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Wilson's Photographic Magazine.--New York. March.
Photographing Interiors.
Naturalistic Photography,
The Bicycle in Photography.
The Electric Light for Studios. D. Bachrach, Jr.
The Development of Bromide Paper. C. W. H. Blood.
Practical Photo-Engraving.-I. A, C. Austin.

Yale Review.-New Haven. (Quarterly.) February.
Recent Reforms in Taxation E. R. A Seligman.
The Farmer in American Politics. Jesse Macy.
Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration. E. R L Gould.
The Western Posts and the British Debts. A C. McLaugh.

The Socialism of Moses. Thomas S. Potwin.

Alte und Neue Welt.-Einsiedeln. March.

Reminiscences of the War of 1866. G. E. von Natzmer.

The Battle of the Yalu River. Rogalla von Bieberstein. The People of Ancient Rome. G. Friedrich.

Italian Africa K. von Bruchhausen
Some New Bridges-London and America.

The Holy Land. A. Koenigs.
Francis II of Naples. With Portrait Dr. A. Nebel.
The German Classics. Dr. F. A. Muth.

Neue Revue.-Vienna.
The Chamois Past and Present. Prof. C. Keller.
L. Alma Tadema. With Portrait.

February 6.

Treitschke's German History. J. Lippau.

The Woman Question in the Light of Recent Biological Re.
February 2.

search. F. Nossig-Prochnik. New Astronomical Discoveries.- Continued. Dr. Klein. .

The Elbe Disaster. P. Frankl.
The Historical Faust. Karl Keisewetter.

February 13.
February 9.

The Literature of Electoral Reform.
The Pyramids of Egypt. J. Stinde.

The Elbe Disaster.
February 16.

February 20.
Pages in the Service of the Hohenzollerns.

The Position of Woman in Bosnia.
Deaconesses. T. Schäfers.
February 23.

Neue Zeit.-Stuttgart.
Collisions at Sea. A. O. Klaussmann.

No. 18.
Deutscher Hausschatz.--Regensburg. Heft 6.

Mental and Mechanical Work. O. Wittelshofer.

Lothar Bucher in His Writings. E. Bernstein.
Inventors and Inventions. W. Kleinenbruch.
The New Parliament Houses at Berlin.

No. 19.
Thought-Reading. J. Dackweiler.

Proletarian Intelligence and Socialism.
The Oasis of Morocco. T. Habicher.

Japan's Trade and Industry. M. Beer.
Deutsche Revue.-Stuttgart. February.

No. 21.
New Table Talk About Prince Bismarck. H. von Poschinger. Proletarian Intelligence and Its Organization. A. Max.
Liberty of Thought. M. Carriere.
The Literature of the Ancient Egyptians.-Concluded. Dr.

Nord und Süd.-Breslau. February.
Georg Ebers.
A Chat with José Villegas, Artist. H. von Preuschen.

Konrad Telmann. With Portrait. U. Franck.
Anton Rubinstein and His Opera " Christus." H. Bulthaupt.

Western Intellectual Movements and Their Influence on

Russia. E. Kraus,
Quinine as a Remedy in Cases of Fever.-Concluded. Carl

Wagner's Dramatization of “The Mastersingers of Nürn

berg " J. B. Horn. On Muscular Work. O. Langendorff.

John Morley. S. Saenger. Letters of Georg Friedricho Parrot.-Concluded. F. Biene

mann. The Development of the Intellect and Reason. C. Lloyd

Sphinx.-Brunswick. February. Morgan.

Mysticism and the End of the World. Dr. F. Hartmann. Deutsche Rundschau.-Berlin. February.

A Running Thread in the Intellectual Life of Ancient Hellas.

R. von Koeber.
Catherine Sforza.-Concluded. 0. Hartwig.

Theosophy and Its Opponents. Dr. Göring.
Botanical Excursions in the Riviera. G. Strasburger.
Personal Reminiscences of Anton Rubinstein. Dr. Julius

Ueber Land und Meer.-Stuttgart. Heft 8.
Little Religions of Our Day.

Where was Paradise ? G. Haupt.
Heinrich von Sybel's History of the German Empire. G.

The New Railway Station at Cologne. Kauffmann.

The New Evangelical Church at Paris. Hendrik Witbooi and His Marauding Expeditions in South

Hohenlohe Castles. west Africa. F. J. von Bülow.

The Weather and Disease. Dr. O. Gotthilf.

Heligoland in a Storm. Dr. G. Hermann.
The Korean War. M. von Brandt.

The German Lead Pencil Industry.
The Origin of the Seven Years' War. G. Bailleu.
Die Gartenlaube.-Leipzig. Heft 2.

Velhagen und Klasing's Monatshefte.-Berlin. February.
The Mound-Builders of the United States. Dr. P. Schellhas. Kangaroo-Hunting. F. Meister.
Electric Accumulators. F. Bendt.

Czar Alexander Iti. Count Richard Pfeil. The Peller-House at Nürnberg. H. Boesch.

Therese Schwartze, Artist. A. Rosenberg,

A Journey Through Corsica.-II. Ida Boy-Ed.
Die Gesellschaft.-Leipzig. February.
Providence in History. M. Schwann.

Vom Fels zum Meer.-Stuttgart.
Holger Drachmann. "With Portrait. H. Merian.

Heft 12. Ibsen's Little Eyolf." K. Richter.

Possibility and Consequences of a Collision of the Earth with The Psychological Side of Church Worship. Emil Kuhn.

a Comet. Dr. Klein. Konservative Monatsschrift.-Leipzig. February.

Heft 13.
The History and Development of Japan. Spanuth Pöhlde. Chioggia. A. Freihofer.
Spectral Analysis and the Fixed Stars. C. von Rebeur-Pasch Railway Improvements.

Miss Lillian Russell. E. F. Dewey.


Journal des Economistes.-Paris. February 15.

Bibliothèque Universelle.-Paris. February 15.
The Austrian Army. Abel Veuglaire.
“Reminiscences of a Portrait Painter," by George P. A,

The Evolution of German Socialism ; Bebel to Vollmar. Al.

bert Bonnard.
Mountain Observatories. C. Bührer.

The Future of Europe. Frédéric Passy.
Economic History. G. de Molinari.
Malthus and Statistics of Population. G. Flamingo.
The Agricultural Movement in France. G. Fouquet.
Soups and People's Restaurants. Daniel Bellet.

Nouvelle Revue.-Paris.

February 1.
Jerusalem. Pierre Loti.
The Italian Drama ; " Alboni and Penco." H. Lavoix.
American Unity in Chicago. P. de Coubertin.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Madame Juliette Adam.

February 15.
Jerusalem. Pierre Loti.
Genius and Unconscious Cerebration. C. Lombroso.
Capital and the Laborer. H. Depasse.
Music at the Conservatoire ; the German School. A. B.

Dr. Anandapai Joshee. D. Mennant.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Madame Juliette Adam.

Nouvelle Revue Internationale.-Paris. February 1.
Review of European Politics. Emilio Castelar.
The French Crisis : Evolution or Revolution ? Jean Reibrach.
Disarmament. Edmond Desfossés.
Fin de Siècle Therapeutics. M. Decrespe.

February 15. Review of European Politics. Emilio Castelar. The Connection Between Blackmailing and Murder. Denise. M. Félix Faure. Gaston Robert.

Quinzaine.-Paris. February 1. Normal Scholasticism in the Church of France. P. Baudril

lart. The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Vicomte de Broc. Saint Francis de Sales. C. de Paillette. Daet for Violin and Piano : “Rêverie," by Armand Parent.

February 15: Normal Scholasticism in the Church of France. P. Baudril

lart. The Finances of the City of Paris for 1895. R. Lambelin. Unpublished Reminiscences of the Revolution of 1848, by an

Eye-Witness. Richard Viot.
Piano Solo: “Bagatelle," by Gabriel Pierné.

Revue Bleue.-Paris. February 2.
Private Charity to the Destitute. Maurice Spronck.
Literary Reminiscences of Saint-Beuve. Jules Levallois.

February 9.
Émile Masqueray. Alfred Rambaud.
Camorra, Maffia and Brigandage in Sicily. Pierre Mille.

February 16.
The Scientific Work of James Darmesteter. Michel Bréal.
Algeria Before the French Chambers. Alfred Rambaud.

February 23.
Egypt in 1798.-Continued.. Abel Hermant.
The Destitution Question. Édouard Fuster.

Revue des Deux Mondes.-Paris. February 1.
Spain : Saint Sebastian : Loyola. R. Bazin.
The Economic Movement. A. Moireau.
Why Do We Laugh ? A Psychological Study. C. Melinaud.
Oriental Sanctuaries: the Pyramids, Memphis, Abydos. E.

Schure. In Favor of the Directoire. Vicomte Melchoir de Vogüé. Caroline de Gunderode and German Romanticism. G. Val


February 15. The Reign of Wealth: the State and Collectivism. A. Leroy.

The Last Day of the Second Empire. E. Lamy.
Polychrome in Greek Sculpture. M. Collignon.
New Lights on Rousseau ; His Ancestors and His Family. E.

Education and Instruction. F. Brunetière.

Revue Générale.-Brussels. February.
Belgium and the Fall of Napoleon I.-Concluded. Prosper

Poullet. Marquis Albert Costa de Beauregard.-Concluded. Henry

Bordeaux. The Second Empire.-Concluded. Charles Woeste. Orvieto, Italy. Louis Périllat. The Chino-Japanese War in Corea. J. de la Vallée Poussin.

Revue de Paris.-Paris.

February 1.
Science and Morality. M. Berthelot.
The Future Conclave. Mgr. Boéglin.
The Prytanée. Baron de Constant.
Letters to a Foreign Lady. H. de Balzac.
American Social Questions. Marquis de O. Lonbat.
The Friend of M. de Talleyrand. H. Welschinger.
Apropos of An Accident. E. Lavisse.

February 15.
Letters to Thomas Emery. Giuseppe Mazzini.
Various Governmental Executives. C. Seignobos.
The Trial of the Ministers. Chancellor Pasquier.
The Indian Theatre in Paris. S. Levi.
The Influence of Foreign Literatures. H. Hallays.

Revue des Revues.-Paris.

February 1. The Care of Lunatics Outside of Asylums. Ch. Féré. The Disappearance of the Aristocracy in Germany.-Continued. Dr. Paul Ernst.

February 15.
The_Literary Movement in Spain. Madame Emilia Pardo

The Evolution of Orthography.

Revue Scientifique.-Paris.

February 2.
Witchcraft of the Cambodians. Adhémard Leclère.
Polar Aurora. A. Angot.

February 9.
The Naval Laboratories of Roscoff and Banyuls in 1894.
Some New Forms of Assurance Against Accident. M. Fix.

February 16.
Argon, the New Constituent of the Atmosphere.
Phosphates. D. Levat.

February 23.
The Naval Laboratories of Roscoff and Banyuls in 1894.
" The Study of Character," by M. Crépieux-Jamin.

Revue Socialiste.-Paris. February.
The Evolution of Political Creeds and Doctrines. G. de

Land Nationalization. H. Pronier.


La Civiltà Cattolica.-Rome.

February 2. The Church and the Nineteenth Century. The Morale of Utilitarianism and Evolution and the Morale of

the Church The Actions and Instincts of Animals.

February 16. The Pope's Letter to the Bishops of the United States. Latin

and Italian. Religious Teaching at the Present Time: What It Should Be. The School of Ambiguities.

La Nuova Antologia.-Rome.

February 1. Sordello di Goito. Cesare di Lollis. The Posthumous Work of Karl Marx. A. Loria. St. Francis of Assisi. Giulio Salvadori. The Frescoes of Cesare Maccari on the Dome of the Basilica of Loretto. G. Cantalamessa.

February 15. Darwinism and Socialism. Alessandro Chiapelli. Recent Studies on the Principal Civilizations of Europe. L.


Paolo Balsamo and the Agrarian Question in Sicily. G. Ricca

Italian Emigration to America. Vincenzo Grossi.
La Rassegna Nazionale.-Florence.

February 1.
Padre Alberto Guglielmoetti. Augusto Alfani.
The Philosophy of a Novel: “Lourdes." Giuseppe Morando.
The Teaching of Science and the Comparative History of

Religions with Reference to Christianity. V. di Gio

vanni. The Campaigns of Prince Eugene of Savoy. Pietro Fea. Religion and Fatherland. E. A. Foperti.

February 16. For Whom Shall We Vote ?_Gaetano Rocci. The French Revolution, the First Empire and the Restoration. G. Grabinski.

La Riforma Sociale.-Rome. January 25.
Liberal Professions and Manual Labor. C. Gide.
Endowments of German and Italian Universities. Carlo F.

The Social Policy of Communes. Dr. V. Mataja.
Labor Associations and Exchanges. F. S. Nitti.


Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index.

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AA. Art Amateur.
AAPS. Annals of the Am. Academy of

Political Science.
AI. Art Interchange.
AMC. American Magazine of Civics
ACQ. Am. Catholic Quart. Review.
AM. Atlantic Monthly.
Am Ant. American Antiquarian,
Ant Antiquary.
AP. American Amateur Photog-

Arg. Argosy.
Ata. Atalanta.
BankL. Bankers' Magazine (London).
Bank. Banker's Magazine (New

Black. Blackwood's Magazine.
Bkman. Bookman.
BTJ. Board of Trade Journal.

Board of
BW. Biblical World.

CFM. Cassell's Family Magazine.
Chaut. Chautauquan.
CHHA. Church at Home and Abroad.
ChMisl. Church Missionary Intelligen.

cer and Record.
ChQ. Church Quarterly Review.
CJ. Chambers's Journal.

Century Magazine.
Can M. Canadian Magazine.
Cas M. Cassier's Magazine.
CRev. Charities Review.
Cos. Cosmopolitan.
CR Contemporary Review.
CritR. Critical Review.
CSJ. Cassell's Saturday Journal.
CW. Catholic World.

Dem. Demorest's Family Magazine.

Dublin Review.

Economic Journal.
EconR. Economic Review.
EDRA. Educational Review (New

EARL. Educational Review (London)
Ed. Education.
EngM. Engineering Magazine.
EI English Illustrated Magazine.
ER. Edinburgh Review.
Ex. Expositor.

FrL. Frank Leslie's Monthly.
FR. Fortnightly Review.


Geographical Journal.

Green Bag.
GM. Gentleman's Magazine.
GOP. Girl's Own Paper.
GW. Good Words.-
HC. Home and Country.

Harper's Magazine.
HGM. Harvard Graduates' Magazine.
HomR. Homiletic Review.
IJE. Internat'l Journal of Ethics.

Irrigation Age.
JE. Journal of Education.
JMSI. Journal of the Military Sery.

ice Institution.
JAES. Journal of the Ass'n of En-

gineering Societies.
JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy.
JurR. Juridical Review.
JAP. Journal of American Politics.

KO. King's Own.
LAH. Lend a Hand.
LH. Leisure Hour.
LHJ. Ladies' Home Journal.

Lippincott's Monthly.
Longman's Magazine.

London Quarterly Review.
LuthQ. Lutheran Quarterly Review.

LudM. Ludgate Monthly.

Mac. Macmillan's Magazine.
McCl. McClure's Magazine.
Men. Menorah Monthly.
MidM. Midland Monthly.
MisR. Missionary Review of World.
Mis H. Missionary Herald.
Mon. Monist.

Munsey's Magazine.

MP. Monthly Packet.

Methodist Review.
NAR. North American Revie
NatR. National Review.
NC. Nineteenth Century.
NEM. New England Magazine.
NR. New Review.

NSR. New Science Review.
NW New World.
NH. Newbery House Magazine.

Nature Notes.
Our Day,

Overland Monthly.
PA. Photo-American.
PB. Photo-Beacon.
PAst. Popular Astronomy.
PL. Poet Lore.
PMM. Pall Mall Magazine.
PQ. Presbyterian Quarterly.
PRR. Presbyterian and Reformed

PT. Photographic Times.
PR. Philosophical Review.
PS. Popular Science Monthly.
PSO Political Science Quarterly.

Psychical Review.
Quarterly Journal of Eco-

QR. Quarterly Review.

Review of Reviews.
RRL. Review of Reviews (London).
RC. Review of the Churches.
SJ. Students' Journal.
SRev. School Review.
San. Sanitarian.
SEcon. Social Economist.
ScotGM. Scottish Geographical Maga-

ScotR. Scottish Review.
Scots. Scots Magazine.
Sten. Stenographer.
Str. Strand
SunM. Sunday Magazine.
SunH. Sunday at Home.
TB. Temple Bar.
Treas. Treasury.
UE. University Extension.
US. United Service.
USM. United Service Magazine.
WPM. Wilson's Photographic Maga-

WR. Westminster Review.
YE. Young England.
YM. Young Man
YR. Yale Review.
YW. Young Woman.

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[It has been found necessary to restrict this Index to periodicals published in the English language. All the articles in the
leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.]

Unless otherwise specified, all references are to the March numbers of periodicals.

Adriatic, Beyond the: A New Field of Travel, Harriet W.

Preston, CM,
Agriculture, The Beginnings of, M. Louis Bourdeau, PS.
Aid Society, The Services of an Invalid, C. F. Nichols, RR.
Algeria : Biskra as a Health Resort, A. Griffiths, FR.
Alien Immigration Arnold White, FR.
American Stock in Foreign Markets, F. E. Clark, RR.
Ancestors : Collecting Ancestors, C.
Anti-Toxine Cure for Diphtheria, RR.
Anti-Toxine Treatment of Diphtheria, L. Emmett Holt, F.
Arab Men and Arab Horses, Black.
Arabian Nights, History as Told in

vitt, WR.
Archæology for Girls-V, GOP.
Architecture : Recent Architecture in France, Barr Ferree,

Argentine Republic: A Bird's-Eye View, May Crommelin,

Armenia : Our Obligations to Armenia, Mac.
Armies :

Cavalry in the Waterloo Campaign, Sir Evelyn Wood, PMM.
Officers' Expenses in the Cavalry, Earl of Airlie, NC.
The Soldier in Print, Mac.

Discipline in the United States Army, Capt. E. A. Ellis,

Mounted Troops in War, Gen. E. T. H. Hutton, JMSI.
Royal Artillery at Woolwich, JMSI.
Royal Military College of Canada, CanM.

The Story of a Thousand-VII, Albion W. Tourgee, Cos.
Artists in Their Studios, W. A. Cooper, G.
Artists' Compensations, William C. Lawton, Lipp.
Astronomy :
The Starry Sky, J. E. Gore, Ata.
The Observatory of the Vatican, J. A. Zahm, Cos.
See also contents of PAst.
Athletics :

A Professor's View of Athletics, F. W. Taussig, HGM.
Are Our Athletic Teams Representative : E. L. Conant,

Autographs: Among My Autographs, L. Mendenhall, MM.
Balfour, A, J.:

Mr. Balfour's Philosophy, G. W. Steevens, NewR.
Mr. Balfour's Attack on Agnosticism, Prof. Huxley, NC.
Beauty, Types of English, G.
Beauty from an Indian's Point of View, R. W. Shufeldt, Cos.

“Ben-Hur," How I Came to Write, Lew Wallace, HC.
Bible in Schools, WR.
Bicycling :
Lenz's World Tour Awheel-Bhamo to Mandalay, 0.
The Bicycle-Its Pleasures and Perils, R. L. Seymour,

Biological Work in Secondary Schools, A. J. McClatchie, PS.
Birds :

All About Finches, Algernon Lefebvre, HC.

Bird-Life in an Inland Parish of Southern Scotland, CJ.
Bismarck and Lasker, M. Ellinger, Men.
Black Country, Transformation of, Mac.
Blackmail as a Heritage, Clarence C. Buel, CM.
Boiler Making, Modern, W.0. Webber, CasM.

Amateur Bookbinding, Polly King, AI.
Bookbinding: Its Processes and Ideal, T. J. C. Sanderson,

Boston: Old Milk Street, Boston, H. A. Hill, NEM.
Boulevards of Paris, On the, F. R. Layland, HC.
Brooks, Phillips, The Preaching of, H. G. Spaulding, NW.
Brontë's, Charlotte, Place in Literature, Frederic Harri-

son, F. Bronze and the Casting of Bells, Frieda Werther, HC. Bulgarian Village Life, Celia R. Ladd, FrL. Burmah : Ten Days in Burmah, Lady Sykes, PMM. Burns, Robert: The Life of Robert Burns, J. Monroe, Str,

Feb. Butterflies : A Butterfly Episode, Grant Allen, EI. California: Shipping and Shipbuilding in.-II,'OM. Cameos and Cut Gems, Theo. Tracy, FrL. Canada's Future as Seen by Canadians, Helen G. Flesher,

AMC. Carnot, An Audience with, R. H. Thurston, CasM. Card-Sharpers and Their Work, H. How, Str, Feb. Carp and Cat-Fish, C. Carriès, Jean : Sculptor and Potter, Émile Hovelaque, CM Cartouche and Jack Shepard: Two Thieves, c. Whibley,

NewR. Catholic Church :

Experiences of an Anglican Catholic, CR. Our Attitude Toward Roman Catholics, H. K. Carroll, MR. Caucasus Mountains : Kurush, the Highest Village of the

Caucasus. Caucasus: Kurush, the Highest Village of the Caucasus,

Scot GM, Feb. Charcot, Dr., and His Work, William Seton, CW. Charity, The Problem of, Frederic Almy, Rev, Feb. Charity Work, Volunteer, R. Calkins, HGM. Chatham, A Royal Dockyard, F. T. Jane, CFM. China : Visit to Buddhist and Taoist Monasteries, E. A. Irving,

Black. The Chinese Drama, G. Adams, NC. The War Between China and Japan, Col. Maurice, JMSI.

The Truth About Port Arthur, Frederic Villiers, NAR. Christianity and English Wealth, David H. Wheeler, Chaut. Christian Religion, The Truth of the, Allan Menzies, NW. Church and Christianity :

The Descent into tiades, Percy Gardner, CR.
Church of England:

Religion and the State, John Clifford, CR.
Disestablishment, H. M. Bompas, FR.

What is Church Authority : Canon Shore, NC.
Churchill, Lord Randolph, NewR, FR; RR.
Cloud-land, In, V. A. de Convier. HC.
Convention, In Praise of, A. Clerk, NewR.
Co-operative Production, Some Words on the Ethics of, J. M.

Ludlow, AM.
Conciliation and Arbitration, Industrial, E. R. L. Gould, YR.
Conscious Elements, The Doctrine of, Miss F. B. Talbot, PR.
Copyright, A. P. Watt, Bkman.
Costume, A Question of, W. D. McCrackan, Lipp.
Cranes: Locomotive Cranes, W.L. Clements, CasM.
Crawford, F. Marion : A Conversation, Robert Bridges, McCl.
Crime: Habitual Offenders, Black.
Crispi, Francesco, G. M. James, RR.
Cuba, A Glimpse of, James K. Reeve, Lipp.
Cuckoos and the Myth of March, G. W. Murdoch, GM.
Curling in the Northwest, H. J. Woodside, 0.
Cycles, J. K. Starley, NewR.
Davidson, John, H. D. Traill, FR.
Deaf-Mute College, The National, Catherine F. Cavanaugh,

Devil, The, C. C. Everett, NW.
Dialect in the United States, A. L. Bondurant, D, Feb. 16.
Digestion and Indigestion, Elizabeth F. Wade, Dem.
Diphtheria :

The Anti-Toxine Treatment o Diphtheria, L, E. Holt, F.
The Anti-Toxine Cure for Diphtheria, RR.
The New Treatment of Diphtheria, H. M. Biggs, McCl.

Diphtheria Anti-Toxine-Its Production, W. H. Park, McCl.
Dogs and Their Keeping, S. H. Ferris, FrL.
Drawing for Reproduction, AA.
Dreams : Prophetic Dreams, B. O. Flower, A.
Dutch Houses on the Hudson, W. E. VerPlanck, NEM.
East End of London, SunH.

Edgeworth, Maria, J. Macaulay, LH.
Education :

Scientific Method in School Boards, H. E. Armstrong, PS.
Biological Work in Secondary Schools, A. J. McClatchie,

PS. Report of the Committee of Fifteen, EdRA. The Direction of Education, N. S. Shaler, AM. The New York Common Schools, S. H. Olin, Harp. Roman Education-I, S. S. Laurie, SRev. Scope of Public School Education, J. L. Spaulding, CW, Methods in German Secondary Schools, E. P. Drew, Ed. Military Education in Colleges, Lieut. J. K. Cree, Ed. Language in Elementary Schools, John Ogden. Gregory's Seven Laws of Teaching, J. M. Richardson, Ed.

Newnham College, W. C. Sargent, Ludm. Egypt:

The English Failure in Egypt, CR.

Philæ and the Nile Reservoirs, H. A. Harper, LH.
Electoral (England): The Ownership Vote, H. T. Wade, WR.
Electricity :

A Twelve-Mile Transmission of Power, T. H. Leggett, CasM.
The Electric Motor, F. B. Crocker, CasM.
Electrical Cooking and Heating, N. W. Perry, CasM. .
Electric Power in Southern Cotton Mills, Å. F. McKissick,

Electric Wiring and Fire Hazard, F. E. Cabot.
Electric Locomotives on Steam Roads, G. J. Varne

Electric Street Railways of Budapest, RR.
Elkins, Senator, Frank A. Munsey, MM.
Embroidery, Church, C. C Clark, AI.
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, Transcendentalist and Utilitarian,

CR. Encyclical of Leo XIII to the Bishops of the United States,

CW. English People : Good Sense of the English People, T. E. Kebbel, NC. Evolution of Modern Society in Its Historical Aspects, WR.

English and American Homes, CFM. Engravers : American Wood Engravers, Francis S. King,

Engraving, Copper, Steel and Bank Note, C. W. Dickinson,

Jr., PS
Envelopes, Civil War, J. H. Adams, NEM.
Ephesus and the Temple of Diana, TB.
Evolution, The Method of Organic, A. R. Wallace, FR.
Farmer in American Politics, Jesse Macy, YR.
Farnham Castle, Precentor Venables, GW.
Fiction :

The Tyranny of the Modern Novel, D. F. Hannigan, WR.
Moral Influence of Fiction, J. Silverman, Men.

The Two Eternal Types in Fiction, H. W. Mabie, F.
Finance :

Banks, Bankers and Banking in the North of England, WR.
Money-Making at the Tower, GM.
War-Chests, CJ.
The Future of Silver, R. P. Bland, NAR.
Decline of Silver as Compared with Gold, W.A. Campbell,

The Gold Crisis, Nov. 14, 1894-Feb. 20, 1895, Bank.
Influence of United States Notes on Circulation, Bank.
Fires : The Lesson of the Forest Fires, Bela Hubbard, PS.
Fitzgerald, Edward, Letters of, to Fanny Kemble, 1871-1883,
Flags : The United States Revenue Cutter Flag, H. D. Smith,

FrL. Floods : Causes of Floods in Western Rivers, C. B. Going,

EngM. Flying-Machine, Wellner's Sail-Wheel, Helene Bonfort, PS. Football Reforms, Needed, R. W. Emmons, HG M. Fox Hunting in the United States, Caspar W. Whitney, Harp. France: Presidents and Politics in France, Augustin Eilon, FR. A President of France, Ernest Daudet, Cos. Mont Saint-Michel, J. H. Adams, Cos.

Personal History of the Second Empire-III, NAR. Frere, Sir Bartle, Black. Froissart the Historian, G. C. Macaulay, Mac. Furs in Russia, Isabel F. Hapgood, Lipp. Gladstone, William E., on the Lord's Day, McCl. God : Fichte's Conception of God, J. A. Leighton, PR. Golf: Should it be Encouraged at Public Schools Black. Gustavus Adolphus, Max Lenz, Chaut. Handwriting: Written Gesture, J. H. Schooling, NC. Helmholtz, Herman von, Thomas C. Martin, GM. Heredity, St. George Mivart, Harp. . Hollis, Thomas, A. McF. Davis, HGM. Holmes, Oliver Wendell, T. T. Munger, NW. Hooch, Pieter de, Timothy Cole, CM. Horses : The Horse-Market, Henry C. Merwin, CM. Hunting : Fox-Hunting in the United States, C. W. Whitney,

Harp. Immigration :

Alien Immigration, A. White, FR.

Immigration and Naturalization, H. S. Everett, AM.
Imports and Exports for Four Years, Bank.

Impressions, C. F. Keary, NewR.

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An English Girl in India One Hundred Years Ago, TB.
Indians :
Origin of the Indians, Cyrus Thomas, AmАnt, Jan.

The Digger Indian, W. S. Green, OM.
Indigo Making : An Old Industry, Mary H. Leonard, PS.
Infanticide in China, A. M. Clarke, CW.
Invalid Aid Society, The Services of an, C. F. Nichols, RR.
Mr. Morley and the Irish Land Bill, T. W. Russell, FR.
The Builder of the Round Towers, Emily Lawless, NC.

Pictures of the Galway Coast, Marguerite Moore, CW.
Italy :
Lady-Day at Grotto Ferrata, Rome, Agnes Euan-Smith,

In and About Genoa, Mary B. Welch, MidM.

The Politics of Japan, C. T. Long, CanM.
Its Present and Future, Midori Komatz, A.

Rambles in Japan, Canon Tristram, LH.
Jeanne D'Arc and Her Heavenly Voices, S. M. Miller, G.
Jerusalem, Literary Landmarks of, Laurence Hutton, Harp.
Jesus, Credibility of the Resurrection of, W. N. Rice, MR.
Jesus, Josephus and, S. L. Bowman, MR.
Origins of the Religion and History of Israel, F. Meinhold,

Assyria's First Contact with Israel, R. W. Rogers, MR.
Josephus and Jesus, S. L. Bowman, NW.
Journalism of the Catholic Church in the United States, J.L.

Junius : Did He Commit Suicide ? Andrew Lang, Black.
Meaning and Measure of “Unemployment,” J. A. Hobson,

Some Legal Disabilities of Trade Unions, B. Holland, NC.
Society and Strikes.
National Lessons in the Brooklyn Strike, W. Hemstreet,

Land: A Tax on Ground Rents: Who Would Pay It! WR.
Law and Lawyers :

A Sketch of the Supreme Court of Ohio, E. B. Kinkead, GB.
Roman Law and Contemporary Revelation, G. F. Magoun,

Legislatures, The State, RR. _
Legislation, Energy of, E. P. Powell, AMC.
Leo XIII: Encyclical to the Bishops of the United States, CW.
Lesseps, Ferdinand de, Theodore Schwartz, MM.
Libraries : The Bancroft Library, J. J. Peatfield, OM.
Lions : The Manikin Lion, Phil Robinson, EI.
Liquor Traffic : Shall We Nationalize the Liquor Traffic ?

Living, The Art of, Robert Grant, Scrib.
* Lloyds," Frederic Dolman, Kud M.
Westminster, Walter Besant, PMM.

East End of London, SunH.
Lunacy: Modern Private Asylums, W. J. H. Haslett, WR.
Maclaren, Ian, J. A. Noble, WH.
Madagascar : Prince Rupert, the Sancho Panza of Madagas-

car, Mac.
Maeterlink, Maurice, Richard Hovey, NC.
Mallarmé, Stéphane, Frederic Carrel, FR.
Maria Clementina, Princess, Mrs. W. E. H. Lecky, Long.
Marionettes: Punch's Prototypes, C.
Mary, Queen of Scots, D. H. Fleming, Bkman.
Massachusetts in the Civil War, Thomas S. Townsend, NEM.
Maundy Alms, M. E. Palgrave, LH.
Medicine, The World's Debt to, J. S. Billing, Chaut.
Miller, Joaquin, A Day with, H. E. Flesher, A.
Mine Management and Superintendence, C. Johnson, EngM.
Miners: People who Face Death, A. E. Bonser, CFM.
Missions :
Missionary Workers in Persia and Arabia, A. R. Buck-

land, Q.
Missionary Explorations in New Guinea, J. Chalmers,

Growth of Leading American Missionary Societies, MisR.
Missions in the West Indies, W. J. Mornan, MisR.
Mexico as a Mission Field, S. P. Craver, MisR.
Centenary of a Great Missionary Society, MisR.
Historical Sketch of the Smyrna Field, L. Bartlett, Mis H.

Centenary of the London Missionary Society, MisH.
Models : The Beautiful Models of Paris, Fr. T. Sisson, Cos.
Mohammed and the Koran, James T. Bixby, A.
Money, James A. Quarles, AMC.
Mont Saint-Michel, J. H. Adams, Cos.
Morley, John, and the Irish Land Bill, T. W. Russell, FR.
Mormondom, The Great Salt Lake and, M. V. Moore, FrL.
Morphology of the Earth's Surface, J. Geikie, ScotGM.
Moses, Socialism of, T. Potwin, YR.
Music : See contents of Mus.
Music Halls, The London County Council and the Music

Halls, CR.
Napoleon Bonaparte:

Life of Napoleon Bonaparte-V, William M. Sloane, OM.

Napoleon Bonaparte-V, Ida M. Tarbell, McCl.
Naturalization, Immigration and, H. S. Everett, AM.

Navies :
Mediterranean: The Millstone Around the Neck of Eng.

land, NC.
The Passing of England, S. Wilkinson, NewR.

The Trial Trip of a Cruiser, William F. Sicard, Harp.
Navigation, Origin and Development of Steam, G. H. Preble,

Nebuchadnezzar in Egypt, William Hayes Ward, HomR.
Newfoundland :

The Crisis in Newfoundland, W. Greswell, FR.
Newfoundland Politics, A. R. Whiteway, NewR.
Newspapers of Newfoundland, J. F. M. Fawcett, CanM.
New Zealand, The Playground of the Pacific, w. C. Mac-

gregor, WR.
Normandy : Mont Saint-Michel, J. H. Adams, Cos.
Novel-Writer, Some Confessions of a, J. T. Trowbridge, AM.
Nurses of Great Men, Mrs. E. M. Field, SunM.
Occultism, True, and Its Place and Use, Margaret B. Peeke,

Oracles: Secret of the Roman Oracles, Rudolfo Lanciani, AM.
Orchestral Conducting and Conductors, W. F. Apthorpe,

Ordinance of 1787, Massachusetts Men in the, NEM.
Oxford, W. J. Gordon, LH.

A Visit to Bashan and Argob, A. Heber-Percy, SunH.
Palestine Exploration Fund, T. F. Wright, AmАnt, Jan.
Pavements, Sidewalks, Roads and Bridges, J. W. Howard,

Parliament, The British :
Thu House of Commons; a Plea for Action, J. F. Moulton,

The Rise of the Curtain, Black.
Some Humors of Parliamentary Reporting, Mac,

A Night in the Reporters Gallery, M. MacDonagh, NC.
Pauperism and the Poor Law: Politics and the Poor Law,

Pearl Diving and Its Perils, Lieut. H. P. Whitmarsh, Cos.
See contents of AP; PA ; PB; WPM.

Some Curiosities of Modern Photography, Str, Feb.
Physical Training in the Military Service, Capt. J. E. Pilcher

Plants: Bedding Plants, Samuel Parsons, Jr., Scrib.
Poets : The Poet in an Age of Science, C. J. Goodwin, NW.

The Poetry of the Prison, G. Wyndham, NewR.
Poetry as Criticism of Literature, D, March 1.
Pottery of the Pennsylvania Germans, E. A. Barber, NEM.
Politics :
Politics and the Poor Law, T. Mackay, FR.

The Manchester School, Goldwin Smith, CR.
Polo: Who Were the First Players of Polo ? A. M. K.

Dehlavi, PMM.
Population :

The Population of the World, J. H. Schooling, Str, Feb.
Census and Condition of the People, W. H. Mallock. PMM.
Preaching: The Old Pulpit and the New, Cyrus D. Foss, NAR.
Profit-Sharing, Two Examples of Successful, F. W. Blackmar,

Psychical Research : What it has Accomplished, Frank Pod.

more, NAR.
Psychology versus Metaphysics, Isaac Cook, MR.
Race-Prejudice, Maurice Bloomfield, NW.
Relation of the Railway to Its Employees, W. H. Canniff,

Eng M.
Relations of the Employee to the Railroad, Cy. Warman,

The Intercolonial Railway of Canada, P. F. Cronin, CanM.
Underground Railway in London, A, E, Daniell, Chaut.
Electric Street Railways of Budapest, RR.

Pacific Railway Debts, R. T. Colburn, AAPS.
Rainfall: Drops from the Clouds, W. W. Wagstaff, GM.
Reade, Charles, Some Personal Recollections of, H. Paul,
Referendum in Switzerland, Numa Droz, CR.
Resurrection of Jesus, Credibility of the, w. N. Rice, MR.
Ridpath, John Clark, RR..
Rome Fifty Years Ago, Philip Schaff, HomR.
Rome, An American Academy at, Royal Cortissoz, Harp.
Roads : Good Roads, Roy Stone, OM.
Rural Life: How the Agricultural Laborer Lives, EI.
Russia : The New Reign in Russia, Victor Yarros, Chaut.
Sage, Russell, H. Parker, MM.
Salisbury Palace, Precentor Venables, SunM.
Salmon Fisheries of Norway, Black.
Samovar, On the Track of a, P. G. Hubert, Jr., AI.
Sandford, Francis Richard, Black.
Sanitation : Sanitary Engineering, W. P. Gerhard, San.
Sculpture, The Masterpieces of Greek, R. Highes, G.
Servants : The Maid-Servant in Germany, J. P. Cushing,

Sewers and Sewage Disposal, Rudolph Hering, EngM.
Shakespeare's Wild Flowers and Weeds, Phil Robinson, MP.
Sheppard, Jack, and Cartouche: Two Thieves, C. Whibley,



Ridpa Fifty Yearsan Academye, M. horer Lives, Chaut.

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