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former member of No. 552, but allowed membership to lapse while employed in unorganized towns.

562, Harrisburg, Ill.—Charles S. Habicht, age 67 years; at trade fifty years; learned trade in St. Louis, Mo.; now working in Carrier Mills, Ill. ; has worked in various other places; was a charter member of the first Harrisburg (Ill.) Union, but lost membership when the union was suspended.

565, McAlester, Okla.-B. Wilson Edgell, age 58 years; at trade, twenty-seven years; learned, trade in Rolla, Mo.; has also worked in Vernon, Texas; Hartshorne and McAlester, Okla.; now working in Krebs, Okla.

567, Loveland, Colo.—Hattie Workman, age 21 years; at trade four years; has worked in Center, Colo.; New Windsor and Loveland, Colo.; has never before made application.

605, Emporia, Kan.—S. L. Yearout, age 25 years; at trade ten years; learned trade in Emporia, Kan; has also worked in Wichita, Kan., and Texhoura, Okla.

609, Winston-Salem, N. C.—Mrs. H. T. Garner, uge 39 years; at trade twenty years; learned trade in Williamstown, W. Va.; has also worked in Winston-Salem; formerly a member of Bluefield Union, but allowed membership to lapse while in unorganized town.

614, North Yakima, Wash.-George T. Stephens, age 23 years; at trade five years; learned trade in North Yakima, Wash.

619, Sapulpa, Okla.-Charles E. Blair, age 25 years; at trade thirteen years; learned trade in Herrick, Ill.; has also worked in Assumption and Cerro Gordo, Ill.; never made application before. 642, Hackensack, N. James Clubb, age 58 years; learned trade in England; has worked in §oy City, N. J., and New York and Buffalo, . Y.; formerly a member of New York Union No. 6, but allowed membership to lapse about six years ago when he left the business. 571, Chickasha, Okla.—W. H. Whitmore, age 51 years; at trade thirty-one years; learned trade in Harlan, Kan. ; never before made application. Lloyd M. Monroe, age 22 years; at trade eight years; learned trade in Cheyenne, Okla.; never before made application. 675, Marion, Ohio–R. A. Mickley, age 28 years; #. trade eight years; learned trade in Evans City, 3.


Objections to the granting of the old age pension to the following petitioners must be filed with Secretary-Treasurer Hays within thirty days.

2, Philadelphia, Pa. . Bonsall. Mordecai.S.—Age 60 years; originally joined Philadelphia Union in 1885; has been a con. tinuous member of that local for twenty-five years. Colville. James—Age 70 years; originally joined Philadelphia Union in 1863; has been a continuous member of that union for seventeen years.

6, New York, N. Y.

. Armstrong, James D.—Age 76 years; originally joined New York Union, in 1893; has been a continuous member of that local for eighteen years.

Ferrier, James—Age 61 years; originally joined New York Union in 1880; has been a continuous member of that local for thirty years.

Owen, Edwin–Age 70 years; originally joined New York Union in 1894; has been a continuous member of that local for sixteen years.

. Peers. Henry, A-Age 62 years; originally ioined New York Union in 1886; has been a continuous member of that union for twenty-four

years. 8, St. Louis, Mo.

Leech. Frears—Age 72 years; originally joined St. Louis Union in 1887; has been a continuous member of that local for twenty-four years.

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dent, H. A. Carson; secretary-treasurer, M. C. Sigsby; executive committee, Ames, George Mitchell and Charles Schroeder; sergeant-at-arms, T. E. Waller.

Columbia, S. C.—President, J. T. Miller; vicepresident, E. A. Bruce; secretary-treasurer, J. P. Sclby; sergeant-at-arms, W. A. Moore.

Fostoria, Ohio–President, Ed Swartout; secretary, W. H. crer.

Long Beach, Cal.—President, J. A. Rosgen; vicepresident, G Hopping; secretary-treasurer, C. G. Barkow; sergeant-at-arms, N. B. Cozby. Mobile, Ala.—President, Joseph D. Hendrix; vice-president, Sid D. Ardoyno; secretary, John J. Russell; treasurer, Harry Fowler. Montreal, P. Q. (Jacques-Cartier) — President, Joseph Gauthier; first vice-president, Alfred Mercil; second vice-president, }. O. Brisson; recording secretary, Henri Cardinal; financial and corresponding secretary, Ovila Grandmaison; treasurer, Louis Gadoury; executive committee, C. Gelinas, Alf. Godin, y B. Bernard, Gauthier and B. Vauthier; label i.o. St. Hilaire, Henri Francq and A. Bonvalot; delegates to labor council, oseph Gauthier, Ovila Grandmaison, Gustave rancq and B. Vauthier; delegates to allied trades council, A. M. Steele, Henri Francq.

Ogden, Utah—President, R. T. O’Donnell; vicepresident, A. M. Wilcox; secretary-treasurer, J. T. Gould; sergeant-at-arms, G offman; member of auditing committee, E. W. Harrold; trades and labor delegates, F. A. Zitzman, E. T. How and E. W. Harrold; executive committee, R. T. O'Donnell, A. M. Wilcox and J. T. Gould.

Perth Amboy, N. J.-President, W. M. Hoover; vice-president, Charles Sorenson; secretary-treasurer, H. Axen; recording secretary, L. D. Green; sergeant-at-arms, W. B. Porter; auditing committee, J. L. Tooker, L. D. Green, T. H. Stafford; label committee, F. T. La Forge, J. L. Tooker, William Fugle; trustee, William Fugle; executive committee, Charles Sorenson, W. B. Porter and Allan Keith.

Saratoga Springs, N. Y.—President, H. P. Johnson; vice-president, William McNeal; secretarytreasurer, George N. Franklin.

St. Catharines, Can.—President, W. P. Atkins; vice-president, D. Marshall; financial secretary, E. J. Warner; recording secretary, H. Sidey; treasurer, J. Carroll.

Sydney, N. S.–President, James E. McDonald; vice-president, Danuel McPherson; secretary-treasurer, Edward E. Pride; sergeant-at-arms, Francis H. Hoganson.

Taunton, Mass. – President, John J. Sheerin; vice-president, James Scanlon; secretary-treasurer, A. G. Clay. Trenton, N. J.-President, Ralph H. Burton; vice-president, Davis P. Hunt; secretary-treasurer, George Applegate; corresponding secretary, William J. Rogers; sergeant-at-arms, Charles S. Irwin; trustees, Manuel Kline and R. S. Dickey.

Vancouver, B. C. — President, H. C. Benson; vice-president, W. R. Trotter; secretary, R. H. Neelands; assistant secretary, A. H. England; executive committee, T. Harold, W. Taylor, E. H. Gough, T. Kean: delegates to trades and labor council, R. P. Pettipiece, H. C. Benson, A. H. England, W. R. Trotter, R. Burns; delegates to allied printing trades council, R. Neelands, A. H. England, R. Burns.

LET every man be occupied, and occupied in the employment of which his nature, is capable, and die with the consciousness that he has done his best.—Sydney Smith.

We must be free or die who speak the tongue that Shakespeare spake, the faith and morals hold which Milton held.—Wordsworth.

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INDIANApolis, IND., March 20, 1911. The following is a report of the receipts and expenditures from February 20, 1911, to date, and the accounts herein presented should correspond with the books of the respective unions to which they are credited. Secretaries are requested to compare the accounts printed herein with their books, and should error or omission be found, notice of same should be promptly forwarded to this office.

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