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A Book of Information, General of the World, and

Special of New York City and Long Island.


Entered at the Brooklyn Post Office as Second Class Matter. Vol. XV., No. 1, of the EAGLE LIBRARY,
January, 1900. Issued Quarterly by the BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. Trade Mark “ Eagle"

registered. Yearly Subscription, One Dollar. Almanac Number, 25 cents.

Office of Publication,



2771373 ASTOR, LEBX AND TUEN MINDAMIOANE 1944 over ten It is thirteen

I have had no

I have had no

return of Asthma
years stuce my
years since you

Hay-Fever since last attack of

since beginning

your treatment Asthma. Use

cured my Asth your treatmen in 1891, and you my name and ma. I am as well

four years ago. I are at liberty to welcome.

will respond to

use mytestimony as any one at 79.

any inquiries.
Frank Ennis,
Mrs.J.L.Munroe, W. H.Hüger, M.D.

J. W. Gillespie,
Petaluma, Cal.
Rutland, Mass. Charleston, S.C.

Black River, N.Y.

Dr. Hayes

I deeply regret not having bad your treatment years ago. I would have been spared years of

suffering. Mrs.M.C.Church, Kansas City, Mo.

A year ago I expected to die very soon, and choke to death. Have had no Asthma since beginning your treatinent.

Mrs. J. Joles,
Sandwich, 111

Treatment for

I have had no return of Asthma since you cured me over five



I am free from Asthma and HayFever, and am working every day on my farm.

years ago. Mrs. Isaac Viall, Nayatt Point, R.I.

John Vincent, Pendleton, Kan.

I did not have Hay-Fever, Asthma, cough, or bronchitis last season. My general health is

improved. Mrs. Mattie Wells, Huntley, Minn.

I have been cured of Asthma for five years, and have taken no medicines in

that time. Rev. I. Wheelis, Everson, Wash.

is available at any sufferer's home.
There is no need of changing
climate or suspending your daily
duties. Read the words from
patients who have themselves been
cured. Ask them what we have
done for them, and ask us what we
can do for you. Advice is freely
and frankly given without charge.

Write for blank for free exami-
nation and opinion as to your
curability. Address

Buffalo, N. Y., U. S. A.
References everywhere to cured patients.

I am feeling all right, having

had no Asthma for over five vears. I am satisfied you can cure Asthma, George Wylie,

Leeds, Wis.

I have been entirely free from Hay-Fever for six years and do not believe it will

return. Mrs.Asber Miner, Wilkesbarre, Pa.

I had no faith, but took your treatment. For sirteen years I have been free

from Asthma. L. A. Bunnell, New Haven, Ct.

I have had no return of Hay-Fever or Asthma for over ten years. W. L. Wedger,

10 India St., Boston, Mass.

Your treatment for Hay Feverdid wonders for me. I suffered for years until I

found you.

A. M. Cloud,
Springdale, Tenn.

I have not had an attack of Asthma in four years, and am grateful to you.

H. N. Gale, Bristol, Conn.

Mention Eagle Almanac when writing to Dr. Hayes.


INDEX OF GENERAL CLASSIFICATIONS AND CHAPTERS. Astronomical Calculations..21-27 | Municipal Government...397-430 | Societies and Associations-Con. Banks...... 457-461 N. Y. State Government... 497-509 Mediral

271 Cemeteries.

.175, 176 Parks, Drives and Statues. 177-180 Miscellaneous Charitable Societies.. 300-334 Police Department .......433 436 Municipal Reform. Churches

.348-377 Political Organizations ..289-299 Musical.. City Boundaries... .170-174, Post Offices.

161-169 Patriotic & Commemorative 271 433-436, 558 Public Schools..

236-254 Religions. Educational Institutions..255-258 Railroads

379-396 School.. Elections... 539-556 Record of Events .657.576 Social

28: Ferries..... 393 Secret and Benefit Ass'ns. 194-228 Veteran Firemen.

8: Finances of City 472, 473 Societies and Associations. 262-293 War Veterans..

28. Fire Department 436-438 Alumni

268 Sports

108 149 Gazetteer of Suburban New

269 Street Directories.

37-61 York and long Island.....79.92 Business & Commercial..270-273 Taxation ....

.447-45: Insurance Companies... .462-467 Educational

.262-267 Tide Water Tables.

.30-54 Labor Organizations......229-235 Greek Letter

273 Temperance Organizat'ns.921-22: Long Island..... 94-104 Kindergarten

266 United States Government.430, Xaps....65-78, 888, 889, opp. 379 Literary and Dramatic...





Pagi Academy of Music Diagram... 577 Assessed Value Real Estate Borough Presidents....

89 Academy Music Dia., N. Y.... 603 (B'k'n), 447-450, (Manh'n)447-451 Boundaries ..

...17 Accident Insurance. 164 Assessment Dept., all Boro'ghs 418 Boundaries, Manhattan

170 Accidents, Railroad. 894 Assessments and Taxes.....447-451 Bowling

141 Accounts, Com’rs of, N. Y..... 403 Assessments & Taxes, Dept. of 418 Boxing.

118, 574 Adelphi College... 255 Assessments, State..

452 Boys' High School Org'tions. 264 Adelphi College Organizations 265 Assessors, Board of.

418 Breadstuffs Exported.. Adirondack Guide Association 341 Associations. 98-102, 110, 111, Bridge, Brooklyn.. Administrator, Public......426, 429 114, 116, 127, 184, 140, 147, 194, 262-293 Bridge Expenditures Advertisers' Index

16 Astronomical Calculations. 21 Bridge, New East River.. 48 Afro-American Clubs. 228 Asylums, Brooklyn .300, 303 Bridges Department..

414 Aged, Relief of.. .302, 315 Asylums, Manhattan .310, 816 Bridge, East River.

482, 48 Agriculture, Dept. of.. 512 Asylum Schools...

247 British-Boer War...

494 Aldermanic Districts. .171, 173 Athletics --Records, Clubs.. 111 | Broadway Theatre Diagram, Aldermen, Board of 400 | Atlantic Avenue Commission.. 422 Manhattan

59 Altitudes, all Boroughs. 152–155, 193 Attendance Officers, Schools.. 237 Bronx (Borough of)Alumni Associations 268 Auditing Bureau


404 Amateur Athletic Records. 111 Audit Department, Brooklyn.. 403 Assessment Department.. 411 Amateur Base Ball... 119 Automobile Club


358 86 Ambulance Service

.307, 310 Ambulance Districts..


404 B 553

40 Am. Association of Masters and Baggage Transfer Rates .....

Highways, Department of. 184 Local Board..

40 Pilots of Steam Vessels. 194 Bank Commission..

Map of..

70-7 American Cities Statistics .534-537 Bank Examiner


42 Imerica's Cup Yacht Race.... 136 Banks, Brooklyn...

Municipal Courts..
.457, 460, 461

397-42 American Legion of Honor.... 194 Banks of Long Island.

Police Department.

40 American Museum of Natural Banks, Manhattan

President of.

89 History .179, 257 Bank Stocks, Assessed Value 451

Real Estate Trans. and Mort. 45 American Republics, Bureau of 512 Bankruptcy Referees

431 Am. Theatre, Manhattan, Diag. 600 Baptist Churches...95, 348, 358,

Water Supply Department... 40 Amphion Theatre, B’klyp, Diag. 578

870, 373 Brooklyn (Borough of)A. O. Good Fellows..... 191 Barop de Hirsch Fund.

826 Aldermen... A. 0. of Hibernians.. 194 Base Ball .

..117-120 Assessments and Taxes...447-48
A. O. United Workmen 195 Benefit Associations........194-228 Associations..... 262-266, 268
Animals, Preve'n Cru'lty to, 304, 323 Benevolent and Protective Or. Art Clubs
Anniversaries of Weddings. 378 der of Elks.

Athletic Clubs.......

11 Annual Assessments, Boklyn 447-452 Best Records, Athletics

111 Banks....

.457, 460, 4€ Appellate Div., Sup. Ct.....428, 429 Bicycle Race, Six Days'. 123 Bonded Indebtedness.. Apportionment Board of 421 Bicycling-Records, Clubs. 123-130 Boundaries and Districts. 170, 1 Appraisers' Office..

430 Bijou Theatre, B‘klyn, Diagram 583 Bridges, Dep't of.. Arbitration, Court of. 423 | Bijou Theatre, Manhon, Diagom 597 Brooklyn Securities Area of Cities ..... ..471, 534, 586 Billiards.

132 Buildings, Dept of Area of Countries..

480 Blind, N. Y. State School for. 309 Building Loan Associations, Armory Com's, Board of. 422 Board of Aldermen


468 Army Reorganization... 432 Board of City Record, Manh'n 421 Building Operations... Arrears Depart., Brooklyn.. 403 Board Education. Cen'l Body. 236 Business Societies... Arrests 440 Board of Estimate.

Charitable Institutions. . 300-3 Art Clubs.. 269 Boards, Local

401 Charities, Public, Dep't of... Art Commissioners 422 Board of Pharmacy

421 Churches

348Arts and Sciences, Institute of 256 Board of Public Improvements 405 Clubs, Social Assay Office, U. S. 430 Boat Clubs..

147 Commemorative Societies... Assembly Districts, Brooklyn. 171 Boat Races... 133-137, 147-149 Correction, Dept of.. Assembly Districts, Manhattan 173 Boiler Insurance.

464 Council Districts.... Assembly, New York.......... 506 Banded Indebtedness, Kings Co 472 ('ouncilmen. Assemblymen, Vote... ..545, 54% Bonded Debt, Manhattan... 472 Courts

423-425, Assessed Value, Bank Stocks. · 451 Bonded Debt, Queens..., 473 Customs Districts and WareAssessed Value, Personal Prop Bonded Debt, Richmond. 473 houses erty.. .447-452 Bonded Warehouses...

189 Debt, City Assessments, Brooklyn.... 447-451 Bonds, Manhattan...

472 Docks and Ferries, Dept of.

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