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and blood, JESUS Christ: not byl 14 And this is the confidence water only, but by water and blood. which we have towards him: That, And it is the Spirit which testifieth, whatsoever we shall ask according that Christ is the truth.

to his will, he heareth us. 7 And there are three who give 15 And we know that he heareth testimony in heaven, the Father, us whatsoever we ask :, we know the Word, and the Holy Ghost, that we have the petitions which And these three are one.

we request of him. 8 And there are three that give 16 He that knoweth his brotestimony on earth : the spirit, and ther to sin a sin which is not to the water, and the blood, and these death, let him ask, and life shali three are one.

be given to him, who sinneth not 9 If we receive the testimony of to death. There is a sin unto men, the testimony of God is great- death : for that I say not that any er. For this is the testimony of God man ask. which is greater, because he hath 17 All iniquity is sin., And there testified of his Son.

is a sin unto death. 10 He that believeth in the Son 18 We know that whosoever is of God, hath the testimony of God born of God, sinneth not : but the in himself. He that believeth not generation of God preserveth him, the Son,maketh him a liar: because and the wicked one toucheth him he believeth not in the testimony not. which God hath testified of his Son. 19 We know that we are of God,

11 And this is the testimony,that and the whole world is seated in God hath given to us eternal life. wickedness. And this life is in his Son

20 And we know that the Son of 12 He that hath the Son, hath God is come: and he hath given us life. He that hath not the Son understanding, that we may know hath not life.

the true God, and may be in his 13 These things I write to you, true Son, this is the true God, and that you may know that you have life eternal. eternal life, you who believe in the 121 Little children, keep yourname of the Son of God.

selves from idols. Amen.

Ver. 16. A sin unto death. Some understand this of final impenitence, or of dying in mortal sin; which is the only sin that never can be remitted. But it is probable he may Also comprise under this name the sin of apostacy from the faith, ånd some other such hei. nous sins as are seldom and hardly remitted : and therefore he gives little encouragement to such as pray for these sinners, to expect to obtain what they ask.

Ver. 18. Sinneth not. See the annotation on chap. iii. 6, &c.

The second EPISTLE of St. JOHN the Apostle, He recommends walking in truth, 3 Grace be with you, mercy, and &c.

peace from God the Father, and THE ancient to the lady elect from Christ Jesus the Son of the in the truth, and not I only, but 4 I was exceeding glad, that I also all they that have known the found of thy children walking in truth,

truth, as we have received a com2 For the sake of the truth, which mandment from the Father. dwelleth in us, and shall be with 5 And now I beseech thee, lady, us for ever.

not as writing a new commandment

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III. Or ST: JOHN! to thee, but that which we have tinue;h not in the doctrine of Christ, had from the beginning, that we hath not God. He that continúeth love one another.

in the doctrine, the same hath both 6 And this is charity, that we walk the Father and the Son. according to his commandments. 10 If any man come to you, and For this is the commandment, that, bring not this doctrine, receive him as you have heard from the begin- not into the house, nor say to him, ning, you should walk in the same: God speed you.

7 For many seducers are gone 11 For he that saith unto him, out into the world, who confess not God speed you, communicateth that Jesus Christ is come in the with his wicked works. fesh: this is a seducer and an an 12 Having more things to write tichrist.

unto you, I would not by paper and 8 Look to yourselves, that you ink : for I hope that I shall be with Jose not the things which you have you, and speak face to face : that wrought : but that you may re- your joy may be full. ceive a full reward.

13 The children of thy sister 9 Whosoever revolteth and con- Elect salute thee.

The third EPISTLE of St. JOHN the Apostle. He praises Gaius for his walking in church : but Diotrephes who lo

truth, and for his charity. veth to have the pre-eminence TH

THE ancient to the dearly belo- among them, doth not receive us.

vedGaius,whom I love intruth. 10 For this cause, if I come, 1 2 Dearly beloved, concerning all will advertise his works which he things I make it my prayer that doth ; with malicious words prathou mayest proceed prosperously, ting against us. And as if these and fare well, as thy soul doth things were not enough for him, prosperously.

neither doth he himself receive the 3 I was exceeding glad when the brethren, and them that do receive brethren came, and gave testimony them he forbiddeth, and casteth to the truth in thee, even as thou out of the church. walkest in the truth.

11 Dearly beloved, follow not 4 I have no greater grace than that which is evil, but that which this, to hear that my children walk is good. He that doth good, is of in truth.

God: he that doth evil, hath not 5 Dearly beloved, thou dost seen God. faithfully whatever thou dost for 12 To Demetrius testimony is the brethren, and that for strangers. given by all, and by the truth itself,

6 Who have given testimony to yea and we also give testimony: thy charity in the sight of the and thou knowest that our testichurch : whom, thou shalt do well, mony is true. to bring forward on their way in a 13 1 had many things to write manner worthy of God.

unto thee: but I would not by ink 7 Because, for his name they went and pen write to thee. put, taking nothing of the gentiles. 14 But I hope speedily to see

8 We therefore ought to receive thee, and we will speak mouth to such : that we may be fellow-help- mouth. Peace be to thee. Our ers of the truth.

friends salute thee. Salute the 9 I had written perhaps to the friends by name. Ver. 1 No greater grace. That is, nothing that gives me greator joy and satisfaction

• The Catholic EPISTLE of St. JUDE the Apostle. He exhorts them to stand to the faith (of railing speech, but said : The first delivered to them; and to be- Lord command thee. ware of heretics.

10. But these men blaspheme J , we

UDE the servant of Jesus what ever things they know not : to them that are beloved in God rally know, like dumb beasts, in the Father, and preserved in JESUS these they are corrupted. Christ, and called.

11 Wo unto them, for they have 2 Mercy unto you, and peace gone in the way of Cain: and after and charity be fulfilled.

the error of Balaam, they have for 3 Dearly beloved, taking all care reward poured out themselves, and to write unto you concerning your have perished in the contradiction common salvation, I was under à or Core. necessity to write unto you: to be 12 These are spots in their banseech you to contend earnestly for quets, feasting together, without the faith once delivered to the tear, feeding themselves, clouds saints.

without water which are carried 4 For certain men are secretly about by winds, trees, of the au, entered in (who were written of tumn, unfruitful, twice dead, plucklong ago unto this judgment) un- ed up by the roots. godly men, turning the grace of our 13 Raging waves of the sea, foamLord God into riotousness, and de- ing out their own confusion, wannying the only sovereign Ruler, dering stars: to whom the storm of and our Lord Jesus Christ. - darkness is reserved for ever.

5 I will therefore admonish you, 14 Now of these Enoch also, the though ye once knew all things that seventh from Adam, prophesied, JESUS, having saved the people out saying : Behold, the Lord cometh of the land of Egypt; did afterwards with thousands of his saints, destroy them that believed not. 15 To execute judgment upon

6 And the angels who kept not all, and to reprove all the ungodly their principality, but forsook their for all the works of their ungodliown habitation, he hath reserved un-ness, whereby they have done under darkness in everlasting chains, godly, and of all the hard things unto the judgment of

the great day, which ungodly. sinners have spo7. As Šodom and Gomorrha, and ken against God. the neighbouring cities, in like 16 These are murmurers, full of manner, having given themselves to complaints, walking according to fornication, and going after other their own desires, and their mouth Aesh, were made an example, suf- speaketh proud, things, admiring fering the punishment of eternal persons for gain's sake. fire.

17. But you, my dearly beloved, 8 In like manner these men also be mindful of the words which have defile the flesh, and despise domi- been spoken before by the apostles nion, and blaspheme majesty. of our Lord Jesus Christ,

9 When Michael the Archangel, ?' 18 Who told you, that in the last disputing with the devil, contended time there should come mockers about the body of Moses, he durst walking according to their own depot bring against him the judgment | sires in ungodliness.

19 These are they, who separate mercy in fear: hating also the spotthemselves sensual men, having ted garment which is carnal. not the Spirit.

24 Now to him, who is able to 20 But you, my beloved, building preserve you without sin, and to yourselves upon your most holy present you spotless before the prefaith, praying in the Holy Ghost, sence of his glory with exceeding

21 Keep yourselves in the love joy in the coming of our Lord JEof God, waiting for the mercy of sus Christ, our Lord JESUS Christ unto life 25 To the only God our Saeverlasting

viour through Jesus Christ our 22 And some indeed reprove be- Lord be glory and magnificence, ing judged :

empire and power before all ages, 23 But others save, pulling them and now, and for all ages of ages. out of the fire. And on others have Amen.

The APOCALYPSE of St. JOHN the Apostle.

7 Behold, he cometh with the Saint John is ordered to write to the clouds, and every eye shall see him, seven churches in Asia. and they also that pierced him.

And all the tribes of the earth shal THE Revelationof JesusChrist, bewail themselves because of him.

make known to his servants the 8 I am alpha and omega, the bethings which must shortly come to ginning and the end, saith the Lord pass : and signified, sending by his God, who is, and who was, and angel to his servant John,

who is to come, the Almighty 2 Who hath given testimony to 9 I John your brother and your the word of God, and the testimo-partner in tribulation, and in the ny of Jesus Christ, what things kingdom, and patience in Christ soever he hath seen.

JESUS, was in the island, which is 3. Blessed is he, that readeth called Patmos, for the word of and heareth the words of this pro- God, and for the testimony of JEphecy: and keepeth those things sus. which are written in it. For the 10 I was in the spirit on the time is at hand.

Lord's day, and heard behind me 4 John to the seven churches a great voice, as of a trumpet, which are in Asia. Grace be unto 11 Saying : What thou seest, you and peace from him that is, write in a book: and send to the and that was, and that is to come, seven churches which are in Asia, and from the seven spirits which to Ephesus, and to Smyrna, and to are before his throne.

Pergamus, and to Thyatira, and to 5 And from Jesus Christ, who is Sardis, and to Philadelphia, and to the faithful witness, the first begot- Laodicea. ten of the dead, and the prince of 12 And I turned to see the voice the kings of the earth, who hath that spoke with me.

And being loved us, and washed us from our turned, I saw seven golden candlesins in his own blood.

sticks : 6 And hath made us a kingdom 13 And in the midst of the seven and priests to God and his Father, golden candlesticks, one like to the to him be glory and empire for ever Son of man, clothed with a garAnd ever. Amen.

ment down to the feet, and girt

about the paps with a golden gir 4 But I have somewhat against dle.

thee, because thou hast left thy 14 And his head and his hairs first charity. were white, as white wool, and 5 Be mindful, therefore from as snow, and his eyes were as a whence thou art fallen : and do flame of fire.

penance, and do the first works. 15 And his feet likeunto fine brass, Or else I come to thee, and will as in a burning furnace. And his move thy candlestick out of its voice as the sound of many waters. place, except thou do penance.

16 And he had in his right hand 6 But this thou hast, that thou seven stars. And from his mouth hatest the deeds of the Nicolaites, came out a sharp two-edged sword: which I also hate. and his face was as the sun shineth 7 He, that hath an ear, let him in his power.

hear what the Spirit saith to the 17 And when I had seen him, I churches: To him, that overco, fell at his feet as dead. And he meth, I will give to eat of the tree laid his right hand upon me, say- of life, which is in the paradise of ing: Fear not. I am the first and my God. the last,

8 And to the angel of the church 18 And alive, and was dead, and of Smyrna write: These things behold I am living for ever and saith the First and the Last, who ever, and have the keys of death was dead, and is alive : and of hell.

9 I know thy tribulation and 19. Write therefore the things thy, poverty, but thou art rich : which thou hast seen, and which and thou art blasphemed by them are, and which must be done here- that say they are Jews and are not, after,

but are the synagogue of satan. 20 The mystery of the seven 10 Fear none of those things stars, which thou sawest in my right which thou shalt suffer. Behold, hand, and the seven golden can- the devil will cast some of you into dlesticks. The seven stars, are the prison that you may be tried : and angels of the seven churches. And you shall have tribulation ten days. the seven candlesticks are the se- Be thou faithful unto death: and i ven churches.

will give thee the crown of life. CHAP. II.

11 He, that hath an ear, let him Directions what to write to the an- hear what the Spirit saith to the

gels or bishops of Ephesus. churches: He that shall overcome, U

the angel of the church shall not be hurt by the second of Ephesus write: These things death. saith, he, who holdeth the seven 12 And to the angel of the church stars in his right hand, who walk- of Pergamus write: These things eth in the midst of the seven golden saith he, that hath the sharp twocandlesticks :

edged sword: 2 I know thy works and thy la 13 I know where thou dwellest, bour, and thy patience, and how where the seat of satan is : and thou canst not bear them that are thou holdest fast my name, and evil, and thou hast tried them, who hast not denied my faith. Even in say they are apostles, and are not, those days when Antipas, was my and hast found them liars : faithful witness, who was slain

3 And thou hast patience, and among you, where satan dwelleth, hast endured for my name,

and 14 But I have against thee a few hast not fainted.

things: because ihou last there

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