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Best Pacing Records.
1859-Flora Temple

2.19 1865-Dexter

2.184 1866-Dexter

2.18 1867-Dexter

2.1714 Name.

1871-Goldsmith Maid

2.17 1872-Goldsmith Maid


1874-Goldsmith Maid 1897 Star Pointer... 1.591 1897 Guinnette... 2.05


2.1314 1898 Star Pointer... 1.598 1899 Miss Logan... 2.05

1879 St. Julien

2.12% 1899 Star Pointer... 2.00 | 1897 Roan Wilkes. 2 0511880-Maud S.

2.1034 1896 John R. Gentry 2.003 1899 Giles Noyes... 2.05 1881-Maud S.

2.1014 1897|Joe Patchen... 2.011 1898 Klatawah.. 12 0541884—Jay-Eye-See

2.10 1894 Robert J.. 2.01) 1897 Lottie Lorraine. 2.057 1884- Maud S.

2.09% 1898 Joe Patchen... 2.02| 1899 Prince Alert. 2.057 1884- Maud S.

2.094 1899 John R. Gentry 2.029 1898 Chehalis.

1885Maud S.

2.0834 1899 Joe Patchen... 2.027 1898 Scribner.. 2.067 1891–Sunol (kite track).


2.08 1898 Directly 2.031 1896 Little Lorraine . 2.0621892-Stambout (Nov. 9)

2.07% 1899 Searchlight.

1892-Kremlin (Nov. 12)
2.031 1896 Dan T..

1892-Stamboul (Nov. 23)

2.0714 1896 Robert J.... 2.03;! 1894 Angie D. 2.07


1892-Nancy Hanks (Aug. 17) 1898 John R. Gentry 2.03 1895 Directly. 2.071

1892-Nancy Hanks (Aug. 31, kite track)...... 2.0544 1894 John R. Gentry 2.031 1895 Aileen


1892-Nancy Hanks (Sept. 28, regulation track) 2.04 1894 Online.

2.04 1896 Fantasy 2.07894–Alix (Sept. 19, regulation track)...... 2.0324 1895 Robert J. 2.041 1897 Arlington. 12.08 1899 Lady of the 1897 Pilot Boy... 2.081

Manor 2.044 1899 Toboggan. 2.08 The English Derby, About 1% Miles, 1898 Anaconda 2.04) 1896 Royal Victor. 2.087 1899 Hal B... 2.041 1893 Quadriga.. 2.09 1897 Bumps. 2.011




ers. Start





23 | 2.451

Fastest Time on Record-Turf.

1867 Hermit..

H. Chaplin.

80 2.52 1868 Blue Gown Sir J. Hawley. 18 2.43) 1869 Pretender J. Johnstone.

22 2.52;

1870 Kingcraft Lord Falmouth. 152.45 Name. Place.

1871 Favonius

Baron Rothschild.. 17 | 2.50 1872 Cremorne Mr. Saville 1873 Doncaster

12 | 2.50 .. Bob Wade.

Mr. Merry
Butte, Mont.

1890 0.211

1874 George Frederick Mr. Cartwright... 20 2.46 Fashion. 4. Lampasas, Tex .. 1891|0.34

1875 Galopin...
Prince Batthyany

18 | 2.48 Red S...

a 122 Butte, Mont.

1876 Kisber.
A. Battazzi

15 2.44 Geraldine.. t.. 4122 N.Y.J.C.,straight 1889 0.46 1877 Silvio


Lord Falmouth 18910.47

2.50 April Fool... 4 122 Butte, Mont..

1878 Sefton

Mr. Crawfurd. 22 2.56 Maid Marian. 4 111 Morris P'k, N. Y. 1895 0.561

1879 Sir Bevys. Mr. Acton ....

23 3.02 Kingston. a 139 C. I. J. C., short c. 1891 1.08

Duke of Westm'str 19 2.46 Firearm.. 4 120 Morris Park, st... 1899 1.087 1880 Bend Or


1881 Iroquois Flora Louise. 2 88 Harlem, Ili 1897 1.121

Pierre Lorillard... 2.50 1882 Shotover

Duke of Westm'str 14 1898 1.12

2.452 Mary Black, 3 93 Chicago, Ill.

1883 St. Blaise Bella B.. 5 103 Monmouth P'k,st. 1890 1.231

Sir F. Johnstone..

11 | 2.483 Clifford.

J. Hammond 4 127 Sheepshead Bay. 1894 1.257 1884 (St. Gatien..

15 2.461 4110 Monmouth P’k,st. 1890 1.35) Salvator

Harvester Sir J. Willoughby) 1885 Melton..

Lord Hastings... 12 2.443 1..

4 91 Monmouth P'k,st. 1892 1.871 Kildeer..

1880 Ormond

9 Libertine 3 90 Harlem, Ill. 1894 1.381

Duke of Westm'str 2.45

11 lie.. Carnero..

2.43 1887 Merry Hampton. Mr. Abington... 5 107 Chicago, Ill.... 1899 1.45

1884 Ayrshire Duke of Portland 9 2.42) 6 114 Jerone P‘k, N. Y. 1891 1.513 13... Tristan

1889 Donovan


Duke of Portland 1898 1.584


2.447 118.. Boanerges... 4110 Chicago, Ill.

Sir James Miller... 8 Banquet... 3 108 Monmouth P'k,st. 1890 2.03 1890 Sainfoin

11 Sir F. Johnstone..

2.568 11.

1898 2.041 1891 Common David Tenny. 4 100 Chicago, m...

Lord Bradford. 13 2.44 Algol.. 4 107 Chicago, Ill. 1898 2.041 1892 Sir Hugo


W. H. McCalmont. 11 14... Sabine.

1893 Isinglass. 4 109 Chicago, Ill. 1894 2.187 14

Lord Rosebery.

7 | 2.458 Goodrich

1898 2.301
3 102 Chicago, Ill.

1894 Ladas
1895 Sir Visto. Lord Rosebery 12

2.433 14... Hindoocraft. 375 Jerome P'k, N. Y. 1889 2,48

1896 Persimmon Prince of Wales. 11 2.42 14. Ben Holladay A 118 Morris Pik, N. Y. 1891 2.691

J. Gubbins..

11 2.44 Ben Holladay 6 130 Morris P'k, N. Y. 1899 3.009 1897 Galtee More

1898 Jeddah.
J. W. Lamach. 18

2.37 15... Enigma. 490 Sheepshead Bay.. 1885 3.20 Ten Broeck.. 6 110 Louisville, Ky, 1877 3.27 }

1899 Flying Fox Duke of Westm'str| 12 | 2.42 against time. Judge Denny 5 105 California.. 1898 3.26% 24... Joe Murphy. | 4 99 Harlem, Ill.. 1894 3.42 Winners of Suburban Handicap, 2... Buckwa a 104 California.. 1898 3.51

14 Miles. Aristides. 4 104 Lexington, Ky.. 1876 4.273 21... Ten Broeck 4 104 Lexington, Ky. 1876 1.581 24. Hubbard 4 107 Saratoga, N. Y... 1873 4.587 Year.

Value. Time. 3.. Drake Carter 4115 Sbeepshead Bay.. 1884 5.24 Lucretia Bor California,against

1884.. General Monroe.. 4..

$4,945 2.117 gia.... 41 85 time..

1897 7.11

1885.. Pontiac. 18997.164

5,855 2.09 The Bachelor a 113 California.

1886.. Troubadour..

5,700 2.12 1887.. Eurus..

6,065 2.12 1888.. Elkwood..

6,800 2.07} The Advance in Trotting Time. 1889.. Raceland

6,900 2.09 1890.. Salvator

6,900 2 06 1806-Yankee

1891.. Loantaka.

9,900 2.07 1810-A horse from Boston

1892.. Montana

17,750 2.072 1824-Topgallant (saddle)


1893.. Lowlander. 2.32

17,500 2.062 1830--Burster (saddle) 1834 Edwin Forrest (saddle)

1894.. Ramapo

12,070 2.062 2.28

1895.. Lazzarone 1843-Lady Suffolk (saddle)

4,780 2.07 1844-Lady Suffolk (saddle) 2 264, 1896.. Henry of Navarre.


2.07 1852—Tacony (saddle)... 2.26 1897.. Ben Brush

5,850 2.07 1853--Tacony (saddle) 2,2312 1898.. Tillo

7,000 2.08 1856-Flora Temple 2.241, 1899.. Imp.

7,000 2.05%





Winners B’klyn Handicap, 1/4 Miles. bury, L. I. H. G. Crickmore, Clerk, 173 5th av.,

Manhattan, New York City.
Name of Horse.

Value. Time.

National Tiotting Association-P. P. Johnston,

Pres., Lexington, Ky.; Wm. Gocher, Sec., Hart1887.. Dry Monopole

$5,850 2.07 ford, Conn. 1888.. The Bard.

6,925 2.13


Louisville Jockey Club-Louisville, Ky. 1889. Exile

6,900 2.071 Wm. F. Schulte, Pres.; Ch. F. Price, Sec. 1890.. Castaway II.

6,000 2.10 New Louisiana Jockey Club-New Orleans, La. 1891.. Tenny

14,800 2.10

H. W. Conner, Pres.; J. M. Huger, Sec. 1892

17,750 Judge Morrow



Memphis Jockey Club-Memphis, 1893.. Diablo....

17,500 2.09

S. R. Montgomery, Pres.; M. N. Macfarlan, Sec.

New Tennessee Breeders' 1894.. Dr. Rice. 17,750 2.071

Association-Nash1895.. Hornpipe..


ville, Tenn. Geo. Campbell Brown, Pres.; J. W.

Russworm, Sec. 1896. . Sir Walter

8,000 2.08
Oyster Bay Driving Park Ass'n-Amos

W. 1897.. Howard Mann.

7,750 2.093 Knapp, Pres.; Augustus Morey, Sec., Oyster Bay, 1898. Ornament


2.10 L. I. 1899.. Banastar..

8,000 2.067 Pacific Coast Jockey Club-San Francisco, Cal.

S. N. Androus, Pres.; F. H. Green, Sec., Palace

Hotel. Winners Futurity, About % Mile.

Queens County Jockey Club-Race course at

Aqueduct, L. I. Thos. D. Reilly, Pres.; Fred Name of Horse.

Value. Time. Rehberger, Racing Sec., Union Square Hotel, 1883.. Proctor Knott

$40,900 1.151

Manhattan, N. Y. City. 1889.. Chaos.

54,550 1.163

Queen City Jockey Club-Newport, Ky. J. G. 1890.. Potomac..

67,675 1.11

Hanly, Sec. 1891. . His Highness..

61,675 1.153

Saratoga Association-Saratoga, N. Y. Gottfried

Walbaum, Pres.; B. A. Chilton, Sec., 1402 Broad1892.. Morello

40,500 1.123 1893. Domino

way, Manhattan, N. Y. City.

St. Louis Fair Association-St. Louis, Mo. Robt. 1894.. The Butterflies

48,710 1.11

Aull, Pres.; Jos. 1. Murphy, Sec. 1895. Requital.

53,190 1.11%

Jockey Club-173 5th av., Manhattan. 1896. . Ogden ..

44,290 1.10 August Belmont, Chairman; F. K. Sturgis, Sec. 1897.. L'Alouette.

34,290 1.11 Turf and Field Club-Westchester, N. Y. Perry 1898.. Martimas.

37,130 1.123 Belmont, Pres.; Amos T. French, Sec., 173 5th 1899.. Chacornac.

30,990 1.102 av., Manhattan, N. Y. City.

Washington Jockey Club-Washington, D. C. S.

S. Howland, Pres.; M. Cassidy. Starter.
Racing Associations.


Park Club-Chicago, Ill. James

Howard, Sec., 61st st. and South Park av. Agricultural Racing and Fair Association Western Turf Association San Francisco, Cal. Tampa, Fla. G. E. Webb, Sec.

W. J. Martin, Pres.; F. H. Green, Sec., Palace Amityville Driving Park Co.-Amityville, L. I. Hotel. Stephen R. Williams, Pres.; Townsend Wright,

Westchester Racing Ass'n--Course Morris Park, Sec. and Treas.

Westchester, N. Y. S. B. Lawrence, Pres.; F. I. Arkansas Jockey Club-Little Rock, Ark. Jos.

Burgher, Sec. - Treas., 23 Nassau st., Manhattan, E. Martin, Sec., St. Louis, Mo.

N. Y. City.
American Turf Congress--W. F. Schulte, Pres.,
Louisville, Ky.; E. Č. Hopper, Sec., Covington,
Ку. .

Brooklyn Jockey Club-399 Fulton st., Brooklyn,
Race course at Gravesend, L. I. Philip J. Dwyer,

Manhattan Homing Pigeon Club of New York
Pres.; H. D. McIntyre, Sec.
Brighton Beach Racing Association-215 Monta - Brooklyn, Pres.; F. H. Cordtmeyer, Woodside, L.

and Brooklyn-Harry Robertson, 50 Bergen st., gue st., Room 85, Brooklyn. Race course at Coney I., Sec. ; meetings, first Tuesday at 472 Myrtle av., Island, Wm. 4. Engeman, Pres. and Treas.; Thos.

M. Jackson, Sec.
California Jockey Club-San Francisco, Cal.

Staten Island Flying Club-Richmond, N. Y. Thos. H. Williams, Jr., Pres.; R. B. Milroy, Sec.,

City--Charles Cupitt, Pres.; Adolph Busch, Treas.; 23 Kearney St.

Joseph Doyle, Sec., Rosebank, s. I.. California State Fair Association--P. J. Shields,

FEDERATION CHAMPION RECORDS. Sec. Cincinnati Jockey Club-Cincinnati, 0. A. S


Old Birds. Labold, Pres.; W. R. Letcher, Sec., 130 Long Dist. (Yds. worth st.

Miles.per m.) Year. Owner and Res. Coney Island Jockey Club-173 Fifth av., New 100....1,376.04..1897.. Albert Whatten, Newark, N. J. York. Race course at Sheepshead Bay, L. I. 200....1,893.59..1897..G. H. Watchman, Balto., Md. Lawrence Kip, Pres.: C. Fellowes, Sec.

300....1,848.00..1896. F. Rouff, Detroit, Mich. Chicago Jockey Club-Chicago, Ill. Capt. Jas. 400....1,532.86..1899..Chas. Cupitt, Rosebank, S. I. H. Rees, Presiding Judge; Harry Kuhl, Sec., 403 500....1,608.04..1898.. Wm. J. Lautz, Buffalo, N. Y. Monadnock Building.

610....1,308.99.. 1896..Jas. MeGauhey, Philadelphia. Crescent City Jockey Club-New Orleans, LA. c. 700....1,546.97..1898.. Wm. J. Lautz, Buffalo, N. Y. S. Bush, Pres.; Sheridan Clark, Sec., 735 Gravier General average speed bird, 100 to 600 miles, inst.

clusive. Chas. Hub, Philadelphia, Pa,, F. 1.130; Detroit Jockey Club-Detroit, Mich. D. J. Cam- speed, 1,223.793 yards. pau, Pres.; J. Robinson, Sec.

General average loft, 100 to 600 miles, inclusive, Empire City Trotting Club-Sidney S. Toman,

(harles Bang, South Beach, Staten Island, 1899, Sec., 1123 Broadway, Manhattan, New York City.

1,176.19 yards per minute. Golden Gate Fair Association-Oakland, Cal.

Long distance, Fred Bowers, Fall River, Mass., J. A. Dimond, Sec.

Highland Park Club-Detroit, Mich. M. B. Mills, 1898, distance 1,253.17 miles; in 13 days 512 hours. Pres.; W. 0. Parmer, Sec., 213 Hammond Bldg.

Young Birds. Harlem Jockey Club-Chicago, III. M. Nathan

100....1,488.74.. 1897.J. G. Gunning, Brooklyn, N. Y. son, Sec., 1 Lakeside Building.

10....1,651 9..1-99..H, J. Baumgaertner, Milwaukee Horse Show Association of Queens County, N.

200....1,875.45..1894. P. C. Clark, Philadelphia, Pa. Y.-Wm. C. Whitney, Pres.; Samuel Willetts, 250....1,815.41..1893..Geary & Kendall, Philadelphia. Sec., 16 E. 23d st., Manhattan, New York City.

300....1,365.14..1896..U. G. Kurtz, Phoenixville, Pa. Kentucky Racing Association-Lexington, Ky. J. 100....1,061.99..1896..Jacob Eberle, Philadelphia, Pa. S. Wallace, Man.

50.... 386.70..197..H, H, Hunsberger, Phila telphia Lakeside 'Jockey Club--Robey, Ind. M. Nathan- 600.... 557.78..1897..G.W. Shaffer, Cream Ridge, N.J. son, Sec., Room 201 Lakeside Bldg., Chicago, Ill.

General average loft. 100, 150 and 200 miles, inLatonia Jockey Club--Covington, Ky. J. C. clusive, Adolph Busch, Grasmere, Staten Island, Sherlock, Pres.; E. C. Hopper, Sec., Covington, N. Y., *1897, speed 1.356,73 yards. Ky.

Long distance. H. A. Lippincott, Philadelphia, Meadow Brook Steeplechase Association--West Pa., 1894, 620 miles.

24 mile-3 m. 76.; T. P. Connell, at Boston, sity of Pennsylvania, 6 ft. 3 in.

ATHLETICS. BEST RECORDS IN AMATEUR ATHLETICS. Throwing the discus-(44 lbs.) 118 ft. 9 in.; C. RUNNING-50 yards, 54 s.; Lon E Myers, New Heineman, New York, Sept., 1897. York, Jan., 1884.

Putting 16-lb. shot-48 ft. 4 in.; D. Horgan, 100 yards--9 4-58.; by J. Owen, Jr., B. J. Wefars, Queenstown, Ireland. W. T. Macpherson, (Australian) J. H. Maybury HURDLING-100 yards, 8 hurdles, 2 ft. 6 in.and J. H. Rush.

12 4-5 s.; A. F. Copeland, Oct. 27, 1888. 100 yards, backward-15 s.; S. S. Schuyler, N. J. 120 yards, 10 hurdles, 3 ft. 6 in.-15 1-5 6.; A. C. A. C., Nov. 2, 1889.

Kraenzlein, Ne York, June 11, 1898. 120 yards---11 3-5 s.; C. A. Bradley, England, 1894; 220 yards, 10 hurdles, 2 ft. 6. in.--23 3-5 s.;. A. 11 4-5 s.; B. J. Wefers, Travers Island, Sept., 1896. C. Kraenzlein, New York, 1898,

150 yards--14 3-5 6.; B. J. Wefere, New York, 440 yarde, 10 hurdles, 2 ft. 6 in.-56 2-5 6.; Jerome Oct., 1897.

Buck, New York, Sept. 19, 1896. 220 yards-21 1-5 s.; B. J. Wefers, Canada, Aug.,

INTER-COLLEGIATE RECORDS. 1897. English record-21 4-5 s., by C. G. Wood, Oxford, June 25, 1887.

100 yards dash--B. J. Wefere, Georgetown Uni. 250 yards-24 4-5 s.; C. H. Sherrill, New versity, 9 4-5s. Haven, Conn., June 15, 1888.

220 yards dach-B. J. Wefers, Georgetown Uni300 yards-30 3-5 s.; B. J. Wefers, Washington, versity, 21 1-58. Nov. 7, 1896.

120 yards hurdle race-A, C. Kraenzlein, Univer400 yards-43% s.; Lon E. Myers, M. A. C., New sity of Pennsylvania, 15 2-56, York, June 3, 1882; 43 s., W. C. Downs, on straight

220 yards hurdle race-A. C. Kraenzlein, Unitrack, July 9, 1890

versity of Pennsylvania, 23 4-5 8. 440 yards-47%s.; Wendell Baker (straight track), Quarter mile run-M. W. Long, Columbia, 49

2-58. Boston, July 1, 1896. English record-4849 s., H. C. L. Tindall, London, June 29. 1889.

Half mile run-E. Hollister, Harvard, 1 m. 56

4-5e. 500 yards-57 4-5 s.; T. E. Burke, June, 1897. 600 yards--1 m. 11 s.; T. E. Burke, New York,

One mile run-G. W. Orton, University of PennSept., 1896.

sylvania, 4 m. 23 2-59. 880 yards-1 m. 53 2-5 s.; C. H. Kilpatrick, New

Two mile run-Alexander Grant, University of York, Sept., 1893.

Pennsylvania, 10m. 32-58. 1,000 yarde-2 m. 13 6.; Lon E. Myers, Oct. 8,

One mile walk-W. B. Fetterman, University of 1881.

Pennsylvania, 6 m. 45 2-56.

Running high jump-J. D. Windsor, Jr., UniverAug. 26, 1893.

1 mile-4 m, 15 3-5 s.; T. P. Conneff, 1895. En Running broad jump---A. C. Kraenzlein, Uniglish record-4 m.

18 S.,
by S. F. E.

versity of Pensylvania, 24 ft. 44 in.

Bacon, Edinburg, July 21, 1897.

Pole vault-R. G. Clapp, Yale, 11 ft. 5 in. 112 miles-7 m. 2 4-5 s.; W. D. Day, New York, Putting 16 pound shot-J. S. McCracken, UniMay 17, 1890.

versity of Penneylvania, 43 ft. 8 in. 2 miles9 m. 17 2-5 6.; W. G. George, London,

Throwing 16 pound hammerJ. S. McCracken, Apr. 26. 1884. American record-9 m32 3-5 s.; University of Pennsylvania, 149 ft. 5 in. Willie Day, New York, May 17, 1890.

INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONSHIPS, 1899. 3 miles-14 m. 24 €.; S. Thomas, London, June 3, 1893. American record-14 m. 39 S.; Willie Day, The University of Pennsylvania won the InterNew York, May 30, 1890.

collegiate Athletic Championship for 1899, in the 4 miles-19 m. 28 3-5 s.; G. Crossland.

games at Manhattan Field, May 26 and 27. The 5 miles-24 m. 53 3-5 s., by S. Thomas, London, points were scored as follows:

Total Sept. 24, 1892.

1sts. 2ds. 3ds. 4ths. Points. 6 miles-30 m. 17 4-5 8.; S. Thomas, London, Oct. t'niv. of Penn...... 9 3


1 57 22, 1892.



2 28 7 miles-35 m. 36 4-5 s.; S. Thomas, London, Yale


3 243 2242 April 9, 1882.



11 8 milet-40 m. 57 2-5 6.; W. G. George, London, Syracuse


2 10 July 28, 1894.




5 9 miles-46 m. 12 s.; W. G. George,




5 10 miles-51 m. 20 .; W. G. George, London, Williams


3 Apr. 7, 1884.




1 15 milet-1 h. 22 m. 15 2-5 s.; S. Thomas, London, Haverford


12 12 Apr. 9, 1892. 20 miles-1 h. 51 m. 54 s.; G. Crossland.

Athletic Club Directory. 25 miles-2 h. 33 m. 34 s.; G. A. Dunning.

NATIONAL. WALKING-14 mile-1 m. 23 s.; H. L. Curtis, Swedish-American Athletic Union of the United Sept. 19, 1891.

States. Org. 1899. 350 members. Henry Staberg, 1 mile-3 m. 2 2-3 s.; F. P. Murray, New York, Pres., 157 Park pi., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Oscar SandOct. 22, 1893.

holm, Sec., 221 Main st., Worcester, Mass. 1 mile-6 m. 27 2-5 s.; F. H. Creamer, Australia American record-6 m. 29 3-5 s., F. P. Mur

BROOKLYN. ray, New York, Oct. 27, 1883. English record-6

Adelphi Athletic Ass'n-See School Clubs. m. 32 1-5 s., H. Whyatt, Birmingham, May 3, 1884.

American Athletic Asssociation-177 Gwinnett 1 hour-8 miles 318 yards; J. B. Clarke, New

st. Org. 1884. 107 members. Wm. H. West, York, Sept. 8, 1880.

Pres.; Albert Mugler, Sec., 80 Bartlett st. JUMPING-Running broad jump--24 ft. 41/2 in.; Bay Ridge Athletic Club-60th st. and 3d av. A. C. Kraenzlein, New York, May 26, 1899.

Incorp. 1895. P. J. Fearon, Pres.; Freeman Coss, Running high jump-6 ft. 55 in.; M. F. Swee Sec. 175 members. ney, New York, Sept. 21, 1895.

Ben Hur Athletic Association-Bedford av. and Standing broad jump-il ft. 1 in.; R. C. Ewry, Willoughby av. Incorp. 1895. 150 members. LaAsbury Park, N. J., Aug., 1899.

vid H. E. Jones, Pres.; L. J. Langbein, Sec., 696 Standing high jump-5 ft. 312 in.; R. C. Ewry, Decatur st. Lafayette, Ind., May 29, 1896.

Borough Athletic Club-Sutter av. and SnediRunning hop step and jump--48 ft. 6 in.; E. B. ker av. Org. 1898, 23 members. Arch Arnet, Bloss, Chicago, Sept., 1893.

Pres. ; Peter J. ('ampbell, Jr., Ser., 496 Sutter av. Pole vaulting for height-11 ft. 1012 in.; R. G. Bridge Athletic Club-71 Sands st. Reorganized Clapp. New York, June 11, 1898.

Cctober 1893.

150 members. Humphrey Plant, Pole vaulting for distance--27 ft. 5 in.; A. H. Pres.; Thos. Miles, Sec. Green, Chicago. Sept. 16, 1893.

Brooklyn Athletic Club-374 Bedford av. Org. Bar vaulting - it. 7 in.; Albert II, Brundage,

1890. Country house, Maspeth, L. I. Member Nashville, Tenn., May 28, 1888.

ship. 225. John J. Bradley, Pres.; William E. WEIGHT THROWING-Throwing 56 lb. weight Turner, Sec. for distance-35 ft. 10 in.; J. S. Mitchell, Sept. 22, Brooklyn Latin School Athletic Association1894.

Org. 1891. Gymnasium at 40-42 Monroe pl. MemThrowing 16-1b. hammer--167 ft. 8 in.; J. Flan bership, 100. Walter W. Stillman, Pres.: R. agan, New York, Sept. 23, 1899,

Marston, Sec.

ATHLETICS-Continued. Brooklyn Turn Verein-351 Atlantic av. Org. 45th st. Country club house at Bayonne, N. J. 1879. 150 members. Max Bethge, Pres.; Carl Org. 1896. 1,565 members. James E.

Sullivan, Wille, Sec., 147 53d st.,

Pres.; J. D. Adams, Sec.-Treas., 349 MadColumbia' Turn Verein-168 Driggs av. Henry ison av. C. Volz, Pres. ; Wm. Greve, Sec. 50 members. Lyola Union--(See Social).

Coney Island Sporting Club-Arcade Walk and Metropolitan Association-(of the Amateur Ath8th st., Coney Island. Org. 1899. Thomas Cun letic Union of the United States). 16 Park place. ningham, Pres. ; Geo. J. Cooke, Sec., 224 W. Org. 1891. 33 clubs represented. J. E. Sullivan, 26th st., Manhattan.

Pres.; John Steil, Treas.; John J. Dixon, Sec.Crescent Athletic Club-Org. 1884. Incorp. 1888. Treas. City house, 25-29 Clinton st. Country club house, Metropolitan Insurance Athletic Association-12 boat house and grounds, bet. N. Y. Bay, ist av., E. 24th st. Org. Mch. 5, 1894. Exclusively for 83d and 85th sts., Bay Ridge. Membership, 1,600. clerks of Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. John R. Largest and most important athletic organization Hegeman, Jr., Pres.; John M. Koppen, Sec. in the city; also prominent as social club. James Morris Club (See Social Clubs.) H. Oliphant, Pres.; A. Wallace Higgins, Sec., New West Side Athletic Club-329 W. 54th st. 183 Lafayette av.; Henry L. Langhaar, Treas. Org. Jan. 8, 1883. 250 members. H. Ober

Eastern District Turn Verein-61 Meserole st. tubbessing, Pres.; G. P. Arnold, Sec.
Membership, 200. Alex Hessler, Pres.; Hugo New York Athletic Club-City House, Central
Schwarz, Sec., 54 Meserole st. Has gymnasium Park South and 6th av.; Country House, Travers
with instructor.

Island, Pelham Manor, N. Y.; Cycle House, 26 W. Eastern District Turner Zoelings Verein-61-65 60th st. Org. Sept. 8, 1868. 3,500 members. Gen. Meserole st. Org. 1883. 60 members. Geo. Braun, Thomas A. Watson, Pres.; Chas. L. Burnham, Pres.; Adolph Heinrich, Sec., 307 Madison st. Sec.

Flatbush and Nostrand Av. Athletic Club-Flat New York Turn Verein-S. E. cor. Lexington bush Depot. Org. 1897. 160 members. Wm. Sei-av. and 85th St. Org. 1850, 670 members. Max bert, Pres.; F. T. Sullivan, Sec., 1313 Bushwick av. Zebe, Speaker; F. Bucherer, Sec., S. E. cor.

Fourteenth Regt. Athletic Association-F. H. Lexington av. and 85th st.
Stevenson, Pres., 350 16th st.; W. P. Graham, Owl Ciub-448 W. 51st st. Org. July 4, 1883. 200
Sec.; H. J. P. Bell, Treas.

members. P. J. Bresnan, Pres.; Otto E. RichGreenwood Benevolent Athletic Club-160-168 25th ter, Sec. st. Org. 1877. 245 members. John J. Keegan, Pastime Athletic Club-66th st. and Av. A. Pres.; John F. O'Brien, Sec., 147 228 st.

Org. 1877. 200 members. John P. Boyle, Pres.; Halcyon Club--124 Adelphi st. Org. 1895. 24 M. J. Harnett, Sec., 66th st. and Avenue A. members. B. Dusenbury, Pres.; H. E. de Bedts, Princeton Club-34th st. and Park av. Sec., 804a Greene av.

Racquet and Tennis--27 W. 430 st. Org. 1875. 750 National Athletic Club Incorp. 1889. 11-13 Ce members. Isaac Townsend, Pres.; H. C. Mortidar st. Org. 1888. 400 members. Outdoor grounds, mer, Sec. Halsey, Macon sts. and Saratoga av. Oscar St. Bartholomew's Boys' Cub-209 E. 420 st. Hauck, Pres.; Geo. Hild, Treas.; A. H. Jaggers, Org. Feb. 14, 1889. 690 members. James Barnes, Sec.

Pres.; Rev. J. Fredk. Talcott, Sec.; Geo. McVickPolytechnic Athletic Association--Composed ofer, Supt. students of Polytechnic Institute. Gymnasium in St. George's Athletic-207 E. 16th st. Org. 1887. College building, campus in rear. ('ontrols all 150 members. Wm. W. Kiesel, Pres.; Fred. A. sports in which students participate. For officers Trost, Sec.; Wm. J. Rodgers, Capt. of different clubs forming the association see Suburban Club-Park av. and 176th st. Org. **School Clubs."

1884. 160 members. John W. Bolton, Pres.; M. Pratt Institute Athletic Association-Gymnasi- J. Spalding, Sec., 1790 Bathgate av. um in Institute Building, 215 Ryerson st. Track Xavier Club-205 W. 14th st. Org. 1891. 1.200 and grounds at Steuben st., bet. DeKalb and Wil members. John F. Hart, Pres.; John J. Buckley, loughby avs. Membership. 350. For officers see Sec., 342 W. 18th st. School Clubs.

QUEENS. Twenty-third Regiment Athletic Association

Atlantic Athletic Association-Oceanus. Or. 1896. Org. Dec., 1890. Comprises all members of the

100 members. Jos. J. Kesprit, Pres.; B. Fallon, regiment, 900. Bedford and Atlantic avs. Wm.

Jr., Sec. Dubois, Pres.; Fred'k S. Green, Treas.; Geo. M.

Colored Athletic Club-Huntington, L. I. WalKeese, Sec., 1322 Bedford av.

Union Athletic Club-Pineapple and Fulton sts. ter Lyons. Pres.; James Saunders, 'Sec.

340. Edward

Elk Field Club-Woodside. Org. 1896. 70 mem

Pres.; M.
Sullivan, Treas.; W. H. Robotham, Jr., Sec., 580 Smith, Sec., Box 8, Woodside.

bers. Alexander S. Burns, Jr., Pres.; Alexander Bergen st. Williamsburgh Athletic Association-183 Withers ing. Org. 1887. 150 members. R. H. E. Elliott,

Flushing Athletic Club-Whitestone av., Flushst. Org. 1889. 300 members. Wm.


Pres.; Theodore L. Bogert, Treas.; L. M. FrankPres.; J. E. Solan, Sec., 142 Conselyea st.

Young Men's Christian Association-(See Relig- lin, Sec., 38 Sanford av. ious Work.)

Freeport Athletic Association-Freeport, L. I.

Org. 1896. 45 members. Thos. Burleigh, Pres. ; MANHATTAN AND BRONX.

S. P. Pettit, Sec. Athletic Association of 12th Regiment, N. G. Indian Athletic Club-College Point. Org. 1897. N. Y.-62d st. and Columbus av. Org. 1897. 83 members. Dave Cavanagh, Pres.; W. E. SutLieut.-Col. C. J. Seiter, Pres.; Sergt. - Major John ters, Sec. S. Adair, Sec.; Capt. Thos. Buck, Treas,

Iool Athletic Club-Huntington, L. I. Org Badminton Club-20 W. 44th st. Org. 1878. 200 1899. 10 members. Clifford Smith, Pres.; Rusmembers. T. J. Oakley Rhinelander, Pres.; sell A. Smith, Sec. Barclay W. Kountze, Sec., 6 E. 57th st.

Liberty Athletic Club Jamaica and Liberty avs., Berkeley Gymnasium-See Carnegie Hall.

Jamaica. Org. 1836. 82 members. John F. CanBronx Athletic Club-2505 3d av. Thomas Mc-ning, Pres.; William H. (anning, Sec. Laughlin, Pres.; John Turner, Sec.

Long Island City Athletic Club-153 Grace st., Carnegie Hall Gymnasium--Room 60, Carnegie Long Island City. Org. 1879. Membership60. Hall. Miss Delia M, Elliott, Director

George Frederick, Pres.; Rudolph Horak, Sec., 475 Central Turn Verein-313-215 E. 820 st. Org. 1886. | Jamaica av, 350 members. H. A. C. Anderson, Pres.; John Long Island City Turn Verein-378-380 9th av., L. Rutenberg, Sec., 307 E. 10th st.

I. City. Org 1875. 125 members. N. Vaupel, Chelsea Club-(See Social Clubs).

Pres.: Wm. Hemberger, Sec. City Club--19 W. 34th. (See Social Clubs.)

Prospect Athletic-214 Prospect st., L. I. City. Columbia College Athletic Union-Morningside | Fredrick Wangenstein, Pres.; Henry A. MerHeights. Dr. R. H. Sayre, Pres.: W. B.

tens, Sec., 96 Wilbur av., L. I. City. Symmes, Jr., Sec., 2002 Madison av.

Triune Floral Park. Org. 1899. 50 members Fencers'---37 W. 220 st. Org. 1883. 150 members.

Wm. H. Sleeper. Pres.: Wm. H. Fitch. Sec. Newbold Morris, Pres.; W. S. O'Connor, Sec., Queens Field Club-Queens, Org. 1892. 60 mem53 Broadway; John L. Erving, Treas.

berg, W. Allen Kissam, Pres.; J. Woodbridge Italian-American Athletic--20 Varick pl. Org. Demarest, Sec. 1889. 173 members. Victor Fontana, Pres.; Leo Ravenswood Boat. (See Boat Clubs.) pold Porrino, Sec., 127 Thompson st.

Star Athletic Club- 14th st. and Vernon av., Knickerbocker Athletic-Madison av., cor. E.' Long Island City Grounds, Vernon and Harris

ATHLETICS_Continued. ave. Org. 1877. Membership, 200. Arthur M. Mar- 1 S. I. Org. 1897. 40 members. John M. Goggin, shall, Pres.; John S. Orrell, Sec., P. O. Box 87, Pres. ; Leonard P. Weiland, Sec., New Dorp, S. I. L. I. City.

Monarch Athletic Club-Port Richmond. Harry Warlow Athletic Club-Whitestone, L. 1. Org. E. Clark, Pres.; George Garby, Jr., Sec.; Erich 1894. 80 members. Augustus L. Smith,

Pres.; Voss, Treas. Francis T. Wade, Sec.

Oakdale Athletic-Oakdale Station, Org. 1897. 96 Winfield Athletic Club-Winfield, L. I. Incorp. members. Alexandri Maer, Pres.; John Stewart. 1890. 230 members. N. Groskinsky, Pres. ; Thos. Sec. A. Lynch, Sec.

Richmond Athletic-Jersey and Bank sts., New RICHMOND.

Brighton. Org. 1897. 58 members. A. A. Hanlon,

Pres.; T. Clark, Sec. Aquehonga Athletic-Prospect st. and Academy S. I. Lacrosse and Athletic Club-West New pl., Tottenville, S. I. Org. 1889. 70 members. C. Brighton. Org. 1898. 50 members. Richard B. M. Winant, Pres.; J. T. Hopping, Sec.

Sears, Pres.; Charles E. Simonson, Sec. Bon Ton Athletic Club-Mariners' Harbor. Org.

SUFFOLK COUNTY. 1898. 34 members. Casper Masters, Pres. ; George J. Knies, Sec.. Box 173, Mariners' Harbor.

Babylon Athletic Association-Babylon. Org. 1897, Linoleumville Rifle and Athletic Association-65 members. H. B. Hendrickson, Pres.; E. KelTurnpike rd. Org. 1898. 37 members. Wm. Sim-leem, Sec, monds, Sr., Pres. ; Thomas S. Crabb, Sec., Lin Javville Athletic Association-Org. 1896. 50 memoleumville,

bers. S, Thornhill, Pres.; Wm. Alexander, Sec., Midland Beach Athletic Club-Midland Beach, Sayville.

BOXING. Following are the principal boxing events of 1899: cision over

Wm. Rotchford, of Chicago, Ill.. Jan. 2-Draw between "Matty" Matthews of at London, Eng. Rotchford disqualified for hitBrooklyn and Owen Zeigler of Philadelphia, at ting low; 3 rounds at 115 pounds. Greenwood A. C., Brooklyn; 20 rounds.

Apl. 21—John Cavanagh, of Pittsburg, Pa:: Jan. 9 Oscar Gardner, the Omaha Kid," knocks krocks out "Kid" Lavelle, the "African Cyclone, out "Dave" Sullivan of Ireland in seventeenth in twelfth round, at Pittsburg, Pa. Lavelle dies round, at Lenox A. C., Manhattan.

three days afterward, from his injuries. Jan. 10—Tom Sharkey of California knocks out Apl. 25— "Joe" Walcott, colored, knocks out "Kid" McCoy in tenth round at Lenox A. C., "Dan" Creedon, of Australia, in one minute and Manhattan.

fifteen seconds in first round, at Lenox A. C., Jan. 17–George Dixon, colored, featherweight Manhattan. champion, gets decision over "Young Pluto" of May 1-Frank McHenry, of Albany, knocks out Australia at Lenox A. C.; Pluto "lays down" in Frank Martin ("Young James''), also of Albany, tenth round.

at Whitehall A. C., Albany. Martin dies on the Jan, 24-"Billy" Smith of New York knocks out spot, before aid could be got. “Billy" Edwards of Australia in fourteenth round May 2-Draw between Peter Maher, of Ireland, at Lenox A. C.

and *Gus" Ruhlin, the "Akron Giant," at Lenox Jan. 30—"'Terry McGovern of Brooklyn knocks A. C., 20 rounds. out Caspar Leon of Manhattan in twelfth round May 9-Frank Erne, of Buffalo,, gets decision at Greenwood A. C., Brooklyn.

over Geo. McFadden, of New York, at Lenox A. Feb. 7-Oscar Gardner, the "'Omaha Kid," C., Manhattan, 25 rounds: Referee's decision unknocks out "Solly" Smith of Los Angeles, Cal., in popular. sixth round at Lenox A. C., Manhattan.

May 23—'Kid" McPartland, of New York, gets Feb. 16-Martin Flaherty of Lowell, Mass.,

decision over "Spike'' Sullivan, of Boston, at knocks out "Danny'' McBride at Greenwood A, C.,

Lenox A. C., 25 rounds, at 138 pounds. Brooklyn, in fifth round.

May 26—"Terry'' McGovern, of Brooklyn, knocks Feb. 28-- "Tommy' West of New York gets de

out "Sammy'' Kelly, of Manhattan, in fifth round cision Over "Jack" Bonner of Pennsylvania;

in 38 seconds, at Broadway A. C. charges that Bonner had oil of mustard on his

June 6-"Bob" Armstrong, colored heavyweight, gloves which blinded West; 8 rounds at Lenox

knocks out "Ed" Martin, the “Denver Cyclone," A. C.

in second round at Lenox.A. C. Mar. 1-'Bobby" Dobbs. colored, of Minneapo

June 9-James J. Jeffries, of Los Angeles, Cal., lis, Minn., knocks out Pat McDonald of England,

knocks out "Bob" Fitzsimmons, of Australia, in in second round at Gateshead, England.

the eleventh round, after a fierce fight for the Mar, 6-"Gus'' Ruhlin, the "Akron Giant,' gets

heavyweight championship of the world, at Coney decision over "Joe" Goddard of Australia in fifth

Island Sporting Club. Fitzsimmons weighed 162 round at Lenox A. C., Manhattan. Goddard dis- pounds: Jeffries, 208. Time of last round, 1 min. qualified for dropping to his knees to avoid punish

ute, 32 2-5 seconds, ment.

June 12-Draw between “Jimmy'' Handler. of Mar. 10—"Mysterious" Billy Smith of Boston,

Newark, N. J., and “Andy'' Walsh, of Brooklyn, gets decision over "Kid" Lavigne of Saginaw,

at Coney Island Sporting Club; 25 round, at 150 Mich., at San Francisco. Lavigne's brother en


June 21-Harry Peppers, colored, of Chicago, ters ring; hence the decision; 14 rounds. Mar. 14--"Terry" McGovern of Brooklyn knocks

knocks out “Dutch" Neal, of St. Louis, in sixth

round, at Adelphia A. C., Chicago. Neal dies out "Patsy" Haley of Buffalo in eighteenth round at Lenox A. C.; they fought at 116 pounds.

from his injuries three days afterward.

June 29-'Kid'
Mar. 16-Joe

Wanko, of Washington, Pa., of Barbados,

knocks out Felix Carr of Huntington, W. Va., knocks out "Billy" Edwards of Australia, in thir

in fourth round, at Parkersburg, W. Va. Carr teenth round, at Old London Building, Manhattan.

dies from his injuries within 24 hours. Wanko Mar. 24''Kid" McCoy gets decision over Joe

convicted by jury of voluntary manslaughter. Choynski at San Francisco. 20 rounds,

June 30-Draw between “Mysterious" Billy Mar. 28-Draw between “Dave'' Sullivan, of

Smith, of Manhattan, and "Charley" McKeever, Boston, and "Joe" Bernstein, of New York, at of Philadelphia, at Broadway A. C., 20 rounds, Greenwood A. ., Brooklyn; 25 rounds.

July 1-"Terry" McGovern, of Brooklyn, knock Apl. 3.-Geo. Byers, colored, of Boston, knocks

out "Johnny'' Ritchie, of Chicago,

in third out "Charley'' Goff of California, in second round, round, at Westchester A. C., Tuckahoe, N. Y. at New Broadway A. C., Manhattan,

July 3-Frank Erne, of Buffalo, gets decision Apl. 4.-Draw between "Dan" Creedon.


over "Kid" Lavigne, of Saginaw, at Buffalo, N. Australia, and “Tommy West, of New York, 20 Y.; 20 rounds of fierce fighting. rounds at Lenox A. C.

July 7-Jack O'Brien gets decision over “Dai" Apl. 11-Oscar Gardner, the "Omaha Kid,' gets Hawkins, of California, at Broadway A. C.; 25 decision over "Billy" O'Donnell, of Memphis, round, at 133 pounds. Tenn., at Lenox A, C.; O'Donnell disqualified for July 10—Matty" Matthews, of New York, gets foul methods.

decision over Otto Sieloff, of Chicago, at Coney Apl. 14Geo. Me Fadden of New York knocks Island Sporting Club. They fought at 138 pounds; out "Joe" Gans, colored, of Baltimore, in twenty Matthews refused to further strike Sieloft in ninth third round, at New Broadway 1 (

round. Apl, 17—Pedlar" Palmer, of England, gets de July 14- "Tim" Kearns, of New York, knocke

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