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Atlantic Monthly.-Boston. April. A Talk Over Autographs.-I. George B. Hill Flower Lore of New England Children. Alice M. Earle. The Expressive Power of English Sounds. Albert H. Tolman. Macbeth. John F. Kirk. The Basis of Our Educational System. James J. Greenough. Robert Louis Stevenson. C. T. Copeland. The City in Modern Life. Reconstructive Criticism.

Century Magazine.-New York. April. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte -VI. William M. Sloane. Madame Réjane. Justin Huntley McCarthy. Lincoln's Re-election. Noah Brooks. Paul Jones. Molly Elliot Sewell. Beyond the Adriatic.-II. Harriet W. Preston. Tesla's Oscillator and Other Inventions. Thomas C. Martin. Old Dutch Masters : Ferdinand Bol, 1616-1680. T. Cole. Bernhard Stavenhagen. Religious Teaching in the Public Schools. Lyman Abbott.

The Chautauquan.-Meadville, Pa. April.
Queen Victoria and Her Children. S. P. Cadman.
What the Stars are Made of. Garrett P. Serviss.
Napoleon on the Island of Elba. Henry Houssaye.
The World's Debt to Modern Sanitary Science. "J. S. Billings.
Politics as a Career in England. T. Raleigh.
The Great Tunnels of the World. Robert Jamison.
The German Forest. Sidney Whitman.
Methods of Studying Society. Albion W. Small.
How Christians Destroyed a Tribe of Indians. J. R. Spears.
Labor Bureaus. Herbert Johnson.
The Reign of Money. Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu.
The Smallest Republic in the World. (San Marino.) J. L.

Florence Nightingale. Harriet E. Banning.
Influence of the Weather on Diseases. Otto Gotthilf.
Easter, its Eggs and Legends. Keziah Shelton.
Women Among the Early Germans. Louise P. Bates.

The Cosmopolitan.-Irvington, N. Y. April.
The Nymph of the Attitudes. Mrs. Robert P. Porter.
Picturesque Papua. O. M. Spencer,
English Wood Notes. James L. Allen.
English Country-House Parties. Lady Colin Campbell.
China and Japan. George F. Seward.
The Krakatoa Eruption. Jean T. van Gestel.
The Story of a Thousand.-VIII. Albion W. Tourgee.

Demorest's Family Magazine.-New York. April.
Nileistic Reminiscences. Etta: B. Donaldson.
In the Land of Lilliput. Elfried de B. Gude.
How to Play the Piano without a Teacher.
How Different Denominations Observe Easter.
Underwear Hygienically considered. Martha J. Evans.

Engineering Magazine.- New York. April.
The Commercial Value of Weather Forecasts. E. B. Dunn.
Economy in Railway Operation. L. F. Loree.
Water Powers of the Western States. A. G. Allen.
Municipal Ownership of Public Service Corporations. A. R.

Foote. Reducing the Cost of Electric Light. Nelson W. Perry. Economic Possibilities of the Milling Machine. H. L. Arnold. Recent Architecture in France.-II. Barr Ferree. Lessons of the Elbe Disaster Robert Gillham. Gold Production in Colorado. W. C. Wynjoop.

Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly. New York. April. Easter Eggs. M. E. L. Addis. Count Yamagata. Teiichi Yamagata. Homes in Japan. George Donaldson.. How to Become a Prima Donna W. de Wagstaff. The Eisteddfod in Wales and the United States. T. L. James. Historic Islands of the Gulf of Mexico. H. D. Smith. New York Newsboys. Kathleen Mathew. The World Awheel. Henry Tyrrell. The Natural History of Cockfighting. Ernest Ingersoll. Indian Tribesmen of the Himalayas. c. T. Drew. Taxidermy as an Art. Frank M. Chapman.

Harper's Magazine.-New York. April.
Our National Capital. Julian Ralph.
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. Sieur Louis de Conte.
Paris in Mourning. Richard H. Davis
Club Life Among Outcasts. Josiah Flint.
Venice in Easter: Impressions and Sensations. Arthur

Autumn in Japan. Alfred Parsons.
Recent Progress in the Public Schools. W. T. Harris.

Lippincott's Magazine. Philadelphia. April.
Cheap Living in Paris. Alvan F. Sanborn.
Grand Opera. Nellie Melba
Bucolic Journalism of the West. Mary E. Stickney.
Hiram Powers in Washington.
Woman's Lot in Persia. Wolf von Schierbrand.
The Womanliness of Literary Women. J. W. Abernethy.

McClure's Magazine. New York. April.
The Author of " Trilby." Robert H. Sherard.
Napoleon Bonaparte.-VI. Ida M. Tarbell.
Mr. Hall Caine.
Tammany.-I. E. J, Edwards.
The Bank of England. Henry J. Dam.
The Pierre Loti of Private Life. Madame Adam.

Munsey's Magazine.-New York. April.
Artists and Their Work.
Scenes from the Life of Christ.
The Modern War Correspondent.
Titled Actresses. Morris Bacheller.
Literary Workers of the South.

New England Magazine.-Boston. April.
Later Religious Painting in America. Clara E. Hunt.
Germany's Tribute to Arminius. Myron P. Sanford.
New England Butterflies. Margaret W. Leighton.
Days in Confederate Prisons. William C. Bates.
The Changing Character of Commencement. Arthur Reed

Joseph Jefferson at Home. William E. Bryant. .
Indian Education at Carlisle. 0. B. Super.
New England Sectionalism. Corinne Bacon.

Scribner's Magazine.- New York. April.
Prince Charles Stuart. Andrew Lang.
A History of the Last Quarter-Century in the United States.

E. Benjamin Andrews
American Wood Engravers. William B. Closson.
The Art of Living : Education. Robert Grant.
Who Won the Battle of New Orleans ?


(From the latest numbers received.)

American Amateur Photographer.-New York. March. A Photographer Among the Thli kets. Arthur Inkersley. The Fixing of Negatives. J. C. Hegarty. What Is a Dry Plate ? Max Holzberg. Snap Shots. M. Y. Beach. Photography and Law W. G. Oppenheim. Beginners' Column.-XVII. Enlarging. John Clarke.

American Antiquarian.-Good Hope. (Bi-monthly.)

Discovery of Chaunis Temoatan of 1586.
Comparison of the Effigy-Builders with Modern Indians. Do

D. Peet.
Origin of the Indians. Cyrus Thomas.
Palestine Exploration Fund. Theodore F. Wright.

American Magazine of Civics.- New York. March. Shall We Look Backward or Forward in Dealing with the

Criminal ? Henry S. Williams. Money. James A. Quarles. Socialism and a Municipal Commonwealth. Lemuel C.

Barnes. Do the Victors Own the Spoils ? Ellis B. Reeves. Energy of Legislation. Edward P. Powell. Canada's Future, as Seen by Canadians. Helen G. Flesher. Are American Homes Decreasing? Gilbert L. Eberhart. That “ Fallacy of the W.C.T. U." C. E. Cawthorne. Education of the Farmer. Samuel J. Logan. The Single Tax. R. W. Joslyn. Shall We Nationalize the Liquor Traffic ? Mrs. A. L. Corn. wall.

American Naturalist.-Philadelphia. March. In the Region of the New Fossil, Dæmonelix. F. C. Kenyon. The Cold Spring Harbor Biological Laboratory. H. W.

Conn. Minor Time Divisions of the Ice Age. Warren Upham. The Skunk as a Source of Rabies. W. Wade. Classification of the Lepidoptera. Annals of the American Academy.- Philadelphia. (Bi.

monthly.) March.
Elected or Appointed Officials. J. G. Bourinot.
Pacific Railway Debts. R. T. Colburn.
Terminology and the Sociological Conference. H. H. Pow.

A Neglected Socialist. F. C. Clark.
Organic Concept of Society. A. W. Small.
Sociology and the Abstract Sciences. F. H. Giddings.

The Arena.-Boston. March.
Japan : Its Present and Future. Midori Komatz
Scientific Temperance Instruction in Public Schools. F.E.

Willard. Mohammed and the Koran, James T. Bixby. Lyman Trumbull. Richard Linthicum. The Welcome Child. Lady Henry Somerset. The Italy of the Century of Sir Thomas Moore.-II. B. O.

Flower, Organization for Practical Progress in Villages. Thomas E.

True Occultism, Its Place and Use. Margaret B. Peeke.
Open Letter to Hon. John G. Carlisle. George W. Pepperell.
A Day with Joaquin Miller. Helen E. Flesher.
John Burns: A Study. Richard Hinton.
Savans to the Rear William J. Armstrong.
A Theory of Telepathy. T. E. Allen.
Prophetic Dreams. B. 0. Flower.
The Ascent of Man. S. M. Miller.
Auto-Suggestions and Concentration. Henry Wood.

Art Amateur.-New York. March.
Drawing for Reproduction.
Figure Painting: -III. M. B. 0. Fowler.
R. M. Shurtleff on Landscape Art.
Flowers in Pen-and-Ink. Elizabeth M. Hallowell.

Art Interchange.-New York. March.
On the Track of a Samovar. Philip G. Hubert, Jr.
Amateur Bookbinding. Polly King.
Church Embroidery. C. C. Clark.

Bankers' Magazine.-London. March.
The State as a Competitor in Banking.
A Central Association for British Banks.
The Monetary Crisis in America.
Agricultural Banks in Ireland.

Banker's Magazine.- New York. March.
The Gold Crisis, Nov. 14, 1894-Feb. 20, 1895.
Commerce and Industry Under Depression. W. C. Ford.
Influence of United States Notes Upon Our Currency Circula-

tion. Imports and Exports for Four Years.

Biblical World.-Chicago. March. Theories of Inspiration. M. A. Wilcox. An Introduction to the Koran. Gustav Weil. The Teaching of Jesus.- III. George B. Stevens. Modern Theosophy in Its Relation to Hindaism and Bud. dhism.

Blackwood's Magazine.-London. March. Sir Bartle Frere. The Salmon-Fisheries of Norway. “Snowfly." Did Junius Commit Suicide ? A. Lang. Should Golf be Encouraged at Public Schools ? Arab Men and Arab Horses. A Visit to the Buddhist and Tao-ist Monasteries on the Lo Fau

San. E. A. Irving.

Francis Richard Sandford.
Habitual Offenders.
Parliamentary Session : the Rise of the Curtain.

Board of Trade Journal.- London. February 15.
Authorized Gas Undertakings.
Russian Coal Industry.
Customs Tariff of British India.

Bookman.-London. March.
The Manchester Guardian.
Sir Andrew Crombie Ramsay, Geologist. Prof. H. Drum-

mond. A. P. Watt on English Authors and American Royalties; In.

terview. Mary Queen of Scots.-Continued. D. Hay Fleming.

Canadian Magazine.-Toronto. March.
The Woman's Rights Question in Rome-195 B.C. Arthur

A Yankee in Halifax Allan Eric.
The Politics of Japan. Charles T. Long.
The Newspapers of Newfoundland. J. F. M. Fawcett.
The Royal Military College of Canada.
An Arab Dinner. W. S. Blackstock.
The Intercolonial Railway. P. F. Cronin.
Laying a Submarine Cable. Frederic A. Hamilton.

Cassell's Family Magazine.- London. March.
Some Differences Between English and American Homes.

Elizabeth L. Banks.
People who Face Death: Miners. A. E. Bonser.
Chatham, a Royal Dockyard. F. T. Jane.

Cassier's Magazine.- New York. March.
A Twelve-Mile Transmission of Power by Electricity. T.

H, Leggett.
Locomotive Cranes. Wm. L. Clements.
A Remarkable Steam Engine Performance. Charles T. Por.

Town Refuse for Steam Raising. T. W. Baker.
The Electric Motor. F. B. Crocker.
Modern Boiler Making. William O. Webber.
An Audience with Carnot. R. H. Thurston.
Electrical Cooking and Heating. Nelson W. Perry.

Catholic World.-New York. March.
Encyclical of Leo XIII to the Bishops of the United States.
Pictures of the Galway Coast. Marguerite Moore.
The Scope of Public School Education. J. L. Spalding.
Is Infanticide Practiced in China ? A. M. Clarke.
Dr. Charcot and His Work. William Seton.
Sir John Thompson: A Study. J. A. J. McKenna.
Pastoral Letter of the Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal

Chambers's Journal.--Edinburgh. March.
Josiah Wedgwood.
Bird-Life in an Inland Parish of Southern Scotland.

Charities Review.--Galesburg, Ill. February.
The Problem of Charity from Another Point of View. Fred.

eric Almy. A Review of Provident Loan Societies. Emerson W. Peet. The Training of Volunteers. Mrs. Dunn Gerdner. Sociology in Our Larger Universities. I. W. Howerth. The Maid-Servant in Germany. John P. Cushing.

Church at Home and Abroad.-Philadelphia. March. Early Christian Communism. Rev. Samuel Parker, Missionary to Oregon. H. W. Parker.

Contemporary Review.-London. March. The House of Commons: A Plea fcr Action. J. Fletcher

The County Council and the Music Halls. William Archer.
The Referendum in Switzerland. Numa Droz.
Emerson, Transcendentalist and Utilitarian. " Vernon Lee."
The Descent into Hades. Professor Percy Gardner.
The Manchester School of Politics. Prof. Goldwin Smith.
The English Failure in Egypt.
Experiences of an Anglican Catholic.
The Meaning and Measure of “Unemployment.” John A.

Religion and the State. Dr. John Clifford.

Cornhill Magazine.-London. March.
Collecting Ancestors.
The Carp and the Cat-Fish : Two Famil
Marionettes: Punch's Prototypes.

Demorest's Family Magazine.-New York. March.
Sugar Time Among the Maples.
How to Play the Piano Without a Teacher.
Flowers for Cutting. Eben E. Rexford.
Digestion and Indigestion. Elizabeth Flint Wade.

The Dial.-Chicago.

February 16.
Reading and Education.
College Standing in Iowa. J. H. T. Main.
Dialect in the United States. Alexander L. Bondurant.

March 1.
Poetry as Criticism in Literature.
The Humanities and College Education.

Education.-Boston. March.
Methods in German Secondary Schools. Edward P. Drew.
A Study of Imaginary Companions. Clara Vostrovsky.
Military Education in Colleges. Lieut. John K. Cree.
Gregory's Seven Laws of Teaching. John M. Richardson.
A Remarkable History (Gen. Ely S. Parker). McD. Furman.
Language in Elementary Schools. John Ogden.

Educational Review.-New York, March.
Report of the Committee of Fifteen :

On the Training of Teachers.
On the Correlation of Studies in Elementary Education.
On the Organization of City School Systems.

Educational Review.-London. March.
The Teaching of Science. C. M. Stuart.
The Superannuation of Headmasters. R. W. Hinton.
In Memory of Laura Soames.
William Brown, President of the Private Schools' Association.
Women's Work. Mrs. Alfred Pollard.

English Illustrated Magazine.-London. March.
A Butterfly Episode. Grant Allen.
How the Agricultural Laborer Lives. H. G. Pearce.
Lord Burton and Burton-on-Trent. Frederick Dolman.
How I Became a Bashi-Bazouk. Edward Vizetelly.
The Manikin Lion. Phil Robinson.

Fortnightly Review.-London. March.
Presidents and Politics in France. Augustin Filon.
Mr. Morley and the Irish Land Bill. T. W. Russell.
Disestablishment. H. M. Bompas.
Acting: an Art. Henry Irving.
Lord Randolph Churchill. T. H. S. Escott.
William Watson and John Davidson ; Two Modern Poets. H.

D. Traill. Politics and the Poor Law. T. Mackay. The Method of Organic Evolution.-II. A. R. Wallace. Stéphane Mallarmé. Frederic Carrel. Biskra : an Algerian Health Resort. Major Arthur Griffiths. The Crisis in Newfoundland. Rev. Wm. Greswell. Alien Immigration. Arnold White.

The Forum.--New York. March. The Business World vs. The Politicians. J. H. Eckels. Our Blundering Foreign Policy. H. C. Lodge. What Would I Do with the Tariff ? Andrew Carnegie. Charlotte Bronte's Place in Literature. Frederic Harrison, The Two Eternal Types in Fiction. Hamilton W. Mabie. Is the Income Tax Constitutional? E. R. A. Seligman. Two Examples of Successful Profit-Sharing. F. W. Black

mar. The Social Discontent-Some Remedies. Henry Holt. The Tenement the Real Problem of Civilization. Jacob A.

The Work of Village-Improvement Societies. B. G. North-
The Antitoxine Treatment of Diphtheria. L. Emmett Holt.
A Week in New York Theatres. John Gilmer Speed.

Gentleman's Magazine.-London. March.
The Cuckoo and the Myth of March, G. W. Murdoch.
Kuching, Sarawak. J. Lawson.
Molière on the Stage. A. de Ternant.
The Rainfall ; Drops from the Clouds. W. W. Wagstaffe.
John Lyly and His Euphues.” H. Lacey.
Money-Making at the Tower.
Veiled Personifications in Literature. E. H. Donkin.

Godey's Magazine.- New York. March.
Types of English Beauty
The Masterpieces of Greek Sculpture. Rupert Hughes.
Jeanne D'Arc and Her Heavenly Voices. S. M. Miller.
How a Spectacular is Produced, Redfield Clarke.
Artists in Their Studios. W.A. Cooper,

Good Words.-London. March.
Recollections of Our Old Country Home. Canon Scott.
Farnham Castle. Precentor Venables.
Some Authors I Have Known. With Portraits. J. Murray.
A Ramble in Sicily. H. Mann.
Swanston; the Early Home of Robert Louis Stevenson. J.A

Snake-Eating Snakes. H. Stewart.

Green Bag.-Boston. March.
A Sketch of the Supreme Court of Ohio. E. B. Kinkead.
William Atwood, Chief Justice of the Colony of New York,

1701-1703. Roman Law and Contemporary Revelation. George F. Ma

goun. Harvard Graduates' Magazine.-Boston. (Quarterly.)

March. Robert Charles Winthrop. William Everett. The Fogg Museum. A Professor's View of Athletics. F. W. Taussig. Music at Harvard. John K. Paine. Needed Football Reforms. R. W. Emmons. Volunteer Charity Work. Raymond Callins. Are Our Athletic Teams Representative ? Ernest L. Conant. The Bacteriological Laboratory. H. C. Ernst. Thomas Hollis. A. McF. Davis.

Home and Country. New York. March. All About Finches. Algernon Lefebvre. Bronze : and the Casting of Bells. Frieda Werther. How I Came to Write Ben-Hur. Lew Wallace. In Cloud-Land. Victor A. de Convier. Miracles of Alexander, Count of Cagliostro. T. Johnson. On the Boulevards of Paris. F. R. Layland. National Lessons in the Brooklyn Strike. William Hem. street.

Homiletic Review.-New York. March. Rome Fifty Years Ago. Philip Schaff. Modern Criticism and the Scriptures. G. H. Schodde, Christ as a Divine Teacher. A. T. Pierson. Skepticism in Modern English Verse. T. W. Hunt. Nebuchadnezzar in Egypt. William Hayes Ward. Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies.

Philadelphia. January. The St. Louis Water Works. Tests of Non-Conducting Pipe-Coverings. John A. Laird. St. Louis Extension of the St. L., K. & N. W. R. R. B. L.

Crosby. Measurement of Water. A. M. Ryon. Journal of the Military Service Institution.-New York.

(Bi-monthly.) March. Discipline in the United States Army-Capt. Eugene A. Ellis. The Preliminary Examination : West Point. Lieut. C. DeW.

Willcox, From the Great Lakes to the Ocean. Capt. D. C. Kingman. Physical Training in the Military Service. Capt. J. E. Pilcher. Royal Artillery College at Woolwich. Infantry Drill Regulations Systematized. Lieut. C. R. Noyes. The Military Academy and Education of Officers. Mounted Troops in War. Gen. E. T. H. Hutton. Military History. Range ånd Position Finding. William 0. Smith. The War Between China and Japan. Col. Maurice.

Knowledge.-London. March. Argon : the Newly Discovered Constituent of the Air. George

A Myth of Old Babylon. Theo. G. Pinches.
The Eye" of Mars. E. Walter Maunder.
The Intelligence of Insects in Relation to Flowers. Rev. Alex.

S. Wilson.
The Cause of the Movement of Glaciers. P. L. Addison.
New Animals from Madagascar. R. Lydekker.

Ladies' Home Journal.-Philadelphia. April.
The Burning Question of Domestic Service. Countess of
The First Flowers. Nancy Mann Waddle.
The Personality of a Charming Writer.Emma B. Kaufman,
Uses of a Contralto Voice. Jessie Bartlett Davis.
The True Mission of Woman, Charles H. Parkhurst.
Housekeeping in France, Maria Parloa.

Leisure Hour.-London. March. Lady-Day at Grotto Ferrata, Rome. Agnes Euan-Smith. Rambles in Japan, Canon Tristram. Maria Edgeworth. Dr. J. Macaulay. Phile and the Nile Reservoirs. H. A. Harper. A Bird's-Eve View of the Argentine Republic. May Crom.



The Aberdeen Question of Da

The Royal Maundy Alms. M. E. Palgrave.
New Oxford. W. J. Gordon.

Lend a Hand.-Boston. March.
The Salvation Army.
Indian Service. Hokes
Francis Wayland.
Work Among Natives in Alaska. Sheldon Jackson.
Unemployment. G. W. Leo.
Co-operation of Catholics and Protestants in Educati

Longman's Magazine.-London. March.
English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century. Prof. J. A. Froude.
Princess Maria Clementina: The Romance of a Stuart

Princess. Mrs. W. E. H. Lecky.

Truffio-Hunting in Wiltshire. P. Å. Graham.

Lucifer.-London. February 15.

The Theosophical Society and the Present Troubles. Annie

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Continued. Vera P. Jelihovsky.
Father Bogolèp; a Master of Occult Art. N. S. Leskoff.
The Sacred Haoma Tree. N. F. Bilimoria.
The Clash of Opinion.

Ludgate Illustrated Magazine.-London. March.
Some Secrets of Tobacco Manufacture. Dr. P. H. Davis.
Newnham College. W. Chas. Sargent.
“Lloyds." Frederick Dolman.

Macmillan's Magazine, London. March.

Our Obligations to Armenia

Robert Southey. George Saintsbury.

Prince Rupert: The Sancho Panza of Madagascar. Julian


Some Humors of Parliamentary Reporting.

The Transformation of the Black Country.

Froissart the Historian. G. C. Macaulay.

The Soldier in Print.

Menorah Monthly.-New York. March.

Bismarck and Lasker. M. Ellinger.

Moral Influence of Fiction. J. Silverman.

Influence of Food Upon Development. W. H. Galvani.

Methodist Review.-New York. (Bi-monthly.) March-April.

Credibility of the Resurrection of Jesus. W. N. Rice.

Scope and Methods of Christian Dogmatics. M. S. Terry.

Assyria's First Contact with Israel. R. W. Rogers.

Psychology versus Metaphysics. Isaac Crook.

Our Attitude Toward Roman Catholics. H. K. Carroll.

Religions Beliefs of John Greenleaf Whittier C. M. Cobern.

The Redemption of the Slums. H. G. Mitchell

Josephus and Jesus. S. L. Bowman.

Midland Monthly.--Des Moines, Iowa. March.

Afternoons in Italy.-I. In and About Genoa. Mary B. Welch.

Literary Atlanta. Lollie B. Wylie.

Women Writers in Washington.-II. Juliette M. Babbitt.

Is the Gallows Efficacious for Prevention of Murder ? D. M.


Missionary Herald.-Boston. March.

Historical Sketch of the Smyrna Field. Lyman Bartlett.

Centenary of the London Missionary Society.

Missionary Review of the World. New York. March.

The World-wide Ministry and Mission of Charles H. Spur.


Growth of the Leading American Missionary Societies. R.

E. Speer.

Missions in the West Indies. W. J. Mornan.

The Centenary of a Great Missionary Society.

A Model Working Church in the World's Capital. James


Mexico as a Mission Field. Samuel P. Craver.

Music.-Chicago. March.

Boston Music in 1851 and 1852. Egbert Swayne.
Is "Perfect Intonation" Practicable ! J. P. White.
The Question of Women in Music. Helen A. Clarke

Beethoven's Note Book of 1803.-II. Benj. Cutter.

Bohemian Music in 1894 J. J. Kral.

Natural Science.-London. March.

The Mammals of the Malay Peninsula. H. N. Ridley.

The Origin of Species Among Flat-Fishes. J. T. Cunningham.

The Structure and Habits of Archæopteryx. C. H. Hurst.
An Eelworm Disease of Hops. Prof. J. Percival.

New Review.-London. March.
The Passing of England : the Nation and the Navy. Spencer


Lord Randolph Churchill. “X."

India : Impressions. C. F. Keary.

In Praise of Convention. A. Clerk.

The Poetry of the Prison. George Wyndham.

Politics in Newfoundland. A. R Whiteway.

Mr. Balfour's Philosophy. G. W. Steevens.

The Cycle. J. K. Starley.

Two Thieves : Jack Sheppard and Cartouche. Charles Whib-


Nineteenth century.-London. March.

Mediterranean : The Millstone Round the Neck of England.

William Laird Clowes.

The Good Sense of the English People. T. E. Kebbel.

On Some Legal Disabilities of Trade Unions. Bernard Hol.


How to Organize a People's Kitchen in London. Edith Sellers.
The Builder of the Round Towers: A Chronicle of the Eightb

Century. Hon. Emily Lawless.
What Is Church Authority | Canon Teignmouth Shore.
The Wanton Mutilation of Animals. Dr. Fleming.
Officers' Expenses in the Cavalry. Earl of Airlie.
Written Gesture. John Holt Schooling.
Maurice Maeterlinck. Richard Hovey.
The Chinese Drama. George Adams.
A Night in the Reporters' Gallery, Michael McDonagh.
Mr. Balfour's Attack on Agnosticism. Prof. Huxley.

The New World.-Boston. (Quarterly.) March.
The Devil. Charles C. Everett.
Race-Prejudice. __Maurice Bloomfield.
Oliver Wendell Holmes. T. T. Munger.
The God of Zoroaster. L. H. Mills.
The Truth of the Christian Religion. Allan Menzies.
The Preaching of Phillips Brooks. H. G. Spaulding.

Some of Mr. Kidd's Fallacies. James M. Whiton.

Origins of the Religion and History of Israel. F. Meinhold.

The Poot in an Age of Science. Charles J. Goodwin.

The Song of the Well. Karl Budde.

North American Review.-New York. March.

Is an Extra Session Needed ?

Two Years of Democratic Diplomacy. Cushman K. Davis.

A New Departure in English Taxation. Lord Playfair.

The Old Pulpit and the New. Cyrus D. Foss.

Mark Twain and Paul Bourget. Max O'Rell.

Nagging, Women. Lady Henry Somerset, Marion Harland,

Harriet P. Spofford.

Must We Have the Cat-o'-Nine-Tails ! Elbridge T. Gerry.

The Truth About Port Arthur. Frederic Villiers.

What Psychical Research Has Accomplished. Frank Pod.


The Future of Silver. R. P. Bland.

Personal History of the Second Empire.—III. Albert Van-


Our Day.-Springfield, Ohio. March.

Cyrus Hamlin: A Character Sketch. C. M. Nichols.

Ottoman Lessons in Massacre. Joseph Cook,

Outing. - New York. March.

Swordplay in Japan. Kinza Hirai.

Lenz's World Tour Awheel-Bhamo to Mandalay, Burma.

Curling in the Northwest. H. J. Woodside.

Miniature Yacht Modeling. Franklyn Bassford.

Overland Monthly.-San Francisco. March.

Good Roads. Roy Stone.

The Bancroft Library. J. J. Peatfield.

The Digger Indian. 'W. S. Green.

Evolution of Shipping and Ship-Building in California.-II.

Pall Mall Magazine.-London. March.

The Days of Burmah. Lady Sykes.

Who Were the Fist Players of Polo ! A. M. K. Dehlavi.

The Census and the Condition of the People. W. H. Mallock.

Cavalry in the Waterloo Campaign.-Continued. Sir Evelyn


Westminster.-Continued. Walter Besant.

Philosophical Review.-Boston. (Bi-monthly.) March.

The Priority of Inner Experience. Warner Fite.

Fichte's Conception of God. J. A. Leighton.

The Doctrine of Conscious Elements. Miss E. B. Talbot.

Photo-American.-New York. February.

The Photographic Value of Colors.

Clearing Gelatine Lantern Slides. W. B. Boulton.

Home-Sensitized Paper. G. Ardaseer.

Photo Engraving with Silver Salts. Leon Wernerke.

A Modified Emulsion for Negatives. Edwin Banks.

Saving Spoiled Bromide Prints. J. J. Van Gayzel,

Mounting Gelatino-Chloride Prints.

Progress of Photography,

Oxalate of Potash and Eikonogen for Short Exposures. J. H.


Incomped shorthand. + Burlington.

Photo-Beacon.-Chicago. March.

Sanitarian.-New York. March.
A Photographic Trip Through “Death Valley." F. I. Mon-

Sanitary Brushwood Picked Up in Europe. C. W. Chancellor. sen.

American Public Health Association. Mechanical Photography. Alfred Watkin.

Sanitary Engineering. William P. Gerhard. Hints on Picture Making.

The London Water Supply. Major Greenwood. What Am I to Photograph ?

Collection and Disposal of Refuse and Garbage. W. F. Morse. The Mechanical Part of Lantern-Slide Making. C. R. Pan

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dagh. Opportunities which an Old Town Offers for Photographic

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D. Melville.
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