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Missionary Review of the World.-New York. February.
The Pentecost at Hilo. A. T. Pierson.
Foreign Missions and Sociology in China. Arthur H. Smith.
Three Missionary Ambitions. A. J. Gordon.
The Chinese Philosopher Lad-Tsé.
Scriptural Reference to the Higher Classes. Gilbert Reid.
A Half Century of Faith Work. A. T. Pierson.
Missionary Success in Northern Formosa.

Month.--London. February.
Miracles in Holywell, N. Wales, in 1894. Rev. M. Maher.
The Gunpowder Plot.
The East End of London. A. Streeter.
Life and Letters of Dean Church. C. Kegan Paul.
President Bonjean, a Modern French Hero.
Father Southwell the Euphuist. Rev. H. Thurston,
The Newly Established Diplomatic Relations Between Russia

and the Holy See. W.J. D. Croke. Joan of Arc in History. J. G. Colelough. The French Naval Station of Biserta. Lieut. Col. Gowan.

Music.--Chicago. February, Music in Court. J. J. Kral. Woman Before the Musical Tribunal. Catherine Selden. The story of Brass Wind Instruments.-II. E. O. Hiler. Some Armenian Melodies. Mary Grace Reed. Beethoven's Note-Book of 1803.-I. Antoine Rubinstein. The Future of Music and the Inner Life of Man. W. S. B. Mathews.

National Review.-London. February. An Irish Compromise ?: Lord Stanmore, and others. Christina Rossetti. A. C. Benson. Foxhunters and Farmers. Everard Heneage. The Primrose League. Sir William T. Marriott. Autumn Mancuvres, for Civilians. Colonel Lonsdale Hale. Mr. H. D. Macleod on Bimetallism. T. E. Powell. A Visit to Dashur. Mrs. St. Loe Strachey.. Gibraltar's Grievance. Charles Bill. The Commercial Collapse of Newfoundland. A. R. White

way. Work and Policy of the London County Council. R. Melvill Beachcroft and H. Percy Harris.

Natural Science.-London. February. Stevenson and Science. The Javanese Skeleton. The Mammals of the Malay Peninsula. Part II. H. N. Rid.

Antarctic Exploration. T. Southwell.
Continuity of Protoplasm in Plants. Rudolf Beer.
The Structure and Habits of Archæopteryx Illustrated. C.

H. Hurst.
Earthworms and Oceanic Islands. F. E. Beddard.

New Review.-London. February.
The Teaching of Naval History. David Hannay.
India : Impressions. C. F. Keary.
Robert Louis Stevenson. Marcel Schwob.
The Government: The Great Democratic Joke. “Outis."
Christ's Hospital. E. H. Pearce.
The Last Conquest of China. John O'Neill.
Antitoxin Cure for Diphtheria : The New Cure. Dr. H. B.

Christina Rossetti. Alice Meynell.

Nineteenth century.-London. February.
Single Chamber “ Democrats." R. Wallace.
How to " Mend” the House of Lords. Earl of Meath.
Infringing a Political Patent. St. Loe Strachey.
Should We Hold on to the Mediterranean in War? Lieut.-

Col. H. Elsdale. ** Social Evolution." Benjamin Kidd. Delphi. Hon. Reginald Lister. Ghost Stories and Beast Stories. Andrew Lang. Sir Walter Scott and Mrs. Veal's Ghost. R. S. Cleaver. Is Bimetallism a Delusion Edward Tuck. Auricular Confession and the Church of England. Canon

Carter. Language versus Literature at Oxford. J. Churton Colling. The Crown's " Right of Reply." Alfred Cock. The Making of a Shrine. Mrs. Wolffsohn. Marriage of Innocent Divorcees. Lord Grimthorpe. Reminiscences of Christina Rossetti. Theodore Watts.

North American Review.-New York. February.
The Financial Muddle. J. S. Morton, W. M. Springer, H. W.

Literature and the English Bock Trade. Oudia.
Politics and the Farmer. B. F. Clayton.
The New Pulpit. H. R. Haweis.
Recollections of Robert Louis Stevenson. Andrew Lang.
Probleins in the Indian Territory. 0. H. Platt.
The Matrimonial Puzzle. H. H. Boyesen.

Why we Need a National University. Simon Newcomb.
The Psychical Comedy. C. S. Minot.
Personal History of the Second Empire.-II. A. D. Vandam.

Our Day.-Springfield, Ohio. February.
Walter Besant-A Character Study. Frances Handley.
The Drift of Psychical Research. Frederic W. H. Myers.

Outing.–New York. February.
With Gun and Palette Among the Red skins.
An Adventure with a Tarpon. Fred J. Wells.
Irish Hounds and Hunting. Thomas S. Blackwell.
Miniature Yacht Modeling.-I. Franklyn Bassford.

eco-Roman Games in California. Arthur Inkersley.
Curling in the Northwest. Henry J. Burnside.
National Guard of the State of New York. Capt. E. E.

Overland Monthly.-San Francisco. February. Famous Californians of Other Days.-II. J. J. Peatfield. Evolution of Shipping and Ship-Building in California.-II. The Mongol Triad : Japan, Corea, China. Margherita A.

Hamm. Wild Flowers of Hawaii. Grace C. K. Thompson. Divination and Fortune-Telling Among the Chinese in

Pine Boughs : A Salmon River Outing. E. W. Wooster.
Is Opposition to the Income Tax Either Logical or Legal ! C.

J. Swift.
Oregonian Characteristics. Alfred Holman.

Pall Mall Magazine.-London. February.
Through Apple-Land : Tasmania. R. E. Macnaghten.
Westminster. Walter Besant.
Looting at Summer Palace, Peking.

Photo-Beacon.-Chicago. February.
On Color Photography. J. Jolly.
The Worship of Technique.
A Neglected Printing Process.
Cause of the Fading of Albumen Prints. A. Haddon.

The Religion of Robert Burns. Walter Walsh.
The Friendship of Whitman and Emerson. William S. Ken-

nedy. Moral Proportion and Fatalism in Shakespeare. Ella A. Ibsen's New Play: "Little Eyolf.”

Photographic Times.-New York. February.
The Sky. H. P. Robinson.
Atmosphere and Effect. Xanthus Smith,
“Hypo," and How it is Abused. J. H. Janeway.
Plate Values. S. Hemingway.
Submarine Photography.
The Tegeotype Process. P. C. Duchochois.
The Photography of Snow-Flakes. G. Nordenskiöld.
Intensifiers. W. De W. Abney.

Poct-Lore.-Boston. January.
Rossetti's “Jenny.” W. G. Kingsland.
Shelley's Influence on Browning. Florence Converse.
Who Wrote " Venus and Adonis ?" Warren Truitt.

Popular Astronomy.-Northfield, Minn. February.
Nearer to the Stars. E. E. Barnard.
The Study of Physical Astronomy. T. J. J. See.
Mars: The Canals.-I. Percival Lowell.
The Astrolabe.-II. Margaret L. Huggins.
The Spectroscope in Astronomy. Taylor Reed.
On the Variable Stars of Short Period.-III. Paul S. Yendell.

Popular Science Monthly.-New York. February. Studies of Childhood.--VI. James Sully. A Day's Hunting Among the Esquimos. F. Nansen. Natures Triumph. James Rodway. Pleasures of the Telescope.-III. Garrett P. Serviss. The United States Geological Survey. C. D. Walcott. The Thorns of Plants. M. Henri Coupin. Some Material Forces of the Social Organism. John W.

The Serum Treatment of Diphtheria. S. T. Armstr
Windmills and Meteorology. P. J. De Ridder.
Brain Development as Related to Evolution. G. Hilton

Symbols. Helen Zimmern.
Sketch of C. A. Le Sueur. D. S. Jordan.

Preacher's Magazine. New York. February.
The Caparnaum Mission. Alex. B. Bruce.
Esther the Queen Mark G. Pearse.
Ministerial Ethics. Charles B. Galloway.


Quarterly Review.-London. January.
The Ordnance Survey.
Our Sporting Ancestors.
Horace and His Translators.
The Methods of the New Trade Unionism.
Professor Huxley's Creed.
Oliver Wendell Holmes.
English Surnames.
The Squirearchy and the Statute Book.
England in Egypt.
Lost Masterpieces of Greek Sculpture.

Quiver.-London. February.
American Quakers.
Missionary Ships. Rev. R. Shindler.
With the Fish-Curers., T. Sparrow.
A Day in the Life of a Bishop.

Review of Reviews.- New York. February.
The Cotton States and International Exposition. Clark

Canada's Prairie Province. E. V. Smalley.
Anton Rubinstein.
Robert Louis Stevenson. Charles D. Lanier.
Stevenson-and After. Jeannette L. Gilder.

Sanitarian.-New York. February.
Economical and Efficient Disposal of Garbage. T. H. Manley,

D. H. Stewart. Car Ventilation. Granville P. Conn. Prevention of the Spread of Yellow Fever. Felix Formento. New York Tenement Houses.

School Review.-Hamilton, N. Y. February. National Uniformity in Secondary Instruction. W. H. Butts. Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools. L. C. Hull.

Scots Magazine.-Perth. February.
Robert Louis Stevenson. Alex. Small.
A Novel Camping Tour in the Alps.
The Roman Wall in Scotland. D. Fraser Harris.
In Norway. W. Mason Inglis.

Scottish Review.-(Quarterly.)--Paisley. January.
The Culdees. Dr. A. Allaria.
Ale-Drinking, Old Egypt and the Thrako-Germanic Race.

Karl Blind. The “Princely Chandos " and the University of St. Andrews.

J. Maitland Anderson. The Court of Ferrara in the Fifteenth century. Count Gan

dini. Some Shetland Folk-Lore. J. J. Haldane Burgess. Rural Scotland in the First Half of Last Century. H. Grey

Pauper Lunacy and Ordinary Pauperism.--A Contrast. T.

W. L. Spence.
The Franco-Italian Question in History. E. Armstrong.

Social Economist.-New York. February,
Why Northern Wealth Grows Faster than Southern..
French View of Socialism.
Fallacies that Fool Fiatists.
Spencer's Ethical System. Van Buren Denslow.
Social Conditions at the South. G. F. Milton.

The Stenographer.-Philadelphia. February.
Law Reporting. H. W. Thorne.
Mr. Howard and the Missing Link.-V. G. R. Bishop.

Strand Magazine.-London. January 15.
The Duchess of Albany. Mary Spencer-Warren.
Some Curiosities of Modern Photography. W. G. Fitzgerald.

Hospital Days and Hospital Ways. Augusta E. Mansford.
A Vision of Gold. J. Holt Schooling.
Oxford at Home. H. George.

Students' Journal.—New York. February.
Signaling at Sea.
Woman Suffrage. Helen B. Montgomery.
Engraved Shorthand-eight pages.

Sunday at Home.-London. February.
Mr. Moody's Work at Northfield, Massachusetts. E. Porritt.
A Visit to Bashan and Argob. Major A. Heber-Percy.
Sunday at Shoreditch and Bethnal Green West.
New Guinea Under Christian Training. Rev. J. Chalmers.

Sunday Magazine.-London. February. Labor and Laborers. Rev. Harry Jones. On Pulpits. Rev. S. Baring-Gould. The Huntingdon Club for Working Lads. Priscilla Emerson. Salisbury Palace. Precentor Venables. London Under England's Old Laws. W. J. Hardy. The Eve of Christianity ; Greece and the East. F. T. Richards.

Temple Bar.-London. February. Letters of Edward Fitzgerald to Fannie Kemble, 1871–1883. Erasmus and the Reformation. J. C. Bailey. Magic Verses. Philip II of Spain. A. Harcourt. An Unpublished Page in Madagascar History. Alice Zim.

mern. On Curio-Hunting in China.

The Treasury. New York. February.
The Kingdom of Heaven Like Unto Leaven. Richard S.

The Uses of Temple Beauty.-IV. David Gregg.
Two Decades of Methodism. Albert D. Vail.

The United Service.-Philadelphia. February.
China vs. Japan. W. H. Shock.
Organization of the Line of the Army. Capt. A. D. Schenck.
Origin and Development of Steam Navigation. G. H. Preble,

United Service Magazine.-London. February. Mounted Troops in War. Major-Gen. Hutton. The New Military Rifles. W. Laird Clowes. The Actual Sea-Power of England To-day. H. W. Wilson. The Volunteer Brigade Question. The Expedition to Madagascar. With Maps. Captain Pas

field Oliver. Life in Bermuda. Infantry Attack. Major A. W. A. Pollock. The War Between China and Japan. With Map. Colonel Maurice.

Westminster Review.-London. February. Intellectual Library and the Blasphemy Laws. E. G. Taylor, Betting and Gambling. Historical Lessons Taught by American Archæology and

Ethnology. J. F Hewitt. The Sexual Problem ; a Rejoinder. Beswicke Ancrum. Free Thought, Scepticism, Agnosticism. S. Dewey. The Actualities of Liberty. J.C. Macdonald. Wills and Inheritance. Lady Cook. Micawberism in Politics. J. J. Davies. Wilson's Photographic Magazine.--New York. February. Atmosphere. Edward L. Wilson. Marine Photography. Art Talk by a Veteran Photographer. Elementary Color Photography." W. T. Wilkinson. Papers for Professional Photographers. John L. Tennant. Process Work. A. C. Austin.


Alte und Neue Welt.-Einsiedeln. Heft 5. Japan. Dr. O. Nippold. The German Gustavus Adolphus Celebration. H. Kerner. The New Parliament Houses at Berlin. F. Wahr.

Daheim.-Leipzig. January 5. Massage and Gymnastics. Dr. M. Dyrenfurth. Organ-Building. H. von Spielberg.

January 19.
Sick-Nursing. T. Schäfer.

January 26.
New Astronomical Discoveries. Dr. Klein.

Deutscher Hausschatz.--Regensburg. Heft 5.
Alcohol and Health. Dr. A. Schmid.
Janssen's Eighth Volume. H. Kerner.
The Italian Climate. E. Eckstein.
Johann Strauss.
Karl Baumeister, Artist. F. Festing.

Deutsche Revue.-Stuttgart. January.
Prince Bismarck and the Parliamentarians. Continued. E.

von Poschinger. The Literature of the Ancient Egyptians. Georg Ebers. The Quinine Fever Remedy. Prof. C. Binz. Where Are We and Whither Are We Tending? M. Carriere Franz Defregger, Artist. Luise von Kobell.

Women of the Modern Stage. R. von Gottschall.
Queen Victoria.
Letters of G. F. Parrot. F. Bienemann.
Bull-Fighting. U. R. Quiñones.

Deutsche Rundschau.-Berlin. January.
Eduard Mörike's Letters, 1826–1834. R. Krauss.
Ground Rents and Dwelling-House Reform. H. Albrecht.
The Brothers Grimm. H. Grimm.
Catherine Sforza. 0. Hartwig.

Die Gartenlaube.-Leipzig. Heft 1.
Music : Gartenlaube Waltzes. Johann Strauss.
Women's Head-Dress. C. Gurlitt.
Headaches. Dr. H. Schaefer
Diamond and Gold Fields of South Africa. A. Richter.
The Governess in Germany. Marie Loeper-Housselle.
A Day at Wörishofen. Max Haushofer.

Die Gesellschaft.-Leipzig. January.
The Agrarian Question a Social Question. Dr. G. Ruhland.
Prince Ferdinand I of Bulgaria.
Dr. Gustav Ruhland With Portrait. E. Ramstein.
Bayreuth and Homosexuality. Dr. O. Panizza.
Individuality and National Life. Dr. M. Schwann.

Konservative Monatsschrift.-Leipzig. January.
Experiences of the Campaign of 1814.
Japan. Spanuth-Pöhlde.
Reminiscences of the War of 1866. G. E. von Natzmer.
Reminiscences by Heinrich von Struve.

Neue Revue.-Vienna

January 2.
The Reaction in Italy. G. Ferrero.
The Condition of Universal Education in Austria.

January 9.
Education in Austria. Concluded.

January 16.
Ranks and Titles in Scientific Life. M. Wilckens.

January 23.
Max Ernest Mayer's Tragedy, "Everlasting Peace.” Karl

Contemporary Criticism. P. Pauli.
The Meat Supply of Vienna. Dr. Jos. L. von Liburnam.

Neue Zeit.-Stuttgart.

No. 14. Argentina. G. A. Lallement. Boiler Inspection and Industrial Inspection in Prussia in 1893.

Dr. M. Quarck.

No. 15. The End of the Berlin Beer War. Boiler Inspection. Continued. Treitschke's German History. F. Mehring. Agriculture in Uruguay and European Competition. Dr. P. Ernst.

No. 16. Treitschke. Continued.

No. 17. Legislation for the Protection of Workers in the Building Trades.

Nord und Süd.-Breslau. January. Madonna Alessandra: A Noble Mother. Helen Zimmern. Agriculture and Agrarian Rights. L. Fuld. The Devil Legends in Connectior. with the Christian Dogma

of the First Century and Old German Superstition. A.

The Over-Population Problem.. Alexander Tille.
Benefactors to Humanity ; Drama. F. Philippi.
Portrait of F. Philippi.

Sphinx.-Brunswick. January.
Dr. Franz Hartmann. Dr. H. Göring.
Phrenological Examination of the Skull of Paracelsus. Dr. F.

Ueber Land und Meer.-Stuttgart. Heft 7. The Weimar Park, 1776-1832. Dr. Burckhardt. Count von Moltke. S. Whitman. Dutch Fisher-Life. K. Kollback. Lavater's Letters. G. Müller. American Sketches. Dr. M. W. Meyer. Velhagen und Klasing's Monatshefte.-Steglitzerstr.

January Military Fancy Dress. H. von Zobeltitz. The Berlin Theatres. P. von Szczepanski. A Journey Through Corsica. Ida Boy-Ed. A Few Hours in Corea. A. Mensing. The Secrets of Artificial Plant Production. M. Hesdörffer.

Vom Fels zum Meer.-Stuttgart. Heft 10.
The Swiss Parliament. Dr. J. Langhard.
The Guestphalia Corps-House at Heidelberg.

Heft 11.
The Utilization of Niagara. U. Brachvogel.
Eduard Grisebach. With Portrait.


Bibliothèque Universelle.- January.
The Swiss From an American Point of View. Numa Droz.
Scientific Photography. Ch. Ed. Guillaume.
- Reminiscences of a Portrait Painter," by George P. A.

Four Generations of Czars of Russia. A. de Verdilhac.

Journal des Economistes.- Paris. January 15.
1804. G. de Molinari.
Financial Progress in 1894. A. Raffalovich.
Bank-Note Reform in the United States. R. G. Lévy.
Protection and Communism. Vilfredo Pareto.
The Colonial Movement. Dr. Meyners d'Estrey.
Agriculture and Agrarianism in Germany. Paul Müller.

Nouvelle Revue.-January 1.
Jerusalem. Pierre Loti.
* Little Eyolf" (Second Act). Henrik Ibsen.
James Darmesteter. E. Ledrain.
Mlle. Desclée's Letters to Fanfan.-II. P. Duplan.
The Siege and Assault of Gheok Teppé. A. de Mayer.
Through Some French Exhibitions. M. Vachon.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Mme. Juliette Adam.

January 15.
** Little Eyolf” (Third Act). Henrik Ibsen.
The First Impressions of a Deputy. E. Dejean.
Mlle. Desclée's Letters to Fanfan.-III. P. Duplan.
Tonkin and the Red River. L. Escande.
Wagner and the Social Revolution (1848-1849). H. Lichten-

berger. The Treatment of Diphtheria. A. Chaillou. Letters on Foreign Politics. Mme. Juliette Adam.

Nouvelle Revue Internationale.-Paris. January 15. Review of European Politics. Emilio Castelar. Military Parade. Jean Reibrach. Pierre Loti. H. Caro Delvaille.


January 1. Baroness de Vaux and Her Correspondence. P. B. des Valades. Maurice de Guérin. Concluded. G. Maze-Sencier. Armand de Chateaubriand. Continued. Comte G. de Con.

tades. John Bull and His Country. Concluded. Baron E. de Mandat

Song : "Chanson," by Henry Eymieu.

January 15.
Père Ollivier. Michel Solomon.
Baroness de Vaux. Continued. P. B. des Valades.
Armand de Chateaubriand. Concluded. Comte G. de Con

tades. The Graduated Income Tax for France. J. A. des Rotours. Song : “Consolation," by F. le Borne. Organ Music : “Pastorale," by P. L. Hillemacher.

Revue Bleue.-Paris.

January 5.
The French Parliamentary Crisis. Paul Laffitte.
Literary Reminiscences of Bohemia. Jules Levallois.
Catherine II and the French Revolution. Alfred Rambaud.

January 12.
M. Édouard Rod. Ch. Recolin.
Egypt in 1798. Continued. Abel Hermant.
Travels in Africa. Paul Monceaux.

January 19.
The Question of State Aid to the Destitute. Maurice Spronck.
Gustave Planche and George Sand. Jules Levallois.

... January 26. Louis Marie La Revelliere-Lépeaux and His Memoirs. E.

Ernest Théodore Hoffmann. E. Neukomm.

Revue des Deux Mondes..-Paris,

January 1. Roman Africa. G. Boissier. The Latter Part of the Second Empire. E, Lamy. After a Visit to the Vatican F. Brunetière. The Mechanism of Modern Life.-III. Vicomte G. d'Avenel. A Journey in Central Asia-Russian Turkestan. E. Blanc. Gabriel d'Annunzio, the Poet-Novelist. Vicomte de Vogüé. Count Caprivi. G. Vabert.

January 15, An Historic

Democracy: Switzerland. C. Benoist.
The Latter Part of the Second Empire. E. Lamy.
The Forthcoming Exhibition of 1900. Comte A. de Colonne.
Contemporary English Art. R. de la Sizeranne.
Orchids. E. Plauchut.

Revue Générale.-Brussels. January.
The Second Empire. Charles Woeste.
Marquis Albert Costa de Beauregard. Henry Bordean.
Belgium and the Fall of Napoleon I. P. Poullet.
Round the Cape of Good Hope. Jules Leclercq.

Revue de Paris.-Paris.

January 1.
Miguel. Henry Meilhac.
A Betrayal in 1812. A. Vandal.
The Chicago Congress on Real Property. Marquis de Chas-

R. L. Stevenson's Last Novel. P. Mille.
Letters to the Foreign Lady. H. de Balzac.
The Ideas of Frederick Nietzsche. L. Bernardini.

January 15.
Victor Duruy. E. Lavisse.
The First Thiers

Ministry (February to August, 1836). Baron de Barante.

On the Niger : An Attack on Samory. Commandante Peroz. The Correspondence of Adrienne Lecouvreur. M. Paleologue. The Memoirs of General Baron de Sale. Denys de Champeaux. Puvis de Chavannes. Ary Renan.

Revue des Revues.-Paris.

January 1.
The Third Sex: the New Woman. Prof. G. Ferrero.
The Brain of Woman. H. de Varigny.
Japanese Journalism. Motoyosi Saizaut.

January 15.
The_Disappearance of the Aristocracy in Germany. Dr. P.

The Literary Movement in Poland. A. Krzyaznowski.


La Nuova Antologia.-Rome.

January 1. On Recent Parliamentary Events. Senator R. Bonghi. Tasso's Aminta. G. Carducci. The Solution of the Military Problem. G. Gioran. The Struggles of Nationalities in the Balkan Peninsula. C.

de Stefani. The Origins of Christianity. Continued. R. Mariano. Our Protected States : Abyssinia and Somali. L. Robecchi.

January 15.
A Programme of Ecclesiastical Policy. R. de Cesare.

La Civiltà Cattolica.-Rome.

January 5.
Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on Discipline in the Eastern

Church Latin Version).
The Jubilee Year of the Taking of Rome.
The Education of Catholic Youth.

January 19.
Leo XIII and the Christian State.
The Hittite-Pelasgians in the Islands of the Ægean Sea.
The Morals of Freemasonry.
Frederick II of Sicily and Provençal Poetry. F. Torraca.


Revue Scientifique.-January 5.
Study at the Physiological Station at Paris. Concluded. M.

Galileo and Modern Science. F. Picavet.

January 12.
Is Cancer Contagious ? H. Morau.
The Exaggeration of Æsthetics. Felix Regnault.

January 19.
The Civilization of the Chinese. L. de Saussure.
Photographic Photometry. J. Janssen.

January 26,
Mountain Sickness. Mr. Kronecker.
The Radiation of the Lower Temperatures. Raoul Pictet.

Revue Socialiste.-Paris. January.
Land Nationalization. Charles Secrétan and H. Pronior,
Puvis de Chavannes. Gustave Geffroy.
The Socialist Movement in Germany. H. Thurow.
Socialism in England. H. W. Lee.

Socialism and Anarchy. F. Nobili-Vitelleschi.
Amongst Flies and Mosquitoes. Paolo Livy.
The Origins of Christianity. Conclusion. R. Mariano
La Rassegna Nazionale.-Florence.

January 1,
Religious Instruction in Schools. P. R.
Scientific Socialism in Italy. G. Fiamingo.
Love, the Only Educator of the People. Aug. Conti.
The French Revolution and the First Empire. Continued. G.

January 16.
Catherine de Medicis, Duchess of Mantua. Conclusion. L.

The Istrian Agitation and the Triple Alliance. D. Zanichelli.
Socialism in the Civil Code. L. Rossi.

La Riforma Sociale.-Rome. January 8.
To the Readers of the Riforma.
The Social Policy of Communes. Dr. Victor Mataja.
Socialism and Anarchism. Prof. A. Posada.
A Psychical View of Anarchism. A. Hamon.
A Final Answer to M. Naquet. C. A. Conigliani.
The Suppression of the Schools of Agriculture. Prof. F. S.


Ciudad de Dios.-Madrid.

January 5.
The Pentateuch and Prehistoric Archæology. Honorato del

Modern Anthropology. Z. Martinez.
Chronological and Astronomical Notes for 1895. Angel Rod-

January 20.
Light in the Heavens. F. B. Garcia.
Explosives. Justo Fernandez.
The Religious Press in France and the Augustinians of Asun-

cion. J. Rodrigo.
Catholic Priests and the Bicycle. A. Moreno.
The Magnetic North Pole.

España Moderna.--Madrid. January.
Goya. Z. A, Sanchez.

Recollections. José Echegaray.
Some Unpublished Letters of Cadalso. E. Cotarelo.
Historical Poems Relating to Chili. M. Menendez y Pelayo.

Revista Contemporanea.-Madrid.

December 30.
Ferdinand VII in Bilbao. Pablo de Alzola.
The Replanting of Forests. José Jordana y Morera.
Portuguese and Spanish Poets of the Sixteenth and Seren-
teenth Centuries. A. L. de la Vega.

January 15.
The Artistic Ideal in Its Relation to Religious Sentiment.

Marcelo Macias.
The Replanting of Forests and its Effects in Spain. J. Jor

dana y Morera.
The Isunza Family. Conclusion. Julian Apriaz.


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Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index.
| FR. Fortnightly Review.

NW New World.
Art Amateur.
G. Godey's.

NH. Newbery House Magazine. AAPS. Annals of the Am. Academy of GJ. Geographical Journal.

Nature Notes.
Political Science.
GB. Greater Britain.

Art Interchange.
G Bag. Green Bag.

OD. Our Day:
AMC. American Magazine of Civics. GM. Gentleman's Magazine.

Overland Monthly.
ACQ Am. Catholic Quart. Review. GOP. Girl's Own Paper.

PA. Photo-American.
AM. Atlantic Monthly.
GW. Good Words.

PB. Photo-Beacon.
AmAnt. American Antiquarian.
HC. Home and Country.

PAst. Popular Astronomy.
Ant. Antiquary.

Harper's Magazine.

PL. Poet Lore.
AP American Amateur Photog HGM. Harvard Graduates' Magazine. PMM. Pall Mall Magazine.
HomR. Homiletic Review.


Presbyterian Quarterly. Arg. Argosy.

IJE. Internat'l Journal of Ethics. PRR. Presbyterian and Reformed Ata. Atalanta.

Irrigation Age.

BankL. Bankers' Magazine (London). JEd. Journal of Education.

PT. Photographic Times. Black. Blackwood's Magazine.

JMSI. Journal of the Military Sery PR. Philosophical Review. Bkman. Bookman.

ice Institution.

PS. Popular Science Monthly: BTJ. Board of Trade Journal.

JAES. Journal of the Ass'n of En PSQ. Political Science Quarterly, BW. Biblical World.

gineering Societies.

Psyk. Psychical Review.
Cornhill. .
JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy.

CFM. Cassell's Family Magazine. JurR. Juridical Review.

QJEcon. Quarterly Journal of EcoChaut. Chautauquan. JAP. Journal of American Politics.

nomics. ChHA. Church at Home and Abroad. K. Knowledge.

QR. Quarterly Review. ChMisi. Church Missionary Intelligen KO. King's Own.


Review of Reviews.
cer and Record.
LAH. Lend a Hand.

RRL. Review of Reviews (London).
Church Quarterly Review.
LH. Leisure Hour.

RC. Review of the Churches.
Chambers's Journal.
LHJ. Ladies' Home Journal.

SJ. Students' Journal. см. Century Magazine.

Lippincott's Monthly.

SRev. School Review,
Can M. Canadian Magazine.

Longman's Magazine.

San. Sanitarian.
Cas M. Cassier's Magazine.

LQ. London Quarterly Review. SEcon. Social Economist. CRev. Charities Review.

LuthQ. Lutheran Quarterly Review ScotGM. Scottish Geographical Magar Cos. Cosmopolitan. Luc. Lucifer.

zine. CR. Contemporary Review. Ludm. Ludgate Monthly.

ScotR. Scottish Review. CritR Critical Review.


Scots. Scots Magazine. CSJ. Cassell's Saturday Journal

Macmillan's Magazine.

Sten. Stenographer.
CW. Catholic World.
McCl. McClure's Magazine.

Str. Strand.
Men. Menorah Monthly.

SunM Sunday Magazine.
Dem. Demorest's Family Magazine. Mid M Midland Monthly.

Sunt Sunday at Home.
DR. Dublin Review.

MisR. Missionary Review of World TB. Temple Bar.
Economic Journal.
MisH. Missionary Herald.

Treas Treasury.
EconR. Economic Review.
Mon. Monist.

UE. University Extension.
EDRA. Educational Review (New MM. Munsey's Magazine.

US. United Service.
Mus. Music.

USM. United Service Magazine EARL. Educational Review (London)

Monthly Packet.

WPM. Wilson's Photographic MagaEd. Education. MR. Methodist Review.

zine. Eng M. Engineering Magazine. NAR. North American Review.

WR. Westminster Review.
EI. English Illustrated Magazine. NatR. National Review.

YE. Young England.
ER. Edinburgh Review.
NC. Nineteenth Century.

YM. Young Man.
NEM. New England Magazine.

YR. Yale Review

New Review,

YW. Young Woman.
FrL. Frank Leslie's Monthly.

New Science Review.

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[It has been found necessary to restrict this Index to periodicals published in the English language. All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.]

Unless otherwise specified, all references are to the February numbers of periodicals.

Abelard and Heloise, Anatole France, Cos.
Africa :

The Land of Ophir, Ben el Hassan, MidM.
French Fighters in Africa, Poultney Bigelow, Harp.
Notes on Eastern Mashonaland, W. A. Eckersley, GJ, Jan.
Notes on Mr. Selous' Map of Mashonaland and Manika, GJ,

Crater-Lakes North of Lake Nyassa, Dr. Kerr-Cross, GJ.

The Hausa People, H H. Johnson, LH.
Agriculture: The Corn Exchange, LudM.
Air : Some Recent Researches on Air, C. M. Aikman, GM.
American Ideals, True, Theodore Roosevelt, F.
Anatomy, Hints on Artistic, AA.

Archæology for Girls, GOP.

Early Christian Monuments, ER, Jan.
Architecture : Construction of a Great Building, F. H. Kim

ball, EngM.
Arctic Exploration :
An Artistic Exploration to the North Pole, J. V. Payer, GJ.
Treasure Islands in the Polar Sea, GJ.

Argentine Republic, May Crommelin, LH.
Armada, Spanish, Navy Records of, ER, Jan.
Armenia :

The Armenian Question, F. S. Stevenson, CR.

Turkey and Armenia, R. Davey, FR.
Armies :

The Royal Military College of Canada, CanM.
The Life of a British Soldier, Chaut.
Beginnings of a Cavalry Troop, Kenneth Brown, Lipp.
Organization of the Line of the Army, A. D. Schenck, US.

French Fighters in Africa, Poultney Bigelow, Harp.
Art in Glasgow, Elizabeth Robins Pennell, Harp.
Arthurian Legend, Helen Shipton, MP.
Artists and Their Work, MM.
Asia Minor, Early History of, J. E. Gilmore, EH.
Asiatic Russia : From Baku to Samarcand, F. Vincent, Cos.
Astrolabe, The-II, Margaret L. Huggins, PAst.
Astronomy :
What We Know About the Planets, Garrett P. Serviss,

Pleasures of the Telescope-III, G. P. Serviss, PS.

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