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(From the latest numbers received.) American Amateur Photographer.-New York. April. Historical Method of Interpretation. James Brand. Photography in America, as Viewed by an Englishman.

The Social Ethics of Jesus." John S. Sewall. Beginners' Column.-XVIII: Wet Collodion. John Clarke.

Restricted Communion. James W. Willmarth. Equations of the Conjugate Foci. W. M. Murray.

President Harper's Lectures. Howard Osgood. American Magazine of Civics.– New York. April.

Blackwood's Magazine.-London. April. The Modern Theory of Representation. L. R. Harley.

China's Extremity. What is Economic Value : Arthur Kitson.

Glengarry; A Highland Chief and His Family. Louise C. R Patriotism. Wilmot H. Goodale.

Macdonell. An Historic Legislative Crisis. Alfred E. Lee.

Our Indian Frontier. Major-General Sir George B. Wolseley. Colonial Relationship to the Mother-Land. J. H. Long.

The English Food Gifts After the Siege of Paris. Revision of Constitutions. William W. Phelps.

Daniel in the Critic's Den. Dr. Robert Anderson. What True Patriotism Demands of the Citizen. Roger Sher

The Great Unclaimed ; Unclaimed Fortunes.

In Mitylene with the Late Sir Charles Newton, man, Reform from the Farmer's Point of View. Wilbur Aldrich,

The Short Sea Cross-Channel Routes. The Cry of "Anarchist." Eugene V. Debs.

Political Evolution, Bimetallism vs. the Single Standard. L. B. Prince.

John Stuart Blackie. Some Aspects of the Liquor Problem.. Henry O. Ward.

Board of Trade Journal.-London, March 15. The Sabbath as a Civil Institution. B. W. Williams.

Tea Cultivation in the Caucasus. American Meterological Journal.-Boston. April.

The Development of German East Africa.

Foreign Import Duties on Agricultural Produce, etc. Foreign Studies of Thunderstorms: Switerland. R. Dec. Foreign and Colonial Import Duties on Sugar.

Note on Croll's Glacial Theory. W. M. Davis,

Bookman.-London. April,
The American Monthly.-Washington. March.

F. Marion Crawford.

At the Grave of Rossetti. J. A. Noble.
Proceedings of the Fourth Continental Congress.

Mary Queen of Scots. Continued. D. Hay Fleming.
American Naturalist.-Philadelphia. April.

The Bookman.-New York. March. Fluorin as a Test for the Fossilization of Animal Bones. T. Interview with Mr. John Davidson. Jane T. Stoddart. Wilson.

The Editor of "The Yellow Book." W. H. Carpenter.
Experimental Evolution Amongst Plants. L. H. Bailey. The French Symbolists. Adolphe Cohn.
Observations on a So-called Petrified Man. J. T. Anderson. Ian Maclaren at Home. James A. Noble.
On the Validity of the Genus Margaritana. C. T. Simpson.

Canadian Magazine.-Toronto. April.
Art Amateur.-New York. April.
Drawing for Reproduction.

The Art Spirit. 0. A. Howland.

The Lost Colony of Roanoke E. Y. Wilson. Flower-Drawing in Pen and Ink.-Pansies. E. M. Hallowell.

Saxon or Slav : England or Russia. David Mills. Flower-Painting in Water-Colors. Patty Thum,

Sunday Morning at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Landscape-Painting. M. B. O. Fowler.

Jerusalem. Figure-Painting -V1. M. B. Odenheimer.

A Glimpse of Robert Barr. C. S. Allen. Talks on Embroidery.-V.

Youthful Canada and the Boys' Brigade. J. C. Hopkins. Art Interchange.- New York. April.

Rome Revisited. Notes on Travel in Spain.

Cassell's Family Magazine.-London. April. Some Young Women Sculptors. Polly King.

Bench and Bar ; a Stroll Through the Courts. W. E. Gray. Wash-Drawing for Process Reproduction. J. B. Millet.

Beautiful House-Linen. Ellen T. Masters.
Artistic Piano Decoration.

S. R. Crockett; Interview. W. E. Garrett-Fisher.
Asiatic Quarterly.-Woking. April,

English Common Sense. Arnold White.

In a Sledge Through Famished Russia. E. W. C. Brooke. India in 1893. Sir Lepel H. Griffin. Thu Mandate to the Legislative Council of India-the Cotton

Cassell's Saturday Journal.-London. April.
Duties. C. D. Field.
China's Future: A Study. Colonel Mark Bell.

Gilbert Parker; Interview.
The Anglo-Chinese Convention and the Burmese Frontier. Kleptomania : à Disease or a Profession ?
General A. R. Macmahon.

Cassier's Magazine.- New York. April.
East Africa and the Nile,
Western Australia, A. F. Calvert.

Some Features of the Inventive Career of Hiram S. Maxim
The_Sankhya Philosophy-the Migration of Tales, C. H. J. B, Smith.

The Legal Aspects of Electrolysis. Henry C. Townsemd. Trial by Ordeal in Siam and the Siamese Law of Ordeals. Large Guns as Magnets. Lieut.-Col W. R. King. Captain G. E. Gerini.

The First Three-High Roll Train. John Fritz.
The Chinese Viceroyalty of Manchuria, Lieut-Col. W. E. Mechanical Eqạipment of Power Stations. R. C. Carpenter.

More Engineering Fallacies. Henry Morton.
Atalanta.-London, April.

Corrosion of Boilers and Steamships. Wm. C. Ward.

Pressure Gauges. C. R. L. Lemkes. The Thames Palaces. E. Oliver.

American Beet Sugar Industry. H. S. Adams.
Teaching: an Occupation for Gentlewomen. Jane Lee. Installing Exhibits at the World's Fair. W. L. Clements.
The Roman Villa at Darenth, Kent.

Catholic World.-New York. April.
Banker's Magazine.- New York. April.

The Inerrancy of Scripture in the Light of the Encyclical Railroads in Default on their Mortgage Bonds.

"Providentissimus Deus." P.J. Cormican. Comparative Stability of Bank Dividends. J. S. H. Umsted. Brook Farm To-day. A. A. McGinley. The Iron Situation in the United States. Alvin I. Findley. A New System of Writing for the Blind. J. A. Zahm. Canadian Mortgage Loan and Building Companies. John Miler the Apostate. P. G. Smyth. Hague.

Little People and Great Ideas. John J. O'Shea. Recent Laws and Decisions.

Musings of a Missionary, Walter Elliott.

The Apostle of the Alleghenies. K. Hart.
Biblical World.-Chicago. April.

Personal Honesty in Civic Reform.

Missions and Mission-Workers in “The Great Lone Land." Ezekiel, the Prophet of the Exile. W. R. Betteridge.

E. S. Colcleugh.
Modern Theosophy in Its Relation to Hinduism and Bud-

Charities Review.-Galesburg, nl. March.
The Teaching of Jesus.-IV. George B. Stevens.
An Introduction to the Quran.-II. Gustav Weil.

An Experiment in Relief by Work. Cornelius Gardener.

On Personal Service and Friendly Visiting. Lillian D. Wald. Bibliotheca Sacra.-Oberlin, Ohio. (Quarterly.) April.

Military Drill for Boys' Clubs.

George Peabody, Philanthropist. William E. Simonds. The Republic and the Debs Insurrection. Z. S. Holbrook. A Mountain “Sanctuary" in Piedmont. Emily C. Cook. The Authority of the Scriptures. Frank H. Foster,

Charity Organization in Southern Cities. Philip W. Ayres.

Contemporary Review.-London. April.
“The Foundations of Belief.” Dr. A. M. Fairbairn.
The Canadian Copyright Act. T. Hall Caine and Others.
The Fiction of Sexuality. James Ashcroft Noble.
The Love of the Saints." Vernon Lee."
Scottish National Humor. S. R. Crockett.
Australia Revisited. J. F. Hogan.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Julia Wedgewood.
The Railway to India. C. E. D. Black.
Early Anabaptism. Richard Heath.
The Political Situation in France. Gabriel Monod.

Cornhill Magazine.-London. April.
Sligachan and the Coolins, Skye.
Norman Blood or Otherwise.
Doctor Busby.

The Dial.-Chicago.

March 16.
The Report on Elementary Education. Frederic L. Luqueer.
Rome and Chicago. Samuel Willard.

April 1.
The Neglected Art of Translation.
From Sophocles to Ibsen.
The Aims of Literary Study. A. L. Triggs.

Economic Journal.-(Quarterly.) London. March.
Quesnay's Tableau Economique. S. Bauer.
Inequality of Local Rates. E. Cannon.
The Municipal Work and Finance of Glasgow. W. Smart.
The English Currency Under Edward I. With Diagrams. C.
G. Orump and A. Hughes.

Education.-Boston. April.
The Æsthetic Side of Education. H. L. Clapp.
Social Evolution, by Benjamin Kidd. J. G. Taylor.
Speech for Deaf Infants. Estella V. Sutton.
Military Education in Colleges. Lieut. John K. Cree.
The English Gerund. J. W. Wilkinson,
Unappreciated Factors in Education. Principal Austin.
Ethics of a Vocabulary. Franklin B. Sawvel.

Educational Review.-London. April.
The Organization of Secondary Education : the French Sys-

tem. W. Stewart MacGowan. The Examiner and His Influence. T. Raymont. Educational Expenses in England about 1600 A.D. Foster Watson.

Educational Review.-New York. April. Educational Aims and Educational Values. Paul H. Hanus. Educational Values :

The Ancient Classics. W. W. Goodwin.
History of the Fine Arts. Charles E. Norton.
Mathemation. Frank A. Hill.
History. Anna B. Thompson.
Natural Science. John F. Woodhull,
English. George H. Browne.

The Modern Languages. Hugo K. Schilling.
The University Crisis in Germany. James E. Russell.

Fortnightly Review.-London. April.
The Situation in Egypt. Sir W. T. Marriott.
The Liberal Party and Its Candid Friends. W. B. Duffela.
Mr. Balfour's "Foundations of Belief." Prof. W. Wallace.
A System of Coast Defense. W. Laird Clowes.
The Historical Aspect of the Monetary Question. Hon. Alex.

Del Mar.
The China Problem and Its Solution. E. T. C. Werner.
Literary Degenerates ; Dr. Max Nordau's Book. Janet E.
_ Hogarth.
Truck Legislation and the Home Secretary's Bill. Stephen

N. Fox.
Glasgow : A Model Municipality. W. E. Garrett Fisher.
A New Law of Geographical Dispersal. Charles Dixon.

The Forum.-New York. April.
The Real “Quintessence of Socialism." W. H. Mallock.
The Battle of Standards and the Fall of Prices. E. Atkinson.
Is Sound Finance Possible Under Popular Government ? J.

B. McMaster. Social Discontent.-III. More Remedies Henry Holt. Women in European Universities. Alice Zimmern. A Study of Beggars and Their Lodgings. Alvan F. Sanborn. The Doom of the Small Town. Henry J. Fletcher. Studies of Notable Men: Lord Rosebery. Justin McCarthy. Suppression of the Lottery and Other Gambling. Newman

Smyth, The Healthful Tone for American Literature. Richard Burton.

Free Review.-London. April.
The Bimetallist Menace. J. M. Robertson.
Is Man Immoral ? D. H. Balfour.

Arnold Toynbee and Henry George. H. Llewelyn Davies.
Studies in the Book of Isaiah.
The Newcastle Discussion : Boycotting the Free Review. J.

Are We Cassandra ? The Riley Crusade and the Pagan Policy.

Gentleman's Magazine.-London. April.
The Scottish Stage in the Last Century.
Giant Telescopes. J. Ellard Gore.
Anarchism: Its Origin and Organization. C. B. Roylance

A Six Days' Tour in London. Percy Fitzgerald.
Goethe's " Iphigenia." J. W. Sherer.
The Wild Flora of Scotland. Rev. J. H. Crawford.
About Donkeys-and Horses. Barbara Clay Finch.

Geographical Journal.-London. March.
The British Central Africa Protectorate. H. H. Johnston.
The Portuguese Discovery of America. With Maps. H. Y.

A Trip to Turkistan. Capt. H. Bower.
M. Obrucheff's Explorations in Mongolia.

Godey's Magazine. New York. April.
Helen of Troy, Iphigenia, Jephthah's Daughter. S. M. Miller.
British Beauties.
Mysteries of Africa. F. W. Wendt.
Home of the Trout in Winter. Richard Slee.

Good Words.-London. April.
The_Oxford House Workmen's Club in the East End. P.

The Moharrem Festival in Natal. J. Meldrum.
Some Letters from Bernard Barton. Margaret Howitt.
The Art and Craft of Paper-Staining. L. J. Day.
Copernicus. Sir R. Ball.
Farnham Castle. Precentor Venables,
Walking Sticks. L. N. Badenoch.

The Green Bag.-Boston. April.
Chancellor James Kent. Charles S. Martin.
The Supreme Court of Ohio. Edgar B. Kinkead.
Wm. Atwood, Chief Justice of the Colony of New York, 1701-

Home and Country. New York. April.
Life Among the Afghans. B. Bernard.
Venetian Glass. Florian Martell.
Free Kindergarten Schools. Caroline B, LeBow.
The New Birth of India. J. B. Whitford.
From Petersburg to Appomattox. John R. Benson.

Homiletic Review.-New York. April.
Arthur Hugh Clough and His Poetry. J. O. Murray.
The Spirit of Man. James Douglas.
Drummond's Ascent of Man. George P. Mains.
Order of Events of the Resurrection Morning J. H. Jones.
International Journal of Ethics.-Philadelphia. (Quarterly)..

April. Self-Assertion and Self-Denial. J. S. Mackenzie. Moral Forces in Dealing with the Labor Question. W. M..

Salter. Ethical Consequences of the Doctrine of Immortality. W.

Lutoslawski. Philosophical Sin. Charles Lea. National Character and Classicism in Italian Ethics. Los

Ferri. The Motives to Moral Conduct. A. Döring. Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies.

Philadelphia. February. Notes on European Water Supply. Allen Hazen. The Lake Vyrnwy Water Supply for Liverpool. T.: M..

Drown. The United Verde and Pacific Railway. E. H. Beckler. Riparian Ownership of Lands Bordering on Lakes and

Rivers. J. H. Armstrong. The State Topographical Survey of Minnesota. W. R. Hong. Journal of Political Economy.-Chicago. (Quarterly.).

March. Quantity of Money and Prices, 1861-1892. Relation of Sociology to Economics. Albion W. Small. Public Ownership of Mineral Lands in the United States. Go

0. Virtue.
Credit Instruments in Retail Trade. David Kinley.

Kindergarten Magazine.-Chicago. April.
Knighthood a Symbol of Moral Power. Susan E. Blow.
The Earth in Relief-the New Geography. Thomas Jones.
Decoration in the Schoolroom.
The First School Year.-VIII. Katharine Beebe.

Music's Mother-Tone and Tonal Onomatopy. C. C. Converse. Bonnet's Theory of Evolution. C. O. Whitman.

Month.-London. April.
Mr. Balfour and the Foundations of Belief. Rev. George

Some Legends of Provence. Archibald J. Dunn.
A Malay Festival. B. Archdeacon Cody.
Lent. Rev. Herbert Thurston.

Music.- Chicago. April.
The American People and Musical Progress. W. L. Tomlins.
Tristan and Isolde. Annie B. Mitchell.
Music in Mysticism. Naphtali Herzimber.
Johannes Brahms. W. S. B. Matthews.
Is Perfect Intonation Practicable? James P. White.

Knowledge.-London. April. The Circulation of Water in the Atmosphere of Mars. Camille

Flammarion. With the Second Peary Greenland Expedition. E. Astrup. The Evolution of Fruits. Dr. C. F. Marshall. The White-Breasted Albatros on Laysan Island. The Filtration of Water. Dr. S. Rideal.

Leisure Hour.-London. April. Washington, the American Capital. E. Porritt. Rambles in Japan. Canon Tristram. Natural History Before Walton. F, G. Aflalo. A Bird's-Eye View vf the Argentine Republic. May Crom

New Oxford W.J. Gordon.
Mrs. Henry Wood. With Portrait. A. H. Japp.

Lend a Hand.-Boston. April.
Tuskegee Negro Conference. R. C. Bedford.
Union in Cities
Board School Children and Their Food.
School for Icelandic Women.
Ramabai Association. Annual Report.

Longman's Magazine.-London. April.
English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century. Prof. J. A. Froude.
Dean Church of St. Paul's.
Our Young Servants.

Lucifer.-London. March. Myths of Observation. E. Tregear. The Buddhism of Tibet G. R. S. Mead. Illusion. M. U. Moore. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Continued. Vera P. Jelihovsky. Ancient Wisdom and Modern Scionce. J. Stirling. Unpublished Letters of Eliphas Lévi. Continued. The Clash of Opinion ; Charges Against Mr. Judge.

Ludgate Illustrated Magazine.- London. April. Royal Masonic Institution for Boys, Wood Green. W. C.

Some Interesting Shots. D. Trelawney.
The Coal Exchange. F. Dolman.

Lutheran Quarterly.-Gettysburg, Pa. April.
The Apostles' Creed and the Monuments. Junius B. Fox.
The Central Principle of Lutheranism. J. W. Richard.
The Super-Angelic Rank of the Redeemer. Edmund J. Wolf.
On the Day of the Crucifixion of Our Lord. C. W. Heisler.
The Order for the Baptism of Infants. G. U. Wenner.
Three Thirds of a Man and his Education, H. C. Haithcox.
Helpful Co-operation. John E. Bushnell.
The Sources of Luther's Language. Karl F. R. Hochdoerfer.

Macmillan's Magazine.-London. April.
The Navy Records Society.
Vincent Bourne A. C. Benson.
The Situation in Italy. . C. B. Roylance-Kent.
A Village Scbool in Somersetshire.
Some Thoughts on Fénelon.
The Expedition to La Plata in 1806. Hon. J. W. Fortescue.

Menorah Monthly.-New York. April.
Temple Emanu-El's Golden Jubilee. M. Ellinger.
Concerted Action. Louis Grossman.
Sabbath or Sunday ? Rabbi Bien
Why do we Still Remain Jews ? Joseph Silverman.
The Hebrew in Civilization. Joseph L. Taylor.

Midland Monthly.-Des Moines, Iowa. April.
An Outing in South Africa. Jane M. Neill.
A Trip to the Black Hills. Leigh Leslie.
Frank P. Bellew ( Chip ''). C. F. Collisson.
Literary Dubuque. Samantha W. Shoup.
The Icarian Community. Barthinius L. Wick.

Missionary Herald.-Boston. April.
Definiteness of Missionary Consecration. E. K. Alden.
The Early Work in Macedonia. C. F. Morse.

Missionary Review of the World.-New York. April.
Rev. Adeniram Judson Gordon, D.D. A. T. Pierson.
The Apostle Columba. A. J. Gordon.
Andrew P. Harper, M.D. S. F. Scovel.
Hindu Reformers of this Century. J. E. Tupp.
Facts and Figures from British India. G. H Schodde.
The London Mission in Travancore. Samuel Mateer.
Family Life in India. Albert Norton.

Monist.--Chicago. (Quarterly). April.
The World's Parliament of Religions. C. C. Bonney.
The World's Religious Parliament Extension.
A Piece of Patchwork. C. Lloyd Morgan.
The Well-Springs of Reality. E. D. Fawcett.

National Review.-London. April The Irish Parliamentary Fund : Cheques. Viscount Wolmer. The Choice of Books. Leslie Stephen. Twelve Hundred Miles in a Wagon through British South

Africa. With Map. Miss Balfour The Currency Question-for Laymen. Herbert Gibbs, Sir W.

H. Houldsworth, and Sir David Balfour. Sir Geoffrey Hornby. W. Laird Clowes. The Progressive Check in the London County Council. C. A.

Whitmore. Twenty five Years of the Court Theatre of Munich. J. G.

Robertson. Resolutions of the House of Commons. Prof. G. W. Prothero. Recent Finance.

Natural Science.—London. April. The Discussion on Variation at the Royal Society. The Origin of Species Among Flat Fishes. J. T. Cunningham. Forms of Mountains. J. E. Marr. The Structure and Habits of Archæopteryx. Concluded. C.

H. Hurst. The Teeth of the Horse. W. G. Ridgewood. A Passage-at-Arms over the Amphipoda. Rev. T. R. R. Steb.

Max Nordau's "Degeneration."

Outing.–New York. April.
In the Mountains of Japan. Laura B. Starr.
A Bull-Fight on the Border. Philip W. Avirett.
Cycling in the Jersey Pines. Henry M. Sayres.
Rigging and Sails._A. J. Kenealy.
How Greyhounds Hunt. Aaron H. Powers, Jr.
The Fallen City of Theebaw. Edwin A. Dix.
Lenz's World Tour Awheel.-Mandalay to Thabyed aung.
Jacking for Pickerel. E. W. Chubb.
The National Guard of Illinois. Lieut. W. R. Hamilton.

Overland Monthly.-San Francisco. April.
The Singers of the Century. Harry W. Wack.
Mission Music and Musicians. J. J. Peatfield.
The Coming of the River Piura. Alfred F. Sears.
The Bible and Divorce.-I.
An Oregonian Poet Hermit. W.F. D. Jones,
The Jew in San Francisco. Gustav A. Danziger.
The Jew from a Gentile Standpoint. K. M. Nesfield.
Pampas Grass and Pomegranate in California. H. W. R.

Pall Mall Magazine.-London. April. Yachting in France. C. Geard. Footprints of the Devil in Our Own Country. R. Bruce Bos.

well. Westminster. Walter Besant. The Chronicles of Charles Street, Mayfair. Countess of Cork. Cavalry in the Waterloo Campaign. Continued. Gen. Sir E.

Wood. Concerning the House of Lords and Socialism. W. H. Grenfell.

Photo-American.-New York. March.
Flower Photography. H W. Hales.
Light Which can be used with Dry Plate.
Multiple Photography.
Improvement of Negatives. E. J. Wall.
Coloring Photographs.
A Simple Method for Making Colored Transparencies.
Remarks on Photographing Difficult Interiors.
With a Camera in Europe.
Artificial Illumination in Studios. W. F. Hapgood.
The After-Development of Platinotypes. E, C. Hertslet.

Landscape Photography. A. H. Wall.
Second-Hand Lenses. John A. Hodges.
Analytical Chemistry for Photographers ? E. Benest.
Soluble Paper. C. F. Townsend.
Plate Backing. George Bankart.
Amateur Printing. C. M. Shipman.

New Process of Treating Platinotype.
Collodio-Chloride Transparencies.

Photo-Beacon.-Chicago. April.
Color Photography.
Control Over Results in Development. Alfred Watkins.
Apparatus for Testing the speed of Shutters.
Photographic Expedients.
Stereoscopic Pictures. G. S. Turner.
Collodio-Chloride for Transparencies. J. S. Teape.
The Neck and Hands.
Platino Effects on Solio Prints.
Toning of Platinum Prints.

Poet-Lore.-Boston. April.
Schiller's " Jungfrau von Orleans.". J. N. Willan.
Shakespeare's John-a-Combe." Charlotte C Stopes.
Moral Proportion and Fatalism in “Hamlet." Ella A. Moore.
Horatio as a Friend. H. P. Goddard.

Popular Astronomy.-Northfield, Minn. April. The Study of Physical Astronomy. T. J. J. See. Mars. Percival Lowell. Laplace on the Variation of the Latitude. Arthur B. Han.

cock. The Photograpy of Comets. W. J. Hussey. Almanacs. R. W. McFarland. On the Variable Stars of Short Period.-IV. Paul S. Yendell. Reflectors. D. W. Edgecomb. The Climate of Mars. Marsden Manson.

Popular Science Monthly.-New York. April. Some Curiosities of Thinking. M. Allen Starr. Pleasures of the Telescope.-IV. Virgo and Her Neighbors.

G. P. Serviss.
The Successor of the Railway. Appleton Morgan.
Some of the "Outliers" Among Birds. R. W. Shuffeldt.
Studies of Childhood.-VII. Later Progress in Language.

J. Sully.
The Personal Equation in Human Truth. R. P. Halleck.
Manual Training.-II. C. H. Henderson.
Animals that Live in Caves. E. A. Martel.
The Sahd's Annual Pilgrimage. A. H. Gouraud.
Communicated Insanity. Charles W. Pilgrim.
Sketch of Professor Lardner Vanuxem.

Presbyterian Quarterly.-Richmond, Va. April.
Latest Phase of Historical Rationalism. B. B. Warfield.
The Bible in the College Curriculum. E. H. Gaines.
The Church's Double Commission. P.D. Stephenson.
Paul on the Lord's Supper in I Cor. xi, 17-34. F. P. Ramsay.
Ordination in Heathen Lands. J. P. Robertson.
Madame de Maintenon. C. C. Starbuck.
The Single Tax Upon Land. James A. Quarles.
Presbyterian and Reformed Review.-Philadelphia. (Quar-

terly.) April. Christianity and the Experimental Method. Robert McC.

Edgar. The Messianic Idea in the Prophets. Talbot W. Chambers. The Formation of the New Testament. George T. Purves. Origin and Composition of Genesis. Edwin C. Bissell. William Greenough Thayer Shedd. John De Witt. Jair and Havvoth Jair. 'W. S. Watson. The Latest Ecclesiastical Movements in Germany. Adolf

An Obsolete Word Examined. Samuel Hutchings.
Prof. Orr's Christian View of God and the World. T. G.

Bezold's Oriental Diplomacy. J. A. Craig.

New Church Review.-Boston. (Quarterly). April.
Swedenborg and Aristotle. Frank Sewall.
The Life of Charity. Francis A. Dewson.
The Development of Language Jacob E. Werren.
Boehme and Swedenborg: Theodore F. Wright.
The Right to Labor Julian K. Smyth.
Competition or Co-operation. Henry C Hay.
Tolstoi's Latest Book. William H. Mayhew.

New Review.-London. April.
Lord Randolph Churchill and Mr. Chamberlain: Two Dema-

gogues The Manning of the Fleet. David Hannay. Novels of Scottish Rural Life; the Literature of the Kail

yard. J. H. Millar.
Indía: Impressions. C F. Keary.
The Case for Sweden.
Sir Philip Sidoey:

a Causerie. T. E. Brown. Max Nordau's Book: The True Degenerate. Charles Whib.

ley. Appeal in Criminal Cases Sir Herbert Stephen. A Gallery of Athletes. E. B. Osburn.

Nineteenth century.-London. April. England and the Mediterranean. Colonel Sir George Clarke. The Foundations of Belief. Dr, Martineau. The Decline of the House of Commons. Sidney Low. Sanitation : Penalties of Ignorance. Lady Priestley, Domestic Architecture in Paris. Count de Colonne. Sex in Modern Literature. Mrs. Crackanthorpe. The Greater Antiquity of Man. Professor Prestwich The Latest Irish Land Bill : A Suggestion. Lord Monteagle. Some American “Impressions" and . Comparisons." Miss

Elizabeth L. Banks. The Plays of Thomas Heywood, Algernon Charles Swin.

London and the Water Companies. Sir John Lubbock.
The Diatessaron of Tatian. Walter R. Cassels.
Skopas and Praxiteles in the British Museum. Miss Eugénie

What is Church Authority? Canon Carte.
Manufacturing a New Pauperism. C. S. Loch.

North American Review.-New York. April.
A Last Tribute. Thomas B. Reed.
The Future of the Torpedo in War. Admiral P. H. Colomb.
Two Years of American Diplomacy., George Gray.
The Position of Judaism. 1. Zangwill.
Nagging Women-A Reply. Cyrus Edson.
The Growing Greatness of the Pacific. Lorrin A. Thurston.
The Physician and the Social Question. Paul Gibier,
Does Fire Insurance Cost too Much? George U. Croker
The Outlook for Parliamentary Government. Hannis Tay-

lor. Personal History of the Second Empire.-IV. Albert D. Vandam.

Our Day:-Springfield, Ohio. April.
American Treaty Rights in Turkey.
Frederick Douglass Character and Career. J. E. Rankin.
The Holy Spirit in Scripture, Science and Life. Joseph Cook.

Review of Reviews.- New York. April.
The Living Greek. J. Irving Manatt.
S. Dana Horton. Frederick William Hollis.
Our "Civic Renaissance." Albert Shaw.
"The Foundations of Belief." W. T. Stead.

The Rosary.-New York. April.
Marshal Bosquet. John A. Mooney.
St. Joseph's Working Boy's Home, Philadelphia.

of Arc Before the Bar of the Church. Reuben Parsons. Our Lady of Good Counsel. Eliza A. Ştarr. A Page of Church History in New York. J. S. M. Lynch.

Sanitarian.-New York. April. The Need of a National Board of Health. Charles 0. His.

cock. Domestic Garbage Disposal. The Household Carbonizer. W.

F. Morse.
Manure Disposal in New York.
How to Burn and How to Save Gas. W. R. Herring.
Alcoholism and “Gold Cures." J. A. Tanner.

School Review.-Hamilton, N. Y. April.
A Recent Tendency in Secondary Education Examined. P.

H. Hanus.
Rigid Courses vs. Optional Studies. Samuel Thurber.
Roman Education. S. S. Laurie.
Nomenclature in Secondary Schools. F. E. Partington.

Scottish Geographical Magazine.-Edinburgh. March.
Andorra : the Republic of the Pyrenees. J. Smith.
An East African Waterway. H. J. Keane.
A Map Showing the Mortality from Malarial Fever in Italy
from 1890-92. Luigi Bodio.

Social Economist.-New York. April.
The Past and Coming Congresses.
British Wheat Production Under Free Trade.
High Wages in the United States. Emile Waxweiler.
English Drift Toward Municipal Socialism.
The "No-Profit Line" in Wheat Raising.
Civic Helps for Civic Life. M. M. G. Dana.

The Southern Magazine.-Louisville. March.
Historic and Picturesque Chattanooga. Francis Lynde.
On the Make-up of Humor. D. H. Hill, Jr.
An Aspect of Modern Life. Abraham Flexner.
Tobacco: The Industry. John B. Carrington.
Robert Louis Stevenson. Young E. Allison.

Southern States.-Baltimore. April.
Southward Tendency of Emigration. J. B. Killebrew.
Tennessee River Improvement. T. H. Allen.
Later Facts about Northwest Louisiana M B. Hillyard.



The Stenographer.-Philadelphia. April. Literal Reporting.-I. Pen or Pencil. David Wolfe Brown. Law Reporting. H. W. Thorne. Mr. Howard and the Missing Link.-VIII. George R. Bishop.

Strand Magazine.-London. March 15.
Monsieur Got: The Father of the Comédie Française.

Baroness A. Salvador.
Some Shapes of Heads. J. E. Barnard.
Cheltenham College. Mrs. L. T. Meade.
How Explosives Are Made. W. G. FitzGerald.
Journeyings of the Judges.,
Eccentric Ideas. J. Scott.

Students' Journal.—New York. April.
"Improved Outlines of Standard Phonography."
Wealth and Its Uses. Andrew Carnegie.
Oyster Culture : Ancient and Modern Methods.
Engraved Shorthand, Eight Pages.
Problems of the Present. Chauncey M. Depew.

Sunday at Home - London. April.
The Nestorian Monument of Hsi-au-Fu. Prof. Legge.
The Use and Abuse of Fiction. Mrs. Watson.
A Visit to Bashan and Argob. Continued. Major A. Heber-

The Bible House, Queen Victoria Street. W. J. Gordon.
Sunday at Bow and Bromley.

Sunday Magazine.-London. April.
Country Remedies. Rev. S. Baring-Gould.
Salisbury Cathedral. Dean of Salisbury.
Sydney Smith and Social Reform. A. W. W. Dale.
East Park Home for Infirm Children, Glasgow. A. Lamont.
Nestlings. Rev. T. Wood
The Eve of Christianity. F. T. Richards.

Temple Bar.-London. April. Letters of Edward Fitzgerald to Fanny Kemble, 1871–1883. “ Madame." Charlotta Elizabeth, Duchess of Orleans. The Witchery of the Quantocks. John Byron ; a Manchester Man of Letters.

The United Service.-Philadelphia. April. The Supply of the Armies of Frederick the Great and Napo

leon.-IV. Arab Men and Arab Horses. Origin and Development of Steam Navigation. G. H. Preble.

United Service Magazine.-London. April. War Clouds in the North : the Situation in Norway. Lieu

tenant Kuylenstierna. The Submarine Boat. Lieutenant Sleeman. Army Financial Reform. Major Seaton Churchill. Australian Federation for Defense Major-General Tulloch. Enteric Fever the Scourge of India : Its Cause. Brigade

Surgeon Lieut.-Colonel Hill Climo.
The Hong Kong Plague.
A Plea for the Navy League. H. W. Wilson.
Patent Laws of Great Britain and Ireland. Major J. G. Stone.
The Colonial Troops of France ; Apropos of Madagascar.

Captain Pasfield Oliver.
The War between China and Japan. Colonel Maurice.

Westminster Review.-London. April.
Anti-Disestablishment. A. Graham-Barton.
Arthur Schopenhauer. M. Todhunter.
The Rulers of Ireland.
The Evolution of the Sex. A. G. P. Sykes.
Finality in Literary Judgment. W. Macneile Dixon.
A Reformed House of Lords. T. A. Le Mesurier.
Shakespeare and a Municipal Theatre. Arthur Dillon.
Through the Jenolan Caves in New South Wales, Australia.

F.C. T. Mann.
The Relation of Language to Thought. C. N. Barham.
The Poetry of Christina G. Rosetti. Alice Law.

Wilson's Photographic Magazine.--New York. April.
Camera and Bicycle Abroad. J. Harrison Lamson.
A Method for the Improvement of Photographs for Process

Workers. Advertising and How to Go About It. John A. Tennant. Collodion or Gelatine-Which! H. C. Stiefel. The Apparent Size of Objects. Dry vs. Wet Plates for Half-tone Engraving. John Carbutt. Practical Photo-Engraving.-II. A. C. Austin.


Alte und Neue Welt.-Einsiedeln. April.
Social Intercourse and Family Life in Ancient Rome. P.

Alfons Maria. With Portrait. P. Laicus.
Pipes. R. March.
The Cedars of Lebanon. T. Berthold.
Count Albrecht of Austria. With Portrait. F. Zöhrer.


March 2
An Earthquake at Constantinople.
King Theodore of Corsica. H. von Spielberg.

March 16.
Count Götzen. African Explorer. H. von Spielberg.

March 23.
Darwin's Natural Selection Theories. Hans Willmack.

Deutscher Hausschatz.-Regensburg. Heft 7.
The End of the World. Dr. O. Warnatsch.
Fritz Reuter. With Portrait. K. Menne.

Heft 8.
Admont, Syria. K. Seefeld.
Electric Street Railways. Dr. W. Rossmann.
English Games: Dr. A. Heine.
Emilie Ringseis, Catholic Poetess. With Portrait.

Deutsche Revue.-Stuttgart. March.
New Table Talk of Prince Bismarck. Continued. H. von

Gerhart Hauptmann.
The Whims of Children. Paolo Lombroso.
Imagination and Reality in Astronomy Prof. P. Puiseux.
The Catholic Religion and the Needs of Humanity, Cardinal

Humanity of the Bible. Prof. H. Holtzmann,
Conversations with Franz Liszt. Eduard Reuss.
The Freedom of Science. Prof. Joseph Langen.
The Spade in Military Tactics. Sir R, Harrison.

The Prevention of Disasters at Sea. Vice-Adm. Batsch.
Society's Battle Against Thieves. G. Ferrerro.

Deutsche Rundschau.-Berlin. March.
The Death of Patroclus in the Iliad. H. Germin.
Botanical Excursions in the Riviera. Continued. E. Stras-

burger. The Parliament of Religions at Chicago. Prof. F. Max Mül

ler, Karl Friedrich Reinhard. W. Lang. The Rise of South Africa. A. Wirth,

Die Gartenlaube.-Leipzig. Heft 3.
Girls' Homes at Leipzig. Frau L. Windscheid.
Father Schmidt and His Comrades : Survivors of the War of

Constantinople. Bernhardine Schulze-Smidt.
Alcholic Poisoning Among Children. E. Falkenhorst.
On the Banks of the Salzach. H. Arnold.

Die Gesellschaft.-Leipzig. March.
Darwinism and Socialism. H. Starkenburg.
Poems by Wilhelm Walloth and Others.
“Paul Maria Lacroma" (Frau Marie Edle von Egger-Schmitz-

hausen). A German Jewish Life of Christ. Hans Merian. Nietzsche's "Hymn to Life." J. Hofmiller.

Konservative Monatsschrift.-Leipzig. March. Titles and Forms of Address in Germany. Dr. P. Bartels. Mrs. Humphry Ward's "Marcella." J. Pentzlin. The Kartell-Era in Economics. W. Berdrow.

Neue Revue.-Vienna.

March 6.
Austrian Taxation Reform. W. Rosenberg.

March 13.
The Migrations of the Austrian Population. Dr. R. Schüller.
Musical Prodigies. Max Graf.

March 27. Letters on Electoral Reform. C. Tillier. The Coal Mines and the Miners of the Northwest of Bohemia.

F. Lill,

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