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December 23
Christmas Preparations in Berlin, H. von Zobeltitz.
Christmas in Berlin: The Unemployed, the Blind, the Cab-
Deutscher Hausschatz.-Regensburg.

Heft 3.
Dogs. Joseph Dackweiles.
Anton Van Dyck.
The Eightieth Birthday of the Poet, F. W. Weber.

Həft 4.
Bosnian Sketches. Cölestin Schmidt.
Christmas and New Year at the Post Office. Post-Director

Deutsche Revue.-Breslau.' January. Letters from the Battlefield, 1870-71, by Karl von Wilmow.

ski.-I. King Charles of Roumania. Concluded. Letters from St. Petersburg. The Situation in France. Heinrich Geffcken. Lothar Buchar.-VIII. Eternal Night and Eternal Light. A. Schmidt. The Class War and Its Consequences. Karl von Mangoldt. Karl Stauffer-Bern. R. Binswanger-Kreuzlingen. Electricity in Agriculture. Bernhard Dessau. Love as Expressed in Persian Art. Rudolf Dvorak.

Deutsche Rundschau.-Berlin. December. The First Ascent of Mont Blanc from the Aiguille Blanche de

Péteret. From My Life. Continued. Eduard Hanslick. The Gold Crisis. Eduard von Hartmann. The Century of Velasquez. Concluded. E. Hübner. Leopold von Plessen.-III. L. von Hirschfeld. Louise von François. Otto Hartwig Political Correspondence : The Prussian Elections, the Rus

sians at Paris, Spain and Morocco, England and Italy, Austria, etc.

Die Gartenlaube. -Leipzig.

Heft 13.
Asthma. Dr. E. H. Risch.
Vine Harvest in the Rheingau. E. Lenbach.
The Youth of Anzengruber. Anton Be. telheim.
Pisciculture. Carl Vogt

Heft 14.
The Emperor William I and Struwelpeter. Dr. H. Hoffmann-

Donner. Christmas in Germany in the Good Old Days. Dr. A. Tille. Criminal Bands in India. Hamburg Water. Gustav Kopal. The History of Lucifer and Safety Matches. C. Falkenhorst. Traveling Shows. Dr. A. Tille.

Die Gesellschaft.-Leipzig. How Shall We Improve the Race? M. Schwann. Workmen's Associations in Sicily. R. Schöner. Poems by M. G. Conrad. Alberta von Puttkamer and Others. The Deification of Men in the Classics. W. E. Backhaus.

Konservative Monatsschrift.-Leipzig. December. Heinrich Leo's Historical Monthly Letter.-V. Otto Kraus. The Trojan Question Again. Temperance in Christianity.

Magazin für Litteratur.-Berlin.

December 2.
The Poet Lemaître. Alfred Kerr.
Norwegian Literature. Harald Hansen.

December 9.
Intellectual Life in Frankfort.-II. Moritz Goldschmidt.

December 16.
Verses of 1893.' Otto Ernst.
Literary Life in Weimar. Hans Olden.

December 23.
Napoleon I and the "Institute de France." H. A. Taine.

Neue Zeit.-Stuttgart.

No.9. The Great Coal Crisis in England. Concluded. E. Bernstein. Prussian Factory Inspection in 1892. Dr. Max Quarck. The Tobacco Tax. Unus.

No 10. The Tobacco Tax. Continued.

Herr von Mayr and Imperial Finance Reform.

No. 11.
The Tobacco Tax. Continued.
Prussian Factory Inspection in 1892. Concluded.

Nos. 12 and 13.
A Social Democratic Catechism. Karl Kautsky.

Nord und Süd.-Breslau. December.
The Artistic Work of Karl Stauffer. With Portrait.


Spiritual Life of Jeanne d'Arc.-II. Ch. Thomassin.
The Russian Attack on the German East Frontier.
Philosophical Terminology. Hans Schmidkunz.
Lady Macbeth. Carola Blacker.

Preussische Jahrbücher. -Berlin. December.
A Rectorial Address. Dr. Karl Weinhold of Berlin Univer-

sity. Medicine in the School of Aristotle. Dr. H. Diels. Were the Children of Israel Ever in Egypt : Dr. L. Riess. The Right Pos ion of the German Evangelical Church in It

Historical Development. Dr. K. Köhler. A Scheme for the Taxation of Ground Rents in Germany. R.

Two Decades of German Shipping : 1873-1893. Dr. O. Krüm-

The Political Value of History. W. E. H. Lecky.
The German Empire and the Poles.-II.
Political Correspondence.

Sphinx.--London. December.
Do Theosophists Pray. Wilhelm von Saintgeorge.
The Arya-Somaj in India. Werner Friedrichsort.
The Magic Square. Dr. Ferdinand Maack.
The Development of Mind in Art. Franz Evers.

Ueber Land und Meer.--Stuttgart. Heft 6.
The Water Supply and Drainage of Berlin. Ewald Thiel.
Art and Archaeology in Schwaben.
Moritz Jókai. With Portrait. H. Glücksmann,
The Pestalozzi Froebel House at Berlin.


Heft 8. Leather Work. Prof. F. Luthmes Georg Freiherr von Ompteda, Novelist.

Heft 9.
The Austrian Emperor as a Huntsman. Dr. H. M. von

The Berlin Christmas Market. Johannes Trojan.
Wilhelm Jensen. With Portrait. Benno Rüttenauer.

Unsere Zeit.-Berlin. Heft 4.
The Opening of the Raimund Theatre.
The World's Fair. Prof. F. Reuleaux.

Velhagen und Klasing's Monatshefte.-Berlin. I ecember.
The Christ Ideal in the Plastic Arts. Victor Schultze.
Christmas at Kilima-Njaro. Otto E. Ehlers.
Winter Life in the Forest C. Schwarzkopf.
Modern Jewelry. Hans von Zobeltitz.
Folk Types in Italy. Hans Hoffmann.

Vom Fels zum Meer.-Stuttgart. Heft 5.
The Art of Sociableness. Jürgen Bona Meyer.
Toydom. A. Trinius.
The Ventilation of Living Rooms in Summer and Winter. Dr.

0. Gotthilf. Family Festivals in Russia. F. Meyer von Waldeck. The Jubilee of the Fliegende Blätter. Eduard Ille. Christmas in Vienna. Ludwig Havesi. Christmas and New Year at the Post Office. Bruno Köbler. Westermann's Illustrierte Deutshe Monatshefte. --Bruns.

wick, December. Painting in Scotland.-II. Cornelius Gurlitt. Influenza. Julius Althaus. Brescia. H. Reinke. Count Alexander S. Stroganow. With Portraits. A. Klein.

Eilhard Mitscherlich. With Portrait. August Harpf.

Wiener Literatur-Zeitung.-Vienna. December.
Humane America Concluded. A. Niggl.
Theatrical Manager and Author. Octave Mirabeau.
German Gemüthlichkeit." H. Wörth.


Amaranthe.-(For Girls.) Paris. December.
Marie Féodorovna, Czarina of Russia. With Portrait. L.

The Duchesse de Luynes.
The Master Da Vinci : Verocchio. M. d'Annezin.
Madame Menessier-Nodier
The History of the French Language. E. S. Lantz.
Art in China E. Voruz.

Bibliothèque Universelle. December.
The Reorganization of the Federal Council. Numa Droz.
Notes of an Explorer in Patagonia. Concluded. Dr. F. Ma-

chon. Accident Insurance and Old Age Pensions in Germany. C.

Bodenheimer. Wind as Motive Power. G. van Muyden. The Hygiene of Food and Lodging. Concluded. L. Wuarin Chroniques : Parisian, Italian, German, English, Swiss, Political Entretiens Politiques et Littéraires.-Paris.

December 10.
The Latin Genius. Paul Adam.
Paul Verlaine. Hedwig Lachmann.
The Wooing of the Elements by the Sages. Continued. Jules

December 25.
The Wooing of the Elements by the Sages. Continued.

Journal des Economistes.- Paris. December.
Arnold Toynbee and the Contemporary Economic Movement

in England. A First Attempt at State Socialism in the Reign of Napoleon

III: Agricultural Insurance. A. Thomereau. Ministerial Offers. Louis Theureau. Review of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, Au

gust-November, 1893. J. Lefort. A Visit to the Chinese Colonies in the West of Borneo, Dr. de

Meyners d'Estrey, The Russo German Customs Conference. Ladislas Do

mansky. The Influence of the Needs of the Worker on the Amount of His Wages.

Nouvelle Revue.-Paris.

December 1.
The Last Shots. S. Pichon.
Through Thessaly. L. Richard.
Our Sense of Mystery. A. des Rotours.
Sorens Kierkegaard, the Danish Moralist. B. Jeannine.
The Franco-Russian Commercial Treaty. E. Martineau.
The Exhibition of Mussulman Art. Madame Savary.
Apropos of a Bell. P. Bonnefont.
Six Weeks in Russia, by H. Stupuy.
Letters on Foreign Polítics. Madame Adam.

December 15.
Pius VII and Napoleon I.-I. A. Gagnière.
Notes on Norway.-1. First Aspects. Hugues le Roux.
Our Memory. E. Blanchard.
The Cannon of the French Navy.
The Christianity of Pierre Loti.
The Death of Mary Stuart. J. A. Petit.
Corsica and the Cotentin Peninsula. Z.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Madame Adam.

Nouvelle Revue Internationale.-Paris. December 15.
Review of European Politics. Emilio Castelar.
The Entry of the Army of Versailles into Paris in 1871. Gar-

nier. The Philosophy of Tovs. Léo Claretie. Lourdes in Torchlight. An Open Letter to M. Zola. Jules Le

Memoirs of the First Empire. Leon Marlet.
A General Definition of Love. Dr. Papus.

Réforme Sociale.-Paris.

December 1. Electoral History of France in 1893. Henri Joly. Influence of Recent Laws on the Family in Béarn. Louis

Batcave. A Rural Family in Poitou During the Ancient Régime. The Belgian Society of Political Economy. Victor Brants.

December 16. The Question of Octroi Duties. Edouard Cohen. ** Family Society" and Portuguese Civil Rights. The Linen Industry at Verviers : the Effect of the Factory

Acts, etc.

Revue d'Art Dramatique.-Paris.

December 1.
The Theatre of the Future and Café Concerts. Pierre Valin.

December 15.
The Neo-Christian Theatre. Paul Berret.
On the History of the Theatre. Paul Lippmann.

Revue Bleue.- Paris.

December 2. Victor Hugo Since His Death. Raoul Rosières. The English Theory of Government in Egypt. Henri Pensa. Is Wagner a Musician ? R. de Récy.

December 9.
Poetry in France from 1600 to 16:20. Emile Faguet.
Friedrich Nietzsche: the Author and the Man. Louis Stein,
The Next War. Patiens.

December 16.
The Lycée Lamartine at France Ernest Legouvé.
The Social Role of Chinese Literature. E. Chavannes.

December 23.
The Anarchist Idea. Paul Desjardins.
Reminiscences of Tocqueville : The Revolution of 1848. E.

Racine at Home. Louis Barron.

December 30.
Some Vain Reflections on the Coming War. Jean Lahor.
Doctors in England. Max Leclerc.
The Smaller French Reviews. Charles Maurras.

Revue des Deux Mondes.-Paris.

December 1 The Transformations of Diplomacy.-I. Ancient Europe. Social Studies-Co-operation. P. Leroy-Beaulieu. Notes of a Journey in Central Asia. The Pamir Question. E.

Blanc. Studies in Hygiene-Ancient and Modern Epidemics. A.

Proust. Dr. Heinrich Geffcken and His Pamphlet on the Franco-Russian Alliance.

December 15. The Transformations of Diplomacy.-II. The New Europe. The Strike of the Miners in the North of France. A. de

Calonne. The English in Mediæval Days. The Drama. J. J. Jusse

rand. The Birth of a Capital.—The Town of Washington from 18001815. A. Mormeau. Revue Encyclopédique.-Paris.

December 1. Journalism in China. Aug. Robin. Mussulman Art. P. Casanova. Charles Gounod. Arthur Pougin. * Madame Sans-Gêne," by V. Sardou and E. Moreau. Leo Claretie.

December 15. Impressionism. Gustave Geffroy. Madame Sarah Bernhardt. Henry Lapauze. Salt and Its Rôle in Food. Maurice Arthus. Revue Française de l'Etranger et des colonies.-Paris.

December 1.
Arctic Exploration.
Somaliland : The New Explorations of 1892-93. With Map.

December 15.
Arctic Exploration. With Maps. Paul Barré.
The Dutch in Java.

Revue Générale.-Brussels.

The Religious Education Question in the United States. Ch.

The Study of Ancient Languages at Giessen. F. Collard.
The Socialist Movement of 1890-94. Prosper Saey,
Leprosy. Maurice Lefebvre.

Revue Philosophique.-Paris. December.
The Social Logic of Sensations G. Tarde.
The Geometrical Indetermination of the Universe. Calinon.
Laboratories of Experimental Psychology in Germany.

Victor Henri.
The Definition of Socialism. Gustave Belot.

Revue des Revues.-Paris. December.
The Ethics of Our Fathers. Jules Simon.
The Ancestors of Leopardi. C. Lombroso.

Revue Scientifique.-Paris.

December 2.
Electricity in the Preparation of Metals. A. Ditte
Microbes and the Social Question. P. Gibier,

December 9.
Irritability in Plants. W. Pfeffer.
Guy de la Brosse and Victor Jacquemont. A. Milne-Edwards.

December 30. The Role of Microbes in Agriculture. E. Duclaux. Medical Studies and the Modern Baccalauréat. M. Potain.

The Mineral Riches of Russia. D. Bellet.

Revue Socialiste.-Paris. December. Robert Bernier. Raoul Delons. The Miners' Strike in the North of France. Camille Lespil

ette. The Mechanism of the "Mandat Imperative." H. Galiment. France-"La Grande Dégénerée." Dr. Colajanni. The English Miners. Victor Jaclard.

Université Catholique.-Lyons.

December The Pope's Encyclical on the Study of the Holy Scriptures. Plato. Elie Blanc. Hymnology in Divine Service. U. Chevalier. The National Council of 1811.-III. A. Ricard.


La Civiltà Cattolica.-Rome.

December 2. Charity for the Poor Nuns of Italy. The New Regulation of Signor Martini. The Actions and Instincts of Animals. Lourdes at the Close of August, 1893.

December 16.
Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on the Sudy of Holy Scripture.

Latin Version.
The Collapse of the Italian Ministry, Nov. 24, 1893.
The Copernican

System in the Time of Galileo.
Lourdes at the Close of August, 1893. Continued.

La Nuova Antologia.--Rome.

December ). Count Tolstoy's New Book, “Le Salut est en Vons." E. Nen


Fr. Alhert Guglielmotti, O. P. C. Randaccio.
Abandoned Children.-I. Historical Aspects. P. Bertolini.

December 16.
Royal Rights in a Free Country. R. Bonghi.
Political Life and Private Life. E. Masi.
Francesco Genela. A. Bargoni.
Abandoned Children.-II. Critical Aspects. P. Bertolini.
The End of a Duchy. Conclusion. G. Sforza.
La Rassegna Nazionale.--Florencè.

December 16.
Prince Advocates. A Legal Sketch. L. Ferraris.
The Court and Society of Turin in the XVII Century.
Catherine II of Russia. G. Rottigni-Marsilli.
A Year Later. A Study in Italian Finances. A. Rossi.
A Christmas Sketch. A. Astori.
Property and Collectivism. T. Santangelo Spoto.

[blocks in formation]

Danskeren.-Kolding. December.
Sketches from North Zealand. L. Schröder.
Charles Chiniquy and the Roman Catholic Church. Frederik

Idun.-Stockholm. Christmas number.
Forgotten Games. Lennart Hennings.
Agnes Hedenström and Her “Boys." Lina Berg

Nyt Tidskrift-Christiania. No. 1.
Post Testum. Interview with Lie. Nordahl Rolfsen.
A Few Words on Literary Protections.
Jonas Lie and North-land Boats.
The King's Speech on November 4. J. E. Sars,
A Little About Hypnotism. Arne Löchen.

Nordisk Tidskrift.-Stockholm. No. 7.
The Kopts, Karl Piehl.
Leonardo da Vinci. Tor Hedberg.
On the Atheism of Buddhism. Edv. Lehmann.
The History of the Iceland-Greenland Colonies. Finnur Jóns-

Ord och Bild.--Stockholm. No. 10.
The Warship “ Thule." Seth von Konow.
The Decay of Art. Algot Ruhe.

Tilskueren.-Copenhagen. November-December.
A Swedish Statesman's Reminiscences. C. St. A. Bille.
Cattle-Breeding in the United States. N. C. Fredriksen.


Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in this Index.


Arena. AA. Art Amateur. AAPS. Annals of the Am. Academy of

Political Science. AI.

Art Interchange. AJP. American Journal of Politics. ACQ. Am. Catholic Quart. Review. AM. Atlantic Monthly. Ant. Antiquary. AP. American Amateur Photog.

rapher. AQ Asiatic Quarterly. AR. Andover Review. ARec. Architectural Record. Arg. Argosy: As. Asclepiad. Ata Atalanta. Bank. Bankers' Magazine. BankL. Bankers' Magazine (London) BelM. Belford's Monthly. Black. Blackwood's Magazine. Bkman. Bookman. BTJ. Board of Trade Journal. C.

Cornhill. CFM. Cassell's Family Magazine. Chaut. Chautauquan. ChHA. Church at Home and Abroad. Ch Misi. Church Missionary Intelligen

cer and Record. ChQ. Church Quarterly Review. CJ.

Chambers's Journal. CM.

Century Magazine.
CallM. Californian Illustrated Maga-

CanM. Canadian Magazine.
Cas M. Cassier's Magazine.
COM Colorado Magazine.
CRev. Charities Review.
Cos. Cosmopolitan.
CR. Contemporary Review.
СТ. .

Christian Thought.
CritR Critical Review.
CSJ. Cassell's Saturday Journal.
CW. Catholic World.

Dem. Demorest's Family Magazine.
DR. Dublin Review.
EcorJ. Economic Journal.
EconR. Economic Review.
ERA. Educational Review (New

York). EARL. Educational Review (London). Ed. Education. EngM. Engineering Magazine. EI. English Illustrated Magazine.

ER. Edinburgh Review.
Esq. Esquiline.

EWR. Eastern and Western Review.
F. Forum.
FrL. Frank Leslie's Monthly.

Fortnightly Review.
GGM. Goldthwaite's Geographical

G. Godey's.
GJ. Geographical Journal.
GB. Greater Britain.
GBag. Green Bag.
GM. Gentleman's Magazine.
GOP. Girl's Own Paper.

Great Thoughts.
GW. Good Words.
HC. Home and Country.
Harp. Harper's Magazine.
HGM. Harvard Graduates' Maga-

zine HomR. Homiletic Review. IJE. Internat'l Journal of Ethics. IER. Irish Ecclesiastical Review. IrM. Irish Monthly. JEd. Journal of Education. JMSI. Journal of the Military Serv.

ice Institution. JAES. Journal of the Ass'n of En.

gineering Societies. JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy. JRCI. Journal of the Royal Colonial

Institute. JurR. uridical Review. K. Knowledge. KO. King's Own. LAH. Lend a Hand. LH. Leisure Hour. LHJ. Ladies' Home Journal. Lipp. Lippincott's Monthly. Long Longman's Magazine. LQ. London Quarterly Review. LuthQ. Lutheran Quarterly Review. Luc. Lucifer. LudM. Ludgate Monthly. Ly. Lyceum. M. Month. Mac. Macmillan's Magazine. McC1. McClure's Magazine. ΜΑΗ. Magazine of Am. History. Men Menorah Monthly. MisR. Missionary Review of World. MisH. Missionary Herald. Mon. Monist. MM. Munsey's Magazine.

JEcon. Quarterly Journal of


MP. Monthly Packet.
MR. Methodist Review.
NAR. North American Review.
NatR. National Review.
NatM. National Magazine.
NC. Nineteenth Century.
NEM. New England Magazine.
NR. New Review.
NW New World.
NH. Newbery House Magazine.
NN. Nature Notes.

OD. Our Day:
ом. Overland Monthly.
PA. Photo-American.
PB. Photo-Beacon.
PhrenM. Phrenological Magazine.
PL. Poet Lore.
PMM. . Pall Mall Magazine.
PQ Presbyterian Quarterly.
PRR. Presbyterian and Reformed

PR. Philosophical Review.
PS. Popular Science Monthly.
PSQ. Political Science Quarterly.
Psyk. Psychical Review.

QR. Quarterly Review.
RR. Review of Reviews.
RC. Review of the Churches.
SJ. Students' Journal.
SRev. School Review.
San. Sanitarian.
SEcon. Social Economist.
ScotGM. Scottish Geographical Maga-

ScotR. Scottish Review.
Scots. Scots Magazine.
Sten. Stenographer.

SunM. Sunday Magazine.
SunH. Sunday at Home.
TB. Temple Bar.
Treas. Treasury.
UE. University Extension.
UM University Magazine.
US. United Service.
USM. United Service Magazine.
WR. Westminster Review.
YE. Young England.

Young Man
YR. Yale Review

[It has been found necessary to restrict this Index to periodicals published in the English language. All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.]

Unless otherwise specified, all references are to the Jar ary numbers of periodicals.

Abbott, Hon. Sir John, The Late, G Bag, Dec.
Aberdeen, Lord and Lady, W. T. Stead, RR.
Actors: The Actor, John Drew, Scrib.
Adepts of Serinagur, Among the-I, H. Hensoldt, A.

The Check to "The Forward Policy," AQ.
The Matabele Question, B. Mitford, AQ:
Matabeleland, A. R. Colquhoun, JRCI, Dec.
Matabeleland and Its People, H. T. Cousins, SunM.
Among the Matabele, D. Carnegie, SunG.
Chartered Government in Africa, A. S. White, NC.
How We Lost the United States of Africa, F. E. Garrett,

Letters from South

Africa, C. W. Wood, Arg.
Anglo-Portuguese Commission in Southeast Africa, 1892, GJ

Mr. Astor Chanler's Expedition in East Africa, GJ, Dec.
The Rise of Our East African Empire, USM.
East and West Africa in Parliament, F. D. Lugard, Black.
Uganda, W. H. Williams, JRCI.

Hausaland, C. H. Robinson, ScotGM, Dec.
The New Winterland : French North Africa, W. Sharp, NC.
A New Pool of Bethesda : Hammam R'Ihra, GM.
Two Lost Kingdoms, E. Biggar, CanM.

Curious Fragment of African Humanity, ChHA.
The Revival of Farming, H. E. Moore, CR.

Agricultural Problem, W. E. Bear, EconJ, Dec.
Air-Ship, The Maxim, H. J. W. Dam, McCl.
Altruria in New York, A Bit of, W. D. Howells, Cos.
America, True Discovery of, by Jean Cousin, FR.
Anarchists :

Their Methods of Organization, NewR.
The Rise and Development of Anarchism, K. Blind, CR.
The Origin of Mankind, Prof. Buechner, FR.
Phases of Human Development, Mona Caird, WR.
The Habits and Customs of Ancient

Times, Lady Cook, WR.
Apes, A Chapter on, A. C. De Laeon, HC.
Arctic Exploration: Towards the North Pole, F. Nansen, Str,



Armies :

Training for the Army, Capt. James, CFM.
Military Ballooning, Č.
The Medical Department of the Army, F. Gillespie, USM.
Organization of the Armies of Europe, J J. O'Connell, JMSI.
The Evolution of Cavalry, C. A. P. Hatfield, JMSI.
Battle Tactics, Major C. B. Mayne, JMSI.

Cavalry in Future War, Col. Von Wolthofer, JMSI.
Armstrong, Samuel Chapman, John H. Dennison, AM.
Arnold, Matthew, J. H. Crooker, NEM,
Artists, Modern, and Their Work, C. Stuart Johnson, MM.
Aryans, Creed and Home of the Earliest, W. F. Warren, MR.
Assyrian Monuments, The Bible and the, M. Jastrow, Jr., CM.
Astronomical Pictures, Inaccuracies in, PA, Dec.
Australasia : State Socialism and Labor Government, JRCI,

Australia :
The Making of Sydney, W. B. Worsfold, USM.

The Great Barrier Reef, H. O. Forbes, GJ, Jan.
Babies. Some Comments on, Millicent W. Shinn, OM.
Balfour, A. J., H. W. Massingham, YM.
Ballooning : Military Ballooning, C.
Battenberg, Prince Alexander of, J. D. Bourchier, FR.
Begging as a Fine Art, K. K. Bentwick, NAR.
Belshazzar, William Hayes Ward, HomR.
Bible :
The Popular Use of the Bible, K. Vaughan, CW.
The Bible and the Assyrian' Monuments,' M. Jastrow, Jr.,

СМ. Bible Translation in India, S. H Kellogg, ChHA. Sunday School and Modern Biblical Criticism, C. A. Briggs,

NAR. Biology ? What is, F. P. Mall, Chaut. Bird Language- A Speculation, S. G. McClure, Chaut. Birds' Wings, Sir W. H. Flower, GW. Bluebeard, The Case of, Percy Edwards, G Bag, Dec. Blushing : Why we Blush, Camille Melinard, Chaut. Bonaparte, Captain Napoleon, at Toulon, G. Bapst, Harp. Brazil: Republicanism in Brazil, Salvador de Merd Inca,

Browning as a Dramatic Poet, BL.
Buddhisin, The Fundamental Teachings of, Rev. Z. Ashitau,

Buddhism, E. M. Bowden, EI.
Burmah: A University for Burmah, J. Jardine, AQ.
Bynner, Edwin Lasseter, E. E. Hale, NEM.
Cable, G. W.: After-Thoughts of a Story-Teller, NAR.
Cacti: A Prickly Family, C. R. Orcutt, CallM.
California : Southern California, L. A. Sheldon, CalIM.
California, The Peninsula of Lower, J. K. Reeve, Lipp.
Ca.nelot of Romance, E. Capper, GW.
Canada :

In Canada's National Park, J. J. Bell, CanM.
Suppression of the Rebellion in 1885, F. Middleton, USM.
A Country Walk in Canada, A. Haultain, Black.
Dominion Lands Survey, 0. J. Klotz, GGM, Dec.

The Mission and Destiny of Canada, RR.
Cap and Gown in America, G. C. Leonard, UM, Dec.
Carew, Thomas, Mrs. Andrew Crosse, TB.
Carlotta, Ex-Empress, Letter of, CallM.
Catholic Church :
The Coming Contest-With a Retrospect, A. Young, CW.
Mariolatry in the Church of Rome, A. Robertson, ChHA.

Catholic Church and the School Fund, W.C. Doane, NAR. Catholic Peoples, Future of, E. de Laveleye, PQ. Celtic Monuments in Troubadour Land, Ř. T. Mullin, Can M. Chapultepec, the West Point of Mexico, UM, Dec. Charity. A New Hope for, J. G. Brooks, LAH. Charles the Twelfth and the Campaign of 1712-13, NC. Children, Neglected and Friendless, J. J. Kelso, CanM. China : Chinese Poetry in English Verse, H. A. Giles, NC. Chinese Import Trade and Likin Duties, BTJ, Dec. Chloroform, Introduction of, Eve B. Simpson, CM. Christ, Divinity of, in the Old Testament, Treas. Christian Endeavor Era, The, Thomas Chalmers, Lipp. Christian Individualism, R. T. Hall, Treas. Church and Christianity : Early Christianity in Britain, Archdeacon Farrar, Sun M.

Preaching of Christ and Practice of His Church, NewR. Church of England :

Disestablishment, A. Birrell, NewR. A Word for Our Cathedral System, Dr. Jessopp, NC. Church of the Future: Denominationalism and Sectarianism, Dr. Philip Schaff,

RC, Dec. The Reunion Movement in Hampshire, E. C. Chorley, RC,

Dec Coleman, William T., A.S. Hallidie, OM. Coleridge to Southey, Ten Letters from, AM. Collotype Printing, PB. Commonwealth and the Gospel State Church, H. A. Glass, CR. Commune of Paris, Recollections of, Black. Complexion, Care of the, Margaret Humphrey, Dem. Conkling, Garfield and, H. L. Dawe, CM Constantine and Christianity, W. K. Marshall, MR. Constantinople-II, F. Marion Crawford, Scrib.

Constitution, God in the, W. C. Wood, OD, Dec.
Convict Women of Port Blair, Laura E. Richards, CM.
Copyright Law, Results of the, G. H. Putnam. F.
Credit. the Nature and Mechanism of, Sidney Sherwood,

Criticism, The Higher, R. F. Horton, A.
Currency, Old-Time, M. T. Saunders, G Bag. Dec.
Curtis, George William-III, E. B. Merrill, UM, Dec.
Dance of the XVIII Century, E. De Novac, HC.
Dante, A. J. Butler, MP.
Debate, Principles and Practice of-I, J. M. Buckley, Chaut.
Denominational Schools, State Aid to, J. Silverman, Men.
Determinism, Ethical Implications of, PR.
Devil's Tower, A Journey to the, Thomas Moran, CM.
Dinners and Diners, Lady Jeune, NAR.
Discipline, The Unconscious Element in, H. S. Baker, Ed.
Donna in 1893. Long.
Drawing in General Education, D. R. Ausburg, Ed.
Dreams : Andrew Lang, MP.
Duleep Singh, Sir Lepel Griffin and Others, AQ.
Dutch Influence in New England, W. E. Griffis, Harp.
Dyspepsia, Fermentative, Austin Flint, San.
Economic Experiences, Teaching of Recent, David A. Wells, F.
Economic History, Columbia's Work in, SEcon.
Economic Legislation of the States in 1893, W. B. Shaw,

Edinburgh, Old Inps of, A. W. Stewart, GM.
Education :

Report of the Committee of Ten, W. T. Harris, EDRA.
Education, True and False, W.O. Partridge, A.
Christian Education, E. P. Manhart, LuthQ.
Superannuation of Elementary Teachers, W. A. Hunter, CR.

Leys School, Cambridge, W. Č. Sargent, Ludm.
Egypt :
Sketches from the Nile, 0.
Origin of Egyptian Culture, R. W. Rogers, MR.
Egypt and Chaldea in the Light of Recent Discoveries.

Harp. Egypt Five Thousand Years Ago, CJ. Insect Gods, C. Electric Wires, Underground, D. C. Jackson, CasM. Electricity in Mining, F. O. Blackwell, Cas M. Eliot, George, Extracts from Unpublished Letters of, PL. Episcopalian? What Makes an, Rev. George Hodges, Chaut. Epistemological Conclusions, Andrew Seth, PR. Epistemology, Relation of Metaphysics to, D. G. Ritchie, PR. Eskimos of Alaska, Sheldon Jackson, ChHA. Ethics, Relation of, to Journalism, John G. Hibben, IJE. Evolution : God's Will and Human Happiness, St. G. Mivart,

Cos. Exodus, Place

of, in the History of Egypt, A. L. Lewis, Scrib. Fauntleroy : How Fauntleroy Really occurred, Frances H.

Burnett, LHJ.
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Featherstone and Other Riots, H. L. Stephen, NatR.
Ferns, Ruth Raymond, GGM, Dec.
Fielding and Smellett, Political World of, Mac.
Fifer, The, Philip Gilbert Hamerton, Scrib.
Finance :
Indian Currency, G. L. Molesworth, AAPS.
Federal Revenues and the Income Tax, F. C. Howe, AAPS.
A New System of Paper Money, S. B. Gordon, AJP.
British Investors and Our Currency Legislation, W. Weth-

erell, F.
The Scramble for Gold, Sir J. Vogel, NC.
Competition as it Affects Banking, F. E. Steele, EconJ, Dec.
People's Banks, T. Mackay, NatŘ.

How to Prevent a Money Famine, J. H. Eckles, NAR. Football: Are Football Games Educative or Brutalizing!

F. Football, Intercollegiate, J. W. White, H. C. Wood, NÅR. Football, Creston on, FR. France : Round about the Palais Bourbon, A. D. Vandam, PMM.

Present Condition of the Wine Industry, BTJ, Dec. Fulham Palace, G. H. F. Nye, NH. Garabaldi in London, Mrs. Mayo, Ata. Garfield and Conkling, H. L. Dawes, CM. Geography Teaching, Status of, J. W. Redway, EDRA. Geography : Its Present Standpoint, C. R. Markham, GJ, Dec. Geology and Physical Geography, C. R. Markham, GJ, Dec.

ScotGM, Dec. Germany, The People of, LH. Gibbons, Cardinal, Matthew White, Jr., MM. Glass-Blowing, Ata. Gruyère and its Castle, W. D. McCrackan, NEM. Gun-Making, Modern, W. H. Jaques, JAES, Nov. Haddo House, Can M. Hals, Frans (Old Dutch Masters), T. Cole, CM. Happiness, Human, God's Will and, St. George Mivart, Cos. Hawaiian Question, The, Frederic R. Coudert, NAR. Heaven and Hell, Recent Romancings on, Gertrude B. Rolfe,

NAR. Henism, Yonism and, Dr. Paul Carus, Mon. Herodotus, Humor of, Edward Manson, WR. Humor, Future of, H. D. Traill, NewR. Humor : English and American, Agnes Repplier, Cos. Hlland, Social, Artistic, and Literary, W. E. Griffis, Chaut.

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