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paring Spiritual things with Spiritual. And in a Letter written the year before his death, to 'one Poph. who had asked this Question, Works, What is the shortest and furejt P344. way, for a young Gentleman to attain to a true knowledge of the Christian Religion, in the full and just extent of it? his answer is, Let bim study the Holy Scripture, especially the new Teftament. Therein are contained the words of Eternal Life. It has God for its Author ; Salvation for its End; and truth without any mixture of error, for its Matter. A direction that was copied from his own Poph. practice, in the latter part of Works

, his Life and after his Retire- p. 20. ment from business; when for fourteen or fifteen years, be applied bimself especially to the study of the Holy Scriptures, and employed the last years of his Life hardly' in any thing else. He was never weary of admiring the great Views of that Sacred Book, and the just relation of all its parts. He


P. 16.

every day made discoveries in it, that gave him fress cause of Admiration,

Of St. Paul in particular, upon several of whose Epistles he drew up a

most useful Commentary, he says, That he was miraculouf

ly call'd to the Ministry of the Gospel and declared to be a chofen Vef fel; ---- That he had the whole doctrine of the Gospel from God by immediate Revelation ---- That for his Information in the Chriflian Knowledge, and the Mysteries and depths of the dispenfation of God by Jesus Chrift, Godibim Self had condescended to be bis Instructor and Teacher --- That he had re ceiv'd the light of the Gospel, from the Fountain and Father of Light himself

and, That an exact observation of his reasonings and inferences is the only safe guide for the right under

standing of him, under the Spirit

of God, that directed these Sacred. Writings.

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And the death of this great man was agreeable to his life. For we Postb. are inform'd by one who was Works, with him when he dy'd, and p. 21. had lived in the fame family for seven years before, That the day before his death he particularly exhorted all about him to read the Holy p. 20, 25. Scriptures, That he defir'd to be remember'd by them at Evening Prayers, and being told, that if be would, the whole Family should come and pray by him in his chamber, he answer'd beskould be very glad to have it so, if it would not give too much troubie; That an occasion offering to speak of the Goodness of God, he especially exelted the love which God soewed to man, in juftifying bim by Faith in Jesus Christ; and return'd God thanks in particular for having called him to the knowledge of that divine Saviour.

About two months before his death he drew up a Letter to a cer- Posh, tain Gentleman (who after- Works

, wards distinguish'd himself by P.328.

a very different way of thinking and writing,) and left this direction upon it, To be deliver'd to him after my decease. In it, are these remarkable words,----This Life is a scene of Vanity that soon passes away, and affords no solid Satiffaction, but in the consciousness of doing well, and in the hopes of another life. This is what I can say upon experience, and what

you will find to be true, when you come to make up the account.

Sir ISAAC NEWTON, universally acknowledged to be the ableft Philosopher and Mathematician that this or perhaps any other Nation has produc'd, is also well known to have been a firm Believer, and a serious Christian. His discoveries concerning the Frame and System of the Universe, were apply'd by him, as Mr. Boyle's Enquiries into Nature had been, to demonstrate against Atheists of all kinds, the Being of a God, and to illustrate his Power and Wisdom in the Creation of the World. Of which a better account


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cannot be given, than in the words of an ingenious Person who has

View of bis been much conversant in his Philosophy, Philosophical Writings: 'At p. 405.

the end of his Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, he has given us his thoughts concerning the

Deity. Wherein he first observes, " that the fimilitude found in all parts

of the Universe, makes it undoubted, that the whole is governed by one

supreme Being, to whom the origi(nal is owing of the frame of nature, • which evidently is the effect of

choice and design. He then pro- ceeds briefly to state the best meta

physical notions concerning God. In short, we cannot conceive either of Space or Time otherwise than as necessarily existing ; this Being there

fore, on whom all others depend, ' must certainly exist by the same

necessity of nature. Consequently ' wherever space and time is found,

there God must also be. And as it appears impossible to us, that space


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