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man himself, and take up his cross

37 And it came to the day. nonostanding here that death, till they seem he hardly

so that he denath, and bim him.

commanded they shonld tell this to and one for Moses, and one for

Elias : not knowing what he said. 22 Saying: The Son of man +34 Ånd as he spoke these things, must suffer many things, and be there came a cloud, and oversha; rejected by the ancients and chief dowed them: and they were afraid, priests and scribes, and be killed, when they entered into the cloud. and the third day rise again. 35 And a voice came out of the 23 And he said to all: If any cloud saying: This is my

beloved come after me, let him Son, hear him. deny

36 And whilst the voice was utdaily, and follow me.

tered, JESUS was found' alone. And? 24 For whosoever will save his they held their peace, and told no life, shall lose it; for he that shall man in those days any of these Jose his life for my sake, shall save it. things which they had seen.

25 For what is a man' advantaged, if he gain the whole world, following, when they and lose himself, and cast away from the mountain, there met him himself?

a great multitude 26 For he that shall be ashamed 38 And behold

a man among the of me and my words, of him the crowd'cried out, saying : Master, Son of man shall be ashamed, when beseech thee, look upon my son, he shall come in his majesty, and because he is my only one. that of his father, and of the holy 39 And lo, a spirit seizeth him, angels.

and he suddenly crieth out, and, you of a truth : he throweth him down and teareth shall

him the kingdom of God.

40 And I desired thy disciples 28"And it came to pass about to cast

him out, and they could not. cight days after these words, that 41 And Jesus answering 'said:** he took Peter and James and John, o faithless and perverse generation, and went up into a an mountain to how long shall be with you and pray.

29 And whilst he prayed, "thel, 42 Ånd as he was coming to him, shape of his countenance was al- the devil threw him down and tore tered : and his raiment became him. 19 e and glittering.

43 JESUS rebuked the untalking with him. And they were restored him to his father. Moses and Elias,

44 And áll were astonishedat 31 Appearing in majestý. And the mighty power of God: bat chey spoke of his decease that he while all wondered at all the things should accomplish in Jertișalem. The did," he said to 'his disciples :

32 But Peter and they that were Lay you up in your hearts these with him, were heavy with sleep, words, for it'shall come to pass

that And waking, they saw his glory, and the Son of man shall be delivered the two men that stood with him. into the hands of men.

33 And it came to pass that as 45 But they understood not this they were departing from him, Pe- word, and it was hid from them, som

to ? , it good for us to be here; and let us were afraid to ask him concerning make three tabernacles, one for thee, 'this word.



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101 49 And there entered a thought|fer me first to go, and to bury my into them, which of them should be father. greater.

60 And Jesus said to him: Let 47 But Jesus seeing the thoughts the dead bury their dead : but go of their heart, took a child and set thou, and preach the kingdom of him by him.


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shall receive this child in my name, low thee, Lord, but let me first take receiveth me, and whosoever shall my leave of them that are at my receive me, receiveth him that sent house. me.

that is the lesser 62 Jesus said to him : No man he is

putting his hand to the plough, and 49 And John answering, said : looking back, is fit for the kingdom Master, we saw a certain man cast of God. ing out devils in thy name, and we


tel forbade him, because he followeth Christ instructs his 72 disciples. not with us. 50 And Jesus said

him: For-


appointed also other seventy. against you, is for you.

before his face into every city 51 And it came to pass, when and place whither he himself was


2 set his face to go to Jerusalem. harvest indeed is great, but the la

he sent messengers be- bourers are few. Pray ye therefore fore his face: and going they en-the Lord of the harvest, that he send tered into a city of the Samaritans labourers into his harvest. to prepare for him.

3 Go : Behold I send you as 53 And they received him not, lambs among wolves. because his face was of one going 4 Carry neither purse, nor scrip, to Jerusalem.

nor shoes ; and salute no man by 54 And when his disciples James the way. and John had seen this, they said : 5 Into whatsoever house you enLord, wilt thou that we command ter, first say : Peace be to this fire to come down from heaven and house, consume them?

6 And if the son of peace be 55 And turning, he rebuked them, there, your peace shall rest upon saying: You know not of what him: But if not, it shall return to

you. 56 The Son of man came not to 7 And in the same house remain, destroy souls, but to save. And eating and drinking such things as they went into another town. they have. For the labourer is wor

57 And it came to pass as they thy of his hire. Remove not from walked in the way, that a certain house to house. man said to him: I will follow thee 8 And into what city soever you whithersoever thou goest. enter, and they receive you, eat

58 Jesus said to him: The foxes such things as are set before you ; have holes, and the birds of the air 9 And heal the sick that are nests;

say where to lay his head.

dom of God is come nigh unto you, low 5 But hen he said others, suf| enter, and they receive you not

, go9 *

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pay thee.


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and said : Tolgaye to the host, go to him at midnight, and shall mercy" he said : He that shewed door is now shut, and my children many this one's where disciples


care of him; and say to him : Friend, lend me three whatsoever thou shalt spend over loaves, and above, I at my return will re 6 Because a friend of mine is

come off his journey to me, and I 38 Which of these three in thy have not what to set before him : opinion was neighbour to him that ng And he from within should anfell among the robbers !

sayme 37

to And Jesus said to are with me I him : Go, and do thou in like and give thee.

Yet if he shall continue knock38 Now it came to pass as they ing, I say to you, although he will went, that he entered into a certain not rise and give him, because he town; and a certain woman named fis his friend, yet because of his Martha, received him into her importunity he will rise, and give house.

him as many as he needeth. 39 And she had a sister called 9 And I say to you, Ask, and it Mary. Who sitting also at the shall be given you': seek, and you Lord's feet, heard

shall find: knock, and it shall be 40 But Martha was busy about opened to you. much serving.

Who stood and 10 For every one tņat asketh, re! said: Lord, hast thou no care that ceiveth: and he that seeketh, findmy sister hath left me alone to eth : and to him that knocketh, it serve ? speak to her therefore, that shall be opened. she help me.

11 And which of you if he ask 41 And the Lord answering, said his father bread, will he give him a Martha Martha,

, 'thou art stone ? or a fish, will he for a fish areful, and art troubled' about give him a serpent ? "

12 Or ifhe shall ask an egg, will thing is necessary: he reach him a scorpion ? Mary hath chosen the best part, 13 If you then being evil, know shall not be taken away how to give good gifts to your chil

dren, how much more will your CHAP: XI.

Father from heaven give the good He teaches his disciples to pray; Spirit to them that ask him ?"

it came to pass, that as he 14. And he was casting' out a

a certain place praying, devil; and the same was dumb, and he ceased, one of his disci- when he had cast out the devil, the?

said to him: Lord, teach'us dumb 'spoke : and the multitudes to pray, as John also taught his were in admiration at it. med is!

15 But some of them said: He 2 And he said to them: When casteth out devils, by Beelzebub you pray; Faysay Father, hallowed the prince of devils.

. 16 And others tempting, asked 3 Give us this day our daily bread. of him a sign from heaven. 29

forgive us our sins, for 17 But he seeing their thoughts.. debted to us. And lead us not into vided against itself, shall be brought temptation.

to desolation and house upon house 5 And he said to them : Which shall fall.

shall have a friend, and shall 18 And if satan also be dion

to her

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of you shall have :

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