Food and Lodging.-III. Dr. Louis Wuarin. Chroniques : Parisian, Italian, German, English, Russian, Swiss, Political.

Chrétien Evangélique.-Lausanne. November 20.
The Prophet Jeremiah and King Jehoiachim. Concluded.

Lucien Gautier.
Pompeii. Fr. Tissot.
Entretiens Politiques et Littéraires.-Paris.

November 10
The Russians. Charles Albert.

A Letter to M. C. Saint-Saëns on Gounod. Henry de Malyost. "The Wooing of the Elements by the Sages. Continued. Jules Bois.

November 25.
The Miners' Strike. Charles Albert
The Wooing of the Elements by the Sages. Continued.

Ermitage.--Paris. November.
Constraint or Freedom the Best Condition for the Social Well-

being ? A Symposium. Religious Decadence in France. Concluded. Dr. F. Mazel. The Work of Arnold Boecklin. Ola Hansson.

La Jeune Belgique.-Brussel. November. Ford Madox Brown Olivier G. Destrée.

Journal des Economistes.-Paris. November. The New Customs Tariff in the Colonies. A. Bouché de Belle. Ministerial Officers -II. Louis Theureau, The Agricultural Movement. G. Fouquet. Uusury in Russia. Inostranietz State Intervention in Labor Contracts. Yves Gyuot and Others.

La Nouvelle Revue.-Paris.

November 1. The New Military Law of Germany. M. G. W. Russian Turkestan and the Trans-Caspian Railway. 0. Dia

manti. An Apostle of Tolerance in the Sixteenth century. F. T.

Perrens. Letters on Idealism and Realism in Fiction. Savvas Pacha.

Mediæval Watering Places and Their Amusements. F. En

The Origins of the Hôtel de Bourgogne. A. de Lassus.
Marshal MacMahon. G de Corlay.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Madame Juliet Adam.

November 15.
M. Ribot as President of the Council and at the Quai d'Orsay.

A Diplomat. The Late Electoral Crisis in England. P. Hamelle. Letters on Idealism and Realisin in Fiction. Savvas Pacha. Princess Anne. H. Buteau. The Witchcraft Trials of the Seventeenth Century. F. Dela

croix. The Hôtel Bourgogne and the Beginnings of the Comédie

Français. A. de Lassus.
Cardinal Vazary. M. J. Kont.
Nouvelle Revue Internationale. -Paris.

November 1.
Morocco and Spain
A Visit to the Island of Lacroma. Marc Car.
Anglomania. Georges Bonneron.

November 15.
Review of European Politics. Emilio Castelar.
A Visit to Marengo. H. Lyonnet.
Secret Societies at the Time of the Revolution. Dr. Papus.

Réforme Sociale.-Paris.

November 1. The Legal Position of the Family and Patrimony in Béarn.

Louis Batcave. The “Syndicat Agricole” of Anjou and Its Parochial Sec

tions. E. Nicolle. Professional Unions and the Physiocrats. Alfred de Cilleuls. Strikes in Italy According to Recent Statistics. Prof. Santangelo Spoto.

November 16. The Suppression of Labor Bureaus. Maurice Vanlaer. The Union d'Assistance par le Travail in the Sixth Arron

dissement and the Municipal Labor Bureau. H. Defert. Patrimony in Béarn. Continued. Maurice Vanlaer. Popular Initiative and the Right to Work in Switzerland. Jules d'Anethan. Revue d'Art Dramatique.-Paris.

November 1. Charles Gounod. Albert Soubies. Russian Music.

November 15. Parody in the Drama.Paul Gruyer. Gounod and Madame Krauss. Vėga. Guatimozin-Claretie. Ed. Deschaumes.

Revue Bleue.-Paris.

November 4.
Frederick III and William II of Germany. Herold Frederic.
France and Morocco. L. Urdega.

November 11.
What Will the New Chamber Do ? Paul Laffitte.
The Franco-Russian Fêtes. Alfred Rambaud.
M. Victor Cherbuliez. Paul Sirven.
Alsace-Lorraine and Peace. Jean Heimweh.

November 18.
Marshall MacMahon. Alfred Duquet.
The Berlioz Cycle at Carlsruhe. &. de Massougnes.

November 25.
France and Italy.' A Letter to M. R. Bonghi. Anatole Leroy-

Beaulieu. The Separation of Church and State Under the Convention. F. Á. Aulard. Revue des Deux Mondes.-Paris.

November 1. The Peace Negotiations, 1656-1658. Duc d'Aumale. Studies in Socialism : Co-operation. P. Leroy-Beaulieu. Maritime Laboratories : Naples and Banyuls-sur-Mer. F.

Houssay. The Works of Guy de Maupassant. R. Doumic. August Strindberg and the Confession of a Madman. G. Val. bert.

November 15. Eastern Sanctuaries. . Cairo and Her Mosques. E. Schure. The Corinthian, Baltic Sea, Manchester and Mediterranean

Canals. J. Fleury. On the Banks

of the Mekong. E. Plauchut. The German Reviews. T. de Wyzowa.

Revue Encyclopédique.-Paris.

November 1. France and Russia. Gustave Lejeal. Lorraine and Russia. Roger Marx. The World's Fair. B. H. Gausseron. The America Cup. Ernest Lalanne. Marsbal MacMahon. Henri Castets.

November 15. The Portraits of the Twentieth Century: P. N. Roinard. Four Days' Observations on the Summit of Mont Blanc. J.

Janssen The Old Sorbonne The Belgian Constitution in 1893. G. Regelsperger. The Military Movement in France and Abroad. Desiré La

croix. Revue Française de l'Etranger et des colonies.-Paris.

November 1.
The Naval Forces of Russia. A. A. Fauvel.
The Coaling Stations of the Mediterranean. With Map. A. A.

Dahomey. Georges Demanche.

November 15.
A Disappearing People: The Seminole Indians of Florida.
The European Occupation of Oceanica. With Map. Paul.

Er Rif in Morocco.

Revue Générale.-Brussels.
The Autonomous Work of the Nineteenth Century. Con-

cluded. J. de la Vallée Pouss'n. The Early Novels of Count Tolstoi. Concluded. M. van

Yperseele de Strihou. A Remedy for the Agricultural Crisis. A. Castelein. Théodor de Wyzewa, French Writer. Henry Bordeaux. MacMahon at the Siege of Antwerp. Commandant Grandin. The Second Congress of the Democratic League at Brussels. E. Van der Smissen.

Revue Philosophique.-Paris. November. Geometry, Old and New. J. Delbouf. Memory, True and False. André Lalande. The Classification of Moral Types and General Psychology. F.

Paulhan. The Definition of Socialism. E. Durkheim and Henri Mazel. Revue des Questions Scientifiques.- Brussels. IV. Quarter. The Theories of the English School of Physics. P. Duhem. The Prehistoric American. Marquis de Nadeil. The Causes of the Former Extension of Glaciers. A. de Lap

parent. The Transmission of Nervous Power in Organisms. G. Hahn. The Bees of South India. R. P. J. Castets. Prehistoric Spain. L. Siret.

Revue des Revues --Paris. November. The Literary Movement in Norway.-II. Knut Hamsun. The Parliament of Religions and the Religion of Humanity. Spelling Reform in 1893. Jean Finot.

Revue Scientifique.-Paris.

November 4.
Life and Low Temperatures. Raoul Pictet.
Lanterns and the Teaching of Geography. G. Renaud.

November 11.
The Circulation of the Blood and Its Adversaries. H. Folet.
Electro-Magnetic Induction Across Space. W. H. Preece.

November 18.
Culture on the Dark Continent. M. Zaborowski.

November 25.
Pasteur and Contemporary Medicine. M. Grancher.
Rain. A. Duponchet.

Revue Socialiste.--Paris. November.
The Democratic Reorganization of the Army. Jean Miles.
Benoît Malon and Maryism. Eugène Fournière.
The Miners' Strike in Belgium. Emile Vandervelde.
The Social Question a Moral Question. F. Paulhan.

Université Catholique.-Lyons. The Second General Council at Lyons. C. Chambost. Various Cults Amongst the Greeks. P. Gonnet. Janssen. Concluded. Pastor. The National Council of 1811-11. A. Ricard. The Meaning of Modern Life: ** Aurora Leigh." Abbé Del



La Civiltà Cattolica.-Rome.

November 4.
Royal Patronage Over the Patriarchate of Venice.
The Moral of the Bank Scandals.

November 18.
Letter of His Holiness Leo XIII to the Bishop of Spain. Latin

Version The New Regulations of Sgr. Martini, Minister of Public In

struction. On the Migrations of the Hittites. Continued. The Columbian Exhibition at Chicago.

La Nuova An logia.-Rome.

November 1.
Whither Are We Tending? Professor Pasquale Villari.
G. Zanella and His Fame as a Poet. A. Fogazzaro
European Time Adopted in Italy. 0. Z. Bianco.
Charles Gounod. A Sketch. G. A. Biaggi.

November 15.
The Duke of Magenta. A Sketch of Marshal MacMahon. G.

The Pope and the New Era. R. Bonghi.
A Progressive Income Tax A. Loria.
Inductive Morality. G. Finali.
La Rassegna Nazionale.--Florence.

November 1.
The Rosminian Controversy. Conclusion. D. E. S.
Some New Publications Concerning the French Revolution.

Conclusiun. G. Grabinski. Italy, France and the Triple Alliance.-X. The Religious Problem in Italy. Letters by F. M. Pasanisi and G. Salvadori.

November 16. Ubaldino Peruzzi. A Sketch. Crito. The Turinese Court in the Seventeenth Century. Continued.

G. Claretta. Canon Arosio and Biblical Research. G. Morando. Marshal MacMahon and the Last Conclave. R. de Cesare. The Reform of Education.

[blocks in formation]

Dagny.-Stockholm. No. 7.
The Marriage Formula. M.C.
Doña Emilia Bazán. Adolph Hillman.
The World's Women's Congress. Th. R.
Some Impressions from African Homes. M. Anholm.

Danskeren.-Kolding. November.
Rationalism and the Belief in Christ. Fr. Jungersen.
Caroline Amalie. L. Schröder.
Life in the Sixteenth Century. L. Schröder.
Stanley's Last Travels.- III. S. N. Mouritsen.

Idun.-Stockholm. No. 46. (309.)
Emma Linck. With portrait.
The Dowry of Our Daughters. E. D. M.

Kringsjaa.-Christiania. No. 10. (21.)
Theodor Mommsen. With Portrait.
The World's Fair.

Nordisk Tidskrift.-Stockholm. No. 6.
Power-transference. D. Isaachsen.
The Rose in Olden Times and the Middle Ages. Johan Vising.
The Free High Schools. P. E. Fahlbeck.

Nyt Tidskrift.-Christiania. No. 10.
The Mad Times. Hans Aanrud.
Aasmund Vinje. J. E. Sars.
A Noteworthy Political Document. Sigurd Ibsen.

The Religious Congress in Chicago. W. Coucheron-Aamot.

Ord och Bild. Stockholm. No. 10. Socrates and Aristofanes. Johannes Paulson. Zachris Topelius. With Portraits. Theatricals and Theatre Life in the West. With Portraits. Gustaf Gullberg.

Samtiden.-Bergen. November.
Jonas Lie. With Portrait. Herman Bang.
My Wife. With Portrait. Jonas Lie.
From the Youth of Jonas Lie. With Portraits. N. K.
Episodes from Jonas Lie's First Sojourn in Italy. Johann

No. 10, Rue du Bac. Kitty L. Kielland.
No. 7, Avenue de la Grand Armée. Christian Skredsvig.
How "Kvaernkallen" Came to be Written. Erik Lie.
Holskogen. Irgens Hansen.
Letters from Jonas Lie.

Tilskueren.—Copenhagen. October.
The Book of Job. II. Georg Brandes.
A New Literature. IV. Johannes Jorgensen.

Teosofisk Tidskrift.--Stockholm. November.
Personality and Individuality.
The Great Religious Congress in Chicago.

Vor Tid.-Christiania. No 8.
The Relations between Religion and Morality. Olaf Holm.

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