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plan of John Skirving, dated July twentieth, eighteen hundred and forty-six, two thousand four hundred and twelve dollars ;

To replace the oil intended for the use of the Government, Oil destroyed which was destroyed by the recent fire at Nantucket, fourteen by fire at Nanthousand dollars ; ;

tucket For annual repairs of President's House, gardener's salary, Contingencies

for the Presilaborers and cartage, tools, wire, twine, leather, nails, stakes, dent's manure, and straw for garden and plants, trees for President's and grounds. grounds, Fountain square, Lafayette square, and Pennslyvania avenue, repairs of sence at Fountain square, Lafayette square, and President's garden, three thousand two hundred and seven ty-seven dollars.

For replacing platforms on the dome, and repairing balusters, (including materials and work,) repairing hatch way, door and frame, (including steps and plastering in dome,) furnishing and repairing step-ladders and platforms on the different roofs, furnishing two double window frames and sash (including painting and glazing) in open courts, white-washing walls in the open courts, containing about twenty-five hundred square yards, four hundred and ninety dollars and seventy-five cents.

And for the removal of the building over the statue of Wash-Statue of Waskington, and erecting an iron fence around the same, one thou-ington. sand dollars ; For repairs of Congressional burial ground, rendered ne. Congressional

burying ground. cessary by the late freshet, five hundred dollars.;

For repairs of the road leading from the Capitol square to the Congressional burial ground, rendered necessary by the late heavy rains, to be expended under the direction of the Commis-missioner of Public Buildings, one thousand five hundred dol. lars;

And the sum of two hundred dollars, being a portion of the Balance of an unexpended balance of an appropriation of one hundred thou-appropriation to

sand dollars, made on the twenty-seventh of April, eighteen among the cap- hundred and sixteen, to be distributed among the captors of tors of certain

* Algerine ves. certain Algerine vessels which were restored to the Dey of Al-sels. giers, which balance has been carried to the account of the surplus fund, be, and the same is hereby reappropriated, for the benefit of such of the captors as have not yet received their shares of the said fund, or their representatives;

To pay F. Gardner, late acting United States naval store. F. Gardner for keeper to the African squadron, from the twenty-fourth of Au-bila gust, eighteen hundred and forty-four, when Floyd Waggaman ceased to receive a salary, until December ninth, eighteen hundred and forty-four, when Francis Alexander proceeded to the post, three months and fifteen days, at fifteen hundred dollars per annum, four hundred and thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents; To pay the legal representatives of Thomas H, Storm, for a.. Thomas fl.

Storm, for balbalance due to him as agent for prisoners at Barbadoes, two ance due him. thousand two hundred and seventy-four dollars and twenty-six cents;



4th and 5th in. stalments

Penitentiary. For the support and maintenance of the penitentiary of the

District of Columbia, eleven thousand six hundred and eleven

dollars and forty-six cents; Insane paupers.

For support, clothing, and medical treatment of insane persons of the District of Columbia, including four additional insane paupers ordered by the court to be sent to the hospital, five

thousand seven hundred and seventy dollars and forty-fivecents. Continuing For continuing the publication of the works of the Explorworks of Explo. ing Expedition, including the printing of charts, the pay of the ring Expedition scientific corps, and the salary of the horticulturist, thirty thou

sand dollars ;

For paying the principal and interest of the fourth and fifth

of instalments of the Mexican indemnities due in April and July, Mexican indem mily. in the year eighteen hundred and forty-four, the sum of three

hundred and twenty thousand dollars: Provided, The claimants, each for himself, shall relinquish to the United States his right to said instalments; Provided further, That each of the claimants shall agree to take in payınent the scrip of

stock bearing interest at five per cent., payable in five years : Refunding to For refunding to James Buchanan, late her Britannic Majesmoney disburs! 'y's consul at the city of New York, moneys disbursed by him, ed by him. and for compensating him for services performed in respect to

the slaver Catharine, condemned and sold at the suit of the Uni. ted States, the sum of two thousand one hundred and forty-four

dollars and seventy-five cents; Preparing for For reducing and preparing for publication, under a resolupublication tion of the Senate, plans and diawings, made by the officers of plans and draw the Topographical Bureau, for the improvemeni of harbors, riv

ers, &c., four thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight dollars.



Patent Office.


For the purchase of such scientific works as are necessary

for the use of the Patent Office, twelve hundred and fifty dollars ; to be paid for out of the patent fund.

Light houses.

LIGHT-HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT. Supplies. For supplying light-houses, containing two thousand five

hundred and seventy-seven lamps, with oil, tube glasses, buffskins, whiting, and cotton cloth, expenses of transportation, and for keeping the lighting apparatus in repair, one hundred and twelve thousand eight hundred and eighty-three dollars and

sixty four cents; Repairs.

For repairs, ineidental expenses, refitting, and improvements of light houses and buildings connected there with, sixty-seven

thousand seventy-seven dollars and ninety-nine cents; keepers. For salaries of two hundred and thirty-six keepers and six

teen assistant keepers of light-houses, (seventeen of them charged with double and two with triple lights, one hundred thousand five hundred and eighty-eight dollars and thirty-three cents;


For salaries of thirty keepers of floating lights, sixteen thou. Floating lights. sand dollars;

For seamen's wages, repairs, and supplies of thirty floatinglights, eighty-one thousand seven hundred and eleven dollars and sixty-two cents;

For weighing, mooring, cleansing, repairing, and supplying Beacons, buoys, the loss of beacons, buoys, chains, and sinkers, twenty-six $c. thousand four hundred and thirty-one dollars and sixty-nine cents ;

For procuring, locating, and mooring buoys at such places as the Secretary of the Treasury may designate, and where he shall deem them to be necessary for the safety of navigation, five thousand dollars ;

For expenses of rebuilding the Cape Florida light-house, Rebuilding Florida, thirteen thousand dollars ;

light-houses. For expenses of rebuilding Martinicus Rock light-house, Maine, eleven thousand dollars ;

For the maintenance of the light on the Delaware breakwater, including four hundred dollars for the salary of keeper, eight hundred dollars ;

For expenses incurred by superintendents in visiting their Annual examilight-houses annually, and examining and reporting the con." dition of each, two thousand dollars;

For superintendents' commissions, at two and a half per Superinten. centum, ten thousand thirty-eight dollars and seventy-seven dents' commiscents. SURVEYS OF PUBLIC LANDS.

Surveys. For salary of an assistant surveyor, to survey the private Assistant Sur. claims in Florida, under the direction and supervision of the veyor surveyor general in Florida, one thousand dollars ;

For salary of an assistant surveyor, to have charge and over- Assis't Survey. sight of the resurveys in the Greensburg (late St. Helena) dis. or in Louisiana. trict, Louisiana, under the direction and supervision of the surveyor general of Louisiana, one thousand dollars ; For pay of chain carriers, markers, transportation, provisions, Pay of chain. :

s carriers, &c. &c., one thousand five hundred dollars ; For surveying the public lands, to be apportioned to the sev- Surveying pab.

lic lands. eral districts according to the exigencies of the public service, one hundred and ten thousand dollars ;

For surveying the copper region of Michigan, Wisconsin, Surveying the and Iowa, with reference to mines and minerals, thirty thou.copper region. sand dollars;

For the correction of erroneous and defective surveys west Surveys inof Saganaw bay, in Michigan, at a rate not exceeding six dol. Michigan. lars per mile, five thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars ;

For detached surveys in Missouri, at a rate not exceeding Missouri. five dollars per mile, on account of difficulties in surveying lakes, swamps, &c., four thousand one hundred and fifty dol


rin Florida



For the survey of towns and villages in Missouri, named in the act of twenty-sixth May, eighteen hundred and twentyfour, including office work, in addition to the balance of the appropriation of the third March, eighteen hundred and forty

three, for thai object, two thousand dollars; Arkansas. For surveying that part of Arkansas where, in consequence

of local attraction, the ordinary compass cannot be used, at a rate not exceeding eight dollars per mile, four thousand eight

hundred dollars ; Louisiana. For surveys at augmented rates, in Louisiana, three thou

sand seven hundred and four dollars;

For surveys in the Greensburg district, Louisiana, now in the course of execution, in addition to former appropriations,

twenty thousand four hundred dollars ; Retracing old For retracing old lines in the district west of Pearl river, to lines west of Pearl river.

supply deficiencies now existing in those surveys, at five dollars and seven dollars per mile, in addition to balance of appro. priations for same object, of the third March, eighteen hundred and forty-three, eighieen thousand one hundred and thirteen

dollars. Foreign inter.


For salaries of ministers to Great Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil, sixty-three thousand dol

lars; Secretaries of For salaries of secretaries of legation to the same places, Legation. fourteen thousand dollars ; Outfit of Minis. For ontfit of a minister to Great Britain, nine thousand dolBritain.


10 Great lars;

Charges des For salaries of chargés des affaires to Portugal, Austria, Denaffaires.

mark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Chili, Peru, New Grenada,
Venezuela, Naples, Sardinia, and Buenos Ayres, fifty-eight

thousand five hundred dollars ;
Minister to For salary of a minister resident to Turkey, six thousand
Turkey dollars ;

For salary of a dragoman to the legation to Turkey, two

thousand five hundred dollars; Commissioner For the salary of a commissioner to reside in China, five to China. thousand dollars. Provided, No part of this sum shall be paid

unless the said commissioner actually resides in China; Secretary and For the salary of a secretary and Chinese interpreter, two

thousand five hundred dollars ; Contingencies. For contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, thirty

thousand dollars; Contingent ex For contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, thirty thou

sand dollars; cign intercourse

For salary of the consul at London, two thousand dollars; Contingencies,

For clerk hire, office rent, and other expenses of the office

of the consul at London, two thousand eight hundred dollars ; Commissioner

For compensation of commissioner to the Sandwich Islands, to Sandwich Is. lands,

three thousand dollars;

Chineso Inter-

penses of for

Consul at Lon. don.



For interpreters, guards, and other expenses of the consulates "Interpreters,

guards, &c. at at Constantinople, Smyrna, and Alexandria, fifteen hundred Consta: dollars;

. Smyrna and For payment in full to Benjamin E. Green for services

Alexandria. while einployed in Mexico, as chargé d'affaires, three thousand balance due B. dollars ;

E. Green. For the relief and protection of American seamen in foreign American seacountries, seventy-five thousand dollars;

men in foreign

countries. For carrying into effect the acts for the suppression of the Suppression of slare trade, including the support of recaptured Africans, and slave trade. their removal to their country, twenty-five thousand dollars; For completing the maps, specifications, and astronomical Maps, specifica.

"tions, &c. of N. computations of the line of boundary between the United States E. boundary. and the British provinces, heretofore run and established, or run and marked by the joint commissioners, under the treaty of Washington, twenty thousand dollars, and for transmitting to ihe respective States, whose boundaries are effected thereby, au. thentic copies thereof. .

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That in addition to the Additional ap. assistant appraisers, authorized by law at the port of New York, York au horizthere may be appointed in the mode now prescribed by law, ed. one additional assistant appraiser at said port, at a salary, as ir heretofore established, of fifteen hundred dollars per annum, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise ap. propriated : Provided, said salary shall noi cominence, or ap- Proviso. pointment take effect, prior to the thirtieth of November next, and in appraising all goods at any port of the United States, heretofore subjected to specific duties, but upon which ad valorem duies are imposed by the act of the thirtieth of July last, entitled “An act reducing the duty on imports and for other purposes,” reference shall be had to values and invoices of similar goods imported during the last fiscal year, under such general and uniform regulations for the prevention of fraud or undervaluation as shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury. ;

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful Heads of Defor the respective heads of departments to continue in service partment may

continue offiduring the current fiscal year the officers and persons, and at cers authorized the salaries and compensations authorized in the act approved by act of Aug;

26, 1842, and twenty-sixth of August, one thousand eight hundred and forty- June 17, 1844. two, entitled “An act legalizing and making appropriations for such necessary objects as have been usually included in the general appropriation bills without authority of law, and to fix and provide for certain incidental expenses of the departments and officers of the Government, and for other purposes, '* and

ol. 10

p. 297. also the clerks authorized to be employed in the office of the '': First Comptroller of the Treasury by the act of June seventeenth, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, entitled “An act making appropriations for the civil and diplomatic expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-five, and for

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