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first essential; from the second list, this was also the case; and that these same qualifications were tested in the examination for confidential examiner, Department of Excise, is shown by the fact that appointments from this list were made to positions in the State Food Commission.

These three examinations involved a tremendous amount of work, over 500 competitors being examined orally, in addition to the written tests. It is probable that these three examinations could have been combined into one, by allowing some choice of questions on the written examination, and by slightly longer interviews in which the experience of competitors along the various lines could have been determined in a single series of oral tests. A single list could have been established, from which appointments could have been made to all positions requiring, as a basis, such familiarity with agricultural or business conditions as would enable the appointees to do investigating work.

Besides the saving in time and work and the consequent possibility of exercising greater care, an equally important result would probably be that competitors could be classified according to the work they are most capable of doing. It is a notorious fact that applicants frequently try for positions for which they are unfitted and overlook positions for which they are especially well qualified. · Another consideration is also involved. Where an announcement of examination states “One appointment is expected” and especially where it is known or suspected that a provisional appointee is already filling the position, many prospective competitors would hardly think it worth while to apply. If the examination were to establish a general list, from which a comparatively large number of appointments might be expected, competition would be encouraged.

It is believed that an application of this principle of holding examinations for various lines of work rather than for individual positions would result in a marked decrease in the work of the division, with a consequent improvement in the nature of the examinations, as well as the encouragement of a higher grade of competition.

Assistance to Municipal Commissions During the year we have continued the practice of giving assistance to Municipal Civil Service Commissions whenever called upon. In this connection we have prepared examinations and rated papers for various positions in a number of cities.

Condition of the Work On January 1, 1918, all open competitive examinations held prior to December 8 had been completed except that for court attendant held October 6, and all promotion competitive examinations held prior to November 10 were completed. The examining work of the year 1917 has now been entirely finished.

Needs of the Examinations Division The need for increased force and for additional floor space and rooms has been brought to the Commission's attention at various times and in various ways. It need merely be said that these needs are steadily growing.

Respectfully submitted,


Chief Examiner. Albany, January 31, 1918.



The Commission
John C. Clark, President.
Willard D. McKinstry.
William Gorham Rice.

Administration Division
John C. Birdseye, Secretary.
George R. Hitchcock, Assistant Secretary.
Julia M. Ryan, Chief Clerk.
Elizabeth S. Van Vranken, Stenographer.
Loretto A. Hearley, Stenographer.
Justina M. Grogan, Stenographer.
4. Christine Curran, Stenographer.
Ilelen E. Barry, Stenographer.
Laura M. Boyne, Stenographer.
IIelen R. Haines, Stenographer.
Anna T. Burns, Stenographer.
Loretta R. Purcell, Stenographer.
Frances M. Devanna, Clerk.
Raymond Jones, Clerk.
William J. Maher, Clerk.
Alma M. Hunter, Clerk.
Mabel E. Hidley, Telephone Operator.
Charles F. Murphy, Messenger.

Examinations Division
Harold N. Saxton, L.L.M., Chief Examiner.
John W. Root, A.B., Examiner.
Henry S. Knight, A.B., Examiner.
Frank H. Densler, Engineering Examiner.
Arthur B. Zerns, A.B., Examiner.
Charles W. Latimer, Examiner.
William V. T. Fonda, C.E., Asst. Engineering Examiner.

Herbert E. Hayes, Examiner.
Gertrude Harder, Examiner.
Catherine C. Geier, Stenographer.
Margaret Van Cott, Stenographer.
Joanna A. Fitzgibbon, Stenographer.
Winnifred A. Kelly, Typewriter Copyist.
Howard F. Lewis, Typewriter Copyist.
Sara N. Price, Typewriter Copyist.
Bertha Weir, Junior Clerk.
Lillian Barash, Junior Clerk.
Walter F. Reilly, Page.
James Dillon, Page.

Local Examiners and Institution Boards of Examiners

Albany -- J. M. Mosher, M. D., 170 Washington avenue.
Amsterdam --Arthur V. H. Smyth, M. D.
Auburn — A. F. Hodgman, M. D., 26 South street.
Batavia — H. A. Morse, M. D.
Binghamton Charles R. Seymour, M. D., 115 Front street.
Buffalo - William T. Getman, M. D., 155 Allen street.
Canandaigua J. II. Jewett, M. D.
Elmira — R. B. Howland, M. D., 306 Lake street.
Ilornell J. D. Mitchell, M. D., 21 Church street.
Ithaca C. F. Denman, M. D., 116 West Seneca street.
Jamestown - Morris N. Bemis, M. D., 210 Prendergast avenue.
Kingston — E. H. Loughran, M. D., 25 Main street.
Lock port Allan N. Moore, M. D., 70 Niagara avenue.
Malone — John A. Grant, M. D., 92 West Main street.
Newburgh - William J. Carr, M. D., 280 Liberty street.
New York – Louis R. Wetzmiller, M. D., West Side Y. M. C. A.

318 W. 57th street, N. Y. C.
Ogdensburg W. Grant Cooper, M. D., 62 Caroline street.
Olean - J. E. K. Morris, M. D.
Oneonta Marshall Latcher, M. D.
Plattsburg - T. J. Cummins, M. D., 8 Broad street.
Poughkeepsie - Frederick J. Mann, M. D., 262 Main street.
Rochester -- John J. Evans, M. D., 181%. Birch Crescent.

Saratoga Springs Arthur J. Leonard, M. D.
Syracuse - Joseph C. Palmer, M. D., 600 E. Genesee street.
Utica — H. H. Shaw, M. D. 13 Winston building.
Watertown - F. R. Calkins, M. D., 4 Cleveland building,

Arcade street.
White Plains — Sylvanus Purdy, M. D.

Amsterdam J. R. Kelton, Teacher, High School.
Auburn --- Ilarry A. Crofoot,, Iligh School.
Binghamton --- George R. Winslow, 514 Chenango street.
Buffalo Leighton Lobdell, 37 Church street.
Cobleskill Earl D. Hewes, High School.
Dunkirk Harry D. Lighty, 425 Swan street.
Elmira — H. F. Northrup, 771 Maple avenue.
Glens Falls Chester A. Moody, Principal, High School.
Hornell Samuel B. Whitney, 30 W. Genesee street.
Ithaca John D. Collins, 213 E. State street. .
Jamestown Carl La Salle, Teacher, High School.
Kingston — Patrick H. Cullen, 101 W. Chester street.
Lockport A. V. Muller, 86 Ontario street.
Lowville Gertrude M. Dean, Lowville.
Malone — Arthur E. McClary, People's Bank building.
Newburgh - Ira D. Minard, 207 Third street.
New York George C. Franciscus, 165 Broadway.
Norwich Frank R. Wassung, Principal, High School.
Ogdensburg Margaret H. McCarthy, 101 Carolina street.
Olean Bert E. Albert, 122 Fulton street.
Oneonta George L. Gibbs, Attorney-at-Law.
Oswego Frederick Leighton, Principal, High School.
Plattsburg George K. Hawkins, Principal, State Normal

Port Henry — Patrick F. Burke, Principal, High School.
Potsdam — Allan N. Roberts, 33 Pierpont avenue.
Poughkeepsie - Samuel W. Buck, 330 Mill street.
Riverhead Earl B. Robinson, Principal, IIigh School.
Rochester -- R. O. Cook, Rochester Business Institute.
Syracuse — John V. Meath, 703 McBride street.

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