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seldom seen him laugh, and said it was a great compliment. And so it was: it was evidence of the respect he was held in as Police Commissioner. Twin Island told the other end of the story, and it was even better.

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SAID I would not meddle with the President's policies, and neither will I from the

point of view of statecraft; for of that I know less than nothing. But how now, looking at them through the man I have tried to show you? Do his “policies " not become the plain expression of his character, of the man? Ask yourself and answer the question whether he has “made good” the promise which any one not wilfully blind could see.

Lots of people were uneasy when he became President. It was natural, in the excitement over the murder of President McKinley. Roosevelt was young, he was hot-headed, hasty, things were going to be upset-that was what we heard. Perhaps they looked back and saw that no Vice-President had ever succeeded who did not dismiss

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