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By the President of the United States of America ::


Preamble. Whereas by an act of the Congress of the United States of the 38

of March 1845, entitled, “An act allowing drawback upon foreign merchandize exported in the original packages to Chihu. ahua and Santa Fé, in Mexico, and to ihe British North American Provinces adjoining the United States," ceriain privileges are extended in reference to drawback to poris therein specially enumerated in the 7th section of said act, which also provides “ That such other ports situaied on the frontiers of the United States, adjoining the British North American Provinces as may hereafter be found expedient, may have extended to them the like privileges on the recommendation of the Secretary of the Treasury, and proclamation duly made by the President of the United States, specially designating the ports to which the aforesaid privileges are to be

extended :"* And whereas the Secretary of the Treasury has duly recommended to me the extension of the privileges of the law aforesaid to the port of Lewiston, in the collection district of Niagara, in the State of New York:

Privileges of Now, therefore, I, JAMES K. POLK, President of the United drawback" ox: States of America, do hereby declare and proclaim that the port tended to port of Lewiston, N. of Lewiston in the collection district of Niagara, in the State York. of New York, is and shall be entitled to all the privileges ex:

tended to che olher ports enumerated in the seventh section of the act aforesaid, from and after the date of this proclamation.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done at the city of Washington this seventeenth day of Jan:

vary, in the year of our Lord one thousand eigh (SEAL.] hundred and forty-six, and of the Independence of the United States of America the seventieh.

JAMES K. POLK. , By the President :

James Buchanan, Secretary of State.

By the President of the United States of America:




Whereas the Congress of the United States, by virtue of the Existence of

between constirutional auihority vested in them, have declared by their Republic act, bearing date this day, that, “by the act of the Republic Mexico and U. of Mexico, a stale of war exists between that Government and the United States :"


ed to exert them selves to pre

Now, therefore, I, JAMES K. POLK, President of the Persons holding United States of America, do hereby proclaim the same to all office hundert we whom it may concern; and I do specially enjoin on all persons be vigilant in holding offices, civil or military, under the authority of the heir duties,and United States, that they be vigilant and zealous in discharging citizens exhortthe duties respectively incident thereto: and I do moreover exhort all the good people of the United States, as they love serve order, &c. their country, as they feel the wrongs which have forced on and in supportthem the last resort of injured nations, and as they consult the measures of ine best means, under the blessing of Divine Providence, of abrid-constituted au

thorities, &c. ging its calamities, that they exert themselves in preserving order, in promoting concord, in maintaining the authority and the efficacy of the laws, and in supporting and invigorating all the meastires which may be adopted by the constituted authorities for obtaining a speedy, a just, and an honorable peace.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed to these, prezents.

Done at the city of Washingion, the thirteenth day of May,

in the year of our Lord, one thousand eighi hundred (SEAL] and forty-six, and of the independence of the United States, the seventieth.

JAMES K. POLK. By the President:

James BUCHANAN, Secretary of State.

By the President of the United States of America.


Whereas, by the act of Congress, approved July 9, 1846, en- *See page 51.

titled " An act to jetrocede the county of Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, to the State of Virginia," it is enacted, That, with the assent of the people of the county and town of Alexandria, to be ascertained in the manner therein pre. scribed, all that portion of the District of Columbia ceded to the United States by the State of Virginia, and all the rights and jurisdiction therewith ceded over the same, shall be ceded

and forever relinquished to the State of Virginia in full and absolute right and jurisdiction, as well of soil as of persons residing or to reside thereon: And whereas, it is further provided, that the said act “ shall not be in force until after ihe assent of the people of the county and town of Alex. andria shall be given to it, in the mode therein provided;" and if a majority of the votes should be in favor of accepting the provisions of the said act, it shall be the duty of the President to make proclamation of the fact :

And whereas, on the 17th day of August, 1816, after the close of the late session of the Congress of the United States, I duly appointed five citizens of the county or town of Alexandria, being freeholders within the same, as commissioners, who, be. ing duly sworn to perform the duties imposed on them, as prescribed in the said act, did proceed within ten days after they were notified, to fix upon the first and second days of Septem. ber, 1846, as the time, the Couri-house of the county of Alexandria, as the place, and viva voce as the manner of voting; and

gave due notice of the same; and at the time, and at the place, in conformity with the said notice, the said Commissioners presiding, and deciding all questions arising in relation to the right of voting under the said act, the votes of the citizens qualified to vote were taken viva voce, and recorded in pollbooks, duly kept, and on the third day or September instant, after the said polls were closed, the said Commissioners did make out, and on the next day did transmit 10 me, a statement of the polls so held, upon oath, and under their seals; and of the votes so cast and polled, there were, in favor of accepting the provisions of the said act, seven hundred and sixty-three votes, and against accepting the same two hundred and i wenty-woshowing a majority of five hundred and forty-one votes for the acceptance of the same.

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Now,[THEREFORE, BE IT KNOWN, that I, JAMES K. POLK, President of the United States of America, in fulfilment of the duty imposed upon me by the said act of Congress, do hereby make Proclamation of the “result” of said "poll,” as above stated, and do call upon all and singular the persons whom it doth or may concern, to take notice, that the act afore. said, “is in full force and effect."

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done at the City of Washington, this seventh day of Sep.

tember in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight (SEAL.] hundred and forty six, and of the Independence of the Uuited States, the seventy-first.

JAMES K. POLK. By the President ;

N. P. Trist, Acling Secretary of State.







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Chap. Sec.
Academy, Military-
Appropriations for

96 1
Board of visiters for to be annually selected
How to be selected

- 96 2
Compensation of

. 96 2
Certain teachers at, to be professors.

. 96 3
Achlin, J. A. S., appropriation for payment of
Adams Fort, appropriation for :
Additional duties under act of 1842, to be paid into the

Treasury .
Adjutant Generals, appointment of a certain number
of authorized .


- 28
Administrators in the District of Columbia- .

Jurisdiction of the Orphans' Court extended over 8 3
May be required to give further security, and in

case of default an administrator de bonis non
shall be appointed . .

- . . 8
Process against, to compel a surrender of assets 8
Time allowed to, to show cause against further
security -


- 8
Africans recaptured, appropriation for support and re-
moval of

- 175 1
Agents, for Indians on the Upper Platte and Arkansas,

appropriation for - -
for collection of certain claims, requisite formal-
s of their appointments


66 1
Aids-de-camp, of Major General commanding in time of
war, whence to be taken -

- 28 8
of other Major and Brigadier Generals, whence

to be taken -
Alabama, appropriation for payment of certain claims to 179 1

appeals and wriis of error from the district court

of, for middle district, how to be taken · 104 1
Alexandria county-

Retrocession of, to the State of Virginia with as-
sent of the people

· 35 1
Vote of the people of, how to be taken and who
entitled to vote

· 35 4
Commissioners to register vote in, to be appointed 35 4

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52 52





51 155 133

174 159



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153 137


Chap. Sec.
Alexandria county--continued--
Regulations for the proceedings of

35 4
Court house and jail in, how disposed of

35 5
Custom-house and post office in, not transferred
to Virginia

35 2
Debt of the corporation of Alexandria, not as-
sumed by Congress

35 6
Jurisdiction and laws now existing in, when to

35 3 Algerine vessels, appropriation for the captors of certain 175 1 Allen, Benjamin, act for relief of

164 1 Allen, Richard, act for relief of the heirs and legal representatives of .

· 181 1
American seamen in foreign countries, appropriation for 175 1
Amoy to be a port of entry in China

Appendix, article III
Anderson James, entry of land made by administrators of,

156 1
Annual estimates, printing and distribution of, resolution

concerning-Res. No. 2 .
Annuities and granis by special acts of Congress, appro.
priation for payment of -

175 1
Ansman, Abraham, act granting pension to -

- 160 1
Appeals and writs of error from United States district and

circuit courts for Texas, shall lie to what court 1 2
from district court for middle district of Alabama,
how to be taken

104 1
causes already removed by, from said district
court to circuit court, how disposed of

104 2
Appointments, in the line and general staff, how regu-

28 7
Appraiser, additional, at New York, to be appointed . 175 2
his salary and duties

. 175

FOR FORTIFICATIONS-(See Fortifications) · 20 1

21 6

22 6

31 1
For advertising; agents, special; balance due

Hale & Coleman ; blanks; clerks of offices;
compeosation to postmasters; deficiency in
revenue ; depredations on mail; letters, ship,
steamboat, and way; mail steamers; mail
transportation ; mail bags, keys, locks, and
slamps; magnetic telegraph; miscellaneous;
office furniture; paper, wrapping; publica-
tion of post offices and regulations

31 1




159 159

17 20

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