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November 20.—The National W. C. T. U., in session at November 25.-Transatlantic steamers arriving at New Cleveland, elects officers, with Miss Frances Willard as York report extremely heavy weather at sea.... everal president ... The Knights of Labor, in session at New villages in Sicily are destroyed by earthquakes.... The Orleans, re-elect General Master Workman Sovereign Czar invites M. de Giers, Russian Foreign Minister, to reand most of the other officers.... The French Chamber of main in office. Deputies votes confidence in the government by a large November 26.-Secretary Carlisle awards the whole majority.

issue of the new bonds to a single syndicate.... An inNovember 21.- The Japanese capture Port Arthur, quiry into the charges against Judge Ricks, of the U.S. after stubborn resistance on the part of the Chinese.... District Court, is begun at Cleveland. ... The Trans-Mis

sissippi Congress meets at St. Louis.... The wedding of Czar Nicholas II and Princess Alix, of Hesse, takes place in St. Petersburg.... The French Chamber of Deputies passes the Madagascar credits bill by a vote of 377 to 143.

November 27.—The South Carolina legislature meets in annual session at Columbia ... England declines to recognize the sovereignty of Nicaragua in the Mosquito reservation. ... The French Chamber of Deputies adopts a commercial treaty with Canada ... Many Russian Hebrews in Paris take the oath of allegiance to the Czar.... A royal decree in Spain abolishes public inflictions of the deat i penalty.... The Roumanian Chamber is opened.... An earthquake shock is felt at Trient, in the Tyrol.... The London County Council approves recommendations of a special committee on the unification of London.

November 28.-The Alabama legislature re-elects U. S. Senator Morgan.... The Trans-Mississippi Congress adopts resolutions including a demand for free silver.... The Portuguese Parliament is dissolved ... A manifesto of the Czar remits about 50,000,000 roubles in taxes to the poor.

... The British South Africa Company comes to an agreement with the government regarding the administration of the British Sphere in Ceneral Africa, north of the


November 29.—Thanksgiving Day is observed throughNew President of the American Federation of Labor. out the United States....In a football game at Philadel

phia the University of Pennsylvania defeats Harvard, 18 Salvador Franch, the anarchist who threw the bomb in to 4.... The Malagassy government replies to the ultimathe Barcelona Theatre, is executed. ...M. Tricoupis sub- tum of France.... The Japanese Premier declines to treat mits the budget statement to the Greek Chamber.... with Commissioner Dietering (who was sent with a letter Another violent earthquake shock in Southern Italy and by Li Hung Chang) on the ground that he is not a prop Sicily.... I he Dutch government receives an official dis- erly accredited envoy of the Chinese government. patch from Lombok, stating that the Rajah, his son, and November 30.-Fourteen acres of made land at Tacoma, grandson have surrendered, and all resistance has ceased. Wash., are ingulfed by the waters of Puget Sound....

November 22.—The new treaty between the United The Mosquito Indians abandon their claim to independStates and Japan is signed at Washington ; its chief pro- ence, and agree to become subjects of Nicaragua.... The vision relates to the abolition of American consular Armenians in Asia Minor appeal to the Pope to intercede courts in Japan .... The French Chamber of Deputies de- for them with the Sultan.... In reporting the Papal budfeats by a majority of 360 a motion to adjourn the Mada- get for the ensuing year, the finance committee of Cargascar debates.

dinals provides for a reduction in expenditures of $60,November 23. — The steamer Ozama, of the Clyde Line,

000. is lost off the Carolina coast.... London school board December 1.-Hon. W. C. Oates is inaugurated Govelection, resulting in the return of twenty-nine Moderates ernor of Alabama, at Montgomery ; Kolb also takes the and twenty-six Progressives, although the latter poll oath of office, but there is no disturbance.... Yale defeats 130,000 more votes than the former .... Lively debate in the Princeton at football in New York City, 24 to 0.... A French Chamber of Deputies on the Madagascar credit. large portion of Port au Prince, Hayti, is burned by rev

November 24.-The Yale football team defeats Harvard oluti nists.... A dense fog prevails throughout Central at Springfield, 12 to 4....A bookkeeper in the National and Southern England ; river navigation is generally susShoe and Leather Bank, of New York City, in collusion pended. with a depositor, is found to have stolen $354,000 during December 2.-John Burns, M.P., British labor leader, the past nine years .. News is received of another victory arrives in the United States.... The Austrian government of the Dutch over the Balinese in Lombok.

concludes negotiations with the Rothschild syndicate for


a loan of 76,000,000 florins in gold, required to complete the reform of the currency.

December 3.-Congress : Both houses assemble and listen to the reading of the President's message ; a cloture resolution is introduced in the Senate, and bills to repeal the income tax, to establish the free coinage of silver, and to reduce tonnage taxes, in the House ... The New York Senate Committee resumes its investigation of the New York City police department.... Marines are sent by the United States for the protection of Minister Denby at Pekin ... The Italian Parliament is opened....Emperor William opens the bridge over the North Sea and Baltic Canal at Levensau.... The Hungarian Ministry is defeated by a majority of two in the lower house of the Diet.... Amnesty is proclaimed in Venezuela.

December 4.-Congress : The House passes appropriations for inilitary parks on the battlefields of Chickamauga and Shilo....John Gary Evans is inaugurated Governor of South Carolina.... Municipal elections in Massachusetts and Connecticut are generally favorable to the Repnblicans ; New Haven elects a Republican mayor. .... General Barrios, envoy of the Nicaraguan government, is negotiating in London for the settlement of the Bluefields controversy.

December 5.-Congress : The Senate begins the discussion of the cloture resolution ; the House passes the bill to regulate the printing and distribution of public documents, and discusses the railway pooling amendment of the Interstate Commerce law.... Secretary Herbert establishes a new naval station in the South Pacific.... The President nominates E. H. Strobel, of New York, now Minister to Ecuadur, to be Minister to Chili.... Emperor William reads the speech from the throne at the opening of the German Reichstag ; the new Reichstag building is opened with elaborate ceremonies.

December 6.-Congress : The Senate passes a few bills of minor importance ; the House debates the railroad pooling amendment ; the pension and fortifications appro priation bills for the next fiscal year are reported to the House, the former carrying an appropriation of $41,581,570, the latter one of $1,879,057.... The extreme western portion of Texas is swept by a raging fire, 25,000,000 acres of grass being consumed in thirteen counties.... Lord Dun. raven sends a challenge for the America's cup.... An exciting scene is caused in the German Reichstag by the refusal of Socialist Deputies to cheer the Emperor ; there is a like disturbance in the Belgian Chamber.... Henri Houssaye, the French historian and critic, is elected a member of the Academy.... Lord George Hamilton is chosen chairman of the London County Council by a majority of three.... An extensive strike is started by the silk weavers of Lyons, France.

December 7.-Congress : Senate not in session ; House continues discussion of railroad pooling amendment to the Interstate Commerce law and begins consideration of bill to protect public forest reservations.... Utah settlers arm themselves against the Ute Indians, purposing to drive them i to Colorado.... The new emigration treaty between the United States and China is ratified at Washington.... The French troops from Réunion Islaná rre landed in Madagascar for the purpose of occupying Tamatave and Majunga.

December 8.-Congress : Senate not in session ; the House considers the railroad pooling bill and the bill to provide a retired list for the revenue cutter service.... A convention of the National Municipal League is opened in Minneapolis....At Sioux City, Iowa, the Grand Jury finds fifty-two indictments against ex-county officials for


embezzlement of funds.... The Conservatives carry the by-election in the Brigg district of Lincolnshire.

December 9.-The three hundredth anniversary of the birth of Gustavus Adolphus, the leader of Protestantism

ficiency bill an appropriation for the collection of the income tax is defeated by a vote of 54 to 127.... The Georgia legislature adjourns sine die .. The Goodridge Ministry in Newfoundland resigns because of the financial crisis. .... Disorder in the German Reichstag caused by Herr Liebknecht's attack on the Emperor.

December 13.-Congress : The Senate considers a bill to establish a national university, and Mr. Morgan (Dem., Ala.) concludes his argument in support of the Nicaragua Canal bi.l; the House passes these appropriation bills : Urgent Deficiency ($2,006,595), Fortifications ($1,879,057), and Military Academy ($457,576).... Secretary Carlisle makes public the regulations for the collection of the income tax ...The National Civil Service Reform League, in session at Chicago, re-elects Carl Schurz president.... A new Ministry is formed in Newfoundland, with Joseph Greene as Premier ; large amounts of specie are forwarded to St. John's ....Joseph Zemp (Ultramontane) is

lected President of the Swiss Federal Council ; he is now Vice-President.

December 14.-Congress : Senate not in session ; the House passes the Pension appropriation bill ($141,581,570) and a resolution calling for the correspoudence relative to the promise by the government to pay $425,000 to Great Britain on account of claims made by Canadian sealers growing out of the Bering Sea controversy.... Eugene V. Debs is sentenced to six months in jail for contempt of court in the A. R. U. proceedings.... The jury in the case of the eleven men charged with lynching the six ne gro prisoners near Memphis, Tenn., brings in a verdict of acquittal....A New York police captain confesses before the Senate committee to having paid $15,000 for his cap taincy ....Lord Aberdeen invites Mackenzie Bowell to form a new Canadian cabinet....The Porte objects to a separate American consular inquiry in Armenia.

December 15.-Congress : Neither branch in session ; the House Committee on Banking and Currency votes to report Secretary Carlisle's currency plan without amendment.... The Newfoundland legislature is opened at St. Johns ; it is summoned to consult regarding the mone



Editor of the Advance, Chicago. in the Thirty Years' War, is celebrated in Sweden and Germany.

December 10.--Congress : The Senate debates the Nicaragua Canal bill; the House session is devoted to District of Columbia business ; Secretary Carlisle and Comptroller Eckels make arguments on currency reform before the Committee on Banking and Currency....Governor Flower dismisses the charges against the manage

hanage. ment of the New York State Reformatory at Elmira.... The annual convention of the American Federation of Labor is opened at Denver .... Several banks suspend payment at St Johns, N. F.... The new Hungarian laws dealing with the relations between church and state receive the royal sanction.... Heavy rains cause a flood in the department of Magdalena, Colombia....Baron von Berlepsch, German Minister of Commerce, resigns.... Berlin Treaty powers suspend diplomatic relations with Turkey, pending an exchange of views concerning Armenia.

December 11.-Congress : The Senate continues debate on the Nicaragua Canal bill; the House passes the railroad pooling amendment by a vote of 166 to 110, the effect of the bill being to permit railroads to pool their earnings under certain conditions .... Benjamin R. Tillman is elected U. S. Senator by the South Carolina legislature.... Curtis (Rep.) is elected Mayor of Boston over Peabody (Dem.).... Plans for the reorganization of the Chicago police department on a civil service basis are submitted to Mayor Hopkins....Premier von Hohenlohe, of Germany, outlines the government's policy in an address to the Reichstag....Seven hundred French troops arrive at Tamatave, Madagascar.

December 12.-Congress : In the Senate, motions to consider the bill to repeal the differential duty on refined sugars and to take up the cloture resolution are defeated; in the House, a motion to strike out from the Urgent De

[graphic][merged small]

tary crisis. ... The German Reichstag, by a vote of 168 to 58, rejects the proposal to prosecute Herr Liebknecht for the offense of lèse-majesté.

December 16-President Cleveland starts on a hunting trip to the Carolinas.... The Italian Parliament is pro. rogued.

December 17.-Congress : The Senate debates the Nicaragua (anal bill; the House passes the bill to protect public forest reservations (as amended so as to give free timber to miners and settlers on public lands), the Army Appropriation bill ($23,259,808), and a bill appropriating $100,000 to meet a printing deficiency Governorelect Morton, of New York, announces his decision not to appoint the twelve additional Justices of the Supreme Court, for whom provision is made in the new constitution, thus leaving the seats vacant till they can be filled by election....John McBride is elected president of the

pany is null and void..... The directors of the Whiskey Trust issue a statement relative to reorganization..... Overdrafts amounting to nearly $2,000,000 are found in the accounts of one of the suspended banks at St. John's, N. F....M. Henri Brisson is elected President of the French Chamber of Deputies.

December 19. Congress : Admiral Walker's Hawaiian correspondence with the Navy Department is transmitted to the Senate ; the Nicaragua debate is continued ; the House continues debate of the Currency bill in committee of the whole.... The Canadian Ministry is completed by the new Premier, Mackenzie Bowell.... The Magnificent, England's largest battle ship, is launched at Chatham.... An Italian force attacks and defeats the Arabs near Halai, with a loss of ten killed and twenty-two wounded (native soldiers).

December 20.-Congress : Proceedings in both houses in connection with the unveiling of statues of Daniel Webster and Ge eral Stark; in the House, debate in committee of the whole on the Currency bill ; a second Urgent Deficiency bill is passed by the House Ten vessels, carrying 300 persons, are reported overdue on the Pacific coast....Official Canadian trade returns show a falling off amounting to nearly $10,000,000 for the five months ending December 1, as compared with the corresponding period in 1893.... Three thousand unemployed persons gather at the Montreal city hall and clamor for bread. .... The Russian government raises the duties on cotton imports.


OBITUARY. November 21.-Rev. Henry Samuel Harrison, editor and proprietor of the Chicago Advance.... Rev. Dr. John Langdon Dudley, once a prominent Congregational clergyman, later a Unitarian.... Francis Bain, of Charlottetown, Prince Edward's Island, a noted historian and botanist.... François de Caussade, librarian of the Magazine collection, Paris.

November 22.-William Thompson Walters, of Baltimore, Md., prominent art collector....General William Harvey Gibson, of Ohio ...John H. Sickels, patentee of the fire hand engine known by his name.

November 23.-General Thaddeus Phelps Mott, an American soldier of international fame.... E. S. Hamlin, founder of the Cleveland Leader, and a member of Congress half a century ago.... Robert D. Morrison, of the Baltimore bar.

November 25.–Bishop W. B. W. Howe, of the Diocese of South Carolina ....Jean Victor Duruy, French historical writer.... Col. James L. White, of Jacksonville, Fla.

November 26.-Judge Samuel Blake Prentiss, of Cleveland, Ohio.... Stanislas Gautier, for twenty-three years United States Consul at ( ape Hayti.

November 27.- Princess Johanna Frederika von Bismarck.... Señor Carlos G. de Garmendia, Venezuelan financier....George Barker, a landscape photographer of wide reputation.

November 28.-Edouard Thierry, Parisian dramatic critic and theatrical manager....Judge Isaac Howe, the defeated Populist candidate for Governor of South Dakota....Dr. Abernathy, a well-known educator of North Carolina....Joaquin Garcia Icazbalceta, the Mexican bibliographer.

November 29.-Cardinal Zeferino Gonzales y Diaz Tunon, of Spain.... Sir Charles Newton, Keeper of Greek and Roman antiquities in the British Museum and Professor of Archæology in University College, London.... Henry Hussey Vivian, first Baron Swansea.

THE LATE WM. T. WALTERS, OF BALTIMORE. American Federation of Labor, and the headquarters will be removed from New York to Indianapolis.... At a London mass-meeting to denounce the Armenian atrocities a letter of encouragement from Mr. Gladstone is read.... The French government is saved from defeat by a narrow majority in the Chamber of Deputies.... The resignations of the Bulgarian Ministers are accepted by Prince Ferdinand Debate on the Anti-Socialist bill in the German Reichstag is adjourned till January 8.

December 18. — ongress : The Senate debates cloture and the Niraragua C nal; the House resolves itself into a coinmittee of the whole for the discussion of the Carlisle Currency bill reported by the Committee on Banking and Currency... The U. S. Circuit Court, at Boston, decides that the Berliner patent of the Bell Telephone Com

November 30.--Ex-Senator Joseph E. Brown, of Geor- December 10.—Jean François Gignoux, the noted French
gia....Dorsey Gardner, editor and literary man....Prin- painter....Commodore W. B. Trufant, who served under
cess Louise, of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucks- Admiral Walker during the Civil War in many engage-
burg, aunt of the Princess of Wales.

ments....James Stevenson, general manager of the Que-
December 1.- Rev. Dr. Henry Martyn Storrs, of

bec Bank.

Orange, N. J....General Juan N. Mendez, president of December 11.--Captain Edgar C. Merriman, U. S. N.,

the Mexican Supreme Court of Military Justice.


December 12.-Sir John S. D. Thompson, Prime Min-

ister of Canada.... Auguste Laurent Burdeau, President

of the French ( hamber of Deputies.... Louise Rothschild,

widow of the banker Carl Rothschild, of Berlin, ... Lieu.

tenant Charles B. Rohan, military editor of the Boston


December 13.--Jean Macé, French litterateur.

December 14.--Adjutant-General Josiah Porter, of

New York....Father Denza, director of the Vatican Ob-

servatory.... Lewis T. Ives, a well-known artist of De-

troit, Mich .. John Polhemus, a prominent New York

printer and publisher.... Sir Oswald Walters Brierly, an

artist of note.

December 15.-Dr. John Lord, historian and lecturer.

December 16.-Chief Justice James Gilfillan, of the Min-

nesota Supreme Court....Judge William H. Cather, of

Quincy, I:1.

December 17.-William A. Leveland, of Denver, a Col-

orado pioneer.... Gen. E. S. Dennis, of Illinois, a veteran
of the Civil War.... Joseph Lucien Shipley, a journalist
of Springfield, Mass.

December 18—Sir Edmund Anthony Harley Lechmere,
Bart, M.P. for the Evesham division of Worcestershire.
.... Erastus Flavius Beadle, of Cooperstown, N. Y., pub-

December 19.—Eugene Kelly, a New York banker of

distinction....G. duca Anfora de Licignano, Italian Min-


ister to the Argentine Republic.... Theodore Houston, U.

The Historian.

S, Consul at Juarez, Mexico.... David McLellan, Register

of St. John, N. B., and ex-Provincial Secretary ....Sam-

December 2.-Sherwood Dixon, the newly appointed uel M. Bridgeman, of Chicago, prominent in the secret
U. S. District Attorney for the Northern District of Nli service of the U. S. Army in the Civil War.
nois.... Benjamin W. Downing, ex-District Attorney of

December 20.-Ex-Governor and ex-United States Sen-

Queens County, N. Y.

ator James L. Alcorn, of Mississippi.

December 3.- Robert Louis Stevenson, the novelist.

December 4.- Leon Abbett, Justice of Supreme Court

of New Jersey, and twice Governor of that State....


Oden Bowie, ex-Governor of Maryland.... Ex-Congress-
man Daniel W. Connolly, of Scranton, Pa.... Victoria

Vokes, the London actress.

Figures in parentheses indicate number of days to which
December 5.-Col. Richard Michael, of Reading, Pa., a

session is limited.

veteran of the Mexican and Civil Wars.

January 1.- Delaware*, Idaho* (60), Michigan**, Ne-

braska* (100), North Dakota (60), Pennsylvania.

December 6.-Andrew J. Campbell, Congressman-elect

from the Tenth New York district ....Dr. George A.

January 2.-Maine*, Massachusetts*, New Hampshire*,

New York.

Peters, a well-known surgeon of New York City....

Samuel Robbins, of Lakeville, Conn., the oldest charcoal

January 4.-Illinois*.

ironworker in the United States.... Mark Robert Harri-

January 7.-California* (60), Montana** (60), Tennessee*,
son, a well-known Wisconsin artist.

(75), Oklahoma Territory.

January 8.—Colorado* (90), Kansas* (40), Minnesota*,
December 7.—Count Ferdinand de Lesseps.... Ex-Sur-

(90), New Jersey*, South Dakota* (60), Texas* (60), Wy-
geon-General John Mills Browne, U. S. N., retired, best

oming** (40).
known as the surgeon of the Kearsarge in her battle

January 9.-Connecticut, Missouri (70), North Carolina**
with the Confederate ram Alabama....Horatio Walpole,

(60), West Virginia* (45), Wisconsin.

fourth Earl of Orford... General Eliakim Scammon, of

January 10.-Indiana (60).

New York, a veteran of the Mexican and Civil Wars....

January 14.-Arkansas* (60), Oregon* (40), Washing-

Aaron Thompson, of the Philadelphia bar.

ton* (60).

December 8.-W. H. Russell, consulting engineer of

anuary 21.- Nevada (40), Arizona Territory (60).

the Boston and Albany Railroad.

January 30.-Rhode Island.*

December 9.- Rev. Dr. R. Y. Thomson, professor in
Knox College, Toronto.... Nathan Barnes Greeley, only *U. S. Senator to be chosen. ** Two U. S. Senators to be
brother of Horace Greeley.


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