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BOROUGH OF BROOKLYN STREET AND AVENUE DIRECTORY-Continued. 530 (B 8), from New York 60th to 65th (B 8), in- 86th (A 9), from New 94th (A 10), from New

bay, bet. 521 and 54th, clusive, from New York York bay, E. to Lake. York bay, E. to Ft. S. E. to West av.

bay, 8. E. to West 87th (A 9), from New Hamilton Parkway. 54th (B8), from New York av.

York bay, E. to Stewart 95th (A 10), from 2d av., bay, bet. 53d and 55th. 66th to 68th (A 8), in av.

E. to Ft. Hamilton Park S. E. to West av.

clusive, from New York 88th (A 9), from New way. 55th (B 8), from New bay, S. E. to 22d av,

ork bay, E. to 7th 96th® (A 10), from New York bay, bet. 51th and 70th (A 8), from New av.

York bay, E. to 4th av. 56th, S. E. to West av. York bay, n. pl. 89th (A 9), from New 97th to 99th (A 10), in56th (B8), from New E, to 8d av, and from York bay, E. to Stewart clusive, from New York York bay, bet. 55th and 7th av., at Silliman pl. av.

bay, E. to Ft. Hamilton 57th, S. E. to West av. to 22d av.

90th (A 9), from 2d av., Parkway. 57th (B 8), from New 71st to 74th (A 8), inclu- E. to Stewart av. 100th (A 10), from 3d av.,

York bay, bet. 56th and sive, from New York 91st (A9), from New York E. to Ft. Hamilton Park58th, S. E. to West av. bay, E. to 22d av.

bay, E. to 5th av.

way, 58th (B 8), from New 76th (A 9), from New 92d (A 9), from New 101st (A 10), from 4th av.,

York bay, bet. 57th and York bay, E. to Graves York bay, E. to 3d E. to Ft. Hamilton Park59th, $. E. to West av. end av. av.

way. 59th (B 8'. from New 76th to 85th (A 9), inclu- 93d (A 10), from New 102d' to 113th (B 10), in"York bay, bet. 58th and sive, from New York York

bay, E. to 3d clusive, from Battery 60th, S. E. to West av. bay, E. to Stillwell av. av.

av., E. to 7th av,

RAILROAD DEPOTS. Atlantic Coast Line-Via Pennsylvania R. R., Harlem Division-Grand Central Station, 4th foot W. 230 st., Cortlandt and Desbrosses sts., or av. and 420 st. via Brooklyn Annex, foot of Fulton st., Brooklyn. New York and Putnam Division-11th st. and

Baltimore and Ohio-Via Central R. R. of N. 8th av., Manhattan. Reached by 6th and 9th av. J. (to Philadelphia), foot Whitehall and Liberty elevated lines from Rector st. sts.

New York, Lake Erie and Western-Foot of Brooklyn Annex (part of the Penn. R. R. sys-Chambers and W. 23d sts. tem)-Foot Fulton st., Brooklyn.

New York, New Haven and Hartford R. R.Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach-(Via Canarsie Grand Central Depot, 420 st. and 4th av., and ferry). Opposite Howard House, Atlantic and Harlem River Branch-E. 129th st. and 3d av., Vesta avs., 26th Ward.

Reached from City Hall, Manhattan, via 2d and Boston and Albany-Via New York Central, New 3d av. elevated roads, York, New Haven and Hartford and Harlem R. New York, Ontario & Western-Foot of FrankR., Grand Central Station, 420 st. and 4th av. lín and W, 420 sts.

Central of New Jersey-Foot of Liberty and New York, Susquehanna and Western-Foot of Whitehall sts., N. R.

W. 234, (vrtlandt and Desbrosses sts. By BrookNew Jersey Southern Division-Foot of Rector yn Annex, foot of Fulton st. st, for boat via Sandy Hook, or foot Liberty st., Norfolk and Western R. R., via Penn. R. R.all rail.

Foot W. 23d st., Desbrosses and Cortlandt 9ts. Chesapeake and Ohio R. R.-Via Penn. R. R., Northern of New Jersey-Foot of Chambers and foot W, 230 st., Desbrosses and Cortlandt sis., W. 23d sts. Manhattan, Brooklyn Annex, foot Fulton st., Old Colony-Via Fall River Line, foot of MurBrooklyn.

ray st.; and by Brooklyn Annex, foot Fulton st., Coney Islani and Brooklyn-Franklin and De Brooklyn; via New York, New Haven and HartKalb avs., Franklin av. and Prospect Park, Frank ford R. R., 420 st. and 4th av. lin and Atlantic avs.

Pennsylvania R. R. and Branches-Foot of W. Delaware and Hudson R. R.-Via West Shore 230, Cortlandt ani -sbrusses sts. By Brooklyn R. R., foot Franklin and W. 42d sts., or N. Y. Annex, foot Fulton st. Central R. R., Grand Central station, 4th av. and Philadelphia and Reading, via Central R. R. 42d st.

of New Jersey-Foot of Liberty and Whitehall Delaware, Lackawanna and Western-Foot Bar

sts, clay and Christopher ste.

Port Jervis, Monticello and New York R. R., via Erie, “New York, Lake Erie and Western"- Erie R. R.-Foot Chambers st, and West 23d st. Foot of Chambers and W. 234 sts.

Prospect Park and Coney leland (B. R. T. Co.)Lehigh Valley-Foot of Cortlandt, Desbrosses Through trains from Brooklyn Bridge via Brookand W. 234 sts., Manhattan; by Brooklyn Annex, lyn Elevatel R. R. Cor. 9th av. and 20th st. and foot Fulton st.

5th av, and 36th st., Brooklyn, and foot of WhiteLong Island Railroad and branches-Foot of hall st. (in Summer). James Slip and E. 34th et., Manhattan.; Depot, Royal Blue Line (Central R. R. of N. J.; PhilaLong Island City; Brooklyn Depots: Flatbush and delphia and Reading R. R. and Baltimore and Atlantic avs.

Bedford Station, Frankiin and At-Ohio R. R.– New York to Washington)-Foot of lantic avs. East New York Station, Manhattan Liberty and Whitehall sts. Crossing, Brooklyn Bridge station, and Adams Sea Board Air Line, via Penn. R. R.-Foot of and Johnson sts. station for Rapid Transit to Ja-W. 234 st., Desbrosses and Cortlandt sts, Manmaica.

hattan; Brooklyn Annex, Fulton st., Brooklyn. Manhattan Beach Division-Foot of Whitehall Southern Railroad-Via Penn. R. R., foot of et. James Siip and E. 34th st., Manhattan. Flat- | Desbrosses and (brtlandt sts., foot of W. 233 st., bush and Atlantic avs. and foot of 65th st., Brook- Manhattan, By Brooklyn Annex,

Fulton st., lyn.

Brooklyn New Jersey and New York-Foot of Chambers Staten Island R. R.-Foot Whitehall st. and W. 23d sts.

West Shore R. R.--Foot of Franklin and W. 120 New York and Greenwood Lake-Foot of Cham- sts, Manhattan. (ertain trains leave from Pennbers and W. 23d sts.

sylvania R. R. Depot, Jersey City.
New York and Long Branch-Via Central R. R.
of N. J., foot of Liberty and Whitehall sts.; or

Scientific Sewerage.
Penn. R. R., foot Cortlandt and Desbrosses and
W, 231 sts.. or Vew Jersey Southern Ry., foot

The city of Manchester, England, is completing Rector st. Also by Brooklyn Annex Ferry, foot of a new sewerage system which will have cost less

than $5,000,000. It causes the sewage to flow through Fulton st.

New York and New England-Norwich line, foot pipes to a farm of twelve thousand acres. There it of Spring st.; or via New York, New Haven and passes through a series of precipitation tanks and Hartford R. R., 4th av. and 42d st.

is otherwise scientifically treated. A thousand New York and Rockaway Beach-Foot James and incorporated with the soil of the farm. The

cubic yards of solid matter is thus arrested daily slip and E. 34th st., Manhattan., and Long Is and remaining fluid is still further clarified by filtering City, also Flatbush and Atlantic avs, Brooklyn. and other methods, with still further benefit to the

New York Central and Hudson River-Grand soil. And finally the residue. water not exactly Central Depot, 420 st. and 4th av.; also 10th av. limpid but innocuous and inoffensive, is permitted and 13th st.

to flow into the river.

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DIRECTORY. SPECIALLY COMPILED FOR THE EAGLE ALMANAC BY Trow's New YORK CITY DIRECTORY Co. Note that in case of long thoroughfares important cross streets with corner numbers are given. With these numbers and by referring

to the maps the location of any point in the city can readily be ascertained. The prefix West is given to all cross streets in the Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth Wards lying west of the avenue (known as Broadway) which runs from a point in the vicinity of Kingsbridge to Yonkers, and that the prefix East is given to all cross streets lying east of said avenue and the Harlem River.

The letters following names indicate position of the thoroughfare on the Almanac maps. Where there are no letters, the streets are in the annexed district, shown on the sixth page of the sectional maps.

NOTE-Borough of the Bronx. It has not been possible at the time of this compilation to give the streets East of the Bronx River. Although they have been mapped out, no names as yet have been given them. Those streets West of the Bronx River have been compiled from the maps of the Board of Public Improvements, giving the old and the new names of the streets. Abattoir pl. (A 4), W. 39th, Arcularius pl., now that Barney (B13), from W. Berry, now that part of E.

bet. 11th av. and N. R. part of É 169th, bet. 216th, È. of Cayuga av., 179th, from Morris to Abingdon sq. (B3),Bleeck Gerard and Sheridan N. W. and N. E. to New Anthony avs. er st., from Bank to 8th avs.

ton av.

Bethune (A 3), from 591 av., from No.2 to 20 8th Arlington av. (B 13), from Barretto (D 11), from Hudson, w to N. R. av., and from 585 to 609

Kappock, bet. Nether East River, N. to Inter- Bible house (B3),on E.8th Hudson. land and Fairfield avs., vale av.

st., 4th av., E. 9th st. Academy (B 12), from N. to Independence av. Barrow (2), from 134 and 3d av.

Harlem River, N. of Armand pl. (B 13), from Wash'n pl., W. to N. R. Birel, now that part of E.
Dyckman, W. to Sea Perot, bet. Boston and Barry (C1i), f'm Leggett| 169th, bet. E. 167th and
man av.
Sedgwick avs., S.

av., bet. Cabot and Du Boscobel av. Ackerman, now called Cor. Arthur as. (C 12), from pont, N. E. to Tiffany. Birmingham (C2), from lear av.

Crotona pk. N., W. of Bassford av. (B 12), from 81 Henry, S. to Madison. Adams pl. (B 12), from Crotona av N. to Pel 781 E 1820, N. to 3d av. Bishop's la. (B2), fruin E, 182d E. of Quarry rd. hain av.

Batavia (C2), from 78 174 Chambers, S. to WarN. to Crescent av. Ash, now that part of E. Roosevelt, E. to James. ren. Alamo av. (B 13), from W. 178th, bet. Creston and Bathgate av. (C 11), from Bla-kstone av. (B 13), 247th at Highland av., N. Anthony avs.

765 Wendover av., N. to from Spuyten Duyvil aud W. to Riverdale av. Ashland pl. (B3), Perry E. 191st.

pk'way, al w. 237th, N. Albany (B1), from 122 st., bet. Greenwich av. Battrry pk. (B1), ft. to W. 256th. Greenwich. W. to N. R. and Waverly pl.


Bleecker (B 3), from 318 Albany rd (B 13), from Ashley (B 13), frou B'way Battery pl. (B 1), from 1 Bowery, W. and N. to Bailey av., bet. E. 230th opp. Terrace View av., B'way, W. to N. R.

8th av. and E. 231st, N. E. to E. to Spuyten Duyvil Baxter (B2), from 166 138 139 W. Broadway. VanCortlandt pk. S. creek.

Park row, N. to Grand. Bloomfield (A 3), from 7 Alden pl (C 12), from 4297 Astor pl. (C3), from 744 Bayard (C2), from 70 Di 10th av., W. to N R. Park av., W. to Webster Broadway, E. to 3d vision, W. to Baxtec. Bolton rd. (A 13), from av.


Beach (B9), from 250 W. Broadway rd. and Dyck. Aldus (D 11), from 2060 S. Attorney (C2), from 236 B'wa, W. to N. R. man, N. W. to Spuyten

Boulevard, E. to Whit Division, N. to E. Hous- Beach av. (D 10), from Duyvil creek.
lock av.

S. Boulevard, bet. Crane Bond (B3), from 658 Alexander av. (C 9), from Audubon av. (A 11), from and Dater, N. to E. 156th. B'way, E. to Bowery. Harlem River, N. to 3d W. 158th, bet. Amster- Beach ter. (C10), from Boone (D 12), from Free

dam av. and Broadway, Crimmins av., bet. Oak man, bet. West Farms 113 112 S. Boulevard. N. to Fort George av. ter. and St Mary's, E. to rd. and Westchester av., 251 250 E. 138th. Audubon pk. (A 10), bet. Beekman av.

N. to E. 176th. 355 354 E. 142d.

W. 155th and W. 158th Beaumont av. (C19), from Boscohel av. (B 11), from Alexander Hamilton pk., and Broadway and 12th 971 Grote, N. to E. 109th. Jerome av.,

opp. Crombet. 9th av. and 10th av. av.

Beaver (B1), from 8 well av., N. W. to Aqueand W.271h and W. 28th. Austin pl. (D 10), from Broadway, E. to Pearl

duct av. Allen (C2), from 104 Divi 1085 St. Joseph's, N. E. Beck (C 10), from 624 Rob- Boston av. (B13), from sion, N. to E Houston. to Whitlock av.

bins av., E. to Intervale Bailey av., Albany Amsterdam av. (15), con- Av. A (C2), from 230 E. av.

av., N. E. to Heath av. tinuation of 10th

Houston, N. to E. 93d. Bedford (B3), from 180 Boston rd. (C 11), from from W. 59th, N. to W.225 224 E. 14th.

W. Houston, N. to Chris. 3258 3d av., N. E to 218th. 281 372 E 23d.


Bronx River. 535 W. 86th.

Av. B (C2), from 294. E. Beekman (B2), from 31 Boulevard, now called 936 W 106th.

Houston, N. to E. 79th. Park row, S. E. t6 E. R. Broadway. 1315 W. 125th. 232 231 E. 14th.

Beekman av. (D 10), from Boulevard i afayette (A10) 1917 W. 155th.

Av. C (C2), from 358 E. E. 141st, bet Crimmins from Broadway, 0. W. Anderson av. (B 11), from Houston, N. to E. R. and Cypress avs., N. to 156th, N. to Dyckman. 885 Jerome av., N. to Av. D (C2), from 426 E St. Mary's.

Boulevard pl. (B9), W. Marcher av.

Houston, N. to E. R. Beekman pl. (C5), from 130th, bet. 5th and 6th Andrews av. (B12), from B st. (A 12), from Dyck 429 E. 49th, N. to E. 51st avs. Aqueduct av., bet. Mont man, W. of Prescott av., Belmont (B 12), from Ma-Bowery (B2), from 13 gomery av. and E, 176tb, S.

comb's rd. at Feather Chatham sq., N. to 4th N. to Fordham rd. Bacon (D 11), from East bed la., E. to Webster av. Ann (B1), from 222 Broad River, N. to Edgewater av.

284 279 E. Houston. way, E. to Gold.


Belmont av. (C12), from Bowling gr. (B 1), from Anna pl. (C1I), from 1354 Bailey av. (B 12), from E. 176tb, bet. Arthur and Whitehall, W. to State.

Webster av., E. to Brook Sedgwick av, opp. E. Crotona avs., N. to Pel- Bowling gr. pk. (B 1), ft. av. 189th, N. to Van Cort- ham av.

Broadway. Anthony av. (C 12), from landt pk. S.

Belmont pl. (C12), from Bradhurst av. (A 10), from Clay av, at E. 173d, N. Bainbridge av. (

B12), 3d v s. of Lorillard pl., junc. of Edgecombe av. to the Coucourse. from 623 Kingsbridge S. ti Arthur av.

and W. 142d, N. to W. Aqueduct av. (B11), from rd., N. E. to Woodlawn Belvedere pl. (A 4), W. 155th. E. 170th, opp. Lind av., rd.

30th, bet.9th and 10th avs. Bridge (

B1), from 15 N. to Kingsbridge rd. Bank (A 3), from 85 Green- Benson (B), from 107 State, E. to Broad, Aqueduct av. E. (B 12), wich av., W. to N. R. Leonard, N.

Briggs av. (B 13), from from E. 180th, w. of Barclay (B1), from 227 Bergen av. (C. 10), from E. 194th bet. Valentine Harrison av., N. to E. B'way, W. to N R. 456 Willis av., N. E. to

. to 이

and Bainbridge avs. N.E. 184th. - 53 W. Broadway.

Brook av.

to Mosholu pkway.



BOROUGHS OF MANHATTAN AND BRONX STREET AND AVENUE DIRECTORY-Continened. Bristow (C 12), from 1819, Cabot (C 11) from East Central pk. S. (B 6), W. Clinton av. (C 11), from

Stebbins av., N. to Bos River, N. to Leggett av. 59th, from 5th av., to 8th 907 E. 169th, N. to E. ton rd. Cambreling av. (C12), av.

1820. Broad (B 1), from 21 Wall, from 951 Grote, N. to Central pk. W. (A 6), 8th Clinton et. (B3), r. 120 8. to E. R. Pelham av.

av., from W. 59th to W. W. 8th st. Broadway (B1), from 1, Cambridge av.(B 13), from 110th.

Clinton mkt.( A 3), Canal Battery pl., N. to Spuy. w. 2321, at Oxford av., Centre (B2), from the c. West ten Duyvil creek. N. to Riverdale av.

Park, N. to Broome. Clinton pl. is now E, and 907 210 Fulton. Cameron pl. (B 19), from 155 158 Canal.

W 8th sts. 271 - Chambers.

2168 Jerome av., E. to Centre mkt. (B8), Grand, Clinton pl., 24th ward 417 416 Canal. Morris av. c. Centre.

(B 12), from Aqueduct 461 458 Grand.

Canal (C2), from 182 East (entre mkt. pl. (B3), av, bet. E. 181st and E. 641 640 Bleecker.

Broadway, w. to N. R. from 172 Grand, N. to 182, E. to Grand av. 853 858 E. 14th. 282 283 Broadway.


Clover, now that part of 957 958 E 23d.

384 375 W. Broadway. Chambers (B2), from 96 E. 179th, from Daly av.E. 1311 1300 W. 34th. Canal pl. (C9), from the Park row, W. to N. R. Coenties' al. (B1), from 1467 1470 W. 42d. head" of Mott Haven 69 Broadway.

73 Pearl to 40 Stone 1805 1810 W, 59th.

canal, N. to W. 144th. 132 131 W. Broadway. Coenties' sl. (B1), from 66 2079 --W. 72d.

Canalst. W. (C9), from E. Charles (B3), from 37 Pearl, s. to E.R. 2315 2318 W. 84th.

135th, bet. Park av, and Greenwich av., W. to Cole, now that part of E. 256 W. 96tb Mott Haven Canal, N. to N. R.

194th, from Bainbridge 2755 2756 W. 106th.

E. 188th.

Charles la. (A 3), from 692 to Webster avs. 3137 3184 W. 125ch. Cannon (C3), from 588 Washington, W. to West. Cole's pl. (C 12) from 585 3929 W. 135th. Grand, N. to E. Hous Charlotte (

C12), from Kingsbridge rd, E. to 8741 3749 W. 155th.


Jennings, bet. Wilkins Bainbridge av. 4341 W. 185th. Cannon pl. (B 13), from pl. and Minford pl., N. to College av. (B10),from 489 5100 W. 219th. Giles pl., N. of Heath Crotona pk. E.

E. 141st, N. to Teller av. Broadway, 24th ward (B av., W. & N. to E. 238t1. Charlton (B3), from 29 Collister (B2), from 51

13), from Spuyten Duy. Carlin pl., now that part Macdougal, W. to N. R. Beach, N. to Laight. vil creek, N. and N. É. of Valentine av., N. of Chatham sq. (B2), from 2 Columbia C 3), from 520 to city line. E. 199th.

Mott, E. & S. to Oliver. Grand,N. to E. Houston Broadway al. (C4), from Carlisle (B1), from 112 Cheever pl. (C 10), from Columbia pl. (C3), 386 8th

153 E. 26th, N. to E. 27ch. Greenwich, W. to N. R. 334 River av., E. to Mott st. Bronx (C12), from 1343 Carman pl. (A 10), Am av.

Columbine, now that part Tremont av., N. to E.

sterdam av.,

bet. W. Chelsea sq. (A +), bet. 9th of E. 183d, E. of Arthur 181st. 152d and W. 1580.

and 10th avs. and W. 20th av. Bronx pk. (C 13), N. of Carmine (B 3), from No. 1 and W, 21st.

Columbus av. (A 6), conE. 1824 and Van Nest, to 6th av., W. to Varick. Cherry (B2), from 340 tinuation of 9th av. from E. 205th and E. of South Caroline (B2), from 211 Pearl, E. to E. R.

W. 59th, N. to W. 127th. ern Boulevard and Web Duane, N. to Jay. Chestnut (B9), from 8 254 257 W. 720. ster av, to a point E. of Carr (C10), from 708 Ger Oak, N. to Madison. 534 W. 86th. Bronx River.

man pl., E. to St. Ann's Chisholm (D 11), from 1229 934 935 W. 106th. Bronx River rd., now that av

Intervale av., N. to Jen- Commerce (B 3), from 286 part of W. bster av. N. Carroll pl. (B 11), from nings.

Bleecker, W. to Barrow. of E. 233d.

Sheridan bet. E. ('hristopher (B3), from 3 ('ommerce av. (B11), from Brook ar. (C9), from 779 164th and E. 165th, N. to Greenwich av., w. to Sedgwick av. opp. UnE. 1320 N. to Wendover McClellan.

N. R.

dercliff av., W. and N. av.

Carter av. (C 12), from Chrystie (B 2), from 44 to E. 176th. Brookline, now E. 1930 E. 173d, bet. Anthony Division, N. to E. Hous Concord av. (D 10), from and also that part of E and Webster avs., N. to ton.

E. 141st, bet. Robbins and 194th from Kingsbridge Tremont av.

Church (B2), from 99 Wales avs., N. to Kelly. rd. to Bainbridge av. Casanova (D 11), from Liberty, N. to Canal. Concourse (B 10), from Broome (C3). from 15 Edgewater road, bet City Hall pk. (C2), bet. E. 101st, opp. Mot av., East, W. to Hudson. Tiffany and Barretto, N. Chambers and Mail and N. to Mos holu P'kway. 337 336 Bowery. to Spofford av.

Ceutre, Park row and Congress (B3), from 177 441 442 Broadway. Caswell (D11),fr'm Drake Broadway.

W.Houston, S. to King. 499 500 W. Broadway. bet. Edgewater rd, and City Hall pl. (B2), from 15 Conover av., now called Brown pl. (C10), from Ryawa av., E, to East Chambers, N.E. to Pearl. East Bay av. 753 E. i320, N to E. 138th. River.

City Hall sq. (B2), "the Convent av. (A 9), from Bryant (1 11), from East Catharine (C2), from 1 open space from Tryon Columbus av. and W.

River N. to E. 1820. Division, S. to Cherry. row to Spruce st." 127th, N. to W. 152d and Bryant sq. (B 5), bet. 5th Catharine la. (B 2), from Claremont av. (A 9), from St. Nicholas av.

and 6th avs., and W. 344 B'way, E. to Elm. W. 116th, bet. Broadway Convent Hill (A 9), W. 40th and W. 42d. Catharine mkt. (C2), ft. and Riverside av., N. to 130th, bet. St Nicholas Buchanau pl. (B12), from Catharine.

W. 127th.

and Convent avs. Aqueduct av., bet. E. Catharine sl. (C 2), from laremont pk. (C 12), bet. Cooper (B 12), from Aca18:4d and E. 183d, E. to 115 Cherry, S. to E. R. Belmont on the N. & E. demy, bet. B'way & Sea. Jerome av.

Cauld well av. (C 10), from 170th on the S. & Clay man av., N. to Isham. Burkhout (B 12), from 849 Westchester av., N av. on the E., to Teller & Cooper sq. (B 3), at junc. Tremont av., bet, Cres to Boston rd.

Morris avs, on the W. tion of 3d and 4th avs. ton av. and the Con- Cayuga av. (B 13), from Clark (C 19), from Valen Cooper Union (B3), on course, E. to Ryer av. Waldo av., bet. W. 21!4 tine av., 8. of E. 184th, 4th av., 7th st., 3d av. Burling sl. (B2), from 234 and W. 244th, E. and N. E. to Tiebout av.

and Astor pl. Pearl, S. E. to E. R. E. to W.246th,

Clarke (B2), from 538 Corlear av. (B 18), from Burnet pl. (C 12), from Cedar (B 9), from 181 Broome, N. to Spring. Spuyten Duyvil creek, Garrison av., bet. Long- Pearl, W. to N. R. Clarke pl. (B11), from In bet. Kingsbridge & Tib wood and Lafayette 90 89 Broadway.

wood av., N. of E. bett avs., N. to B'way, avs., S.E. to Tiffany. Cedar av. (B 12), from 169th,

Corlears (C 3), from 587 Burnside av. (B12), from Sedgwick av, S. of E. E. to the Concourse. Grand, S. to E. R

Sedgwick av bet. E 177th, N. to Fordham rd. Clay av. (C 11), from 2391 Corlears Hook pk. (C3), 178th and E. 179th, E. 10 Cedar la., from 329 E 150th Park av.. N. to E. 176th. bet. Corlears & Jackson Tremont av


Cliff (C1), from 101 John, & Cherry & South.
Bush (B 12), from the Cedar pks. (B 11). bet. N. E. to Hague. Cornelia (B3), from 138

Concourse, bet. E. 179th E. 151st and E. 158th and Clifford pl. (B 12), from W 4th, W to Bleecker.
and Burnside av. E. to Mott and Walton avs. 1718 Jerome av., E. to Cortlandt (B9), from 171
Anthony av.
Central pk. (B 3), bet. 5th Walton av.

Broadway, W. 'to N. R. C st. (A 13), from Dyck & 8th avs., & W. 59th & Clinton (t'3), from 293 E. Cortlandt al (B2), from man, W. of B st., S. W. 110th.

Houston, S. to E. R. T 270 Canal,s. to Franklin.

sq. N.

BOROUGHS OF MANHATTAN AND BRONX STREET AND AVENUE DIRECTORY-Continued. Coster (D 11) from Edg - Daly av. (1) 12), from 1207 Dunham pl. (B 6), 142 W.E. 220 (B 4). from 165 5th water rd. bet. Manida E. 176th, N. to E. 182d. 133d.

av., E. to E R and Faile, N. to Hunts Dater (D 10), from 494 Dunscomb pl. (C5), E. E. 230 (B4), from 185 5th Point rd

Trinity av., E. to S. Bou- 50th, bet. 1st av. and av., E, to E. R. Cottage pl. (B3), Han- levard.

Beekman pl.


58 4th av. cock st.

Davidson av. (B 12), from Dupont (C 11), from East 163 164 3d av. Cottage pl., 24th ward, E. 177th, bet. Tremont River, N to Leggett av. 351 350 1st av.

now called Crotona pl. and Jerome avs., N. to Dutch (B 2), from 49 John, E. 24th (B 4), from 11 Courtlandt av. (C 10), Kingsbridge rd.

N. to Fulton.

Madison av., E. to E. R. from 2773 3d av., N. to E. Dawson(D 10), from Wales Dyckman (B 12), from E. 251h (P4), from 21 163d.

av, at Westchester av., Harlem R., S. of Acad. Madison av., E. to E. R. Crane (D 10), from 446 N. E. to Intervale av. emy, N. W. to N. R. E. 26th (B6), from 215

Robbins av., E. to Timp- Decatur av. (C1"), from Eagle av (C 10), from 853 5th av., E. to E. R. son pl.

681 Kingsbridge rd., N.E. E. 149th, N to E. 163d. E. 27th (B 4), from 231 Crane pl., now that part of to Mosholu p'kway. East (D 3), from 750 Wa 5th av., E. to 1st av.

Clay av., N. of E. 174th. DeKalb av. (C_13), from ter, N. to Rivington. E. 28th (B 4), from 249 5th Craven (C11), from Edge- E. 208th, bet. Jerome and East Bay av. (c il), from av., E. to E. R.

water rd., bet. Truxton Kossuth avs., N. to E. Cabot, bet. East River E. 29th (B +), from 263 and Worthen, N. and W. 213th.

and E. Boulevard, E. to 5th av., E. to E. R. to Dawson. Delafield av. (B 13), from Bronx River.

E. 30th (B4), from 281 Crescent av. (B 13), from W. 240th, bet. Independ- E. Broadway (B2), from 5th av., E. to E R.

Arthur av., at E. 1830, ence av. and Half Moon 19 Chatham sq., E. to €. 31st (B 6), from 299 5th
N. E. to E. 187th.
pl., N. to W.247th.

av., E. to E. R. Creston av. (B 12), from Delancey (C2), from 181 East End av. (C7), con- E. 32d (B 5), from 313 5th

Tremont av., bet. Morris Bowery, E to E. R. tinuation of Av. B from av., E. to E. R. av, and Buckbout, N. to Denman pl., now that part E. 79th N. to E 89th. E. 330 (B 5), from 331 5th Minerva pl.

of E. 160th, bet. Forest E. Houston (B 3), from 608 av., E. to E. R. Crimmins av. (C 10), from and Union avs.

Broadway, E. to E. R. E. 34th (B 5),from 353 6th E. 141st, bet. St. Ann's Depau pl. (B3), 185 and E. River pk. (C7), bet. E. av., E. to E R. and Beekman avs., N. to 187 Thompson.

End av, and E. R., and 63 72 Park av. St. Mary's.

Depew pl. (C5), from E E. 84th and E. 89th sts 167 166 3d av. Cromwell av. (B 10), from 420, bet. Vanderbilt and E. Varian av., now that 319 344 1st av. E. 150th, W of River av., Lexington avs. N. to E. part of E. 234th, bet. E. 35th (B 5),from 371 5th N. to Macomb's rd. 45th.

B'way and Bailey av. av., E to E. R. Crosby. (B 3), from 28 Depeyster (CI), from 137 E. 4th (B3), from 694 E. 36th (B 5), from 387 5th Howard, N. to Bleecker. Water, s to E. R.

Broadway, E. to E. R. av., E. to E. R. Croshy pl. (A 13), from Depot pl. (B 11), from E. Sth (B 3), from 7 5th E. 37th (B 5),from 405 5th Prescott av. n. Nichols Harlem River, S. of High av., E. to E. R.

av., E. to E. R. pl., N.E. and W. to Pres Bridge, E. to Serdgwick E. 9th (B 3), from 21 5th E. 38th (B 5),from 421 5th cott av. av av., E. to E. R.

av., E. to E R. Cross pl., now that part of Depot sq. E. (C 13), from Note. — The numerical E. 39th (B 5),from 439 5th

E. 172d, bet. Jerome and Depot sq., 8.,N. to Depot streets running east from av., E. to E. R.
Townsend avs.

5th avenue, with the ex-E. 401 h (B 5),from 457 5th Crotona av. (C 11), from Depot sq_N. (C 13), from ception of E. 10th st., are av., E. to E, R.

1375 Boston rd., N. to s. 2038 Webster av., E. to numbered on their north. E. 41st (B 5), from 477 5th Boulevard

Depot sq. E.

least and southeast corners av., E. to E. R. Crotona pk. (C 12), bet. Depot sq. S. (C 13), from according to the following E 420 (B 5), from 501 5th Tremont av. and Cro 2900 Webster av., E. to system :

av., E to E. R. tona pk. N., on the N. to Depot sq. E.


19 26 Madison av. Crotona pk. S., on the S. Desbrosses (B2), from 195 1 2 5th av.

163 164 8d av. and Crotona pk. E. and Hudson, W. to N. R. 101 100 4th av and Park av 245 238 2d av. Arthur av, on the E., to Devoe, now that part of E. 201 200 3d av.

E. 430 (B 5), from 511 5th Fulton and 3d avs. on 165th west of Jerome av 301 300 2d av.

av., E. to E. R. the W. De Witt Clinton pk., bet. 401 400 1st av.

E. 44th (B6), from 529 5th Crotona pk. E.(C12), from 11th av. and Hudson R. 501 500 Av. A and Pleas av., E. to E. R. Prospect av., N. of Bos and W52 and W. 54th. ant av.

E. 45th (B ), from 545 5th ton rd., N. E to S. Boule- Dey (B2), from 191 Broad-601 600 Av.B and E.End av. av., E. to E. R. vard.

way, W. to N. R.
701 700 Av. C.

E. 46th (B 5), from 561 5th Crotona pk. N.(C12), from Division (B2), from 1 801 800 Av. D.

av., E. to E. R. Arthur av., S. of E. 175th, Bowery, E. to Grand. E. 10th (B 3), from 33 5th E. 47th (B 5), from 575 5th E. and N. to E. 175th, Drick, now that part of E. av., E. to E. R.

av., E. to E. R. Crotona pk. S. (C 12), from 177th, bet. Harlem River 59 62 Broadway. E. 48th (B 5), from 593 5th Fulton av., opp.St. Paul's and Sedgwick av. 243 242 1st av.

av., E. to E. R. pl., E. to Prospect av. Dominick (B3), from 13 E. 11th (B 3), from 41 5th E. 49th (B 5), from 609 5th Crotona pk. W.(C12), Full Clarke, W. to Hudson. av.. E. t. E. R

E. to E. R. ton av. from St. Paul's Dongan (D11), from West E. 12th (B 3), from 51 5th E. 50th (B 6), from 623 5th pl. to E. 175th. chester av. opp. E. 1620, av., E. to E. R.

av., E. to E. R. Crotona p'kway (C12), E. to S. Boulevard. E. 13th (B 3), from 61 5th E. 51st (B 6), from $37 5th from Crotona pk., at Donnybrook, now called av., E, to E. R.

av., E. to E. R. Crotona pk. N., N. E. E. 196th.

E. 14th (B 3), from 67 5th E. 520 (B 6), from 653 5:h and N. to Bronx pk. Dorothea pl. (C 11), from av., E. to E. R.

av., E. to E. R. Crotona pl. (C 12), from 2454 Marion av., E. to 50 Broadway. E, 530 (B 6), from 671 5th St. Paul's pl, bet. 3d and Decatur av.

152 3d av.

av., E. to E. R. Fulton avs., N. to E Dover (B 2), from 310 443 444 Av. A.

E. 54th (B6), from 685 5th 171st.

Pearl, S. to E. R. E. 15th (B +), from 71 5th av., E. to E. R. ('uthbert la., now called Downing (B3), from 216 av., E. to E. R.

E. 55th (B 6), from 703 5th W. 261st.

Bleecker, W. to Varick. E. 16th (B4), from 81 5th av.. E. to E. R. Cuyler's al, (B1), from Doyers (B2), from 13 av., E. to E. R.

E. 56th (B 6), from 719 5th 28 South, W. to Water.

Chatham sq., N. to Pell. E. 17th (B +), from 93 5th av., E to E. R. Cypress av. (D 9), from Drake (D 11), from E. av., E. to E. R.

E.57th (B 6), from 737 5th Bronx Kills, N. to St. River, N. to Seneca av. E. 18th (B4), from 107 5th av., E. to E. R. Mary's. Dry Dock (C3), from 423 av., E. to E. R.

E. 58th (B 6), from 753 5th D st. (A 13), from Dyck E. 10th, N. to E. 12th. E. 19th (B +),from 177 5th av., E. to ER. man, W. of C st, S. Duane (B), froin 40 Rose, av., E. to E. R.

E. 591h (B 6), from 781 5th Dahlgren (D 11), from W. to NR

E. 20th (B 0.from 133 5th av., E to E. R. Ryawa av. at Edge 88 89 Broadway. av, F. to E. R.

23 32 Madison av. water rd., N. to Edge. Duncomb pl., (

B9), E. E. 21st (B4); from 117 5th 165 161 3d av. water rd. 128th, bet. 2d and 3d avs. av., E. to E. R.

347 350 1st av.


5th av.,

BOROUGHS OF MANHATTAN AND BRONX STREET AND AVENUE DIRECTORY-Continued. E. Goth (B6), from 787 5th E. 100th (B 8), from 1189 E. 1330 (B 9), from 5th E. 157th (B10), from av., E to E. R.

5th av., E. to Harlem R. av., E. to Harlem R. Cromwell's creek, E. to E 61st (B6), from 799 5th E. 101st (B8), from 1199 E. 133d, 23d ward (C9), St. Ann's av av., E. to E. R.

5th av., E. to Harlem R. from 112 Cypress av., E. E. 168th (B 10), from 800 E. 620 (B 6), from 809 5th E. 1020 (B8), from 1209 to Locust av.

River av., E. to Westav., E. to E. R.

5th av., E. to Harlem R.E. 134th (B 9), from 2199 chester av. E. 630 (B 6), from 817 5th E. 1030 (B 8), from 1219 5th av., E. to Harlem R. E. 159th (B 10), from 840 av., E. to E. R.

E. to Harlen. R. E. 134th, 23d ward (C Walton av., E. to Eagle E. 64th (B6), from 829 5th E. 104th (B8), from 1229 9), from W. of 3d av., av. av., E. to E. R.

5th av., E. to Harlem R. E. to East River. E. 160th (C 10), from 842 E. 65th (B 6), from 889 5th E. 105th (B8), from 1239 E. 135th (B9), from 5th Morris av., E. to West. av., E, to E R. 5th av., E. to Harlem R. av., E. to Harlem R.

chester av. E. 661h (B 6), from 849 5th E. 106th (B8), from 1249 E. 135th, 23d ward (CE. 161st (B 10), from 868 av., E. to E. R

5th av., E. to Harlem R. 9), from 2457 Park av., Summit av., E. to ProsE. 67th (B6), from 856 5th E. 107th (B8), from 1259 E. to East River.

pect av. av., E. to E.R.

5th av., E. to Harlem R. E. 136th (B 9), from 2211 E. 1620 (B 11), from 984 E. 68th (B6), from 869 5th E. 108th (B8), from 1269 5th av.. E. to Harlem R. Summit av., E. to Westav., E, to E. R.

5th av., E. to Harlem R. E. 136th, 23d ward (C chester av. E. 69th (B 6), from 879 5th E. 109th (B8), from 1279 9), from 190 Rider av., E. 1630 (B 11), from av., E. to E. R. 5th av., E. to Harlem R. E to East River.

Ogden av., E. to StebE. 70th (B6), from 884 5th E. 1101h (B8), from 1286 E. 137th (B 9), from 2261 bins av. av., E. to E R.

5th av., E. to Harlem R. 5th av., E. to Harlem R. E. 164th (B 11), from 988 E. 71st (B6), from 889 5th E. 111th (B8), from 5th E. 137th, 230 ward (C Summit av., E. to Trinity av., E. to E R. av., E. to Harlem R.

av. E. 720 (B 7), from 909 5th E. 112th (B8), from 5th E. to East River. av., E. to E. R.

av., E. to Harlem R. E. 138th (B 9), from 2281 Sedgwick av., N. of Lind E. 730 (B 7), from 919 5th E. 113th (B9), from 5th 5th av., E. to Harlem R av., E. to Westchester av., E. to E. R.

av., E. to Harlem R. E. 138th, 23d ward (B av. E. 71th (B7), from 927 5th E. 114th (B9), from 5th 9), from Harlem R., E. E. 166th (B 11), from 1120 av., E. to E. R. av., E. to Harlem R. to East River.

Lind av., E. to Prospect E. 7th (B7), from 939 5th E. 1151h (B 9), from 5th E. 139th (B9), from 2301 av. av., E. to E. R.

av., E. to Harlem R. 5th av., E. to Harlem R. E. 167th (B11), from HarE. 76th (B 7,) from 919 sth E. 116th (B 9), from 5th E. 139th, 23d ward (C lem River, E. to Westav., E. to E. R.

av., E. to Harlem R. 10), from 276 Rider av, chester av. E. 77th (B7), from 959 6th 97 80 Park av.

E, to East River. E. 108th (B 11), from E. av. E. to E R. 187 184 3d av.

E. 140th (B10), from 167th, bet. Lawrence and E. 78th (B7) from 969 5th 453 454 Pleasant av. 2321 5th av., E. to Har- Lind avs., E. to Prospect av., E. to E. R. E. 117th (B 9), from 5th lem River.

av. E. 79th (B7), from 979 5th av., E. to Harlem R. E. 140th, 23d ward, (CE. 169th (B 11), from av., E. to E. R.

E, 118th (B9), from 5th 10), from 2624 Park'av., Sedgwick av., N. of_De89 82 Park av. av., E. to Harlem R. E, to East River.

pot pl., S. and E. to Fox. 185 186 2d av,

E. 119th (B9), from 5th E. 141st (B 10), from 2341 E. 170th (B 11), from 439 444 AV. A.

av., E. to Harlem R. 5th av., E. to Harlem R. Aqueduct av., opp. High E. Soth (B 7), from 989 5th E. 120th (B 9), from 5th E. 141st, 280 ward. (C Bridge, E. and N. to Bosav., E. to E R.

av., E. to Harlem R. 10), from 2620 3d av., E ton rd. E. S1st (B7), from 999 5th E. 121st (B9), from 1861 to Locust av.

E, 171st (B12), from Hara7., E. to E. R.

Madison av , E. to Har. E. 1420 (B 10), from 5th lem R., S. of Washing. E. $20 (B 7), from 1009 5th lem R.

av., E, to Harlem R. ton Bridge, E. to Crotona av., E, to E. R. E. 1920 (B 9), from 1881 E. 142d, 23d ward (C

pk. W. E. 83d (B 7), from 1019 5th Madison av., E. to Har 10). from 390 Rider av., E. 1720 (B 12), from av., E. to ER. lem R.

E. to S. Boulevard. Plimpton av., N. of BosE. 84th (B7), from 1029 E. 123d (B9), from 1901 E. 143d (C10), from 488 cobel av., E. to Bronx R. 5th av, E. to L. R.

Madison av., E to Har E. 144h, E. to St. Ann's E. 1780 (B 12), from the E. 85tk (B 7), from 1039 lem R.


Concourse, N. of Bel5th av., E. to E. R. E. 124th (B9), from 2001 E. 144th (B10), from Har mont, E. to W. Farms rd E. 86th (

B7), from 1019 5th av., E. to Harlem R. lem R., E. to St. Ann's E. 174th (B 12), from 1608 5th av.. E. to E. R. E. 125th (B 9), from 2021 av.

| Jerome av., Bronx R 77 78 Park av.

5th av., E. to Harlem R. E. 14.3th (C 10), from 528 E. 175th (B12), from Nel177 168 3d av. 83 80 Park av.

E. 146th, E. to St. Ann's son av., N of Featherbed 353 352 1st av. 177 192 3d av.


la., E. to Boston rd. 555 550 E. End av. 347 352 1st av.

E. 146th (B 10), from 466 E. 176th (B12), from HarE. 87th (B7), from 1059 E. 126th (B9), from 2039 River av., E. to St. Ann's 1-m R., E. to West 5th av., E to E. R. 5th av., E. to Harlem R. av.

Farms rd. E. 88th (B7), from 1069 E. 127th (B 9), from 2059 E. 147th (C 10), from 2780'E. 177th (B 12), from Har5th av.. E. to E R.

5th av., E. to Harlem R. 3d av., E. to Austin pl. lemn R., E. to the ConE. 89th (B7), from 1079 E. 1:8th (B9), from 2075 E. 148th (C 10), from 2818 course. 5th av., E. to E. R.

5th av., E. to Harlem R. Park av., E. to St. Ann's E. 178th (B12), from Har E. 9oth (B i), from 1089 E. 129th (B 9), from 2093 av.

lem R., E. to Boston rd. 5th av., E. to Harlem 5th av , E. to Harlem R. E. 149th (B 10), from Har- E. 179th (B19), from HarR.

E. 129 h, 230 ward (C 9), lem R., E. and S. to East lem R, E. to Bronx R. E. 91st (B8), from 1099 from Willow av..

n. River.

E. 1800h (B12), from Har5th av., E. to Harlem R. Bronx Kills, E. to Wal. E. 150th (B10), from lem R., E. to Bronx R. E. 920 (B8), from 1109 5th nut av

Harlem R., E. to 3d av. E 181st (B12), from Ceav., E. to Harlem R. E. 130th (B9), from 2119 E. 151st (B 10), from dar av., V. of Harlem E. 93d (B 8), from 1119 5th av., E. to Harlem R. Cromwell's creek, E. to ter., E. to Bronx R. 5th av., E. to Harlem R. E. 130th, 23d ward (C 9),

3d av.

E. 182d (B 12), from CeE. 94th (B8), from 1129 from 1 St. Ann's av., E. E. 162d (C 10), from 2934 dar av., S. of E. 184th, E. 5th av., E. to Harlem R. to Locust av.

Park av., E. to 3d av, to Boston rd. E. 9oth (B8), from 1139 E. 131st (B 9), from 2143 E. 1530 (B 10), from E.E. 1830 (B12), from

5th av., E. to Harlem R. 5th av., E to Harlem R. 157th W. of Cromwell Sedgwick av., bet. E. E. 96th (B 8), from 1149 E. 131st, 23d ward (C 9), av., S. E. and E. to 3d av. 1820 and Fordham rd.,

5th av., E. to Harlem R. from 56 St. Ann's av., EE, 154th (C 10), from 2990 E. to S. Boulevard. E. 97th (B 8), from 1159 to Locust av.

Park av.. E. to 3d av. E. 184th (B12), from Har5th av., E. to Harlem R E. 1320 (B9), from 2159 E. 155th (C 10), from 3016 lem R. ter., S. of FordE. 98th (BS), from 1169 5th av., E. to Harlem R. Park av., E. to av. ham rd., E, to 3d av.

5th av., E. to Harlem R. E. 132d, 23d ward (C9), E. 156th (B 10), from 748 E. 18ith (C 12), from 4596 E. 99th (B8), from 1179 from 82 Lincoln av., E. Mott av., E. to Leggett Park av., E. to S. Boule5th av., E. to Harlem R. to East River.



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