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Neue Zeit.-Stuttgart.

No. 10.
The Peasant Question in France and Germany, F. Engels.
The Labor Party of Belgium. E. Vandervelde.

No. 11.
The Belgian Labor Party. Continued.
The Polish Workman at Home.

No. 12.
Hohenlohe's Beginning:
The Land Question at the Congresses of the International.
The Annual Report of the English Labor Department. M.

The Elections in Saxony. E. Fischer.

No. 13.
George Moore's “ Esther Waters." Edw. Aveling.

Nord und Süd.-Breslau. December,
The Burial-Ground of the Nassau Family at Breda. H

Legends of the Indians in East Canada. O. L. Jiriczek.
Religion Without Dogma. H. Schmidkunz.
The Great Epidemics of the Middle Ages. O. Meding.

Preussische Jahrbücher.-Berlin. January.
The Creation of Woman. Dr. Max Dressler,
The Rights of the Mother Among the Indo-Germans. B. Del-

Venetian Art. Prof. J. Strzygowski.
The Germans in the United States. W. Weber.
Liberalism and Nationality in Hungary. T. von Trotha.

Sybel's History of the German Empire. C. Rössler.
Rank and Payment in the Profession and Administration of

the Law.
Prince Sergius Schahowski, Russificator.

Sphinx.-Brunswick. December. Madame Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine." L. Dienbard. Re-Incarnation. W. Friedrichsort.

Ueber Land und Meer.-Stuttgart. Heft 6.
The Free Port of Copenhagen. F. Mewins.
Pictures of Madagascar.
The Hans Sachs Celebration at Nürnberg.
Bosnia and Herzegovina A. O. Klaussmann.
Russia in Mourning. P Lindenberg.
The New Houses of Parliament at Berlin. G. Dahms.
Life in China.
The St. Nicholas Festival.
Arctic Flora. Dr. J. Murr.
Velhagen und Klasing's Monatshefte.-Berlin. December.
Finches. C. Schwarzkopf.
Hermann Kaulbach, Artist. A. Spier.
China Cups and Saucers. H. von Zobeltitz.

Vom Fels zum Meer.-Stuttgart. Heft 8.
In the Sculptor's Atelier.
The Golden Book of the City of Munich. R. von Seydlitz.

Heft 9.
Alexander Girardi. L. Hevesi.
Pullman Cars. F. Jaffé.
Rubinstein. With Portraits.
National Costumes of the Black Forest.


Bibliothèque Universelle.-Lausanne. December.
Korea. V. de Floriant.
Women and the Woman Question in the States. Concluded.

Louis Wuarin.
M. Antonio Fogazzaro and His Novels. Ernest Tissot.

Journal des Economistes.-Paris. December 15.
The Economy of History. D. de Molinari.
The French Senate and Algeria. Charles Roussel.
The Ethics of Dynamite According to Auberon Herbert. E.

Castelot. History of the Austro-German Monetary Union of 1857.

Arthur Raffalovitch. A Visit to the Principality of Sourakarta, Java. Dr. Meyners d'Estrey.

Nouvelle Revue.-Paris.

December 1. Novalis. M. Maeterlinck. Some Recollections. V. de Tracy. The National Sea-Coast Defences. Sapiens. The Immortality of the Soul. Funck Brentano. Jose Maria de Heredia and Contemporary Poetry. A. Al

balat. The Reconciliation between the Magyars and Slavs. J. Rini

Francis Magnard. F. Loliću.

December 15.
Jerusalem. Pierre Loti.
* Little Evolf” (first Act). Henrik Ibsen.
Novalis. Continued. M. Maeterlinck.
Letters from Mlle Desclée to Fanfan. P. Duplan.
The Siege and Assault of Gheok Teppe.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Madame Juliette Adam.
Nouvelle Revue Internationale. -Paris.

December 1.
Review of European Politics. Emilio Castelar.
Letter from Rome.

December 25.
Review of European Politics. Emilio Castelar.
Christmas Celebrations in Spain Henry Lyonnet.
Memories and Legends of the Abbey de Villers. Denise.

Revue Bleue.-Paris.

December 1.
Victor Duruy. Alfred Rambaud.
My Escape, Metz, November, 1870. Colonel Patry.

December 8.
Literary Progress. Eugène Mouton.
Victor Duruy. Concluded. Alfred Rambaud.

December 15.
M. Henry Houssaye. Émile Faguet.
The Thousandth Representation of “Faust.” J. du Tnllet.

December 22.
La Sorbonne and the College of France, 1848-1842. J. Leval-

Egypt in 1798. Abel Hermant.
Anton Rubinstein. Raymond Bouyer.

December 29.
Renan, as Portrayed by M. Séailles. Emile Faguet.

Revue des Deux Mondes.-Paris.

December 1. Studies in Diplomacy: The Austrian Alliance Treaty of 1756.

Duc de Broglie. Studies in Sociology : Luxury and the Functions of Wealth

P. Leroy Beaulieu.
Women and the United States. Th. Bentzon.
The Story-Tellers of Italy. E. Gebhart.
Madagascar and French Colonization. Vicomte Melchior de

An Unknown Episode of the Soudanese. G. Valbert.

December 15.
The Last Imperial Army, 1815. H. Houssaye.
French Railways. R. G. Levy.
of the Influence Recently Exercised by Northern Literature.

J. Lemaitre.
Roman Russia.
Michelet at the École Normale, 1827-1839. G. Monad.

Revue Générale.-Brussels. December.
Léon de Monge
Pope Leo XIII. Concluded. Mgr. Lamy.
On the Coasts of Norway and Lapland. Concluded. J. G.

Freson. The Evolution of the Lyrical Poetry and Work of Richard

Wagner. The Third Scientific Congress of Catholics at Brussels. J. Vanden Gheyn.

Revue de Paris.-Paris.

December 1.
Letters to a Foreign Lady. H. de Balzac.
James Darmesteter. Gaston Paris.
The Anglo-Prussian Italian Policy, 1859-1894. G. Giacometti.
The Diminution of Crime in England. H. Joly.
The Kidnapping of a Bishop in 1856. E. Daudet.

December 15.
Repentance. Ch. Gounod.
Anatole France. Edouard Rod.

The French Revolution in Holland. A. Leroy Beaulieu.
A Romantic Friendship ; George Sand and Madame D'Agoult.

S. Rocheblave
A Secret Diplomatic Agent. C. de Lecroix.

Revue des Revues.-Paris.

December 1.
Italian Vagabondage. Marquis Paulucci di Calboli.

December 15.
The Memory of the Child and the Adult. A. Binet.
Italian Vagabondage. Concluded. Marquis Paulucci di Cal.

Revue Scientifique.-Paris.

December 1, The Life and Scientific Career of M. Duchartre. Gaston Bon

nier. Nerve Centres. J. P. Morat.

December 8. Metalliferous Deposits. A. Ditte. The Explosion of Cylinders of Compressed Gas. D. Bellet

December 15.
Logarithms. R. de Saussure.

December 22.
The Planet Mars. With Maps. G. Schiaparelli.
Modes of Transport in Colonial Wars. E. Raoul.
Tubular Tunnels.

Revue Socialiste.-Paris. December. The Condition of the Life of Workingmen. F. and M. Pel

loutier. Agrarian Reforms. Justin Alavaill. Mathematical Method in Sociology and Political Economy.

Léon Winiarski.


La Civiltà Cattolica.-Rome.

December 1.
The Sixth Centenary of the Translation of the Holy House to

Alms for the Poor Italian Nuns : An Appeal.

December 15.
Catholic Socialism.
F. G. Raiffesen's Scheme of Rural Banks.

La Nuova Antologia.—Rome.

December 1.
H. Taine on Contemporary France: A Criticism. G. Barzel-

A National and Economic Army.
The Sicilian School of Poetry. Conclusion. F. Torraca.
Montesquieu in Italy. Cesare Cantù.

La Rassegna Nazionale.-Florence. December 1.
The Roman Catacombs. Conclusion. B. Prina.

The Catholic Scientific Congress at Brussels. P. G. Giova

nozzi. A Humanist of the Sacristy: Angelo Foliziano. I. del Lungo.

December 15. Catherine de Medicis, Duchess of Mantua. Continued. L.

Grottanelli. Symbols: A Series of Poems. F. Salvatori. Dante's Heaven. Conclusion. Galassini. Zola and Bovio. G.F. Airoli. The Ideas of a Catholic American Bishop. L. Vitali. The French Revolution and the First Empire. Continued. G. Grabinski.

La Riforma Sociale.-Rome. November 25.
The Labor Party in Belgium. Prof. E. Vandervelde.
Monetary Fluctuations. Prof. G. Luzzatti.

December 10.
The Principles of Taxation. A Reply. A. Naguel.
The Present Crisis in Economic Science. U. Rabbens.
The Spirit Monopoly in Austria-Hungary. L. Albertini.

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Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index.

Fortnightly Review.

NW New World.
AA. Art Amateur,


NH. Newbery House Magazine.
AAPS. Annals of the Am. Academy of!

Geographical Journal.

Nature Notes.
Political Science.
GB. Greater Britain.

AI. Art Interchange.
GBag. Green Bag.

Our Day:
AMC. American Magazine of Civics.

Gentleman's Magazine.

Overland Monthly.
ACQ. Am. Catholic Quart. Review.

Girl's Own Paper.

PA. Photo-American.
AM. Atlantic Monthly.
GW. Good Words.

PB. Photo-Beacon.
AmAnt. American Antiquarian.
HC. Homo and Country.

PAst. Popular Astronomy.
Ant. Antiquary.
Harp. Harper's Magazine.

PL. Poet Lore.
American Amateur Photog. HGM. Harvard Graduates' Magazine. PMM. Pall Mall Magazine.
HomR. Homiletic Review.

PQ. Presbyterian Quarterly.

IJE. Internat'l Journal of Ethics. PRR. Presbyterian and Reformed
IA. Irrigation Age. .

BankL. Bankers' Magazine (London). JEd. Journal of Education.

PT. Photographic Times.
Black Blackwood's Magazine.

JMSI. Journal of the Military Sery PR. Philosophical Review.
Bkman. Bookman.

ice Institution.

PS. Popular Science Monthly
BTJ. Board of Trade Jot
JAES. Journal of the Ass'n of En-

Political Science Quarterly.
BW. Biblical World.

gineoring Societies.

Psychical Review.
JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy.

CFM. Cassell's Family Magazine. JurR. Juridical Review.

QJEcon. Quarterly Journal of Eco-
Chaut. Chautauquan.
JAP. Journal of American Politics.

ChHA. Church at Home and Abroad. K.


Quarterly Review.
ChMisl. Church Missionary Intelligen-
KO. King's Own.

RRA. Review of Reviews.
cer and Record.
LAH. Lend a Hand.

RRL. Review of Reviews (London).
ChQ. Church Quarterly Review. LH. Leisure Hour.

Review of the Churches.
Chambers's Journal.
LHJ. Ladies' Home Journal.

SJ. Students' Journal.
CM. Century Magazine.
Lipp. Lippincott's Monthly.


School Review.
Can M. Canadian Magazine.

Longman's Magazine.

San. Sanitarian.
Cas M. Cassier's Magazine.

LQ. London Quarterly Review. SEcon. Social Economist.
CRev. Charities Review.

Luth. Lutheran Quarterly Review. ScotGM. Scottish Geographical Maga-
Luc. Lucifer.

CR. Contemporary Review.
Ludm. Ludgate Monthly.

ScotR. Scottish Review. -
CritR. Critical Review.


Scots. Scots Magazine.
CSJ. Cassell's Saturday Journal. Мас. Macmillan's Magazine.

Sten. Stenographer,
CW. Catholic World.
McCl. McClure's Magazine.

Str. Strand.

Menorah Monthly.

SunM. Sunday Magazine.
Dem. Demorest's Family Magazine. Mid M. Midland Monthly.

SunH. Sunday at Home.
DR. Dublin Review.

MisR. Missionary Review of World. TB. Temple Bar.
EcorJ. Economic Journal.
MisH. Missionary Herald.

Treas. Treasury.
EconR. Economic Review.
Mon. Monist.

UE. University Extension.
EDRA. Educational Review (New MM. Munsey's Magazine.

US. United Service.


USM. United Service Magazine.
EARL. Educational Review (London) MP. Monthly Packet.

WPM. Wilson's Photographic Maga-
Ed. Education.
MR. Methodist Review.

EngM. Engineering Magazine.
NAR. North American Review.

WR. Westminster Review.
English Illustrated Magazine. NatR. National Review.

YE. Young England.
ER. Edinburgh Review.
NC. Nineteenth Century.

YM. Young Man
NEM. New England Magazine.

YR. Yale Review.
NR. New Review.

YW. Young Woman.
Frank Leslie's Monthly.

NSR. New Science Review.

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[It has been found necessary to restrict this Index to periodicals published in the English language. All the articles in the
leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.)

Unless otherwise specified, all references are to the January numbers of periodicals.

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Æsthetes, T. F. Plowman, PMM.
Africa :
Physical Geography of British East Africa, GJ, Dec.
Dr. Donaldson Smith's Expedition in Somaliland, GJ, Dec.
Alaska, A Chapter of, C E. Cabot, NEM.
Allian ces, The Talk of New, Frederick Greenwood, NewR.
Almanacs, R. W. McFarland, PAst.
Almshouses, C.
Alpine Pass on Ski, A. Conan Doyle, Str, Dec.
Altruistic Impulse in Men and Animals, T. Gavanescui,
American Type, Survival of the, J. H. Denison. AM.
Anti-Trust Legislation, Economic and Uneconomic, F. H.

Cooke, AAPS.
Angelico, Fra, Sarah C. Flint, CW.
First Principles of Architecture, W. H. Goodyear, EngM.
Architecture of Municipal Buildings. E. C. Gardner, EngM.
Arctic Exploration : Peary Auxiliary Expedition in 1894, GJ,

Argentine Republic: A Bird's-Eye View, May Crommelin,



The Armenian Question, NewR.
The Armenian Crisis, RR.
Unhappy Armenia, J.J. O'Shea, CW.

Turkish Atrocities Among Armenians, OD.
Armies :
Physical Training the British A

A. Woodhull.
Tommy Atkins off Duty, Beatrice Whittington, USM.
The Principles and Practice of Saddling, M. J. Treacy,

Studies in Troop Leading, JMSI.
Some Thoughts on Methods of Attack, M. D. Hardin, JMSI.
The Military Academy and Education of Officers, JMSI.
Readjustment of Rank, Capt. C. J. Crane, US.
Organization of Lines of Communication in War, US.
Army of the Tennessee, Society of the, W. S. Moore, MidM.
Military Systems of Europe and America, Col W. Ludlow,

The Story of a Thousand-V, Albion W. Tourgee, Cos.
Arnold's (Matthew) Poetry from an Ethical Standpoint, IJE.

Astrolabe, The, Margaret L. Huggins, PAst.
Astronomy :

The Story of Gamma Virginis, J. E. Gore, GM.
Lupar Photography, W. T. Lynn, LH
Sirius in Ancient Times, T.J. J. See, PAst.
Position of the Earth's Axis, O. E. Harmon, PAst.
Photographing the Moon at the Lick Observatory, PA.
Mars and Jupiter, Frank L. Blake, Can M.
Pleasures of the Telescope, Garrett P. Serviss, PS.
Union of Astronomy and Geology, Sir John Cowell, NSR.

The Portraiture of the Moon, Walter E. Woodbury, PT.
Athanasian Controversy, RC.
Athletes of the year, Str, Dec.
Austria, The Race Question in, Otto Wittelshöfer, Chaut.
Aztec Paintings, Humboldt's, P. J. J. Valentini, Cos.
Babies and Monkeys, S. S. Buckman, PS.
Ballooning: In a War Balloon at Aldershot, CFM.
Bamboo, The, J. F. Nott, Cos.
Band Leaders, Famous American, J. C. Harvey, MM.
Barometric Measurement of Heights, J. E. Gore, PS.
Beaconsfield, Lord, R. G. Brett, NC.
Bells: Chiming Bells, S. H. Ferris, FrL.
Bible and Biblical Criticism:

The Printing and Circulation of the Bible, H. How, Str, Dec.
Use of Our Four Gospels by Justin Martyr, H. M, Harman,

MR. Place of the Bible in Luther's Time, J. D. Pickles, MR. The Oldest Syriac Gospels, William Hayes Ward, HomR. What Has Higher Criticism Proved ? H. P. Smith, HomR. Consecrated Mission of the Printed Word, CW. Originality of the Apocalypse, G. H. Gilbert, BW. The Doctrine of Judgment in the Fourth Gospel, J. R. Smith,

PQ. The Gospel and Revelation of Peter, R. B. Woodworth, PQ. Origin and Composition of Genesis, É. C. Bissell, PRR. Earliest Quotation of the New Testament as Scripture, PRR. Testimony of the Holy Spirit to the Bible, J. DeWitt PRE.

Bible in Luther's Time, Place of the, J. D. Pickles, MR. Birds:

Birds and Their Persecutors, “ Quida," NC.

The Birds' Testimony to the King, SunM, Blennerhasset's (Lady) " Talleyrand,” F. Clarke, FR. Botany at the German Universities, George J. Peirce, EDRA. Bourbons, The Fortunes of the, Kate M. Rowland. Harp. Brasses and Brass Rubbing, Gertrude Harraden, GOP. Brides, E. Salmon, Str, Dec. Bryant, William Cullen, T. Bradfield, WR. Bryce's New Chapters on Current American Questions, RR. Burglary as a Science, G. E. Walsh, HC. Burns, John: A Character Sketch, Robert Donald, RR. Cacti: Si, Señor, Cacti, C. R. Orcutt, Dem. California: Evolution of Shipping and Shipbuilding in California–1,

Decline of the Mission Indians-II, E. P. Clark, OM.
The Fourth Century of Canadian History, 0. A. Howland,

The Canadian Themistocles, W.F. Maclean, CanM.

The Royal Military College, CanM.

Presbyterian Cathedrals, A. A. Murphy, ChHA.

The Cathedrals of France, Barr Ferree, Cos. Catholicism, Here and There in, Henry A. Adams, CW. Catholic Truth, Investigation of-I, W. C. Robinson, cw. Chandler, William E., H. C. Pearson, MM. Charity, Old and New, H. C. Vrooman, A. Charleston and the Carolinians, Julian Ralph, Harp. Chemistry, The World's Debt to, H. B. Cornwall, Chaut. Childhood, Studies of_V, James Sully, PS. China : England's Commercial Relations with Chinese Manchuria,

GJ, Dec.
Chinese Festivals, R. K. Douglas, GW.
Scenes in Canton, Florence O'Driscoll, CM.
Our Trade with China, W. C. Ford, NAR.
Christianity and English Institutions, D. H. Wheeler, Chaut.
Christianity, The Eve of, F. T. Richards, SunM.
Cnristmas Customs and Superstitions, Elizabeth F. Seat,

Church of England :
Moral Aspect of Disestablishment and Disendowmen
Auricular Confession and the English Church, NC.

English Church Life on the Continent, E. C. Unmack, Q. Church of Scotland:

Ethical Basis of Scotch Disestablishment Controve Clement. The History of, E. C. Richardson, PRR. Collectivist Prospect in England, Prof. Graham, NC. Colonies, British : The Colonial Conference, Goldwin Smith,

CR. Concentration, Frank M. McMurry, EdRA. Conference Course of Study, The, V. S. Collins, MR. Co-operative Production in the British Isles,'J. M. Ludlow, Copyright: Ancient Copyright, J. Hutchinson, Ata. Cotton, Romance of, CJ. County Council of London, Work of, Sidney Webb, CR.

Cowper, Beauties of, Alice Law, TB.
Crimea in 1854 and 1894, Sir Evelyn Wood, FR.
Crispi, Francesco-an Appreciation, W. L. Alden, NC.
Criticism, The Higher : What Has It Proved! H. P. Smith,

Dickens' Place in Literature, Frederic Harrison, F.
Dogma, The Necessity of, J. E. McTaggart, IJE.
Dow, Neal: Watchwords for the Twentieth Century, J.

Cook, OD.
Drainage System of the Valley of Mexico, Señor Romero,

Dressmakers of Paris, M. Griffith, Str, Dec.
Dutch Masters, Old-Govaert Flinck, CM
Earth's Axis, Position of the, O. E. Harmon, PAst.
East End of London on Sunday, SunH.
Economics, Relation of, to Sociology, S. N. Patten, AAPS.
Economics in Elementary Schools, S. N. Patten, AAPS.
Education :

A Great Australian School, Arthur Inkersley, Ed.
Education in Denmark, Kristine Frederiksen, Ed.
Moral Instruction in Schools, S. E. Warren, Ed.
Hellenic Education, S. S. Laurie, SRev.
What Shall We Teach in Latin ? W. C. Collar, SRev.
Increasing Cost of Collegiate Education, C.F. Thwing, F.
Liverpool Bluecoat School, W. C. Sargent, LudM.
Eisteddfod, The Meaning of an, Edith Brower, AM.
Elections, Cost of English, T. S. Ball, WR.
Election System, Dangers in the Presidential, James

Schouler, F. Electricity : " What Electricity Is," NSR. Pre-Scientific Electricity, Horace Hayden, NSR. Operating Machine Tools by Electricity, G. Richmond,

Eng M. Modern Theories as to Electricity, Henry A. Rowland, Eng M. Electric Light Projectors for Coast Defense, T. J. Haddy,

JMSI. Elseviers, The, Althea Salvador, NSR. Energy, The Natural Storage of, L. F. Ward, Mon. Engineering Fallacies, Henry Morton, Cas M. Engravers: American Wood Engravers, Henry Wolf, Scrib. Ericsson, John:

John Ericsson, the Engineer-III, W. C. Church, CasM.

Recollections of Ericsson, G. H. Robinson, US. Ethics :

The Advancement of Ethics, F. E. Abbot, Mon.
Ethics and Politics, H. Macqueary, AMC.
School Ethics, H. C. B. Coweli, PS.
The Method of Idealistic Ethics, S. H. Mellone. PR.
Ethics in the Natural Law, Lewis G. Janes, PS.
Evolution and Development, S. W. Dyde, PR.
Explosions, Sympathetic, C. A. Mitchell, JMSI.
Farmer, Prob s of the Western, L. D. Llewelling, NAR.
Fiction :

Socialist Novels, M. Kauffman, Lipp.
Recent Fiction in Britain, G. M. Adam, CanM.

Tha Novel, Margaret Field, MM.
Gold and Silver Both, H. A. Scomp, AMC.
Some of the Dangers of Free Coinage, A, B. Dale, AMC.
An International Currency, J. F. Hume, AMC.
How to Save Bimetallism, Duc de Noailles. AAPS.
Money and Bank Credits in the United States, H. W. Will.

iams, AAPS. Our Banking and Currency Plan, SEcon. Why Government Notes are a Bad Currency, SEcon. Creation of Money the Duty of Government, H. C. Baird,

The Cause of the Money Controversy, L. A. Garnett, F.
The Financial Year and Outlook, F.
Silver Coinage Historically Considered, H. D. MacLeod,

The Future of Gold, Robert E. Preston, NAR.
A Visit to the British Mint, F. M. Holmes, GT.

The London Stock Exchange, F. Dolman, LudM.
Finland and the Finns, H. M. Donner, FrL.
Fitzgerald's (Edward) Letters to Fanny Kemble, TB.
Flying Machine, A New, Hiram S. Maxim, CM.
Food-Nerves, T. W. Nunn, NSR.
France, The Genius of, Havelock Ellis, AM.
Froissart the Lover, G. C. Macaulay, Mac.
Froude, James Anthony :

Reminiscences of Froude, J. Skelton, Black.
Recollections of Froude, Mrs. A. Ireland, CR.

Froude's Oxford Lectures, J. M. Stone, M.
Fruit Barrow Man, J. D. Symon, EI.
Fujisan, Alfred Parsons, Harp.
Gallia Rediviva, Adolphe Cohn, AM.
Genius : English Surnames and Hereditary Genius, GM.
Geology, Union of Astronomy and. Sir John Cowell, NSR.
Gregory the Great and the Barbarian World, T. J. Shahan,

CW. Hebrew Legislation, The Humane Spirit in, J. Poucher, MR. Heidelberg, MidM. Hindu Woman, The, B. Nagarkar, Mida. Historical Methods of Record Before Written Characters,


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Holmes, Oliver Wendell :
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Andrew Lang, MP.
Reminiscences of Holmes, Dr., as Professor of Anatomy,

Home Ownership, The Decadence of, J. A. Collins, AMC.
House Decoration, Mrs. Oscar Wilde, yw.
Humboldt's Aztec Paintings, P.J. J Valentini, Cos
Hunting :
With the Hounds in France, H. Sears, Harp.

How I Killed my First Moose, C. H. Gooderman, CanM.
Ibsen's “Little Eyolf," NewR.
Income : The Art of Living, Robert Grant, Scrib.
India :

Christian Missions in India, V. R. Gandhi, A.
Impressions, C. F. Keary, NewR.
Night Traveling in India, Mrs. Logan, NC.
In the Indian Jungle, E. O. Walker, GM.
Bhutan and the Himalayas East of Darjeeling, ScotGM,

Indians :
Origin of Indians-the Polynesian Route, J. Wickersham,

Decline of the Mission Indians-II, E. P. Clark, OM.

Proper Training and Future of the Indians, J. W. Powell, F.
Indian Territory, Failure of the Government in the, AMC.
Industrial Christian Alliance of New York, A. W. Milbury,

Insurance, Accident, H. W. Wolff, CR.
Iron : How Iron is Made-III, John Birkinbine, Cas M.
Rambles in Japan, Canon Tristram, LH.
The Triumph of Japan, R. K. Douglas, NC.
Mental Characteristics of the Japanese, G. T. Ladd, Scrib.
The Empress of Japan, Frank G. Carpenter, Dem.
Our Little Neighbor in the East, Helen H. Gardener, A.
The Armor of Old Japan, N. S. Hunter, CM.
The Triumph of Japan, Sir Edwin Arnold, Chaut.
Jordan Valley and the Perea, BW.
Journalists, The Pay and Rank of, Henry King, F.
Judaism and Reform, K. Kohler, Men
Kinetograph, Kinetoscope, and Kinetophonograph, PT; SJ.
Wanted: A Newer Trade Unionism, WR.
The Independent Labor Party of England, J. K. Hardie,

What Ails Unskilled Labor in America ? P. Vedel, AMC.
Report of the Strike Commission, H. P. Robinson, F.
Significance of Recent Labor Troubles, C. D. Wright, IJE.
The Sweating System in Philadelphia, F. M. Goodchild, A.
. The Religion of the Labor Movement, J. Trevor, F.
Lamps, B Shipman, HC.
Land Tenure in Tuscany, Mrs. Ross, Mac.
Languages, Morphological Traits of American, D. G. Brinton,

Libraries : Traveling Libraries, W. R. Eastman, F.
Life: To be Alive, What is it?' E. Montgomery, Mon.
Lincoln in War Time, Glimpses of, Noah Brooks, CM. .
Literature :
Popular Presentation of English Literature, W. P. Trent,

UE, Dec.
Study of Literature in Preparatory Schools, D, Dec. 16.
Literary Centennials, D, Dec. 16.
Stedman and Some of His British Contemporaries, Mary J.

Reid, OM.
English Literature in American Libraries. D, Jan. 1.
Literature in Preparatory Schools, Gertrude Masson, D,

Dec. 16.
Dickens' Place in Literature, Frederic Harrison, F.
London :

Historic London Houses, P. Norman, EI.
Some Historic Landmarks of London, John Gennings, Chaut.
Aspects of Social Life in the East of London, Chaut.
Longevity and Death, G. J. Romanes, Mon.
Longfellow, The Religion of, W. H. Savage, A.
Longitude hy Means of an Ordinary Camera, C. Runge, PT.
Labricants from a Maker's Standpoint, C. M. Everest, Cas M.
Lung Tests, Two, Felix L. Oswald, PS.
Lunn, Dr. Henry S., Archdeacon Farrar, RR.
Lust Fostered by Legislation, B. 0. Flower, A.
Luxury ; A Social Study, M. Paul Leroy-Beaulieu, Chaut.
** Maclaren, lan" (Rev. John Watson), GT.
Madagascar, FR.
Magnetic Girl, Feats of the, Explained, N. W. Perry, CasM.
Malthus, The Doctrine of, and Modern Society, L. R. Harley,

Marengo, The Battle of, Joseph Petit, McCl
Xarriage Ceremony in Rural Russia, V. Gribayédoff, G.
Martin, St., of Tours, Dr. Jessopp, NC.
Martyr, Justin, Use of Our Four Gospels by, H. M. Harman,

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Master of the Horse, PMM.
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Melba at Home, Fannie Edgar Thomas, MM.
Memory, Affective, E. B. Titchener, PR.
Mexico : Yucatan, Alice D. Le Plongeon, FrL.

Minism, Idealistic, R. I. Dabney, PQ.
Missions :

Annual Meeting of the American Board, MisR.
The Walker Missionary Home, N. G. Clark, Misl.
Medical Work in the Madura Mission, E. Chester, Mis H.
Christian Missions in India, V. R. Gandhi, A.
Christian Missions, J. M. Thoburn, Mon.
Missionary Spirit in the Home Churches, D. H. Bauslin,

Moltke, Count von, Sidney Whitman, FR.
Moltke, Count von, Field Marshal, Sidney Whitman, Chaut.
Money and Money Questions : See Financial.
Monkeys, Babies and, S. S Buckman, PS.
Moody. Mr. : Some Impressions and Facts-II, H. Drummond,

Morality: _Are Our Morals Shifting ? A. B. Hart, F.
More, Sir Thomas, The Century of, B. O. Flower, A.
Morocco: My Escape from Mulai Bushta, W. B. Harris, Black.
Motherhood and Citizenship, Katrina Trask, F.
Müller, Max, Theosophy of, R. F. Sample, HomR.
Musical Memory, On the Cultivation of a, F. E. Regal, Mus.
Myths and Symbols of Japanese Art, L. H. Clement, MidM.
Names: English Surnames and Hereditary Genius, s. 0.

Addy, GM.
Napoleon Bonaparte:

Influence of the Napoleonic Legend, A. D. Vandam, NAR.
Napoleon Bonaparte-III, Ida M. Tarbell, McCl.
Life of Napoleon Bonaparte-III, W. M. Sloane, CM.
Napoleon and Alexander I, FrL.

Empress Josephine's Happy Day, Edith Dodge, Lipp.
Napoleon III, The Exile of, Edgar Mels, HC.
Nast, Thomas, and His Cartoons against the Tweed Ring,

Natural History: Nature's Training School, Black.
Naval Control of the Pacific Ocean, M. Manson, OM.
Navies: The English Navy, Sir Charles Dilke, NewR.
New Year's Day in Old New York, Edgar Fawcett, Lipp.
Nightingale, Florence, Miss M. A. Belloc, YM.
Norway: The Daemme Vand, or Rembesdal Glacier Lake,

GJ, Dec.
O'Conor, Charles-I, Irving Browne, GB
Odense : Capital of Fyen, CJ..
Olive and Olive Oil, The, Isabella Randolph, Dem.
Orchestra, Origin of the Modern, A. Greig, HC.
Organic Growth, Correlation in, E. Strasburger, PS.
Orphan Home, At a Soldiers' and Sailors', W. Foster, HC.
Paintings, Humboldt's Aztec, P.J.J. Valentini, Cos.
Palestine :

Bashan and Argob, SunH.
Palestine Exploration Fund, T. F. Wright, AmAnt.

Jerusalem in the First Century, FrL.
Panama, By Way of, Helen M. North, NEM.
Pantomime Masks and Properties, H. How, Str, Dec.
Paola and Francesca, “Ouida,” Cos.
Parkhurst, Dr. Charles H., E. J. Edwards, McCl.
Parliament, The British :

The Political Situation, Wemyss Reid, NC.
A Short Way with the House of Lords, J. G. S. McNeill,

House of Lords Since the Reform Act, C. B. Roylance-Kent,

Cromwell and the House of Lords, C. H. Firth, Mac.
The Picturesqueness of the Peers, A. F. Robbins, CFM.
Peculiarities of the Upper House, CJ.
Parties, The Beginnings of American, Noah Brooks, Scrib.
Party System, Break of the English, Edward Porritt, AAPS.
Passions of History, Great-V: Paola and Francesca, "Ouida,"

Pasteur, Jean Martin Charcot, Cos.
Patagonia : The Welsh in Patagonia, CJ.
Persia: Bakhtiari Mountains and Upper Elam, GJ.
Peter, The Humanism of, K. F. Mullaney, cw.

See contents of AP; PA; PB; WPM; PT.
Depth of Focus and Angle of View, W. A. Campbell, US.
Pipes and Pipe-Smokers, P. H. Davis, Ludm.
Platform and Pulpit. Joseph Parker, YM.
Pleasure and Pain Defined, S. E. Mezes, PR.
Poe's Poems, Musical Possibilities of, c. S. Skilton, Mus.
Poetry: The Study of Poetry, R. Le Gallienne, YM.
Political Upheavals, Historic, Thomas B. Reed, NAR.
Pratt, Samuel Jackson, “Gleanings” of, Lord Iddesleigh,

Quabbin, The Author of, John Trowbridge, AM.
Rabbi, The Ideal, L. N. Levi, Men.

The Railroad in Asia, Charles Morris, NSR.
Brooklyn Elevated Railway, A. A. Stuart, JAES, Nov.
Great City Railroads, R. I. Sloane, Chaut.

Canadian Pacific Railway, E. J. Devine, M.
Rain-God, The Worship of the, S. D. Peet, AmAnt.
Raleigh's Lost Colony, J. P. Baxter, NEM.
Rationalism, Latest Phase of Historical, PQ.
Rats and Mice, M.
Religions Parliament of, Echoes of the, J. H. Barrows, OD

Revelation, Divine, J. F. Chaffee, MR.

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