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Hendrick, F. C., Chicago, Ill.—Course: Electrical.

Huck, John, Independence, La.-Course: Complete Mathematical.

Jessop, Edward, York, Pa.--Course: Mechanical.

Hetzler, G. E., Dayton, 0.-Course: Electrical.

Kellar, John G., Albany, N. Y.-Course: 32 Volumes


Kylberg, Sylvester C., Wyoming, Milburn

P. O., N. J.-Course: Mechanical-Electrical.

Langsdale, B. W., Kansas City, Mo.

Course: Mechanical Drawing. And $1.00 a Month for 15 Months Lindholm, John I., Bridgeport, Conn.or Cash with the Order, $12.50

Course: Mechanical-Electrical.

Montgomery, E. G., Topeka, Kan.—Course : Heating, Ventilating, and Plumbing.

Osborn, Rex Elmer, Toledo, 0.—Course : E HAVE decided to add a thousand new Mechanical-Electrical. customers to our list in the next few weeks

Petritsch, Jos., Chicago, Ill.—Course: Shop no matter what the cost. The plan we Practice. adopted in order to do this is in making some Powers, Wm., Montreal, Que.-Course : (never-before-thought-of) offers to TECHNICAL

Electrical. WORLD readers. g We were exceedingly fortunate in securing a few sets of The Scientific

Richardson, F. M. M., Nashville, Tenn.

Course: Mechanical-Electrical. Library" in a "remainder lot sale" which we have just received. They are bound in Buckram

Wallace, John D., Chicago, Ill.-Course: and have been selling regularly at $48.00 per set.

Mechanical Engineering.

Winehold, Wm., Wadena, Ind.-Course: Volumes:


Zito, James, Ft. Casey, Wash.—Course :
Tyndall's Fragments of Science, 2 vols.
Mendelieff's Principles of Chemistry, 4 vols.

Sir John Herschel's Outlines of Astronomy, 2 vols.
Darwin's Descent of Man, 2 vols.
Geikie's Text Book of Geology, 4 vols.
Smith's Wealth of Nations, 3 vols.
Darwin's Journal of Researches, 1 vol.

Personal Notes
Darwin's Origin of Species, 1 vol.
Bacon's Novum Oxanum, 1 vol.

MR. MANGER, of Dawson City, Yukon
Bacon's Advancement of Learning, 1 vol.
Huxley's Science and Education, 1 vol.

Territory, writes that there is a regular Tyndall's Sound, 1 vol. Kelvin & Tait's Elements of Natural Philo., 1 vol. stampede to the new Tanana placer digSpencer's Data of Ethics, 1 vol.

gings, that many of his friends are leavSpencer's First Principles, 1 vol. Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, 1 vol.

ing for the newly discovered goldfields. Hegel's Philosophy and History, 1 vol. Tunzleman's Electricity in Modern Life, 1 vol. Atkin's Elementary Text Book of Botany. 1 vol. Proctor's Other Worlds than Ours, 1 vol.

Gosse's The Microscope, 1 vol. cloth. At LESS than ONE-THIRD the regular Mr. R. W. COLLINS, of Monterey, Cal.,

price. Sent by Freight, not Prepaid writes: “I was at Salmos for a year, reThese books should be in every house. The

building a badly run down plant, but supply is limited. By filling out the cou

May ist was transferred to th plant at pon attached and forwarding to us, we

this place, where I have been made Suwill send the books to you for in

perintendent of the Company's work here spection. If satisfactory, send

and Chief Electrician of the other plants us 50c within 5 days, and

The then $1 a month for 15


—the Salmos plant having been taken months, or $12.50 cash.

over by the above Company. Write now to the

Press, Chicago Pilgrim Press

Send on approval as

advertised in September 175 Wabash Ave.


Scientific Library. If satisfactory will pay 50c cash and $1 a month for

MR. C. W. DOUGLAS, of St. Louis, Mo., 15 months. If not will return set

an American School student, is attending within five days.

the summer school of the Armour InstiName.

tute of Technology, and taking the Address.

courses in Mechanics and Electricity. Mention The Technical IVorld.




IVE Volumes—2,500 Pages-size of pages, 8x10 inches. Handsomely and durably bound in buckram, profusely illustrated with over 2,000 full-page plates, diagrams, plans, sections, tables, formulæ, etc. Invaluable alike to the expert electrician and the apprentice. Thousands of dollars and years of preparation have been required to compile the material for this work. Every section written by an acknowledged authority. Prepared es

pecially for practical, everyday use. Combines the best features of a textbook and a reference work, as every volume is supplemented with a carefully prepared list of test questions to impress the important points upon the reader's mind. A ready reference work for the experienced workman, as it is free from abstract theory and difficult mathematics.


Half Price Special Advance Offer.

$2.50 PAID NOW secures this $25.00 Cyclopedia for just hall price-$12.50 - delivered, express prepaid.

The regular price of the Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity is $25.00. We are printing an edition for our own use. To secure immediately a sufficient number of orders to warrant our increasing the edition, and thus reduce the cost of manufacture to us, we will distribute 1,000 extra sets at the reduced cost of manufacture while they last. We do this

to introduce the work, knowing that it will greatly increase the regular sale. This offer is made for immediate acceptance. Reservations must be made now.

The full set of five volumes will be delivered to you as soon as it is off the press. Cut out the coupon below and mail to us. No further payment need be made unti! November 1st, when payment of balance at the rate of 2.00 per month must begin. Order immediately to insure yourself this valuable reference work at half price.

ORDER NOW-Order will be entered as received, and positively no sets will be sold at half price after the edition now at press has been subscribed. If you are not in time for a set your $2.50 will be returned to you. Some of the Writers.

Partial Table of Contents. PROF. F. B. CROCKER, head of Department of Elec Part 1.-Static and Dynamic Electricity-Primary Battertrical Engineering, Columbia University: author of ies-Ohm's Law-Wire Calculations - Electrical Measthe sections on Storage Batteries and Management urements-Wiring for Light and Power-Electric Teleof Dynamo Electric Machinery.

gragh, including the Duplex and Quadruplex. PROF. WILLIAM ESTY, head of the Department of Part II.-Theory of Dynamo-Electric Machinery-Design

Electrical Engineering. Lehigh University: author of and Construction of Dynamos and Motors-Types of the section on Alternating Current Machinery.

Machines-Storage Batteries, including Theory, ManH. C. CUSHING, Jr., Wiring Expert and Consulting

agement and Types. Engineer: author of the section on Wiring for Light Part III.-Incandescent and Arc Lighting-Electric Railand Power.

ways, including Car Wiring. Line Construction, ThirdPROF. DUGALD C. JACKSON, Collaborator with

Rail and Multiple-Unit Systems-Management of DynaPROF. GEORGE C. SHAAD, University of Wiscon

mo-Electric Machinery-Power Station Work, including sin: author of sections on Power Transmission,

Boilers, Engines and Electrical Machinery-High TenElectric Lighting and Central Stations,

sion Transmission. J. R. CRAVATH, Western Editor of the Street Railway

Part IV.-Theory of Alternating Currents-Construction, Journal: author of the section on Street Railways.

Types and Operation of Alternators, Transformers, In

duction Motors, Synchronous Motors and Rotary ConPROF. LOUIS DERR. Mass. Institute of Technology:

WILLIAM BOYRER, Telephone Expert and Consulting Engineer: CHAS. THOM, Chief of Quadruplex

Part V.-The Telephone - Instruments - Line ConstrucDepartment Western Union Telegraph Co.: author of

tion-Switchboards - Exchangessection on Telegraphy, and others.

Operation and Maintenance-Com

mon Battery System. COUPON-Cut out and mail to AMERICAN SCHOOL OF CORRESPONDENCE

at Armour Institute of Technology. Enclosed find $2.50 for first payment on half-price sale of Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity. The balance (310) I will pay in monthly payments of $2.00 each, beginning November 1.

It is understood that I may return the set at your expense within five days, and that you will refund the amount paid if the set is not wholly satisfactory to me. Also that you will return the $2.50 if my order is received too late for the half-price sale. (Tech. World.)


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St. Address

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Mention The Technical World.



TAZEWELL GILMER, Brooklyn, N. Y., has successfully passed the Civil Service Examination.


Elbert Hubbard: The

* Roycrofters, E.
Aurora, N. Y.:
think that your cabi.
net has added several
years to my earth life
by enabling me to find
the thing without wear
or tear on my temper
and vocabulary."

JOHN J. WHEELER, a graduate of the Armour Institute, Class of '97, in Mechanical Engineering, and at present enrolled in the American School in the Electrical Department, is Instructor at the Tuskegee (Ala.) Institute in Mechanical Engineering.

Geo. H. Daniels, Gen't

Pass's Agent, N. Y.
C. & H. R. Ry. Co.;
"I find them indis-

pensable to me in my Free to You with

work." Your Name in Gold

Even a gifted writer like Elbert Hubbard cannot adequately describe the value of this cabinet to the man with a desk. It forms a complete, durable, ever-ready receptacle for all the clippings, manuscripts, illustrations you wish to preserve the cleverest classifier of miscellaneous papers ever invented. It is a veritable savings bank of information-worth 47 scrap books.

All complete, it consists of a substantial air tight, dust-proof box fitted with a full supply of specially made holders,

each of which not only shows the contents in it, but by the ingenious indexing system shows just where everything else referring to its contents may be found. It sits conveniently on your desk and takes care absolutely of all the papers and data that you might otherwise lose or forget-perlaps throw in the waste basket for want of a better place to put it. The cabinet is a genuine Library Filing Cabinet never before made in desk size, and has sold for $15.00 to $500.00 in large sizes. The Desk Cabinet we offer you free is equal in every respect to the expensive kind except the size. The free offer is in connection with



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Edited by A. W. SHAW
SYSTEM gives every month 200 or more pages of indispensable
information for business men. System is essential to business suc.

cess. And, so is SYSTEM, the
magazine. It tells every month all,
the new business tricks that save time
-all the little office wrinkles that save
worry. Through SYSTEM you can
learn all that anyone can possibly tell

you about system and business

methods. The regular reading of
SYSTEM will solve your business per.
plexities--but if it does not, SYSTEM
has a of experts-practical busi-
ness men - who will answer your
questions gladly and cheerfully and
promptly. This service will cost you
not one single penny-If you are a
subscriber to SYSTEM. The price of
SYSTEM is two dollars a year. It is
worth a great deal more than that to
an alert man with his eyes on the main
An official of the National

Cash Register Company,
says: “The ideas gathered

Designed and Constructed by Hubbell & Benes, Architects.
from your magazine have

enabled me to formulate systems for Mr. Patterson's letters, books, pamphlets, orders, etc., which liave simplified the work greatly.

An Error Corrected "I have learned more from SYSTEM in five months than in ten years of hard study and knocks in business. It is worth ten times the charges for it. F. A. PHILBRICK, Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Special Offer We said the desk cabinet would cost you nothing. Here is the way. Send us two dollars for a year's subscription to SYSTEM and we will send you, every cost prepaid, a cabinet with your name in gold on top. Write your name and ad. dress in the white space opposite; tear out this advertisement and mail it to us. Write plainly, so that we will make no mistake in setting your name. Inclose the money and we will enter you as a subscriber-send you an expert consulta. tion certificate entitling you to free advice -and ship you the cabinet. Act at once. We have only a few of the cabinets on hand and we believe they will be snapped up in a hurry. ACT.

THE SYSTEM COMPANY 992 First National Bank Building. Chicago error.

Mention The Technical World.



Write Name and Address Here

THROUGH a misrepresentation of

facts, the Editors of THE TECHNICAL World were led—or rather misled—into making an erroneous statement in the August number regarding the designing and construction of the Citizens Building, Cleveland, O., ascribing the credit therefor to the wrong party. The architects of this structure were Messrs. Hubbell & Benes, who have their offices in the building; and The TECHNICAL WORLD gladly takes this opportunity to correct the

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