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Act of March 24, 1902, ch. 276, 483.
Sec. I. Judicial Districts Change of Boundaries, 483.

2. Central District Furisdiction, 483.

3. Additional Commissioner, 484.
Act of May 19, 1902, ch. 816, 484.
Sec. 1. Municipal Bonds, 484.

Provisions of Bonds - Rate of Interest, 484.

3. Annual Tax -- Limit of Additional Bonds, 484.
Act of May 27, 1902, ch. 888, 485.
Commission to Five Civilized Tribes -- Creek Roll

Rules for
Descent, 485.
Appointment of Commissioner on Failure of Indian Appointee,

etc. - Definition of Limits of Small Towns, 485.

Lawful Possessors of Town Sites Share in Lands, 486.
Sec. 8. Western Judicial District Created Boundaries Terms

Fudge Commissioners and Constables Recorder's Office,
Northern District Marshals and District Attorney Pend-
ing Causes Terms Northern District Existing Laws
Made Applicable Terms Southern and Central Districts

Constable, Durant, 486.

Erection of Fails in Indian Territory, 488.
Act of June 21, 1902, ch. 1137, 489.
Sec. 1. Fees of Marshals and Deputies, 489.

2. Witnesses' Fees, 489.

3. Repeal, 489.
Act of July 1, 1902, ch. 1351, 490.

Additional Commissioners and Constables - Terms, Salaries,

etc., 490.

VII. Indian Homesteads and Allotments of Lands to Indians in

Severalty, 490.
Act of March 3, 1875, ch. 131, 490.
Sec. 15. Certain Indians Entitled to Benefit of Homestead Laws, 490.
10. Entries of Homestead by Indians, Heretofore Made, Confirmed,

Act of July 4, 1884, ch. 180, 491.

Further Application of Homestead Laws to Indians --- Patented

Lands Held in Trust, 491.
Act of March 3, 1893, ch. 209, 492.

Costs of Legal Contests By or Against Indians - One-half Fees

District Attorneys to Represent Indians, 492.
Act of Feb. 8, 1887, ch. 119, 492.
Sec. 1. (For substitute for this section see infra, Act of Feb. 28, 1891,

ch. 383, sec. I), 492.
2. Selection of Allotments - When Secretary of Interior May
3. Allotments to Be Made by Special Agents and Reservation

Agents, 493. 4. Indians Not on Reservations, etc., May Make Selection of

Public Lands Fees of Land Officers to Be Paid from

Treasury, 494. 5. Patent to Issue, Holding Lands in Trust Conveyance After

Twenty-five Years - Contracts, Conveyances, etc., Before End of Twenty-five Years Void - Laws of Descent and Partition --- Negotiations by Secretary of Interior for Purchase of Lands Not Allotted Agricultural Lands So Purchased to Be Held for Actual Settlers, if Arable - Patent to Issue Only to Persons Taking for Homestead - Purchase Money to Be Held in Trust for Indians - Patents to Be Recorded Free -- Lands Occupied by Religious Organizations to Be Confirmed to Them In Employment of Indians Preference to Be Given, etc., 494.

Select, 493.

Sec. 6. Citizenship to Be Accorded to Allottees and Indians Adopting

Civilized Life, 496.
7. Secretary of Interior to Prescribe Rules for Use of Waters for

Irrigation, 498.
8. Act Not to Extend to Lands of Certain Tribes, 498.
9. Appropriation for Surveys, 498.
10. Rights of Way for Railroads, etc., Not Affected, 498.

u. Removal of Southern Utes Not Affected by Act, 499.
Act of Oct. 19, 1888, ch. 1214, 499.
Sec. 1. Acceptance of Surrender of Land Patents from Indians, 499.
2. Indians May Surrender Patents, and Receive Allotments in

Severalty, 499.
Act of Feb. 28, 1891, ch. 383, 499,
Sec. 1 Allotment of One-eighth Section of Land in Severalty to Each

Indian on Reservation Allotment Pro Rata, if Lands In-
sufficient - Allotment by Treaty or Act, Not Reduced
Allotment under Existing Agreements or Laws in Accordance
with Former Act May Be Made as Herein Provided, if
Indians Consent Double Allotments of Lands Fit for

Grazing Only, 499. 2. Existing Allotments in Certain Cases to Be Augmented No

Existing Approved Allotment to Be Reduced, 500. 3. Leases of Allotments, When Permitted, 500. 4. Indians Entitled to Allotment May Select Public Lands - Fees

to Be Paid from Treasury, 501. 5. Determination of Descent - "Cherokee Outlet" Lands Excepted

- Certain Sacs and Foxes Excepted, 501. Act of March 2, 1895, ch. 188, 502.

Sacs and Foxes of the Missouri Restriction on Allotments to,

Repealed, 502.
Act of Fan. 26, 1895, ch. 50, 502.

Errors in Allotments and Patents to Indians to Be Corrected, 502.
Act of May 31, 1900, ch. 598, 503.

Leases of Indian Lands of Disabled Allottee, 503.

Certain Leases Authorized, 503.
Act of Feb. 6, 1901, ch. 217, 503.
Sec. 1. Claimants of Allotment May Sue in Circuit Courts, etc., 503.
2. Service of Petition - District Attorney to Represent Government

- Failure to Plead - Claim to Be Established by Proof, 504.
Act of May 31, 1902, ch. 946, 504.
Sec. 1. State Statutes of Limitation Applicable to Actions for Lands

Patented in Severalty, 504.

2. Suits Reserved from Operation of This Act, 505.
Act of March 3, 1901, ch. 832, 505.
Sec. 9. Siletz Reservation, Oregon Patents to Indians for More than

Eighty Acres of Land Authorized, etc., 505.
Act of May 27, 1902, ch. 888, 505.

Sec. 7. Sale by Heirs of Ailotted Lands, 505.
VIII. Instruction of Indians, 506.1

R. S. 2071. President May Employ Instructors for Indians, 506.
2072. When Tribes May Direct the Employment of Blacksmiths, etc.,

Acı of June 23, 1879, ch. 35, 506.

Sec. 7. Detail of Army Officer for Indian Education, 506.
Act of July 31, 1882, ch. 363, 506.

Barracks May Be Set Aside by Secretary of War for Indian

Training Schools - Money Appropriated for Education
Among Indians May Be Expended There, 506.

* Expenditure of appropriations for education of Indians.

See R. S. sec. 2099, infra,

p. 366.

Act of March 2, 1895, ch. 188, 507.

Government to Make Provision for Government Indian Schools,

Act of March 2, 1889, ch. 412, 507:
Sec. 10. Superintendent of Indian Schools to Be Appointed His Duties,

Act of May 27, 1902, ch. 888, 508.

Traveling Expenses and Additional Duties of Superintendent of

Indian Schools, 508.
Act of July 13, 1892, ch. 164, 508.

Rules to Secure Attendance at Schools, 508.
Act of March 3, 1893, ch. 209, 508.

Rations, etc., May Be Withheld for Nonattendance at School

Subsistence Withheld to Be Credited to Tribe, 508.
Act of Aug. 15, 1894, ch. 290, 509.

Equal Education to those Taking Lands in Severalty, 509.
Act of March 2, 1895, ch. 188, 509.

Consent of Parent to Send Child Out of State, etc., 509.
Act of Fune 10, 1896, ch. 398, 509.

Written consent of Parent to Take Pupil to Another State, 509.
Act of June 29, 1888, ch. 503, 510.

Sec. 10. Bible May Be Taught in Indian Language, 510.
Act of une 7, 1897, ch. 3, 510.

No Appropriation Hereafter for Sectarian Schools, 510.
Indians to Be Employed as Assistant Matrons, Farmers, etc.,

Act of March 3, 1885, ch. 341, 510.

Admission to Indian School at Genoa, Nebraska, 510.
Act of March 3, 1893, ch. 209, 510.

Qualification for Admission to Indian School at Carlisle, Penn.,

510. Act of March 3, 1901, ch. 832, 511. Sec. 8. Commissioner of Indian Affairs to Report Number of Employees

at Schools, etc., 511.
Act of July 4, 1884, ch. 180, 511,

Sec. 9. Indian Agents to Submit Census in Annual Reports, 511.
Act of March 1, 1899, ch. 324, 511.

Practical Farmers and Stockmen to Be Engaged - Qualifica

tions, 511
IX. Miscellaneous Acts Relating to Indians, 511.

Act of March 2, 1899, ch. 374, 511.
Sec. 1. Rights of Way by Railway, etc., Through Indian Reservation,

etc., 511.
2. Width Stations Rights Heretofore Granted in Indian Ter-

ritory, 512, 3. Survey, and Proceedings for Award of Compensation, 512. 4. Effect of Dilatoriness in Construction, etc., 513. 5. Railroad Through Indian Territory Annual Charge - Pas

senger and Freight Rates to Be Prescribed - Transportation

of Mails, 513
6. Railroad Rights on Public Lands, 513.
7. Regulations, 513.

8. Repeal, 514;
Act of March 3, 1901, ch. 832, 514.
Sec. 3. Construction of Telegraph and Telephone Lines Through Indian

Lands, 514;
4. Secretary of Interior May Grant Permission to Open Highways

Through Indian Lands, 515.
Act of May 2, 1890, ch. 182, 515.
Sec. 12. Oklahoma District Court to Have Furisdiction over Contro
versies Between Indians of Different Tribes, 515.

Act of March 3, 1901, ch. 832, 515.
Sec. 2. Supplies, Purchase After Advertisement, Except, etc. - Indians

Preferred in Purchases and Labor - Manufactures by

Indians, 515.

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Act of Fuly 7, 1898, ch. 571, 516.

Indian Supplies, etc., How Transported, 516.
Act of July 4, 1884, ch. 180, 516.

Sec. 10. Expense of Land Service Not Chargeable to Indian Lands, 516.
Act of June 7, 1897, ch. 3, 516.

Warehouse to Be Established at Omaha Building to Be Fur

nished Free, 516. Act of March 3, 1879, ch. 182, 516.

Archives, etc., Relating to Indians Collected by Geographical and

Geological Surveys to Be Turned Over to Smithsonian Institu

tion, 516.
Act of July 1, 1898, ch. 545, 517.

Colville Reservation, Washington, Mineral Lands Subject to

Entry, 517
Act of Aug. 9, 1888, ch. 818, 517;
Sec. 1. White Men Marrying Indian Women Not to Acquire Tribal

Rights, 517.
2. Indian Women Marrying Citizens Become Citizens, 517.
3. Evidence of Marriage of White Men with Indian Women,

Act of June 7, 1897, ch. 3, 517.

Children of White Man and Indian Woman to Have Rights of

Mother, 517
Act of Feb. 14, 1902, ch. 18, 518.
Sec. 1. Salé of Arms and Intoxicants to Pacific Islands Aborigines

Forbidden, 518.
2. Medical Use Excepted, 518.

3. Deemed an Offense on High Seas, 518.
Act of Feb. 19, 1875, ch. 90, 518.
Sec. 1. Leases of Lands by Seneca Nation of New York Indians, for

Railroad Purposes, 518. 2. Boundaries of Certain Villages in Allegany Reservation - Maps

of Survey, 519 3. Leases in Said Villages by Indians, to Be Valid for Five Years,

etc. Renewal of Leases, 519. 4. Power of Seneca Nation to Lease Lands Not Owned by Indi

viduals, 519 5. Survey of Village Lands Now Leasea - Recording of Leases

Assignment, Devise, Descent of Leases, 519. 6. Rents Due Seneca Nation, How Recovered and Applied, 520. 7: Jurisdiction of Courts, 520. 8. Laws of New York Taxation of Indians, 520.

CROSS-REFERENCES. Indians in Alaska, see ALASKA. Indian Depredations, see CLAIMS. Payments to State or Territory.for Keeping Indian Convicts, see PRISONS AND

PRISONERS. Selection of School Lands in Reservations Opened, see PUBLIC LANDS. Jurisdiction of Civil Actions Against Osage or Kansas Indians in Oklahoma, see

TERRITORIAL COURTS. Pensions to Indians, see PENSIONS. Advertisements and Contracts for Supplies for Indian Service, see ESTIMATES,



Sec. 462. [Commissioner of Indian Affairs.] There shall be in the Department of the Interior a Commissioner of Indian Affairs, who shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and who shall be entitled to a salary of three thousand dollars a year. [R. S.]

Act of July 9, 1832, ch. 174, 4 Stat. L. 564. of Indian affairs. In the Legislative, Execu

Sections 462 to 469 constitute ch. 4 of title tive, and Judicial Appropriation Act of Aug. XI. of the Revised Statutes, “ The Commis 5, 1882, ch. 389, 22 Stat. L. 247, the amount sioner of Indian Affairs."

appropriated was four thousand dollars, as Increase of salary. - The Legislative, Ex also in subsequent appropriation acts down ecutive, and Judicial Appropriation Act of to the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial June 15, 1880, ch. 225, 21 Stat. L. 231, ap Appropriation Act of April 28, 1902, ch. 594, propriated three thousand five hundred dol 32 Stat. L. 158, which appropriated five thoulars for compensation for the commissioner sand dollars.

[Assistant Commissioner.] Indian Office:

Assistant Commissioner, who shall also perform the duties of chief clerk, three thousand dollars;

[32 Stat. L. 158. ] This is from the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Appropriation Act of April 28, 1902, ch. 594. Like provision for the office of Assistant Commissioner was first made in the Appropriation Act for 1886, and has been annually enacted ever since. See 24 Stat. L. 200, 623; 25 Stat. L. 286, 735; 26 Stat. L. 258, 938; 27 Stat. L. 213, 704; 28 Stat. L. 194, 795; 29 Stat. L. 168, 568; 30 Stat. L. 305, 306, 878; 31 Stat. L.

122, 158. Sec. 463. [Duties of Commissioner.] The Commissioner of Indian Affairs shall, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, and agreeably to such regulations as the President may prescribe, have the management of all Indian affairs, and of all matters arising out of Indian relations. [R. S.]

Act of July 9, 1832, ch. 174, 4 Stat. L. 564; their government, the President is authorized Act of July 27, 1868, ch. 259, 15 Stat. L. 228. to establish an Indian court and police force

Action of the President. The action of the for such tribe and define and prescribe the commissioner of Indian affairs must be pre punishment for Indian offenses. Such power sumed to be the action of the President. Belt may be exercised through the secretary of the t'. U. S., (1879) 15 Ct. Cl. 92.

interior, by virtue of R. S. sec. 441, title Power of secretary of interior. - It seems INTERIOR DEPARTMENT in this work, which that the secretary of the interior has power, provides that such secretary is charged with under this section, to supervise and control the supervision of the public business relatthe management of the bureau of Indian af ing to the Indians. U. S. v. Clapox, (1888) fairs. Knight v. U. S. Land Assoc., (1891) 35 Fed. Rep. 577. 142 U. S. 182.

Act of July 9, 1832. — Under the Act of Signature to order. — An order directing ad 1832, above cited, the commissioner was under vertisements for proposals for supplies may the direction of the secretary of war. Regube said to come from the secretary of the lations made by the President were made interior, as the head of the department, when through the war department, and a rule of signed by the commissioner of Indian affairs the secretary of war was presumed to have alone. U. S. v. Odeneal, (1882) 10 Fed. Rep. received the assent of the President and to be 616.

his regulation. (1848) 5 Op. Atty.-Gen. 36. Establishing court of Indian offenses. - Act of July 27, 1868. — The Act of 1868, Under the general power conferred by R. S. above cited, transferred the care of the InBecs. 463, 465, and the treaty of 1855, whereby dians from the treasury department to that the Umatilla Indians. engaged to submit to of the interior. U. S. v. Boyd, (1895) 68 Fed. rules prescribed by the United States for

Rep. 577.

[By a Senate resolution which passed the Senate May 20, 1902, Congressional Record, Fifty-seventh Congress, first session, p. 5065, it was “Resolved, That the Committee on Indian Affairs is hereby authorized to have prepared for the use of the Senate a compilation of all treaties, laws, and executive orders now in force relating to Indian affairs." A compilation thus authorized, to Dec. 1, 1902, was made, and constitutes, in two volumes, Senate document No. 452, for the Fifty-seventh Congress, first session.

By the Act of June 20, 1874, ch. 333, sec. 10, 18 Stat. L. 113, R. S. (second edition), appendix, p. 1089, it was provided, “ That the Secretary of State shall cause all the copies of the Revision of Indian treaties made by Thomas J. Durant, now printed to be bound, and the same shall be deposited with the Secretary of the Interior, for the use of the Departments and officers of the Government."]

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