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98 Be'ye therefore merciful, as them, I will shew you to whom me your father also is merciful. is like.

37 Judge not, and you shall not 48 He is like to a man building a be judged. Condemn not, and you house, who digged deep, and laid shall not be condemned. Forgive, the foundation upon a rock. And and you shall be forgiven.

when a flood came, the stream beat 38 Give, and it shall be given to vehemently upon that house, and you: good measure and pressed it could not shake it ; for it was down and shaken together and founded on a rock. running over shall they give into 49 But he that heareth, and doth your bosom. For with the same not; is like to a man building his measure that you shall mete with-house upon the earth without a al, it shall be measured to you foundation : against which the again.

stream beat vehemently, and im39 And he spoke also to them a mediately it sell, and the ruin of similitude: Can the blind lead the that house was great. blind? do they not both fall into

CHAP. VII. ibe ditch !

Christ heals the Centurion's servant. 40 The disciple is not above

his A his words in the hearing of the

ND when he had finished all master : but every one shall be perfect, if he be as his master. people, he entered into Capharna

41 And why seest thou the mote um. in thy brother's eye; bat the beam 2 And the servant of a certain that is in thy own eye thou consi- centurion, who was dear to him, derest not.

being sick, was ready to die : 42'Or how canst thou say to thy 3 And when he had heard of brother : Brother, let me pull the JESUS, he sent unto him the ancients mote out of thy eye, when thou thy- of the Jews, desiring him to come self seest not the beam in thy own and heal his servant. eye ! Hypocrite, cast first the beam 4 And when they came to JESUS, out of thy own eye; and then shalt they besought him earnestly, say: tħou see clearly to take out the ing to him, He is worthy that thou mote from thy brother's eye.

shouldest do this for him. 43 For there is no good tree that 5 For he loveth our nation; and bringeth forth evil fruit; nor an evil he hath built us a synagogue. tree that bringeth' forth good fruit. 6 And JESUS went with them.

44 For every tree is known by And when he was now not far from its fruit." For men do not gather the house, the centurion sent his figs from thorns; nor from a bram- friends to him, saying: Lord, trouble bush do they gather the grape, ble not thyself. For I am not

45 A good man out of the good worthy that thou shouldest enter tieasure of his heart bringeth forth under my roof. that which is good : and an evil man 7 For which cause neither did i out of the evil treasure bringeth think myself worthy to come to forth that which is evil. For out thee: but say the word, and my of the abundance of the heart the servant shall be healed. mouth speaketh,

8 For I also am a man subject to 46 And why call you me, Lord, authority, having under me solLord: and do not the things which diers : and I say, to one, go, and

he goeth ; and to another, come, 47 Every one that cometh to me, and he cometh ; and to my ser and heareth my words, and doth /vant, do this, and he doth it.

I say?


Which Jesus hearing, marvel- hurts, and evil spirits; and to many led; and turning about to the mul- that were blind he gave sight.), titude that followed him, he said : 22 And answering, he said to Amen I say to you, I have not found them: Go and relate to John what 80 great faith not even in Israel. you have heard and seen: The

10 And they who were sent being blind see, the lame walk, the lepers returned to the house, found the are made clean, the deaf hear, the servant whole who had been siek. dead rise again, to the poor the

11 And it came to pass, after- gospel is preached : wards that he went into a city that 23 And blessed is he whosoever is called Naim; and there went shall not be scandalized in me. with him his disciples and a great

24 And when the messengers of multitude.

John were departed, he began to 12 And when he came nigh to speak to the multitudes concerning the gate of the city, behold a dead John : What went you out into man was carried out, the only sun the desert to see ? a reed shaken of his mother : and she was a wi- with the wind ? dow : and a great multitude of the 25 But what went you out to city was with her.

see ? a man clothed in soft gar13 Whom when the Lord had ments ? Behold they that are in seen, being moved with mercy to-costly apparel and live delicately, wards her, he said to her : Weep are in the houses of kings.

:26 But what went you out to 14 And he came near and touch- see ? a prophet? Yea, I say to you, ed the bier. And they that carried and more than a prophet it, stood still. And he said: Young 27 This is he of whom it is writman,


say to thee, arise. ten : Behold I send my angel before 15 And he that was dead, sat up, thy face, who shall prepare thy way and began to speak. And he gave before thee. him to his mother.

28 For. I say to you: Amongst 16 And there came a fear on those that are born of women, there hem all: and they glorified God, is not a greater prophet than John saying, a great, prophet is risen up the Baptist, But he that is the among us : and God hath visited lesser in the kingdom of God, is his people.

greater than he. 17 And this rumour of him went 29 And all the people hearing forth throughout all Judea, and and the publicans, justified God, throughout all the country round being baptized with John's baptism. about.

30 But the Pharisees and the 18 And John's disciples told him lawyers despised the counsel of of all these things.

God against themselves, being not 19. And John called to him two baptized by him. or his disciples, and sent them to 31 And the Lord said : Where„JESUS, saying: Art thou he that art unto then shall I liken the men of to come; or look we for another ? this generation ? and to what are

:20 And when the men were come they like? unto him, they said : John the Bap 32 They are like to children sittist hath sent us to thee, saying : ting in the market-place, and speakAr thou he that art to come ; oring one to another, ar.d saying: We look we for another?

have piped to yoų, and you have 21. (And in that same hour he not danced : we have mourned, cured mapy of their diseases, and and you have not wept.

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**93 For':John the Baptist came house, thou gavest me to water for neither eating bread 'nor drinking my feet; but she with tears hath wine; and you say: He hath a devil. washed ṁy feet, and with her hairs

34 The son of man is come eat- hath wiped them. ing and drinking and you say ; 45. Thou gavest me no kiss; but

Behold a man that is a glutton and she, since she came in, hath not a drinker of wine, a friend of pub- ceased to kiss my feet. licans and sinners.

46 My head with oil thot didse 35 And wisdom is justified by not anoint; but she with ointment * all her children.

hath' anointed my feet, 36 And one of the Pharisees de 47 Wherefore I say to thee: sired him to eat with him.' And he Many sins are forgiven her, because went into the house of the Phari- she hath loved much. But to whom see, and sat down to meat. less is forgiven, he loveth less.'

37. And behold a woman that. 48' And he said to her: Thy sinis was in the city a sinner, when she are forgiven thee. knew that he sat at meat in the 49 And they that sat at meat Pharisee's house, brought an ala- with him began to say within thembaster box of ointment;

selves : Who is this that forgiveth 38 And standing behind at his sins also ? feet, she began to wash his feet 50 And he said to the woman : with tears, and wipe them with the Thy faith hath made thee safe, go hairs of her head, and kissed his in peace. feet, and anointed them with the

CHAP. VIII. ointment:

The parable of the seed. in 39 And the Pharisee, who had AND it came to pass afterwards, himself, saying: This man, if he cities and towns preaching and were a prophet, would know surely evangelizing the kingdom of God; who and what manner of woman and the twelve with him. this is that toucheth him, that she 2 And certain women who had is á sinner.

been healed of evil spirits and infir40 And Jesus answering, said to mities ; Mary who is called Maghim: Simon, I have somewhat to dalen, out' of whom seven 'devils say to thee. But he said : Master, were gone forth.

3 And Joanna the wife of Chusa 41 A certain creditor had two Herod's steward, and Susanna, and debtors, the one owed five hundred many others who ministered unto pence, and the other fifty. him of their substance.

42 And whereas they had not 4. And when a very great multiwherewith to pay, he forgave them tude was gathered together and both. Which therefore of the two hastened out of the cities unto him, toveth him most ?

He spoke by a similitude. 43 Simon answering said: I sup 5 The sower went out to sow his, pose that he to whom he forgave seed. And as he sowed some fell most. And he said to him : Thou by the way side, and it was trodden hast judged rightly.

down, and the fowls of the air de44 And turning to the woman, voured it. he said unto Simon : Dost thou see 6 And other some fell upon a this woman! I entered into thy rock; and as soon as it was sprung Ver. 1. Evangelizing, i.e. Puistosing the gospel, or the glad tidings of the kingdom of God

say it.


2.13 Now when

up, it withered away, because it hear. For whosoever hath, to him had no moisture.

shall be given; and whosoever hath 7 And other some fell among not, that also which he thinketh he thorns, and the thorns growing up hath, shall be taken away from him. with it, choked it.

19 3 And other some fell upon good came unto him; and they could not ground; and being sprung up, come at him for the crowd. ing these things, he cried out : He mother and thy brethren stand that hath ears to hear, let him hear. without, desiring to see thee.

9 And his disciples asked him 21 what this parable might be.

and my brethren are 10 To whom he said: To you it they who hear the word of God, is given to know the mystery of the and do it. ki


22 And parables, that seeing they may not tain day, that he went into a little see, and hearing may not under- ship with his disciples, and he said stand. 11

word of God. 12 And they by the way side are 23 And when they were sailing, they that hear, then the devil co- he slept; and there came down a meth and taketh the word out of storm of wind upon the lake, and their heart, lest believing they they were filled, and were in danger. should be saved.

1:24 And they came and awaked they upon the rock ; are him, saying: Master, we perish.

they hear, receive But he arising, rebuked the wind the word with joy: and these have and the rage of the water; and it no roots : for they believe for a ceased, and there was a calm. while, and in time of temptation 25 And he said to them: Where they fall away

is your faith? Who being afraid,
14 And that which fell among wondered saying one to another:
thorns, are they who have heard, Who is this (think you) that he
with the cares and riches and plea- the sea, and they obey him?
sures of this life, and yield no fruit. 26

Gerasens is
are they who in a good and very against Galilee.
good heart, hearing the

27 And when he was come forth in patience to the land, there met

him a certain 16 Now no man lighting a candle man who had a devil now a very Lovereth it with a vessel or putteth long time, and he wore no clothes,

á candlestick, that they who come in the sepulchres. ] in may see the light.

28 And when he saw Jesus, he 17 For there is not any thing se- fell down before him; and crying cret, that shall not be made mani- out with a loud voice, he said: fest; nor hidden, that shall not be What have I to do with thee JESUS, known and come abroad.

Son of the most high God? I be18 Take heed therefore how you iseech thee, do not torment me. tek po Ver. 10. Seeing they may ni sue. See the Annotation, Mark iv. 12.


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whom the devils were departed, sit- hath touched me; for I know that

29 For he commanded the un- when JESUS was returned, the mut

spirit to go out of the man. titude received him; for they were For many times it seized him, and all waiting for him. he was bound with chains, and kept 41 And behold there carne a man in fetters; and breaking the bonds, whose name was Jairus, and he was he was driven by the devil into the a ruler of the synagogue: and he deserts.

fell down at the feet of Jesus, be-30 And Jesus asked him, saying: seeching him that he would come What is thy name? But he said : into his house, Legion: because many devils were 42 For he had an only daughter entered into him.

almost twelve years old, and she 31 And they besought him that was dying. And it happened, as he he would not command them to go went, that he was thronged by the into the abyss.

multitudes. 32 And there was there a herd of 43 And there was a certain womäry swine feeding on the moun- man having an issue of blood twelve tain, and they besought him that years, who had bestowed all her he would suffer them to enter into substance on physicians, and could them. And he suffered them. not be healed by any;

33 Thc devils therefore went out 44 She came behind him, and of the man, and entered into the touched the hem of his garment; swine; and the herd run violently and immediately the issue of her down a steep place into the lake, blood stopped. and was stifled."

45 And 'Jesus said : Who is it 34 Which when they that fed that touched me? And all denying, them saw done, they fied, and told Peter and they that were with him it in the city and in the villages. said: Master, the multitudes throng

35 And they went out to see and press thee, and dost thou say, what was done; and they came to Who touched me ? Jesus, and found the man, out of - 46 And Jesus said: Somebody ting at his feet, clothed, and in his virtue is gone out from me. right mind, and they were afraid. 47 And the woman seeing that

36 And they also that had seen she was not hid, came trembling, told them how he had been healed and fell down before his feet; and from the legion.

declared before all the people for 37 And all the multitude of the what'cause she had touched him, country of the Gerasens besought and how she was immediately him to depart from them; for they healed. were taken with great fear. And 48 But he said to her : Daughter, he going up into the ship, returned thy faith hath made thee whole, go back again.

thy way in peace. 38 Now the man, out of whom 49 As he was yet speaking, there the devils were departed, besought cometh one to the ruler of the syhim that he might be with him. nagogue, saying to him, thy daughBut Jesus sent him away, saying: ter is dead,

trouble him not. 39 Return to thy house, and tell 50 And Jesus hearing this word, how great things God hath done to answered the father of the maid: thee. And he went through the Fear not : believe only, and she whole .city, publishing how great shall be safe. things JESUS had done to him. 51 And when he was come to

40 And it came to pass; that the house, he suffered not any man


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