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Evans secured a plurality on the face of the returns.... It is announced that Gautemala makes concessions to Mexico which will end the boundary dispute. .. The Manitoba school question is reopened by a decision of the Privy Council in London in favor of the parochial schools.... The conference of Australian Premiers meets to discuss federation.

January 30.-Congress : The Senate debates the financial question and ratifies the Japanese treaty, with an amendment under which it can be abrogated on a year's notice ; the House considers the question of limiting debate on the Pacific Railroad Refunding bill.... Withdrawals of gold from the Treasury continue large.... The steamship Elbe, of the North German Lloyds, is sunk by collision in the North Sea, and 335 persons are supposed to have been lost; only twenty are saved....Japanese land and naval forces capture Wei-Hai-Wei.... King Alexander and ex-King Milan entertained by President Faure in Paris. ..M. Beernaert elected President of the Belgian Chamber..... Minister Willis writes a dispatch to Secretary Gresham stating that two Americans and one Englishman have been condemned to death at Honolulu for complicity in the recent revolution.

January 31.-Congress : The finances are discussed in the Senate : the Pacific Railroad bill is debated in the House.... The National Woman's Suffrage Association ments in Atlanta, Ga.....Emil Stang, Premier of Norway, and his Cabinet, resign office.... The French Senate passes the Amnesty bill.... The Australian Premiers Federation Conference resolves to call a convention to draft a federal constitution, the delegates from each colony to be elected by the people.... A new English battleship, the Majestic, is launched by Princess Louise at Portsmouth.

February 1.-Congress : The Senate considers the District of Columbia bill ; in the House, the Administration Currency bill is reported from committee.... Representative John L. Wilson is elected United States Senator by the Washington legislature.... The cruiser Bennington sails from San Francisco for Colombia....Premier Greene, of Newfoundland, resigns office.... All the WeiHai Wei land forts are taken by the Japanese.

February 2.-Congress : In the Senate, Mr. Mantle (Rep.), of Montana, takes his seat. depriving the Demoorats of a majority ; the House kills the Pacific Railroad Refunding bill ... The Delaware Indians in Indian Territory vote to dissolve tribal relations....Colombian revolutionists are defeated by government troops ... Henri Rochefort returns to Paris from exile. .. Thirty people are killed by the collapse of a building at Dortmund, Germany.

February 4.-Congress : In the Senate, the District of Columbia appropriation bill is further discussed ; the House passes the Agricultural appropriation bill (83,277,150)....Gov. Morton places eight hundred employees of the New York State Department of Public Works under civil service rules....Judge Grosscup, in Chicago, ousts ex-President Greenhut from the receivership of the Whisky Trust, and names Gen. J. C. McNulta and John J. Mitchell receivers in his stead.... A mass meeting is held in New York City to protest against the passage of the police bills introduced in the legislature.... The Colombian insurgents are again defeated....Fify-four men are killed by an explosion of firedamp in a French mine.

February 5.-Congress : The Senate passes the District of Columbia appropriation bill ; the House begins de

bate on the Administration's financial bill, Mr. Reed (Rep., Me ) offering a substitute.... The National Farmers' Alliance meets at Raleigh, N. C.... The case for the defense in the Debs trial at Chicago is begun.... The British Parliament reassembles.... The steamship Cien. fuegos is stranded near Harbor Island. ... The trial of exQueen Liliuokalani for treason against the existing Hawaiian government is begun before the military commission at Honolulu.

February 6.-Congress : The Senate discusses an amendment to the Diplomatic and Consular appropriation bill providing for a government cable between the United States and Hawaii ; the House debates the Banking and Currency bill in Committee of the Whole....President Cleveland decides the boundary dispute between Brazil and the Argentine Republic in favor of Brazil.... The President nominates Major-General Schofield to the grade of Lieutenant-General revived by Congress.... The modus vivendi between Spain and the United States providing for low tariff on American imports to Cuba and Porto Rico goes into effect....Heavy snowstorms and gales are reported throughout Great Britain.... The proposed compromise measure in the German Reichstag is rejected.

February 7.-Congress : The Senate discusses the Hawaiian cable proposition, and confirms the nomination of General Schofield to be Lieutenant-General ; the House defeats the Administration financial bill and all proposed substitutes. ...Heavy snowstorms and intense colă prevail over most of the United States....Fire destroys the Denison Hotel in Indianapolis, Ind.... Two Chinese warships are sunk.... Sir William Whiteway, Premier of Newfoundland, com:letes a Cabinet.

February 8.-Congress : The President announces a bond issue; the House begins consideration of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial appropriation bill.... Three men are drowned at the water works crib in Lake Michi. gan near Milwaukee, Wis.... The storm seriously delays transportation and mails in and about New York City.... Three more Chinese warships are sunk by Japanese torpedo boats.... The Liberal majority in the British House of Commons is reduced to twelve votes.

February 9.-Congress : The Senate passes the Diplomatic and Consular appropriation bill, with the Hawaiian cable amendment ; the House discusses the Legislative, Executive and Judicial appropriation bill.... Railway traffic in Pennsylvania is crippled by the storm.... William Brusseau confesses to the murder of Dr. H. E. Pope, in Detroit, Mich.... The Gorman Reichstag continues to discuss the questions of socialism and labor.

February 10 -The reve

February 10.-The revolutionary forces in Colombia are reported as surrendering.

February 11.-Congress : The Senate debates the Post Office appropriation bill ; the House continues discussion of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial appropriation bill.... The French liner La Gascogne, eight days overdue from Havre, arrives off Sandy Hook, having been delayed by a break in machinery ....Severe gales in the North Sea and English Channel.... The centenary celebration to honor the memory of Karl Mikael Bellman, the great lyric poet of Sweden, is observed throughout that country.

February 12.-Congress : The Senate passes all the private pension bills on the calendar, and a free coinage bill is reported from the Finance committee; the House passes the Legislative, Executive and Judicial appropriation bill ($21,825,976) .... The jury in the Debs case is discharged, owing to the illness of a juror ; the new trial is set for May 6....“ Bill " Cook, the outlaw, is sentenced to imprisonment for fifty years.... A petition for the release of the Irish political prisoners is presented in the British House of Commons.... In the Italian communal elections the Radicals and Socialists are defeated.


February 13.-Congress : The Senate resumes consideration of the Post Office appropriation bill ; in the House, the Ways and Means committee reports a resolution indorsing the Administration's contract with the bond syndicate.... Mayor Strong, of New York City, appoints William Brookfield (anti-Platt Republican) as Commissioner of Public Works, and Francis M. Scott (Democrat) as Corporation Counsel ; he also names four Civil Service Commissioners and three members of the Park Board. ... The German Reichstag passes a socialist motion abrogating the powers of the Governor of Alsace-Lorraine....Mr. Aisquith states in the British House of Commons that the Government will not grant amnesty to the Irish political prisoners.

February 14.-Congress : Proposed amendments to the Post Office appropriation bill are defeated in the Senate ; the House defeats the Ways and Means committee's resolution providing for a 3 per cent. bond issue by a vote of 167 to 120....Judge Taft, at Cincinnati, directs the Whisky Trust receivers to pay rebates due.... A committee of the New York City reformers submits a police bill.... The Attorney-General of New York denies the application that suit be begun against the Brooklyn Heights Railroad Company to forfeit its charter.... The British House of Commons rejects by a vote of 299 to 111 the motion to reconsider the dynamiters' sentences.... Cholera is prevalent in Constantinople.

February 15.-Congress : The Senate passes the Post Office appropriation bill ; the House begins consideration of the Naval appropriation bill....A deep fall of snow takes place in the South.... The Reichstag debates the

THE LATE ISAAC PUSEY GRAY. question of the calling by Germany of an international monetary conference.

February 16.-Congress : The Senate discusses the bond issue ; the House closes debate on the Navy appropriation bill.... The Miners' Conventio', at Columbus, Ohio, exonerates President McBride from the charge of corruption.... The Standard Oil Company sends relief to the destitute miners of the Hocking Valley, Ohio.... The German Reichstag votes by a large majority in favor of an international monetary conference.

OBITUARY. January 21.-Julien Florian Félix Desprez, Cardinal Archbishop of Toulouse.... Rt. Rev. Tobias Kirby, Rector Emeritus of the Irish College, a classmate of Pope Leo. ....Major Henry Goodspeed, of Salt Lake City.... Col. William R. Remey, U. S. Marine Corps, es-Judge Advocate General of the Navy.... Rev. Samuel Wilson, D.D., of Memphis, Tenn... Berthold Neumoegen, of New York City, an authority in entomological science ...Gov. Palmer Mosley, of the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.

January 22.-George Azro Bingham, ex-Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court.... Wells A. Hutchins, one of the oldest lawyers of southern Ohio....Ex-Congressman E. F. Stone, of Newburyport, Mass ...A: T. Hay, of Burlington, Iowa, a builder of steel bridges.... Edward Solomon, composer of comic opera....Charles Secrétan, Swiss philosopher.

January 23.- Dr. Alfred Lebbius Loomis, of New York City, a specialist in pulmonary diseases .... Brig.-Gen. Stephen V. Benét, U.S. A (retired)....Mgr. Jules Cleret, Bishop of Laval, France.

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January 24.-Lord Randolph Churchill....Gen. Eugene Riu, member of the French Chamber of Deputies. ....Prince Arisugawa Taruhito, chief of general staff, Japanese Army....Gen. Darius Allen, of Troy, N. Y.

January 25.-Robbins Battell, a generous benefactor of Yale University....Mgr. Isidor Carini.

January 26.-Nicholas Carlovitch de Giers, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs.... Prof. Arthur Cayley, the English mathematician....Gen. Francis Darr, of Pennsylvania....John Hulbert Gilbert, one of the compositors who worked on the original Mormon Bible of Joseph Smith.

January 27.-John Erskine, U. S. Judge of the District of Georgia (retired).... The Countess of Kinnoul.... Rev. F. G. Hibbard, D.D., of Clifton Springs, N. Y.

January 28.-Marshal François Certain Canrobert, of France....Naval Constructor Samuel W. Armistead.... Very Rev. Camille Lefebvre, Superior of St. Joseph's College, Memramcook, N. B.... Sir James Cockle, exChief Justice of Queensland....John W. Norton, theatri

.... Michael Shannon, Deputy Insurance Commissioner of New York.

February 2.-Rev. Dr. Adoniram Judson Gordon, of Boston.... Ex-Congressman Moses D. Stivers, of Middletown, N. Y....Judge C. C. Baldwin, of Cleveland, O Thomas Davidson, a pioneer shipbuilder of Milwaukee, Wis....Major Frank H. Blessing, of Hazelwood, Pa., veteran of the Crimean and American Civil Wars.... Ralph O. Ruby, U. S. Vice-Consul at Belfast.

February 3.-Joseph A. Linscott, for many years treasurer of the Maine Central R. R.... Col. Benjamin Aycrigg, of New Jersey.... George Edward Curtis, well known in scientific circles at Washington, D. C.

February 4.-Theodore Weld, one of the last of the anti-slavery agitators Gen. Rufus Barringer, a Confederate cavalry officer of the Army of Northern Virginia....Gen. M. D. Manson, of Crawfordsville, Ind., veteran of the Mexican and Civil Wars and ex-Member of Congress.... Mrs. Charlotte Emerson Brown, of East Orange, N. J., first president of the Federation of Women's Clubs.... Gardner S. Chapin, a leading Chicago merchant.. ...Prof. William Martin Chamberlain, of Rome, N. Y., a well-known instructor of deaf mutes.... George Batiot, member of the French Chamber of Depu. ties for Vendee.

February 5.- Rev. Henry A. Coit, D.D., LL.D., rector of St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. ...Capt. Joseph T. Mason, of Petersburg, Va., formerly U. S. Consul at Dresden....Charles W. Copeland, a well-known marine and mechanical engineer of Brooklyn, N. Y..... Rev. J. Owen Dorsey, of the U. S. Bureau of Ethnology.

February 6.-Ex-State Senator Benjamin Doolittle, of Oswego, N. Y.

February 7.-Rev. W. P. Harrison, of the Southern Methodist publication house.

February 8.-Rev. Dr. Wm. M. Taylor, pastor emeritus of the Broadway Tabernacle, New York City....John L.



cal manager, of St. Louis.....Dr. Cyrus Falconer, of Hamilton, O.

January 29.-Comte de Douville-Maillefeu, member of the French Chamber of Deputies.... Albert Russell Cook, said to have been the oldest newspaper editor in Rhode Island. ... Dr. Jamin Strong, for many years superintendent of the Northern Ohio Insane Asylum.

January 30.—Col. Nathan Ward Osborne, U.S. A.... Thomas M. Acton, a well-known newspaper man of Atlanta, Ga.

January 31.-Judge Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar, of Concord, Mass., ex-Member of Congress and U.S. AttorneyGeneral.... Ex-Judge Seth B. Cole, of Rockland County, N. Y.... Paul Mantz, Parisian art critic.... Hermann Gruson, the famous German iron founder and inventor of bombs and bomb-proof structures.... Thomas Quarle, a veteran shipbuilder of the Great Lakes.

February 1.-Col. Nathaniel H. R. Dawson, of Alabama, ex-U.S. Commissioner of Education.... Col. Alfred H. Taylor, ex-Assistant Adjutant-General of New York.

THE LATE PROFESSOR ARTHUR CAYLEY, Stevens, of Maine, ex-Minister to Hawaii....Prof. Reginald Poole, the British archæologist.... David Conklin, organizer of the band that drove the Mormons from Illinois.... Edward Dunscomb, of Nashville, Tenn., last survivor of the Columbia College (N. Y.) class of 1827.... J. K. Hoyt, an editorial and literary worker of New Jersey, compiler of a cyclopedia of quotations....John L. Lathrop, general auditor of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R.R.

February 9.-Dr. Charles Bailey, of Pittsfield, Mass., once a partner of Dr. J. G. Holland.

February 10.-Charles J. Bridgman, a well-known Brooklyn artist. ...Prof. William Grauert, of Jersey City. .... Thomas Jefferson Lummus, of Lynn, Mass., who saw the fight between the Chesapeake and the Shannon in 1813.

February 11.-Charles Arthur Gayarré, historian of Louisiada....Gen. Montgomery D. Corse, of Alexandria, Va., who fought through the Mexican War and on the Confederate side in the Civil War.... Commodore Henry Bruce, retired, the oldest officer of the U. S. Navy, having entered the service in 1813.... Mgr. Michael May, senior. Vicar-General of the Roman Catholic diocese of Long Island.... Charles L. Walker, of Detroit, an authority on Michigan history....J. R. Reuton, secretary of the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada....Hilton Greaves, of Oldham, England, the largest cotton manufacturer in the world....Karl Abs, for many years the champion wrestler of Germany.

February 12.-Ex-Chancellor Landon Cabell Garland, of Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.... Rev. W. T. D. Clemm, the oldest minister in the Baltimore Conference of the M. E. Church, who conducted the funeral services over Edgar Allan Poe....Philander Hickcox, an early set tler in Chicago....John H. Gordon, of Rochester, N. Y., one of the patentees of the first combined reaper and self

binder....Dr. L. O. Rose, of Alliance, 'Ohio, inventor of a long-distance telephone....Baron von Thummel, Finance Minister of Saxony.... The Duchess Stana Petrovitch, mother of the Prince of Montenegro.

February 13.-Gen. James Neil Bethune, a distinguished Georgian, once the owner of the negro pianist, “Blind Tom.”....Prof. Luther C. Foster, Superintendent of Schools in Ithaca, N. Y..... Rev. Dr. David B. Coe, of Bloomfield, N. J.... Joseph Elliott, for many years sporting editor of the New York Herald.

February 14.—Isaac Pusey Gray, U. S. Minister to Mexico....Eben Carlton Sprague, a prominent Buffalo (N. Y.) lawyer....Henry D. Polhemus, a well-known Brooklyn club man.... Charles Wheatleigh, a veteran actor, of New York City.

February 15.-Samuel Spencer Stafford, manufacturer of inks, New York City....Ex-Judge John Handley, of Scranton, Pa.

February 16.-Sevellon A. Brown, for twenty years chief clerk of the State Department at Washington.... Major James Macfarlane, editor of the Albany (N. Y.) Press and Knickerbocker .... Ex-Mayor Oswald C. Woolley, of Jeffersonville, Ind.... Rev. André M. Garin, of Lowell, Mass., formerly a missionary to the Indians of the Canadian Northwest.... Johann Friedrich Vogel, of Munich, a well-known German engraver.

February 17.-Captain Saul C. Higgins, of Gorham, Me., at the age of one hundred and one years.... Dowager Lady Stanley, of Alderley, Eng.

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