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every acre producing its full quota, to see around the home of every farmer unmistakable evidence of contentment, happiness and prosperity.



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There were but three Essays submitted to your Committee for examination, neither of which seemed to merit the first premium of the Society. The essay on Horned Cattle, in the opinion of your Committee seemed to open up a subject in which every farmer has a personal interest, and on which there is a great diversity of opinion, and although your Committee were not clear whether the writer intended to give his own experience from a practical knowledge of the whole question, or whether it embodied his own theory from observation, still this essay may awaken a new interest in this important question. They therefore award the second premium to Joseph Kittridge, of North Andover.

The Essay on the Agriculture of Massachusetts, shows extensive research, and that its author had a desire to present this question to the consideration of his readers, in a manner sometimes the most effective, through the medium of the pocket. The result of his examination is summed up in a series of statistics in a concise form which will be useful for future refer

If the author had presented his views in a more direct manner, reducing it very much in length, we think it would have presented all that is really valuable, and it would be more likely to receive the careful attention of those for whose benefit it was prepared. We award the third premium to W. A. Durant, of Lawrence.

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The Committee would invite the personal attention of the members of the Society, to the Report on Vegetables. The subject is one in which the community has a personal interest, and one that we trust will tell in the future, by an endeavor to consider the quality of our farm products worthy the caresul attention of every farmer, rather than the desire to be chronicled as the producer of some mammoth monstrosity unfit to be eaten by man or beast. We award the first premium of diploma and $10 to J. J. H. Gregory, of Marblehead.


The report on Manures is one in which every farmer has a personal interest. There is but little doubt that we suffer from the want of a sufficient quantity of fertilizers for the breadth of land under cultivation. He that will enable the farmer to make a wise choice out of the many preperations that are offered to his notice may be considered a public benefactor. We think the experiments of the author of this report, and his ability to speak from his own experience worthy of the careful thought of every agriculturalist. We award the second premium of eight dollars to James R. Nichols, of Haverhill.


This report seemed to your Committee of much importance, and one in which every member of the Society has an interest. “ Like labor, will produce like results.” The author has giv. en his personal attention to the department assigned him, and we think that the result of his labor will stimulate others to try and improve upon the results furnished in this report. We recommend the third premium of $6 to Andrew Nichols, of Danvers.

Your Committee, in submitting their views on the matters assigned them, do so with a sense of their inability to speak

with that confidence which will give weight to their opinions. We are obliged to depend upon theory, rather than practice, which dependence we would not recommend to farmers. We trust that the next Committee will be better versed in the subjects assigned them.

For the Committee - James Kimball, Chairman.



E. H. Payson, Treasurer, in account with the Essex igricultural Society,


200 00

October, To balance of former account,
To receipts of Exhibition at Newburyport,

per 1). Granger's account, $1701 89

less expenses of same, 1583 74-
To Bank Dividends for October, 1868,
To Donation from Gen. Sutton on account of two

scholarships, for last year,
To Donation from Gen. Sutton on account of

“Boy's Plowing,” last year,
To Donation from Gen. Sutton, premium for

" Reports,'
To Donation from Cien, Sutton on account of

two scholarships, current year,
Decem. To State Bounty,

1.) To Fees from New Members,
January. To Dividend 1st National Bank, Salem,

To nett of Coupons Essex R. R.,

To Gold Coupons, in currency,
April, To Treadwell Farm Rent,

To Bauk Dividends,
July. To Dividend 1st Yational Bank of Salem,

To nett of Coupons, Essex R. R.,
To (oll Coupons, in currency,
To premiums unclaimed,

$11.37 +5 October. By premiums and Gratuities awarded by the

$1035 00
Decem. By do ailditional,

78 00 118 15

By expense account as follows:
110 50

$117 11
Secretary for services, stationery, &c., 161 11

405 39

25 00
38 00!

225 00

50 75 – 791 91
27 00
By scholarships of Morse and Ware,

100 00
By Investment in U. S. 10-10 bond $1063 00
100 000
accrued interest

10 00

1075 00 000 000 By Balance to new account,

829 51 159 00

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Funds Belonging to the Society.

$1595 40!

16 shares in Warren National Bank, cost

8 shares in Exchange National Bank, par,
14 shares iu First National Bank, Salem, cost

5 shares in First National Bank, Danvers, par
12 shares in Jercantile National Bank, cost
2:3 shares in Merchants National Bank, Salem, cost

2 shares in Salem National Bank, par
15 shares in Soutlı Danvers National Bank, cost
+2 shares in Asiatic National Bank, Salem, cost
Essex Railroad Bonds, par
1.500 United States Bonds, cost
Amount of cash as above,

Amount brought up,

$12680 10
800 00 Funds on hand in 1868,

11941 01
1-102 66
375 00
Gain in 1869,

$739 09
1226 50
1189 50 The whole charge against the Treadwell Farm to date is $134 28

200 00
1471 25 The whole charge against the Colman Library to date is $719 22
1281 25,

700 00;
1609 00
829 31
E. E.


Amount carried up,

$12680 10! SALEM, October, 1869.

SALEM, December 19, 1869). The subscriber has examine the above account, and finds the same correct in all its parts and well vouched, the balance on
hand being $829 54. The above statement of the funds of the Society is correct.


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