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Devoted to a review of new and timely books on Scientific, Technical, and Industrial subjects: and a presentation in condensed form of the substance of a select list of the most important current Magazine Articles and Manufacturers' Catalogues in the field of Engineering, Architecture, and other branches of Applied Science.

Any book reviewed may be purchased by ordering through THE TECHNICAL WORLD. Orders must be accompanied with remittance of full price

Books Received

Russia—Her Strength and Her Weakness. A Study of the Present Conditions of the Russian Empire, with an Analysis of its Resources and a Forecast of its Future. By Wolf von Schierbrand, Ph. D., author of "Germany-The Welding of a World-Power," "The Kaiser's Speeches," etc. Pages 304. Indexed. Maps. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York. Price, $1.60 net.

A Most Timely book in view of the crisis with which Russia is now face to face. The hopelessness of the picture here presented is almost without one ray of light; and the significant thing about it is that the author has gathered his information largely at first hand, on the ground.

Another than the Czar has been called the "Sick Man of Europe," but Nicholas II. is entitled to the name—for either he is the inspiration, or he is the helpless tool, of that bureaucratic system of centralization which is as deadlyabane to the national life as is the hoof of the Sultan's horse to the grass upon which it treads. It is because Russia has been so inordinate in her ambition of expansion, and so ruthless in pursuit of her policy of "One flag, one language, one religion," that now in the hour of her trouble she finds but scant sympathy even among the chancelleries of Europe.

By "Russia" is here meant, of course, not the Russian people, but their overlords, for the peasantry are of sturdy

stock—the embryo, as it were, of a middle class such as, under more liberal governments, constitutes the main sinew of the national life, but which in Russia has never developed. It is in her people that the hope of Russia, and the strength of Russia—as indeed of every other nation—ultimately lies; and if her present chastisement shall serve the purpose of unlocking in any degree the yoke under which they have so long labored, the world at large will be benefited. The author might have brought out this point more strongly.

Russia is on a par with Turkey as a disturbing factor in international politics; and it is because of the large x involved in her problem, and the mystery with which she surrounds her counsels, that to the world's imagination her function as a world-power has been so exaggerated. According to Doctor von Schierbrand, her claims to strength rest solely on her enormous size. He finds the main cause of her intrinsic weakness in her persistent policy of territorial aggrandizement, which, through absorption of ever farther and farther outlying regions incapable of assimilation, multiplies her points of vulnerability and perennially drains her resources. Other serious canker-spots are the increasing ex

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Free Catalogue

the Press Publishing Association
Detroit, Michigan

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Standard Books


Students and Draftsmen.

Vignola—The Five Orders of Architecture. Second edition. By Arthur Lyman Tuckerman. For the use of the Art Schools of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: one quarto volume; cloth. Price, $5.00. 'Building Construction and Superintendence. By F. E. Kidder, Ph. IX. F. A. I. A.. Consultine Architect, and author of "The Architects, and Builders' Pocket Book." Part I—Mason's Work, 6th edition. 421 pages, 260 illustrations: price, $1.00. Part II—Carpenters' Work, 4th edition, 544 pases, 5i5 illustrations: price, $4.

Architectural Perspective for Beginners. By F. A. Wright, Architect. One large quarto; handsomely bound in cloth. Price, $3.00.

Practical Lessons in Architectural Drawing: or. How to Make the Working Drawings for Buildings. By Wm. B. Tuthill, A. M., Architect. Eleventh edition, large 8vo volume, oblone. cloth. Price, S2.50.

Catalogue of Architectural and Technical Books on request.

Wm. T. Comstock,


23 Warren Street, New York.


haustion of the famous "Black Earth Belt," and a financial policy based on hothouse-nourished industry and enforced exports.

The Russian problem is intimately bound up with the whole problem of mankind.

"A power which holds in its grasp one-sixth of the land on this globe of ours, is, in any event, no negligible quantity. For weal or woe, the cause of Russia is also our own cause. Her prosperity or degeneracy, the question whether her 130 millions will within the near future find or fail to find the form of government best adapted to their welfare and their development, concerns every one of us very closely."

The volume is well worthy of study.

Modern Air-Brake Practice, Its Use and Abuse. By Frank H. Dukesmith, M. E. Pages 300. Cloth. Illustrated. Indexed. Published by Frederick J. Drake & Co., Chicago, HI. Price, $1.50.

Most Books on the air-brake are in catechism form. This textbook is written in a general descriptive explanatory manner, the questions being grouped at the end of the sections. The author has divided the subject into three parts: First, the various parts of the air-brake, equipment, and functions; second, the various defects and their remedies; third, the handling of the brake, with tables and rules for computing brake power, leverage, etc. This book includes a short description of the "straight" air-brake as now used on electric railways, as well as the automatic air-brake on steam railroads. The volume has an excellent index, which enables one readily to find any subject desired.

The Mother Tongue. Book n. By J. H. Gardiner, G. L. Kittredge, and S. L. Arnold. Pages 417. Ginn A Company, Boston. Price, 60 cents.

No Textbooks published in recent years have received higher commendation than "The Mother Tongue" series. Book II is a practical elementary treatise on English Composition. The manner in which the authors present the subject has many novel features, and cannot fail to hold the attention of the student. In New York State alone, over 400 schools are using this series. The three books are the com

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