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by full blood Durham bull. Time out, March 4th, 1866. She has run in a very poor pasture, of about forty acres, with seven other cows, and I have given her two quarts of meal and shorts—that is, a quart each—per day, through the summer; and for the last six weeks she has been fed on dry hay—of fair quality of stock hay at night. Her milk was weighed, the first ten days in June and September, as follows :

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1865. June 1, A. M., 143 lbs. P. M., 173 lbs.


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She was drove on the 4th, and kept in the yard on the 5th, which may account for the falling off in her milk at that time.

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1865. September 1, A. M., 114 lbs. P. M., 15 lbs.







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She averaged 144 quarts for June, and 10 quarts for September.

Her milk is good, and I think she would have made about 10 lbs. of butter per week in June. This opinion is founded upon a small quantity which was weighed in that month ; but as I have sold a part, and made butter of the rest, I have no means of knowing the exact amount of butter she would make.

She was raised by the late Nathaniel Gilman, Esq., of Exeter, N, H., from


stock. I know no fault in the cow.


The cow I offer for premium was raised by myself. She is native breed. She was seven years old last February. She dropped her last calf the 19th of last April, and will calve again next April. The first ten days in June she averaged 21 quarts of milk per day, or 454 lbs. The first ten days in September she gave 13} quarts per day.

We consider the quality of her milk good. After selling and using over six quarts of milk per day we made ten pounds of butter in one week in June. She makes yellow butter, which brings the highest price in market. Her feed has been ordinary pasture feed. The above statement is correct, having both measured and weighed the milk myself.


The Committee on Bulls report six bulls for premium, and one for exhibition.

The Durham offered for exhibition by B. P. Poore, attracted a great deal of attention, and would have been worthy of a first premium, had he been a competitor.

There was a bull offered by Mrs. Charles Harriman, as a pure bred Devon, which in the opinion of the Committee would have been worthy of a second premium, had a pedigree been furnished, in conformity with the regulations of the Society.

They award to Dr. George B. Loring, of Salem, for his yearling Ayrshire bull, the second premium of $5.

They award to Charles 0. Cummins, of Andover, for his grade bull, the second premium of $5.

Joseph Kittredge, Paul T. Winkley, Benjamin D. Appleton, Thomas Hale, Andrew Mansfield, Committee.


one of 3

The Committee report: There were two entries of 4 year olds and upwards, and year

olds. The Committee award the first premium of $15, for 4 year olds and upwards, to George B. Martin, of Danvers, for his 4 year old stallion; and the second premium of $10, to Loring P. Dempsey, of Danvers, for his 6 year old stallion ; the first premium of $8, for 3 year olds, to George B. Martin, for his 3 year old stallion.

Franklin Alley, John Daland, J. C. Stimpson, Committee.


The Commitee on Brood Mares having attended to the duty assigned them, make the following report :

There were five Brood Mares entered for premium, viz:one by John Swinerton, of Danvers; one by W. A. Russell, of Lawrence; one by J. B. Spiller, of Haverhill; one by Farnham Spofford, of North Andover; one by Elbridge Kimball, of No. Andover.

Your Committee have awarded the first premium of $10, to J. B. Spiller, of Haverhill.

To Farnham Spofford, of North Andover, the second premium of $8.

To John Swinerton, of Danvers, the third premium of $5.

John D. Cross, William Osborn, Albert Kimball, Horace Ware, Committee.


The Committee on Colts have attended to their duty, and report as follows:

The number of 4 year old colts entered was four. We award the first premium to Wm. Peters, of North Andover ; the second premium to M. C. Andrews, of Lawrence.

The number of 3 year old colts entered was seven. We award the first premium to N. Page, of North Andover; the second premium to J. B. Spiller, of Haverhill.

The number of 2 year old colts entered was six. The first premium we award to Elbridge Battell, of Newburyport; the second premium to Albert Kimball, of Bradford.

The number of yearlings entered was The second premium we award to James H. Reynolds, of North Andover.

John H. Balch, Andrew Dodge, G. A. Abbott, Elijah Clark, Dean Holt, Committee.


FINE WOOLED SHEEP. The Committee on Fine Wool Sheep award the first premium of $8, to Geo. B. Loring, of Salem, for his Merino Ewes.

Also to the same gentleman, the first premium of “Harris' Insects," for the best lot of Merino Lambs.

WILLIAM MERRILL, for the Committee.


The Committee on Swine would report:

There were seven entries made, but only four came within the rules of the Society.

The Committee have awarded the first premium of $5, to Daniel Carlton, of North Andover, for the best Breeding Sow.

Second premium of $3, to H. T. Wheeler, of Lawrence.


First premium of $5, to J. H. Reynolds, of North Andover.


Best Boar, first premium to H. T. Wheeler, of Lawrence.

Your Committee would recommend a gratuity of $2 to Joseph Shackleton, of Lawrence, for two very nice fat hogs, twelve months old.

WM. H. LITTLE, for the Committee.


The Committee award the first premium to G. B. Martin, of Danvers.

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