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againsthimself, how shell his king- man also be to this generation. dom stand ? because you say, that 31 The queen of the south shall through Beelzebub I cast out devils. rise in the judgment with the men

*19 Now, if I cast out devils by of this generation, and shall conBeelzebub : by whom do your chil- demn them : because she came from dren cast them out? Therefore the ends of the earth to hear the they shall be your judges. wisdom of Solomon; and behold

20 But if I by the finger of God more than Solomởn here, castout devils : doubtless the king 32 The men of Ninive shall rise dom of God is come upon you, in the judgment with this genera

21 When a strong man armed tion and shall condemn it, because keepeth his court: those things are they did penance at the preaching in peace which he possesseth. of Jonas; and bebold more than

, 22 But if a stronger than he Jonas here. come upon him and overcome him: 33 No man lighteth a candle, he will take away; all his armour and putteth it in a hidden place, nor wherein he trusted, and will distri- under a bushel; but upon a candlebute his spoils.

stick, that they that come in may. 23 He that is not with me, is see the light. against me : and he that gathereth 34 The light of thy body is thy not with me, scattereth.

eye. If thy eye be single, thy whole 24 When the unclean spirit is body will be lightsome : but if it be gone out of a man, he walketh evil, thy body also will be darksome. through places without water, seek 35 Take heed therefore that the ing rest: and not finding, he saith : light which is in thee, be not darkI will return into my house whence ness. I came out..

36 If then thy whole body be 25 And when he is come, he lightsome, having no part of darkfindeth it swept and garnished. ness : the whole shall be lightsome,

26 Then he goeth and taketh and as a bright lamp shall enlighten with him seven other spirits more thee. wicked than himself, and entering 37 And as he was speaking, a in they dwell there. And the last certain Pharisee prayed him that state of that man becomes worse he would dine with him. And he than the first.

going in sat down to eat. 27 And it came to pass : as he 38° And the Pharisee began to spoke these things, a certain woman say thinking within himself, why he from the crowd lifting up her voice was not washed before dinner. said to him : Blessed is the womb 39 And the Lord said to him : that bore thee, and the paps that Now you Pharisees make clean the gave thee suck.

outside of the cup and of the plat28. But he said : Yea rather, ter ; but your inside is full of rapine blessed are they who hear the word and iniquity. of God, and keep it.

40 Ye Fools, did not he that 29 And the multitudes running made that which is without, mako together, he began to say : This also that which is within. generation is a wicked generation; 41 But yet that which remaineth, it asketh a sign, and a sign shall give alms, and behold all things are not be given it, but the sign of Jo- clean unto you. nas the prophet.

42 But wo to you Pharisees, bé -30 For as Jonas was a sign to cause you tithe mint and rue and the Niniv'tes : so shall the Son of every herb: and pass overjudgment

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and the chariiy of God. Now these seeking to catch something from things you ought to have done, and his mouth, that they might accuse not to leave the other undone.

43 Wo to you Pharisees, because you love the uppermost seats

in the Christ warCHAP. XII.
warns us against hypocrisy.

multitudes market-place.

stood about him so that they 44 We to you, because you are trod one upon another, he began to as sepulchres that appear not, and say to his disciples : Beware ye of men that walk over, are not aware. the leaven of the Pharisees, which 45 And one of the lawyers an- is

in 2 For there is nothing covered, saying these things, thou reproach- that shall not be revealed: nor hidest us also. tota

den that shall not be known. 46 But he said : Wo to you law- 3 For whatsoever things you have yers also ; because you load men spoken in darkness, shall be pubwith burdens which they cannot lished in the light: and that which bear, and you yourselves touch not you have spoken in the ear, in the the packs with one of your fingers. chambers, shall be preached on the numents of the prophets: and your 1045 And I say to you my friends : fathers killed them.

Be not afraid of ti

them who kill the 48 Truly you bear witness that body, and after that have no more you consent to the doings of your that they can do. fathers: for they indeed killed them, 5 But I will shew you whom ye and you 49 For this cause also the wisdom hath killed, hath power to cast into

shall fear : fear ye him who after he of God said : I will send to them hell. Yea, I say to you, fear him. prophets and apostles, and some of 6 Are not five sparrows sold for them they will kill and persecute. Itwo farthings, and not one of them

50 That the blood of all the pro- is forgotten before God! phets which was shed from the 17 Yea, the very hairs of your foundation of the world, may be re- head are all numbered. Fear not, quired of this generation, therefore; you are of more value

51 From the blood of Abel unto than many sparrows. the blood of Zacharias who was 8 And I say to you, whosoever slain between the altar and the shall confess me before men, him temple. Yea I say to you, it shall shall the Son of man also confess

of . . 52 Wo to you lawyers, for you 9 But he that shall deny me behave taken away the key of know- fore men, shall be denied before the ledge a you yourselves have not en- Angels of God. bisa tered in, and those that were enter 10 And whosoever speaketh a ing in you have hindered. I word against the Son of man it shall

53. And as he was saying these be forgiven him : but to him that things to them, the Pharisees and shall blaspheme against the Holy the lawyers began vehemently to Ghost it shall not be forgiven. urge him, and to oppress his mouth 11 And when they shall bring about many

you into the synagogues, and to ma54 Lying in wait for him, and gistrates and powers, be not soliciVer. 52. Wo to you lawyers. IIe speaks of the doctors of the law of Moses, commonly called the scribee.

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must say. * same hour what you thought can add to his stature one

tous how or what you shall answer, and God feedeth them. How much or what you shall gay.

are you more valuable than they? : 12 For the Holy Ghost shall teach 25 And which of you by taking

cubit. 13 And one of the multitude said 26 If then ye be not able to do to hínı: Master, speak to my bro- so much as the least thing, why are ther that he divide the inheritance you solicitous for the rest ? with me.

27 Consider the lilies how they 14 But he said to him: Man, grow'; they labour not, neither do who hath appointed me judge or they spin. But I say to you, not divider over you?

even Solomon in all his glory was 15 And he said to them: Take clothed like one of these. heed and beware of all covetous 28 Now if God clothe in this

for a man's life doth not con- manner the grass that is to-day in sist in the abundance of things the field, and to-morrow is cast inwhich he possesseth.

to the oven; how much more you, *16 And he spoke a similitude to Oye of little faith? them, saying: The land of a certain 29 And seek not you what you rich man brought forth plenty of shall eat, or what you shall drink : fruits.

and be not lifted up on high. 17 And he thought within him 30 For all these things do thenaself, saying: 'What shall 1 do, be- tions of the world seek. But your cause I have no room where to be-Father knoweth that you have need stow my fruits ?

of these things, 18 And he said : This will I do; 31 But seek ye first the kingdom I will pull down my barns, and will of God and his justice, and all these build greater : and into them will I things shall be added unto you. gather all things that are grown to 32 Fear not, little flock, for it me, and my goods.

hath pleased your Father to give 19 And I will say to my soul ; you a kingdom. Soul, thou hast much goods laid 33 Sell what you possess and give up for many years, take thy rest, alms. Make to yourselves bags, eat, drink, make good cheer. which grow not old, a treasure in 20 But God said to him: Thou heaven which faileth not: '

where no fool, this night do they require thy thief approacheth, nor moth corsoul of thee; and whose shall those rupteth. things be which thou hast provided ? 34 For where your treasure is,

21 So is he that layeth up trea- there will your heart be also. sure for himself, and is not rich to 35 Let your loins be girt, and wards God.

lamps burning in your hands, 22 And he said to his disciples : 36 And you yourselves like to Therefore I say to you, be not soli- men who wait for their lord, when citous for your life, what you shall he shall return from the wedding : eat ; nor for your body, what you that when he cometh and knockshall put on

eth they may open to him imme23 The life is more than the meat, diately. and the body is more than the rai 37 Blessed are those servants,

whom the Lord when he cometh, 24 Consider the ravens, for they shall find watching. Amen 1 say sow not, neither do they reap, nei- to you, that he will gird himself, ther have they store-house nor barn, land make them sit down to meat




änd passing will minister unto 49 I am come to cast fire on the them.

earth'; and what will I but that it 38 And if he shall rome in the be kindled? 4 second watch, or come in the third 50 And I have a baptism, where

watch, and find them so, blessed with I am to be baptized : and how ate those servants.

am I straitened until it be accom39 But this know ye, that if the plished? house-holder did know at what hour 51 Think ye that I am come to the thief would come, he would give peace on earth? I tell you nog surely watch and would not suffer but separation. his house to be broken open. 52 For there shall be from hence.

40 Be you then also ready: for at forth five in one house divided ; what hour you think not, the Son of three against two, and two against man will come.

three. 41 And Peter said to hina: Lord, 53 The father shall be divided dost thou 'speak this parable to us, against the son, and the son against or likewise to all ?

his father, the mother against the 42 And the Lord said: Who daughter, and the daughter against (thinkest thou) is the faithful and the mother, the mother-in-law wise steward, whom his lord set- against her daughter-in-law, and teth over his family, to give them the daughter-in-law against her their measure of wheat in due sea- mother-in-law:

54 And he said also to the mul 43 Blessed is that servant, whom titudes : When you see a cloud ri when his lord shall come he shall sing from the west, presently you find so doing.

say: A shower is coming; and so 44 Verily I say to you he will set it happeneth: him over all that he possesseth. 55 And when ye see the south

45 But if that servant shall say wind blow, you say: There will be in his heart, My lord is long a co-heat: and it cometh to pass. ming; and shall begin to strike the 56 You hypocrites, you know men-servants and maid-servants, how to discern the face of the heaand to eat and to drink, and be ven and of the earth : but how is it drunk:


you do not discern this time? 46 The lord of that servant will 57 And why even of yourselves do come in the day that he hopeth not, you not judge that which is just? and at the hour that he knoweth 58 And when thou goest with not, and shall separate him, and thy adversary to the prince, whilst shall appoint him his portion with thou art in the way endeavour to be unbelievers.

delivered from him; lest perhaps ho 47 And that servant who knew draw thee to the judge, and the the will of his lord, and prepared judge, deliver thee to the exactor, not himself, and did not according and the exactor cast thee into prito his will, shall be beaten with son. many stripes. 48 But he that knew not, and did go out thence, until thou pay the

59 I say to thee thou shalt not things worthy of stripes shall be very last mite. beaten with few stripes. And unto

CHAP XIII. whomsoever much is given, of him The necessity of penance. whom they have committed much, AND there were present at that of him they will demand the more Iof the Galileans, whose blood Pi.

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late had mingled with their sacri- | healed on the sabbáth) answering fices.

said to the multitude: Six days 2 And he answering, said to there are wherein you ought to them: Think you that these Gali- work. in them therefore come, leans were sinners above all the and be healed; and not on the sabmen of Galilee, because they suf- bath-day, fered such things!

15 And the Lord answering him, 3 No, I say to you: but unless said : Ye hypocrites, doth not eyeyou shall do penance, you shall all ry one of you on the sabbath-day likewise perish.

loose his ox or his ass from the 4 Or those eighteen upon whom manger, and lead them to water? the tower fell in Siloe, and slew 16 And ought not this daughter them; think you that they also of Abraham whom Satan hath were debtors above all the men that bound, lo, these eighteen years, be dwelt in Jerusalem ?

loosed from this bond on the sab 5 No, I say to you: but except bath-day? you

do penance, you shall all like- 17 And when he said these things, wise perish.

all his adversaries were ashamed : 6. He spoke also this parable: A and all the people rejoiced for all certain man had a fig-tree planted the things that were gloriously done in his vineyard, and he came seek- by him. ing fruit on it, and found none.

18 He said therefore: To what 7 And he said to the dresser of is the kingdom of God, like, and the vineyard: Behold for these three whereunto shall I resemble it. years I come seeking fruit on this 19 It is like to a grain of musfig-tree, and I find none, Cut it tard-seed, which a man took and down therefore ;. why cumbereth it cast into his garden, and it grew, the ground?

and became a great tree, and the 8 But he answering said to him: birds of the air lodged in the branLord, let it alone this year also, ches thereof. until I dig about it, and dung it. 20 And again he said: Where

9 And if happily it bear fruit : unto shall I esteem the kingdom but if not, then after that thou shalt of God to be like? cut it down.

21 It is like to leaven, which a 10 And he was teaching in their woman took and hid in three measynagogue on their sabbath.

sures of meal, till the whole was 11°And behold there was a wo-leavened. man who had a spirit of infirmity 22 And he went through the cieighteen years: and she was bowed ties and towns teaching, and matogether, neither could she look king his journey to Jerusalem. upwards at all.

23 And a certain man said to 12 Whom when Jesus saw, he him: Lord, are they few that are called her unto him, and said to saved? But he said to them: her: Woman, thou art delivered 24 Strive to enter by the narrow from thy infirmity,

gate: for many, I say to you, shall · 13 And he laid his hands upon seek to enter, and shall not be able. her, and immediately, she was made 25 But when the master of the straight, and glorified God. house shall be gone in, and shall

14 And the ruler of the syna- shut the door, you shall begin to gogue (being angry that Jesus hadl stand without, and knock at the

Ver. 24. Shall seck, &c. Shall desire to be saved; but for want of taking sufficient pains, and being thoroughly in earnest, shall not attain to it.

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