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ROSEBERY "PLOUGHING THE SANDS." JOʻIN Bull: “Here, I say, what are you doing there ? 'Ploughing the sands!' Come, come, quit this tomfoolery and do some

work that is likely to lead to crops."—From Lika Joko (London).

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March 20.-An explosion in a Wyoming mine causes the the South of France. ...Hungarian Chamber of Magnates death of sixty men....John L. Waller, formerly U. S. Con- rejects the bill for the reception of the Jewish religion. sul at Tamatave, Madagascar, is sentenced by a French March 24.—The burning of a packing-house at Armourcourt martial to twenty years' imprisonment on the charge dale, near Kansas City, Mo., causes a loss estimated at beof conspiracy with the Hovas against the French authori tween $700,000 and $1,000,000. ...Li Hung Chang is shot in ties. ... The Porte assents to the presence of an Armenian the face by a young Japanese at Simonoseki....A gale in interpreter at the sittings of the Inquiry Commission at England unroofs many houses and causes a number of Mush....Spanish military authorities institute proceedings deaths. against the staffs of Republican newspapers for attacks on the army.... Serious collision at Tokat between Mohammedans and Armenian Christians.

March 21.-The New Mexico Territorial Legislature adjourns in disorder, without making necessary appropriations. ... The New York City building trades strike is declared off, the electrical workers having obtained the concession of an eight-hour day to date from May 1. ...President Cleveland appoints ex-Congressmen Springer and Kilgore Judges of U.S. Courts in the Indian Territory.... Fire destroys 20,000 bales of cotton in New Orleans.... After three days' fighting in Lima, a provisional Peruvian Government is organized, with Señor Candamo as president, and hostilities cease.... The Japan-China peace conference is opened.... The Prussian Council of State adjourns, having rejected Count Kanitz's grain monopoly proposal.... Final ratifications of the new treaty with Japan are exchanged at Washington.... Demonstration of 20,000 lockedout operatives in the boot trade at Leicester, England.... In the Legislative Council at Calcutta the Budget statement is introduced.

March 22.-The New Jersey Legislature adjourns till June 4.... Collis P. Huntington, president of the Southern

JOSE MACEO, Pacific Company, is indicted by the U. S. Grand Jury for

Cuban Insurgent Leader. having violated the Interstate Commerce law by granting a pass to ride on all the lines of the road. ... The Cabinet at March 25.-Governor Morton sends a message to the New Washington discusses international affairs, especially the York Legislature urging the prompt passage of the New Venezuelan, Nicaraguan and Allianca incidents. ... The York City reform bills; the Assembly passes the Police Queen Regent of Spain, unable to arrange with Señor Magistrates bill.... The books of the Whiskey Trust show Sagasta for a new Cabinet, summons Canovas del Castillo, a discrepancy of $1,924,120.... Argument in the Debs case .... The British House of Commons, by vote of 176 to 158, is begun before the U. S. Supreme Court.... The Pacific passes the resolution offered by William Allan (Radical) Mail steamer City of Para is towed into Hampton that the members receive pay for their services. ... The having lost her propeller at sea.... The Japanese ParliaBritish Government agrees to loan Canada the amount of ment deplores the attempt to assassinate Li Hung Chang, indemnity ($425,000) to Canadian sealers which the U.S. Chinese envoy.... The Spanish Government accepts the Congress has refused to ratify.

resignation of Señor Muruaga as minister at Washington, March 23.-The Missouri Legislature adjourns....Gen- and also that of its minister at London ; Señor Leon Y. eral McNulta becomes sole receiver of the Whiskey Trust. Castillo is recalled from Paris. ...A French Bimetallic .... Testimony before a New Jersey legislative investigat- League is formed in Paris, with ex-Premier Loubet as ing committee shows systematic robbery of the State president....Rev. D. Percival consecrated Bishop of Herethrough sales of coal for the State House....In New York ford in Westminster Abbey.... Members of the Reichstag City, fifteen arrests are made of men indicted by the Grand and of the Prussian Diet proceed to Friedrichsruhe to conJury for violating the election laws.... Four firemen lose gratulate Prince Bismarck on his eightieth birthday. their lives in the burning of the St. James Hotel in Denver, March 26.-In the course of riots on the occasion of an Col.... The German Reichstag rejects a proposal to send election for Councilman in Baltimore, several men are seribirthday congratulations to Prince Bismarck ; President ously injured. ... Secretary Gresham approves the appointvon Levetzow immediately resigns....A new Spanishment of Señor Dupuy de Lôme as Spanish minister at Cabinet is formed by Canovas del Castillo : Navarro Re Washington. ... The Venezuelan Claims Commission gives verter, minister of finance ; Romero y Robledo, justice; judgment in favor of citizens of the United States for Gen. Azcarraza, war; Admiral Beranger, marine ; F. $143,500, about one-third of the amount of the claims, thus Cos-Gayon, interior ; Duke of Tetuan, foreign affairs; declaring in effect that Central and South American govCastellanos, colonies ; Bosch, public works. ...Collapse of erments subject to revolutions are responsible for acts of a tunnel at Guildford, on the London and South Western insurgents against the rights and property of foreigners, Railway....Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone return to London from even if such acts are beyond their control.... The Grand

Jury at New Orleans brings in forty indictments for murder against men implicated in the cotton-handlers riots, and places blame on the authorities. ... The Canadian Cabinet is reorganized ; J. C. Patterson, Minister of Militia, resigns his portfolio, and Secretary of State Dickey takes his place, being succeeded as Secretary of State by Dr. Montague.... Emperor William visits Prince Bismarck at Frederichsruhe and presents him with a sword.... Terms of agreement arrived at between the British Government and the British East Africa Company.

March 27.-Minister Thurston, of the Hawaiian Republic, leaves Washington....Fire in Milwaukee causes losses amounting to $1,000,000 in the business district. ...A convention called for the purpose of harmonizing differences among the white people of South Carolina with reference to the election of delegates to the constitutional convention is held at Columbia.... A mass meeting is held in New York City to insist on the passage of reform bills by the Legislature.... Harvard wins in the debate with Princeton .... The text of England's ultimatum to Nicaragua is made public in Washington. ... The Britannia defeats the Ailsa in a race at Nice.... The Cuban insurrection is reported as spreading rapidly.... National Congress of Evangelical Free Churches opened at Birmingham, England.... Baron von Buol elected President of the German Reichstag in succession to Herr von Levetzow....Col. Gregorieff (Russian Army) convicted of high treason and sentenced to eight years' hard labor in Siberia.

March 28.-About one hundred families are made home less by a fire in St. Augustine, Fla....Extensive forgeries of Chinese customs return certificates are discovered in San Francisco. ... Secretary Lamont issues an order increasing the penalties for drunkenness in the army.... The new Spanish Premier states that orders have been given to Spanish cruisers and colonial officials to observe international usages regarding maritime jurisdiction and the right of search, with a view to avoiding conflict with the United States or other powers.... In the British House of Commons Sir Edward Grey, Under Foreign Secretary, declares that the advance of a French expedition from the West Coast of Africa into territory subject to British claims would be considered an unfriendly act....Conference of employers and delegates of the South Wales Coal Trade at Westminster. ... The Japanese bombard and capture the forts of Haichow.... Discussion on the Chitral expedition in the Legislative Council, Calcutta.

March 29.—There is a temporary break in the Addicks vote in the Delaware Senatorial contest.... The Emperor of Japan consents to an unconditional armistice in the war with China, to terminate April 20....Spanish Republicans in convention at Madrid sanction both legal and revolutionary means of substituting a republic for the monarchy.... The British House of Commons passes, by a vote of 128 to 102, the resolution affirming the desirability of establishing local legislative assemblies for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. ... The Ailsa defeats the Britannia in a race off Nice.... Sir Charles H. Tupper consents to remain in the Canadian Cabinet on condition that the government is not to introduce at the next session of Parliament legislation against Manitoba, the question being left an open one.

March 30.-Another plot against the Hawaiian Government is discovered among Hawaiian exiles in San Francisco....A heavy fall of snow blocks trains in Colorado.... Three people are killed and eleven injured in a trolley-car accident at Jeanesville, Pa....Oxford defeats Cambridge in the annual Thames rowing race by two and one-quarter boat lengths....A great Bismarck comme s is kell in Ber

lin.... The German Reichstag adjourns for Easter recess. ....President Crespo, of Venezuela, dissolves the Cabinet formed on his accession to power in 1893, and appoints new ministers as follows : foreign affairs, Dr. Lucio Pulido ; treasury, M. A. Matos; war, General Ramon Guerra ; interior, Dr. Juan Francisco Castillo ; national improvements, General Jacinto Lara ; public instruction, Dr. Alejandro Urbaneja ; public works, José Maria Manrigue ; private secretary to the president, Dr. Nuñez....Portuguese decree issued dissolving the Chamber of Deputies, and reforming the electoral system ; the number of Deputies being reduced from 170 to 120.

March 31.-Sentence of penal servitude for life passed on the man who attempted to assassinate Li Hung Chang.

April 1.-The Colorado Legislature is dissolved by limitation.... Local elections in Connecticut, Michigan and Ohio result favorably to the Republicans, but a Democrat is chosen Mayor of Columbus, Ohio.... The War and Navy departments make choice of officers to serve on the board of engineers to inspect the Nicaragua Canal route and plans. ... The British House of Commons passes the Welsh Disestablishment bill through its second reading by a vote of 304 to 260....Prince Bismarck celebrates his eightieth birthday, at Friedrichsruhe, by addressing delegations (including 7,000 students) ; celebrations are held in many German cities. ...President Diaz, in his message to the Mexican Congress, states that a settlement of the boundary dispute with Guatemala has been reached, and an agreement signed by the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs and the Guatemalan minister.

April 2.—The Florida Legislature meets in biennial session; the Tennessee Legislature reconvenes, after a recess of forty days.... George B. Swift, Republican, is elected Mayor of Chicago, and the new civil service law adopted by a majority of 45,000 ; St. Louis, Denver, and Lincoln, Neb., also elect Republican officials; Judge John B. Wins low, of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, a non-partisan candidate, supported by Democrats, is re-elected to his seat over a Republican.... The Iowa Supreme Court sustains the constitutionality of the so-called Mulct liquor law of 1894. ...Prominent New York Republicans issue an address to the people of the State relative to the political situation of the city.

April 3.-Charles Warren Lippitt (Rep.) is elected Governor of Rhode Island by a plurality of 9,000.... President Cleveland appoints Major William Ludlow, U.S.A., Commander Endicott, U.S.N., and Alfred Noble, of Chicago, as a board on the Nicaragua Canal route.... The Governor of Missouri calls an extra session of the Legislature to pass a law for the prevention of lobbying.... The assistant cashier of a Chicago bank confesses to the theft of $50,000 of the bank's money ....King Oscar, of Sweden, declines to permit the Norwegian Ministers to resign. ... The Spanish Cabinet authorizes an inquiry into the causes of the disaster to the cruiser Reina Regente. ... Several lives are lost and many buildings wrecked by earthquakes in Italy.

A pril 4.-Hon. W. L. Wilson begins his duties as Postmaster General.... The fishing schooner Mildred 1. Lee, of Gloucester, Mass., is given up as lost, with sixteen souls. ....General Martinez Campos leaves Spain for Cuba.... The Newfoundland delegates hold their first conference with the Dominion government in Ottawa.

April 5.—The Utah Constitutional Convention adopts woman suffrage by a vote of 75 to 15. ... The Navy Department orders Admiral Kirkland to proceed with his cruisers to ports of Asiatic Turkey, to protect the lives of American missionaries.... The Extraordinary Grand Jury of New

which two rioters are killed by a Deputy United States Marshal, and two men fatally wound each other.... An important test of new rifled mortars and rifled heavy ordnance mounted on modern disappearing carriages is made at Sandy Hook. ...Highwaymen rob a Wells Fargo express wagon of $15,000 in Colorado, and fatally wound the express messenger.... Umra Khan escapes to the Chitral River, taking Lieutenants Fowler and Edwards as hostages.

April 12.–The reorganization committee of the Whiskey Trust at Chicago secures the appointment of Gen. McNulta as receiver, with extended powers and with instructions to bring about a sale of the property.... The report of

York City finds indictments against former Park Commissioners and others. ... The British Minister of Foreign Affairs informs Ambassador Bayard that Great Britain does not desire Nicaraguan territory, but that indemnity must be paid to British subjects driven from Bluefields during the Mosquito Reservation troubles in 1894. ... The French Minister of Foreign Affairs, M. Hanotaux, replies in the Senate to Sir Edward Grey's statements in the House of Commons relative to French aggression in Africa.

April 6.-The Nebraska Legislature adjourns. ... The Kansas Supreme Court confirms the conviction of a man charged with committing murder by hypnotizing the person who did the killing, the latter being acquitted.... The American Institute of Mining Engineers meets at St. Augustine, Fla.... The only large starch factory outside the trust is burned at Columbus, Ind.... A hotel at NijniiNovgorod, Russia, collapses while in course of construction, burying thirty workmen.

April 7.-Rains fall in lowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. .... The Mormon Church ends its annual conference at Salt Lake City

April 8.-The United States Supreme Court declares the income tax law of 1894 null and void in so far as it affects incomes derived from state, county or municipal bonds, or from rentals of real estate ; on the constitutionality of the law as a whole, the court is equally divided ; hence, with the exception of the two clauses cited, the law stands. .... The death of Governor Marvil (Rep.), of Delaware, causes the succession to the Governorship of the Speaker of the State Senate, a Democrat, who will dispense a large amount of patronage. ... The New York Assembly committee appointed to investigate the Brooklyn strike makes public its report strongly censuring the Mayor and other public officers for neglect of duty.... An explosion from fire-damp in a coal mine near Lake Whatcom, Wash., kills twenty-three men....Speaker Peel announces his resignation to the British House of Commons. ... The British troops of the Chitral expedition are again victorious over native tribesmen north of the Swat River.

April 9.-Disastrous floods are reported throughout the Eastern States. ...Counterfeit two-cent postage stamps in large amounts are discovered in Chicago.... Two more bands of insurgents are dispersed in Cuba ; Gen. Guillermo Moncada, one of their leaders, is killed. ... Sir Edward Grey, in the British House of Commons, states the attitude of the Government toward the Nicaragua Canal....General elections for members of the lower house of the Danish Diet result in the gain of fifteen seats by the Radicals.

April 10.-The American Line steamship St. Paul is launched at Philadelphia.... Mayor Swift, of Chicago, appoints John J. Badenoch Chief of Police and William Kent Commissioner of Public Works.... Wages are advanced ten per cent. in one of the large Fall River cotton mills.... Many of the striking cotton-handlers in New Orleans agree to work for any employer, whether he employs union hands or not, and to work with negroes.... Hon. William Court Gully is elected Speaker of the British House of Commons, to succeed Mr. Peel.... General Duchesne leaves Paris to take command of the French forces in Madagascar.. ... The Japanese search English vessels for cartridges, having found them on the British steamer Yiksang.... The Spanish troops in the province of Santiago, Cuba, defeat a band of insurgents under José Maceo at Palmarito; two of the rebel leaders are killed, two others taken prisoners, and a large quantity of arms and ammunition seized.

April 11. Secretary Morton orders an investigation of the cause of the high prices of meat....A race riot be tween railway laborers occurs at Siloam Springs, Ark., in



New Headmaster of Rugby. Consul-General DeKay, at Berlin, announcing the discovery of a new consumption cure by Dr. Waldstein, is made public....Captain-General Calleja telegraphs from Havana to the Spanish Government that the Cuban insurgent leader, Maceo, has been defeated, and is surrounded by government troops.... The French Senate passes the budget with amendments which are immediately rejected by the Deputies.

April 13.-Fire does considerable damage to the Illinois State Capitol at Springfield. ... The treasury deficiency at the close of business in Washington is over $50,000,000.... The price of oil continues to advance. ... The French Senate modifies its budget amendments, which are then adopted by the Deputies, and both houses adjourn.... Nicaragua makes a reply to Great Britain's ultimatum.... The Cuban insurgents are defeated at Palmamiros by a detachment of government troops commanded by Captain Aguilar.

April 14.-Heavy rains cause freshets throughout New England. ... The bodies of two murdered women are found in a church in San Francisco; a medical student is arrested, charged with the double crime. ... The Royal Commission in Scandinavia urges the Government to mobilize the army and fleet in view of the situation in Norway.

April 15.-A petition for a rehearing of the income tax cases is presented to the United States Supreme Court; the time for the filing of statements under the law expires. ...Heavy floods impeding railroad traffic are reported from New England, especially in New Hampshire and Vermont.... Earthquake shocks are felt in Italy and Austria ; several persons are killed at Laibach, Austria.

S. Minister to Portugal, an intimate friend of Nathaniel Hawthorne....Dr. L. A. von Müller, Munich. M arch 25.-Augustus S. Barber, a well-known New Jersey newspaper man....John E. Bell, a prominent Cincinnati politician. ...David McCoy, of Redlands, Cal., a veteran of the War of 1812.

March 26. -Rev. Frederick W. Holland, a prominent Unitarian clergyman of Concord, Mass. ... William B. Taylor, a manufacturing chemist of Saratoga, N. Y.... Rt. Rev. Patrick McAlister, Roman Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor, Ireland. ... William S. Kimball, a millionaire tobacconist of Rochester, N. Y....Dr. John Adams Ryder, professor of comparative embryology at the University of Pennsylvania. ...Enoch J. Smithers, U.S. Consul at Osaka.

April 16.—The cotton manufacturers of Fall River, Mass., vote to restore wages in the mills to the schedule in force previous to August 20, 1894, the restoration to go into effect April 22; the increase in wages demanded by the spinners and weavers in the woolen mills at Augusta, Maine, is granted, and the strike declared off ....General Martinez Campos arrives in Cuba.... The treaty between Japan and China is signed at Simonoseki.

April 17.-Oil in Pittsburgh and Oil City rises to $2.70, the highest price since 1877, and then declines. ...Joseph B. Greenhut is removed from the presidency and directory of the Whiskey Trust. ... Secretary Herbert designates the Columbia, New York, San Francisco and Marblehead to represent this country at the opening of the Kiel Canal. .... In the four bye-elections for members of the Dominion House of Commons, two seats are carried by Conservative, or Government candidates, and two by Liberals; the Catholics support the Conservatives....General Campos takes active measures to suppress the revolt in Cuba.

April 18.-Secretary Carlisle issues an order permitting the landing of passengers from ocean steamships after sunset.... Several miners are fatally shot in an affray at Coal Creek, Tenn.... England refuses to accept Nicaragua's proposal to submit matters of difference to arbitration....General Campos issues a proclamation offering pardon to all Cuban rebels, except the leaders.

April 19.-Patriots' Day, the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord, is celebrated in Massachusetts....S. M. Rice, of New York, is elected president of the Whiskey Trust in place of Joseph B. Greenhut.... The New York City Dock Board drops over three hundred employees from the reserve list.... Mrs. Delia Parnell, mother of Charles Stewart Parnell, is assaulted and robbed by a highwayman near her home at Bordentown, N. J.... Ambassadors Bayard and Eustis speak at the dinner of the American Society in London.... The British expedition continues its march to Chitral.... The Cuban insurrection in reported as spreading rapidly.

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OBITUARY. March 20.—Mrs. Abbie M. Gannet, essayist, poet and philanthropist, of Malden, Mass.

March 21.–Dr. Ludwig Frank, managing editor of the New York Morgen Journal.... Don Simon Lara, an American philanthropist resident in Mexico. ...Dr. Henry Coppée, acting president of Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa

March 22.-Ex-Congressman Richard Vaux, of Philadelphia. ... Edward D. Boylston, a leading New Hampshire editor.... Admiral Lord Clarence Paget, of the British Navy.

March 23. Sir Joseph Needham, ex-Chief Justice of Trinidad....Judge A. C. Smith, of the New Jersey Court of Errors and Appeals....Paul Hill, an engineer who superintended the construction of the Hoosac Tunnel.... Dr. Caleb S. Whitman, a well-known mineralogist of Gardiner, Me.... Ex-Adjutant General Walter W. Greenland, of Pennsylvania....Judge Emory Warren, a wellknown pioneer of Chautauqua County, N. Y.... Major 0. D. Cook, reporter of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. ... Admiral Sir William Martin.

March 24.-Henry Heylyn Hayter, Australian statistician. ... Captain C. W. Bellaires, of St. Louis, an authority on racing and athletic sports in the West....Ex-Chief Justice Seevers, of Iowa.....Dr. William S. W. Ruschenberger,

. U.S.N. (retired), ex-president of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences. ... William Vance, a pioneer Californian. ...John Louis O'Sullivan, of New York City, ex-U.

and Hiogo, Japan....Capt. Abel W. Fisher, of the U. S. Pension Office at Washington.

March 27.-Professor James E. Oliver, mathematician, of Cornell University....R. H. Bethune, general manager of the Dominion Bank of Toronto.... Maturin M. Ballon, a well-known Boston publisher.... Agnes Monroe Russell, a well-known newspaper writer.

March 28.-Field Marshal Sir Patrick Grant, of the British Army.... Ex-Congressman George M. Landers, of New Britain, Conn....Langdon S. Ward, treasurer of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. ....Baron des Rotours, Conservative Deputy for a constituency in the Nord, France. ... Dowager Duchess of Buocleuch.... Henry George Agar-Ellis, fourth Viscount Clifden.... Captain Edward W. Owen, of Maryland. ...H. P. Rolfe, newspaper manager and one of the first settlers of Great Falls, Montana.

March 29.--Ex-Congressman John S. Peters, of Lebanon, Ind....E. C. Humes, president of the First National Bank of Bellefonte, Pa....Dr. James Kennedy, chemist, of San Antonio, Texas....John W. Cary, general counsel of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway.... State Senator Robert Turner, of Colorado.

March 30.-Judge Randolph B. Martine, of New York City.... Rev. Henry Bascom Ridgway, president of the

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