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The LIBRARY is established at the Plummer Hall, Essex Street, Salem, where members can obtain books under the following


1. Each member shall be entitled to take from the Library TWO VOLUMES, on signing a receipt for the same, and agreeing to be accountable therefor.

2. No member shall keep any book more than two weeks, after being notified by the Librarian) that the same i; wanted by another member.

3. All books belonging to the Library shall be returned on or before the 15th of November in each year; that the same may be examined and the condition of the Library reported to the Trustees.

4. Any member who shall neglect or refuse to conform to these Regulations, shall thereby forfeit the privilege of taking books from the Library.

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Report on Leather,

Manufactures and General Merchandise,
Fancy Work and Works of Art,
Children's Work,
Improved Meadow Land,
Improving Pasture and Waste Land,
Root Crops,
Strawberry Crops,

Treadwell Farm,
Essay by Ansel W. Putnam, on “Comparative Value of Crops

as Food for Cattle,"
Essay by J. J. H. Gregory, on Originating New Potatoes,
Report of Committee on Essays,
Treasurer's Report,
Officers and New Members,
List of Premiums,
Constitution of the Essex Agricultural Society,

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