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BANKS OF LONG ISLAND. The following is the Report of the Banks of Discount and Deposit - National and Savings.

See also Banks, Borough of Queens.



Loco tion.



$56,421 $11,451 $54,668
119,655 10,817 120,788

35,168 21,835 251,403
126,045 25,877 273,236
189,890 34,111 324,405

31,548 4,594 54,030
103,502 5,392 38,023
140,672 17,173 122,491
176,921 76,762 103,890
111,912 5,146 32,806
87,015 9,719 73,130

Amityville (State)

Amityville. Freeport (State)

Glen Cove (State).

Glen Cove
Hempstead (State)

Huntington (State)

Nassau County (State). Mineola
Northport (State).

Oyster Bay (State).

Oyster Bay
Patchogue (State)

Peconic (State)

Sag Harbor.
Port Jefferson (State)

Port Jefferson
Riverhead Savings

Rockville Centre, Bank of(S'te) Rockville Centre
Roslyn Savings

Sag Harbor Savings.

Sag Harbor.
Southampton (State)

Southold Savings

Southside Bank (State) Bay Shore, L. I..
Union Savings.

Babylon National

First National

Suffolk County National Riverhead
First National

Oystermen's National. Sayville
People's National.


E. F. Preston.

J. S. Davis.
John J. Randall Wm. S. Hall.
C. B. Gruman D. N. Gay
Martin V. Wood Chas. E. Patterson.
James M. Brush Douglas Conklin
Benj. D. Hicks.. Thos. W. Albertson.
Henry S. Mott. Hanford A. Brush...
Townsend D. Cock E. Morgan Griffin..
John A. Potter F. A. Overton ..
J. Jay Harrison Francis H. Palmer
H. M. Randall. E. M. Davis.
Nat. W. Foster C. B. Ackerly, Sec.
Samuel F. Phillips. . Hiram R. Smith
Benj. D. Hicks James R. Willets
J. H. Pierson... Edgar Wade, Treas.
James H. Pierson L. E. Terry:
Jonathan B. Terry. H. H. Huntting, Treas
R. M. Raven..

P. S. Wicks
Smith W. Conklin. Walter S. Rose, Sec.
W. F. Norton.. W. W. Wood
August Belmont. Carroll F. Norton
George W. Cooper. Henry P. Terry
G. H. Corwin

E. B. Harris..
Isaac H. Green.. Dow Clock....
Geo. F. Tuthill

E. 0. Corwin.


12,312 141,368

$122,540 $25,000

251,260 30,000
308,406 30,000
425,158 30,000
548,406 30,000

280,336 25,
149,542 25,000

169,864 25,000

272,745 25,000

1,089, 203

357, 717 25,000

166,900 25,000
231,415 50,000
595,073 50,000
392, 118 50,000
396.988 50,000
121,223 50,000
229, 115 50,000

$81,853 $11,197 $4,489
213,146 7,260 853
260,624 17.469 313
354,897 37.399 2,862
458,549 56,704

39,757 25,120

107,140 14,261 515
227,449 26,443 1,436
236,790 40,452 5.330
106,542 7,758 10,245

121,306 20,358 3,199
2,468,021 288,194

237,137 9,651 956
523,947 41,330
997, 147 92,056

291,109 33,039 8,569
2,151,245 393,238

132,676 3,023 6,202
184,324 2,833
157,439 12,240 11,735
463,444 36,628 45,000
300,844 29,315 11,958
228,186 27,726 64,076

126,187 2.941 49 986

[blocks in formation]

Bay Ridge and New York.

Sag Harbor, Southold, Greenport, Shelter Island, between Yaphank and Middle Island; between
Rockaway Beach and New York.
Orient and New York.

Medford Station and Coram and Selden; between
Roslyn, Glenwood, Sea Cliff, Glen Cove, Sands North Haven and Shelter Island.

Comac and Elwood and Greenlawn: between Se-
Point, Great Neck, Whitestone and New York,

Bay Shore and Point of Woods and Fire Island. tauket and Port Jefferson; between Calverton and
Riverhead and points on Peconic Bay.
Patchogue, Blue Point and Point of Woods.

Baiting Hollow; between Oyster Bay and East
Cold Spring, Oyster Bay and New York,

Sayville and Point of Woods.

Norwich; between Cutchogue and New Suffolk;
Northport, Huntington and New York.

between Ronkonkoma and Lake Grove; between

STAGE LINES-Beside the stages that connect Bayport and Blue Point, and between Riverhead
Port Jefferson and Bridgeport, Conn.

different villages with railroad stations there are and Flanders, between Farmingdale and Melville,
Huntington and Norwalk, Conn.

stage connections across the Island between and between Rocky Point and Port Jefferson.
Northport and Stamford, Conn.

Patchogue and Port Jefferson; across the plains Kinetic motor cars run, during the summer sea-
Sag Harbor, Greenport and New London.

between Riverhead and Westhampton; between son, between Babylon and Farmingdale, and trol-
Greenport and Shelter Island.

Quogue and Atlanticville and Riverhead; be ley cars between Huntington R. R station (FairSag Harbor and Greenport.

tween Orient and East Marion and Greenport; ground) and Huntington Harbor (Halesite).



Little Neck, Zion, Rev. J. B. Blanchet. (For churches in Brooklyn and Queens, see

Manhasset. Christ. Rev. Charles L. Newbold. New York City churches.)

Massapequa, Grace, Rev. William Wiley.

Merrick, Redeemer, Rev. J. W. Barker,

Oyster Bay, Christ, Rev. Henry H. Washburn.

Rockville ('entre, Ascension, Rev. W. E. Nies. Hempstead, Rev. S. H. Marcy.

Roslyn, Trinity, Rey. Isaac Peck. Oyster Bay, Rev. C. S. Wrightman.

Sea Cliff, St. Luke's, Rev. Geo. C. Groves, Jr. Port Washington, Rev. J. W. Flower.

Seaford, St. Michaels, and all Angels', vacant. Rockville Centre, Rev. C. B. Welton. Valley Stream, Rev. Herbert E. Ryder.


Brookville, yacant.

Hicksville, Rev. E. Gutweiler.
Wantagh, Rev. Thomas S. Braithwaite.

Hyde Park, supplied by students.

Little Neck, Rev. Alfred Duncombe,
Hempstead, Rev. Eugene Zwinger,

Locust Valley, supplied by students. Hicksville, Rev. P. G. L. Matschat.

Manhasset and North Hempstead, Rev. Alfred Rockville Centre, supplied.

Methodist Episcopal.

Roman Catholic.
Baldwins, Rev. G. L Thompson.

Farmingdale, St. Kilan, Revs. Gerard SpielBayvile and Locust Valley (supply).

mann and Benno Ferstl. Bellmore, Rev. James Robinson,

Foster's Meadows, St. Boniface (German), Rev. Cold Spring Harbor, Rev. John Nash (supply). Joseph Hauber. East Meadow. Rev. Robert Wodehouse (supply).

Glen Cove, St. Patrick's, Rev. Bernard O'Reilly. East Norwich, Rev. Robert Wasson.

Great Neck, St. Aloysius', vacant. Elmont, Rev. J. H. Brunges (supply).

Hempstead, Our Lady of Loretto, Rev. Wm. B.

Farmingdale and Melville, Rev. J. A. Swann.
Freeport, Rev. W. v. W. Wilson.

Hewletts (Woodsburgh), St. Joseph's, attended Glen Cove, Rev. L. H. Caswell,

from Cedarhurst. Great Neck, Rev. H. Q. Judd.

Hicksville, St. Ignatius, Rev. Lawrence Fuchs. Hempstead, Rev. J. M. Holmes.

Hyde Park, Holy Ghost, Rev. Francis Videnz. Jericho, Rev. S. A. Sands.

Manhasset, St. Mary's, attended from Roslyn. Lawrence, Rev. James Coote.

Mineola, Corpus Christi Chapel, Very Rev. Dean Middle Village, Rev.

J. H. Lockwood, Jr. Farrell. (supply).

Oyster Bay, St. Dominic's, Rev. John L. BelPlain Edge and Plain View (Jericho circuit), Rev. ford. Alex. McNicholl.

Queens, St. Joachim and St. Anne, Rev. F. W.

Oyster Bay, Rev. W. P. Estes.
Port Washington, Rev. G. B. Dusinberre.

Rockville Centre, St. Agnes', Rev. Patrick M. Rockville Centre, Rev. W. W. Clark.

Fitzgerald. Roslyn and Searington, Rev A. A. Clark.

Roslyn, St. Mary's, Rev. Martin J. Hogan. Sea Cliff, Rev. G. W. Carter.

Sea Cliff, St. Boniface, Martyr, Rev. James Seaford, Rev. Robert Rider (supply).

Valley Stream, Rev. R. P. Cristopher (supply). Westbury, St. Bridget's, Very Rev. Dean Far-
Woodbury and West Hills, Rev. J. H. Churchill. rell.
Woodmere, Rev. W. R. Sears.

Society of Friends.
Methodist Episcopal (Colored).

Meeting houses are located at Flushing, ManGlen Cove Bethel, A. M. E.. Rev. Morris Riley. hasset, Westbury, Mattinecock, Jericho and BethHempstead, A. M. E. Zion, Rev. A. A. M. page.

Union Churches.
Jericho, A. M. E. Zion, Rev. J. I. A. D. Le Chai.

Mineola, Union Church (supply).
Jamaica, A. M. E., Rev. F. F. Giles,

SUFFOLK COUNTY. Lakeville, A. M. E. Zion, Rev. C. H. Teneycke.

Baptist. Little Neck, A. C. Sanders.

Amityville, vacant. Oyster Bay, A. M. E. Zion, Rev. J. I. A. D.

Babylon, Rev. Walter B. Pimm. Le Chai.

Babylon (Ebenezer). Roslyn, A. M. E., Rev. A. L. Bouldin.

Blue Point, vacant.
Westbury, A. M. E. Zion, Rev. A. L. Bouldin.

Cold Spring Harbor, Rev. John Mitchell.
German Methodist Episcopal.

East Marion, Rev. L. A. Rowley.
Jerusalem. Rev. P. Luth,

Sea Cliff, Rev. Otto Mann.

Huntington, Rev. John Mitchell.
Methodist Protestant.

Northport, Rev. John Mitchell.
Baldwing, Rev. T. E. Davis.

Patchogue, Rev. L. W. Jackson. Inwood, Rev. R. T. Tyson.

Port Jefferson, Rev. Wm. Hunter.
Rockville Centre, Rev. A. L. Reynolds.

Ronkonkoma, vacant.

Sag Harbor, vacant.
Bellmore. vacant.

Congregational. Elmont, Rev. Remi J. Buttinghausen.

Aquebogue, Rev. E. L. Hood. Freeport, Rev. Kneeland P. Ketcham.

Baiting Hollow, vacant. Glen Cove, Rev. James A. Norris.

Bay Shore, Rev. E. P. Armstrong. Glenwood, Rev. C. G. Matteson.

Calverton, Rev. C. W. Dickinson. Hempstead, Rev. Frank Melville Kerr.

Jamesport, Rev. W. S. Woolworth. Ocean Side, Alfred J. Wright.

Mt. Sinaí, Rev. Edwin A. Hazeltine. Oyster Bay, Rev. Alexander G. Russell.

New Village, Rev. J. J. Bond.
Roslyn, Rev. Charles G. Matteson.

Northville, Rev. M. H. Fishburn.
Protestant Episcopal.

Orient, Rev. J. N. Taft.
Cold Spring Harbor, St. John's, Rev. E. F. Patchogue. Rev. Charles N. Gleason.

Riverhead, Rev. Wm. I. Chalmers.
Dunton, St. Mary's, Rev. H. B. Bryan.

Sayville, Rev. A. F. Newell. Farmingdale, St. Thomas', Rev. Herbert J. Wading River, Rev. Willia Hedges. Glover.

Lutheran. Freeport, Transfiguration, Rev. Arthur Lowndes.

Greenport, Rev. Karl O. Salzmann. Garden City, Cathedral of the Incarnation, the

Holbrook, Rev. Herman Zoller. Bishop, Very Rev. S. Cox, Dean; Rev. W. P.

Lindenhurst, Edward Staudermann.
Bird, Precentor; Rev. H. B. Bryan, Almoner and

Sayville, Rev. Herman Zoller.
Canon Missioner.
Glen Cove, St. Paul's, John W. Gammack.

Methodist Episcopal.
Glendale, Annunciation, Rev. H. B. Bryan. Amityville, 1st Church, Rev. H. B. Munson.
Great Neck, All Saints', Rev. Kirkland Huske. Amityville, North Church, Rev. E. S. Wright.
Hempstead, St. George's, Rev. Creighton Spen Babylon, Rev. Frederick Stiehler.

Bayport, Rev. G. T. Freeman. Hewletts. Trinity, Rev. T. W. Martin.

Bay Shore, Rev. H. W. Byrnes. Hollis, St. Gabriel's, Rev. R. D. Pope.

Bellport, Rev. William Dalzeil.

LONG ISLAND CHURCHES-Continued. Blue Point, Rev. C. M. Williams.

Protestant Episcopal. Bridgehampton, Rev. T. L. Price.

Archdeacon Ven. W. H. Holden, Northport. Brookhaven, Melville Cunningham.

Amityville, St. Mary's; Rev. Herbert J. Glover. Calverton, Rev. 0. C. Lane.

Babylon Chapel, Rev. George D. Sparks. Central Islip, Rev. H. E. Marsland.

Bay Shore, St. Peter's-by-the-Sea; Rev. John Centre Moriches, Rev. J. 0. Munson.

C. Stevenson. Commack Circuit, Rev. Julius Nelson.

Bellport, Christ Mission, Rev. J. N. Perkins. Coram and Middle Island, J. F. Robertson. Bohemia, St. John's-on-the-Plains; Rev. John H. Cutchogue, Rev. E. F. Lounsbury.

Prescott. Easthampton, Rev. James T. Leggett.

Brentwood, vacant. East Moriches, H. B. Burns.

Brookhaven, St. James', lay reader, A. W. East Quogue, Rev. B. F. Reeve, supply.

Hind. Good Ground, Rev. B. C. Miller, Jr.

Central Islip, Messiah, vacant. Greenport, Rev. W. J. White.

Centre Moriches, St. John's, lay reader, L. G. Haupaug. Rev. W. N. Taft.

Witherspoon-Morony. Huntington, Rev. Frank Walter.

Easthampton, St. Luke's; Rev. C. H. Gardiner. Islip, Rev. Edward Cunningham.

Fisher's Island, St. John's (open summers). Lake Grove and St. James, Rev. M. S. Poulson. Greenport, Holy Trinity. Mattituek and Jamesport, Rev. E. P. Alvord. Huntington, St. Andrew's-at-the-Harbor; Rev. Northport, Rev. C. A. Kneasel.

James F. Aitken. Orient, Rev. F. L. Strickland.

Huntington, St. John's; Rev. James F. Aitken. Patchogue, Rev. J. Rippere.

Islip, Emmanuel; Rev. T. S. Pycott. Port Jefferson, E. K. Creed.

Islip, St. Mark's; Rev. R. L. Brydges. Riverhead, Rev. I. A. Marsland.

Mattituck, Redeemer; Rev. Geo. W. West. Sag Harbor, Rev. R. F. Norton.

Northport, Trinity; Ven. Wm. H. Holden. Sayville, Rev. H. S. Still.

Patchogue, St. Paul's; Rev. Jas. W. Diggles. Setauket. Rev. G. W. Gray.

Port Jefferson, Christ; Rev. Wm. G. Webb. Smithtown Circuit, Rev. W. E. Smith,

Quogue, Atonement (open summers). Southampton, Rev. W. E. Scofield.

Riverhead, Grace Churoh; Rev. George W. West. Southold, Rev. H. E. Hiler.

Ronkonkoma, St. Mary's: vacant. Stony Brook, Rev. B, C. Miller.

Sag Harbor, Christ's; Rev. G. T. Lewis. Westhampton, Rev. B. F. Gilman.

Sayville, St. Ann's; Rev. John H. Prescott. Westhampton Beach, Rev. C. E. Benedict.

Setauket, Caroline; Rev. D. Marvin. West Hill and Woodbury, J. A. Churchill.

Shelter Island, St. Mary's; Rev. W. R. Watson. Methodist Episcopal (Colored).

Smithtown, St. James'; Rev. J. Q. Archdeacon. Amityville, A. M. E., Rev. A. Q. Norton.

Southampton, St. Andrew's-on-the-Dunes; open

in summer only. Babylon, A. M. E., Rev. A. Q. Norton. Bay Shore, A. M. E., Rev. G. G. Daniel.

Stony Brook, St. James' Chapel; Rev. J. Q. Bellport, A. M. E. Zion, Rev. W. H. Tarker.

Archdeacon. Easthampton, Rev. L. D. Williams.

West Islip, Christ; Rev. George D. Sparks.

Yaphank, St. Andrew's; lay reader, A. W. Greenport, A. M. E. Zion, Rev. J. C. Parolla.

Hind. Huntington, A. M. E., Rev. A. G. Lane.

Islip and Bay Shore, A. M. E. Zion, vacant.
Jamesport, A. M. E. Zion, Rev. J. C. Parolla. Sayville, Rev. John Hoffman, W. Sayville.
Mattituck, A. M. E. Zion, Rev. J. C. Parolla.

Roman Catholic.
Moriches, A. M. E. Zion, Rev. W H Parker.
Northport, A. M. E., Rev. A. G. Lane.

Babylon, St. Joseph's, Rev. Jos. Kilpatrick.

Bay Shore, St. Patrick's, Port Jefferson, A. M. E., Rev. J. H. Nicholis.

Rev. Joseph Mc

Ginley. Riverhead, A. M. E. Zion, Rev. P. M. Jackson.

Bellport, attended from Patchogue. Sag Harbor, A. M. E. Zion, Rev. L. D. Will

Bohemia, St. John Nepomucene; attended from iams.

Seatauket, A. M. E., Rev. J. H. Nicholis.

Brentwood, Rev. John M. Kiely, jr.
Methodist Protestant.

Centre Moriches, attended by supply in summer. Eastport, Rev. J. H. Holden.

Cutchogue, Sacred Heart; attended from SouthManor, Rev. W. J. Cady.

old. Pentecostal.

Easthampton, St. Philomena; attended from San Sag Harbor, People's Pentecostal Tabernacle, Harbor. Rev. C. A. Reney.

East Islip, St. Mary's; Rev. E. A. Duffy. Presbyterian.

Greenport, St. Agnes'; Rev. Patrick Farrelly. Amagansett, Rev. James B. Finch.

Huntington, St. Patrick's; Rev. J. B. C. York. Babylon, Rev. John D. Long.

Kings Park, St. Joseph's; Rev. J. A. Bennett. Bellport, Rev. Frederick V. Frisbie.

Lindenhurst, Our Lady of Perpetual Help; Rev. Brentwood, Rev. Robert D. Merrill.

John Koeberle. Bridgehampton, Rev. Arthur Newman.

Mattituck and neighboring stations, attended Brookfield, Rev. Thomas Thompson.

from Southold. Pomac, Rev. Robert D. Merrill.

Moriches, St. Mary's; attended from Brooklyn Cutchogue, Rev. Frederick G. Beebe.

during summer. Easthampton, Rev. John D. Stokes.

North Amityville, St. Martin's; attended by East Moriches, Rev. (larence Geddes.

Benedictine Fathers from Farmingdale. Franklinville, Rev. Wm. H. Seeley.

Northport, St. Phillip Neri's, Rev. M. P. FitzGreenlawn, Rev. C. G. Ellis.

gerald. Greenport, Rev. W. C. McKnight.

Orient and Shelter Island, attended from GreenHuntington, First, Rev. Samuel T. Carter.

port. Huntington, Second, Rev. Samuel H. Seem.

Patchogue, St. Francis de Sales; Rev. James J. Islip, Rev. Azel Hull Fish.


Quogue, Immaculate Conception; attended from Middletown, Rev. James Bassett. Mattituck, Rev. Charles E. Craven.

Riverhead. Melville, Rev. Philip A. Schwarz.

Riverhead, St. John's; Rev. Patrick Creighton. Moriches, Rev. Clarence Geddes,

Ronkonkoma, St. Joseph's; attended from Say

ville. Northport, Rev. (harles G. Ellis.

Sag Harbor, St. Andrew's and Chapel Sacre Port Jefferson, Rev. Thomas R. G. Peck. Sag Harbor, Rev. Clarence H. Wilson.

Coeur de Marie Vierge: Rev. Michael H. Carey.

Sayville, St. Lawrence's; Rev. T. S. Dubigg. Setauket, Rev. W. H. Littell. Selden, Rev. James Bassett.

Setauket, St. James'; attended from Kings Park. Shelter Island, Rev. Jacob E. Mallmann.

Smithtown, St. Patrick's; attended from Kings

Park. Shinnecock, Rev. John M. Shippen.

Southold, St. Patrick's; Rev. James Lynch. Smithtown, Rev. Charles O. Gray. South Haven, Rev. Frederick V. Frisbie.

Southampton, Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary,

Rev. Wm. S. Kirby.
Southampton, Rev. Richard S. Campbell.
Southold, Rev. Wm. H. Lloyd.

Yapbank, attended from Riverhead.
Speonk, Rev. Mr. Hammond.

Universalist. Westhampton, Rev. Egbert C. Lawrence, Ph. D. Huntington, Rev. C. W. Tomlinson. Yaphank, Rev. James M. Denton.

Southold. Wm. Hector Murray.

[blocks in formation]

Rep. in Cong Townsend Scudder.. Glen Cove. Under Sheriff.. Henry W. Skinner...

James Norton. Glen Cove. Co. Eng. Roads E. Harper Firth. Roslyn.
Assembly G. Wilbur Doughty . Inwood. County Treas.. Henry M. W Eastman Roslyn.
County Judge. Robert Seabury. Hempstead. Dist. Attorney. James P. Nieman Lynbrook.
Sheriff William H. Wood ... Glen Cove. Supt. of Poor.. George D. Smith ... Rockville (en.
County Clerk.. Thos. Patterson... Mineola.

School Com.... Dr. James S. Cooley. Glen Cove. Dep. Co. Clerk. Henry S. Starr.. Hempstead. Coroner

E. D. Skinner

Mineola. Superv'r's Cl’rk J. Seymour Snedeker Hempstead.

Coroner ......

Philip Cronin.. Hempstead. Dis. Att. Clerk. Henry Keif...

Coroner John Mann.. Jericho.

[blocks in formation]

Rep. in Cong... Townsend Scudder.. Glen Cove. Supt. of Poor.. John J. Kirkpatrick. Patchogue. State Senator.. John L. Havens .... Cen. Moriches. Sch. Com., 1 D. Chas. H. Howell... Riverhead. Assembly, 1 D.. Joseph N. Hallock... Southold. Sch. Com., 2 D. Millard H. Packer... Bayport. Assembly, 2 D.. Regis H. Post. Bayport. Coroner

Henry H. Davidson.. Northport. County Judge. Benjamin A. Reeve.. Greenport. Coroner

John Nugent Southampton. Surrogate Nathan D. Petty: Riverhead. Coroner

Clarence C. Miles.... Greenport. District Att'ny. Livingston Smith Smithtown Coroner

Edwin S. Moore Bay Shore. Sheriff J. Sheridan Wells... Greenport. Coroner

Chas. W. Gordon.. Fisher's Island County Clerk.. William R. Duvall... Riverhead. County Sealer. Justus Roe... Patchogue Deputy Clerk.. William F. Flanagan Riverhead. Superv'r's Cl’k Frederick M. Welsh. Patchogue. County Treas. . John Sherry..... Sag Harbor. For Queens County Officials, see chapter on New York City Government.



Amityville....... Samuel P. Hildreth.. Willis B. Inglee.. John Kortright... Solomon Ketcham Babylon

Henry Van Weelden. Eugene Fishel. Stephen J. Wilson.. T. Edward Dowden Freeport William G. Miller.... Joseph T. Weyant John E. Golding. E. B. Holland. Greenport Isaac Reeve... George H. Corwin, Jr... C. L. Thornhill E. Olin Corwin. Hempstead.. Henry L. Nichols.. Lott Van de Water, Jr.. William Stoffel Edward Cooper. Lawrence. John L. Lawrence... N. J. Pettit

William E. Foote James Baker Northport Edward Pidgeon. John W. Olmsted Charles J. Pidgeon.. G. Edwin Bartow. Patchogue George D. Gerard Joseph T. Losee.. George L. Chichester Floyd A. Overton, Rockville Centre George W. Smith.... George W. Rorer. Freeman E. Gager.. Edwin Wallace. Sag Harbor.. Peter Lippel. Wm. R. Reimann George W. Taber.. Sea Clifl.........

Francis E Sherwood Samuel C. Ransom.... Charles W. Sniffen Henry C Smith. Southampton Albert J. Post. ... Frank H. Corwith....... Benj. H. Bishop. Edgar A.Hildreth.


[blocks in formation]


Edward Daily.. Willis B. Inglee, Amityville..... Joshua H. Smalling, Babylon. Brookhaven. Edwin Bailey. Jr.. Edmund F. Hawkins, Yaphank. Thomas N. Bayles, Stony Brook. Easthampton.. George A. Miller..

Joseph S. Osborne, Easthampton Lewis S. Parsons, Easth'pton. Hempstead... Smith Cox.

H. Luther Weeks, Hempstead A. Abrams (Rec.), Hempstead. Huntington. Henry S. Brush. Philip Pearsall, Huntington..... Obadiah Bartow, Northport. Islip...

Frank S. Parker. Julius Hauser, Sayville.. William P. Edwards, Sayville. North Hempstead. Augustus Dentop.... Monroe S. Wood, Roslyn. Phil. J. Christ, New Hyde Park. Oyster Bay William H. Jones.... James L. Long, Oyster Bay. Fred K D. Kellum, Oyster Bay. Riverhead.. Henry L. Hallock ... John Bagshaw, Riverhead.. Isaac C. Winters, Riverhead. Shelter Island. Byron L. Griffin.. Lewis B. Congdon, Shelter Island H.H. Preston Shelter Island Hts. Smithtown

Edward H. L. Smith. H. W. Hallock, Smithtown Br... Edward H. Lewis. Southampton.. James H. Pierson.... William J. Post, Southampton. Edward L. Keese, Southampton. Southold

B. D. Skinner, M.D.. William Y. Fithian, Southold.... Geo. C. Cooper, Mattituck.

Assessed | Asses'd Equal-




School State State Co'nty gate

for for Person'l Valua Tax. Insane Tax. Tax. Taxa

1897. 1898. Estate. Prop. tion.

tion. Easthampton. 41,027 $1,679,115 $127,325 $2,503,036 $1,738 $1,676 $1,195 $4,380 $14,249 53, 73

70, 80 Southampton 60,329 6,829,908 526, 250 7,542,114 5,238 5,051 3,602 13,198 36,073, 44, 51, 52, 44, 49,50 Shelter Island 7,316 1,413,300 134,775 1,411,641 980 945 674 2,476 6,966 53

45 Southold..... 29,227 5,233,010 812,600 5,429,195 3,770 3,636 2,593 9,501 31,147 44, 46 52, 50 Riverhead. ... 36,813 2,551,017 450,300 2,871,751 1.994 1,923 1,371 5,025 15,006 40 50 Brookhaven.. 145,098 9,669,214 867,100 9,013 961 6 260 6,037 4,305 15,774 54,901 38, 56 56, 38 Smithtown... 31,611 1,744,911 346,607 2,068,273 1,436 1,385 988 3,619 14,431 69 69 Islip..

53,966 7,375,855 230,825 9,449,113 6,563 6,828 4,513 16,535 58,810 68 77 Babylon 23,349 3,110,978 119,300 3,188,835 2.214 2,135 1,523 5,580 21,319 44

66 Huntington... 51,340 5,031,025 468,650 5,244,147 3,642 3,512 2,505 9,177 31,851 41, 57 46, 59 Totals.. 482,076 $44,638,834 $4,083,732 $48,722,066 $33,841 332,632 $23,272 $85,263 $281,257


Hicksville Mutual Benefit Ass'n.-Henry Graf,

Pres.; Frank Reinhard, Sr., Sec.; Andreas RuBay Shore Club-Harry M. Brewster, Pres.;

ger, Treas, Leonard W. Young and Arthur Dominy, Vice

Hunters Garden Ass'n.-Meets at Brewster s Prests; Dr. Jos. Z. Wild, Sec.; C. E. Brewster,

Lots. Frank Tuthill, Eastport, Pres. Treas.

Huntington Rural (em, Ass'n-o. S. Sammis, Bay Shore Idle Hour Club-John R. Howell,

Pres.: J. Abner Smith, Sec. Pres. : Dr. E. S. Moore, Sec.; L. G. Homan, Treas.

Islip Sterling Club.-Harry P. Haff, Pres.; Geo Bay Shore Village Improvement Society-Wm. A.

W. Weeks, Jr., Sec.; John C. Doxsee, Treas. Hulse, M. D., Pres.; W. R. Jones, Sec.; John R.

Islip Town Firemen's Ass'n.-C. H. Truax, Islip, Howell, Treas.

Pres.; H. W. Burr, Bay Shore, Sec. and Treas. Blue Point Mutual Benefit Ass'n-John Brown,

Lake Grove_Total Abstinence Society.-Wilmot Pres.; John Dommett, Sec.; Chas. E, Coutant,

Y. Hallock, Pres.; Lena M. Hallock, Sec. and Treas.

Treas. Breslau Cornet Band-Located at Lindenhurst.

Lindenhurst Athletic Club.-Wm. F. Wild, Pres.; George Torns, Pres. ; Arthur Parthe, Sec.; Hugo Chas. Warta, Jr., Sec. Waldan, Treas.; Fred Torns, Jr., Leader,

Long Island Associated Physicians.-Dr. Louis Breslau Labor' Ass'n-Org. 1892. Joseph Kaulicn, N. Lanehart, Hempstead, Pres.; Dr. Robert J. Pres.; Richard Rodlinsky, Sec.; Valentine Heling, Morrison, 354 Tompkins av., Brooklyn, Sec.; A. H. Treas.

Terry, M. D., Patchogue, Treas. Bridgehampton Evergreen Cemetery Ass'n

Long Island Chautauqua Assembly Ass'n.-See Stephen Hedges, Pres.; Elisha O. Hedges, Sec. Point of Woods Association. and Treas.

Long Island Farmers' Club.-R. Franklin Titus, Bridgehampton Ladies' Benevolent Society-Mrs. Westbury Station, Pres.; Oliver Whitson, Old Henry Halsey, Pres.; Mrs. Frank Halsey, Sec, and Westbury, Sec.; Garret Van Dine, Flushing, Treas.

Treas. Board of Managers composed of one from Bridgehampton Village Improvement Society-G each of the six former towns of Queens County, F. Hallock, Pres. ; F. A. Burling, Sec.; Mrs. E.

Mattituck Lecture Ass'n.--Arthur L.

Downs, C. Hedges, Treas.

Pres.; Mrs. C. W. Wickham, Sec. Central Islip Improvement Ass'n-Wm. T. Stokes, Mattituck Literary Society.--Charles Gildersleeve, Pres.; Frank T. Kelly, Sec.; Jas. J. Crozier, Treas. Pres.: Mrs. Geo. T. Bergen, Sec. and Treas, Cutchogue Pequash Recreation Club-Wm. A.

Mattituck Temperance Society.-Henry J. Reeve, Fleet, Pres.; J. C. Albertson, - Sec.; Geo.

B. Pres.; Joseph P. Kirkup, Sec.; John G. Reeve, Corey, Treas.

Treas. Easthampton Women's Village Improvement Millburn Literary Society.-Margaret B. Wheeler, Society-Mrs. E. H. Dayton, Pres.: Mrs. B. H.

Pres.; Mary Beardsley, Sec. and Treas. Van Scoy, Sec.; Mrs. H. D. Hedges, Treas.

Nassau County Bar Ass'n.-A. N.

Weller, East Moriches Mount Pleasant Cemetery Ass'n-Hempstead, Pres.; G. W. Eastman, Roslyn, ViceJohn S. Havens, Pres.; J. S. Raynor, Seo.; Elli-Pres.; W. Clarke Roe, Lakeville, Sec.; Edw. T. son Bishop, Treas.

Payne, Treas., Glen Cove. East Quogue Village Improvement Ass'n-Miss Nassau County Principals' Conference.--C. A. Grace R. Wright, Pres.; John Quinn, Sec.; Geo. W. Woodard, Oyster Bay, Pres.; Gorodson Norton, Rockafeller, Treas.

Merrick, Sec. and Treas. East Northport Farmers' (b-Edward N. Row

Northport Literary and Library Union--Mrs. ley, Ft. Salonga, Pres.; Frank B. Smith, Sec.; Wm. B. Codling, Pres.; Edwin G. Ostrander, Sec., Lewis Smith, Purchasing Agent; Joshua B. Gilder Henry S. Mott, Treas. sleeve, Fresh Pond, Treas.

Northville Agricultural Society.-John T. Downs, Flanders ClubH. C. Mortimer, Pres.; N. T.

Pres.; Sherwood E. Tuthill, Sec. and Treas. Lawrence, 51 Liberty st., Manhattan, Sec.; H. Herrick, Treas.

Olympic Club-Location, Bay Shore; Org. 1840. Floral Park Athletic Ass'n-Harry Sleeper, Pres.;

George Arms, Pres., Grand Hotel, Manhatta 1; Wm. Fitch, Sec.

James F. Wessman, Sec., 12 Old Slip, Manhattan; Fortnightly Club--Rockville Centre. Org. 1898.

James J. McKenna, Treas., E. 230 St., Manhatta.. Mrs. George S. Skilton, Pres.; Mrs. J. R. Strickler, Oyster Bay Town Historical Society-Wilmot T. Sec.; Mrs. H. Sterling Chapin, Treas.

Cox, Mill Neck, Pres.; George W. Cocks, Sec. and Freeport Mutual Benefit Association-Daniel Mor

Historian, Glen Cove; John B. C. Tappan, Treas.,

Glen Cove. rison, Pres.; Wm. H. Post, Sec.; Martin Southard,

Oyster Bay Women's Club-Miss Sara C. Frye, Treas.

Pres.; Miss Thurston, Sec. and Treas. Freeport Young Men's Literary Society-Elvin

Oyster Bay Woodbine Club-James D. RusoEdwards, Pres.; Fred Mollineaux, Sec.


Thos. H. McCormick, Sec. and Glen Cove St. Paul's Club, John W. Gammack,

Treas. Pres.; Frederick Bosworth, Sec.

Patchogue Consul, L. A. W.-J. C. Mills, Sen. Glen Cove Woman's lub.-Mrs. W. H. Seaman, Consul; Jerome Ackerly, Sec.; Jas. A. Canfield, Pres.; Miss Helen Maud Coles, Sec.

Treas. Great Neck League. --Org. 1892. John Baker, Patchogue Club-Frank Guttridge, Pres.; L. B. Pres.; Robert A. Ellard, Sec., Great Neck; Silas Green, Sec.; Nelson McBride, Treas. McBee, Supt.; A. Post, Treas.

Patchogue Exempt Firemen's Ass'n-H. C. LOGreat Neck Village Improvement Society. see, Pres.: Edward A. Cowles, Rec. Sec.; R. A. Moses R. Schenck, Pres.: Alfred Wilde, Sec.; Budd, Treas. Elbert J. Schenck, Treas.

Patchogue Social and Literary Society-Miss Greenport Lecture Ass'n.-C. C. Miles, Pres.; S. Alice Whittington, Pres.; Miss Lena B. Hub3. Horton, Sec.; G. C. Adams, Treas.

bard, Sec. Greenport Literary Society.-Jchn F. Booth,

Patchogue Sorosis-Mrs.


Smith, Pres.; Mrs. J. F. Webb, Sec.; F. B. Corey, Treas.;

Pres.; Miss M, Edith Brundage, Sec.; Miss Lila Rev. W. C. McKnight, Editor,

Conklin, Treas.

Point of Woods Association-Chas. W. Hand, Greenport Philharmonic Society.-Wilbur F. Iammond, Pres.; J. Lewis Clark, Sec.; S. Forest Gerard, Patchogue, Treas.

Brooklyn, Pres.; Wm. J. Griffen, Sec.; Geo. D. Preston, Treas.; Adolph Johnsen, Musical Direc

Port Jefferson Cedar Hill Cemetery Ass'n-Al. Or. Greenport Sterling Cemetery Ass'n.-Aaron

len F. Davis, Pres.; E. A. Raynor, Sec.; Thos. Toung, Pres. ; John F. Booth, Sec.; Isaac A. Mon

H. Saxton, Treas. ell, Treas.

Port Jefferson Good Roads Ass'n-F E. Rayno:, Hempstead Mutual Benefit Ass'n.-George W. Pres.; Chas. A. Squires, Sec.; R. B. Dayton, Treas. erry, Pres.; John B. Mersereau, Sec.; Townsend Port Jefferson Ladies' Village Improvement So. Baldwin, Treas.

ciety-Mrs. H. T. Bayles, Pres.; Mrs. Hempstead Rod and Gun Club-Henry Agnew, Leek, Sec. Pres.: Geo. H. Bankney, Sec.; H. V. Carman, Port Jefferson Women's Club-Mrs. Jas. E. reas.

Bayles, Pres.; Mrs. H. H. Skinner, Sec. and Hempstead Town Volunteer Firemen's Ass'n Treas. t. H. Mayland, Freeport, Pres.; Frank S. Sned Port Washington Women's Club-Mrs. Albert ker, Freeport, Sec.; Hiram R. Smith, Rockville Messenger, Pres.; Mrs. M. Eleanor Smull, Sec. 'entre, Treas.

Queens County Bar Ass'n-John Lyon, Rock



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