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April 20.-The Wisconsin Legislature adjourns....Five negroes (three of them women) are lynched near Greenville, Ala., for the murder of a white man confessed by one of the negroes.... The election of members of the Servian Chamber of Deputies results in the return of a large majority for the government.... A committee of the Spanish Cortes reports in favor of penalties for the Cuban insurrectionists similar to those inflicted on persons found guilty of participation in anarchist outrages or plots.

April 21. -Senator Blackburn, of Kentucky, declares in favor of free silver coinage at 16 to 1.... The Whiskey Trust announces a cut of half a cent a gallon in the price of spirits ....The garrison at Chitral is relieved....ExConsul Waller reaches Marseilles from Madagascar, and is imprisoned in Fort Saint Nicol.

April 22.-Judge Goff, of the U. S. Circuit Court, issues an injunction restraining the South Carolina authorities from taking any action looking to the holding of elections of delegates to the State Constitutional Convention, on the grounds of the unconstitutionality of the registration act of 1882, and fraud at the polls in 1894. ... The Fall River (Mass.) mills resume work under the scale of wages in force previous to August 20, 1894; 24,000 workers are benefited. ....Fire in the Patent Office at Washington damages rec-ords and drawings.... A sharp rise in wheat causes excite ment on the Chicago Board of Trade. ...Mr. Gully is in. stalled as Speaker of the British House of Commons; exSpeaker Peel is made a viscount.... Archdeacon Farrar appointed Dean of Canterbury....Canadian Government announces that an official will be sent to England to discuss the Canadian copyright question....Omnibus strike in Paris.

April 23.-The Minnesota Legislature adjourns ; the Missouri Legislature meets in extra session.... Three British warships arrive at Corinto to enforce England's ultimatum to Nicaragua.... Another victory of the Spanish troops over the Cuban insurgents is reported.... The German Reichstag reassembles. ...Russia sends a large fleet of warships to Japanese waters.

April 24.-President Cleveland appoints Brig.-Gen. Wesley Merritt to be Major-General. ... The President and Secretary Gresham discuss England's attitude toward Nicaragua.... The British commander at Corinto informs the Nicaraguan Government that if the indemnity demand is not paid the custom-house will be seized.... The Russian, French and German Ministers in Tokio protest against Japanese acquisition of Chinese territory....Close of the British boot trades dispute.... Italian Supreme Court quashes charges brought against Signor Giolitti in connection with the Banco Romano frauds.

April 25.-The United States Government declines to protest against the action of Great Britain in Nicaragua. ....A rehearing of the income tax cases before the U.S. Supreme Court is announced for May 6.... The annual meeting of the American Association for the Advance of Physical Education is opened in New York City.... Japan replies to the joint protest of Russia, France and Germany, declining to yield the treaty points ....Gen. Martinez Campos arrives at Havana. ... The Paris omnibus strike is declared off.... The report of the Royal Commission against the prohibition of the liquor traffic is presented to the Canadian Parliament.

April 26.—The Nicaragua Canal Commissioners appointed by President Cleveland organize and receive instructions.... The Utah Constitutional Convention votes against a submission of the prohibition question to the voters in a separate clause....Spain gives the United States full satisfaction in the Allianca affair.... Annual meeting of the Primrose League. ... Serious colliery explosion at Denny, near Stirling.

April 27.—The steamer Sadie Shepherd founders off Turtle Light, Lake Erie, with the loss of several lives.... Nicaragua having ignored the British ultimatum, the town of Corinto is occupied by British marines. ...British sovereignty is extended over the territory west of Amatongaland along the Pondoland River to Maputa River.... Great destruction by the bursting of the dam of the Bousey Reservoir near Epinal, France ; 120 lives lost.

April 28.-General elections in Greece, resulting in the overwhelming defeat of Tricoupis.

April 29.-Secretary Herbert orders two warships to Nicaraguan waters to protect the lives and property of Americans. ... The police census of New York City shows the population to be 1,849,866.... The British House of Commons votes by a majority of 22 to give priority to government business. ...Cuban insurgents are defeated by the Spanish troops.... The Vigilant lowers the western record for yachts from Southampton to Sandy Hook.

April 30.-Three thousand garment workers at Baltimore strike against the sweating system. ... The exercises at the dedication of the Washington Arch in New York City are postponed on account of rain. ... The Utah Constitutional Convention decides that women cannot vote when the constitution, which provides for woman suffrage, is submitted to the people.... Major General Merritt is assigned to the command of the Department of the Missouri....Nicaragua offers to pay the indemnity demanded by Great Britain within fifteen days if the British warships are withdrawn at once from Corinto.... Major Wissmann, the explorer, is appointed Governor of German East Africa. ... Difficulty between Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria arising out of the new excise law is ended by an agreement.

May 1.- Governor Morton, of New York, vetoes the Brooklyn Charities Department bill.... Ten thousand miners in the Pocahontas coal region of West Virginia strike for higher wages... The new Belt Line tunnel in Baltimore is opened for business.... Boston shoe manufacturers agree to raise the prices of all shoes from 10 to 25 cents a pair, because of the advance in the price of hides. ....A Kansas tornado causes the death of several persons, and does great damage to property.... The third annual congress of the Sons of the American Revolution begins its sessions in the Old South Meeting House, Boston.... With the exception of a few unimportant labor riots, May Day is passed quietly in Europe....Lieut. Valentin Gallego Gonzalez, of the Spanish Army, is shot in Havana, in accordance with the sentence of a court martial which found him guilty of cowardice in having surrendered the fort at Ramon de las Yaguas to the insurgents.

May 2.-Argument is begun at Columbia, S. C., in the Constitutional Convention injunction cases. ...Proust and Deville, leaders in the recent omnibus strike in Paris, are sentenced to six months' imprisonment each for inciting to May 5.- Virginia militia are placed under arms to keep peace in the coal regions. ... The Indians who threatened trouble in the vicinity of St. John's, North Dakota, surrender to the authorities.... British and German marines are landed at Formosa to protect foreigners.


From the London Graphic.

In connection with the celebration of the birthday of the Dowager Empress, an Imperial Audience was held, at which all the Foreign Ministers and Legations were present. This was an important event, being another step toward breaking down the barriers of the seclusion surrounding the Emperor, for the reason that the audience was held within the precincts of the “Forbidden Town." This is the first time that Foreign Ministers have been accorded this privilege, and permitted to desecrate the particularly Imperial soil within the yellow-tiled wall with their barbarian boots.


disorder and violence.... Sir Wiwiam Vernon Harcourt, Chancellor of the Exchequer, presents the budget to the British House of Commons..... The German Reichstag passes the customs tariff amendment bill. ... The dispute between Great Britain and Nicaragua is settled by Salvador guaranteeing the payment of the indemnity within two weeks.

May 3.-A tornado strikes Sioux Centre, Iowa, and neighboring towns, killing more than 100 persons outright, and destroying the homes of more than 300 families ; the property loss is estimated at $2,000,000.... The U. S. Court enjoins striking miners in West Virginia against interfering with U. S. mails or interstate traffic.... The meeting of Ohio coal mine operators and miners at Columbus adjourns without reaching an agreement.... The Tennessee Legislature decides that Governor Turney is entitled to his seat, though not elected on the face of the returns of the election of 1894.....A cabinet crisis is caused in Hungary by the attack of Premier Banffy on the Papal Nuncio.

May 4.-The Washington Arch, in New York City, is dedicated.... Chicago Democrats declare for free silver. .... The port of Corinto, Nicaragua, is evacuated by Great Britain....Count Kalnoky, Premier of Austria-Hungary, resigns. ... The French capture a town in Madagascar, inflicting heavy losses on the Hovas. ...President Moraes, of Brazil, in opening the National Congress, congratulates the country on the peaceful relations with the Argentine Republic.

May 6.-The U. S. Department of State receives Spain's apology for the firing on the Allianca.... Argument on the rehearing in the income tax cases is begun before the full Supreme Court.... Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew D. Parker and Col. Frederick D. Grant take office as Police Commissioners of New York City : Mr. Roosevelt is elected president of the Board. dent of the Board.... It is announced that President Seth Low will give to Columbia College its new library building, to cost about $1,000,000.... Emperor Francis Joseph refuses to accept the resignation of Premier Kalnoky.

May 7.-Attorney-General Olney, Assistant AttorneyGeneral Whitney and Joseph H. Choate, of New York, continue arguments before the Supreme Court on the income tax rehearing. ... The works of the Illinois Steel Company, at Joliet, shut down ; strikes occur in several iron mills. ... There are runs on the banks of St. John's, N. F.

May 8.--Joseph H. Choate closes the argument in the rehearing of the income tax cases. ... The U. S. Circuit Court makes permanent the injunctions against the South Carolina Registration law and the Dispensary law. ... Ratifications of the treaty between Japan and China are exchanged at Che-Foo.

May 9.-The Delaware Legislature adjourns, the Republicans claiming the election of Henry A. Dupont as United States Senator.... The Florida Legislature passes an Australian ballot law....A Democratic “sound money” convention is held at Waco, Texas. ... The Manitoba Legislature meets at Winnipeg, and adjourns till June 13. ... The Gerinan Reichstag has an exciting debate on the Anti-Socialist bill. ...Col. Bigge is made private secretary to Queen Victoria.

May 10.-Governor Morton signs the New York City Police Magistrates bill.... An advance of 10 per cent. in wages is ordered in the steel and iron mills of Wheeling. W. Va; this affects 6,000 men. ... The lake steamer Cayuga is sunk by collision with another steamer near Mackinaw City, Mich.... The German Reichstag rejects the third paragraph of the Anti-Revolutionist bill, which makes criminal offenses of speeches or publications likely to excite public opinion.

May 11.-Severe frosts in the middle West cause much damage to fruits and vegetables ; the fail in temperature is general. ... Reports from western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and West Virginia show an increase of business and many advances in the wages of nearly all lines of industry. ... The German Reichstag unanimously rejects the Anti-Socialist bill. ... The Universal Exhibition is opened at Amsterdam.

May 13.-President Cleveland appoints William G. Rice (Dem.), of Albany, N. Y., and John B. Harlow (Rep.), of St. Louis, Mo., to fill the vacancies in the U. S. Civil Service Commission caused by the resignations of Commissioners Roosevelt and Lyman.... Great damage to vineyards from frosts is reported from New York and Pennsylvania.... The Mikado announces that Japan will not insist on the retention of the Liau-Tong.... The German Reichstag rejects the Tobacco Tax bill by a large majority. .... The Swedish Rigsdag votes the government moneys to cover the defict in the foreign budget caused by Norway's refusal to contribute ; the act of union is to be re vised at once.


From Photograph by Bell.

REAR-ADMIRAL R. W. MEADE (RETIRED). their several plants.... Governor Evans, of South Caro lina, issues a proclamation appealing to the people of the State to maintain their liberties against the decisions of the Federal courts.... The French budget is presented to the Chamber of Deputies by Premier Ribot ; it is proposed to cover the estimated deficit of 56,000,000 francs by a reform of the succession duties, an increase of the stamp duties on the bonds of foreign companies, a tax on servants, a new tax on playing-cards, an increased horse and carriage tax, and an assimilation of the Algerian customs duties with the French.... The Hungarian House of Magnates rejects for the third time, by a vote of 119 to 115, the section of the Ecclesiastical bill granting equal rights to persons who do not profess eligion.

May 15.—The Virginia Democratic Convention at Roanoke resolves that constitutional reforms in taxation are demanded, and asks to have the question of holding a constitutional convention submitted to the people.... The Brooklyn Handicap is won by Hornpipe.... The Pope forbids Italian Catholics to take part in the coming Parliamentary elections.

May 16.-The New York Legislature adjourns. ... The Presbyterian General Assembly at Pittsburgh elects the Rev. Dr. R R. Booth, of New York city, as Moderator ; Dr. Booth is an opponent of Dr. Briggs and the liberal movement in the Presbyterian Church....A statue to Mrs. Emma Willard is unveiled at Troy (N. Y.) Female Seminary, and the Russell Sage Memorial Hall is dedi

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cated, Chauncey M. Depow making the address.... The April 22.-Ex-United States Senator James F. Wilson, plan to unite Newfoundland with the Dominion of Canada of Iowa....John W. Carrington, an engineer who built is finally given up by the former government.... The Em- the first railroads in Cuba and Nicaragua....Dr. Edward peror of Austria-Hungary appoints Count Goluchowski, Shippen, of Baltimore. .... Sir Robert Hamilton.... Albert formerly Austrian Envoy at Bucharest, to succeed Count Young, the so-called Grand Patriarch of the Romany Kalnoky as Premier.... The upper house the Prussian people in North America....Señor Jose Ventura Santana, Diet adopts a resolution favoring a monetary conference. of Caracas, Venezuela....Prince Joseph Colloredo-Manns

feld. May 17.-The convention of coal-miners of the Pittsburgh district resolves to call out all the miners in the dis

April 23.-Henry Richard Farquharson, member of Par. trict (nearly 20,000) without regard to wages received....

liament for West Dorset, England. ... Hon. Sir W. Mine. The Swedish Chambers vote nearly $4,000,000 to supply April 24.-Colonel Franklin Fairbanks, manufacturer the wants of the government in case of war....

... The Tich- and philanthropist, of St. Johnsbury, Vt....Dr. D. R. borne claimant makes a confession of fraud....Fire nearly Luckett, of Louisiana....John M. Board, once a welldestroys the town of Brest-Litovsk in Russian Poland ; known New Jersey politician....Major John R. Jennings, thirty persons are killed.

U.S. A....Admiral Ruxton, F. R. G. S.

April 25.—Justus F. Temple, ex-Auditor-General of Pennsylvania.... George E. R. Price, ex-President of the Virginia Senate.... Mrs. Emily Thornton Charles (Emily Hawthorne), the poetess, of Washington, D. C.

April 26.–Frothingham Fish, ex-Justice of the New York Supreme Court.... Mrs. D. M. Jordan, the poetess, of Richmond, Ind.... William Noyes Griswold, prominent in the naval service of the United States during the Civil War. ... Rev. Dr. F. W. Dinger, a well-known preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church....Sir Patrick O'Brien.

April 27. -Hamilton Andrews Hill, Boston merchant and historical writer....Professor Karl Ludwig, the eminent physiologist, at Leipsic.... Hannibal 1. Kimball, a prominent citizen of Atlanta, Ga....Lord Moncreiff, formerly Solicitor-General and Lord Advocate of Scotland. ....Canon Thornton, of Truro.

April 28.-George W. Bostwick, national secretary o the Naval Veterans of the United States.... Dr. M. H. Burton, of Troy, N. Y.... Rev. James G. Craighead, of Washington, D. C., ex-dean of the Theological Department of Howard University ....F. F. Farrar, ex-Mayor of Erie,

Pa....Hezekiah S. Timbrell, a noted small-fruit grower of THE LATE EX-SENATOR J. F. WILSON, OF IOWA.

Orange County, N. Y....Judge Dennis Barry, of Mont

real.... Rev. Canon Moreau, of Quebec....Charles J. May 18.—The U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals at Boston

Mathew, Swiss Consul in St. Louis, Mo., for twelve years. decides that the Berliner patent held by the Bell Tele

... Rear-Admiral Salmond, of the British Navy. phone Company is valid. ... The Presbyterian General April 29. —Ex-Congressman Augustus Frank, of Warsaw, Assembly discusses the question of seminary control. ... A N. Y.... Michael B. Lemon, member of the Pennsylvania succession of earthquakes at Florence, Italy, does great House from Pittsburgh....Father James A. Ward, of damage ; some people are killed, and many injured in the Georgetown College, 1). C....Judge Levi B. Taft, of Ponwrecked buildings. ... The Britannia again defeats the tiac, Mich.... George P. Delaplaine, a pioneer of Madison, Ailsa in the Gravesend regatta. ... The Chilian Parliament Wis. buildings are burned ; government archives and the Con

April 30.-Gustav Freytag, the distinguished German gressional Library are destroyed.

author....Gen. Davis Tillson, of Rockland, Maine.... Cap May 19.-Fire in St. Albans, Vt., destroys forty busi- tain James F. Meech, of Lynn, Mass., ex-Adjutant-General ness places and renders 500 people homeless ; property

of the G. A. R. loss is estimated at $750,000.... Monsignor Agliardi, Papal

May 1.-Ex-Congressman Robert Klotz, of Mauch Nuncio at Vienna, is recalled.... Another French victory Chunk, Pa.... Gen. Samuel Brinkle Hayman, of Texas, a is reported in Madagascar.

veteran of the Mexican and Civil Wars. ...Gen. John NewMay 20.—The United States Supreme Court renders a ton, engineer, of New York city....M. Numa Gilly, new decision on the income tax cases, holding the entire

formerly member of the French Chamber of Deputies and law unconstitutional.... The fiftieth anniversary of the de

Mayor of Nimes. ... William Saunders, M. P... Rev. Dr. parture of the Arctic exploring expedition, under Sir.

Charles A. Heurtley, of Oxford. John Franklin, is celebrated in London, Eng.... The Nor- May 2.-James Sorley, a prominent citizen of Galveston, wegian bark Ceylon is wrecked near Dover, Eng., six of Texas.... Captain John Brown, Jr., son of John Brown, her crew being drowned.

the abolitionist.... Major Campbell Wallace, Railroad

Commissioner of Georgia.

May 3.-Judge W. F. Pope, of Little Rock, Ark....

Gen. Joseph M. Walters, of Albany, N. Y.... George Rob April 21.-Paul Fenimore Cooper, son of the novelist.... ert Charles Herbert, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery. John N. Stearns, a well-known temperance advocate. .... Louis Perrault, corporation printer, of Montreal.


May 4.-Alpheus B. Alger, ex-Mayor of Cambridge Mass. ... Roundell Palmer, first Earl of Selborne.... The Countess of Kimberley ....Sir John Adam Hay, of King's Meadows, Peebles, Scotland.

May 5.-John Davenport, philanthropist, of Steuben County, N. Y....M. E. Carter, a well-known politician of North Carolina....James Kelly, one of the founders of the Chicago Tribune....Carl Vogt, the German naturalist.... Sir George Buchanan, of London, Eng.

May 7.-Col. John E. Gowen, a distinguished American engineer....Ex-Gov. and Vice-Chancellor Robert S. Green, of New Jersey...,Field-Marshal General Alexander August Wilhelm von Pape, of the German Army.

May 8.-Ex-Gov. James A. Weston, of New Hampshire. .... Rev. Dr. Edward Brenton Boggs, of Newark, N. J. ...Nehemiah Proctor, a well-known sea-captain of Gloucester, Mass.

May 9.—Sir Robert Peel, son of the great English states man....Sir Cyril Clarke Graham, British diplomat....Gen. Joseph Colton, formerly of the Confederate Army.

May 10.-Ex-Surgeon-General Charles Sutherland, U. S. A.... Andrew H. Lucas, inventor, of St. Louis, Mo.... Hiram H. Giles, a well-known temperance reformer of Wisconsin.

May 11.-Ex-Gov. Ira J. Chase, of Indiana....Dr. James G. Porteous, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., a surgeon in the Civil War.

May 12.-Ex-President Julius Hawley Seelye, of Am

herst College.... Captain Charles Kohler, of Staten Island, N. Y., a veteran of the Seminole War.

May 13.-Eckley Brinton Coxe, of Drifton, Pa., one of the heaviest coal operators in the United States.

May 14.-Dr. Hugh M. Cooper, a well-known physician of New Westminster, C.

May 15.-Ex-Judge B. W. Lacey, of the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals....Joseph Whitaker, founder of “ Whitaker's Almanac," of London, Eng.

May 16.—Rear Admiral John J. Almy, U. S. N. (retired)....Peter H. Burnett, first Governor of California. ....Captain W. L. Powell, U.S. Indian Agent at Neahbey, Wash.... The Duke of Hamilton.... Arthur M. Wellington, editor of the Engineering News.

May 17.- Captain Howard Hanscom, a veteran shipbuilder of New Haven, Conn....Col. Locke W. Winchester, of New York city.... Senora Dena Nicolasa Diaz de Borges, sister of General Diaz, President of Mexico, and a prominent society woman.

May 18.—Dr. George A. Perkins, of Salem, Mass., a well-known physician....Hon. Hiram Barney, Collector of the Port of New York under President Lincoln.

May 19.—Major General Randle J. Feilden, member of the British House of Commons for the Chorley division of Lancashire. ...Dr. Morris Henry Henry, who organized the present system of ambulance service in New York city ....Pay Director Cuthbert P. Wallach, U. S. N. (re tired).



FORTHCOMING EVENTS. OLLOWING are a few announcements of summer ries, etc.; 4, Woman's Work, Temperance Rescue Work,

gatherings which we were unable to include in the etc.; 5, Denominational Section ; 6, Young People's Sociarticle published in our May number.

eties and Sunday Schools, Kindergartens, Missionaries,

etc. It is expected there will be seven thousand delegates. The Second International Conference of the Epworth

C'ities, counties, churches and benevolent societies are League will be one of the largest of this summer's gather

asked to send delegates. Each section will hold a session ings. The meeting is to be held at Chattanooga, Tenn.,

each afternoon, besides the general sessions forenoon and June 27-30. The Epworth League is the young people's

evening. The following are a few of the many who have society of the Methodist Church. It is organized in the

promised co-operation : Archbishop Ireland, of St. Paul ; Methodist Episcopal Church, the Methodist Episcopal

Rev. H. W. Bennett, D.D., of Akron, Ohio ; Rev. Bishop Church South, and the Methodist Church of Canada, and

Mahlon N. Gilbert (Episcopal), Minnesota ; Rev. Bishop these three churches unite in the Chattanooga Conference.

J. H. Vincent, and Rev. Bishop Hurst, Methodist Episco The combined membership of the League is now over

pal ; President William R. Harper, Chicago University ; 1,000,000. The meeting is attracting much attention from

Rev. Dr. Gunsaulus and Rev. Dr. Arthur Edwards, Chithe fact that it is the first union Methodist gathering held


THE CATHOLIC TOTAL ABSTINENCE UNION. in the South. Sir McKenzie Bowell, Prime Minister of Canada, Bishop John H. Vincent, the founder of Chautau

Arrangements are now being made for a fitting celebraqua, and Carlos Martyn, D.D., the Chicago reformer, are tion of the silver jubilee of the Catholic Total Abstinence among the prominent speakers. The general subject of

Union of America, which will be commemorated in New the conference is “The Methodism of the Future." The

York next August, when delegates from all parts of the attendance is estimated at near 15,000, the historic sur

country will assemble there in the twenty fifth annual conroundings of Chattanooga attracting many people.

vention of the organization. The proceedings of the conA PAN-AMERICAN CONGRESS.

vention will occupy four days, beginning August 7, and it The Pan-American Congress of Religion and Education is confidently expected that it will be one of the greatest will be held at Toronto, Canada, July 18 to 25, 1895. Rev. assemblages of total abstainers ever gathered in the United Samuel G. Smith, D.D., of St. Paul, Minn., is president. States. The coming convention has the active support of The Congress will be composed of representatives from Archbishop Corrigan, and will be attended by the most every country, province and state in North and South prominent among the Catholic dignitaries of the land. America, including Protestants, Roman Catholics and He- Monsignor Satolli, the Apostolic Delegate, who is an brews. The Congress will consider the great moral and ardent advocate of temperance, has promised to be pressocial questions of the day. Many of the highest dignita- ent and to speak during the progress of the convention. ries of church and state, and prominent philanthropists,

LIBERAL RELIGION. have promised to participate. The Congress will have the following sections : 1, Authors, Editors and Publishers; The American Congress of Liberal Religious Societies 2, Education, including Colleges and Church Schools ; 3, will hold its second annual meeting in Sinai Temple, Philanthropics, Hospitals, Asylums, Homes, Reformato Chicago, on June 4, 5 and 6.

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