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The attention of Nurserymen and others is called to the advantages of FOREST LEAVES as
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Entered at the Philadelphia Post-Office as second-class matter.

Vol. XVI.- No. 1


Whole Number 177



Department of Forestry, the State has at last be

come awakened to the wickedness and the useHE Allied Fish, Game and Forestry Associa- lessness of forest fires. tions of eastern Pennsylvania had their meet

The claim of the citizens of the State upon its ing in Harrisburg, January 4th, 5th and 6th.

lands as outing grounds was first distinctly, authoThe Pennsylvania Forestry Department and the ritatively recognized in 1900, when the following Pennsylvania Forestry Association were repre notice was posted on State Lands : sented in the meeting. Most, if not all, of the

This Land organizations of outers in the State had been in

Belongs to the State of vited, either : “to throw up their hands by casting

Pennsylvania to the winds the principles and objects of your Association ;” or to “join with the other Associa

Destruction or Removal of Timber tions of the southeastern section of the State in

or other property forming the views of a section whose geographic

is Forbidden and climatic conditions are the same." This would seem to be the proper place to say,

Lawful Hunting and Fishing that the reason why the Pennsylvania Forestry

are allowed on State Lands; but Association did not throw up its hands, is that for

Fires must not be started more than thirty years it has been aiding in bring

COMMISSIONER OF FORESTRY. ing the sentiment of the State to the very point for which the Allied organizations are now earnest Every year thousands of people go into camp ly laboring. To be explicit :

on the State Forest Reserves, and are welcomed The Pennsylvania Forestry is thirty-one years there. Hundreds of cabins, summer homes, and old; with the exception of one short-lived associa- | bungalows, for a mere nominal rent, have already, tion, it is the oldest State Forestry Association in or will in the near future, be located on State America.

Land. When it began its useful career the word The first free Sanatorium for consumptive citi“Forestry” was practically a new term in the zens of the State was instituted by the Department country. The Association employed its agent to of Forestry on State Land, and out of it has been go over the State and give illustrated lectures, developed by the efficiency and wisdom of Dr. showing the deplorable condition to which lum

Dixon, a great charity which is a crown of glory bering had reduced a large portion of the Com to the Commonwealth. monwealth. It also prepared and influenced the Before even the first State land for a game reenactment of wise forestry laws.

serve was asked for it was offered by the DepartThe bill creating the first Forestry Commission ment of Forestry. was drawn up in the office of the Association by That there is yet so small an area of State Reits secretary, and through the direct influence of serve on the Ohio watershed is no fault of the leading trade, commercial and educational agencies Department of Forestry, or of the Pennsylvania enlisted by the Forestry Association, that bill be- Forestry Association. It has been diligently came a law.

sought for under exactly the same conditions as The present State Department of Forestry is the every acre of the existing reserves were purchased. direct outcome of the report of that Commission These facts are plain to all who care to recognize and of the aid received from the “State Federa them ! tion of Pennsylvania Women.''

Now, gentlemen of the Allied organizations, we' When that Forestry Commission was created, wish you success in your plans, for they are in line the State owned not an acre of Forest Reserve. It with our own. We will aid you whenever, wher- • has now more than a million acres ! Because of ever possible, and we will sincerely welcome like the influences, and the educational agencies of the help from you.



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