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for the punishment of evil doers, 2 Considering your chaste conand for the praise of the good: versation with fear.

15 For so is the will of God, that 3 Whose adorning let it not be by doing well you may put to si- the outward plaiting of the hair, lence the ignorance of foolish men: or the wearing of gold, or the put

16 As free, and not as making ting on of apparel : liberty a cloak for malice, but as 4 But the hidden man of the the servants of God.

heart in the incorruptibility. of a 17 Honour all men. Love the quiet and a meek spirit, which is brotherhood. Fear God. Honour rich in the sight of God. the king.

5 For after this manner hereto18 Servants be subject to your fore the holy women also, who masters wilh all fear, not only to trusted in God,adorned themselves, the good and gentle, but also to being in subjection to their own the froward.

husbands. 19 Forthis is thanks-worthy, if for 6 As Sara obeyed Abraham, calconscience towards God, a man ling him lord : whose daughters endure sorrows, suffering wrong- you are, doing well, and not fearfully.

ing any disturbance. 20 For what glory is it, if com 7 Yé husbands likewise dwelling mitting sin and being buffeted for with them according to knowledge, it you endure ? But if doing well giving honour to the female as to you suffer patiently, this is thanks- the weaker vessel, and as to the worthy before God.

co-heirs of the grace of life : that 21 For unto this are you called : your prayers be not hindered. because Christ also suffered for us, 8 And in fine be ye all of one leaving you an example that you mind, having compassion one of should follow his steps.

another, being lovers of the brother 22 Who did no sin, neither was hood, merciful, modest, humble : guile found in his mouth.

9 Not rendering evil for evil, 23 Who, when he was reviled, nor railing for railing, but contrari. did not revile : when he suffered, wise, blessing; for unto this are he threatened, not : but delivered you called, that you may inherit a himself to him that judged him un- blessing. justly,

10 For he that will love life, and 24 Who his own self bore our see good days, let him refrain his sins in his body upon the tree: that tongue from evil, and his lips that we being dead to sins, should live they speak no guile. to justice : by whose stripes you

11 Let him decline from evil, and were healed.

do good : let him seek after peace, 25 For you were as sheep going and pursue

it: astray : but you are now convert 12 Because the eyes of the Lord ed to the shepherd and bishop of are upon the just, and his ears unto

their prayers : but the countenance CHAP. III.

of the Lord upon them that do evil How wives are to behave to their things. husbands.

13 And who is he that can hurt IN N like manner also let wives be you, if you be zealous of good ? subject to their husbands : that

14 But if also you suffer any if any believe not the word, they thing for justice sake, blessed aro may bc won without the word, by ye.

And be not afraid of their the conversation of the wives.

fear, and be nat troubled,

your souls.

15 But sanctify the Lord Christ the desires of men, but according in your hearts, being ready always to the will of God. to satisfy every one that asketh you 3 For the time past is sufficient a reason of that hope which is in to have fulfilled the will of the genyou.

tiles, for them who have walked in 16 But with modesty and fear, riotousness, lusts, excess of wine, having a good conscience : that revellings, banquetings, and unwhereas they speak evil of you, lawful worshipping of idols. they may be ashamed who falsely 4 Wherein they think it strange, accuse your good conversation in that you run not with them into Christ.

the same confusion of riotousness, 17 For it is better doing well (if speaking evil of you. such be the will of God) to suffer, 5 Who shall render account to than doing ill.

him, who is ready to judge the liv13 Because Christ also died once ing and the dead. for our sins. the just for the unjust, 6 For, for this cause was the that he might offer us to God, being gospel preached also to the dead : pulto death indeed in the flesh, but that they might be judged indeed enliveged in the spirit.

according to men, in the flesh: but 19 In which also coming he may live according to God in the preached to those spirits that were Spirit. in prison :

7 But the end of all is at hand. 20 Which had been some time Be prudent therefore, and watch in incredulous, when they waited for prayers. the patience of God in the days of 8 But before all things have a Noe, when the ark was a building constant mutual charity among wherein a few, that is, eight souls yourselves : for charity covereth a were saved by water.

multitude of sins. 21 Whereunto baptism being of 9 Using hospitality one towards the like form, now saveth you also: another without murmuring. not the putting away of the filth of 10 As every man hath received the flesh, but the examination of a grace, ministering the same one to good conscience towards God by another : as good stewards of the the resurrection of Jesus Christ. manifold grace of God.

22 Who is on the right hand of 11 If any man speak, let him God, swallowing down death, that speak as the words of God. If any we might be made heirs of life man minister, let him do it as of the everlasting: being goneinto heaven, power, which God administereth : the angels and powers and virtues that in all things God may be hobeing made subject to him. noured through Jesus Christ; to CHAP. IV.

whom is glory and empire for ever Exhortation to cease from sin. and ever.

Amen. HRIST therefore having suf 12 Dearly beloved, think not armed with the same thought : for to try you, as if some new thing he that hath suffered in the flesh,! happened to you': hath ceased from sins":

13 But if you partake of the suf2 That now he may live the rest ferings of Christ, rejoice, that when of his time in the flesh, not after his glory shall be revealed you may

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Ver 19. Spirits in prison See here a proof of the middle state of.souls.

also be glad with exceeding joy. 4 And when the prince of pastors

14 If you be reproached for the shall appear, you shall receive a noname of Christ, you shall be bles-ver-fading crown of glory. sed: for that which is of the honour, 5 In like manner ye young men glory and power of God, and that be subject to the ancients. And do which is hisSpirit,restethupon you. ye all insinuate humility one to ano

15 But let none of you suffer as ther, for God resisteth the proud, a murderer, or a thief, or a railer, but to the humble he giveth grace. or a coveter of other men's things. Be you humbled therefore ander

16 But if as a Christian, let him the mighty hand of God, that he not be ashamed, but let him glori- may exalt you in the time of visify God in this name.

tation. 17 For the time is that judg-.7 Casting all your care upon him, ment should begin at the house of for he hath care of you. God. And if first at us, what shall 8 Be sober and watch : because be the end of them that believe not your adversary the devil, as a roarthe gospel of God ?

ing lion,goeth about, seeking whom 18 And if the just man shall he may devour. scarcely be saved, where shall the 9 Whom resist ye, strong in ungodly and the sinner appear? faith : knowing that the same afflic

19 Wherefore let them also that tion befalls your brethren who are suffer according to the will of God, in the

world. commend their souls in good deeds 10 But the God of all grace, who to the faithful Creator.

hath called us unto his eternal CHAP. V.

glory, in Christ Jesus, after you He exhorts both priests and laity to have suffered a little, will himself

their respective duties. perfect you, and confirm you, and VHE among youI beseech

11 To him be glory and empire am myself also an ancient, and a for ever and ever. Amen. witness of the sufferings of Christ, 12 By Sylvanus, a faithful broas also a partaker of that glorywhich ther unto you, as I think, I have is to be revealed in time to come : written briefly: beseeching and

2 Feed the flock of God which is testifying that this is the true grace among you, taking care of it not by of God, wherein you stand. constraint, but willingly according 13. The church that is in Babyto God: not for filthy lucre's sake, lon,elected together with you, saluibut voluntarily :

teth you: and so doth my son Mark. 3 Neither as lording it over the 14 Salute one another with a holy clergy, but being made a pattern of kiss. Grace be to all you who are the flock from the heart.

lin Christ Jesus. Amen.


, therefore that are establish you.

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Ver. 18. Scarcely. That is, not without much labour and difficulty.

The second EPISTLE of St. PETER.

the justice of our God and Saviour He exhorts them to join all other Jesus Christ.

virtues with their faith. 2 Grace to you and peace be ac(IMON Peter, servant and apos- complished in the knowledge of have obtained equal faith with us in Lord :


II. OF ST. PETER, 8 As all things of his divine pow-that after my decease also, you may er, which appertain to life and god- often have, whereby you may keep liness, are given us, through the a memory of these things.. knowledge of him who hath called 16 For we have not followed us by his own proper glory and cunningly devised fables, when we virtue.

made known to you the power and 4 By whom he hath given us presence of our Lord Jesus Christ: · most great and precious promises : but having been made eye witness that by these you may be made par- of his majesty. takers of the divine nature : fying .17 For, he received from God the corruption of that concupi- the Father, honour and glory; this. scence which is in the world. voice coming down to him from. 5 And you employing all care, the excellent glory, This is my

beminister in your faith, virtue : and loved Son in whom I have pleased in virtue, knowledge :

myself, hear ye him. 6 And in knowledge, abstinence : 18 And this voice we heard and in abstinence, patience : and in brought from heaven, when we patience, godliness:

were with him in the holy mount. 7 And in godliness, love of bro 19 And we have the more firm therhood : and in love of brother- prophetical word: whereunto you hood, charity.

do well to attend, as to a light that 8 For if these things be with you, ishineth in a dark place, until the and abound, they will make you to day dawn, and the day-star arise in be neither empty nor unfruitful in your hearts : the knowledge of our Lord JESUS 20 Understanding this first, that Christ.

no prophecy of scripture is made 9. For he that hath not these by private interpretation, things with him, is blind, and gro 21 For prophecy came not by the ping, having forgotten that he was will of man at any time: but the purged from his old sins.

holy men of God spoke, inspired 10 Wherefore, brethren, labour by the Holy Ghost. the more, that by good works you

CHAP. II. may make sure your calling and He warns them against false teachers. you shall not sin at any time.

11 For so an entrance shall be as there shall be among you lying ministered to you abundantly into teachers who shall bring in sects the everlasting kingdom of our Lord of perdition, and deny the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. who bought them: bringing upon

12 For which cause I will begin themselves swift destruction. to put you always in remembrance 2 And many shall follow their of these things : though indeed you riotousnesses, through whom the know them, and are confirmed in way of truth shall be evil spoken of. the present truth.

3. And through covetousness 13 But I think it meet, as long as shall they with feigned words make I am in this tabernacle, to stir you merchandise of you. Whose judgup by putting you in remembrance. ment now of a long time lingereth

14 Being assured that the laying not, and their perdition slumbereth. away of this my tabernacle is at not. hand, according as our Lord JESUS 4 For if God spared not the an-Christ also hath signified to me. gels that sinned: but delivered:

15 And I will do my endeavour, I them drawn down by infernal ropes:

Nection. For doing these things, B phets among the people, even

to the lower hell, unto torments, to the way of Balaam of Bosor, who be reserved unto judgment: loved the wages of iniquity,

5 And spared not the original 16 But had a check of his madworld, but préserved Noe the eighth ness, the dumb beast used to the person the preacher of justice, yoke, which speaking with man's bringing in the flood upon the world voice, forbade the folly of the pro-i of the ungodly:

phet. 6 And reducing the cities of the 17 These are fountains without Sodomites and of the Gomorrhites water and clouds tossed with whirlinto ashes, condemned them to be winds, to whom the mist of dark-* overthrown, making them an exam-ness is reserved. ple to those that should after act 18 For, speaking proud words of wickedly.

vanity, they allure by the desires of 7 And delivered just Lot oppres- fleshly riotousness, those who for a sed by the injustice and lewd con- little while escape,such as converse versation of the wicked.

in error : 8 For in sight and hearing he 19 Promising them liberty, wherewas just : dwelling among them, as they themselves are the slaves of who from day to day vexed the just corruption. For by whom a man soul with unjust works.

is overcome, of the same also he is 9 The Lord knoweth how to de- the slave. liver the godly from temptation, but 20 For if, flying from the pollu to reserve the unjust unto the day tions of the world through the of judgment to be tormented : knowledge of our Lord and Sam

10' And especially them who viour Jesus Christ, they be again walk after the flesh in the lust of entangled in them, and overcome: uncleanness, and despise govern-their latter state is become unto ment, audacious, self-willed, they them worse than the former. fear not to bring in sects, blasphe 21 for it had been better for ming.

them not to have known the

way 11 Whereas ángels who are greater of justice, than after they have in strength and power, bring not known it to turn back from that hoagainst themselves a railing judg- ly commandment which was deli

vered to them. 12 But these men as irrational 22 For, that of the true

proverb beasts, naturally tending to the has happened to them. The dog share and to destruction, blasphe. is returned to his vomit: and, The ming those things which they know sow that was washed, to her walnot shall perish in their corruption, lowing in the mire. 13 Receiving the reward of their

CHAP. III. injustice, counting for a pleasure Against scoffers denying the second the delights of a day : stains and coming of Christ. spots, sporting themselves to ex EHOLD this second epistle I you.

ved, in which I stir up by way of 14 Having eyes full of adultery admonition your sincere mind: and of sin that ceaseth not: alluring 2 That you may be mindful of unstable souls, having their heart those words which I told you beexercised with covetousness, chil- fore from the holy prophets, and of dren of malediction :

your apostles, of the precepts of 15 Leaving the right way they the Lord and Saviour. have gone astray, having followed 8 Knowing this first, that in the

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