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This edition of The Holy Grail is intended to be uniform with that of The Coming of Arthur and The Passing of Arthur by Mr. F. J. Rowe of the Presidency College, Calcutta, and with my own editions of Gareth and Lynette, The Marriage of Geraint, and Geraint and Enid. For a general account of Tennyson's poetry, and especially of the Idylls of the King, I may be permitted to refer the reader to Mr. Rowe's Introductions, to which I must also acknowledge obligation for some suggestive remarks. For etymologies I have constantly given references to Dr. Skeat's Concise Etymological Dictionary of the English Language; and I must also acknowledge obligation to Mr. K. Deighton, late Principal of Agra College, for several useful suggestions. In dealing with the romances upon which this idyll is founded I have been much indebted to Mr. Alfred Nutt's book, The Legend of the Holy Grail, published by the Folk-Lore Society. Even those who do not fully accept his conclusions as to the Celtic origin of the legend, may gratefully acknowledge the service which he has rendered to his fellow-workers by his summaries of the principal romances. Other obligations are acknowledged as they occur.

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