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Utica — Charles V. Bookhout, 1506 Kemble street.
Warsaw George W. Glasier, Principal, High School.
Watertown — Mason M. Swan, 36 Savings Bank building.
White Plains C. A. Butler, Attorney-at-Law, Realty building.


PENAL AND REFORMATORY INSTITUTIONS Albion, Western House of Refuge for Women — Etta E. Falker,

Mrs. Anna R. Mannigan, William B. Dye. Auburn Prison - Robert R. Westover, Lee N. Taplin, George

C. Opdyke. Batavia, State School for the Blind — Minnie J. Gould, William

C. Casey, Julia S. Loomis. Bath, State Soldiers and Sailors' Home — J. McConnell, C. A.

Williams, Paul Betowski. Bedford, State Reformatory for Women — Margaret S. Halleck,

M. D., Mary S. Sprague, Mary R. Moore, Ira M. Fish. Buffalo, State Institute for study of Malignant Diseases — Clara

A. Maclay, Burton T. Simpson, M. D., Katherine M. Danner. Clinton Prison - J. B. Ransom, M. D., Charles D. Van Orden,

T. F. Coultry. Elmira State Reformatory – Frank L. Christian, M. D., Ivan

T. Smith, G. A. Shepardson. Ilealth Officer, Port of New York - George L. Nicol, Maurice

J. Doyle, James Dillon, Stanley B. Doyle, M. D., Frederick P.

Lee, M. D., C. S. Hudson, M. D., Helen C. Williams, M. D. Hudson, New York State Training School for Girls Mary A.

Steer, Grace N. Sullivan, Lenna J. Craddock. Industry, State Agricultural and Industrial School - Helen M.

Shattuck, Miss C. L. Collson, M. J. Carr. Iroquois, Thomas Indian School -- Halla Wells, John C. Bren

nan, Elsie Hayward. Letchworth Village, Thiells -- Daphne W. Perkins, Harry C.

Storrs, M. D., Henry L. Weber. Vapanoch, Eastern New York Reformatory George Deyo, F.

B. Hoornbeck, De Vere E. Smith. Newark, State Custodial Asylum for Feeble-Minded Women

Anna Warnecke, W. D., Gertrude M. Palmer, Mrs. Vesta A. Gilmartin.

Ossining, Sing Sing Prison -- Daniel J. Hickey, Thomas J. Mc

Inerney, Thomas F. Egan. Oxford, Woman's Relief Corps Home — Harriet D. Myers,

Ednah C. Ryder, Hazel A. Derx. Raybrook', State IIospital for Incipient Tuberculosis — Ilarry A.

Bray, M. 1)., J. J. Farrington, Linda Clelland. Rome, State Custodial Asylum - Fred S. Smith, Mrs. Lorna A.

Hay, Mary L. Seymour. Sonyea, Craig Colony for Epileptics G. Kirby Collier, M. D.,

William N. Trader, M. D., Arthur L. Shaw, M. D. Syracuse, State Institution for Fechle-Minded Children -- Julia

E. Church, Magdalen Reinehr, L. J. Hutchison. Il'est llaverstruw, State II ospital for Crippled and Deformel

Children — P. Henry Fitzhugh, M. D., Gertrude A. IIoxie, John J. Vuit, M. I).

STATI. HOSPITALS FOR THE INSANE Binghamton State Hospital - Margaret M. Bloxham, Peter P.

Lineen. Brooklyn State Hospital - Erving Holley, M. D., Mary E. Pat

terson, Jesse C. Cotter. Buffalo State II ospital - George W. Gorrill, M. D., Elsie M.

Lytle, Frederick L. Wright, M. D. Central Islip State Ilospital William F. McDonnell, Horatio

G. Gibson, M. D., Charles M. Burdick, M. D. Dannemora State Hospital - James H. Kurtz, John R. Ross,

M. D., Roger Dexter, M. D. Gowanda State Ilomeopathic IIospital - Frederick P. Schenkel

berger, Earl V. Gray, M. D., Joseph F. Shea. Kings Park State IIospital --- Jennie B. Gibson, Charles S. Par

ker, M. D., Charles S. Pitcher. Manhattan State Hospital Dwight S. Spellman, M. D., John

R. Knapp, M. D., Philip Smith, M. D., Chester Waterman,

M. D. Matteawan State Hospital — William A. L. Thomas, Joseph W.

Moore, M. D., Blakely R. Webster, M. D. Middletown State Homeopathic Ilospital - Robert C. Woodman,

M. D., William E. Kelly, M. D., Julia F. Fish, M. D.


Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence State Hospital Lewis Webb, Paul

G. Taddiken, M. D., Arthur G. Lane, M. D. Poughkeepsie, Hudson River State Hospital — Willis E. Merriman, M. D., John H. Heilman, Barbara L. Curtis, M. D.,

Blanche Dennis, M. D. Rochester State Hospital - Calvin L. West, Willard H. Veeder,

M. D., Francis McHugh, Agnes L. Toomey, Gertrude F. Link. Utica State Hospital George H. Torney, Jr., M. D., Charles

A. Mosher, Bessie B. Tibbitts. Willard State Hospital Thomas J. Currie, M. D., William H.

Montgomery, M. D., Benjamin M. Long.

COUNTY INSTITUTIONS Department of Charities and Corrections, Westchester Co.- Cal

vin Derrick, Forrest S. Lunt, Ruth Taylor. Tola Sanatorium, West Brighton, Monroe Co.— Edward P.

Baumann, Jennie M. Vail, Eugene N. Nesbitt. Oneida County Hospital, Rome Margerenia Thomas, Rodney

F. Kent, Eleanor M. Bluet. Onondaga Home and Hospital, Syracuse — Nellie Driscoll,

Charles Mullin, M. D., Elmer E. Van Benthuysen. The Onondaga Sanatorium — Frederick L. Slocum, Anna M.

IIarlfinger, V. M. Parkinson, M. D.

List of Commissioners, Chief Examiners and Secretaries since the

enactment of the Civil Service Law, May 4, 1883



when appointed

Date of appointment

Date of termination

of service

Andrew D. White.....
Augustus Schoonmaker.
Henry A. Richmond....
John Jayt...
Daniel É. Sicklest..
George H. Treadwell..
James H. Manning.....
John A. Sleicher .......
William A. Poste......
Alexander C. Eustacet..
E. Prentiss Baileyt....
Willard D. McKinstry...
De Forest Van Vleet....
Willard A. Cobbt.......
Silas W. Burtt.
George P. Lord..
William Miller Colliert...
Cuthbert W. Poundt...
Charles F. Millikent.....

† President.

Ithaca.... May 4, 1883 Declined appointment

May 4, 1883 Resigned June 1, 1887
Buffalo..... May 4, 1883 Removed Dec. 28, 1887
New York.. May 23, 1883 Removed Dec. 28, 1887
New York.

Dec. 28, 1887 Resigned Dec. 20, 1889 Albany.....

Dec. 28, 1887 Resigned Dec. 16, 1889 Albany....

Dec. 28, 1887 Resigned Dec. 20, 1889 Albany....

Dec. 16, 1889 Resigned Nov. 17, 1892 Canton....

Dec. 20, 1889 Resigned Nov. 17, 1892 Elmira....

Dec, 30, 1889 Resigned Feb. 14, 1893 Utica.....

Nov. 17, 1892 Resigned Jan. 2, 1895 Watertown..

Nov. 17, 1892 Resigned Jan. 8, 1896 Ithaca ..... Feb. 14, 1893 Resigned Jan. 31, 1895 Lockport... Jan. 22, 1895 Deceased May 29, 1900 New York.. Mar. 6, 1895 Removed Jan. 11, 1901 Dundee...

Jan. 20, 1896 Resigned Jan. 26, 1899 Auburn....

Feb. 2, 1899 Reeigned June 1, 1903 Ithaca.........

| June 12, 1900 Resigned Jan. 2, 1905 Canandaigua.... | June 1, 1903 | Reeigned Jan. 16, 1911

List of Commissioners, Etc. — (concluded)



when appointed

Date of appointment

Date of termination

of service

[blocks in formation]

Commissioners (continued)
Roscoe C. E. Brown......
John E. Kraftt.
Walter C. Burton...
Elek John Ludvigh.......
Jacob Neut....
Meyer Wolff, M.D .
James A. Lavery.........
Samuel H. Ordwayt...
William Gorham Rice...
Willard D. McKinstry....
John C. Clarkt......

Chief examiners
Silas W. Burt....
Edgar M. Jenkins.....
James E. Morrison.......
William Potts ...,..
John D. Iuliey...........
Thomas Carmody...
Charles S. Fowler.
Harold N. Saxton......

Resigned Jan. 16, 1911
Resigned Jan. 1,
Resigned Jan. 1, 1913
Resigned Jan. 1,
Resigned Feb. 2, 1915
Resigned Feb. 3.
Term expired.

Feb. 3, 191 Resigned Jan. 17, 1917

Feb. 4, 1915 Feb. 3, 1915 Feb. 4, 1915 Feb. 1, 1917

[blocks in formation]

Secretaries James A. Betts. Clarence B. Angle.... John C. Birdseye........

Kingston..... May 31, 1883

May 31, 1883 | Resigned Feb. 29, 1884 Schenectady .. Mar. 1, 1884 Resigned Sept. 1, 1900 Pompey.... Sept. 18, 1900

† President.


Table showing number of positions in the unclassified and classified service,

except laborers, January 1, 1918

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70 255 41 26 22 24 81 116

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