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bination of wide experience in the class room and unquestionable scholarship.

in the rough or partly fin-
ished, for the half

horse power

Gas Engine

Castings, Materials and Blue Prints, complete, $16.50.
Horizontal and Upright Types. Send for

Circular 7. PARSELL @ WEED 129-131 West 31st St.


Electrical Engineers & Contractors
Manufacturers of Switch Boards and Panel Boards

Telephone Main 3603
88-90 La Salle Street, Chicago

Boiler Construction. By Frank B. Kleinhans. Pages

421. Cloth. Illustrated. The Derry-Collard Company,

New York, Publishers. Price, $3.00. THE FIRST IMPRESSION one gets from this book is that it is devoted largely to the locomotive type; but the reason is readily understood when one considers that the operations on other boilers are much more simple, while the methods and machinery are the same.

A valuable feature is the clear explanation of the way things are done and the tools used in doing them. The illustrations are very clear and readily understood. The following are some of the processes that deserve mention here: Laying Out Gusset Sheet, Dome Base, Tube Sheets, Throat Sheets; Flanging; Punching; Planing; Bending; etc.

Boiler-Shop Machinery is illustrated by excellent half-tone engravings. Tables give valuable information regarding dies and punches, rate of driving rivets, etc.

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Steel Square Pocket-Book. By Dwight L. Stoddard.

Pages 110. Clotb. Illustrated. Industrial Publication

Company, New York, Publishers. Price, 50 cents. THIS LITTLE INEXPENSIVE BOOK gives the practical, every-day uses of the steel square. The various graduations are first explained so that the reader may know the tool. Laying-out spacing, and measuring main rafters, valley and hip rafters, jack rafters, miters, curved rafters, etc., are among the subjects treated. The illustrations are very clear and simple. A thorough understanding of the problems in the book should lead to a complete mastery of the tool.

The most costly piece of railroad literature ever is-
sued is the special Southern edition of the SEABOARD Steam and Electrical Engineering in Questions
MAGAZINE OF OPPORTUNITIES, -yes, there is one for you.
It is unique, contains no advertisements, but hundreds

and Answers. By Spangenberg, Uhl, and Pratt. of full page and half page photo-gravures-the most ex

Cloth. Illustrated. Indexed. Pages 672. Geo. A. quisite examples of the modern printers' art, and each

Zeller, St. Louis, Mo., Publisher. Price, $3.50. worthy of framing. Sent free on receipt of 10 cents to

THIS REFERENCE BOOK for steam, elecpay postage.

trical, and refrigerating engineers, is preJ. W. WHITE,

pared in question-and-answer form, and

includes stationary, locomotive, and elecGeneral Industrial Agent,

trical subjects, as well as mechanical rePORTSMOUTH, VA.

frigeration, compressed air, gas engines, SEABOARD AIR LINE RAILWAY hydraulic elevators, etc. The book en

deavors to combine both theoretical and Mention The Technical World.

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Mention The Technical World.





With satisfactory inducements,
favorable freight rates, good labor
conditions, healthful communities,
on the lines of

practical work, but even a slight examination indicates the strong tendency toward the practical. The names of the authors alone are sufficient to guarantee the practical usefulness of the volume. Prof. E. Spangenberg, C. E., was superintendent of the St. Louis School of Engineering, a man of wide practical experience and a successful teacher, especially in the preparation of men for license examinations. Mr. Albert Uhl, A. I. E. E., is an electrical contractor, and is instructor in practical electricity at the St. Louis School of Engineering. The third author, Mr. E. W. Pratt, is an expert on locomotive and railroad matters, being Master Mechanic of one of the large railways.



For full information and descriptive
pamphlet, address

Industrial Commissionor,

Telephone Principles and Practice. By George

Wilder, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Armour Institute of Technology. Pages 445. Cantwell Publishing Company, Madison, Wis. Price, $2.00, postpaid.

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for Industries

This is a new book in the telephone field, and consequently has the prime advantage of being thoroughly up-to-date. The aim of the book is to treat fully the fundamental principles of telephony, and their applications to telephone apparatus as designed, manufactured, and operated

to-day. This the author has succeeded Erie Railroad in doing admirably, in a clear and con

cise manner. Chicago to New York The subject is treated in four sections.

The first covers the principles of physics

and electricity, which are necessary for The Erie Railroad Company's the reader to grasp in order to be able Industrial Department has all

to apply them to the construction and the territory traversed by the

operation of the telephone circuits. The

second section relates to the details of railroad districted in relation to

subscribers' instruments. The third secresources, adaptability, markets

tion treats of party lines, and of the manand advantages for manufactur agement of small exchanges belonging ing, and can advise with manu

to the Generator Call or Local Battery facturers in relation to the most

type. The fourth section deals with the

construction of small exchanges, party suitable locations. For full in

and toll lines, their electrical properties, formation, address

and their protection against lightning. LUIS JACKSON

The book is profusely illustrated, a Industrial Commissioner

particularly valuable feature being cirErie Railroad Company

cuits of the various phones in actual use 21 Cortlandt Street, New York

to-day. Mention The Technical World.

To the

$33 Pacific


From Chicago, every day, September 15 to October
15, 1904, via the

Chicago, Milwaukee a St. Paul Ry.

To California you have the advantage of the overland service of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and Union Pacific Line. Through train service, including Standard and tourist sleeping cars, Chicago to San Francisco every day. Tourist cars to Los Angeles Mondays and Saturdays. Leave Chicago 10:25 P. M.

To North Pacific Coast points you have the choice of the above route or that via St. Paul and Minneapolis, with double daily train service. Leave Chicago 9 A. M., 6:30 P. M. and 10:30 P. M.

For those who prefer a Southern route to California, the Southwest Limited via Kansas City is recommended. Leave Chicago 6 P. M. daily.

Above rates are called colonist second-class rates. Tickets are good in tourist sleepers, in which the rate for a double berih, Chicago to San Francisco, or Los Angeles is $7. Tourist sleepers are clean, comfortable and economical.

A postal card will bring you complete information.

General Passenger Agent,


Chicago, Milwaukee @ St. Paul Railway.

Mention The Technical World


Good Business English


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write tact

business tricks that save time

that save worry.

Magazines Cassier's Magazine (August) —New York THIS NUMBER contains as one of its most interesting features an article on Marble Quarrying in America, by D. A. Willey. Probably very few people know of the vast resources of the Vermont marble quarries, yet one enterprise alone produces from 60,000 to 70,000 tons annually. And from other deposits in this vicinity more marble is quarried than from all the other American quarries

combined. This is interesting from a sciThese books teach salesmen how to write convincing letters that sell goods, teach credit men how

entific standpoint, because practically all ful letters that bring in money and give no offense, teach correspondents how

to write forceful business-bringing let the work, from the quarrying of the marters, teach stenographers how to master correspondence, teach advertisement writers how to write strong, pulling'

ble to the finishing of the complete object, copy. They form a complete college course in business English-to be read at leisure-to be put into daily practice is done electrically and from power furat once. Many successful men are earning large salaries merely because they know how to state a business proposi nished by the Otter Creek. This same tion clearly, tersely, concisely, forcefully. This set of books comprises the notable Sherwin Cody course in business industry now gives employment to some English complete. Before being published in book form this course sold for $25.00. Every business man, employer 5,000 men and represents an investment and employee should have this set ready for reference. YOU CAN GET A SET

of $7,500,000. Not only is the marble HANDSOMELY BOUND IN CLOTH AT

furnished for rough and cheap grades Less Than Regular Price of work, but the finished product ranges We are making this offer in connection with SYSTEM, the

from the block for the building base to magazine which is as essential to business men as system it

statues and vases, sell is to business. SYSTEM tells every month all the new

as well as interior -all the little office wrinkles


Through SYSTEM you can learn all that The mechanism for working in marble any one can possibly tell you about system and business is so varied that a piece of the stone methods. One hundred and sixty or more pages monthly can be turned, planed, and routed as well

cramful of business ideas for SYSTEM

YOU. The regular reading of as a piece of steel, entirely by power tools.
SYSTEM will solve your busi-
ness perplexities - but if it The tool of the turning lathe is applied as
does not, SYSTEM has a staff
of experts-practical business in the ordinary metal turning lathe.
men who will answer your
questions free.

Here can be seen circular columns weigh-
The subscription price of
SYSTEM is $2.00 per year. The ing over 20 tons, exactly shaped by the
Sherwin Cody books, described
above, sell for $3.00. To sub power lathes. Also globes and tomb-
scribers of SYSTEM, however,
we will send the books at less stones containing ornaments in a bas-
than half the regular cost.
Send $2.00 for SYSTÉM and 81.00 relief done with a planer. These ma-

for the books, and we will enter your name for one year of SYSTEM (including the free ex. chines are operated both by water power pert service), and will express you the books in a case at once, every cost prepaid. Send the 83.00 to-day. Tear out and by individual electric motors. The this advertisement and WRITE YOUR NAME BELOW

pneumatic chisel is an aid to the sculptor, The Armour Glue Works, Chicago, Ill. “I find I cannot get along without SYSTEM. It is the best and

who can create designs not only beautiful most comprehensive magazine of its clas9. Full of 'new blood' ideas, nothing antiquated.”

but extremely intricate in a small frac

W. E. JOHNSON, JR. Peoples Saving and Loan Association

tion of the time required with the mallet. Company, Leetonia. Ohio. "A single article is frequently worth

" "Industrial Locomotives," by J. F. much more than the price of a year's subscription." C. E. GREENAMYER.

Gairns, treats the subject from the stand“When I am at home Sherwin Cody's books are always on my study table.

point of compressed air and internal I never travel without one of them in my grip. With them at hand, every

combustion. The writer states that it is spare moment can be improved to de cided financial advantage.”

probable that the compressed air locoCLOWRY CHAPMAN, Advertising Expert.

motive would have been largely made “You certainly give big value for

use of if electricity had not provided a the money.” JOHN LEE MAHIN, President Mahin Advertising Co.

remedy for the disadvantages and inconSend with Three Dollars at our risk to THE SYSTEM COMPANY

venience of the steam locomotive. 992 First National Bank Building,


"The Study of Science," by John Bris

ben Walker, shows conclusively how abMention The Technical World.

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Write Your Namo and Address Here.

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