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other tongues and other lips I will 35 But if they would learn any speak to this people : and neither so thing, let them ask their husbands will they hear me, saith the Lord. at home. For it is a shame for a

22 Wherefore tongues are for a woman to speak in the church. sign, not to believers, but to unbe 36 Or did the word of God come lievers : but prophecies, not to un- out from you?. Or came it only believers, but to believers. unto you? 23 If therefore the whole church

37 If any seem to be a prophet, or come together into one place, and spiritual, let him know the things all speak with tongues, and there that I write to you, that they are come in unlearned persons or infi- the commandments of the Lord. dels, will they not say that you are 38 But if any man know not, he mad ?

shall not be known. 24 But if all prophesy, and there 39 Wherefore, brethren, be zeacome in one that believeth not, or lous to prophesy : and forbid not an unlearned person, he is con- to speak with tongues. vinced of all, he is judged of all. 40 But let all things be done de

25 The secrets of his heart are cently and according to order. made manifest, and so, falling down

CHAP. XV. on his face, he will adore God, af Christ's resurrection and ours. firming that God is among you in

TOW I make known unto you, deed.

brethren, the gospel which I 26 How is it then, brethren ? preached to you, which also you When you come together, every have received and wherein you one of you hath a psalm, hath a stand. doctrine, hath a revelation, hath a 2 By which also you are saved, tongue, hath an interpretation : let if you hold fast after what manner all things be done to edification. I preached unto you, unless you

27 If any speak with a tongue, have believed in vain. let it be by two, or at the most by 3. For 1 delivered unto you first three, and in course, and let one of all, which I also received: How interpret.

that Christ died for our sins accord. 28 But if there be no interpreter, ing to the scriptures : let him hold his peace in the church, 4 And that he was buried, and and speak to himself and to God. that he rose again the third day ac

29 And let the prophets speak, cording to the scriptures : two or three : and let the rest judge. 5. And that he was seen by Ce30 But if any thing be revealed phas;

and after that by the eleven. to another sitting, let the first hold 6 Then was he seen by more

than five hundred brethren at once: 31 For you may all prophesy of whom many remain until this one by one ; that all may learn, present, and some are fallen asleep. and all may be exhorted :

7 After that, he was seen by 32 And the spirits of the prophets James, then by all the apostles. are subject to the prophets.

8 And last of all, he was seen 33 For God is not the God of dis- also, as by one born out of sension, but of peace: as also I teach due time. in all the churches of the saints. 9 For I am the least of the apos

34 Let women keep silence in tles, who am not worthy to be called the churches : for it is not permit- an apostle, because I persecuted ted them to speak, but to be sub- the church of God. ject, as also the law saith.

10 But by the grace of God, I

his peace.

am what I am; apd his grace in /hath put all his enemies under his feet. me hath not been void, but I have 26 And the enemy death shall be laboured more abundantly than all destroyed last, For he hath put alt they : yet not I, but the grace of things under his feet. And whereas God with me.

he saith, 11 For whether I, or they, so we 27 All things are put under him; preach, and so you have believed. undoubtedly, he is excepted, who

12 Now if Christ be preached put all things under him. that he rose again from the dead, 28 And when all things shall be how do some among you say, that subdued unto him; then the Son there is no resurrection of the also himself shall be subject unto dead?

him that put all things under him, 13 But if there be no resurrection that God may be all in all. of the dead, then Christ is not risen 29 Otherwise what shall they do again.

that are baptized for the dead, if 14 And if Christ be not risen the dead rise not again at all? why again, then is our preaching vain, are they then baptized for them ? and your faith is also vain.

30 Why also are we in danger 15 Yea, and we are found false every hour? witnesses of God: because we have 3i I die daily, I protest by your given testimony against God, that glory, brethren, which I have in he hath raised úp Christ; whom he Christ Jesus our Lord. hath not raised up, if the dead rise 32 If (according to man) I fought not again.

with beasts at Ephesus, what doth 16 For if the dead rise not again, it profit me, if the dead rise pot neither is Christ risen again. again? Let us eat and drink, for to:

17 And if Christ be not risen morrow we shall die. again, your faith is vain, for you 33 Benct seduced: Evil commuare yet in your sins.

nications corrupt good manners. 18 Then they also, that are fallen 34 Awake ye just, and sin not, asleep in Christ, are perished. For some have not the knowledge 19 If in this life only we have of God, I speak it to your

shame. hope in Christ, we are of all men 35 But some man will


How most uniserable.

do the dead rise again? or with 20 But now Christ is risen from what manner of body shall they the dead, the first-fruits of them come? that sleep:

36. Senseless man, that which 21 For by a man came death, and thou sowest is not quickened, exby a man the resurrection of the cept it die first. dead.

37 And that which thou sowest, 22 And as in Adam all die, so al- thou sowest not the body that shall so in Christ all shall be made alive. be; but bare grain, as of wheat, or

23 But every one in his own or- of some of the rest. der: the first-fruits Christ, then 38 But God giveth it a body as, they that are of Christ, who have he will : and to every seed its probelieved in his coming.

per body. 24 Afterwards the end, when he 39 Al flesh is not the same flesh: shall have delivered up the king- but one is the flesh of men, another dom to God and the Father, when of beasts, another of birds, another he shall have brought to nought all of shes. principality, and power, and virtue. 40 And there are bodies celestial,

25 For he must reign, Until he land bodies terrestrial : but, one is


the glory of the celestial, and ano 55 O death, where is thy victory? ther of the terrestrial.

O death where is thy sting? 41 One is the glory of the sun, 56 Now the sting of death is sin : another the glory

of the moon, and and the strength of sip is the law. another the glory of the stars. For 57 But thanks be to God who star differeth from star in glory; hath given us the victory through

42 So also is the resurrection of our Lord Jesus CHRIST.. the dead. It is sown in corruption, 58. Therefore, my beloved breit shall rise in incorruption. thren, be ye steadfast and upmove

43 It is sown in dishonour, itable; always abounding in the work shall rise in glory. It is sown in of the Lord, knowing that your.laweakness, it shall rise in power. bour is not vain in the Lord. 44 It is sown a natural body: it

CHAP. XVI. shall rise a spiritual body. If there Of collection of alms.

TOW spiritual body, as it is written :

tions that are made for the 45 The first man Adam was made saints, as I have given order to the into a living soul : the last Adam churches of Galatia, so do ye also. into a quickening spirit.

2 On the first day of the week let 46 Yet that was not first which every one of you put apart with is spiritual, but that which is na- himself, laying up what it shall tural: afterwards that which is spi-well. please him that when I ritual.

come, the collections be not then to 47 The first man was of the earth, be made. earthly: the second man, from hea 3 And when I shall be with you; ven, heavenly.

whomsoever you shall approve by 48 Such as is the earthly, such letters, them will I send to carry also are the earthly: and such as is your grace to Jerusalem the heavenly, such also are they 4 And if it be meet that I also go, that are heavenly.

they shall go with me. 49 Therefore as we have borne the 5 Now I will come to you, when image of the earthly, let us bear I shall have passed through Macealso the image of the heavenly. donia. For 1 shall pass through

50 Now this I say, brethren, that Macedonia. flesh and blood cannot possess the 6 And with you perhaps I shall kingdom of God: neither shall cor- abide, or even spend the winter ; ruption possess incorruption. that you may bring me on my way

51 Behold I tell you a mystery. whithersoever I shall go. We shall all indeed rise again ; but 7 For I will not see you now by we shall not all be changed. the way, for I trust that I shall

59 In a moment, in the twink- abide with you some time, if the ling of an eye, at the last trumpet : Lord permit. for the trumpet shall sound, and 8 But I will tarry at Ephesus the dead shall rise again incorrupti- until pentecost. ble : and we shall be changed. 9 For, a great door and evident

53 For this corruptible must put is opened unto me; and many adon incorruption; and this mortal versaries. must put on immortality.

10 Now if Timothy come, see 54 And when this mortal hath that he be with you without fear, put on immortality, then shall come for he worketh the work of the Lord, to pass the saying that is written : as I also do. Death is swallowed up in victory. 11 Let no man therefore despise

him, but conduct ye him on his/ 17 And I rejoice in the presence way in peace : that he may come of Stephanas and Fortunatus, and to me. For I look for him with the Achaicus, because that which was brethren.

wanting on your part, they have 12 And touching our brother supplied. Apollo, I give you to understand, 18 For they have refreshed both that I much intreated him to come my spirit and yours. Know them unto you with the brethren : and therefore that are such. indeed it was not his will at all to 19 The churches of Asia salute come at this time. But he will you. Aquila

and Priscilla salute come when he shall have leisure. you much in the Lord, with the 113 Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, church that is in their house with do manfully, and be strengthened. whom I also lodge.

14 Let all your things be done in 20 All the brethren salute you. charity.

Salute one another in a holy kiss. 15 And I beseech you, brethren, 21 The salutation of me Paul, you know the house of Stephanas, with my own hand. and of Fortunatus, and of Achaicus, 22 If any man love not our Lord that they are the first fruits of Achaia, Jesus Christ, let him be anatheand have dedicated themselves to ma, maranatha. the ministry of the saints :

23 The grace of our Lord JESUS 16 That you also be subject to CHRIST be with you. such, and to every one that work 24 My charity be with you all eth with us, and laboureth. in Christ JESUS. Amen.

The second Epistle of St. PAUL to the CORINTHIANS. CHAP. 1.

[forted it is for your consolation, or He speaks of his troubles in Asia. whether we be exhorted, it is for

AUL an apostle of 'JESUS your 'exhortation and salvation, Timothy our brother: to the church same sufferings which wealso suffer. of God that is at Corinth, with all 7 That our hope for you may be the saints that are in all Achaia : steadfast: Knowing that as you are

2 Grace unto you and peace from partakers of the sufferings, so shall Golour Father, and from the Lord you be also of the consolation. JESUS CHRIST.

8 For we would not have you 3 Blessed be the God and Father ignorant, brethren, of our tribulaof our Lord Jesus Christ, the tion, which came to us in Asia, Father of mercies, and the God of that we were pressed out of meaall comfort,

sure above our strength, so that we 4 Who comforteth us in all our were weary even of life. tribulation ; that we also may be

9 But we had in ourselves the able to comfort them who are in all answer of death, that we should distress, by the exhortation where- not trust in ourselves, but in God with we also are exhorted by God. who raiseth the dead,

5 For as the sufferings of Christ 10 Who hath delivered and doth abound in us : so also by Christ deliver us out of so great dangers : doth our comfort abound. in whom we trust that he will yet

6 Now whether we be in tribu- also deliver us. lation, it is for your exhortation and 11 You helping withal in prayer salvation : or whether we be com- for us: that for this gift obtained

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for us, by the means of many per- on my soul, that to spare you, 1 sons, thanks may be given by many came not any more to Corinth: not in our behalf.

because we exercise dominion over 12 For our glory is this, the tes- your faith : but we are helpers of timony of our conscience, that in your joy : for in faith you stand. simplicity of heart and sincerity of

CHAP. II. God, and not in carnal wisdom, but He grants à pardon to the incestuous in the grace of God, we have con

man. versed in this world : and more BUT I determined this with my-. abundantly towards you.

self, not to come to you again 13 For we write no other things in sorrow. to you, than what you have read and 2 For if I make you sorrowful ; known. And I hope that you shall who is he then that can make me know. unto the end :

glad, but the same who is made 14 As also you have known us sorrowful by me? in part, that we are your glory, as 3 And I wrote this same to you; you also are ours in the day of our that I may not, when I come, have Lord JESUS CHRIST.

sorrow upon sorrow, from them of 15. And in this confidence I had whom I ought to rejoice : having a mind to come to you before, that confidence in you all that my joy you might have a second


is the joy of you all. 16 And to pass by you

into Ma

4. For out of much affliction, and cedonia, and again from Macedonia anguish of heart I wrote to you to come to you, and by you to be with many tears : not that you brought on my way towards Judea. should be made sorrowful; but that

17 Whereas then I was thus mịnd- you might know the charity I have ed, did I use lightness? Orthe things more abundantly towards you. that I purpose, do I purpose accord- 5 And if any one have caused grief, ing to the flesh, that there should he hath not grieved me; be with me, It is, and, It is not. that I may not burden you all.

18. But God is faithful, for our 6 To him that is such a one, preaching which was to you, was this rebuke is sufficient, that is not, It is, and It is not.

given by many : 19 For the Son of God JESUS 7 So that contrariwise you should CHRIST, who was preached among rather pardon and comfort him, you by us, by me, and Sylvanus, lest perhaps such an one be swaland Timothy, was not, It is, and, lowed up with over much sorrow, It is not, but, It is, was in him. 8 For which cause I beseech you

20 For all the promises of God that you would confirm your chaare in him, It is: therefore also by rity towards him, him, amen to God, unto our glory: 9 For to this end also did I write,

21 Now he that confirmeth us that I may know the experiment of with you in

n Christ, and that hath you, whether you be obedient in anointed us, is God.

all things. 22 Who also hath sealed us, and 10 And to whom you have pargiven the pledge of the Spirit in our doned any thing, I also. For, what hearts;

I have pardoned, if I have pardona 28 But I call God to witness up-led any thing, for your sakes have I

but in part,

Ver. 10. I also. The apostle here granted an indulgence, or pardon, in the person and by the authority of Christ, to the incestuous Corinthian, whom-before he had put under penance : which pardon consisted in a releasing of part of the temporal punishment due to bis sin.

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