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NATIONAL FOOTBALL. HALF-BACK HILL: “Brace up, Cap; We've got the ball."

CAPTAIN GROVER (badly hurt): That's all very well, boys, but THEY'VE SCORED AGAINST Us, and we've got to put up the game of our lives to beat them.

From Judge, December 2.

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Hindi Punch : “Ride him gently, my Lord of Elgin ; don't tighten

the bridle, but guide him with this trident, and you are sure to find [When opium is gone, alcohol will come in-a deadlier enemy still.] him as gentle and docile as Mayo and Ripon found him." From the Hindi Punch.

From the Hindi Punch,

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ENGLISH SYMPATHY. At the Lord Mayor's Banquet Lord Kimberley spoke of England's sympathy with Spain in her present trials.

From Kladderadatsch (Berlin).

WILLIAM : “What does this bottomless basket mean?”

CAPRIVI: "Emperor, it is the result of the inquiry into the pecuniary condition of the officers of the empire."

From In Silhouette (Paris).


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NY attempt at a statistical estimate of the num good understanding with their employer, whose shop

ber of wage-earners now the victims of enforced or mill it is confidently believed must be running idleness throughout the United States would rest again before many weeks. The buoyancy of Ameriupon data too insufficient to give it much value. As can life is a thing not understood by European visitors. some one rather pithily remarked the other day, so In a city like London there is always a vast contin well informed an authority on labor questions as gent of hopeless and helpless out-of-works, and there is Professor Ely would give an estimate reaching well a comparatively scant opportunity for the individual into the millions, while on the other hand so expert a to better his condition. In this country, despite all statistician as Mr. Edward Atkinson would probably assertions to the contrary, there is generally work not be able to find more than a hundred thousand in enough for everybody who is willing to work, at the entire country. The remark, of course, was in wages which with proper economy will enable the tended to show to what extent the habitual point of worker to lay aside something for a rainy day. The view is likely to bias the inquirer's judgment in a operation of natural economic laws will tend to draw matter where no precise data are available. Certainly a part of the temporarily congested population of the there has not been known for at least twenty years a towns back to the land, and out to the newer parts time when so high a proportion of workingmen were of the country, where there is still room for millions cut off from their regular means of support, with so of people and a fair chance by hard work and frugal little prospect of an early return to their places. living to secure a safe livelihood. Factories are either shut down altogether, or are run The situation, therefore, is not one which justifies with reduced forces. The shrinkage of the volume pessimism, socialistic raving, gloomy foreboding, or of railway traffic has thrown out of employment anything else except prompt, sensible and wellthousands upon thousands of men usually engaged in planned efforts to prevent actual suffering and to the service of the common carriers. The building assist in the readjustment of times which are for the trades are either unprecedentedly dull, or wholly moment out of joint. With all the work that chariparalyzed, and consequently the carpenters, brick table societies and relief agencies must do, it will still masons, stone workers, plasterers, and various other remain true that by far the largest part of the task crafts dependent upon finding work in house con of preventing or alleviating distress must be perstruction, are experiencing , not the usual three or formed in a hand-to-hand way by individuals. Thus four months' leisure out of twelve, but five or six every humane employer must do everything in his months of inactivity, with no very good prospects be power, first, to keep all his regular force at work, fore them. In Pittsburgh, there is an army of idle and, second, if he is unable to keep them at full and men from the iron, glass, coke and other representa regular work, to see that none of them become objects tive Pennsylvania industries. In New York, the tail of public charity. Furthermore, it should be the ors, mechanics and operatives on the east side are, business of the more prosperous employees and according to reliable reports, out of work to the ex workmen to show a kindly regard for their less forttent of about half of their number. In Chicago, a unate associates. Again, every man and woman reaction from the exceptional demand for labor occa who can in one way or another find employment to sioned by the World's Fair has been a special cause, give, should make it both a duty and a privilege to co-operating with the general industrial depression ; distribute work as widely as possible. It is a good and in consequence more than one hundred thousand thing, for example, to give work to dressmakers, workers are out of employment in that city. A state seamstresses, tailors and all classes of honest people of things which has thus affected the great industrial who can thus be kept from the humiliating necessity centres has been felt in many of the small manufact of applying for charitable relief. A vast deal of the uring communities with a severity quite as great in most valuable kind of assistance can be rendered by proportion to their population.

judicious advice in helping the unemployed to make Fortunately, a hundred thousand men temporarily their slender resources go as far as possible. Medical out of work in an American city does not mean a audkivire forms of relief and advice can often be hundred thousand applicants for charity, or subjects simpex W21; where it would be unwise and for relief measures. The greater proportion of the auf!nji: tom1.- money. out-of-works are able unaided to tide over, for a This then el llowance is made for those of the period. Many of them have good accounts at the unen potiliive saved enough to take ample savings banks, many others have friends and rela care of tien woltes, and for those who through their tives to help them, many more have lenient land cina y Joy Vi viner friends can be tided over and kept lords and credit with the grocer, and many enjoy a frına tle necrely of applying for relief to the public

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