Report of the Secretary of Agriculture ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1880

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Page 480 - Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire. New Jersey, New York...
Page 435 - District to be detained at any place or places for the purpose of inspection and examination; to prescribe regulations for...
Page 335 - They were doubtless attracted by the odor of the preparation, the vinegar probably being an important agent in the matter. As flies feed only at night, the plates should be visited late every evening, the insects taken out, and the vessels replenished, as circumstances may require. I have tried the experiment with results equally satisfactory, and shall continue it until a better one is adopted.
Page 310 - ... rose is represented in the lower part of the figure; an arrangement of valves allows water to pass into the pump through the hose, but will not allow it to return. Thus, when the smaller tube is pulled out, the pump is filled to its greatest capacity; by pushing this tube back, the water can be ejected with considerable force through the rose in a fine spray. By using a nozzle with a single opening, such as is represented upon the pump, a stream can be thrown a greater distance. In this way the...
Page 435 - ... district, that are of a kind susceptible to contract such disease, and ordering all persons to take such precautions against the spreading of the disease, as the nature thereof may in his judgment render necessary or expedient, and which he may specify in such notice.
Page 277 - It is rather remarkable, by the way, that the Arabic name for the bird is exactly the same as ours, the peculiar cry having supplied the name. Its habit of laying its eggs in the nests of other birds is well known, together with the curious fact, that although...
Page 534 - ... readily separates. C. is now well known as one of the best materials for cables, on account of its lightness, elasticity, and strength. C. ropes are produced in great quantity in the Laccadive islands.
Page 435 - General, on being certified as correct by the Governor : Provided, That animals coming from a neighboring State that have passed a veterinary examination in said State, and have been quarantined and discharged, shall not be subject to the provisions of this act.
Page 208 - Island, and by 1862 had multiplied to such an extent as to occasion a loss of over one-third of the crop in some localities. In this year it first attracted the notice of Dr. Fitch, and his observations are published in the Transactions of the New York State Agricultural Society for 1862.
Page 280 - ... secured. The Carolina tiger-beetle is about seven-tenths of an inch in length, of a most beautiful metallic blue, violet, and green ; and, when placed in certain positions, it assumes the lustre of bronze or gold. It may also be known by a yellowish curved spot on the extremity of each wing-case. It appears not to be so partial to the light of the sun as some other species, but often conceals itself under stones. It is also seen much more frequently in the cotton fields during cloudy weather,...

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