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452 Penny Bridge. 453 Pine Island.. 454 Pinelawn+362 455 Pine View=362=579 456 Plainedge.... 457 Plainfield.. 458 Plainfield. 459 Plainview 460 Plattsdale 461 Plum Island 462 Plum Gut. 463 Plunderer's Neck. 464 Point Lookout.. 465 Pointwood. 466 Ponquogue +225. 467 Poosepatuck+354 468 Poquatuck=437. 469 Port Eaton +164 470 Port Jefferson=138 471 Port Washington.. 472 Potunk+617 473 Powder Hill... 474 Powell's Cove 475 Promised Land. 476 Prospect Grore +535. 477 Prospect Point, 478 Provostville +294. 479 Quantuc Bay 480 Queens. 481 Queenswater=268. 482 Quiogue+483 483 Quogue... 484 Race Point. 485 Ram's Head. 486 Randall Park + 211 487 Raunt (The). 488 Ravenswood. 489 Red Creek+225 490 Red Hook.. 491 Remsenburg=563. 492 Remsen's Landing. 493 Richmond Hill, 494 Ridgeville. 495 Ridgewood=616. 496 Ridgewood.. 497 Riverhead 498 Roanoke... 499 Robins Island. 500 Rockaway 501 Rockaway Beach=428. 502 Rockaway Park+501... 503 Rockville Centre 1,750. 504 Rocky Point. 505 Rocky Point=151. 506 Ronkonkoma=309. 507 Rosedale=207... 508 Roslyn.. 509 Ruffle Bar 510 Sachem's Neck. 511 Sagaponack=512.. 512 Sagg=511.. 513 Sag Harbor 514 St. Albans+272. 515 St. George's Fort +354. 516 St. James. 517 St. Johnland=305. 518 Sands Point.. 519 Sayville... 520 Scheutzen Park. 521 Scuttle Hole+61 522 Sea Clifl. 523 Seafield +617. 524 Seaford 525 Sea Gate.. 526 Seaside 527 Searingtown +165. 528 Seatuck=160. 529 Sebonac...

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NASSAU COUNTY, L. I. The County of Nassau is composed of the nificent Garden City Cathedral. It has two fine towns of Oyster Bay (70,000 acres), North Hemp- libraries, cathedral and school, at Garden Oity, stead (29,000 acres), and that part of the town of of 5,000 volumes each; public libraries at HempHempstead not in Queens Borough (63,000 acres). steaa, Great Veck, Massapequa, Oyster Bay, The total area is about 162,000 acres, including Rockville Centre, Roslyn, Sea Cliff, and school lionly waters well inclosed by land. The act cre braries accessible to the public connected with ating the new county passed the Assembly on nearly all of the schools, both public and private. March 24, 1898, and was signed by the Governor It contains several fine harbors, including Cold on April 28 following. It was the outgrowth im Spring, Oyster Bay, Hempstead Bay and Little mediately of the new conditions caused by the Neck Harbor, and a number of navigable streams creation of Greater New York and the consolida and bays on the south side of the towns of Hemption of the western towns with the metropolis, stead and Oyster Bay. It has about 200 miles

The new county is sixteen miles in width from of fine new macadamized roads, completed Janthe eastern boundary of the borough of Queens uary 1, 1899. Over two and half million to the western boundary of :ne County of Suffolk, dollars have been expended on the construction and twenty-two mlles in length from Long Island of these highways. The grounds and buildings Sound to the ocean. It had, in 1892, a popu:ation of the Queens County Agricultural Society, upon of 42,613—twenty-two counties in the state at that which a hundred thousand dollars have been time had less. It has an assessed valuation of expended, are located at Mineola, in the new about $25,000,000. It has the following villages: county. Hempstead, with a population of 5,000; G’en Cove, The government of the county, officials of which 4,000; Freeport, 2,500 Rockville (entre. 2,000; Oys were elected November 8, 1898, consists of a cer Bay, 2,000; Hicksvile, 1,500; Lynbrook, 1,000; County Judge and Surrogate, the two offices Port Washington. 1,20; Garden City, 800; Sea Cliff, united, at a salary of $3,000; a District Attorney, 1,300; Roslyn, 1,300; Farmingdale, 1,100, and Man Sheriff and County Treasurer, $2,500 each; County hasset, 800.

Clerk, $3,000, and a Superintendent of the Poor, It has about 70 public schoo buildings, costing, salary $1,500 per year. The present officials of some of them, from $25,000 to $60,000. It has also Queens ('ounty, living in Nassau County, will the splendid parochial schools of St. Paul's and serve out their terms. All searches as to titles St. Mary's, at Garden (ity, costing near $300,000. of property in Nassau County now have to be It also contains 91 churches, including the mag made in the County Clerk's office of both counties.



Amangasett. Abreast the village..

Jesse B. Edwards.
Four miles south of the village.

Henry Kremer.
Blue Point.
Four miles and a half south of Patchogue.

Fraok Rorke.
Ditch Plain.. Three and a half miles southwest of Montauk light.

William B. Miller. Eatons Neck East side of entrance to Huntington Bay, L. I. Sound. Henry E. Ketcham. Forge River Three and a half miles south of Moriches..

Ira G. Ketcham.
Fire Island
Half a mile west of Fire Island light.

Charles E. Wicks.
One mile south of the village of East Hampton.

Nathaniel Dominy, Jr.
West end of Oak Island..

William E. Austin. Hither Plain Half mile southwest of Fort Pond.

William D. Parsons, Jones Beach. East end of Jones Beach.

Stephen Ketcham.
Lone Hill
Eight miles east of Fire Island light.

George E. Goddard. Long Beach Near west end, Long Beach.

Richard Van Wicklen.
Two miles south of the village of Bridgehampton

John N. Hedges.
Two and a half miles southwest of Speonk village.

Gilbert H. Seaman.
Napeague Abreast Napeague Harbor

John S. Ed - ards.
Oak Island East end of Oak Island

Charles E. Arnold.
One and a half miles southwest of Potunk village

Isaac Gildersleeve.
Point of Woods Four miles east of Fire Island light.

William H. Miller,
Point Lookout Two miles west of New Inlet ...

Andrew Rhodes.
Half a mile south of the village.

Charles H. Herman. Rockaway Near the village of Rockaway

William H. Reinhart. Rockaway Point West end of Rockaway Beach

Daniel B. Abrams. Rocky Point.. Near Rocky Point, L. I. S., about 4 m. north'ly from Greenport Harvey S. Brown. Southampton Three-fourths of a mile south of the village..

Nelson Burnett. Shinnecock Two miles east-southeast of Shinnecock light

Alanson C. Penny. Smith's Point Abreast of the point .

John Penny.
Short Beach. Half mile east of Jones Inlet.

John Edwards.
Two miles southwest of Shinnecock light

John E. Carter.
Zach's Inlet West end of Jones Beach

Philip K. Chichester,

Montauk Point On the extreme east end of Long Island

James G Scott.
Shipnecock Bay On Ponquogue Point, Shinnecock Bay

John F. Raynor.
Fire Island
On the east side of Fire Island Inlet.

Ezra S. Mott.
Fire Island, L. V. 68. Light Vessel 9.7 miles south from Fire Island Light House D. H. Caulkins, Master.
Race Rock

Near Fishers Island, north side entrance to L. I. Sound... Christopher C. Culver. Little Gull Island. South side of easterly entrance to Long Island Sound.. Henry P. Field. Plum Island

Plum Island, Gardiners Bay, northeast extremity of L. I.. William W Wetmore. Long Beach Bar.. Entrance to Orient H'b'r and Peconic Bay, Long Island. Charles M. Fenton, Cedar Island Entrance to Sag Harbor.....

Charles I. Mulford.
Greenport Harbor. On outer end of Breakwater, Greenport Harbor.
Horton Point
On Horton Point, north of Southold village..

Robert Ebbitts.
Stratford Shoal.. In Long Island Sound, nearly opposite Port Jefferson Richard E. Ray.
Port Jefferson Break'r East side of entrance to Port Jefferson Harbor.
Port Jeffersou W.Bea'n West side of entrance to Port Jefferson Harbor.

Gilbert L. Rulon. Old Field Point...... North of Setauket...

Edgar S. Maclay.
Eatons Neck
East side of entrance to Huntington Bay.

Michael T. Burke.
Lloyd Harbor
Southeast end of Lloyd Neck..

Robert McGlone.
Cold Spring Harbor Easterly point of shoal, entrance to Cold Spring Harbor S. L. Turner.
Great Captain Island.. Near Greenwich Point...

Eugene Mulligan.
Execution Rocks..... Off Sands Point

William H. Tooker
Sands Point..
On northwest extremity of Manhasset Neck

Cornelius Douglass Stepping Stones. Near Hart Island

Elmer E. Gildersleeve. Throg's Neck.. Northwest side of Fort Schuyler

A. Ferreira. Whitestone Point, P. L. On Whitestone Point.

Laborer in charge. Flushing Bay, P. L.... Op dike in Flushing Bay.

Laborer in charge. Riker's Island, P. L.... On north end of Riker's Island.

Laborer in charge. Oak Bluff, P. L.... On Oak Bluff to east of Port Morris.

Laborer in charge.
North Brother Island.. South end of North Brother Island.

Samuel Wrigbt.
So. Brother Isl. Ledge. West entrance to South Channel, East River.
Lawrence Point Ledge. West entrance to South Channel, East River.
Sunken Meadow, P. L. On Sunken Meadow. East River....

Samuel Wright.
Blackwells Island..... On northerly point of Blackwells Island.

Laborer in charge. Man-o'-War Rock, P.L. Opposite foot East 38th street, East River

Laborer in charge. Governor's I., P. L .... On Castle Williams, Governors Island.

Laborer in charge.
Coney Island
On Norton Point, western end of Coney Island.

Thomas Higginbotham. Ft. Lafayette Fog Bell. East side of Narrows..

Detlef Larsen. Ft. Wadsw'th Fog Bell West side of Narrows.

William Boyle. Old Orchard Shoal .... New York Lower Bay.

A. L. Carlow.
Romer Shoal.

On Romer Shoal, N. E, side of Swash Chan., N. Y. low, bay Albert H. Porter.
On Highlands of Navesink, N. J..

Robert A. Bishop.
Scotland Lt.vessel No.7 41% miles N. E. I E. from Navesink light..

Henry Harrison, Master. S'dy Hook Lt.ves.No.48 8j miles N. E. by E., i E. from Navesink light.

John A. Beebe, Master.
Sandy Hook.. On Sandy Hook, 77 miles W. I N. from S. H. light vessel.. Samuel Jewell.
North Hook Beacon... On north point of Sandy Hook....

Wm. Stanton.
Princess Bay
On Staten Island, near entrance to Raritan Bay.

Wm. G Davison.
Elm Tree Beacon On Staten Island, near New Dorp..

Jacob C. Swaim.
Fort Tompkins.. On Staten Island, at the Narrows.

Wm. B. Davis, Jr.
Bergen Point
In Kill Van Kull, at Newark Bay entrance

Joseph Coons.
Robbins Reef
In New York Upper Bay..

Mrs. Kate Walker Statue of Liberty Inside Fort Wood, Bedloe Island, New York Harbor Albert E. Littlefield. Jeffreys Hook, P. L..JIn Hudson River at Fort Washington...

Patrick Roch, Laborer

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