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wick av.

BOROUGHS OF MANHATTAN AND BRONX STREET AND AVENUE DIRECTORY-Continued. E. 186th (012), from 4640 E. 213th (C 13), from Eleventh av. (A 3), from Fieldsion rd. (B 13), from Park av., E. to 3d av, Jerome av., S. of Wood. W. 14th, N. to N segle av. Riverdale av.,

at W. E. 187th (B 12), f om the lawn rd., E. to Wood- 179 180 W. 23d.

236th, N. to City line. Concourse, V.of E. 184.h, lawn rd.

393 394 W. 34th.

Fifth (B3), from 379 E. to S. Boulevard. E. 229th (B 13), from 551 552 W. 42d.

Bowery, E. to E. R. E. 188th (B 12), from Bailey av., N. of Kings- Elizabeth (B2), from 52 Fifth av. (B 3), from 13

Sedgwick av. N. of Ford bridge rd., E. to Sedg. Bayard, N to Bleecker. Washington sq. N. (57 ham rd., X. E. and E. to

Elliott, now that part of Waverley pl.), N. to HarBeaumont av.

E. 230th (B 13), from E. 170th, bet. Cromwell lem R
E. 189th (
B12), from Broadway, N. of Spuy and Clay avs.

82 67 W. & E. 14th. Sedgwick av., opp. Bai. ten Duyvil creek, E. to Elliott pl. (B 12), from 186 185 W. & E. 23d. ley av., E. to s. BouleNathalie av.

1386 Jerome av., E. to 350 353 W. & E. 34th. vard. E. 231st (B 1:3), from 2952 the Concourse.

500 499 W. & E. 42d. E. 190th (B12), from Tee B'way, E. to Bailey av. Ellis pl., now that part of 775 E. 59th, Taw av., bet. E. 189th E. 2330 (B 13 & 14), from E. 162d, bet. Walton and 2020 2021 W. & E. 125th. and Kingsbridge rd., E. 3030 Broadway, E. and! Sheridan avs.

Findlay av. (C 11), from to Fordham rd.

N. E. to Bronx R. Elm (B2), from 14 Reade, 545 E. 161th N. to 170th. E. 191st (B 12), from Har- E. 234th (B 13 and C 14), N. to Great Jones. First (B 3), from 303 Bow

lem R., E. to hughes av. from Broadway E. Elsmere pl. (1) 1:2), from ery, E. to Av, A. E. 192d (B 12), from Har and N. E. to Bronx R. 1932 Prospect av., E. to First av. (B 3), from 166 lem R., E. to Kings- E. 235th (B 14), from Mt S. Boulevard.

E. Houston, N. to Harbridge rd.

Vernon av., N. of E. Elton av. (C1), from 2945 lem R.
E. 1933 (C 1?), from Bain 233d, N. E. to Bronx R. 8d av., N. to Brook av. 237 242 E. 14th.

bridge av., bet. Kings- E. 236th (B 13 and 14), Elwood av. (A 12), from 391 392 E. 23d.
bridge rd. and E. 194th, from Broadway, E. Hillside av., bet. Broad- 593 E. 34th.
E. to Webster av.

and N. E to Bronx R. way and 11th av., N. to 739 738 E. 42d. E. 194th (B13), from Har- E. 237th (B 13 and 14), Sherman av.

2437 2434 E. 125th. lem R., S. of Kings- from - B'dway, E. and Emerson (A 13), from Am- Fleetwood av., now Teller bridge rd., E. to Web N. E. to Vireo av.

sterdam av., opp. W. av., and that part of Mor. ster av.

E. 238th (B 13 and 14), 207th, W. to Prescott av. ris av, from Teller av, to E. 195th (C 13), from 2688 from — Bidway, E. and Emmerich pl. (B 12), from E. 189th, Marion av., E. to Web N. E. to Vireo av.

Heath av. n. Bailey av., Fletcher (B ?), from 208 ster av.

E. 239th (B 13 and 14, E. to Kingsbridge rd. Pearl, S. to E. R. E. 196th (B 13), from 2750 from Review pl. S. of Emmet (C 12), from Pel- Ford (C 12), from Tiebout Jerome av., E. to Marion VanCortlandt pk. S., E. ham av., E. of Wash av., bet. E. 182d and E. av. and N. E. to Vireo av. ington av., N.

1830, E. to Webster av, E. 197th (C 13), from 2766 E. 2 40th (C 11), from Mt. Ernescliff pl., now called Fordham rd. (B 12), from Bainbridge av., E. to Vernon av. N. of Kepler E. 205th.

Harlem R., N. of E. 184th, Webster av.

av., N. E. to City line. Essex (C2), from 160 Di E. to Kingsbridge rd. E. 198th (B 13), from 2878 E. 241st (C 14), from Mt. vision, N. to E. Houston. Forest av. (D 10), from 916

Jerome av., S. E. to Vernon av. S. of Ka- Essex mkt. (C3), Grand c. Westchester av., N. to Webster av. tonah av., N. E. to City Essex.

E. 168th. E. 199th (B 13), from line.

Essex mkt. pl. (C3), from Forsyth (B2), from 68 Jerome av., bet. Minerva E. 2420 (C 14), from Mt. 68 Ludlow, E. to Essex. Division, N. to E. Houspl, and E. 200th, S. E. to Vernon av. at Katonah Evelyn pl. (B 12), from ton. Webster av.

av., N. E. to City line. Aqueduct av., bet E. Fort Independence (B 13), E. 200th (B 13), from 3030 Eastburn (C 12), from 461 183d and 184th, E. to from Heath av., W. of Jerome av., S. E. to Belmont av., N, to the Jerome av.

Boston rd., N. to Bailey Webster av.

Exchange al. (B 1), from

av. E. 201$t (C 13), from Eastchester, now that part 55 Broadway, W. to Fort George av. (A 12), Concourse, E. and S. E. of E. 233d, E. of Mt. Trinity pl.

from Amsterdam av., N. to Webster av.

Vernon av.

Exchange ct. (B1), 74 Ex of W.190th, 11th av. E. 2020 (C 13), from Eastern Boulevard (C11), change pl.

Fort Washington av. (A Concourse, E. to Bronx from Cabot, bet. East Exchange pl. (B1), from 11), from Broadway at pk.

Bay and Randall avs.. 6 Hanover, W. to B'way. W. 159th, N. to B'dway E. 2030 (C 13), from E. to Bronx River. Extra pl. (B. 3), rear of 10 at Elwood. Concourse, E. to Bronx Eclipse, now called E. 1st.

Fourth ar. (B 3), continupk.


Faile (C 11), from E. R., ation of Bowery, from E. 204th (B 13), from 3116 Eden av. (C 12), from N. to Westchester av. No. 402, N. to E. 34th. Jerome av., E. to Mos Morris av, at E. 1721, Fairfield av. (B 13), from 158 157 E. 14th. holu p'kway. N to E. 174th.

Kappock, bet. Arling- 312 289 E. 23d. E. 205th (B 13), from 3146 Eden wood av., now called ton av. and Spuyten Fox (D 10), from 576 RobJerome av., E. to WebGrand av.

Duyvil pkway, N. to bins av., E. and N. E. and ster av.

Edgar (B1), from 59 Spuyten Duyvil pkway. N. to Freeman. E. 206th (C 13), from St. Greenwich, E. to Trinity Fairmount pl. (012), Frankfort (B 2), from 170 George's Crescent, E. to pl.

from 1086 Crotona av.. Nassau, E. to Pearl. Perry av.

Edgecombe av. (B 9). E, to S. Boulevard Franklin (B 2), from 64 E. 207th (C 13), from from junction of St. Falconer (0) 11), from Baxter, W. to N. R. Woodlawn rd., bet. E. Nicholas av and W. Hunt's Point rd., at 67 64 Broadway. 206th and VanCortlandt 136th, N. to W. 155th. Edgewater rd., N. to 125 124 W. Broadway. av., E. to Webster av. Edgecombe rd. (B 10). Edgewater rd.

Franklin av. (C 11), from E. 208th (C 13), from 3352 from W. 155th and St. Faraday av. (B 13), from 3346 3d av., N. to Crotona

Jerome av, S. E. and E. Nicholas pl., N. to Am Spuyten Duyvil pkway, pk. S.
to Woodlawn rd.
sterdam av.

bet. Fieldston rd. and Franklin pl. (B2), from E. 209th(C 13),from Perry Edgewater rd. (C11), from Von Humboldt av., N.W. 68 Franklin, N to White. av., bet. Holt pl. and Gun East Bay av, at Truxton, and N. E, to Newton av. Franklin sq. (B 2), from Hill rd., E. to Webster E. and N. and N. W. to Farmers' mkt. (A 3), 10 Cherry to Pearl. av. West Farms rd.

Washington, c. Ganse. Franklin ter. (A 4), r 364 E. 210th (C 13), from E. Eighth av. (A. 3), from voort.

W. 26th, 208th, at De Kalb av., E. 598 Hudson, N. to Har- Farragut (D 11), from E. Freeman (D11), from 1260 to Bronx R lem River.

R., N. to Edgewater rd. Union av., E. to WestE. 211th (C 13), from 79 78 W. 14th.

Feather Bed Ja. (B12), chester av. Woodlawn rd., N, of Gun 259 254 W. 23d.

from 1630 Aqueduct av., Front (B1), from 49 Hill rd., E and S. and E. 479 474 W. 34th.

E. to Jerome av.

Whitehall, E to Rooseto Webster av. 657 658 W. 42d.

Ferry (B2), from 86 Gold, velt, and from South, c. E. 212th (C 13), from 3528 2830 W. 125th.

S. E to Pearl.

Montgomery, E. to E. R. Jerome av., É. to Wood. Eldridge (C2), from 86 Di-Field (B 13), from 2328 114 118 Wall. lawn rd.

vision, N. to E. Houston. Morris av., E. to Ryer av.1 200 199 Fulton.

Fulton (B9), from 93, Granite pl. (C. 12), from Harlem River ter. (B 12), Hull av. (C 13), from Mos
South, W. to N. R.
624 E, 184th, S. W.

from Cedar av., S. of E. holu p'kway, bet. Perry 158 165 Broadway. Grant av. (C 11), from 463 181st, N. to Bailey av.

and Norwood avs., N. E. Fulton av. (C 11), from 809 E. 161st, N. to E. 170th. Harrison (B2), from 81 and N. to E. 211th.

E. 166th, N. to E. 175th. Great Jones (B8), from Hudson, W. to N. R. Huut's Point rd. (D 11), Fulton fish mkt.(B9), bet. 682 B'way, E. to Bowery. Harrison av. (B 12), from from East River, N. W. Piers 22 and 23 E. R. Greene (

B2), from 331 Featherbed la., opp. In to S. Boulevard. Fulton mkt. (B2), Ful Canal, N. to E. 8th. wood av., N. to E. 181st. Huxley av. (B 14), from ton, cor. South.

33 36 Grand.

Harry Howard sq. (B 2), Mosholu av.,bet.Spencer Gansevoort (A 3), from 356 Greenwich (B 1), from 4 the open space bounded and Newton avs., N. to

W. 4th, W. to N. R. Battery pl., N. to Gan- by Canal, Walker, Bax W. 262d. Garden (C 12), from Cro sevoort.

ter and Mulberry. Hyatt (B 13), from 5122 tona av., bet. E. 182d and 196 197 Fulton.

Hawkstone (B12), from B'way, S. E. to Spuyten Grote, S. E. to S. Boule- 480 477 Canal.

Walton av., bet. Rock- Duyvil creek. vird.

586 583 W. Houston. wood and Belmont, E. Independence av. (B 13), Garfield, now called E. Greenwich av. (B 3), from to the Concourse.

from 2587 Palisade av., 199th.

105 6th av., N to 8th av. Hawthorne (B 13), from N. to W. 261st. Garrison av. (C 11), from Greystone av. (B 13), from Amsterdam av. opp W. Intervale, av. (D11), from Leggett av., bet. Wbit Riverdale av, bet. w. 2041h, W. to Seaman av S. Boulevard, bet. Longlock av. and Barry, N. E. 234th and W. 235th, N. Heath av. (B 12), from wood av. & Tiffany, N. to to Bronx R. to W. 246th,

Bailey av. S. of É. 1920,l. Wilkins pl. at Jennings. Gates pl. (C. 13), from Grinnell pl. (C 11), from N. to Sedgwick av. In wood av. (B 12), from

Mosholu p'kway, N. of Garrison av, bet. Leg Henderson pl. (C7), from Cromwell av. at E. 109th, Knox, N. E. to Gun gett av and Craven, E. 541 E. 86th, N.

N. to Featherbed la. Hill rd.

to Truxton.

Henry (
C2), from 14 Irving pl. (

B3), from Gay (B 3), from 141 Wa-Grote (C 12), from 331 E. Oliver, E. to Grand. 117 E. 14th, N. to E. 20th.

verley pl., N. to Christo-1421, E. to S. Boulevard. Herald sq. (B 5), the area isaac, now that part of E. pher.

Grove (A 3), from 488 Hud bounded by B'way, 6th 197th, bet. Decatur and George, now that part of sop, E to Waverley pl. av., W. 34th & W.80th sts. Webster avs.

E. 166th, E. of Boston rd. Grove, 23d ward (<10), Hester (C9), from 216 Isham (A 13), from Am Gerard (C 10), from 711 E from 2970 3d av., E. to Division, W. to Centre. sterdam av. & W. 209th, 149th, N.W. to Bergen av. Brook av.

Hester ct. (C 2), rear 101 N. W. to Spuyten Duyvil Gerard av. (C10), from E.Gun Hill rd. (B 13), from Hester.

Creek. 138th, W. of Walton av., Mosholu pkway, N. of Hewitt pl. (D 10), from Ittuer pl. (C 12), from N. to Jerome av.

Gates pl., E. to Bronx R 1039 Leggett av., N. to 1752 Webster av., E. to German pl. (C 10), from Guttenburg (D 11), from Westchester av,

Park av. 785 Westchester av., N. 1416 Westchester av., E. High, now that part of Jackson (C3), from 338 to Brook av. to Whituck av.

E 162d, bet. Suminit and Henry, S. to E. R. Gilbert pl. (C 11), from Hague (B2), from 367 Anderson avs.

Jackson av. (D 10), from Hunt's Point rd., bet. Pearl, W. tó Cliff. High Bridge pk. (B 10), 925 Westchester av., N. Lafayette and Seneca Half Moon pl. (B 13), from bet. W. 155th and Dyck to Boston rd. avs., E. to Faile.

W. 210th, bet. Delafield man and Harlem River Jackson sq. (A 3), 8th av., Giles pl. (B 13), from av. and seward pl., N. & Driveway and Edge bet. Horatio & GreenHeath av.. at Sedgwick E. to Independence av. combe road.

wich av. av., N. aud E. to Sedg- Hall pl. (B3), from 211 High Bridge rd., now that Jacob (B2), from 19 Ferry, wick av. 6th, N. to 7th.

part of Fordham rd. N, to Frankfort, Goerrk (C3). from 574 Hall pi., 23d_ward (D 11). from Morris Kings Jacobus pl. (B 13), from Grand, N. tó 3d. from 1051 E. 165th, N. to bridge rd.

Te race View Gold (B2), from 87 Maiden E. 167th.

Highland av. (B 13), from Leyden, N. to Van Corla., N. to Frankfort. Halluck (D11), from Edge W 246th, bet. Fieldston lear pl. Gouverneur (Co), from water rd., bet. Drake and rd. aud Leibnitz avs., .. James (B2), from 215 Park

275 Divisiou, S. to Water. Payne, N. to Edgewater and W. to Faraday av. row, S. to James sl. Gouverneur av. (B 13), rd.

Hillside av. (A 12), from James sl. (02), from 77 from Sedgwick av., at Hamilton (C2), from 73 Kingsbridge rd. and Cherry, S. to E. R. Van Cortlandt av., N. to Cath'ne, È to Market. Naegle av., E. to 11th av. Jane ( 3), from 113 Gr'n

Van Cortlandt pk. s. Hamilton Fishpk., bet. Hoe (D 11), from Whit wich av., W. to N. R. Gouverneur la. (B1), from Stanton & E. Houston & lock av., bet. Hunt's Jansen av. (A 13), from 48 South to 93 Water. Pitt & Sheriff.

Point rd. and Faile, N. Terrace View av., n. Gouverneurpl.(C11),from Hamilton pl. (A 10), from to Boston rd.

Leyden, N. to Terrace 3420 Park av., E. to Broadway c. W. 137th. Hoffman (C 12), from 951

View av. Washington av

N E to Amsterdam av. Belmont pl. N. to E.191st. Jay (B2), from 61 Hudson, Gouverneur sl. (C2), from Hamilton ter. (A 10), Holly pl., now that part W. to N. R. 371 South, N. to 613 from W. 141st n Con of E. 240th. bet. Mt. Ver. Jeannette pk. (B1), Coen. Water. vent av. N.

non and Katnah avs. ties sl., bet. Front and Graham sq. (B 11), from lampden pl. (B 12), from Holt pl. (C 13), from Res South

Lawrence av., N. of Lind E. 1830, bet. Celar and ervoir Oval E.. bet. E. -efferson (C2), from 179 av., N. and N. W. to Law- Sedgwick avs., N. E. to 207th and E. :09th E. to Division, s. to E. R. reuce av E. 184 h.

Perry av.

Jefferson pk. (CS), bet. Gramercy pk. (C 4), from Hancock (B3), from 176 W. Home (C 11), from 1156 E. 111th and E 1151 h and

106 and 142 E. 2 st, S. to! Houston, N. to Bleecker. Boston rd., E., to West Ist av. and Harl m R. E. 20th and E. 20th bet. Hancurk pk. (A 9), bet, chester av.

Jefferson pl. (012), from 4th and 3d avs.

St. Nicholas & Manhat-Honeywell av. (012), from 1382 Franklin av., E. to Grand (B 3), from 78 Var tan avs. & W. 123d. 1161 Tremont av., N. E. Boston rd. ick, E. to E R. Hancock pl. (A 9), Man to E. 182d.

Jefferson mk', (B3), 6th 52 49 W. Broadway. hattan from St. Nicholas Horatio (A 3), from 129 av., c. Greenwich av. 114 119 Broadway.

av, to Columbus av. G wich av., W. to N. R. Jennings (C 11), from 1352 234 235 Bowery.

Hanover (B1), from 57 Howard (B2), from 201 Boston rd., E. to Bronx Grand ay. (B12), from Wall, S. to Pearl.

Centre, W. to Mercer. River. Macomb's rd., op. Hanover sq. (B1), on'Hubert (B2), from 149 Jerome av. (B 10), from Featherbed la., N. E. & Pearl, from 105 to Stone./ Hudson, W. to N. R. Harlem River, N. to City

N. to Kingsbridge rd. Hanson pl. (B 9), 2d av, Hudson (B 2), from 199 line. Grand Circle (A 6), that bet. E. 12th & E. 125th. Chambers, N. to 9th av. Jersey (B8), from 127 portion of 8th av. bet. Harlem mkt., 1st av., c. E. 213 206 Cinal.

Crosby, E. to Mulberry W. 58th and W. 60th. 102d.

385 384 W. Houston. Jessup pl. (B 11), from Grand View pl. (B 11), Harlem River Driveway Hughes av. (C 1:2), from Boscobel av., at E. 17 th,

from E. 1671b, bet, the (A 10), from W. 13. th Tremont av, bet. Arthur N. and W. to Marcher av. Concourse_and Walton and Edgecombe rd., N. and Belmont avs, N, to John (B2), from 181 av., N. to E. 168th. to Dyckman.

E. 191st.

B'way, E. to Pearl



BOROUGHS OF MANHATTAN AND BRONX STREET AND AVENUE DIRECTORY-Continued. John, 23d ward, now that Larmartine pl. (A 4), Longwood av. (C 11), from Manor pl., now that part

part of E. 159th, from W.29th, bet. 8th and 9th Westchester av., at junc- of E. 167th, bet. Boston Brook to Eagle avs. avs.

tion of Prospect av., S. E. rd, and torest av. John Jay pl. (C 6), bet. Lane av., now called Long to Tiffany:

Mapes av. (C 12), from Av. A and E R. and E.

wood av.

Lorillard pl. (B 13), from 1063 Tremont av.,N.E. to 74th and E. 76th. Lawrence (A 9), from W. 3d av., at E. 184th, N. to E. 182d. Johnson av. (B 13), from 126th, n. Columbus av., Pelham av.

Marcher av. (B 11), from Spuyten Duyvil rd., at N. W. to W. 129th, n. Loring pl. (B 12), from Jerom av., S. of É 167th, Palisade av., 8. E. and Boulevard.

Burnside av., bet. Os- N. to Featherbed la. N. E. and N. to Spuyten Lawrence av. (B 11), from borne pl. and Andrews Marcy pl. (B11), from 1324 Duyvil parkway.

Lind av., S. of E. 166th, av., N. to Fordham rd. Jerome av., E. to Sher Jones (B 3), from 174 W. N. to E. 167th.

Lowell (C 10), from 2674 dan av. 4th, W. to Bleecker. Lebanon, now that part Park av., E. to 3d av. Marion (B8), from 404 Jones la. (B1), from 101 of E. 179th E. of Lafon Lowmede pl. (C 13), from Broome, N. Front, S. to E. R. taine av.

E. 210th, at Bronx R., N Marion av. (C 12), from Jumel pl. (A 11), from W. Leggett av. (C 11), from to Gun Hill rd.

587 E. 184th, N. E. to 167th n Amsterdam av., Prospect av., bet. E. Ludlow (C2), f'm 144 Divi-i, Mosholu pkway.

N. to Edgecombe rd. 156th and Macy pl., S. E. sion, N. to E. Houston. Market (C 2), from 61 Di. Jumel ter. (A 11), from to Truxton.

Ludlow pl.(B3), W. Hous vision, S. to E. R. W. 160th, n. St. Nich- Leibnitz av. (B 13), from ton st., bet. Sullivan and Marketfield (B 1), from 72 olas av., N. to W. 162d. Fieldston rd., bet. W. Macdougal.

Broad, W. Kane (D 11), from Caswell 245th and W. 246th, N. Lyman pl.(D 11), f'm Steb. Marmion av. (C 12), from av., at Edgewater rd, N. to W. 250th.

bins av., bet. E. 169th and 1099 Crotona pk. N., N. to to Randall av.

Lenox av. (B 8), from W. Chisholm, Freeman S. Boulevard. Katonah (C 14), from E. 110th. N. to Harlem R. McClellan (B 11), from Martha av. (C 14), from E. 233d, bet. Kepler and 299 298 W. 125th.

Jerome av., bet. E. 160th 235th, bet. Katonah and Vireo avs., N. to Mt. Ver- Luinard (B2), from 92 and Cromwell av., E. to Vireo avs., City line non av. Hudson, E. to Baxter. Morris av.

Martin ter. (B 4), E. 30th, Kelly (C 10), from 656 24 36 W. Broadway. Macdougal (B 3), from 219 bet. 2d and 3d avs. Robbins av., E. and N. 93 98 Broadway.

Spring, N. to W. 8th. Mechanic, now that part of E. and Intervale av. Leroy (

B3), from 248 Macdougal al. (B3), from E. 178th E. of S.Boulev'd. Kemble, now called E. Bleecker, W. to N. R. Macdougal, n. W.8th, E. Mechanic al. (B 2), from 238th.

Lewis (

C3), from 556 Macomb's la. (A 10), from 72 Monroe, S. to Cherry. Kemp pl., now that part of Grand, N. to E. 8th. 8th av. and W. 150th, Melrose av. (C 10), from

E. 164th, bet. Summit Lexington av. (B 4), from N. E. to Harlem R. 28373d av., N. to E.165th.

and Anderson avs. 121 E. 21st, 9. to Har- Macomb's rd. (B11), from Mercer (B 2), from 311 Kepler av. (B 14), from lem R.

Jerome av., opp. Marcy. Canal, N. to E. 8th. E. 233d, bet, Oneida and 16 17 E. 23d.

pl., N. to Aqueduct av. Merriam av. (B 11), from Katonah avs., N. to Mt. 236 237 E. 34th.

Vacy pl. (D 10), f'm Pros Ogden av., bet. E. 168th Vernon av. 392 389 E. 42d.

.pect av., bet. Leggett and E. 169th, N. to E.171st King (B 3), from 41 Mac-2060 2063 E, 125th.

and Longwood avs., S. E. Milligan pl. (B 3,), 189 6th dougal, W. to N. R. Leyden (B 13), from Ter to Hewitt pl.

av. King's College pl. (C 13). race View av. n. Jacobus Madison (B2), from 426 Minerva pl. (B 13), from from Gun Hill rd., bet. pl., W. to Tunissen pl. Pearl, E. to Grand.

Jerome av., N. of 198th, Tryon and Putnam avs , Liberty (B2), from 76 Madison av. (B 4), from 29 S. E. to the Concourse N. to E. 211th,

Maiden la., W. to N. R. E. 230, N. to Harlem R. Minetta (B 5), from 209 Kingsbridge av. (B 13), 75 76 Broadway.

184 188 E. 34th.

Bleecker, Minetta la. from Terrace View av. Liberty pl. (B2), from 57 314 315 E. 42d.

Minetta la. (B3), from 113 N. W. to W.238th. Liberty, N. to Maiden 628 629 E. 59th.

Macdougal, W. to 6th av. Kingsbridge rd. (A 11), la.

1948 1943 E. 125th,

Minetta pl. (B 3), rear 2 from Amsterdam av. Liebig av. (B14), from Madison sq. (B 4), bet. 5th Minetta. and W. 162d, N. to W.

Mosholu av.,

bet. W. and Madison avs., and Minford pl. (D 12), from 170th. 256th and Tyndall av., N. E. 23d and E 26th.

Jennings at Charlotte, N. Kingsbridge rd., 24th to City line.

Madison sq. N. (B4), E. to Boston rd. ward (B 13), from Spuy Lilian pl., now that part 26th, bet. 5th and Madi- Mission pl. (B2), from 58 ten Duyvil creek, N. of of E. 174th, E. of Boston son avs.

Park, N. to Worth. E. 194th, E. and S. E. to rd.

Maiden la. (B2), from 172 Mitchell pl. (C5), E. 49th, Park av.

Lincoln av. (C9), from Broadway, S. E. to E. R. bet.1st äv. & Beekman pl. Kirk pl., now called Field Harlem R., N. t. E. 138th. Mail (B2), f'm B'way opp. Mohegan av. (C 12), from st.

Lincoln pl. (B 9), from 169 Park pl., E. to Park row. S. Boulevard, at E. 178th, Kirkside av.,

now that
E. 118th, N.

Malcom pl. B 18), from W. N. to E. 182d. part of Morris av. from Lind av. (B 11), from 244th, E. of Tibbett av., Monroe (C2), from 59 E. 189th to E. 196th. Sedgwick av., at E. 164th, N. to Barney.

Catbariue, E. to Grand. Knickerbocker pl. (A 12), N. to E. 170th.

Mangin (C3), from 590 Monroe av. (C 12), from from Amsterdam av., N. Linden pl. (C 6), 1st av., Grand, N. to E. Houston. 571 Belınont, N. to Treof W. 178th, W. to Broad bet. E. 71st and E, 72d. Manhattan, 11th ward (C'mont av. way.

Lisbon pl. (C12), from E. 3), from 444 E. Houston, Monterey av. (C 12), from Knox, now called E. 239th. 205th, E. of the Con N. to 3d.

Tremont av., bet. 3d and Knox pl. (C 13), from course, E. to Mosholu Manhattan, 12th ward, (A Lafontaine avs., N. to E. Mosholu p'kway. bet. p'kway.

9), from W. 124th, cor. 181st. Gates pl. and Jerome Lispenard (B 2), from 277 St. Nicholas av., N. W. Montgomery (C3), from av., N. E. to Gun Hill rd. W. B'way, E. to B'way. to 12th av.

247 Division, s. to E. R. Kossuth av. (C 13), from Little W. 12th (A3), from Manhattan av. (A 8), from Montgomery av. (B 12),

Moshulu p'kway, bet. Gansevoort, W. to N. R. W. 100th, bet. Central from Aqueduct av., N. Jeromeandsteuben avs., Livingston pl. (B 4), from pk. W. and Columbus of Featherbed la., N. to N. to DeKalb av.

325 E. 15th, N. to E. 17th. av.,N. to St. Nicholas av. E. 177th. Lafayette av. (D 11), from Locust av. (D 9), from Manhattan mkt. (A 5), Monument, now called E. Longwood av., bet. S. E. R., E. of Walton av., 11th av., cor. W. 34th. 234th. Boulevard and Whitlock N. to E. 141st.

Manhattan pl. (B 2), from Moore (B 1),from 30 Pearl, avs., E, to Bronx River. London ter. (A 4), W. 23d, 10 Elm, W. & S. to Reade. S. to E. R. Lafayette pl. (B 3), from bet. 9th and 10th avs. Manhattan pl. (C3), rear Morningside av. E. (B 8), 8 Great Jones, N. to E. Long Acre sq. (B 5), the 63 to 71 Mangin.

from W. 110th, орр. 8th.

open space at the junc- Manha'tan sq. (A 7), bet. Manhattan av., N. to W. Lafontaine av. (C 12), tion of Broadway, 7th Central pk. W. and Co 123d. from 861 Tremont av., av. and W. 43d.

lumbus av., and W.77th Morningside av. W. (B8), N. to Quarry rd. Longfellow (D 11), from and W. 81st.

from W. 110th, opp. ColLaight (B2), from 398 Viele av., bet. Bryant & Manida (C11), from E. R.,

umbus av.,

N. to W. Canal, W. to N R. Whittier, N. to Boston rd. N. to Garri on av.


Morningside pk. (B x),bet. Nelson av. (B 13), from E. Orchard (C2), from 124 Di-|Perot (B18), from Boston

Morningside av., E., and 164th, bet. Ogden and vision, N. to E. Houston. av., N. of Nathalie av.,
Morn ngside av., W. and Woodycrest avs., N. to Orchard, 23d ward, now E. to Sedgwick av.
W. 110th and W. 123d. Macomb's rd.

that part of E. 169th bet. Perry B3), from 55 Morris (B 1), from 27 Netherland av. (B 13), Lind and Marcher avs. G'wich av., W. to N. R.

Broadway, W. to N. R. from Kappock, bet. Osborno pl. (B 12), from Perry av. (C 13), from E. Morris av. (C10),from 2557 Johnson and Arlington Burnside av. E. of Sedg 200th, bet. Bainbridge

3d av., N. to Jerome avs., N. to W. 261st. wick, N. to E. 180th. and Marion avs., N. E. av.

New (B1), from 7 Wall, s. Oxford av. (B 13), from W. to E. 211th. Morris pl.(C11), from 3668 to Beaver.

232d, bet, Cambridge and Pike (C2), from 107 Divi Park av., E. New Bowery (B2), from Johnson avs,

N. to River sion, S. to E. R. Morton (B3), from 270 396 Pearl, N. to Park row.

dale av.

Pine (B 2), from 106 Bleecker, W. to N. R. New Chambers (C2), from Pacific pl. (B 4), r. 133 W. Broadway, E. to E. R. Morton pl. (B 12), from 107 Park row, E. to 29th.

Pitt (C3), from 276 DiviAqueduct av., N. of Tre Cherry.

Palisade av. (B 13), from sion, N. to E. Houston. mont av., E. to Harrison Newton av. (B 13), from Johnson av, at Spuyten Platt (B2), from 221 Pearl, av.

Broadway, N. of W.246th, Duyvil rd., W. and N. to W. to William. Mosholu ar. (B 13), from W. and N. to W.260th. W. 261st.

Pleasant av. (C 8), from Jerome av., opp. Mt. Ver- Nichols pl. (A 13), from Palisade pl. (B 12), from E. 100th E. of 1st av., N. non av., N. W. and S. E. Prescott av., bet. Bolton Popham av. w. of Mont to Harlem R. to Riverdale av.

rd, and Emerson, W. gomery av., N. W. Plimpton ar., (B11), from Mosholu p'kway. (C 13), Nindham pl. (B 13), from Paradise pk., at junction 1-45 E. 169th, N. to Feath

from Bronx pk., at E. Kingsbridge rd., bet. of Worth and Park, erbed la. 201st. N. W., to Van Cort Emmerich pl. and Heath Park (B2), from 36 Cen- Poe pl. (C12), from Cole's landt pk. av., E. to Nathalie av. tre, E. to Mott.

pl., bet: Kingsbridge rd. Moshola p'kway, N. (C13), Ninth av. (A 3), from Gan. Park, 23d ward (C10).. and Bainbridge av. N. the north side of Mos sevoort, N. to W. 59th. from E. 149th, bet. Eagle Poet's pk. (C 12 ), bet. holu p'kway. 43 W. 14th.

and Trinity avs., N. to Kingsbridge rd. and E. Mosholu p’kway 8. (C 13)), 206 W. 23d.

Westchester av.

182d, and the Concourse. the south side of Mos- 429 W. 34th.

Park av. (C4), continua- Pond pl.(C 13),I'm E.197th, holu p'kway. 581 580 W. 42d.

tion of 4th av., from E. bet. Bainbridge & Marion Mott (B2), from 200 Park Norfolk (C3), from 180 Di- 34th, N. to Pelham av. avs., N. to E. 198th. row, N. to Bleecker. vision, N. to E. Houston. 136 135 E. 420.

Pontiac pl. (C 10), from Mott av. (C10). from Park Norman av. (8 13), from 496 497 E. 59th.

Trinity av.,N. of E.149th, av., S. of E. 138th, N, to Sedgwick av., bet. Gouv- 1816 1817 E. 125th.

E. to Robbins av. E, 161st.

erneur & Saxon avs., N. 2501 2548 E. 138th. Ponus,now that part of E. Mott Haven Canal (C9), to Van Cortlandt pk. S. 2874 E. 150th.

181st, E. of Vyse av. from Harlem River, bet. North Moore (B 2), from 3141 3154 E. 160th. Popham av. (B 12), from Park and 3d avs., N. to 234 W. Broadway, W. to 3690 E. 170th.

E 176th, bet. Undercliff E. 138th.

N. R.
4381 4380 E. 180th.

and Montgomery avs.,N. Mott's la. (A 5), from 767 North Ridge, now called 1789 Webster av. and diontgomery av 11th av., w.

E 211tb.

Park pl. (B2), from_237 Porter (D 11), from E. R., Mt. Hope pl. (B 12), from North William (B 2), from Broadway, W. to N. R. N. to Edgewater rd.

Jerome av., bet. E. 176th 16 Frankfort, N. to Park Park row (B 2), from 1 Post av.(A12), from Dyckand E. 177th, E. to An row.

Ann, E. to Chatham sq. man, bet. Sherman and thony av.

Norwood av. (C 13), from Park View pl. (B 145, Naegle av., N. to Amster. Mt. Morris pk. W. (B 9). Mosholu p'kway, bet, from W. 256th, bet. Syl dam av, and W. 207th.

from W. 120th, bet. 5th Hull and Webster avs.. van and Valles avs., N. Potter pl., now called E. and Lenox avs., X. to W. N. E. and N. to E. 211th. to Faraday av.

201th. 124tb.

Oak (B2), from 392 Pearl, Park View ter. (B 13), Powell pl., now that part it. Morris pl. (B 9), W. E. to Catharine.

from E. 196th at Jerome of E. 178th, bet. Harlem 124th, bet. 5th & Lenox Oak ter. (C 10), from av., V. E. to Morris av. R. and Cedar av. avs.

Crimmins av., bet. E. Parkside pl. (C 14), from Powers av. (V 10), from It. Morris sq. (B 9), bet. 141st and Beech ter., E. Webster av., N. of E. E. 141st, bet. Cypress and Madison av. & Mt. Mor to Beekman av.

205th, N to Webster av. Robbins av., N. to St. ris pk. W., & E. & W. Oak Tree pl. (C 12), from Parole pl., now that part Mary's.

120th & E. & W. 124th. Quarry rd., N. of E. 181st, of E. i87th from the Con- Preble (D 11), from E. R., Nt. Vernon av. (B 14). E. to Hughes av.

course to Tiebout av. N. to Edgewater rd. from Jerome av., opp. Oakland pl. (C 12), from Pascal pl. (B13), from W. Prescott av. (B 12), from Mosholu av., N. E. to City Belmont av., bet. E. 248th at Waldo av., N. to Dyckman, w. of Bolton line. 179th and E. 180th, E, to W. 250th.

rd., N. to Spuyten DuyMulberry (B2), from 186 Prospect av.

Patehin pl. (B 3), 111 W. vil creek. Park row, Bleecker. Oakley,now called E.237th. 10th.

Primrose, now that part of Murray (B2), from 247 Ogden av. (B 10), from Payne (D 11) from Edge E. 1920. E. of Jerome av.

Broadway, W. to N. R. 805 Jerome av., N. to water rd., bet. Halleck Prince (B3), from 230 Muscoota (B 13), from Aqueduct av.

and Bacon, N. to Edge- Bowery,

Macdougal Broadway, N. of Terrace Old Broadway (A 9), from water rd.

82 79 Broadway. View av., S. E. to Spuy 117 Manhaitan N. to W. Pearl (B1), from 14 State, 144 145 W. Broadway. ten Duyvil creek. 183d.

E. & N.W. to Broadway. Prospect av. (D. 10), from Myers rd., now called W. old sl. (B 1), from 106 149 152 Wall.

S. Boulevard, at E. 149th, 242d. Pearl, S. to E. R. 263 266 Fulton.

N. to E. 189th. Naegle av. (A 12), from Olin av., now that part of 463 464 Park row. Prospect pl. (B 5), from

Broadway and Hillside Gun Hill rd. from Web- Peck sl, (B2), from 312 E. 40th, bet. 2d and 1st av., N E. to Amsterdam ster av. to Bronx R. Pearl, E, to South. avs., N. to E. 43d.

av. and W. 204th. Oliver (B 2), from 63 New Pelham (C2), from 96 Prospect pl. (C 12), from Napier av. (B. 14), from Bowery, S. to E. R. Monroe, s. to Cherry. Clay_av., bet. E. 174th

E. 330, bet. Mt. Vernon Oliver pl. (C 13), from Pelham av. (C 12), from and E. 175th, E. to Anand Oceida avs., N. to Marion av. N. of E. 198th Webster av, opp. Kings-, thony av. Mt. Vernon av.

S. E. to Webster av. bridge rd., Bronx R. Punett, now that part of Xassan (B1), from 20 Wall, Oneida av. (B 14), from Pelham Bay pk. is lo Walton av, bet. E. 177th N to Park row.

E. 233d, bet. Napier and cated at Pelham Bay, in and Burnside av. 69 70 John.

Kepler avs., N. to Mt. the extreme N. E. section Putnam av. (C 13), from 135 136 Beekman. Vernon av.

of the city limits, Reservoir Oval W., N. to 170 Frankfort. Oostdorp av., now that Pell (B2), from 18 Bow E, 211th. Nathalie ar. (B 13), from part of Bryant N. of ery, w. to Mott. Putnam av. E.(B 18), from Kingsbridge rd., opp. Jennings.

Pentz pl. (A 10), from W. E. 238th, W. of Albany Emmerich pl., N. to Bos- Oplyke, now called E. 140th and St. Nicholas rd., N. to Van Cortlandt ton av. 236th. ter., S.

pk. s.

BOROUGHS OF MANHATTAN AND BRONX STREET AND AVENUE DIRECTORY-Continued. Putnam av. W. (B 13), Rochambeau av. (C 13, St. Mary's (C 10), from St. herman av., 23d ward, from E. 233d, be , Broad from Bainbridge av. bet. Ann's av, opp, F. 143d, (B10), frum 43) E. 161st, way and Albany rd., N. Mosholu pk'way

E. to S. Boulevard.

N. to E. 168th. to Van Cortlandt pk. s. Woodlawn" rd., N. W. St. Mary's pk. (C 10), bet. Sherman sq (A 7).at juncQuail av., now called Ka and N, to E. 212th.

St. Mary's and E. 149th tion of B'way and Am. tonah av.

Rock, now called W. 259th. and Robbis aud St. sterdam av, and W. 73d. Quarry rd. (C 12), from Rock field, now called E. Ann's avs.

Sherwood, now that part 4378 3d av., N. E. to 203d.

St Nicholas av. (B8), of E. 196th, E. of ValenArthur av,

Rockwood (B 12), from from Lepox av. and W. tine av. Rachael Ja. (C3), from 4 Walton av., N. of E. 110th, N. W. to Amster- Sigma pl. (B 10), from In

Goerck, E. to Mangin. 1720, E, to the Con dam av. and W. 161st. dependence av., bet. W Rae (C 11), from 654 Ger course.

St. Nicholas pl. (A 11). 259th and W. 261st, S. man pl., E. to St. Ann's Rodman pl. (D 12), from from St. Nicholas av. & and N to Palisade av. av.

1914 Longfellow, E. to W. 149th, N, to W. 155th Signal pl., now called E. Randall ar. (C 11), from West Farms rd.

St. Nicholas ter. (A 9), 203d. Truxton, at Leggétt av., 'Rogers pl. (D 11), from from W. 127th and St. Simpson, now that part of E. to Bronx R.

Dawson, bet. Stebbins Nicholas av., N. to W. FXN of Dongan. Reade (B 2), from 22 and Intervale avs., N. to 140th.

Sixth (B 3), from 395 Duane, W. to N. R. Hall pl.

St. Paul's pl. (C 11), from Bowery, E. to E. R. 41 42 Broadway. Roosevelt (B 2), from 187 Webster av.


E. Sixth av. (B 3), from Car113 112 W Broadway. Park row, S. to E. R. 170th and E. 171st, E. to mine, N. to Central pk. S. Rector (B1), from 73 B'd- Rosa pl., now that part of Fulton av.

207 208 W 14th. way, W. to N. R.

E. 197th, bet. Bainbridge Samuel, now that part of 373 374 W. 231. Renwick (B3). from 503 and Marion avs.

E. 180th. E. of 3d av. 735 sq. W. 42d. Canal, N. to Spring. Rose (B2), fro:n 34 Frank-Saxon av. (B 13), from South® (B1), from 66 Reservoir av. (B 13), from fort, N. E. to Pearl. Sedgwick av., E. Nor- Whitehall, E. to E. R.

Kingsbridge rd., bet. Rose, 23d ward (C_10), man av.. N. to Van South, 24th ward, now Aqueduct and Grand from 2922 31 av., E. to cortlandt pk. S.

called W. 252d avs., N. W. to Sedgwick Brook av.

Scammel (C3), from 299 South William (B1), from av.

Rose Hill pl. (C 12), from E Broadwa;, S. to Wa 7 William, W. to Broad. Reservoir (val E. (C 13), junction of Pelham and


Southern Boulevard (C 9), from Woodlawn rd., at Webster avs. N. to Web-Seribner, now that part of from 2412 3d av., N. E. & VanCortlandt av., E. and ster av.

E. 210th, E. of Webster N.& N. W. to Webster av. N. E. to Putnam av. Rutgers (C 2), from 26 av.

Spencer av. (B 14), from Reservoir Oval W. (C 13), Canal, S to E. R. Seaman av. (A 13), from Mosholu av., bet. Huxley from Woodlawn rd., opp. 31 34 Madison.

Bolton rd., bet. Broad av. and Fieldston rd., N. E. 28th, N E, and E. 81 82 South.

way and Prescott av., N. to City line. to Putnam av. Butgers pl. ((2), Monroe to W.220th.

Spencer pl. (A 3), W. 4th, Reservoir pl. (C 13), from st., from Jefferson to Second (B_3), from 323 bet. Christopher and W. Reservoir Oval E., N. E. Clinton.

Bowery, E. to Av. D. 10th. to Gun Hill rd.

Rutherfurd pl. (B 4), from Serond av. (B3), from 118 Spencer pl., 23d ward (C Review pl. (B 13), from E. 2:4 E. 17th, s. to E. 15th. E. Houston, N. to Har 10), from 412 E. 144th, 238th, bet. Broadway and Ryawa av. (D 11), from lem River.

N. to E. 150th. Putnam av. W, N. to East River, at Edge-225 228 E. 14th.

Spofford av. (C 11), from VanCortlandt pk. S. water rd. and Barretio. 397 398 E. 23d.

Longwood av. opp TruxReynolds pl. (A 12), from E. to East River.

621 020 E. 34th.

ton, E. to Bronx River. Amsterdam av., S. of Ryrr av. (C 12), from Tre- 781 782 E. 42d.

Spring (B3), from 188 W. 181st, W. to Broad mont av., opp. E. 176th, 2433 2438 E. 125th.

Bowery, w. to N. R. way.

N. to E. 187th.

Sedgwick av. (B 10), from 86 89 Broadway. Rider av. (C 9), from 453 Sacrahong (D 11), from 795 Jerome av., N. E. to 162 157 W. Broadway.

E. 135th, N. to E. 144th Edgewater rd. bet. Ba Mosholu pʻkway. Spring pl., now that part Ridge (C3), from 254 Di con and Farragut, N. to Seminole av. (B 13), from of E. 166th, bet. 31 av. vision, N. to E. Hous Edgewater rd.

W. 245th, bet, Greystone and Boston rd. ton.

St. Ann's av. (C9), from av. and Fieldston rd., N. Spruce (B 2),from 41 Park Ridge pl. (B 10), from 366 841 E. 130th, N. to 3d av. to W.252d.

row, S. E. to Gold. Mott av., E.

St. Clement's pl. (B 3). Seneca av. (C 11), from Spuyten Duyvil pk way Ritter pl. (D 11), from Macdougal st., from W. Hunt's Point rd., bet. (B13) from Kappock,

1284 Union av., E. to Houston to Bleecker, Gilbert pl. and Garrison bet. Fairfield and IndeProspect av.

and from Waverley pl. av. E. to Bronx River. pendence avs., N. E. and River, now called Tibbett to W. 8th.

Seventh (B3), from 4th E to Fieldston rd. av. åt. George Crescent (C av., E. to E. R.

Spuyten Duyvil rd. (B 13), River av. (B 10), from E. 13), fromthe Concourse, Seventh av. (A 3), from 74 from Tibbett av., bet. W.

114th, W. of Gerard av., N. of E. 205th, E. and N Greenwich av., N. to 240th and W. 241st, S. N. to Jerome av.

to Van Cortlandt av. Central pk. S., and from and W. and N, to PaliRiver View ter. (C6), St. James, now called E. W. 110th, N. to Harlem sade av. from E. 58th E. of Av. A. 190th.


Stanton (B8), from 245 N. to E. 59th. St. James pk. (B 12), on 60 53 W. 14th.

Bowery, E. to E.R Birer View ter., 24th Jerome av., N. of E. 220 219 W. 23d.

Staple (B 2), from 169 Duward, now called Cedar 190th.

440 439 W 34th.


N. to Harrison, av. St. John av. (C 11), from 596 599 W. 42d.

State (B 1), from 48 Riverdale av. (B 13), from Timpson pl., bet. E. 149th 2094 2039 W. 125th.

Whitehall to Broadway. Spuyten Duyvil rd., bet. and Whitlock av., N. to Seventh st. pl. (C3), rear Station pl. (C 13), from W. 231st and W. 232d. Prospect av.


Bronx River, s. of E. N. to City line.

it. John's av., now called Seward pl. (B 13), from 210th, N. to Gun Hill rd. Riverdale la., now called Hughes av.

W.210th at Palisade av., Stebbins ar. (D 11), from W. 253d.

St. John's la. (B 2), from N to Sycamore av. Dawson, bet. Longwood Riverside av. (A 7), from 9 Beach, N. to Laight Sheridan av. (B 10), from av, and Rogers pl., N. to W. 72d, bet. West End St. John's pk. (B 3), Hud 409 E. 1530, N. to Bel Boston rd. and 12th avs., N. to Man son, bet. Clarkson and mont.

Stebbins pl., now called hattan.


Sheridan sq. (A3), at Elliott pl. Riverside pk. (A 7), bet. St. Joseph's (D 10), from junction of W. 4th, Steuben av. (C 13), from Riverside & 12th avs, & 412 Robbins av., E. to Christopher and Grove. Mosholu p'kway. N. of W72d and W. 129th. Whitlock av.

Sheriff (C3), from 60 Van C rtlandt av., N, to Rivington (B3), from 213 St. Luke's pl. (B 3), Leroy Grand, N. to 2d.

Gun Hill rd. Bowery, E. to E. R. st., from 63 to 99.

Sherman av. (4 12), from Stevens pl. (C 12), from E. Robbins ur. (D 10), from St. Mark's pl. (B 3), 8th Broadway and Elwood, 197th. bet. Tiebout and S. Boulevard, at E. 138th, st., from 17 3d av., to N. to Amsterdam av. and Marion avs, N. to E. N. to Westchester av. Av. A.

W. 211th.


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