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Your Committee, every member being present, attended to the duty assigned them, on the afternoon of the 24th of September, 1878, and made the following awards :

First premium, $15, to C. D. Hunking, Haverhill, for his black horse, 7 years old, weight 950 pounds, and shown in a top buggy.

Second premium, $10, to Samuel G. Bean, Andover, for his black horse, 11 years old, weight 1100 pounds, and shown in a top buggy

Third premium, $8, to George F. Mason, Andover, for his black horse, 5 years old, weight 1245 pounds, and shown in a Concord wagon.

The other entries were :

Paul T. Winkley, Newbury, gray horse, 9 years old, weight, 1050 pounds, and shown in a Concord wagon.

George W. Bray, Newbury. Withdrawn.

Charles Perley, Boxford, bay mare, 18 years old, weight 1000 pounds, and shown in Concord wagon.

D. G. Todd, Rowley, light bay horse, 5 years old, weight 1125 pounds, and shown in Concord wagon.

G. S. Phippen, Methuen, horse, 5 years old, weight 1000 pounds.

Levi Emery, Lawrence, two horses; the nigh horse, 10 years old, weight 1120 pounds; the off horse, 7 years old, weight 1140 pounds; and shown in double harness on a farm wagon.

David Smith, Newburyport, chestnut horse, 7 years old, weight 1070 pounds, and shown in a carryall.

Immediately after meeting, the Committee selected a stretch of ground where they could examine the animals and be able to see them move. The Marshal, who was assigned to duty with the Committee, was at once directed to order the horses

to be brought out in harness. Some of them were ready, so that work was begun without any unnecessary delay. An inquisitive crowd of lookers-on caused some inconvenience to your Committee, and it was impossible for the Marshal or the Committee to keep them back to a proper distance. A space properly roped off and guarded would have been of much assistance, but that is not always possible.

The unevenness of the ground was an obstacle to seeing the horses move to the best advantage, but it was as good as we could obtain, and all were sent over the same ground.

After having carefully examined all the horses, and taken the necessary notes, the Committee withdrew to a part of the field where they could be by themselves, and soon gave their written votes upon the first premium, and it was awarded as above stated.

The vote for the second resulted in a tie at the first ballot, but the next decided the award after some discussion. Then after two more votes, with discussion between them, the third premium was decided.

All the horses were first examined for marks of unsoundness. Splints were found on three of the rejected animals; some of these bad interfering marks, and one had a peculiar action of the off hip.

Then each was driven at a good road gait, so that his action could be seen, and how readily he obeyed the rein and voice.

The drivers were also requested to stop their horses, lay down the reins, get out and walk slowly around their team, get into their vehicle again, then take up the reins, and after that start their horses.

We were much pleased with Mr. Winkley's horse, which had a fine gait, was perfectly gentle, powerful, a good size for general use, was in the prime of life, and had many marks of being an extremely good animal. Unfortunately a very slight splint was cause for his receiving no premium.

Mr. Todd's five year old seemed a pattern of a useful

horse, which farmers would do well to copy. He appeared to be perfectly sound, capable of doing any work well, either on the road or in the field. The objection to him was that he still had some of the movements of a colt. He was thoroughly gentle, and was said to possess much endurance in travelling long distances.

It should be stated that the horse which took the second premium, was a stallion until a year ago, when he was cut at 10 years old.

Respectfully, for the Committee,



The Comunittee on Farm and Draft Horses, submit the following awards :

W. A. Dane, Hamilton, 1st premium, $15; W. H. Butters, Methuen, 2d premium, $12; Joshua N. Kent, Newbury, 3d premium, $10; D. L. Goodrich, West Newbury, 4th premium, $6.

T. T. Paine, D. T. Morrison, J. Longfellow, D. Bradstreet-Committee.


The Committee report that nine pairs were entered; eight appeared on the ground; all did their work well, considering the space allowed them by the crowd, which rather interfered with their performance.

Awards.-Oliver Stevens, No. Andover, 1st premium, $15; George W. Bray, Newbury, 2d premium, $10.

Amos Poor, Hermon Phelps, David Knowlton. George S. Hawkes, Bowman Viles-Committee.

COLTS - FIRST CLASS. The Committee on Colts of the First Class have awarded the premiums as follows :

Four Years Old-Henry Riley, North Andover, first premium, $12; George E. Davis, North Andover, second premium, $8; S. P. Bradley, Haverhill, third premium, $5.

Three Years Old-Goodwin Brothers, Lawrence, first premium, $10; George W. Russell, Lawrence, second premium, $5.

Sherman Nelson, Nathaniel Gage, Thomas K. Leach-Committee.

COLTS-SECOND CLASS. The Committee award as follows:

Two Years Old-S. M. Titcomb, West Newbury, first premium, $8; Geo. B. Bradley, Methuen, second premium, $5.

Yearlings—Peter Holt, Andover, first premium, $6; H. M. George, Saugus, second premium, $4.

Geo. W. DUNCAN, for the Committee.


The Committee on Swine, report :

Small Bone Hogs. - Breeding Sow: First premium, J. D. W. French, North Andover, $10; second premium, B. H. Farnham, North Andover, $6. Boar: First premium, Charles Perley, Boxford, $10; second premium, J. D. W. French, North Andover, $6.

Large Bone Hogs.—Breeding Sow: First premium, Albert Berry, North Andover, $10; second premium, Daniel Carlton, North Andover, $6. Weaned Pigs : First preinium, Albert Berry, North Andover, $10; second premium, J. F.

Colqorhoun, Lawrence, $6.
Emery, Lawrence, $6.

Boar: Second premium, Levi

C. C. BLUNT, Chairman.


To the Committee on Swine:

I enter for premium in second class (small bone), my small Yorkshire Boar, “Weston," farrowed May 9, 1877 ; Sire, Middlesex; Dam, Cherry, by Duke of Yorkshire, imported. 2d Dam, Minnie, bred by Jacob Dove, England.

I enter for premium in first class, for best Breeding Sow, my Grade Chester Sow, with 9 pigs by my small Yorkshire Boar. These pigs were farrowed Sept. 14.



The awards of the Committee are as follows:

Charles Perley, Boxford, for Buck, first premium, $8.

Chas. Hazelton, Bradford, flock Sheep and 2 years old Buck, first premium, $10.

Jasper Rea, James Marsh, E. C. Upton, Albert KimballCommittee.

POULTRY-FIRST CLASS. Light Brahma Fowls—W. M. Ward, Peabody, first premium, $3 ; C. L. Beckett, Peabody, second premium, $1.50.

Light Brahma Chicks—C. L. Beckett, Peabody, first premium, $3 ; W. M. Ward, Peabody, second premium, $1.50.

Turkeys–J. D. W. French, first premium, $2.
Geese—C. W. Hatch, first premium, $2.

Ducks—C. A. Andrew, first premium, $2; C. W. Hatch, second premium, $1.

C. D. Ordway, Daniel Buxton, J. L. Colcord, James Wilson—Committee.

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