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Neue Zeit.-Stuttgart.

No. 23. Darwinism and Marxism. Karl Kautsky. The Laws for the Protection of Workmen in the United States and the Law-Abiding Citizens of Illinois. F. A. Sorge

No. 24. Marx and Engels.

No. 26. A Communistic Movement in the Ancient East. S. Herbard.

Nord und Süd.-Breslau. March. The 80th Birthday of Prince Bismarck. F. Dahn. Berlin as Art Capital. H. Bulthauft. Modern Remedies for Diphtheria. L. First. The Isles of the Blest and Böcklin's Picture. R. Zimmer

mann. The Russian Attack on the Sea at Constantinople and the

Present Condition of the Defenses of the Bosphorus. A.

Rogalla von Bieberstein.
The Logic of the Child. B. Münz.

Sphinx.-Brunswick. March.
A Letter from the East. Dr. Hübbe-Schleiden.
Theosophy in the West and in the East. Dr. Hübbe-Schleiden.
Thoughts ou Theosophy. Dr. F. Hartmann,
The Mahatma Question. L. Deinhard.

Ueber Land und Meer.-Stuttgart. Heft 9.
Practical Hints on Sick-Nursing. K. Matthiessen.
Traveling Across the Plains of America. H. Zagel.
French and Plattdeutsch. F. A. Bacciocco.
The Bosnian Mahomedan Woman. A. O. Klaussmann.
Pisciculture. F. Siewert.
Hermann Gruson, With Portrait. J. Castner,

Velhagen und Klasing's Monatshefte.-Berlin. March.
Valasquez. H. Knackfuss.
The White Goat. F. Meister.
Gustavus Adolphus Before His Appearance in Germany, C.

von Bornhaupt.
My First Journey to Zanzibar. 0. E. Ehlers.
Vom Fels zum Meer.-Stuttgart.

Heft 14.
Old Measure Mugs. B. Rauchenegger.
The Batzenhäusl Inn in Bozen. C. Hecker.

Heft 15.
Prince Bismarck and Youth. With Portrait. Sidney Whit-

The Planet Mars. Dr. Klein.
The Berne Housekeeping School. Dr. J. Langhard.
In the Coal Mines. M. Georgi.


Bibliothèque Universelle.--Paris. March. Diplomatic Reminiscences, 1870. Comte C. Nigra. The Evolution of German Socialism ; from Bebel to Vollmar.

t. Continued. Albert Bonnard. “Reminiscences of a Portrait Painter," by George P. A. Healy.

Continued. Mrs. Humphry Ward's “Marcella ;” a Socialist Novel. Auguste Glardon.

Nouvelle Revue.-Paris.

March 1.
The Seaman 's Life. Prince de Monaco.
Jerusalem. Pierre Loti.
The Last Years of Luther. J. Zeller.
Sully Prudhomme. A. Albalat.
Sex Prejudice. Madame J. E. Schmahl.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Mme. Juliette Adam.

March 15.
The Misunderstanding Between Paris and the Provinces.
Curiosity. Sully Prudhomme.
Property, Capital, and Wages. P. Deschamel.
François de Bourbon, Duc d'Anjou. Prince de Valori.
Jules Simon. E. Ledrain.
Through New England. Mme. M. Shaw.
Letters on Foreign Politics. Mme. Juliette Adam.

Nouvelle Revue Internationale.-Paris. March.
Review of European Politics. Emilio Castelar.
Maréchal Canrobert. Th. Jan vrais and Visconte d'Albens.


March 1. The Divine Sense in Berlioz and Schumann. Emile de Saint

Auban, Ibsen's Women. Charles Baussan. Normal Scholasticism in the Church of France. Concluded.

P. Baudrillart. Marie Antoinette and the "Affaire du Collier." Abbé J. Caël. Piano Solo: "Mélodies Populaires Magyares," by A. de Bertha.

March 15. Anatole France, Jules Lemaitre and Maurice Barrès. Abbé

Félix Klein. Contemporary Preachers : Mgr. Gay. A. Hélot. The Divine Sēnse in Berlioz and Schumann. Concluded. E.

de Saint-Auban. Piano Solo: “Duetto," by Jules Rüest.

Revue Bleue.-Paris.

March 2.
France and Germany. Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu.
Jean Mace and His Work. Charles Mismer.

March 9.
M, Alfred Capus. Georges Pellissier.
Egypt in 1798. Concluded. Abel Hermant.

March 16.
Madagascar Under the Restoration. G. Isambert.

March 23. Contemporary French Society. M. de Rivallière. Madagascar Under the Restoration. Concluded. G. Isambert, Revue des Deux Mondes.-Paris.

March 1, An English Ambassador at Constantinople. Count Benedetti. Spain. R. Bazin. Canrobert, Our Last Marshal. Vicomte Melchior de Vogüé. Warren Hastings and His Latest Biographer. G. Valbert.

March 15.
From Leoben to Campo Formio. A. Sorel.
The Mechanism of Modern Life: Iron. Vicomte G. d'Ave-

Sudermann's New Novel. E. Rod.
Psychology and Anthropology. A. Fouillée.
Jean Jacques Rousseau.-II. E. Ritter.

Revue Générale.- Brussels. March.
Madame de Motteville and Her “Memoirs." Etienne Marcel.
Tunis. Albert Bordeaux.
The Churches of the Orient. Mgr. T. J Lamy.

Revue de Paris.-Paris.

March 1. Victor Duruy. E. Lavisse. At Home with the King of Bornou. Lieut.-Colonel Montell. Letters to a Foreign Lady. P. de Balzac. On the Coast of Provence. J. Normand. Jules Lemaitre as Dramatist. E. Faguet.

March 15.
Letters to Joseph Bonaparte. Napoleon and Lucien Bona-

The Trial of the Ministers. Chancellor Pasqnier,
An English Workman-Employer. P. de Rousiers.
A Daughter of Galileo. Arvede Barine.
Thirty Months in Madagascar. E. F. Gautier.

Revue des Revues.--Paris.

March 1.
The Literary Movement in Spain. Concluded. Mdme. Emilia
Pardo Bazan, .

March 15.
Mysticism in Literature. Prof. G. Ferrero.
France and Germany at the Vatican. Jean de Bonnefon.

Revue Scientifique.-Paris.

March 2.
Georges Pouchet. Ed. Retterer.
The Naval Battles in the Chino-Japanese War. Léo Dex.

March 9.
The Populations of Indo-China: the Tsiams. M. Zaborowski.
Hydraulic Propulsion of Ships. D. Bellet.

March 16. Admiral F. E. Paris. E. Guyon. Biology and the Physico-Chemical Sciences. G. Coutagne.

March 23.
Aluminum and Nickel. Jules Garnier.
The Dread of Death. G. Ferrero.

Revue Socialiste.-Paris. March.
Collectivism and Radicalism. Jean Jaurès.
The Sanitation Question. Dr. Julien Pioger.
Puvis de Chavannes. Gustave Geffroy.
Land Nationalization. Continued. H. Pronier.

Vie Contemporaine.–Paris.

March 1.
Nicolas de Giers.
The Old Academies of France. Cte. de Franqueville.
Napoleon III Before the Empire H. Thirria.

March 15.
How the Parisian Women Spend Their Money. H. Lavedan.
The Transport of Louis IV and Marines to Paris in 1870–71.

Old Paris. Albert Callet.
M. Alphonse Daudet. Gustave Larroumet.


La Civiltà Cattolica.-Rome.

March 2 Encyclical by Leo XIII on the Propagation of the Faith (Latin

text). The New Assailants of the Spiritual Power. Is It Justifiable to Praise the Literary Merits of Immoral

Pope Nicholas III (Orsini), 1277–1280. Continued.

March 16.
Clericalism and Liberalism in Social Action.
The Hittite-Pelasgians in the Islands of the Ægian Sea.
A Reply to Those Who Praise the Literary Merits of Immoral

On the Actions and Instincts of Animals. Continued.

La Nuova Antologia.-Rome.

March 1.
Diplomatic Reminiscences (1870). Count C. Nigra.
The True History of Jacob Ortis. A. Medin.
Russia and the Union of the Churches. C. Tondinide Quar-
. enghi.
On the " Annunciation " in Pictorial Art. A. Venturi.
The Friendship Between Pietro Giordani and Antonio Cesari.

A. Bertoldi.
Certain Tendencies of Modern Economics. E. Seletti.

March 15.
Deputies and Their Priviliges. Ruggiero Bonghi.
The Mysteries of Folk-lore. Paolo Livy.
The Presidential Power in France. D. Zanichelli.
Legends and Popular Tales of the Korea. L. Nocentini.
La Rassegna Nazionale.-Florence.

March 1.
The Coming Alliance Between Liberalism and the Church.

R. Corniani.
English Literature. G. Strafforello.
Venice: Its Port and Its Commerce. Aldo Contento.
Italian Emigration to Brazil. P. Colbacchini.
Father Francesco Denza. Padre G. Giovannozzi.

March 16.
The Programme of the Clerical Party. E. Monzini.
Galileo Galilei and the Biblical Question. Eufrasio.
Proportional Representation. L. Scolari.
The Last Days of Cesare Cantù. Luisa Anzoletti.

La Riforma Sociale.-Rome. March 10.
Social Legislation in Austria. Continued. Duke G. Avarna.
Bimetallism and the Monetary Crisis. G. Boffa.
Secondary and Superior Education in Italy. Aldo Contento.


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España Moderna.-Madrid. March.
The Protectionist Reaction in Spain. Gabriel Rodriguez.
Recollections. José Echegaray.
Review of International Politi Emilio Castelar.

Revista Contemporanea.-Madrid.

February 28. The Loves of Camoens. Juan P. Criado y Dominguez, The Importance of Religion with Respect to Society. Ignacio Carbó.

March 15. The Literature of Salamanca. A. G. Maceira. North and South : Notes on Southern Character. C. Soler

Arques. Was Francisco de la Torre the Translator of John Owen ? A.


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Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index.

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Arena. ΑΑ. Art Amateur. AAPS. Annals of the Am. Academy of

Political Science. AI Art Interchange. AMC. American Magazine of Civics. ACQ. Am. Catholic Quart. Review. AM. Atlantic Monthly. AmAnt. American Antiquarian. Ant. Antiquary. AP. American Amateur Photog

Arg. Argosy.
Ata. Atalanta.
BankL. Bankers' Magazine (London).
Bank. Banker's Magazine (New

Black. Blackwood's Magazine.
Bkman. Bookman.
BTJ. Board of Trade Journal.
BW. Biblical World.

CFM. Cassell's Family Magazine.
Chaut. Chautauquan.
ChHA. Church at Home and Abroad.
Ch Misl. Church Missionary Intelligen-

cer and Record.
ChQ. Church Quarterly Review.
CJ. Chambers's Journal.
CM. Century Magazine.
CanM. Canadian Magazine.
Cas M. Cassier's Magazine.
CRev. Charities Review.
Cos. Cosmopolitan.
CR. Contemporary Review.
CritR. Critical Review.
CSJ, Cassell's Saturday Journal.
CW. Catholic World.

Dem. Demorest's Family Magazine.

Dublin Review. EconJ. Economic Journal. EconR. Economic Review. EDRA. Educational Review (New

York). EARL.

Educational Review (London) Ed. Education. EngM. Engineering Magazine. EI. English Illustrated Magazine.

Edinburgh Review. Ex. Expositor.


FrL. Frank Leslie's Monthly,

Fortnightly Review.

GJ. Geographical Journal.
GBag. Green Bag.
GM. Gentleman's Magazine.
GOP. Girl's Own Paper.
GW. Good Words.
нс. Home and Country.

Harper's Magazine.
HGM. Harvard Graduates' Magazine.
HomR. Homiletic Review.
IJE. Internat'l Journal of Ethics.
IA. Irrigation Age.
JEd. Journal of Education.
JMSI. Journal of the Military Serv-

ice Institution. JAES. Journal of the Ass'n of En

gineering Societies.
JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy.
JurR. Juridical Review,
JAP. Journal of American Politics.

KO. King's Own.
LAH. Lend a Hand.
LH. Leisure Hour.
LHJ. Ladies' Home Journal.
Lipp. Lippincott's Monthly.

Longman's Magazine.

London Quarterly Review. LuthQ. Lutheran Quarterly Review. Luc. Lucifer. Ludm. Ludgate Monthly. M. Month.

Macmillan's Magazine. McC1. McClure's Magazine. Men. Menorah Monthly. Mid M. Midland Monthly. MisR. Missionary Review of World. MisH. Missionary Herald. Mon. Monist. MM. Munsey's Magazine. Mus. Music. MP. Monthly Packet. MR. Methodist Review. NAR. North American Review. NatR. National Review. NC. Nineteenth Century. NEM. New England Magazine. NR. New Review.

NSR. New Science Review.
NW New World.

Newbery House Magazine.
Nature Notes.
Our Day:
Overland Monthly.

PB. Photo-Beacon.
PAst. Popular Astronomy.
PL. Poet Lore.
PMM. Pall Mall Magazine.
PQ. Presbyterian Quarterly.
PRR. Presbyterian and Reformed

PT. Photographic Times.
PR. Philosophical Review.
PS. Popular Science Monthly.
PSQ. Political Science Quarterly.

Psychical Review.

Quiver. QJEcon. Quarterly Journal of Eco

nomics. QR. Quarterly Review.

Review of Reviews.
RRL. Review of Reviews (London).
RC. Review of the Churches.
SJ. Students' Journal.
SRev. School Review.
San. Sanitarian.
SEcon. Social Economist.
ScotGM. Scottish Geographical Maga-

Scott Scottish Review.
Scots. Scots Magazine.
Sten. Stenographer.
Str. Strand.
SunM. Sunday Magazine.
SunH. Sunday at Home.
TB. Temple Bar.
Treas. Treasury.
UE. University Extension.
US. United Service.

United Service Magazine. WPM. Wilson's Photographic Maga.

WR. Westminster Review.
YE. Young England.
YM. Young Man
YR. Yale Review.
YW. Young Woman.

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[It has been found necessary to restrict this Index to periodicals published in the English language. All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.)

Unless otherwise specified, all references are to the May numbers of periodicals.

Actresses, Titled, Morris Bacheller, MM.
Adriatic, Beyond the-II, Harriet W. Preston, CM.
Afghans, Life Among the, B. Bernard, HC.
Africa :
The British Central Africa Protectorate, H. H. Johnston,

GJ, Mar.
An East African Waterway, H. T. Keane, ScotGM, Mar.
The Moharrem Festival in Natal, J. Meldrum, GW
Twelve Hundred Miles in a Wagon in British South Africa,

An Outing in South Africa, Jane M. Neill, MidM.
Mysteries of Africa, F. W. Wendt, G.
Alcoholism and “Gold Cures," J. A. Tanner, San.
Almanacs. R. W. McFarland, PAst.
America, Portuguese Discovery of, H. Y. Oldham, GJ.
Anabaptism : Early Anabaptism, R. Heath, CR.
Anarchism :

Its Origin and Organization, C. B. Roylance-Kent, GM.

The Cry of Anarchist, Eugene V. Debs, AMC.
Andorra : The Republic of the Pyrenees, J. Smith, ScotGM,

Animals that Live in Caves, E. A. Martel, PS.

Anthropology: The Greater Antiquity of Man, Prof. Prest

wich, NC.
Apostles' Creed and the Monuments, Junius B. Fox, LuthQ.
Arab Men and Arab Horses, US,
Archæology: The Roman Villa at Darenth, Kent, Ata.
Architecture : Recent Architecture in France-II, B. Ferree,

Armies :
Supply of the Armies of Frederick the Great and Napoleon,

The National Guard of Illinois, Lieut. W. R. Hamilton, O.
Cavalry in the Waterloo Campaign, Gen. E. Wood, PMM.
Arminius, Germany's Tribute to, M. P. Sanford, NEM.
Artists and Their Work, MM.
Asia : Life Among the Afghans, B. Bernard, HC.
Astronomy :
What the Stars are Made of, Garrett P. Serviss, Chaut.
Photography of Comets, W. J. Hussey, PAst.
The Climate of Mars, Marsden Manson, PAst.
Virgo and Her Neighbors, G. P. Serviss, PS.

Circulation of Water in the Atmosphere of Mars, K.
Athletics: A Gallery of Athletes, E. B. Osborn, NewR


Australia :
Through the Jenolan Caves of New South Wales, F. C.

Mann, WR.
Australia Revisited, J. F. Hogan, CR.
Autographs, A Talk Over.-I, G. B. Hill, AM.
Avon River, Dockization
Banks and Banking:
Recent Laws and Decisions, Bank.
Comparative Stability of Bank Dividends, J. S. H. Umsted,

Bank. The Bank of England, Henry J. Dam, McCl. Beet Sugar Industry, American, H. S. Adams, Cas M. Beggars : A Study of Beggars and Their Lodgings, A. F. San.

born, F. Belief, The Foundations of, William T. Stead, RR. Bible :

The Bible in the College Curriculum, F, H. Gaines, PQ.
The Formation of the New Testament, G. T. Purves, ÞRR.
Origin and Composition of Genesis, E. C Bissell, PRR.
The Messianic Idea in the Prophets, T. W. Chambers, PRR.
Inerrancy of Scripture, P.J. Cormican, CW.
The Bible and Divorce-I, OM.
Daniel in the Critic's Den, Robert Anderson, Black.

Cycling in the Jersey Pines, Henry M. Sayres, O.
Lenz's World Tour Åwheel-Mandalay to Thabyedaung, O.
Camera and Bicycle Abroad, J. H. Lamson, WPM.

The World Awheel, Henry Tyrrell, FrL.
Bimetallism vs. The Single Standard, L. B. Prince, AMC.
Birds :
Nestlings, T. Wood, SunM.
The White-Breasted Albatross on Laysan Island, K.
Some of the "Outliers " Among Birds, R. W. Shuffeldt, PS.
Black Hills, A Trip to the, Leigh Leslie, MidM.
Blackie, John Stuart, Black.
Blind: A New System of Writing for the Blind, J. A. Zahn,

Bonaparte, Napoleon :

Life of Napoleon Bonaparte-VI, W. M. Sloane, CM.
Napoleon Bonaparte-VI, Ida M. Tarbell, McCl.

Napoleon on the Island of Elba, H. Houssaye, Chaut.
Books, Choice of, Leslie Stephen, NatR.
Books Published by Subscription, CJ.
Bourne, Vincent, A. C. Benson, Mac.
Brook Farm To-day, A. A. McGinley, CW.
Bull-Fight on the Border, A, P. W. Avirett, 0.
Burmah: The Fallen City of Theebaw, E. A. Dix, 0.
Butterflies, New England, Margaret W. Leighton, NEM.
Byron, John, TB.
Caine, Mr. Hall, McCl.
Canadian Mortgage Loan and Building Companies, J. Hague,

Chamberlain, Joseph, Demagogue, NewR.
Charity Organization in Southern Cities, P. W. Ayres, CRev,

Chicago, Rome and, Samuel Willard, D, Mar. 16.
Childhood, Studies of-VII, J. Sully, PS.
China :

The China Problem and Its Solution, E. T. C. Werner, FR.
China and Japan, George F. Seward, Cos.
Christ, Scenes from the Life of, MM.
Church, Dean, of St. Paul's, Long.
Church of England:
What is Church Authority? Canon Carter, NC.

Anti-Disestablishment, A. Graham-Barton, WR. Churches : Salisbury Cathedral, Dean of Salisbury, SunM. Churchill, Lord Randolph, Demagogue, NewR. Civic Helps for Civic Life, M. M. G. Dana, SEcon. Civic Reform, Personal Honesty in, CW. Cities: The City in Modern Life, AM. Civic Renaissance, Our, Albert Shaw, RR. Clothing: Underwear' Hygienically considered, Martha J.

Evans, Dem. Clough, Arthur Hugh, and His Poetry, J. O. Murray, HomR. Cockfighting, Natural History of, E. Ingersoll, FrL. Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, Julia Wedgwood, CR. Colorado, Gold Production in, W. C. Wynjoop, EngM. Columba, The Apostle, A. J. Gordon, MisŘ. Congress : The Past and Coming Congresses, SEcon. Constitutions, Revision of, William W. Phelps, AMC. Conversation, Art of, H. R. Haweis, YW. Cooking by Electricity, YW. Copernicus, Sir R. Ball, GW. Copyright: The Canadian Act, T. Hall Caine and Others, CR. Crime : Appeal in Criminal Cases, H. Stephen, NewR. Criticism:

Finality in Literary Judgment, W. M. Dixon, WR. Reconstructive Criticism, AM Dakota : A Trip to the Black Hills, Leigh Leslie, MidM. Devil, Footprints of the, in Our Own Country, R. B. Boswell,

PMм. Diplomacy: Two Years of American Diplomacy, George

Gray, NAR. Dogs: How Greyhounds hunt, A. H. Powers, Jr., o. Donkeys, Babara C. Fitch, GM. Douglass, Frederick, Character and Career of, J. E. Rankin,


Drawing for Reproduction, AI; AA.
Drummond's Ascent of Man, G. P. Mains, HomR.
Dubuque, Literary, Samantha W. Shoup, MidM.
Du Maurier: The Author of " Trilby," R. H. Sherard, McCL
How the Denominations Observe Easter, Dem.
Easter, its Eggs and Legends, K. Shelton, Chaut.
Easter Eggs, M. E. L. Addis, FrL.
Venice in Easter; Impressions and Sensations, A. Symons,

Eccentric Ideas, J. Scott, Str, Mar.
Economic Value, What is, Arthur Kitson, AMC.
Education :
Report on Elementary Education. F. L. Luqueer, D, Mar. 16.
Basis of Our Educational System, J.J. Greenough, AM.
Recent Progress in the Public Schools, W. T. Harris, Harp.
Free Kindergarten Schools, Caroline B. LeBow, HC.
Royal Masonic Institution for Boys, W. C. Sargent, Ludm.
Teaching, and Occupation for Gentlewomen, Jane Lee, Ata.
A Village School in Somersetshire, Mac.
Cheltenham College, Mrs. L. T. Meadd, Str, Mar.
Educational Aims and Educational Values, P. H. Hanus,

EDRA. The University Crisis in Germany, J. E. Russell, EDRA. School for Icelandic Women, LAH. The Esthetic Side of Education, H. L. Clapp, Ed. Military Education in Colleges, Lieut. J. K. Cree, Ed. Unappreciated Factors in Education, Principal Austin, Ed. Roman Education, S. S. Laurie, SRev.

Rigid Courses vs. Optional Studies, Samuel Thurber, SRev. Eisteddfod in Wales and the United States, T. L. James, FrL. Egypt: The Situation in Egypt, W. T. Marriott, FR. Elbe Disaster, Lessons of the, Robert Gillham, Eng M. Electricity :

The Successor of the Railway, Appleton Morgan, PS. Reducing Cost of Electric Light, Nelson W. Perry, EngM. Tesla's Oscillator and Other Inventions, CM. Cooking by Electricity, YW. Electrolysis, Legal Aspects of, H. C. Townsend, CasM. Embroidery, Talks on.-V, AA. English Sounds, Expressive Power of, A. H. Tolman, AM. Engravers : American Wood Engravers, W. B. Closson, Scrib. Evolution : Bonnett's Theory of Evolution, c. 0. Whitman,

Explosives: How Explosives are Made, W. G. Fitzgerald,

Farnham Castle, Precentor Venables, GW.
Fénélon, Mac.
Fiction :

The Fiction of Sexuality, J. A. Noble, CR.
Sex in Modern Literature, NC.
The Use and Abuse of Fiction, Sun H.
Novels of Scottish Rural Life, J. H. Miller, NewR.
Financial :

Recent Finance, NatR.
The Currency Question, NatR.
Historical Aspect of the Monetary Question, FR.

The Reign of Money, Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu, Chaut.
Flower Lore of New England Children, Alice M. Earle, AM.
Forest, The German, Sidney Whitman, Chaut.
Fishing : Jacking for Pickerel, E. W. Chubb, O.
Fitzgerald's (Edward) Letters to Fanny Kemble, TB.
Flowers : Wild Flora of Scotland, J. H. Crawford, GM.

The Political Situation in France, G. Monod, CR.
Personal History of the Second Empire-IV, A. Vandam,

Fruits, Evolution of, C. F. Marshall, K.
Gambling: Suppression of the Lottery and Other Gambling,

N. Smyth, F. Geograpical: New Law of Geographical Dispersal, C. Dixon,

FR. Glasgow : The Municipal Work and Finance of Glasgow, W. Smart,

Econj, Mar. A Model Municipality, W. E. Garrett Fisher, FR. Glass, Venetian, Florian Martell, HC. Glengarry: A Highland Chief and His Family, Black. Goethe's Iphigenia," J. W. Sherer, GM. Gold Production in Colorado, W. C. Wynjoop, EngM. Greece: The Living Greek, J, Irving Manatt, RR. Heads, Shapes of, J. E. Barnard, Str, Mar. Health : Need of a National Board of Health, C. O. Hiscock,

Helen of Troy, Iphigenia, Jephthah's Daughter, S. M. Miller,

Heywood, Thomas, Plays by, A. C. Swinburne, NC.
Himalayas, Indian Tribesmen of the, C. T. Drew, FrL.
Hindu Reformers of this Century, J. E. Tupp, MisR.
Horatio As a Friend, H. P. Goddard, PL.
Hornby, Sir Geoffrey, W. L. Clowes, NatR.

Arab Men and Arab Horses, US.

Barbara C. Finch, GM. Horton, S. Dana, Frederick William Holls, RR. Icaria : The Icarian Community, B. L. Wick, MidM. Immortality, Ethical Consequences of the Doctrine of, IJE.

India :
Our Indian Frontier, Gen. G. B. Wolseley, Black,
The Great Indian Survey, CJ. .
Impressions of India, C. F. Keary, NewR.
The Railway to India, C. E. Black, CR.
The New Bírth of India, J. B. Whitford, HC.
Facts and Figures from British India, G. H. Schodde, MisR.
Family Life in India, Albert Norton, MisR.
Indian Education at Carlisle, O. B. Super, NEM
Insanity: Communicated Insanity, C. W. Pilgrim, P
Insurance : Does Fire Insurance Cost too Much! G. U.

Crocker, NAR.

The Latest Irish Land Bill, Lord Monteagle, NC.
The Rulers of Ireland, WR.

The Irish Parliamentary Fund, Viscount Wolmer, NatR. Italy :

The Situation in Italy, C. B. Roylance-Kent, Mac.

Autumn in Japan, Alfred Parsons, Harp.
In the Mountains of Japan, Laura B. Starr, 0.
Rambles in Japan, Canon Tristram, LH.

Homes in Japan, George Donaldson, FrL.
Jefferson, Joseph, at Home, W. E. Bryant, NEM.
Jerusalem : Sunday Morning at the Holy Sepulchre, CanM.
Jews :
Why Do We Still Remain Jews ? J. Silverman, Men.
The Hebrew in Civilization, J. L. Taylor, Men,
The Position of Judaism, I. Zangwill, NAR.
The Jew in San Francisco, Gustav A. Danziger, OM.

The Jew from a Gentile Standpoint, K. M. Nesfield, OM. Joan of Arc, Personal Recollections of, Sieur Louis de Conte,

Jones, Paul, Molly Elliot Sewell, CM.
Journalism, Bucolic, in the West, Mary E. Stickney, Lipp.

Moral Forces in Dealing with the Labor Question, IJE.
Labor Bureaus, Herbert Johnson, Chaut.
High Wages in the United States, E. Waxweiler, SEcon.
Truck Legislation and the Home Secretary's Bill, FR.
Language and Thought, C. N. Barham, WR.
La Plata: The Expedition in 1806, J. W. Fortescue, Mac.
Law and Lawyers :

Journeyings of the Judges, Str, Mar.
Bench and Bar; A Stroll Through the Courts, W. E. Grey,

Lilliput, In the Land of, Elfried de B. Gude, Dem.
Lincoln's Re election, Noah Brooks, CM.

The Healthful Tome for American Literature, R. Burton, F.
Literary Workers of the South, MM.
Literary Dubuque, Samantha W. Shoup, MidM.

Aims of Literary Study, A. L. Triggs, D, April 1.
Liverpool, The Water Supply of, T. M. Drown, JAES, Feb.
Westminster, Walter Besant. PMM.
Chronicles of Charles Street, PMM.

A Six-Days' Tour in London, P. Fitzgerald, GM. Living, The Art of : Education, Robert Grant, Scrib. Loti Pierre, of Private Life, Madame Adam, McCl. Lotteries : Suppression of the Lottery and Other Gambling,

N. Smyth, F. Luther's Language, The Sources of, K. F. R. Hochdoer,

Lutheranism, The Central Principle of, J.W. Richard, LuthQ.
Macbeth, John F. Kirk, AM.
Magnetism : Large Guns as Magnets, Liet.-Col. W. R. King,

Cas M.
Maintenon, Madame de, Ç. C. Starbuck, PQ.
Malay Festival, B. A. Cody, M.
Manual Training.-II, C. 8. Henderson, PS.
Marriage : The Woman in Marriage, Arg.
Maxim, Hiram S., Inventive Career of, J. B. Smith, CasM.
Missions :

The Early Work in Macedonia, C. F. Morse, MisH.
The London Mission in Travancour, Samuel Mateer, MisR.
Minnesota, State Topographical Survey of, W. R. Hoag,

JAES, Feb.
Mongolia: M. Obrucheff's Explorations, GJ, Mar.
Moral Conduct, the Motives to, A. Döring, IJE.
Municipal Socialism, English Drift toward, SEcon.
Morris, William, at the Kelmscott Press, EI.
Museums: Skopas and Praxiteles in the British Museum, NC.
Music's Mother Tone and Tonal Onomatopy, C. C. Converse,

Natural History:

English Wood Notes, J. L Allen, Cos.

Natural History before Walton, F. G. Aflalo, LH.

England and the Mediterannean, Sir George Clark, NC.
The Manning of the Fleet, D. Hannay, NewR.
A System of Coast Defence, W. Laird Clowes, FR.

The Navy records of Society, Mac. -
New England Sectionalism, Corinne Bacon, NEM.
Newfoundland : England's Oldest Colony, CJ.
New Orleans, Who Won the Battle of, Scrib.
Newsboys, New York, Kathleen Mathew, FrL.

Newton, Sir Charles-In Mitylene with Sir Charles Newton,

Black. Norman Blood or Otherwise, C. Nightingale, Florence, Harriet E. Banning, Chaut. Nileistic Reminiscences, Etta B. Donaldson, Dem. Ohio, The Supreme Court of, E. B. Kinkead, GB. Opera : Grand Opera, Nellie Melba, Lipp. Ordination in Heathen Lands, J. P. Robertso Orleans, Duchess Charlotte Elizabeth, TB. Oxford : New Oxford, W. J. Gordon, LH. Oxford House Workmen's Club in the East End, F. Eardley,

Pacific Ocean, The Growing Greatness of the, L. A. Thurston,

Paper-Staining, Art of, L. J. Day, GW.
Papua, Picturesqe, O. M. Spencer, Cos.
Paris :
Cheap Living in Paris, A. F. Sanborn, Lipp.

Paris in Mourning, Richard H. Davis, Harp.
Parliamentary Government, The Outlook for, Hannis Taylor,

Parliament, The English :

A Reformed House of Lords, T. A. LeMesurier, WR.
Concerning the House of Lords and Socialism, 'W. H. Gron.

fell, PMM. The Liberal Party and Its Candid Friends, W. B. Duffield

FR. Decline of the House of Commons, Sidney Low, NC. Resolutions of the House of Commons, G. W. Prothero,

NatR. Political Evolution, Black. Patriotism, Wilmot H. Goodale, AMC. Pauperism, Manufacturing a New, C. S. Loch, NC. Peabody, George, Philanthropist, W. E. Simonds, CRev, Mar. Photography : See contents of PA, PB, AP, WPM. Photography of Comets, W. J. Hussey, PAst. Powers, Hiram, in Washington, Lipp. Power Stations, Mechanical Equipment of, R. C. Carpenter,

Cas M.
Prima Donna, How to Become a, W. de Wagstaff, FrL.
Prisons : Days in Confederate Prisons, W. O. Bates, NEM.
Provence, Legends of, A. J. Dunn, M.
Quantocks, Witchery of, TB.
Quran, An Introduction to the-II, G. B. Stevens, BW.
Railways :

The Successor of the Railway, Appleton Morgan, PS.
Railroads in Default on Their Mortgage Bonds, Bank.

The Railway to India, C. E. D. Black, CR.
Rationalism, Latest Phase of Historical, B. B. Warfield, PQ.
Rejane, Madame, Justin H. McCarthy, CM.
Religions, World's Parliament of, C. C. Bonney, Mon.
Religious Teaching in the Public Schools, Lyman Abbott, CM.
Representation, Modern Theory of, L. R. Harley, AMC.
Resurrection Morning, Order of Events of the, J. H. Jones,

HomR. Riparian Ownership of Lands, J. H. Armstrong, JAES, Feb. Roanoke, The Lost Colony of, E. Y. Wilson, Can M. Rome and Chicago, Samuel Willard, D, Mar. 16. Rosebery, Lord : Studies of Notable Men, Justin McCarthy, F. Rossetti, Christine G., Poetry of, Alice Law, WR. Rossetti, Dante Gabriel, J. A. Noble, Bkman. Sabbath :

The Sabbath as a Civil Institution, B.W.Williams, AMC. Sabbath or Sunday, Rabbi Bien, Men Saints: The Love of the Saints, CR. Sanitary Science, World's Debt to Modern, J. S. Billings,

Chaut. San Marino: The Smallest Republic in the World, Chaut. Schopenhauer, A. M. Todhunter, WR. Scottish National Humor, S. R. Crockett, CR. Sculptors: Some Young Women Sculptors, Polly King, AI. Sectionalism, New England, Corinne Bacon, NEM. Shakespeare:

Shakespeare and a Municipal Theatre, A. Dillon, WR.
Under Shakespeare's Greenwood Tree, P. Robinson, MP.
Shipping :
English Seamen in the Sixteenth century, J. A. Froude,

The Short Sea Cross-Channel Routes, Black.
Shorthand: See Contents of Sten., SJ.
Sidney, Sir Philip, T. E. Brown, NewR.
Sin: Philosophical Sin, Charles Lea, IJE.
Singers of the Century, Harry W. Wack, OM.
Sligachan and the Coolins, Skye, C.
Socialism :

The Real "Quintessence of Socialism," W. H. Mallock, F.
Concerning the House of Lords and Socialism, PMM.
Social Question, The Physician and the, Paul Gibier, NAR.
Sociology, Relation of, to Economics, JPE, March.
Social Discontent-III, More Remedies, Henry Holt, F.
Society, Methods of Studying, A. W. Small, Chaut.

Notes on Travel in Spain, AI.

Romance of Spain, c. W. Wood, Arg.
Sport : Some Interesting Shots, D. Trelawney, LudM.
Stavenhagen, Bernhard, CM
Stevenson, Robert Louis, C. T. Copeland, AM.

Rejane, Mad Latest PraC. E. D. Mortgage Morgan, Ps

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